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I Need You

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“I shout out but the answer is no
The broken pieces of my heart shine
I’ve fallen and there’s no exit
In the end, I’m in the same place, I’m lost.”



Rest House



It's friday in the afternoon when Jungkook, Yugyeom, and BamBam decided to suprise the two of them asking if  they can go camping during break, Kyungsoo and Mark knew that something was about to happened. Like the feeling of the three younger would make a trouble like always, and beside, the two older know how wild the three younger could be when they were in the forest. Like last time, when Kyungsoo and Mark suprised Bambam for his birthday, the two older take them to a vacation at the beautiful mountain to take a frest air and to have a relaxing week but unfortunately, the three younger got so excited because of the beautiful place and thats where the disaster begines.



Because of the three youngers wild nature, they started to walk around the said mountains forest and then thats where they decided to play that resulted to fighting over whose being unfair and who's not. And after some moment of shouthing and yelling at each other, that is when it all gone all wrong, they started to use their magic without them noticing. They only stop when the two older showed up to stop them from fighting while putting out the fire they started around them. After succeessfully putting the fire out, thats when the three younger saw how big the damage they coast at the place, half of the said mountain forest is now burn down because of them while the other half is still good. After lecturing the three younger about what they done, the older decided to go home instead of risking another accident.



So, after remembering does awful moment and not wanting it to happen again the two older decided to disagree to the plan with a stern face.


But being strict to the youngers didn't effect to them because instead of doing just the olders said and stop pushing the idea of the said  trip, the youngers do the opposite of it. The three youngers wont stop asking and begging for them to agree and they even promise to behave and wont do anything reckless like last time. And the ever so worse and effective move they do is when the three youngers 
use their cute aegyo to them, sulking like a baby, and the last that melted the olders soft heart is their famous cute puppy eyes. The three younger know well that of all the aegyo and begging they do, the most effective one is their puppy eyes, its the olders weakness anyway and they known it thats why they use it when it most needed like right now. 


Being desperate of wanting the two olders to agree the three of them use their last card and its the puppy eyes, and to their delight it worked like always because the olders agreed with a big heavy sigh. Regretting saying yes already, when the three youngers happily run to their rooms while yelling what stuff they should bright with them to the said camping trip. 




Magnetic Forest Lake



And so, thats exactly what happen before they end up to the said mysterious Magnetic Forest Entrance. At first, the two olders was thinking to back out of the said plan and just go home, but the three youngers whined while telling them that they already in there so they should just go in and enjoy it. And after a while of convincing and begging the olders, the five of them were now walking inside of the said mysterious forest. 


While walking for an hour looking for the right camping spot, the five of them encounter quite a few creatures on the way, like the wolfs, vampires and foxs. Being happy at meeting and seeing a few creatures, the five of them spent a majority of their day chatting and looking at the beautiful part of the Magnetic Forest. 


By the time they found a perfect camping spot, that was at the side of the breath taking sign of the waterfall, the sun was going down already painting the sky with a beautiful orange and yellow signaling the almost night fall. The three younger look positively excited as they bounced around at the shoreline of the small waterfall lake. Mark and Kyungsoo thought that the said spot they were right now is isolated, but they realized they were wrong when suddenly there where few of the new creatures they didn't meet on the way showed up, happily chatting with each other before they settled down beside them, greeting them politely they were all friendly and sweet.


The friendly creatures introduce themself one by one, starting from the older to the youngest. The first one's name is Kim Minseok the olderst of them all, and then the second one is Choi Seungcheol, the third is Know Soonyoung, and lastly the youngest of them all is Lee Jihoon. And base of what they say, the four new comer are in the same school as them. After exchanging names and knowing some basic information with each other, they all started building there tents while chatting happily. 


Not that long, they already done building all the tents. After knowing that the four new comer only have one tent, the other five decided to share their tents by having a roommates. The gray tent the four new comer owned was now used by Seungcheol, Soonyoung, and Jihoon. While the last two tent was use by the others, the navy blue one was for Minseok, Yugyeom, and Bambam. The last one was the black and it owned by Mark, Kyungsoo, and Jungkook. 



After settling at their respective tent and eating, they all started building a bonfire before they settled down around it talking and chatting with each other happily.



"So, what do you guys know about this part of the forest?" Minseok asked.



"Nothing." Kyungsoo sigh then he gaze at the maknae. Jungkook was currently tucked at his right side, while Mark's in his otherside and the other two in Mark's side, while the other four new comer's sitting infront of them.



"Seriously?" Hoshi asked, raising a brow at Jungkook who's happily leaning at Kyungsoo's side, while the older's petting at his head affectionately.



“Well if thats the case don't worry because we will tell you everyting we know about this forest history.” Jihoon said, puffing his chest out. 


“First off, this part of the forest is enchanted.” Seungcheol began. He used his hands and he widened his eyes dramatically. Minseok roll his eyes because of Seungcheol's dramatic gesture. So instead of Seungcheol, Minseok continue the story.



“A very long time ago when all of this was still ugly forest, they said that a legendary sorceress claimed this forest for a safe haven for Legendary creatures, and to protect them from the Royal and Enchanted creatures. This forest is much bigger than it looks like, and it’s nearly impossible for a creatures that didn't belong here to navigate once they enter here. Only legendary supernatural and legendary creatures can find their way out once they’re in the forest. And the sorceress made sure that, if this forest got on fire or attempted demolition, this place will not die out. In fact, the forest itself is alive with the sorceress’ spirit so that if the forest and its inhabitants are in dire need, it will stay here beautiful as always.” Minseok’s voice was warm and cold. But cold in a good ways.



“Seriously? The forest is alive?” Bambam breathed, amazed. While Jungkook just nodded.



“Yes. You haven’t noticed because this is just the lip of the forest part, but the forest can actually bend to the will of those who deserve it. That’s why it’s so hard for other creatures to leave or find it, because the trees, vines, everything can move. What used to be an opening could be covered in thick vines within moments. For starving legendary creatures inside, apple trees and other fruit trees and bushes can suddenly grow, catering to their needs, all food you wan't will appear in a sec.” Seungcheol answered.



“Wow!” Yugyeom exclaimed. 



“Isn’t it dangerous for us?” Kyungsoo asked after a moment, yet again aware of how painfully Royal he was. And for his cousin for being Enchanted and Legendary. And ofcourse for the other two maknae.



“It could be yes.” Jihoon said, nodding. Mark played with the hem of his hoodie nervously.



“What does that mean?” he asked.



“Well, the forest protects us from other creatures, but it doesn’t protect other creatures from us, but if you are a legendary creatures then your safe.” Soonyoung said, nodding to Mark's direction.



“And he doesn’t mean us, because we are not legendary like you guys. Except to you Mark, I mean your a Legendary Omega right? Like you say a minute ago. But I'm afraid that your not safe too like us." Minseok says worried.



"What do you mean?" Jungkook asked, frowning his eyebrows.



"Yeah, what do you mean by that? You say that if you are a legendary creatures your safe here. So, what does that mean that his not safe here like US?" Kyungsoo asks, emphasize the last word.



"Well, what I mean is his not safe here too because his omega right?" Minseok asks, they nodded. "And you says a while ago that his unmated omega right?" He asks again, so they nodded again. "So thats the problem here. A unmated omega is very attractive here most of all the legendary omega. Your scent or pheromones are going to attract the other alphas and betas here, so thats the problem here. They going to chase you to be their mate and ofcourse you too Kyungsoo your unmated omega like Mark if I'm not wrong yeah?"



"Yes. That's true. I'm unmated too like Mark and Bambam." He says nodding.



"Right. If that so, I'm going to advise you to not go to the North Magnetic Forest. Because if I'm not wrong the Royal creatures territory is there. So, your not safe to go there. And for you Bambam, don't you ever go to the East part of the Enchanted forest because your an unmated omega too. A type B omega one. It's too dangerous for you to go there." Minseok warned.



"Right. Were going to remember that." Jungkook says.



"Good. And oh.. we forgot to tell you. Jungkook-ah don't go to the West part of the forest. I heard that the Enchanted alpha there is the Fox Spirit. It's not good for you to go there so please don't." Seungcheol warned.



"Hey! I heard too that there is this mysterious Enchanted Alpha going around to the center and here south forest. Is it safe for him if ever they have a chance for them to meet?" Soonyoung asked.



"Ofcourse he is you idiot. His not like his a unmated omega or something like that you know. And obviously his not Enchanted Omega for peter sake Soonyoung." Seungcheol hiss to him.



"Aigoo~ Good thing Jinnie hyung refuse to go with us." Yugyeom says.



"Oh? So it's a good thing Jin hyung refuse to go camping. It's a relief for you Gyeom because you don't need to worry about hyung if he was ever here with us right?" Bambam grin.



"Right. Jinnie hyung is really important to me. I love hyung, his the one and only family I have." Yugyeom says nodding.



"Jinnie hyung? Who's he?" Jungkook asks confused.



"His an unmated omega like us. To be exact his a Enchanted Omega. His my close friend but if I remember correctly he don't like to be close with the Enchanted Alpha for a reason. So, it's impossible for you Kookie-ah to meet him. Don't you try to go seach for him alright Kookie?" Kyungsoo said.



"I can't promise that hyung." Jungkook smirked.



"Whatever. I warned you Jungkook, so don't you ever run to me if anything happened." Kyungsoo says, he glared at him.



"Okay okay. No need to glared to me hyung. It's scary you known." Jungkook said, he pout to his hyung. Kyungsoo roll his eyes to the maknae but in the same time he smile.



“Okay then, what else is in here?” Mark asked, eyes wide.



"Yeah. What else have here hyung?" Yugyeom and Bambam asks in unison, both eyes are sparkle because of excitement.



“Oh well, there’s a lot of things here, a lot of other creatures. Unicorns, pixies, phoenixs, dragons, fairies, foxs, coyotes, jaruars, nymphs, tigers, bears, polar bears, angels, shifters, lions, apes, wolfs, vampires don’t really care for wilderness anymore but they visit for quiet like me, Mer peoples and the demon wolf. ” Minseok said went on his list, ticking off his fingers.



"Oh! Demon wolf? Like the oh so cool King of the wolf?" Bambam asks, eyes wide open.



"Yes. And I think his or her are the one and only who's still alive." Jihoon says.



"What his saying is. This Demon wolf is a rarely creatures. And they have this kind of story that the legendary's sorceress have a child. But no one knew whose she's child or where he/she is." Minseok said.



"What do you mean by 'he/she' hyung?" Jungkook asks confused.



"Well, as what I'm saying. No one know the sorceress child, so it means that no one know if its a he or she. So I don't know if it's a girl or boy. The only thing I know is the sorceress have a child." Minseok saids.



"So, the sorceress have a child? How many sorceress in here at Magnetic Forest?" Kyungsoo asks, because his interested to the sorceress story.



"For that matter. I think they have six sorceress here." Xiumin replies nodding his head.



"So, they all have childers or none?" Mark asked curious.



"Hmm... I think they have. The matter of fact the one of them have twin children." Minseok respond.



"Really? Who's sorceress is it hyung?" Yugyeom asks amazed with his lips parted slightly.



"I seriously don't know. But they says that the sorceress who have the twin child was from the west forest I guess? or to the north one? —sorry I really don't know." Minseok said, eyes filled with apologies.



"It's okay hyung really." Yugyeom says smiling sweetly to him.



"But hyung. Who's sorceress don't have a child?" Bambam asked.



"Actually, all of them have a child. To the north, west, east, center and here south. They have child here." Minseok replies.



"Cool!" Bambam and Yugyeom squeal in happiness.



"It's not cool kids. It's dangerous." Minseok said.



"Oh why?" Bambam asks pouting cutely.



"Well, they are dangerous. Remember they are the sorceress child?" Seungcheol says rolling his eyes.



"Whatever." Bambam replies sticking his tongue out.



“But Minseok hyung, is Mer people, I mean the mermaids are here too?” Jungkook asked. His eyes couldn’t get any bigger right now because of curious. 



“Yes, but there’s merman too.” Jihoon said.



“Nice.” Jungkook breathed.



“No, it's not nice. It's bad.” Soonyoung replied, shaking his head. Bambam and Yugyeom looked at each other.



“Seriously? What do they do the drowning thing or the killing thing? Is that real?” Yugyeom asked.



“Hmm it’s very real. Mer people are definitely something you want to avoid. It’s their nature to kill, but they definitely prefer creatures type than to animals, but they more prefer supernatural. Type A, B and C. What ever supernatural or creatures you are they want you.” Minseok explained. Jungkook, Yugyeom and BamBam looked rather surprised. 



“Well, at least tell us if they’re really as attractive as the myth or the pixie.” Bambam demanded, leaning towards the older. Seungcheol and Soonyoung laughed while Jihoon stay quite but Minseok looked a little serious.



“Well for that, Mer people are, without a doubt one of the most beautiful species out there. With or without glamour.” Minseok supplied.



“Glamour what's that?” Jungkook asked.



“It’s something some creatures can use to make people see what they want to see.” Kyungsoo said. 



“So wait, is it like some kind of illusion?” Mark asked.



"Yup. But I must say the Fox Spirit is the one you guys need to avoid. There are the critical creatures. They can get your soul  if they wan't to, so if ever you guys encounter one of them. Just leave them alone. Go far away to them. Or just run away." Kyungsoo said with a serious tone.





To be continue...




Chapter Text


“I feel the sensation; I feel it at once.
I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese.
I take in your scent, scrutinize your color
I’ll eat you up with more refine than drinking wine.
Ah, but the strength in my toenail weakens, so my appetite yeah is gone.”



Magnetic Forest Lake



“The Fox Spirit are beautiful like the nymph and pixie kind of too and it same for the merman.” Minseok continue, “It can be there equal parts scary and ethereal. That can cause their prey to be aware that they can’t possibly be human so they smooth it out. Still, Fox Spirit and Merman are usually painful to look at, and not in a bad way, it’s just how beautiful they are. It’s like, you want to look away but you also never want to look at anything else, but just them.” he explained, looking thoughtful.



“So, did you’ve met one of them hyung?” Yugyeom asked.



“Yes, quite a few actually. But the only creature I meet is a merman. I never meet a Fox Spirit before , and I'm telling you guys. I don't wan't to meet one ever.” Minseok said. The maknae line gasped.



“Holy shit, that’s like, terrifyingly. Badass.” Jungkook breathed. 



"Yah! Language Kookie." Kyungsoo glaring.



"Sorry hyung." Jungkook pouts.



"But hyung. That's cool. Seeing a merman." Bambam squeal.



“Don’t you ever think about to search for a fucking merman Bambam.” Mark said, glaring at him.



“What?” Bambam asked innocently.



"Don't you fucking what me now Bambam, I swear to you." Mark warned in his low voice.



"What is it hyung? Don't y'worry I'm not going to search for a merman hyung." Bambam said, grinning.



“We’re not looking for any type of Fox Spirit or Merman. Did you hear me? They are dangerous. They can killed you, us, apparently all kinds of creatures.” he said.



“Their general favorite is the creatures type but yes, they won’t spare other supernatural creatures too.” Jihoon said, nodding.



“So, do the Fox Spirit eat their own kind?” Yugyeom asked.



“No, actually. But everything else other than there kind yes.” Soonyoung said.



“What about, like Phoenix spirit and stuff. Aren’t they cousins?” Jungkook asked.



“No, they’re not. They have similar abilities, but they aren’t related.” Kyungsoo answered.



“That is terrifying.” Yugyeom said. 



“Yes, it is. Which is why I’d advise you to be careful around the west and center of the forest. Fox Spirit can control you if ever they wan't you.” Minseok said.



“Can they like, do that if ever you are outside of this forest?” Bambam asked. Kyungsoo only shook his head in exasperation. 



“Yes actually. Fox Spirit can track your spirit if they wan't to.” Seungcheol said.



“So they don’t have wings?” Yugyeom asked.



“No. They don't have wings but they have a nine tails. While the Phoenix Spirit have a wings, Fox Spirit are land creatures, but the Phoenix Spirit are air creatures. Really.” Soonyoung said.



“Wow. Any Phoenix Spirit here?” Mark asked.



“Yup. They in north forest, they prefer the forest there. Because of the big clearing.” Jihoon said. 



“That is so fucking scary.” Yugyeom said, but he sounded excited. Kyungsoo groaned.



“Okay, now. I think I’m going to call it a night on this one. And yah! Yugyeom no badword please.” Kyungsoo said, standing up and dusting himself off. Followed with Mark.



“Aww, come on Hyung.” Yugyeom whined, pouting. Kyungsoo and Mark shook their head no.



“We should get some sleep guys. Tomorrow were going to take hiking. Any more talk about things that can killed all of us in quick attact then we're going to run for the safety of our house.” Kyungsoo said.




The others agreed to call it a night and Kyungsoo, Mark and Jungkook went into their tent. While the others do the same.



Yugyeom suddenly awaked what felt like minutes later with a loud gasp. He panicked for a moment, still dreaming that he was drowning, strong hands on his head keeping him down. Yugyeom shuddered for a moment, scared at how real his dream was, how he still felt the frozen pricks of the water surrounding him, entering to his lungs. He only calmed himself down when he reminded that his hyungs is in there with him to protect them.



He took a few deep breaths before turning to check if Bambam and Minseok are there. However, Minseok is in their sleeping while Bambam is not there. Frowning, Yugyeom turned. The zipper to their tent was open and cold air was blowing inside. With a long suffering sigh, Yugyeom got out of the tent. But before he can go outside of the tent Minseok called him.



“What's the matter Yugyeom?” Xiumin asked. 



"HYUNG! BAMBAM IS MISSING?!" Yugyeom scream.



It took a few minutes to realise what his saying. So, after the sleepilys gone they get out of their tent quickly to wake up the others. They took a good three minutes before the others are fully awaked. 



“Bambam is gone? How long ago?” Kyungsoo asked. Minseok shrugged, looking up. It was hard to see the sky from all the massive trees, but it was pretty obvious it was night time. 



“We don't know hyung. After I wake up a minutes ago his not in the tent.” Yugyeom said.



“Well, I’ve think he go to the east forest.” Jihoon said, frowning. 



"WHAT!!" Kyungsoo and Mark scream in unison.



"The east forest?" Jungkook asks.



"Yes. The mermans territory." Seungcheol said.



"Fuck that kid. What the hell his going to do there!" Mark said angrily.



"Chill Mark. I think the mermans the one who do this thing." Minseok says.



"What are you talking about hyung?" Kyungsoo asked.



"Well, did you guys remember my story earlier about the merman thing?" He asked. All of them nod so he continue. "I think if ever I'm right. Bambam is safe. Because the one who's doing this is the mermans cousin. The two of them like to play, So I'm sure this is their prank."



"What are you talking about? The merman? Seriously?" Mark asked. Minseok nodded.



"Yeah. I'm sure they are the one who doing this." Minseok said.



“Where should we going to look for him? To the east?” Kyungsoo said after a moment.



"I don't know. Like I says the mermans cousin like to play. So, I'm sure Bambam is everywere here in the forest. I'm not sure if his in the east or to the north , west or to the center. I really don't know." Minseok said, panicking a little.



“Can you smell him hyung?” Mark asked.



“No I can't, his smell is all over the place. I can't track him.” Minseok replied.



“Great. Now what.” Jungkook crossed his arms to his chest. He was going to kick Bambam’s ass for making them worried.



“We’ll going to split up in a group.” Jihoon said after a moment, apparently worried too.



“Jihoon and Soonyoung will go the West Forest.” Minseok said, pointing in the opposite direction of where he was standing.



“Then Yugyeom and Seungcheol, you two will go to the East Forest. Cheol you knew what to do okay? Don't go near the lake.” he said after a moment.



"Then Mark and Jungkook will go to the Center Forest. Please you guys need to be careful there. As I was saying there have a mysterious alpha that you don't need to meet alright? If ever you see that alpha, Jungkook-ah don't you ever tried to fight with him/her because you can defeated him/her. So, just run away." Minseok seriously said. "While Kyungsoo and I going to the North Forest. After thirty minutes will going to meet here again alright?" 



“Alright.” They all said in unison. 



"If ever anything happen. In case of emergency just run outside of the forest. We're going to meet their to the van yeah?" Minseok said, they all nodded.


~ Kyungsoo & Minseok ~
Magnetic North Forest



After that the group start to split up to go to their given direction, Kyungsoo and Minseok's already about ten miles away from their little camping spot when Minseok heard something or more exactly, someone growling at them. So he stop moving to look around hoping he will spot that someone, Kyungsoo see him stop so he to paused on his place worriedly and confused. 


When Kyungsoo was about to ask why the older stop, he seen a purple lightning going at the oldest direction. Instead of warning the older, Kyungsoo's instinct kicked in and he mentally panicked resulting on him pushing Minseok away from the harming purple lightning on its way. And because of what he do, the lightning that was about to harm the older had pierced though his abdomen.



"Watch out!" Kyungsoo shout when he pushed the older away.



"KYUNGSOO!!" Minseok scream when he saw the younger got hit by the lightning instead of him.



"Arghhh!" Kyungsoo groaned in pain, now laying down on the ground blood flowing out of his wound.



"Yah! Why did you do that!! You idiot.." Minseok said with a teary eyes, he pulled the younger at his arm carefully so he wont hurt the younger more, he then lay him on his lap.


"I'm s-sorry.. I can't t-hink..straight anymore h-hyung.." Kyungsoo groaned more and more after he speak.



"Oh god, Kyungsoo your bleeding to much." Minseok panicked while inspecting the younger's wound.


"I'll b-be..f-fine hyung..r-really.." Kyungsoo whimper.


"No, Kyungsoo your not okay! Look your bleeding to much for peter sake!!" Minseok yelled in frustration.


"H-Hyung.. y-you need to c-calmdown." Kyungsoo said, then cry in pain again.


"Kyung—" Minseok's word got cut off when someone speak up on their back not so far from them.


"Omega." their attacker said. Minseok look back and he see a big Purple Lightning Dragon. (They are in the North Forest center to where the wide forest clearing are so that's why the dragon are not impossible to be there.)


"It's an Alpha Dragon." Minseok breathed.



"His mine." the Alpha Dragon announced before he start to walk to their direction, Minseok hold his breath while watching the Alpha moving close to them.



"Fuck this!!" Minseok breathed, preparing himself to protect the younger.



But before the Alpha Dragon can go closer to them and for Minseok to attack so he can distract the dragon so they can run. Someone bit him to it, because a other creature attacked the Alpha with a big blue fire ball, its another Alpha who attact the purple lightning dragon, the attacker and the Alpha infront of them are like the same. But the only different is that hte other is a Blue Fire Dragon while the other is a Purple Lightning Dragon.



Minseok used his own power to defend them from the uproar of the sudden blue fire ball the other Alpha cast to attack the Purple Dragon. Minseok cast a spell to build using his ability to create a big ice wall shield infront of the two of them to protect from the angry blue fire the other cast.



When the time Minseok's done to make an ice wall infront of them so they wont get involved to the two Alpha's fight. That's when Minseok noticed Kyungsoo passed out in his arm, wound still bleeding nonstop and it worried the older more and more. 


While seeing the two Alpha Dragon's still busy attacking each other, Minseok grab the opportunity to escape. Minseok get up while holding Kyungsoo in his arm carefully, after checking one last time that the two dragon's not looking, Minseok use his vampire ability and he run at a speed of light away from the two dragons. Minseok set his mind and energy at running straight at the forest entrance to were he know the youngers van is. But before he can get far away from the clearing, Minseok heard one of the Alpha Dragon say something or more like growling. 



"My mate."



Minseok heared the Alpha Dragon growled angrily one last time before they disappeared to the forest trees. While running off to get to the forest entrance, Minseok didn't know that in Kyungsoo's unconscious state his omega side castede a spell. A dangerous one at that. Kyungsoo's omega cast a sweetened arousal scent spell to the whole forest, making everyone who smell it out of their mind. 



It's a kind of spell at will effect all of the supernatural and creatures to get so arousal and ofcourseit will make them angry, frustrated, annoyed, irritated, heated and it will make them fight for dominance to. This kind of spell is for the protection of the omega who casted it, and the spell is more powerful based on the omega who casted it. If the omega who cast it is on the lever of the Type A,B, and C then the effect is not that severe not like the higher lever like the Enchanted, Royal and Legendary, the effect of their casting spell is likely will damage everyone who take a even small whiff of the said scent.


And the only thing that would break the spell is if the one who cast if where not at the area anymore or if that someone cast a deflecting spell to break it or stop it. So if Kyungsoo and the others had gone away from the forest, the spell would authomatically stop on its own and everything would be back to normal like nothing happen. The said scent would be gone the same time the omega who do it was gone at the said place.



In the time Minseok get outside of the forest, he immediately look to where the said van is. When he spotted it not to far from where his standing, he stalked closer towards the van with his vampire ability, Minseok didn't need to find the key to open the sliding door of the van anymore because he just use his ice magic to open it. Minseok made a key using his ice magic to open the door. After unlocking the door, he slide it open and then he go inside with the younger still in his arm, he go to the last seat on the back to lay the unconsious Kyungsoo there.

After his satisfied that Kyungsoo is okay in the backseat he immediately get off to the van and close the door, but he didn't lock it this time. After he close the door he hurriedly run off in speed to the entrance of the forest to search for Jihoon and Soonyoung, because Jihoon is a pixie and Minseok knew that Jihoon is a pixie healer. So he need to find Jihoon immediatly as soon as possible. Well, Minseok is a Royal Vampire and he is a Frost/Ice Dragon. While Seungcheol, Soonyoung and Jihoon is a half pixie and half shapeshifter, Seungcheol is a Water Controler, then Soonyoung is a Fire Controler and then Jihoon is a Healer.




Suddenly, Minseok stop running when he bumped on someone. He look down to the one he bumped when he stopped who it is he knocked down on the ground because of the unexpected impact. He sigh in relief when he saw who it is, Minseok give a slight smile at the latter before he helped it up to stand on his own feet. When the latter look fine, he tiltng his head to the other one.


"Hey guys! Why the two of you are running like crazy? Is someone chasing after to you guys?" Minseok  asked, the two cunfused written all over his face when he see the two younger breathing heavy.



"Hell none Minseok hyung! It's just like... we're just scared." Soonyoung said.



"Scared? Why? Is something happened?" Minseok asked, worried.



"Yeah. Scared." Soonyoung replies, nodding his head.



"Something happened hyung. And it's really, really terrifying. We're really scared. You known, Soonyoung and I, were in the West forest looking for Bambam, the whole west forest is to quite for a while. Then suddenly, there this Phoinex Spirit appeared in front of us with the Fox Spirit attacking him or her we don't know if it's a boy or girl so we don't know. We don't know what is happening until we smell this sweetened arousal scent. I think someone do that spell to this forest because whenever you go, there someone fighting. I think half of the forest is fighting with each other hyung. We're not safe here anymore so we need to get out of here." Jihoon explained.



"Is that so? Who will be the one who do that? It's a dangerous spell." Minseok breath.



"Hyung... were scared." Jihoon's shivering from fear, his eyes full of tears now.


"Alright. Did you guys get the camping stuff in the camping spot?" Minseok asked.


"Yes. We get it all." Soonyoung replies, patting the youngers back softly.


"Okay. You guys go outside. Then look for the black van. If you see it just open the door. I didn't lock it so yeah. And Jihoon, Kyungsoo is in there. You need to heal him because he was injured. You two need to take care of Kyungsoo for me while I'm getting the others okay?" Minseok said, in a hurry.


"Okay hyung." Jihoon replies.


"And Minseok hyung. Were already call hyung for help." Soonyoung said, before they run off to the exit of the forest.



"Good. Now go! And don't look back anymore. Take care kids." Minseok yell, then he run to the center forest direction.


~ Mark & Jungkook ~
Magnetic Center Forest


After a while of running, Minseok spotted the two —Mark and Jungkook— infront of the big stone arch that surronded by big vines and had  many leaves at the top decorating it like a beautiful crown. Jungkook was currently kneeling in his right knee while holding his chest, while Mark's at his side patting the younger's back to smoothly to calm the latter down. When Minseok saw the sight infront of him, he immediately run to their side to help. 



"What happened?" Minseok asked, worried for the younger situation.



"I don't know. A while ago his okay, then suddenly his being like this." Mark said, his voice is filled with worried too.


"Arghh shit!" Jungkook whimper.


"Kookie-ah. You okay?" Mark asked.


"Hyung..I c-can't a-anymore..a-argh!" Jungkook growled and when he look up the two older gasp in shock when they saw Jungkook's eyes changed color, the eyes of the younger's now colored in dark green signaling that his alpha are taking over his senses and little by little the younger are lossing his control over his body and mind.


"Dammit! Mark you need to get Jungkook out of here immediatly and bring him outside of the forest. Kyungsoo, Jihoon and Soonyoung's currently at the van now. Go there and stay don't go anywhere okay?" Minseok said, standing on his own feet.



"But how about the others? Yugyeom and Bambam?" Mark asked, panicking.



"I'll take care of them, I promise. Just go okay?" Minseok said.



"Alr—" Mark's word got cut off when someone attacked Minseok at the back and punched him down. Mark gasp in shock before he run to the oldest direction to help him up.



"Hyung are you okay?" Mark asked, he look around to find where the culprit are. But to his dismay he don't see anyone.


"Arghhh!" Jungkook groaned in pain again.



"Go. Leave now Mark, I c—" Minseok got cut off again when someone punch him in the stomach.



"Fuck." Minseok breath angrily.



"What the hell! Where the hell are you fucker?!" Mark cursed, again he look around to find the culprit.



"Where am I?" they heard someone said, laughing mockingly.



"Fuck you. Why don't you show your self to us coward?!" Mark asks, irritated.



"Why would I?" someone asked.


"Fucker." Minseok breath, but that someone heard him. And so, that someone attack him again, the attacker kick him to his back then he slam him to the trees, Minseok groan in pain.



"Dammit! A fucking invisibility!" Minseok deadpanned, while that someone just laugh.


"What? Are you scared now Bloodsucker?" someone asked.



"Scared my ass." Minseok smirked.


"Tsk. What a waste of energy." someone said. Minseok ignore it, instead of answering he walk to Mark and Jungkook's direction and whisper something to Mark.



"I have a plan. I'm going to cast a spell, I will summon a snow storm just to trap that fucking invisibility." Minseok whisper grinning at the younger. Mark eyes got bigger after hearing the older's plan.


"Are you sure hyung? Isn't it dangerous?" Mark murmur.



"Yup. But don't worry, we're safe to this storm I promise." Minseok mumble back, then he wink at the younger.


"Okay then." Mark mutted, nodding his head slightly.


"On the count of three, we need to run." Minseok mumble. Mark nodded before he get up and put Jungkook on his back, getting ready to the older signal to run.



Minseok signal the younger to get ready one last time before he start to chant his spell, conjuring a big snow storm he could create. In just a few seconds, Minseok's snow storm spell make its own known when it attacked and reveal their invisible enemy.


Their enemy gasp in suprise when the storm started showing just above his head before its increase like a wild fire just above their head, covering the whole place with snow. Their enemy's currently standing just a few away from them, glaring angrily at the smirking Minseok. 



After knowing their enemy's position, Minseok signal the younger with his hand that he will count to three before they will run as fast as they can, Mark nodded at the older. After counting with  his finger at three, they sprint away from the said storm that's trapping their enemy. Mark heared their unknown enemy chanting something on it's position back at the snow where he was trapped, when his about to look back to see what the latter was doing, Minseok beat him to it by yelling. 


"Don't look back! If you do, your going to be trapped in the forest forever."



"What? Why?" Mark asked, confused still running with Jungkook on his back.


"What you heard. It's a fucking trapping spell Mark, so don't look back and just run." Minseok deadpanned.



"What the..." Mark breath. 


When they are miles haft way to the entrance of the forest, Minseok suddenly stop from running and when Mark saw this he to stopped running looking at the older questioningly.


"Go to the van first Mark, I'm going to follow later after I get the other's okay?" Minseok said nodding to the opposite direction.


"Are you sure Minseok hyung?" Mark asked worried.


"Ofcourse. I'll be fine, don't worry okay?" Minseok assured.



"Alright." Mark nodded, his going to run off again when Minseok stop him before he can do so. 



"Why hyung?" Mark asked confused.



"I'm really really sorry." Minseok apologize in a sad voice.



"Sorry for what hyung?" Mark asked, scared to what Minseok was about to says.



"Kyungsoo's injured." Minseok said, head down.


"W-what?" Mark mumble suprised.


"I'm sorry, I really 'am. I'm going to explain what happen later okay? But for now on just go and take care of Kyungsoo. I'm going to get the others, alright? I'll see you later Mark." Minseok says sincerely, he pats Mark shoulder lightly before he run off to the other direction to get the others.


Mark stay still for a few second on the spot where his standing before he shake his head slightly and run off as fast as he can just to meet Kyungsoo immediately. Mark is so worried to the younger after he heared the older's news about the younger being injured, and so instead of slowing down a little after seeing the exit of the forest he run more faster just to make sure and see if the younger is okay.



~ Bambam, Yugyeom & Seungcheol~
Magnetic East Forest


When Minseok get at the east forest on time, he saw the one they been searching for, Bambam, and the other two, Yugyeom and Seungcheol who's currently kneeling down at the grass not far from the lake clenching their chest like what happen to Jungkook back at the center forest. And like what happen at Jungkook, the two youngers eyes are changing to its teal color signaling that their beta type B are taking over their mind and body.


While Bambam's currently at the shoreline of the lake staring straight at the two figure at the middle of the lake, and at Bambam's side the is someone standing there holding the youngers arm, Minseok didn't know who the person is because it's standing facing the lake, the only thing Minseok can see is the person's back, but that person's back is kind of familiar to him. He just can't pin point where. 


And there, standing at the middle of the lake is the one he suspect and know that lull Bambam in there, the two merman he hate so much.



"Come here little omega." the pink haired hummed, gesturing to the lake. Bambam look confuse but he obey. But the person on his side stop him from doing so.



"Hey now, can we talk about this and stop lulling the poor thing now Baekhyun?" the person singsonged. Minseok gasp after hearing the latter's voice, Minseok know who own it and to tell the truth, Minseok loved to hear that voice every minutes and every seconds. Minseok know that person very well in fact he love that person so much. The pink haired merman laugh softly after he notice Minseok there. 



"Oh Jongdae, I'm not lulling the kid, we just want to play with him for a while." the pink haired grin.



"Okay, then can you stop playing now? You see Baekhyun.. this poor kid need to go home now, because his not feeling well anymore." Jongdae the person said.



"But were not done playing yet." the black haired whined.


"Sorry Jinho, but we really need to go. My friends here you see they not feeling well to, so it's much better if we take them all home now." Jongdae deadpanned.

"Chill Chennie, Your friends are safe here so no worries if they stay here for a while." Baekhyun said, then he laugh.



"Fuck off!" Minseok cursed glaring at the two merman.


"Aww~ You should learn to lossen up a little Minseok hyung~" Jinho replies grinning from ear to ear.



"Well, why don't you just shut the fuck up Jinho? You know what? I think whatever you do to seduce Hongseok it will never effect him or should I say, he will never love you back." Minseok mocked, smirking.



"How dare you!!" Jinho scream angrily.



"What? I'm just saying the facts here Jinho. A Jaguar shifter would never love a Merman, especially a merman like you." Minseok said dramatically, smirking at the latter.



"Yah!" Jinho squeal.



"Hurt?" Minseok asked innocently.



"You! Your a fucking mean Vampire!!" Jinho squeal. Before he throw an lightning ball to Jongdae's direction, Jongdae picks Bambam up he then he dodge Jinho's lightning ball. Then Jongdae then readily cast a big spell of big lightning to the mermans direction. Jinho stricken by the lightning  Jongdae's casted, while Baekhyun dodge it easily. Jinho groans because of pain while Jongdae smirked.



"Kim Jongdae!" Minseok called out to Jongdae's attention. Jongdae look to his back just to see Minseok's already at Yugyeom and Seungcheol side.



"Hi, Baby Min~" Jongdae greeted him happily, he run to Minseok side then he kiss the older's right fluffy cheeks. 



"Yah!" Minseok yelp, while holding his right cheeks that now painted in a crimson red.



"Aigoo~ Your so cute Minnie~" Jongdae tease.



"Shut up." Minseok mumble, 



Jongdae chuckled after seeing how red the older's cheeks. 



"Minnie can you do me a favor?" 


"Favor? What favor?" Minseok asked confuse.



"Yah! What are you two talking about?" Jinho yell annoyed.



"Well, I'm going to strike them in one go. Then can you froze the lake for me after I strike them?" Jongdae asked, Minseok nodded. 



"Good then after that were going to run off." he said to the other two, Yugyeom and Seungcheol. The two nod so he just smile before he look ahead to the two merman.



"What are y—" Jinho didn't have a chance to finish his sentence when Jongdae strike them from above with a big lightning. 


After the suprised attack, the two merman got shocked from it and they don't have a chance to get ready to dodge it or to deflect it and so the two of them got striken from the lightning the vampire has cast down to them. And before the two merman can recover from that shock, Minseok frozen the whole lake stopping them from getting on the surface of the water.


But Minseok and Jongdae know that they wont stay long under the water, the two vampire know that they can't hold the two of them under water because they know that Baekhyun can break the ice any moment now and so they need to move and hurry away from the said lake.



"Now, run!" Jongdae yelled signaling the others to run while Bambam's still in his back, all of them run at the speed of light, hurrying away from the lake. 


"Hyung, the merman's up from the water again." Yugyeom yelled, panicking.



"Just run! Don't look back." Minseok yelled back.



"But the water is chasing us hyung." Yugyeom squeal.



"We need to get out of here, fast." Jongdae says.


"Dammit." Minseok cursed under his breath, because the water's just behind them now. Minseok momentarily stop for a while to build a wall of ice to slow the water even for a little for chasing them before he run again. They run and run faster and faster. 



After a good 30 minutes of running nonstop, they reach the Magnetic forest entrance. Breathing heavily, they run not until they were really outside of the forest.


"Go to the van faster." Minseok shout to them. 


All of them obey and just do what the older said, they run straight to the waiting black van faster. Yugyeom open the sliding door of the van immediatly before he climb inside to the second set of the seat. After he settle down Jongdae bring the passed out Bambam down to Yugyeom's side before he climb to the first row of seat and then Seungcheol settle next to him. After sitting down, Seungcheol close the door immediately behind him while Minseok get the shotgun seat at front. After making sure that everyone's inside of the van, Mark started the van and he then drive off faster away from the forest.

"Let's go to our house, we're safe there." Minseok announce. 



All of them agree and so Jongdae tell the direction to where there house is.



Magnetic Forest Entrance


A very good looking and charming guy watched how the two Royal Vampire, two Beta A and Omega B run off to the black van. When the tall Beta A open the door of the van, the charming guy smirked. He can now smell clearly the scent of the one his searching for in the forest earlier, the Legendary Omega. The good looking guy look at him to see his reaction after seeing the smirk from the latter, he grinned while asking.


"His the one you were searching for at the forest a while ago right?" the good looking guy mumble, but he knew that the charming guy heared him.



"Yea. He is." the other replies not looking on him. The good looking guy just shrug, then he look to the front again to discover that the black van already gone now. 


"So, what's your plan now?" the good looking guy asked, staring to where the black van is earlier.



"I don't know." the charming guy replies, still staring to the front.  The good looking guys hummed then asked. 



"Do you plan on going to the school they are attending?"



"Si." the charming guy replies then shrug. Then he turn around to walk in the forest again. The good looking guy grin to the direction to where the van earlier before he turn around too to followed the other guy.



~The Merman~
Merman's house


"Fucking vampire arghhh!" Jinho groan loudly.


"Tsk. Why are you so careless hyung?" the black haired guy mumble.



"Yah! I'm not careless, it's just that!!" Jinho squeal loudly.



"It just that what? Minseok get in your emotions again isn't it Jinho..." Baekhyun hiss. 



"Yah! Can you stop bringging it out again and again Baekhyun!!" Jinho scream his lungs out.


"If you just stopped being so fucking effected about it, then will never be having any problem here Jinho!" Baekhyun shouted back.


"You.. you.. yo— argh! Never mind. This is Minseok's fucking fault!!" Jinho mumble.



"Anyway dear cousin, do you know that one of them have this Enchanted Omega's brother?" Baekhyun asked.



"Who? The Beta A?" the black haired asked, tilting his head to the side cutely.


"Yup. I heard that, this Enchanted Omega don't want to be near to any Enchanted Alphas. Thats what the Royal Omega says." Baekhyun said, then Jinho nodded.


"Really?" black haired mumble.



"Yup." the two merman said in unison.


"Interesting." black haired breath.


"Well then, if you want to meet your mate. Then you should enroll to our school." Jinho said happily.



"Why would I?" black haired murmur.


"Because. The Enchanted Omega that we are talking about are our classmate. I guess? Anyway, all of them are from our school, studying. And if I'm not wrong, they are staying in the school dorm to." Baekhyun mutter.


"So, it means you are going to our school." Jinho cheerfully said.



"School my ass." black haired mumble. 



"Nah. You will enjoy staying there with us, we promise." Jinho said.


"What ever. And beside, I don't even want to stay with any of the two of you anyway." black haired said, he emphasize the last sentense with a smirk in his lips.


"Why are you so mean to us." Baekhyun said, pouting his lips cutely.


"Who cares?" black haired says, shrug his shoulders in a playful manners.


"Whatever. Are you going to enroll or not?" Baekhyun rolled his eyes.


"Well..." black haired mumble.


"Oh come on. You know that hyung is going to be happy if you do, so just do it." Jinho  demanded. After that its a long silent. The black haired guy sigh before he speak again. 


"Alright. I'm going to attend that fucking school of yours. Now happy?" 


"More than that. I'm super happy." Baekhyun grin. The black haired guy roll his eyes before he turned around to leave. 


"What ever." he mumble, before he disappear to the forest woods.



West Forest Kingdom


"Aigoo~ What a great Royal Vampire he is right?" the Enchanted Beta said, smirked.



"Oh shut up will you!" The Beta A hissed, the Enchanted Beta laugh.



"Well you see. The Royal Vampire is the one you attact, so what are you expecting for? That you can defeat the higher ranking than you? Oh please, your just an supernatural type. His a Royal Vampire and you are just Beta A. Your ranking is so far away from the Vampire ranking. So, don't ever dream again that you can defeat a higher ranking yeah?"  Enchanted Beta said, emphasize the last sentence. 



"What the fuck!" the Beta A cursed under his breath. The Enchanted Beta just smirk to him.



"You can leave now." the Enchanted Beta said, nodding to the doors direction. The Beta A didn't says anything he just obey and go outside. 



"So, whats that for?" the older Enchanted Alpha asked.



"Well, it's about the outsiders." the Enchanted Beta said, emphasize the last word.



"What about them? And who are they?" the older Enchanted Alpha asked again.



"Actually, I didn't know who they are. All I knew is there are outsider." the Enchanted Beta said.



"Do you know what type they are? And how many they are?" the younger Enchanted Alpha asked, curious to the outsider.



"Hmm.. I think they are eighth? oh no no... they are nine 'cause there this one Vampire go here to the forest just to help the outside. And for the type. Three of them are half Pixie half Shapeshifter, then one Beta A. The Royal Vampire couple, one Enchanted Alpha. And last the three Omega, one of them are Omega B then the other is Royal Omega and lastly the Legendary Omega." the Enchanted Beta replies, nodding.



"Royal Omega? If I'm not wrong. The blood spot I see and smell in the north forest is him?" the older Enchanted Alpha breath.



"Maybe?" the Enchanted Beta said.



"The Legendary Omega. I smell his scent in the two guy earlier, I think they are one of the three half pixie half shapeshifter. That scent, I love the scent of that Omega." the younger Enchanted Alpha admitted.



"You wanna see him?" Enchanted Beta asked, smiling.



"How?" the Ecnhanted Alpha asked back, confused.




"Well, I heard the merman cousin's says that, the outsiders is studying to the school where the two of them are studying too. And they says that the outsiders are staying in the school dorm." the Enchanted Beta said, happily.



"The merman cousin's? Jinho and Baekhyun?" the older alpha asked, confused. The other Beta nodded. "So, how didn't you do that? I mean how did you heard it?" 



"Duh! Ofcourse I use my power. Invisibility." the Enchanted Beta replies, rolling his eyes.



"Do you known where this school is?" the Enchanted Alpha asked.




"Yup." the Enchanted Beta said, smirking.



"Good. We're going to enroll there." the Enchanted Alpha said, then the Enchanted Beta squeal because of happiness. 



"Cool. I'm going to meet you now Enchanted Omega." the Enchanted Beta mumble to himself.




~The Dragon~
North Forest Pond


“His my mate you vampire fucker!” the brunette haired screams angrily, he punch the big tree again and again untill his hand is bleeding now.



"Yah! Hyung!" the blonde called, panicked as he rushed towards the brunette.



The brunette haired turned, but he didn’t seem all that bothered to see the blonde running towards him. When the blonde haired guy was close enough, the first thing he did was check to see if the cut is to deep and he check if the brunette have some injured in any part. The brunette looked fine except to his bleeding hand and he was frowning at the blonde when the blonde looked at his face.



“What happened? Why are you punching the trees hyung?” the blonde demanded.



“I needed to. Because thoes fucking vampire get my mate. He separeted me to my mate. Then he run away from me with my mate on his arms.” the brunette said, still frowning. He looked annoyed.



“Okay, and what happened then? Did you chased them?” the blonde asked.



“I can't. Because the asshole Ravi decide to attact me before I can ever go to my bleeding mate." the brunette replies.



"Ravi? But wait! What do you mean by 'my bleeding mate'? what happened?" the blonde asked, confuse. But the brunette didn't says anything he just keep silent.



“Yah! you need to tell me hyung!” the blonde demanded, feeling like he was going to rip his hair out because of annoyance.



"Well, I didn't mean too. Its like that.. um.. Well, me and Ravi are playing at  the clearing with our dragon form. And I accidentally shot my mate, really it's an accident. I didn't see him there so yeah." the brunette sadly said.


 "Seriously hyung? How did you knew his your mate?" the blonde asked, looking a little confused.



"I don't care if you didn't believe me. But to tell you, I smell an Legendary Omega's scent there too. His not there with my mate and the vampire but I know my mate and yours is cousin. And I know he run away with them. And I'm making sure to you that I'm going after them." the brunette said, before he walk away to the blonde.



"My Mate." the blonde breath.






To be continue...



Chapter Text

“Don’t wither, this is all for the selfish me
You have to stay just as you are right now
Your eyes are pretty like a deer
My princess”


Warrior Academy



"Daebak…” the Red haired breathed as he stared ahead at the view of the Warrior Academy. 



As he looked past the cars infront of them, the red headed could see the buildings almost clearly now. In the position they was in, it looked like they were layered upon each other, just like a painting. Dark aged brick, tall points on the rooftops, lots of windows. It was absolutely beautiful and the red haired could see some students walking around the campus already. 


The three young new guys got out of the car. The red haired stood there for a moment in the open air and breathed in. Even from inside of the campus, he still couldn't see the whole area. It was just pathways leading to the front of the buildings, as the place they had parked was towards the back. Another thing he noticed was the large amount of trees that where scattered upon the school grounds.  


The raven haired suddenly cleared his throat and walked ahead of them as the red head and black haired followed behind him. They walked on the smooth paved pathway until it curved to the front of the main building. It was smaller than the other buildings, and a large part of it was made up of purple dark floor to ceiling and glass walls. The raven haired glanced at the sign that hang on the maroon brick outside wall that said "Front Office" when the three of them walked in thats when a student walked out at the same time as them, he bowed to the three of them  quickly before he scurried off. The red head stuck his hands in his coat pockets, he suddenly felt insecure at his new school. The black haired and the red haired stood off to the side as the raven haired greeted the lady who sat at the front. She smiled warmly and her eyes wandered to where the two stood, a suprised look of recognition on her face.


“Oh, the new students? Mr. Park's nephew! We’ve been expecting you guys!” She greeted and the three bowed at her as she smiled back. 


"You guys arrived in time, were getting worried that you'd never going to show off anymore. Anyway, we had your roommate here a while ago but we need to send them back to their rooms because we thought you will not arrive anymore." She smiled sadly after she talk, "So for now, why don't we discus about the rules and regulation of our school while were waiting for your roommates to be pick up again. If it's okay with the three of you ofcourse."



"It's fine with us." The raven haired said in his sweet voice, while the two nodded slowly. Still processing everything she was saying. 



"Alright then, please take a sit while I'll call your roommates to inform them that you were here now." She said, motioning to the chair infront of the desk. The three nodded before they take a sit, after  seeing the three settle down infront of her, she dialed a number at her phone to inform the new comers roommates that they have arrive and they can now show them to their rooms. 



After just a few minutes of calling and giving instraction at the phone, she's now facing the three new comer again, readly giving all the information about the school, and telling what okay and not at the school premises.


"Okay.. So, first of all let me introduce my self first, my name is Park Jiyeon and I'm the one incharge here at front office and so if you need help concerning about the school I will be the one you can come to for help." Jiyeon smiled to them while explaning here position at the school. "Now we can talk about the don'ts and dos. There's a policy that every students of the Warrior Academy needed and bond to follow whatever happened. The whole school premises are tied with magic by the head masters himself, and one of that is everyone who's inside of the school premises will be bond to the two supernatural creatures only, and that would be a Vampires and Werewolfs."


"What does that mean?" the red haired asked in confusion, while the other two frowning at the lady infront of them, confuse like the latter.


"That I will explain, all the other creatures other than vampires and werewolfs are not allowed inside of the school premises and so the other creatures like the dragons, mermans, mermaids, pixies, shifters, phoenixs, foxs, unicorns, angels, devils, lions, fairies, tigers, coyotes, jaguars, nymphs, bears, apes, and each. will precisely be devided at the two category, and that would be the vampires and werewolfs nothing else just the two of that creatures. So, if your one of the creatures other that the vampires and werewolfs then you don't have a choice because like I said, everyone inside of the school will be bond to follow the rules whatever you like it or not, because every students here are bond by that magic." Jiyeon smiled at them sadly.


"So, it means we can't transform in our true creatures inside of the school premises?" the red haired frowned.


"Yes thats right, the Warrior Academy's bond by that rules by the headmasters magic." Jiyeon nodded at latter. 


"Okay, so what creatures will be devided at the two category?" the raven haired asked this time, his still frowning.


"Its defence from the three category of yourself, first is your true form or your creature inside of you, second is your statuse or ranking, and the third one is, your magic or power. You will know what creature you will be part of when the lesson started, and it will be anounced at your training lessons." Jiyeon answered every question they ask with a smiles.



"But what about our magic? It will be affected like our true form?" the black haired ask next.


"No it will not, just your true form only will be affected but other than that no. Your magic is safe with you so don't worry." Jiyeon grin when she see the three sigh out of relief. "But, even if your magic will not be affected like I said, it's sad to say but all the harming magic will be sealed down."



"What?" the three new comer groaned in annoyance after hearing her next word.


"Well, this is where the second rules will be inserted. By the head masters magic, he sealed all the harming magic and spell to protect and to avoided having someone to get dangerously hurt. The head masters want the academy do be as peaceful at it can be and for that to happen the head masters sealead all the harming magic and spell to avoid that. But no worries, there is a place you can use your whole magic without it being sealed and that is to the areana."



"Areana? Why there? The head master want us to fight or something before we can use our magic whatever we want? That ridiculous!" the red haired yell.


"No dear, it's not what I mean. What I want to say is, the areana is the only place that's been allowed by the head masters himself that can be use  for the summoning magic and some higher ranking spell. The areana's not for a battle field, it is for the lessons, it's a classroom." Jiyeon explained calmly.


"Oh okay..haha.." the red haired laugh awkwardly.


"I'll be direct to the point now okay? Because your roommates will be here anytime soon and so I need to explain everything in a simplest way." Jiyeon wait for the three to agree before she continue speaking again, "Alright, so here at the academy premises we have a strict rules to follow and that would be, rule one no fighting. It means, don't ask for a fight with the others or don't make a fight at all. If you have a problem with someone or if someone want to pick a fight with you it's much better if you go directly at the office and report it. Rule two, Don't force any Omega or Beta to submission. Anyone who has been seen or reported doing just that will be punished by the head masters himself."



She momentarily stop to look at the three younger to make sure that they understand what she's saying before she continue again.



"Rule three and the more important of all, No claiming of Omega. All the Omega in here are free other than does one who has a claim mark or has their partner already, other than that you can't claim any omega in here other than if they given their permission to you."



"Is that all?" the raven asked after a moment of silents.


"Yes thats all of it," she smiles at them before she stand up from her seat when someone called her at the next room. "Please excuse me for a moments boys, I'll be back."


After excusing herself, she then walk at the next room leaving the three younger on their own.



~Do Kyungsoo~
Room 112's Kitchen


"They will be a new students?" Mark asked, sitting on the kitchen counter chair while Kyungsoo is cooking for their breakfast.


"Yes..." Kyungsoo replies nodding his head slightly without looking at the latter.


"And..?" Mark asked again waiting for the latter to continue speaking.


"Well, now Jungkook have his own roommate and he said that his new roommate is strikingly mysterious." Kyungsoo continue talking while cooking.



"Oh, okay." Mark nodded thoughtfully before he remember someone thing again, "By the way, why did Ms. Jiyeon called you at the front office earlier?"


"That," Kyungsoo turn around to face the latter smiling slightly, "Is because she wants to discuss to me  that we will be having a new roommate now Markie. And that reminds of me, I was still waiting for Ms. Jiyeon's call so I can go down to pick them."


"Ah, will be having someone soon I see.. Do you know who they are Kyung?" Mark asked rubbing his neck shyly.


"Unfortunately no, not yet Markie. Ms. Jiyeon didn't tell me anything other than that will be having a roommates thats all she said." 


"Aww~ It would be great if Ms. Jiyeon told us something though.." Mark whined pouting at the latter. Kyungsoo laugh before he go back from cooking again.


"It's okay Markie. We will meet them later so no need to think about it to much."


"Your right.. Anyway, is Jungkook going to eat breakfast with us today?" Mark stand up from where he was currently sitting to help Kyungsoo from preparing the dinning table so they can eat.


"I'm not sure, you know Jungkook he will show up even if he told us or not." Kyugsoo answered while putting the food at the table.


"True." Mark and Kyungsoo giggled when they agreed with each others answered.


When the two cousins was about to start eating the dorm's phone ring at the same time stopping them from doing so. Kyungsoo shrug at the latter when it looks at him confused, he then walk to where the ringging phone to asnwer it.


"This is Room 112, Do Kyungsoo speaking." Kyungsoo answered the call politely.


"Hello good morning Kyungsoo, this is Jiyeon from Front Office." the lady at the other line greet his cheerfuly.


"Oh, hello Ms. Jiyeon good morning. How can I help you?" Kyungsoo greeted back while looking at Mark's direction, the latter was looking at him questioningly.



"Right, I just want to inform you that your roommates are here now. And if I'm not bothering you to much, can you please pick them up here to show them to their dorms?"



"Ofcourse, I'll be there soon Ms. Jiyeon." 



"Thank you my dear, bye." 



"Your welcome Ms. Jiyeon, bye." 



After the phone call end Kyungsoo walk at where the latter is sighing sadly at the pouting Mark.



"Sorry, I need to go down to pick up our roommates. Your should eat first Markie."



"No worries Kyung, i'll just wait for you." 


"Are you sure?"


"Ofcourse, now go Kyung. Don't make them wait for so long."



"Fine, fine, i'll be back as soon as I can okay?" Mark nodded at the latter smiling, Kyungsoo sigh one last time before he walk at the main door of the dorm.



When Kyungsoo got into the office building, he immediatly walk at the right direction to where the front office is, when he was about to knock to the door someone called his name stopping him from knocking mid air. Kyungsoo look back to see who call him, when he saw who it is he smile at it waiting for the latter to stop infront of him.



"Hi Kyungsoo, morning." the latter greeted him with a big smile on his pretty face.


"Hello Seokjin hyung, good morning." Kyungsoo greeted back smiling back at the older.


"What are you doing here Kyungsoo?" Seokjin ask tilts his head cutely. Kyungsoo giggled at the older before he answer.


"Ms. Jiyeon called me down to get my roommates so I can show him the way, how about you hyung?" 



"Same. I'm here to pick up my roommate too."


"Oh, then we should go inside and get them hyung." 



Kyungsoo and Seokjin nodded at each other before they knocked at the door after hearing someone giving permission to come in, the two of them open the door and come inside.


"Good morning Ms. Jiyeon." Kyungsoo and Seokjin greeted the lady behind the table after they got inside of the room.



"Oh, hello dear. Good morning and thank you for coming down to pick up your roommates." Jiyeon smiled at the two new comer, Kyungsoo and Seokjin smiles back at the sweet lady oblivious from the new students presence. 



While the three new students were frost to their spot when they where assulted by the two oblivious omega's scent.


"By the way dear, this is the new students." Jiyeon gestured to the three frozen guys. When the two omega look their direction, the three of them blinked before they smile slightly.


"Hi, my name is Kim Seokjin." he greeted the three shyly.


"And I'm Do Kyungsoo, hello." he bowed slightly.


"Great. Now, you know this two young man." Jiyeon gestured to the two omega before she look back at the three new student then back at the two omega, "I won't hold the two of you any longer so I'll tell already who will be your new roommates and then you can go back after that." 



The two omega nodded and they gesture for her to continue. 



"Alright, so this young man with red hair will be your new roommate Seokjin." Jiyeon pointed at the red haired sitting at her left side, then she gesture next to the other two new students. "The this two youngman will be your new roommates Kyungsoo."



Kyungsoo and Seokjin nodded at her again, Seokjin look at the red haired and to his suprised the red haired was already looking at him smirking. While Kyungsoo and the raven haired stay silent only looking straight at the lady infront of then oblivious to the black haired staring at the omega.



"Your dismissed, you can go now dear." Jiyeon smiled at them one last time, saying her good lucks to the new students. 



The five of them tell their good byes to the sweet lady before they exited the front office, when outside the two omega lead the way to the dorms building's direction. While walking the two omega was talking to themself about the coming classes and school activity and each. While the three new student was busy on their own world, the black haired and the red haired was busy staring at the two omega while the raven haired was looking around the place curiously. 



The location of the said dorm buildings where at the back of the said office building, so when the dorm building show it self infront of them, the raven haired wow-ed at the sign. The dorm buildings was lined up in harmony, standing tall and beautiful, every building was painted in royal magnificents colors. When the raven was about to ask what the dorm buildings color was about, the two omega stopped at the third building. 



"Were here, welcome to the Harmony Dormitory." the two omega announced before they asked the three to follow them immediatly. 



After scanning their identity, the two omega immeadiatly go to where the elevator is, after waiting for a while the elevator door open and so the two omega walk in followed by the three. Inside, Kyungsoo press the six and seven floor to where their dorm room is, the three stay silent while Kyungsoo and Seokjin talk with each other again for a while until the elevator stop at the six floor. Kyungsoo said his good bye at Seokjin and at the red haired before he walk out of the elevator followed by the two who said their good bye to the remaining two.



When the door of the elevator closed, Kyungsoo and the other two started walking again. Kyungsoo was leading the two to the direction of the room 112, the three of them were walking silently when all of the sudden someone hugged Kyungsoo from the back. Kyungsoo yelped from suprised turning around immediately to see who's the one responsible from hugging him, after seeing who it is Kyungsoo sighs in relief before he started scolding the latter.



"Yah! Did I told you to stop doing that? You almost give me a heart attack there brat!"



"I'm sorry hyung, I just can't help it." the latter laugh at the older who's pouting at him.


"Seriously Jungkook, you have to stop giving he a heart attack like that always." Kyungsoo groaned, he crosses his arms around his chest glaring at the younger. "Why are you hear anyway? If I remember correctly your dorm's at the other building not here."



"I know hyung, but I'm here for food?" Jungkook grinned at the older showing his two big teeth at the front cutely. Kyungsoo rolled his eyes at the younger.


"Yeah, why am I not surprised?"


"Anyway, wha—" Jungkook laugh while talking but he stopped when he finally noticed the two new student. Jungkook was so relaxed and so focused at his favorite hyung that he failed to notice the two who's silently watching their exchange. "Oh if it isn't a new Enchanted Alphas, what a pretty boys doing here?"


"Hello to you too?" the raven haired Alpha shrugs nonchalantly, Jungkook glared at the two warningly.


"What do you need?!" Jungkook deadpanned in a cold low tone.


"Kookie~" Kyungsoo patted the younger back softly to calm him down, while talking awkwardly. "Calm down, it's okay. They will be our new roommates thats why they with me."


"But hyung, why would the office give you and Yien hyung of all the ranking creature an Alpha in that matter?! Do they know that it's not safe to put an Omega and Alpha at one room?! What are they thinking!!" Jungkook yelled angrily, his still glaring at the two alpha infront of them.



"Come on Kookie calm down, I don't know why okay? Ms. Jiyeon only told us that they would be our new roommates, I didn't even know that they were Alphas not until I meet them at the front office just a while ago." Kyungsoo explained to the younger softly trying more harder to calm the latter before he can do something reckless like sprinting at the two alphas and punch them or something.


"I'll be having a talk with Ms. Jiyeon right now!!" Jungkook was about to leave when Kyungsoo grab a hold of his arm shaking his head no. 


"Please don't."



"But hyung," Kyungsoo cut him of by holding at his arm more tightly.



"No more buts, please Jungkook listen to me. I don't want you to get anymore trouble, remember what happen at the past when you do that? I don't want that to happened again so please, listen to me." 



Jungkook sigh after seeing the oldest worried eyes staring back at him, after a while of staring with each others eyes, Jungkook smiled at the older before he hugged him.


"Okay hyung, I won't." 


"Thank you." Kyungsoo smiles while hugging the younger back, before they let go of each other still smiling. "Now, lets go inside and eat shall we?"



Jungkook nodded at the older before Kyungsoo look at the two alpha apologising for the younger's behavior, before they continue to walk to the room 112, when infront of the said room Kyungsoo open the door immediately by scanning his identity and entering the code to the electronic lock of the room, after unlocking the door Kyungsoo invited the three alpha in. 



Room 112's Living Room


"Mark?" Kyungsoo called the latter when they were at the living room, there they see Mark sitting at the couch while watching a movie.


"Good morning, Hyung~" Jungkook greeted the older before he happily walk to where the latter is while dragging Kyungsoo with him, after getting closer to the latter they take a sit next to him. 


"Good morning, Kookie~" Mark greeted back patting the younger's head, while Kyungsoo sigh heavily when Jungkook wont let his hand go.


"Again, I'm sorry about him. Please take a sit, Mark they are our new roommates." Kyungsoo gestures to the two alpha to take a seat before he look at Mark giving the latter an awkward smile, Mark knowing that something happen nodded at Kyungsoo understandingly.


"Oh, hi, I'm Mark Tuan." Mark introduce himself after the two alpha settle down at the opposite couch. 


"Jeon Jungkook." Jungkook deadpanned still glaring dagger at the two alpha, Kyungsoo clear his throat giving an awkward smile again. 


"Sorry about him, Jungkook is having a bad day today but his a good guy."



"It's okay really, we understand." the black haired smiles showing his cute dimple. "I'm Zhang Yixing by the way, but you can call me Lay if you want."



"And my name is Park Jinyoung, Hello!" the raven haired grin while staring straight at Mark's eyes. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mark Tuan."







To be continue...






Chapter Text


“It’s time for me to give you
The last bits of my heart
The fact that we loved is beautiful
I feel so relieved now
Please don’t worry about me
I’m a beautiful
No, a cowardly liar.”

~Kim Seokjin~
Room 127's Living room


"Hi, my name's Park Jimin." the red haired greeted the two who's cheerfully sitting at the sofa, they are currently at the dorm's living room.


"Hello, I'm Kim Yungyeom. Seokjin hyung's brother."


"Kunpimook Bhuwakul here, but you can call me Bambam for short." 


"Nice to meet you." Jimin smirks, while the two only laugh it off.


"I should show you to your room now Jimin." Seokjin cut off their talk short by calling for the new student's name.


Jimin tilts his head to stare at Seokjin his smirks not living his lips."With pleasure."



"This way." Seokjin ignored the smirk on the latters face walk to the left side of the room, to where the latters room is.


Jimin's bedroom

Not waiting for the latter's answer, Seokjin walk ahead not caring if the latter is following or not. Jimin sensing that the older's not in the mood just obey, he follow Seokjin's footset leading to the hallway to the rightside and into the staircase to go upstair into the second floor of the dorm, apparantly the only room that is available are located at the second floor. 


The two of them continue to walk upstair until they reach the second floor Seokjin walk past the short hallways with Jimin in town, Jimin saw that at that short hallway there is two door facing each other but he didn't know what is behind that door, when he was about to ask the older, Seokjin explained the door they just passed tho without him voicing his question. Apparantly, that two rooms they just walk on at the hallway is the library and music room, they were using it for study and for fun. Jimin nodded after the older explain what is inside of that room.


When the two of them reach the end of the hallway, there were two pathways leading to a different directions. Seokjin then mention to him that his room is at the right hallway, and so the two of them walk to the left side to where he can see a wooden dark blue door with a golden knob, Seokjin open the door immediately when they stop infront of it and he asked the latter to come inside to see the room. 



After Jimin first walked in to see the room, he was satisfied by the size of it, the room is very big and very clean to. Jimin glances around the room inspectioning every details of it, seeing a gray and white curtains covering the window and the floor was carpeted with fluffy gray carpert matching the curtains of the room, and there near at the window is the big king size gray bed matching the room's color the cover of the bed is gray with navy blue and the navy blue pillows are matching the beds too. And to the side of the bed there have a small night stand and desk on the corner with dark blue laptop on it.


While at the left side of the room, it have a mini-fridge underneath the counter, Jimin then glances at the two doors he see at the left side of the room, the one door he thinks is the walk in closets while the other one at the far away corner is the bathroom. The room have its own mini living room and kitchen to, the liviung room have a plat screen TV hanging on the wall facing the bed and small couchs infront of it and at the middle and the one separating the TV and couchs is the cute coffee table.



"Nice room." Jimin nodded smiling at the older.



"Good then," Seokjin gesture at the whole room while explaining, "Well, everything inside of this room is yours now. So you can use everything you want in here from now on, just make sure you wont break anything then it's okay. And if you need anything, my room's just at the right hallway down and the maknae's room are downstair." 





"And for your schedules and uniform, Ms. Jiyeon said that it will be deliver before the class start. So you don't have to worry about that anymore to, for now you should settle down to your room and rest. I'll be going now, I need to do something. Good bye!" Seokjin says before he close the door behind him, then he walks back down to the living room to where the maknae are.


Warrior Academy's school ground

Seokjin's currently at the school ground right now walking to where the main office is, he was called by the headmaster thats why his currently on his way there. While walking, a few students who's currently at the hallway stare at him at the corner of his eyes. But even after knowing it, Seokjin ignored them and continue walking to his destination in mind with his head low. 


After a while of walking like that, Seokjin heard a commotion right behind him a loud noise coming closer behind his back. Roaring laughter of two people are heading towards Seokjin's behind and not that long two people run past Seokjin. The loud laughter of the two only can be heard for a brief second before he spots the two, a jet black haired and the pink haired guy student. The get black haired who's height was taller but Seoking's more taller, he was skinny underneath the tight pants and bottom up shirt he was wearing. While the pink haired has shorter height and he was skinny to like the other, his white skin are showing beutifully because of his black v-neck shirt matching in tight black pants he was wearing.


Seokjin paused from waking, raising a brow at the two before he felt someone collide on his back, because of the hard impact of someone on his back, Seokjin  groans as he lands on the floor with a loud impact. Seokjin hold his side groaning and hissing in pain, he heard a gasp and a groan of a deep voice beside him.



"Oh shit!" Seokjin slowly open his eyes and hears a footsteps getting up and approaching him, Seokjin groans and rubs his side.


"Fuck! Are you okay?" the voice was particularly deep.


Seokjin blinks at the stranger infront of him, the stranger leans forward as he crouches infront of him extending a hand out for him to take. Seokjin freezes as the stranger leans in closer, he can now smell clearly the strong sharp manly scents of the stranger because his to close from Seokjin's liking. He tensed, a shiver running down his spine as the stranger leans in more closer to him, Seokjin could tell immediately that the stranger belong to the Enchanted Alpha by it's scents. 



The omega's breath hitched and his trembling slightly after confirming that the latter was an alpha, Seokjin then collect himself immediately before he stand up on his own feet trembling not daring to look at the alpha in fear.


"Are you okay? Why are you trembling? I'm sorry about the fall." the stranger asks in his deep voice, he was kind of confused when he see the latter trembling but in a bried second the stranger frost in place when he smell Seokjin's sweet strawberry like scents. 


'His the one.' the stranger said to his mind.


"Your an Enchanted Omega aren't you.." the stranger stares at him, taking in his facial features. 


Seokjin shakes his head slowly with his eyes wide open and slowly walks backward away from the alpha, he was to close for Seokjin's comfort. His already pale enough when his back hit the wall behind him, Seokjin tremble in fear when the alpha's only a mere inches away from him, standing tall just infront of him.


"I know you are.." the stranger whisper in his deep sexy voice.


Seokjin frost in his spot for a few second when the alpha lean in to whisper at his ear before he glance around frantically to see if someone is around, but when he saw no one at the hallways at the moment he started to panic and tremble more. But Seokjin pushed himself to calm down to think of a way out, after making sure that he calmed enough to think, he then pushed the alpha away from him with all his might when he know the alpha's guard are down before he started to run as fast as he can away from the alpha.



"Shit!" the alpha cursed under his breath before he immediatlely stand on his own feet chasing after the omega.


When he turn at the corner to where he saw the omega run to, he cursed before he stopped running to look around him to spot the missing omega but to his dismay the said omega's not at the area anymore. The alpha cursed again and he kicked the wall near him angryly.





Seokjin run and run nonstop until he collieded with someone again, Seokjin still trembling wildly and sobbing when he fall down at the floor. He was scared to look up to see who he bumped into and instead he look down crying. Seokjin was so scared to know and see if the one he bumped is the alpha he encounter a few seconds ago, he was scared that he just want to run and hide until he was sure that the alpha is no where near him. 


While sobbing and pleading to the person he bumped into without looking, the latter was looking at him worriedly.


"Seokjin hyung, are you okay?" the person he bumped into asked worriedly, he take Seokjin's hand away from it face to hold it closer to himself and to comfort him.



Seokjin look up to the owner of the soft angelic voice to see Kyungsoo crouched infront of him, worried are evidence at his beutiful big doe eyes. Seokjin didn't say a thing at the younger but he leans forward to hugs the younger omega tightly, he then started to cry harder in the younger's comforting embrace. 



Without asking anything to what happen at the oldest, Kyungsoo hugs the older omega back patting its back softly while whispering comforting words to calm the older down. And after a good fifteen minutes of comforting and crying, Seokjin finally calm down from his panic attack thanks to the younger omega infront of him.



"Your okay now Hyung? What happened to you?" Kyungsoo asked again after his sure the older calmed down from his sudden panick attack.


"A-Alpha..." Seokjin simple replies with teary eyes and his still trembling slightly at the younger's arm.


"Alpha? Who's alpha? Did he attack you hyung?" Kyungsoo panicked while checking if the older got some injury in any part after he heard the word alpha out of the oldest mouth, when the younger didn't see anything he heaven a sighs of relief.



"N-No.. I'm j-just so s-scared.." Seokjin shakes his head slowly with teary eyes.



"Is it one of the Enchanted Alpha?" Kyungsoo asked worriedly, when Seokjin nooded immediately the youngest hugged the older again to comfort him. "But hyung, we just encounter two Enchanted Alpha earlier don't look scared at all.." 


Kyungsoo was confused to why the older was so scared when they just encounter and meet one just this morning. 



"I'm not scared when I meet the two alphas this morning because I'm with you Kyungsoo, and beside I panicked when I saw no one at the hallway when I encounter the alpha.. And so, my panick attack strick and I don't know what to do anymore than run away from the alpha. I was so scared that he will take advantage of me because no one is around that time." Seokjin explain to the younger omega.



"I'm so sorry hyung, if I just know it would happen I would be running to help you. Don't worry hyung, if this thing happen again I swear I will be running to be with you and help you, I promise that. For now let me help you to go to your dorm hyung."



Kyungsoo then help the older to stand properly before they start to walk to the dorm building's direction.  


Seokjin's room

It was fast midnight and everyone's already asleep that time, Yugyeom and Bambam's in their respective rooms sleeping like a baby while Seokjin's in his own room to sleeping peacefully in his own bed without knowing that their other dorm mate was still not at its own room.


Suddenly, the main door of the dorm opened without them knowing and momentarily a guy with red hair step inside before he close the door on his back silently. The red haired walk wobbly upstair and straight into Seokjin's room, he tripped multiple times on his way to the older's room he cursed under his breath when he made on Seokjin's room successfully. The red haired twist the knob to open the door when it opened he go inside before closing the door silently. 


Inside of the room, all the lights are turn off and the curtains was down covering the window of the room making the whole place dark. But even the place was dark the red haired still can see Seokjin at his bed because of the moon light that slightly peeking at the slight gap of the curtain that covering the whole big windows.


The red haired smirk playfully before he make his way to the innocently sleeping omega, he then climb to Seokjin's bed silently to not alert the older. When he was sitting at the omega's side he stares to the older face sleeping peacefully without a care at the world. The red haired giggle to himself because of Seokjin's cuteness when he was asleep, he scan the omega's face to his cute almond shaped eyes, to his handsome straight nose, to his cute pinky cheeks and back to his natural rosy plump lips. The red haired stares to Seokjin's lips for a while before he leans closer until he was a few inches away from the omega's lips.


He stares for a brief second before he feels Seokjin's lips and his lips collied, he kiss the latter passionately until he feel that the older's start waking up from his peaceful sleep, when Seokjin opened his eyes to see the younger kissing him, he freaked out inside and without showing it he tried to push the latter off of him but he can't, the red haired wont budged even slightly.


"J-Jimin..w-wha..t-" Seokjin stuttered staring wide eyed at the red haired.


"Hi, mate~" Jimin giggled while continue kissing the older.


"W-What.." Seokjin groaned still pushing the latter away from him and this time he successed from pushing him, but that victory didn't last long when Jimin grin at him before he leans down again to capture his lips. But Seokjin tilts his head to the side in time to avoid it, Jimin knits his eyebrows then groan.


"Shhh! It's fine." 


"No! S-Stop..i-it..J-Jimin.." Seokjin tried to push Jimin again with all his strength but to his dismay the younger is more stronger than him.


"Hyung, stop pushing me." Jimin ordered with his serious face, Seokjin shiver a little after seeing the serious face and commanding voice of the younger.


"Asshole." Seokjin glared at the younger.


"I know~" Jimin lean down to whispers at the oldest ear, Seokjin shiver when he felt the younger hot breath hit his neck.


"Leave me alone, Jimin! This is not right, I will surely report you at the dean's office." Seokjin yelled while trying to kick the younger off him, Seokjin was startled by Jimin's sudden grip on his chin to force him to look at him. 


"Why would I? And beside, should I be scared to know that you will tell me out to the dean? My precious princess is that brave enought to do that? Aww~ your so cute princess.." Jimin smirked with a hint of  threatening at his eyes.



"I'm not your princess! And I know, you know that it's one of the rules. You can't force any of the unmated omega to supmission nor claim them without it's permission." Seokjin whined when Jimin's other hand yanked his hair to make him look at his darkening gaze. 


"What did you just say?" Jimin hissed leaning closer at Seokjin's personal space.


"I'm not your princess!!" Seokjin knowing clearly what the younger was talking about he yelled the words at him angrily, Jimin's grips at him became more stronger making the omega whimper.


"Again." Jimin growled while keep getting even closer to the omega.


"Stop already Jimin, your drunk! Get off m-" Seokjin's word got cut off when Jimin crushed his lips at the latter, successfully shutting the older. 



Seokjin widen his eyes from shock and he frost for a brief second, while Jimin's keep kissing him aggressively, forcing himself to the omega who's still shocked from whats happening. When Seokjin recover he started pushing Jimin at its shoulder forcefully to stop him from what his doing.


Jimin moaned into the kiss while Seokjin's mumbling to be free, Seokjin currently pushing and punching Jimin's chest and shoulder to be freed but Jimin didn't even budge at all. Jimin then placed a few bites in Seokjin's lower lips wanting to explore inside but Seokjin wont let him but to his bad luck, Jimin smirked before he bite down at Seokjin's lower lips harder until it bleed. When it bleed Seokjin yelp because of the pain and it make an advantage for Jimin who finally pushed his tongue inside to explore the omegas hot caven, while Seokjin try to push Jimin's tongue out after he recover from the pain.


And because of that they started to fight for dominance, Jimin could not have enought of Seokjin's strawberry taste and the mix taste of blood he then kept on pushing himself at the omega's mouth for him to explored every single corner of Seokjin's mouth and to taste him at the same time he started to move his hands, his left hand still holding Seokjin's hair to steady him while the other hand made it's way to explore Seokjin's lower body. 


Jimin pushed himself against Seokjin's body making the latter moan, Jimin's pants were tightened because of the omega's sudden beautiful moan. Jimin put his right knee between Seokjin's legs while he was hungrily kissing the older, Seokjin try to move his head around making the kiss to break his panting for air whiole his hands trying to push Jimin away from him again. 





Jimin yanked Seokjin's hair to turned him around to face him again then he kissed the latter wildly, this time Jimin didn't give the older a chance to break the kiss anymore and it make Seokjin breathless as hell. But even after knowing it Jimin didn't want to broke the kiss and continue kissing the omega without mercy,  Seokjin felt like his going to die any second now because of the lack of oxygen since his not expert in kissing he can't hold his breath like the others that expert at kissing that long.


Suddenly, Seokjin feels Jimin's right hand made it's way under Seokjin's shirt rubbing the omega's stomack up to his chest, he was nibbling Seokjin's chest slowly making the omega to unconsciously let out a moan for the second time. With that beautiful moan again Jimin got crazy, he move his head down tracing kisses along Seokjin's jaw up to the omega's earlobe biting slightly then back to the omega's jaw until he reach Seokjin's pale neck biting and sucking forcefully to make hickey, when Jimin was satisfied to his work he made his way down to the omega's collar bone to his chest sucking hard on the omega making his soft milky skin bruised.


"Please...n-no-uh!!'t...ple-please...Ji..min.. ahhhh!!!" 



Seokjin stuttered pleading while turning his head around, his cheeks now painted in rosy red and his pants are starting to tightening too. He felt so hot now and he thinks that his self pheromones going to appear in anymoment now. Jimin's hand nibbling on his chest while his kissing him at his collarbone again, Seokjin's face was so red because of blushing so mad at Jimin's nonstop kisses and touches. Jimin start to lower his haft body to started grinding against Seokjin's lower half as a result Seokjin moan loudly, when Jimin heard it his grind became faster and faster, and now the two were a moaning mess.





Jimin yanked back at Seokjin's lips he was sexually frustrated right now, he want to fuck him hard so bad he wanted to make the omega senseless because of him. Seokjin stopped pushing Jimin when he felt that his omega inside were calling for an alpha's help, his omega inside were craving for the alpha's touch, kisses and the alpha's claim. Seokjin held into Jimin's shirt tightly when he felt his omega starting to release the strawberry like pheromones scent of him, the scent were getting stronger and stronger in just a brief second and Seokjin panicked inside. 


While Jimin grind got faster and Seokjin's grip got tightened letting out a moan unconsciouly again, Seokjin felt super hot right now when he heard Kyungsoo's angelic voice echoed just outside of his room. Seokjin eyes widened after he heard it and he start pushing Jimin off again, but as usual Jimin never budged from his place.


"Seokjin hyung? Are you okay? Hyung!!"


"!!..J-Jimin!" Seokjin whispered angrily while feeling super hot his face was still red.




Jimin growled annoyed but he smirked when he seen Seokjin's panicked red face, Jimin leans down kissing Seokjin's neck again and slowly going down to his chest sucking and bitting making the omega insane at the hot feeling inside of him. Seokjin let out another moan when Jimin keep grinding, he desperately marking wildly all over the omega and when his satisfide to what has he done he let the omega go. Jimin was too obsessed and drunk that he wanted to mark the omega so badly in every spot he can see at the soft milky  skin, while Seokjin keep trying to resist the feeling and pushed Jimin but it didn't help. 


Seokjin tears started to flow down his eyes and down to his face, lips swelled, face so red and neck are full of hickey, Jimin keep pushing himself against Seokjin wanting to be one with the omega but Seokjin keep pushing him away fiercely this time. And because of the aggressive battle of pushing each other, they started to lose the climax they were supposed to have a while ago.



"Seokjin Hyung!"


Kyungsoo yelled again and this time his starting banging the door making the omega to push agressively to get away from Jimin. The red haired got annoyed when the omega wont stop pushing him away, but Jimin known better than anything that he can't continue what he was doing anymore when he know and heard the person behind the door and so he stopped but not until he got his long hot last kiss from Seokjin's sweet lips before Jimin moved away after he got his kiss. 



Seokjin wince when he felt his bruised lips when Jimin stood up, Seokjin immediately stand up from his bed and run to the door to where Kyungsoo is. When he open the door Kyungsoo shot him a worried glares but before Kyungsoo can question him, Seokjin started dragging the younger out of the dorm. 


Kyungsoo didn't said anything and he just let the older drag him out, when outside Seokjin lead Kyungsoo to the elevator and when they manage to get in Seokjin pushed the sixth floor to where the younger dorm is. The two omega stay silent inside of the elevetor and when its stop to their desired floor the two of them walk out of the elevetor and straight to Kyungsoo's dorm, when there infront of it Kyungsoo pushed the password at the electronic door lock system and then he scanned his identical card before they enter when it open. 


The younger omega closed the door behind him after the two of them get inside, Kyungsoo then lead the older up to his room not even bothering to open the lights. Because their dorm floor is build by a high tech systems, the lights will turn on when there is someone at the room and it will turn off when there is no one and its same for the aircondition while the plat screen tv thats hanging at the wall is a voice remote it's just need a commanding voice to use it and there is so many other high tech appliances and gadgets inside of the said dorm.  



Kyungsoo's room

When they were safety inside of Kyungsoo's room they silently sit at the younger's bed, Kyungsoo stares at Seokjin's neck and collarbone time to time he was worried at the older omega but his afraid that the older would get angery at him if he try to questions him about the hickeys. 


The younger omega was afraid to ask why the older released his omega pheromones scent all of a sudden, it was so dangerous to released a very attractive omega scent especially at their dorm building full of alphas and betas. So thats why Kyungsoo do everything he can to get at the oldest dorm immediately after he smell the older omega's sweet scent, but he was to afraid to ask and to know what happened to the older. Kyungsoo know that Seokjin's has a sensitive emotion and he have a panick attack time to time and so he don't want to force the older to tell him what happen, Kyungsoo stay silent waiting patiently for the older to talk and tell him what happen.


"I don't want to be near him again.." Seokjin mumble after a while.


"What happened hyung? Why did you release your omega scent? It's dangerous, you know that right?" Kyungsoo threw the questions one after another with a worried face after he know that the older was ready to answer every questions he ask, Kyungsoo then again eyed the marks on Seokjin's neck and collarbone carefully.


"It's all Jimin's fault!" Seokjin hissed angrily.


"What do you mean Hyung? Who's Jimin? Can you tell me what really happened?" Kyungsoo softly asks.



Seokjin sighs then he nodded at the younger omega's request before he start telling him what actually happened back to his room, after a good six minutes the two omega stay silent again. Kyungsoo's staring at the older with a pale face while Seokjin just sighs patting the younger omega's back softly.


"H-He...w-what?" Kyungsoo stuttered he can't believe that the new student beta do that to Seokjin.


"Yeah..I can't believe too, but he really done it even if I told him that I'll tell him to the dean.." Seokjin sighs heads low hidding his sad expression.


"Hyung.." Kyungsoo whispers he leans closer to the older omega to hug him. "It's alright hyung I got you now, don't worry nothing will happen to you here. And you can just sleep here for the night then will go to the dean office tomorrow to report what happen."



Kyungsoo whisper sweetly to the older omega to cheer him up, Seokjin look at the younger omega smilling cutely at him. Seokjin calmed down and he smile back at the younger thanking him while he hugs the younger back.



"Thank you, Kyungsoo."



The two omega stay at their position for a while until Seokjin remember something. 


"Wait a minute, where's Mark by the way?" Seokjin look around the room to search for Mark's presents.


"Mark's at the other building." Kyungsoo answer nodding while Seokjin stare at him confused.


"What is he doing there?"


"Ah, he said he was invited by his friend Yoo Youngjae? It's his friends birthday today.."


"He go there on his own?" Seokjin's eyes widen when Kyungsoo nodded. "Seriously?"


"Yup, don't worry hyung. You know the other building's safe for the alpha's remember? And beside, Mark says he have Taekwoon and Jaehwan hyung with him. I'm sure the two of them wont let anything happen to Mark, they will protect him if needed." 


"Are you sure?"


"Yes hyung." 


Kyungsoo nodded then he lay down on his own bed patting the space beside him telling the older to stop worriying and just lay down with him, Seokjin sighs before he comply and lay down beside the younger omega. Kyungsoo giggled at the older before he cuddle with the older omega side, Seokjin sighs happily before he snuggle closer to the younger omega, he closed his eyes and he welcome his dream land once again. When Kyungsoo heard the older snort softly at his side, he sighs while staring at the ceiling thinking how drained he is after what he do for the older. 


"I should'nt use it, why did I use if anyway?" 



The younger omega groaned softly while closing his tired eyes and not before long he to fallen asleep like the latter.


~Mark Tuan~

Yoo Youngjae's dorm

It's midnight already and most of the people who attended the party has gone home to their dorm's by now and only a few people are left still half drunk talking to their friends with big getures and loud voices, while Mark and the other three friends of him were still sober.


"Thanks for coming guys and helping to." Youngjae said as he saw Taekwoon and Jaehwan coming back to the sofa with tray filled with empty glasses.


"It's okay, it's getting late now anyway so we should help you out." Jaehwan laughed.


"Jaehwan's right, were glad to help you out before we go back to our own dorms." Mark smiled while Taekwoon nodded only grabbing empty cups at the floor and putting it into the garbage bag his holding.


"Really, thank you so much guys~" Youngjae singsonged smilling widely, the three smiled back at him before they continue cleaning the dorm again. After an hour Mark and the couple said their good bye's to the younger before they walked off back to their own building, Mark and Jaehwan's talking while walking to the dorm's building.


"Speaking of dormmates, did you see our new dormmates already?" Jaehwan looked at Mark.


"Nah. I didn't see them yet, why?" Mark tilts his head to look at Jaehwan.


"Oh, our new dormmates are so, so, mysterious and to quiet too." Jaehwan replies nodding his head.


"But Jaehwan hyung, its not new for you to have a quiet dormmate.." Mark scratch his head slightly grinning at the older.


"Huh? What do you mean?" Jaehwan tilts his head confused.


"Come on hyung, you have Taekwoon hyung with you and his not a loud roomy. I mean, his a quiet roommate right?" Mark said giggling at the older.


"Oh~" Jaehwan nodded and then the two of them start giggling like a kid, Taekwoon rolled his eyes to the two but he didn't say anything.


"Anyway, look over there.." Jaehwan pointed with his lips, "The guy with black snapback." 


Mark's eyes followed Jaehwan and he saw a guy stood with average height infornt of the dorm building's entrance, he had golden brown hair that lay flat against his contrasting sexy sun kissed skin and he had about three to four piercings on both ears, he was also dressed in buttom down white collar shirt and tight black jeans with his black snapback that almost covering the half of his face and a black mask.


"Who's he?" Mark asked Jaehwan.


"I don't know, but they say his a new student. He looks so mysterious thought.." 


"What does that mean?"


"Well, I never see his face, no one is. His dormmates don't know what that guy looks like too, he don't want anyone to see his face actually." Jaehwan explain.


"That's strange.." Mark mumble Jaehwan hum while Taekwoon just nodded.


When the three of them's infront of the building, Mark stared at the guy his trying to see the latter's face but to his dismay he can't because of the latter's snapback and facemask. The three of them then walk to the entrance of the building scanning their identical card, suddenly Mark frost to his spot for a few second after he accidentally smell the guy scent. The mysterious guy scent has this unique smell that he can't identify, there is something cold and mysterious at it's scent but the dominance is powerful enought to make him scared and shiver. After scanning his identical card Mark walk inside the building without looking back at the latter.


"Hey Mark I'm sorry, but me and Taekwoon need to go to the office.. You should go now, good night!" Jaehwan said before he drag Taekwoon to the different direction.


Mark sighs he then walk off to the elevator, when it open he go inside immediatly and press his dorm floor before he wait until his at the right floor. When his at the sixth floor Mark walked straight to his dorm room, but before Mark can go to his right destination someone stood infront of him grinning, successfully blocking his path.


"Hi, your Mark right?" the platinum blonde asked smiling at him, he was staring straight at Mark's beautiful eyes.


"Yes, who are you...?" Mark asked slowly glaring to the smiling blonde.


"Me? Well, I'm your future mate."





 To be continue...





Chapter Text

“Day by day, I secretly wrote you a letter
And that’s what I wrote at the end
Although I’ve never given it to you”


~Jackson Wang~


"Wang Jackson is the name." the platinum blonde smirked while the ash blonde didn't says anything he just look at the latter no expression showing at his pretty face.


"What?" Jackson asks confused.


"Huh...nothing? Anyway, I have to keep going now. It's really nice meeting you Jackson, bye." the ash blonde says in awkward tone but his eyes flickered in confusion and uncomfortable, he casually pat Jackson's back as if they were merely strangers and headed toward his dorm door. Jackson knits his eyebrows then he look at the latter hurt evidence at his eyes, before Mark can enter the passcode to his dorm door Jackson pinned his against the wall.





"Ah shit..." Mark yelped out of suprise and whimper painfully as his back was slammed hard against the concrete wall while Jackson's infront of him growling.


"Where do you think your going?"


"What do you think your doing fucker?!" Mark hissed angrily he gasped in suprise when an emotionless Jackson lean closer to observe and examined his face, Mark inhaled accidentally and there he smell the latter's scent its wild sharp smell of the burning wildfire of roses, Mark was scared after confirming the latter infront of him is an Royal Alpha, Mark gulped while staring at the person infront of him.


"Mine." Jackson growled lowly.



"Are you crazy? What the hell are you talking about! I'm not yours, so can you please leave me alone you jerk! This is against the rules, the dean would surely punish you if they know about this so stop already." Mark tried his best to wiggle out of the alpha's tight hold but to his dismay his strength were no match to Jackson's strong strength, both of his hands where securely trapped under the alpha's firm grips despite his effort of struggling.


"Your mine." Jackson growled, he kept leaning closer and closer to the omega's personal space, Mark felt his body slightly tremling and his heart beat faster almost uncontrollable as the uneven breath of the alpha slowly approaching him. Jackson was pleased with the scene infront of him, a panting omega whose heart beat rapidly because of him, he then flashed his most famous smirk.


"I want you.." the alpha whisper with such a low deep sexy voice that make the omega shivers crawling down his spine.


"W-What..!" Mark breath he awkwardly stiffened beneath the alpha but he angrily glared up at the alpha.


"You heard me." Jackson smirk before he—





To be continue...





Chapter Text


“When my body's screaming out now.
I know you hearin' it,
You got me moaning now.
No teasing,
You waited long enough.
So why you standing over there with ya clothes on,
Baby strip down for me,
Go on take em off. ”

 ~Jackson Wang~
Jackson's room at Magnetic Forest

"You heard me." Jackson smirk before he hold Mark's wrist before he teleport them somewhere —private. Mark gasp before he look around to see that they are not in the hallways dorm anymore —more than, they are in a big beautiful room. Mark turn his attention back to the platinum blonde with fear in his beautiful eyes.

"W-where..are..w-we?" Mark stutter with pure fear in his low voice.

"Where in my room —my house outside of that school babe." Jackson whispered in Mark's right ears before he lick the latter's earlobe —making the ash blonde oldest to flinch. He step back to make a good distance to the latter. 

"What are you doing?" Mark spat at the latter. The platimun blonde just growled which make Mark to flinch once again.

"Mine." Jackson growled into his neck, before he caged Mark in the door. The ash blonde can smell the latter's scent so easily —because of there closeness. Jackson's scent is one word was —strong. He smelled like an strong alpha, that's for sure. While Mark's scent is so —sweet. Jackson was a scent drunk already. The alpha had his nose buried in Mark's neck, soaking in the omega's sweet scent. But when the ash blonde tried to move away from the alpha's hold, Jackson growled angrily. The alpha growled.

Mark whimpered as he was suddenly pinned against the wall. Jackson's strong frame was pressed hard against his petite one.

"Alpha." Mark said pushing against the others chest, trying to get him off him. It didn't work because the alpha was too strong. The alpha pulled away for a few seconds to breath. 

"You smell so fucking sweet." The alpha growled, dark eyes are now melting into yellow-orange with a glint of red color. Mark was so afraid. He had never been in this position before. No one acted like this before —at least not towards him. 

Then the Royal alpha went back to scenting the omega, he had his nose pressed against Mark's neck. Mark knew that his pheromones were going crazy. Being an unmated Legendary omega and Jackson being a unmated Royal alpha together in such a small space especially scenting like this —It was dangerous. 

Mark couldn't help but moan when the youngest licked up his neck, tasting the omega's sweat. 

"You're scent is so addicting and you're all is so —intoxicating." Jackson growled lowly pressing Mark harder into the wall which was starting to become painful for the omega. Strong hands were keeping a tight grip around the oldest's waist. With all his strength —Mark was able to push off the alpha. Jackson stumbled back a little, catching himself in the fall. He looked like he was about to growl at Mark but he paused. Because Mark's hazel brown eyes are now turning into purple-pink  one. 

"You're eyes are alluring baby." Jackson moaned then he smirked before he toss Mark (or more like throwing) in the king size bed. Mark yelp in suprise and also in fear, because the alpha is hovering over him in a brief second.

"Mine." Jackson purred. A talented tongue traced the outline of the omega's ear, nibbling and sucking at the lobe. The hot breath coming from the latter's mouth sent shivers down Mark's spine.

Jackson pulled Mark to peeled off all the omega's articles of cloths in speed, wasting no time in being romantic —Jackson crashed his own lips to the omega's soft one. Feeling lips on his own and hands roaming over his body, Mark start pushing the aplha's chest forcefully to get ride the alpha's hand off of him, but the alpha didn't even budge. 

Mark kept screaming and struggling, Jackson with quick jerky movements —undress himself then climbed onto the bed. Mark felt so much exposed and didn't dare to move, he was blushing so much while glaring at Jackson. Then suddenly, the omega yelped in suprise when the alpha turned him onto his stomach.

"Yah! get off me!!" Mark yell while struggling so hard to get freed. Jackson ignored him and just stared at the expanse of creamy white skin, moist from sweat of the omega's body. Jackson couldn't resist the urge to kiss down that beutiful back of the omega, to caress all that he could reach as he made his way down to Mark's firm ass. The omega shriek when Jackson spread his cheeks and licked towards the opening. When his tongue spread flat against the omega's opening, Mark gave a loud, melodious yelp. Jackson spend a short moment there —tasting and caressing the omega's already wet hole, because of the omega's self-lubricant.

Before Mark could speak again, he felt lips placing small kisses along his spine, making him shiver. Then in just a mer second the omega found himself face-to-face to the alpha again. Mark stared at the alpha's now deep dark purple eyes filled of lust —the alpha is so drunk in the omega's sweet scent— for a second before he whimpered. "N-no... please...a-alpha...don't do this.."

"Don't worry.. i'll take care of you.. Gongzhu " Jackson growled and with that the alpha didn't waste any other moment to continue where he left, ignoring Mark's protest. Jackson's hand played with Mark's soft ash blonde hair before pulling the omega's into deep kiss, while the other hand went under Mark's hips making it's way to the entrance of the omega's ass and Jackson's finger made its way in, once the alpha's finger made contact to the omega's inside —Mark winced in pain but Jackson held him still and aggressively kissing the omega's lips making the omega think about the kiss and not the pain, then he started to move his finger in and out, until it was comfortable, then the alpha put another one in and did the same process —scissoring the omega's tight hole this time. Mark gasped with teary eyes when the alpha put another one, Mark broke the kiss gasping for air, "Ah---ah!!, it-..its..h-urts!!"

"It's okay. I got you Gongzhu ." Jackson purred while kissing Mark's neck and still working his fingers and as soon as he said those words Mark felt the pleasure.

 "Th-…ahhh!!!!!!!!!!...” Jackson couldn’t help but look at the face expressions Mark was giving whenever he hit the omega's sweet spot, making him turned on and was itching to go inside of the omega, his fingers worked faster and faster until Mark screamed “i-im….c-comi-“ Jackson stopped and pulled his finger out making the omega scream in disappointment.

Leaning down, the alpha let his teeth sink into the skin of Mark's neck, biting hard enough to leave a mark but not to break the beautiful skin and he did the same over and over again, leaving a beautiful trail of hickies down his chest till he reached the pretty numbs, taking one in his mouth as his other hand dared to slide lower, gripping firmly on a length that no one had ever touched and the movement was enough to have the omega arch his back off the bed.


"A-alpha.." Mark breath as he seen the alpha held his hard cock before pressing the blunt tip against the tight entrance —that now so wet, because of the omega's self-lubricant— that make the alpha groaning with his deep husky voice.

"Shhh it's ok, I got you." Jackson said  before he slipped inside of the omega with little trouble. It was wet and smooth, but his hole was still so tight around him. His cock sliding inside the tightest heat he had ever felt.

Mark couldn't help but to scream because of so much pain ripped through his body —his no longer a virgin— It burned and it so fucking hurt and the omega kept hitting Jackson, but the feeling of the other's hand wrapped so tightly around his cock was enough to distract him a little from the pain.


“Alpha,” Mark whimpered, “P-please stop. I don’t want t-this.” The alpha didn’t respond and instead he started thrusting deep inside of Mark, setting a firm and fast rhythm making the omega to cry out from the pain. Jackson  groaned as he increased his pace, liking the way Mark clenched around him so tightly. 

"P-please Alpha," Mark begged -crying, "Stop. It h-hurts.”

“Shh.” Mark felt his tears drip down his face as he felt the searing pain inside of him. He felt as if his insides were torn apart and mangled as the alpha continually thrusted harshly inside of him, never stopping even when he begged.

Struggling against Jackson, Mark tried to throw the other off of him in the midst of his pain but the other was too strong. With a bruising grip on Mark’s hips, Jackson slammed into Mark's hot tight hole hard sucking him in. The omega ran his finger nails roughly down the alpha's back, digging harshly against the pale skin to leave raw red marks down the unmarked canvas. The alpha was too focused on the feeling of the omega's tight walls clenching around his cock and canting his hips to thrust in the perfect angle to care. Every rock of the alpha's hips, every brush of his prostate had his muscles tightening in the most delicious kind of way that had the omega to cry in pain, while the alpha to groaning in pleasure.

Mark cheeks were flushed a bright red, red lips parted as he gasped for air as Jackson pounded into him hard, loud whines the only indication the omega didn't like it. His eyes full of tears and mouth slightly open when Jackson continued to hit his prostate with strong, powerful thrusts, hands reaching up to grasp Jackson's strong biceps in support.  

The scent, the heat, the tightness, the cry, and the harsh way Mark moved against him all caused Jackson's control to falter, to slip. He could feel himself growing wider, locking them together, his knot is forming. Jackson tightened his grip in the omega's hips and increased his pace even more.

All his attention somehow went back to how Mark's body twitched and shuddered as it was forced to accept Jackson's knot. The alpha gave a few shallow thrusts, and when he finally came, Mark arched his back up in pain and pleasure, a high mewl leaving his parted lips.


Mark cried out when the first knot started forming, and pushed insistingly against Jackson's chest as he was stretched wider and wider. The omega was so tight, thus it didn't surprise the alpha when Mark's cries turned pained and his thrashing more panicked. Tears welled up and fell past those beautiful purple eyes while he strained against him, stuck between the barrier of intense pleasure and intense pain.

The omega whimpered the entire time they were locked together, hands trying so hard to push Jackson away from his body. The knot prevented that, so Jackson just held his struggling soon-to-be-mate, whispering and pleading with him to relax. He whispered praises and kissed his jaw and neck when his knot popped. Eventually, Mark didn't not accept him. Jackson sigh in disappointment before he pulled out slowly. Mark stay still while sobbing. 

Jackson leaned down, pressing butterfly kisses in Mark's tempting lips while caging the omega with his arms around the oldest torso and head. Jackson traced his fingers against the omega's brow, his soft cheeks, his moist tempting lips, in what he hoped was comfort. It was so hard to concentrate on calming the omega, when the addicting scent of the omega seemed to fill every part of the room and Jackson's body.

Jackson gently rubbed Mark’s back and patted it as Mark hiccuped. After Mark had cried himself to sleep, Jackson lay beside the omega, strong arms wrapping tightly around the naked body to press the omega against his chest both drifting off seconds later.




To be continue...






Chapter Text


I don’t care if it’s a lie
Who cares if it’s not the truth
You’re in my arms right now, that’s what’s important



~Im Jaebum~
Warrior Academy's forest

A guy with a golden brown hair, piersing eyes, sharp nose, well groomed eyebrows with twin beauty marks under his left eyebrow, sharp jawline and a nice attractive slight-red lips. He's wearing a full black outfit, black leather jacket with black t-shirt partner with the tight black jeans and his wearing a black snapback and black mask. The guy is probably tall, judging by the amount of leg on display, his arms are lined with muscles. His shoulders were broad although they tapered down to a nice sized waist. He looked dangerous, like he could take on an entire pack of alpha's and beta's by himself and win.


The guy quietly walks his way in to the Academy's forest. He's walking alone on the long pathway, late in the night, because he need to meet someone in the middle of the forest.He was walking while looking on the ground, thats why he didn't notice the guy that was waiting and now looking at him at under the huge tall purple tree in the middle of the forest, the leaves are so bright and the whole tree is glimmering. The guy, few minutes ago was on the verge of getting irritated, has forgotten when he see the one his waiting for.


The golden brown haired halted his steps as he saw a pair of shoes before him. He looked up and saw the platinum blonde haired that his searching for.



"Hey, your here already" the platinum blond said, the golden brown haired just blinked his eyes and didn't respond. "Well, umm... sorry for the late notice?"


"Yeah." the golden brown haired answered calmly, staring directly at the platinum blonde's eyes. 


"By the way... I have something for you." 


"What is it?" 


"I found a bit of information you want," the platinum blonde replied his grinning widely at the latter, while the golden brown haired didn't says anything and he just stared blankly at the person infront of  him. 


After sensing that the latter wont says a word nor giving any reactions, he cleared his throat awkwardly as he noticed the cold aura of the latter giving him before he look back at him continue speaking in full of seriousness laced at his sweet voice.


"His name is Mark Tuan currently 22 years old and his an unmated Legendary Omega, according to my research this omega is known as one of the four 'special omegas' because of their unknown true power and magic. His at fourth degree now same to his cousin and his name is Do Kyungsoo same age as Mark, Kyungsoo's known as an unmated Royal Omega and like his cousin he is also known as one of the special omegas and based to what I collect about this omega he has a hidden power and magic no one know not even his own cousins, and apparently Mark and Kyungsoo's parents died long time ago so basically they don't have any relatives anymore other than themself and their only cousin's Jeon Jungkook."


"And who's this Jungkook?"


"Well, Jeon Jungkook's apparently an unmated Enchanted Alpha and his currently 20 years old by now but he will be 21 soon this year, and unlike his two cousins this kid's power is known to be powerful thats why his one of the strongest alpha in this academy. But there is something bothering me about that four special omegas, whatever I do I can't get my hands completely at their most possessive informations, they were so mysterious in a way you want to know them more and more and the most annoying things is even if you want to stop searching you just can't." He frowned sternly still staring at the person infront of him.


"Whatever is the reason of them hidding their magic and powers will be know by me soon, I'll just have to make sure they will trust me enough to tell me the reasons themself." the golden brown haired smirked while his companion studied his expressions, the seriousness and the fire that he can almost see and fell from the latter eyes sent shivers down to his spine.


"So chicky, Alpha." the platinum blonde rolled his eyes to the latter in a playful manners to shake out the sinister vibes away.


"Thanks, little minx." the latter smirked playfully in replies.


"Hey! You don't have to call me like that you ungrateful brat!! And beside, I'm older than you!" he scold the latter in a playful manners.


"Alright, omega. I'm going now.." the alpha shrug his scolding off while the platinum haired's a little dazed he didn't even realize the latter's walking away from him.


"You ass! After I give you all the information I know you'd just walking away from me like this? Without saying thanks nor good byes you ungrateful brat!!" he calls after the latter.


The golden brown haired just waves a hand, high enough for the older to see before he speak.


"Good night, Himchan hyung."


He simple replies without even raising his voice knowing the oldest omega can hear him and just like that the younger alpha's gone from his sight, Himchan can't do anything about it than clicking his tongue in annoyance.


"Alpha's pride indeed." 


He whispers in no one before he turn arounf to face the huge tall purple tree, he reach over to touch the tree for a while before he caressed it in a loving manner.


"Im Jaebum," he sigh before he continue speaking staring at the tree, "He look like his father —brave, arrogant, handsome, full of alpha's pride, straightforward, stubborn, hot tempered, loyal, and most of all determined to find his mate and protect him/her no matter what happen, even if it cause his own life."


Himchan stop speaking for a while to gaze up at the glimmering leaves of the beautiful purple tree,


"But he also have his mother's soft hearted, tenderness, warmness, kindness, and caring personality. Jaebum have his father and mother's personality mixed and only does who know his better who can see it, I just hope his mate could keep up with his ups and down. How I wish his parents still with him right now to guide him... If only Jaebum know that.." 



Himchan stop talking bitting his lips he sigh loudly before he tilted his head to look up at the night sky peeking slightly at the leaves covering almost the whole place its almost nearly impossible for him to see the night sky, he gazed at it with a sad face and trouble mind. Himchan once again sigh before he close his troubled and tired eyes thinking of the place his staying right now and in just a brief second when he open his eyes again his already in a different place, all the huge trees and leaves that surrounding his just a second ago all gone and it replace by the comfy and relaxing room.



His not at the forest anymore but instead his inside of his room at the academy's dormitory, Himchan sigh for the last time before he gets ready to sleep the tiring day. After taking a quick shower and changing is cloth he move to go and lay down his bed closing his eyes and readying to welcome its dreamland but before letting himself to fall asleep fully, Himchan heard someone whisper something not that far from him.



"Don't worry to much Chevalier Chan. Ace Jaebum will be fine, were here for him, Kodama is watching him and ofcourse your always there for him if he need someone to be by his side. We and the Re is very thankful for that."  







To be continue...








Chapter Text

Like there’s no tomorrow
Like there’s no next time
Everything that you’ve done in front of my eyes
It’s a complete darkness
Say it like you mean it
In the end, we can’t make it

The guy sitting at the railing playfully flipping the dagger before him, he swayed his two feet back and forth. The other creature behind him giggled, the guy stared at the sharp dagger before him then tossed it away. 


"Way interesting." he mumbled and then he growled a terrifying sound of laughter, his laughter sounded mockery and disbelief. 


A blue-purple beaded crystal butterfly shine brightly on the guy's right hand.



"Speacial Omega." 

~Do Kyungsoo~
Kyungsoo's Room


Kyungsoo jerks awake sweat dripping down his forehead, all his senses screaming at him to run away before that guy in his dream have a chance to get him and break him—them. Only a small part of him –the one ruled by his heart– thats making him stay in bed panting and weak still trying to calm himself dowm, Kyungsoo know why his starting having that kind of dreams again or more like nightmares. It's because the date is getting closer and closer now...


The day they have been—

Headmaster's Main Office


An impatient tap of index finger on the wooden table silently surrounding the whole room.



"My Maō, one of our new student kidnapped an unmated omega. What do you want me to do about him?" the Kurokishi eyed its Maō as the said man lazily slouching but furiously tapping his finger on the table.




"One of the new alpha student."


"Information? The alpha and the omega."


"It's Royal Alpha, my Maō. And the one he kidnapped our Legendary Omega, his part of the 'special omega'.


After the kurokishi give the information the latter was asking, its sent a lazy grin to the Maō's face and he then stopped tapping the table but he remains still. 


"Is that so?"







"So, what do you want me to do about it?"


"Well, if thats the case. Did anyone know about the disappearance of our precious omega?"


"No, no one know about the sudden disappearance of the omega at the moment my Maō. Not even its cousins." 


"Good. For now, let me think what would I do about this certain alpha..."


The Maō don't want to hope to soon that he would have see something interestiong result out of the new students.


'But who knows right?' that's what exactly the Maō thought.


"My Maō, is the arrival of the new students somehow making you so animated?"


"Maybe.." the Maō lazily answered his kurokishi, as if his thoughts are so far away he unconsciously forming circle motions using his index finger on the table.


The kurokishi continued watching his Maō's behavior eyeing particularly the hand moving in circles,  



'the Maō is definitely bored', he thought.


He noticed the bright blue sapphire diamond snake shine brightly as the moonlight coming from the window hit the Maō's wrist, he was about to open his mouth to comment about it but refrained because of the knocks on the door. The Maō nodded his head silently commanding him to open the door, he approach the door and hold on the gold knobs of the double door. 


When he opened the door, a dark blue haired guy stepped in and he bowed immediately after seeing the man behind the luxurious table gazing at him lazily.


"My Maō." he greated the man before approaching and standing just infront of the table facing the man.


The man's attention shifted to the newly arrived student, he then instantly interrogate the said student interest laced at his voice all the lazy and bored tone's already gone after the guy showed up. 


"Yongguk, what news do you have for me?" 


"The new students for this year has been counted and finally closed down the main entrance, they're around 25 students. There are nine alphas, six omegas, and ten betas, this years new students has been record as many than last year." Yongguk calmly answered with his natural deep voice staring straight at the man infront of his while reporting.


The Maō nods his head acknowledging what he says while gazing at the ceiling absentmindedly thinking deeply while the man's busy at his own world, the kurokishi look at the younger and signal him to continue his report.


"We have a new students from Magnetic Forest and almost all of them are alphas, there is a rumored going around the academy that they were here just to pursuit a certain omegas."


"Are they?"


"Yes. And the council want me to asks for the Maō's permission so we can keep an eye to them." 


Yongguk look back at the man again to see his reaction, the Maō didn't show any emotion his and still staring at the ceiling but the two person inside the office know that even the man didn't look like his listening they know that he is. So when the said man started drumming his index finger at the table again and look at them, they didn't flinch from suprised anymore.



"The council wants to involved themself in this rumored?"


The Maō eyed them grinning lazily before he stand up from his chair and he walk at the big windows just located behind his chair, the man look out of the window and gazed at the moon outside.


"Well, if they really want to be involved in this then be it. I'm giving the council my permission to look after the new students as they all please.."



"Thank you for your permission, my Maō." Yongguk bowed down at the man.



"And one more thing Yonnguk, I want you to tell the council that I'll be bringing the barrier up to the whole academy and that means tomorrow morning no one can't go in and out of the academy anymore."


The man strictly remind him while still looking out of the window, Yongguk nodded at the man even if its not looking at his direction he know that he agree and he will remind the council once he was dismissed. 


"Thats all, you can go now Yongguk. And please do me a favor, look after that certain student."


"Who's student?" Yongguk asks confused to who the man is talking about, but the Maō didn't give him the exact answer to his confusion but he give him a more confusing information.


"You'd see on your way back, just make sure you will sidetrack at the garden...Your dismissed."


Yongguk bowed one last time at the man before he walk out of the room closing the door behind him, Yongguk was still confused about what the Maō has told him but still he do what the man says and walk back at the council building using the garden's way to go back in his destination.



"What are you planning, my Maō?" the kurokishi asks after the youngest out of the room. 


"I just got so interested to know why the council wants to get involve at the said rumors.."


"What about Yongguk going after a certain students?"


The kurokishi eyed the man searching for the answer while the Maō glazed back out of the window watching the student he told Yongguk to go after, the student was currently walking at the garden's direction followed by none other than Yongguk himself.


"I have a hunch and somehow I want to know if my hunch is true or not."


"What is it?"


"I'll tell you when I got my answer."


"Very well my Maō."


The Maō look away from the student and Yongguk to gaze at the starry sky thinking deeply again. 



To be continue..







Chapter Text


“My eyes are far Since the beginning,
the glint that can make any which light be in shame
You are a strong flashlight
Still yet your figure forever is left as an after image flashback
I walked through a long maze”

"Your planning something are you?" the guy with deep voice asked his friend sitting at the slippery metal railing of the rooftop. 


"You think so?" the jet black haired with honey soft voice mumble.


"Yes, I know you well enough to know that your planning something." he replied smirking while staring at the jet black haired. 


"Hmm, your right." the latter nodded then he started giggling while looking down at the academy.



"What is it them? Tell me already, I want to know."



The jet black haired grinned at the latter while searching something on his pocket, when he get what he was looking for he hold it at the guy's direction while smiling sweetly giving the card he was holding to the guy.






"What is this?" the guy was asked confusion showing at his handsome face.



"My plan." 



The jet black haired aswered simply the latter look at him weirdly but he just winked at him and smile beautifully, the latter continued gazing at him. The jet black haired made a scoffing sound and pull out his right hand to snatch the cards out of the latter's hand, he lifted his hand showing the purple blue butterfly with three black roses inside of the card the latter raised his eyebrow at his friend.


"You have a game?" 



He removed his hands from the railing to reach for the card out of the jet black haired but the latter keep holding it tight, the jet black haired turn to face the whole academy and throw the cards downward.


"Yes, they playing a death game." 


The butterfly roses card burn on its own in the air and it fall as the gravity pull them downwards, the guy extended his right hand and pull a single card out at the jet black haired hands and then he flipped the card and smirked as he see what card he got. Its a black blank space complementing the single beautiful gold phoeninx in the middle.


"This is so interesting.." the whispered smirk not leaving his handsome face even a second.


"The game will start in any moment now." 


"Great, I hope everyone will enjoy your game Jung Daehyun." the guy smirk one last time at his friend before he disappear out of sight teleporting somewhere.


"Let's hope so." Daehyun mumble under his breath looking up at the dark starry sky grinning sweetly.



~Jung Daehyun~
Warrior Academy's school garden

His walking at the dark hallway leading back to the dormitorys building when he feel someone's been following him and so instead of going back at the dorm he walk at the opposite direction leading the person who's following him at the academy's garden, when the two of them reached the academy's garden he walk straight to the iron bench and he take a comportable sit and not that long the person follow suit and take a seat next to him. 


The two of them enjoy a good minutes of silent and they were relaxing for a while not until the person beside him decided to break the comfortable silent surrounding them. 


"What are you doing out here late at night, Daehyun?" the person beside him asks in his naturally deep voice.


"Nothing, just chilling. I want to get some freash air to clear my mind a little, Mr.Bang," 


"Some fresh air? While walking around the hallway at night?" Yongguk started interrogating the younger infront of him, while Daehyun only look at him innocently and he even smile sweetly at the older.


"Yes, is that a big problem now Mr.Bang?" 


"Not really, just want to remind you that its dangerous to walk around the campus late at night."


"Oh really..? Didn't heard that. But what about you Mr. Bang? What are you doing here late at night and all by yourself then?" Daehyun scoffed mockingly at the smirking older infront of him.



"I can protect myself if anything really happened and beside I'm an alpha if you're wondering."


"I know, it's so obvious by the way. And for you to know, I can protect myself better than anyone either." 


"Really? How can you be so sure about that? Your an omega so technically someone need to protect you and who is better to protect an omega than an alpha right?" Yongguk grinned after seeing the younger's happy face fall.


"Who says that I'm an omega?" Daehyun asks coldly with a straight face.


"No other than me ofcourse." 


"Idiot, how can you be so sure that I'm one?"


"It's simple, because of your scent." Yongguk replies smugly while the younger didn't says anything and just chuckled at the older, Yongguk knitted his eyebrows in confusion at the now smirking younger.




"Nothing, I'm just really happy to know that Mr. Bang Yongguk can get his deduction wrong sometime. This really hilarious and I'm sure if the others heard about this they will agreed with me instantly." Daehyun muttered sarcastically he even emphasize the word hilarious dramatically at the older.


"Then what are you if not omega? Alpha or beta?" Yongguk wanted to know the younger's rank asked without hesitation whats on his mind.'


"It's up to you, what do you think Mr. Bang? What's your assumption about my ranking?" 


Daehyun gets up and he turn around to walk away without waiting to what the older's answer before he can get to far, Daehyun stop walking to face the older again and call for him.


"It's really nice having the chance to talk to you so thank you and good night Mr. Bang.."


He smile at the older one last time before he continue to walk away from the academy's garden, Daehyun smirked down to his hand holding something he manage to get from the older without the latter knowing. Daehyun look up at the starry night sky smiling and before he disappeared at the dark hallways he whisper something under his breath.


"I'll make sure everyone's involved will fall right into my trap..."



'His really a weird one, but a beautiful weird one.' Yongguk thought smiling while watching the younger dissapeared out of his sight and not that long he to get up and walk away at the opposite direction. 

~Do Kyungsoo~


Kyungsoo saw a purple pink glasshouse infront of him. The glasshouse is surrounded by blue and black roses, while at the back of the glasshouse are the three huge gold, black, purple and red trees, complementing the purple pink and the blue and black roses. The purple pink stucture around the blue and black flowers and bloody red maple leaves at its background, made the scene looked like a beautiful but mysrerious house for Kyungsoo. But the place looked so familiar but also dangerous to him. Kyungsoo felt a presence inside of the house, then he felt a shiver run down his spine.  He stood still in front of the structure, and continued staring at it. He waited.



An hour almost passed. He looked at the door of the glasshouse, and after a minute of just staring at it, he decide to walk on it. When he was in front of the door, he hold the handle of the door and hesitate for a minutes from opening it or not. In the end, he end up on opening it and go inside of the glasshouse. Inside, he heard a faint voice in the living room, Kyungsoo hesitantly walk down in the long hallway that leading on the living room of the house. When he was in the end of the hallway, Kyungsoo can see the big beuatiful living room in front of him.



Kyungsoo look around and seen that the living room are in the back of the house because in the living room he can see the three huge gold, black, purple and orange tree on the glass wall of the house. Kyungsoo stared at it in amusement in his big doe-eyes and his heart shaped lips are slight agape because of shock in the beautiful scene in front of him. Kyungsoo got startled because of the sudden familiar deep voice he heard. Again, he look around at the living room. His gaze halted in the living room couch to where he saw a seven guys sitting on it. But Kyungsoo can't see their face because its blurred.


The five boys are staring intently at the guy in the love couch who was holding a black-purple beaded crystal butterfly that shining brightly because of the living room lights on the guy right hand as it moves from left to right. With the repeated motion, they are being put into a serious state. 



"You need to follow my order." the guy in the love couch muttered. His voice flowed into their ears as a serious mission. The movement of the black-purple beaded crystal butterfly are being watched when the guy stop moving it. The guy in the love couch, together with the guys in his side, saw how their eyes flashed with pure dark silver and a evil grin on their face.


"Go after a student named Mark Tuan, Do Kyungsoo and Kim Seokjin. You have too get them back here as soon as possible" the guy in the love couch commanded in his deep scary voice.


The five guys nodded, so fast that the guy in the love couch and the guy in his side smirked when the five guys stand up on their sit and turned around and walked away.



"Don't you think this is too much? They have nothing to do with this, to us." the guy beside him uttered earnestly.


The smirk on the guy in the love couch's face disappeared and look on his side. "Why, don't you have nothing to do with him?" the guy stared directly at the other. The other guy heaved a sigh and looked away.


"I don't think you do realize how they are near with the omegas, and we can definitely use our man just to get them back to us again." the guy added. The other made no response. Avoiding any eye contact with the other.


"Set your priorities. Simple as it, isn't it Hyung? And i'm telling you. I want him back to me. I want my Do Kyungsoo back at my side again." the guy in the love couch deadpanned and emphasized the last word. He put the black-purple beaded crystal butterfly inside his pocket. 


At that, the guy in the love couch left. The pain and sorrow didn't go unnoticed by the body left in the cold living room.


"You're right. I want mine back. I want my Yien back to my side too."

Kyungsoo's room

Kyungsoo awaked with a loud gasp suddenly when the loud banging at the main door of their dorm woke him up from his nightmare, he panicked for a moment after he woke up from his wild dream looking around frantically with unfocused eyes. Kyungsoo wants again scared from their safety, at his dream Kyungsoo still remember everything that anonymous guy said and its scared him more to know that someone want them all back and what scared him more is that he doesn't know them. 



And someone scary like the anonymous guy with deep scary voice, the guy who's holding a very familiar black-purple beaded crystal butterfly. Kyungsoo shuddered for a moment scared at how real his dream was and how the five guys agreed to search and find them, and how the two anonymous guys are so familiar to him and the glasshouse is way to familiar to him to. The three huge big trees, the surrounding, the scenery and everything's way to familiar to him that it bother him so much but he can't remember when did he see it. 


He stopped thinking and get out from his own world only when Kyungsoo heard and get startled from the getting louder bangging from the door. 


Kyungsoo took a few deep breaths before he gets up carefully to not to wake the older omega at his side, when Kyungsoo successfully get out of his bed he look at the huge windows to see if it's morning already. But the slight gap in his windows curtain showing no sight of the morning sun and the younger knitten his brow while looking at his night stand to read the time blinking back at him in angry red bold color, the clock reads '03:30am' in the morning. 


With a confused sigh, Kyungsoo rubs his sleepy eyes while walking out of his room quietly to not wake the older and he then walk to opposide direction of his room first to check if his cousin already got home safety, not minding the loud knocking at the front door and the nonstop ringing of their doorbell Kyungsoo continue walking all the way to his cousin's room. When he get infront of it, he hold the door knob and turn it, when it opened Kyungsoo peek inside of the room to see if his cousin's inside. Kyungsoo widen his big doe-eyes in suprised when the younger omega's still not home and with a worried frown, he closed the door behind him before he continue to walk away and to the staircase of the second floor down to the living room. 


Kyungsoo's mind was set to finding his cousin Mark when he heard the banging and the doorbell again, he sigh thinking who could it be annoying them this time of the day. Kyungsoo's just thankful that their new dormmates still away and not inside or else his sure they will be awaken because of the loud banging and non stop ringing of their doorbell. He walk straight to the main door with a loud sigh, when his infront of the door Kyungsoo hold the door knob immediately and open if just to see a shocking scene infront of him.


"W-What happened?" Kyungsoo asks the person infront of him shocked to what he see.


"Hello, are you perhaps Do Kyungsoo?" the person infront of him asks back, Kyungsoo stared at the unconscious guy at the person's back while shuttering a replies.


"Y-Yes...I-It's me. W-Who are you and what h-happened to h-him..?"


"Well pardon me Mr.Do, I'm Jung Daehyun by the way and if your asking me what happened to him I'll say I'm not so sure. I see him on my way back from my friend's dorm when I saw him at the hallway unconscious, when I see him I go to him immediately to help and because I don't know him I'm not really sure where should I bring him. That's why I'm sorry for I look into his pocket to search for information I can get and thats when I see his identical card, and now here we are... Again I'm so sorry about the loud banging and ringing, thought no one's home because I'll been knocking nonstop but no one answered." Daehyun explain in one breath smiling at the latter after he finish. 


"Oh.." Kyungsoo breath still shocked staring at the unconscious guy.


"By the way, you should take him at the healing building when morning comes and let him be checked throughly by the healer." Daehyun turn serious when he speak again.


"W-Why? I mean, I can just heal him myself and there's no need to go at the healing building if I do that."


"Right, but the thing is.. I already healed him but I don't think just healing him will help especially when his mentality's unstable, you do know that his been abused by an alpha right? Base from the mix scent of an alpha to his original omega scent.."


Kyungsoo bite down his lower lips while Daehyun stared at him full of seriousness.


"Ofcourse, I thought at first the scent of the alpha's coming from you but now that I calmed down a little my senses come back to me fully and I do get what your trying to tell me. Thank you, I'll make sure to take him at the healer when morning comes."


"That would be great and your welcome." 


Daehyun chuckled awkwardly before he come inside when Kyungsoo step aside to let him in, when inside Kyungsoo closed the door behind him before he guide the latter at the living room and up to the second floor. When they reach the second floor Kyungsoo told the latter to follow him and he then lead him at the left side to where Mark room is.


Infront of the room, Kyungsoo open the door and let the latter in first. Daehyun put the uncounscious Mark down to its bed carefully to not wake him up, after making sure that the latter's laying down comfortable he turn around to face the worried Kyungsoo.


"Don't worry, he will be fine because he have you." Daehyun smile to reassure him.


"Thank you, Mr.Jung.. I don't know how I can repay you after helping my cousin.." 


"Welcome and don't think about repaying me it's alright, just take care of your cousin will be enough for me." Daehyun grinned cutely and the latter smiled back at him.


"Again, thank you."


"No problem, by the way pardon me for asking but are you planning on reporting this to the dean's office?"


"Oh that.. I don't know yet. I mean if Mark want to then we will, it's up to him if he wants to or not but if its me who will decide then I'll make sure to report this immediately."


Daehyun nodded at him looking thougtful before he smiled at the latter again .


"I should be going now, forgive me I take your time to much."



"No, no, don't say that.. You didn't take my time, I should be the one saying sorry that we take your time to much. Thank you so much for helping and bringing Mark here Mr. Jung,"


"Hahaha, okay, okay.." Daehyun laugh and so Kyungsoo smiles again.



Kyungsoo and Daehyun then walk out of the room and then downstair, while walking the two of the are talking getting to known each other and when they get to the front door they bid good bye each other smiling. 


"Nice to meet you Mr.Do," Daehyun grinned at the latter, Kyungsoo on the other hand rolled his eyes in a playful manner. 


"I told you already just call me Kyungsoo." 


"Haha, sorry, sorry.. Good night Kyungsoo."


"Nice to meet you and good night too, be safe on your way back Daehyun."


Kyungsoo wave goodbye and the latter do the same, when Kyungsoo see the latter get inside of the elevetor he closed the door behind him before he go back upstair and inside of Mark's room laying down beside his cousin and hugging him.


On the other hand, when Daehyun manage to get inside of the elevetor and when it close his face darkened and a devil smirk are now getting its way on his plump lips.


'I'm sure that alpha will be at the top list of the council when the morning sun break in, I wonder what would he do when he woke up finding the omega's gone beside him. Well, I'm just happy that I got on time to rescue him and what I get from Mr.Bang really gets in handy..' he thougth.


To be continue...







Chapter Text

A night that’s much more quiet today
A single autumn leaf that’s attached to the branch
It’s breaking, I can see the thing called the end
The dead leaves that are becoming shriveled
The silence inside your aloof heart
Please don’t fall


~Mark Tuan~
Mark Tuan's room


When Mark woke up the next morning his whole body hurts and his head's pounding he felt absolutely terrible and he just wanted to go back to sleep, but the sticky feeling he felt inside of him make him sick and he couldn't bear to have anymore reminders of what happened to him.


As Mark wrapped the blankets tighter around his body he placed his feet on the ground but the moment he tried to stand up on his own he collapsed on the floor, when Kyungsoo heard the sound of something or someone fall on the floor he run out of the bathroom immediately and within seconds his already by Mark's side. Mark's legs were to weak to support his own weight and Kyungsoo realized his cousin couldn't even walk.


"Why did you go out of bed? What are you thinking standing on your own?"


"I need to shower," Mark speak voice barely a whisper as his throat's raw from crying.


"You can't hardly stand on your own, how are you supposed to take a shower then?"


Mark turned away from his cousin and bit his lower lips, when Kyungsoo see how stubborn the blonde is he sighed and stared at his cousin thinking. And when he was about to says something, the door opened and Seokjin walk in closing the door behind him and then he look up to see the two cousins sitting at the carpeted floor. 


Seokjin look at Kyungsoo who's looking back at him saying something by just the younge's gaze and without saying anything in return Seokjin nodded at the latter and he then walk at their spot with one goal in mind. Seokjin lifted the blonde in one motion bridal style shocking the latter, Mark gasped in shock and he immediately hit the older's chest repeatedly yelling at him to be put down and to let him go. 


Seokjin shook his head before he start walking at the bathroom's direction leaded by Kyungsoo, when inside Kyungsoo told the older to put the blonde down.  Seokjin nodded and he put him down on his feet only when his sure the younger had the shower door to cling into. 


When Kyungsoo and Seokjin didn't leave him alone, Mark made a shooing motions to tell them to leave him but to his dismay the two of them just shook their heads no and stay to their spot. 


"I don't trust you to shower on your own, Mark.. You can't even stand up properly.." Kyungsoo reasoned looking at his cousins condition worried.


"I'm fine, just leave me alone.." Mark whisper looking down at his feet refusing to make any eye contact with his cousin nor to the older.




Kyungsoo called but the ash blonde didn't look up nor acknowledge him, Kyungsoo let out a long sigh of despair.


"Let me help you.."


"I don't need any."


When Mark see someone move forward he look up slightly and he see Seokjin made a motion of taking his blankets away from him, the ash blonde flinched away violently and he almost fell to the tiled floor of the bathroom if not for Kyungsoo catching him on time.


"I'm sorry, I just want to help.." 


Seokjin apologize immediately while looking at the blonde worriedly and at the same time lost to why the latter's acting all strange and panicked, when Mark didn't respond to the older Seokjin took it as a cue to proceed and he slowly removed the blackets thats covering Mark's body. The older appreciatively took in the lithe pale form that was Mark's body but the moment his gaze landed on the ugly bruises in the shape of hands on the blonde's hips and all the hickey's around the latter's body, the older's eyes hardened and without saying anything about it the older was about to remove the blonde's boxer to prevent them from getting wet when the blonde flinched away while staring at him with wide terrified eyes.



"Are you okay? Whats wrong?"


Mark didn't respond instead he turned away from the older and he cling to his cousin in fear then he shut his eyes as tightly as he can, as Kyungsoo gently strokes his head repeatedly to calm him down. After witnessing the blonde in distress, Seokjin turn to the raven waiting for the explanation about the blonde's action but the latter didn't give him the explanation he needs and instead the raven shrug his shoulder while eyeing his cousin in his arms.  


"Thank you hyung, but I can do this from here.."


"Are you sure Kyungsoo?" Seokjin eyed the two cousins worriedly.


"Yes Seokjin hyung, I can take care of Mark on my own now." Kyungsoo gaze at the older with a hint of that he will explain everything later when the blonde calmed down, Seokjin in return nodded back in acknowledgement.



"Alright, but if you need anything just call me.. I'll be outside."


"Thank you, Seokjin hyung."


Kyungsoo smiled at the older and before Seokjin walk out of the bathroom he look at the shaking omega for a while then back at the raven giving him a reassuring smile back and then he exited from the bathroom this time giving the two cousin some privacy to talk. Kyungsoo sighed gazing at his shaking cousin and not before long he guided the blonde into the shower, Kyungsoo turned on the water and was about to wash the blonde body when the latter flinched away from him and cried in fear.


"Please don't!"


Startled from the blonde's reaction, the raven stared wide eyed at his cousin confused and worried, whenthe blonde calmed down he realize that its his cousin and not the alpha and the raven don't have any bad intentions to him. Mark sob harded in distress after he realize his mistake and then he throw his arms around his shocked cousin's body he was trembling while saying 'sorry' nonstop.


Kyungsoo embrace his cousin back after he see the dripping red down the blonde's legs, the raven felt his heartbreak for the blonde. Kyungsoo understand everything fully now even if the blonde didn't tell him the whole story he know what happened already, the raven let out a shaky breath he then strokes the blonde hair to smoothen him and to relax him.


"I'm so sorry Yien..."



When Mark heard his cousin whisper his other name at his ear softly he cries harder sobbing his heart out while holding and embracing his cousin closer to him, Mark was scared, his scared from many things and one of them is to lost his dear cousin Kyungsoo and be left alone with no one to turn to.


"Soo, I'm scared..."


"Don't worry Yien, I'm here now and I wont let anyone hurt you nor touch you.. I promise, I'll protect you no matter what happen." Kyungsoo whisper while letting his tears roll down his cheeks nonstop.


"B-But..I'm m-more know t-that..they find us a-already Soo.."


"They won't find us here Yien, they don't even know that were here or where are we."


"H-How can you be so S-sure? You k-Know that they known e-everything and they will do a-anything just t-to find us."


"I just know.."



"Y-Your not so s-sure your s-self to r-right Soo?" Mark gaze at the raven still sobbing, Kyungsoo look down after making eye contact with the blonde.


"I guess, I'm just really putting my trust at our academy to much... It's almost five years since we got here and that barrer they casting around the academy its what making us safe here Yien and thats what keeping them away from us to finding us..." 


Kyungsoo bit his lower lips still looking down mind going back to his nightmare and how it feels so real, how scared he felt when he heard their familiar voices, how terrified he is when he heard their plan, all does thought running around his mind like crazy is what making him distress more and he want to cry, run, and hide everyone with all his might. But the problem is he can't, he just can't, knowing them, if they get out of the safety of the academy's barrier they will surely strike immediately and capture them. And Kyungsoo can't have that, he can't just sacrifice everyone's safety for nothing and so if he want everyone to survive until the end he needs to protect them and make sure that they won't go out of the protective barrier of the academy.


"Were safe here, don't worry Yien."


Mark stare at his cousin with his pretty eyes that now red and fluffy from crying to much, searching for something and when the blonde see his cousin beutiful heart shaped lips smile he let out a sigh and nodded at the raven returning a small smile. After exchanging a reasurring smile with each other he let the raven help him to take a shower and this time without flinching away from his cousin, Kyungsoo help the blonde to clean while looking and staring at all the hickey and bruises all over the latter's body. The raven let out a bitter smile before he proceed on helping again, Kyungsoo promise himself that he will make sure that whoever do this to his lovely cousin will surely regret it will all his life, he promise this to himself and for Mark.

Room 112


After taking a shower and getting dressed with the help of his cousin, Mark and Kyungsoo proceed downstair and go straight to the kitchen to eat and to check if Seokjin's okay, at the kitchen the two cousin see the older's done cooking and now his prepairing the food he cook at the counter. When Seokjin see the two standing at the door way while watching him he immediately told them to take a seat so they can eat, the two compile with no arguement and just take a sit next to each other silently. 


When the older omega's done preapairing the food he took the empty seat next to Kyungsoo while at the right side of the raven there sitting is Mark, after he take a sit the three of them started eating in silent and and for the whole they eating their breakfash no one dare to speak nor to make any sound not until they were done eating and all the plate they use has been washed. 


After their done at the kitchen the three omega decided to go back upstair and into the safety of the blonde's room, when they make it inside of Mark's room they make sure to lock the door and close all the windows and curtain before they started asking the blonde to what happened and to what action they should do to prevent it to happen to any of them again.


"Tell me Mark, who did this to you? Do you know who?" Kyungsoo started asking the blonde first, turning fully so he can face his cousin, his voice and face full of seriousness.



"I d-didn't know what your talking about.." Mark shutter a little before he look away from his cousin, he tensed up and he even shake a little bit after he see that Seokjin's looking at him to.


"You know what I'm talking about," Kyungsoo sigh before he reached his hands and touched his cousin's cheeks making the blonde to face him again.


"I don't—"


"Please Mark, stop denying it anymore.. its giving me a heartbreak just seeing you like this.. I want to help you, but I can't do that if you won't tell me anything."


"Kyungsoo's right, your should let us help you Mark.."






Mark look down bitting his lower lips to prevent his tears from falling, Kyungsoo let out a sigh before he circle his arms around the blonde hugging him. Mark relaxed at his cousin embrace then he inhale the raven's calming scent. 



"You know that I'm always here for you right? No matter what happened, I'm always be with you Mark.." Kyungsoo whisper softly brushing the blonde's hair softly with his finger to calm him, Mark let out a happy sigh and he nod at the latter hugging him tight.


"Then...will you tell me now please?"


"But promise me you won't be disgusted after you heard it.." Mark sob softly gazing at his cousin with teary eyes.



"Ofcourse I won't. I would never be disgusted at you, I promise with all my heart Mark."





"Thank you, now who is it?"



Mark let out a shaky breath before he stared at his cousin's eyes while explaning what really happened to him and everything he remember, Mark tell everything and he didn't leave any details behind. Mark trust his cousin and so he don't want to lie to him, after telling them the whole story Mark cried his eyes out again while apologizing he buried his face at the raven's chest hugging him closer and inhaling his cousin's scent to calm himself.


"You mean..t-the alpha who attack you, his one of the n-new student?" Seokjin speak after digesting all the information the blonde has given them, Mark didn't says anything back at the older but he nodded his head from Kyungsoo's chest.



"Oh..Were the same, one of the new student..," Seokjin look down he hesitate a little before he continue what his about to says again, smiling bitterly after remembering it he look at the raven, "attack me. But I got lucky, because Kyungsoo save me on time before anything bad can happened... I don't know what to do if Kyungsoo didn't show up that time.."


Mark look up at the older shocked to heard that something similar to him happened to the older to, while Kyungsoo stay silent he just stared at the older sadly bitting his lower lips to prevent him from crying. The three omega just stared at each other for a while in silent, comforting the others with their scent just like that and enjoying each others presents before Kyungsoo decided to break the silent.



"Should we report this to the main office so they can report it at the dean or at the headmaster?"


"No! Kyungsoo we can't!!" Seokjin yelped staring horrified at the raven.


"Why not? We have to report this to the office or else they will surely comeback or worse they will get away from what they do to the two of you. We can't have that! And beside, the one who attack the both of you surely break the rules of the academy."


"We know we should report this, but we can't Kyungsoo.." Seokjin whisper shaking his head no, Kyungsoo's about ready to argue back when Mark turn to face him and when he speak his voice and eyes is full of seriousness.


"If we report what happened to the office they would surely go after our every bit of information, they will investigate our background and the alpha's to..and if they do that I'm sure they will find out everything, they will know who I am and same as you Kyungsoo.."


"Kyungsoo, I know it's really hard not to do anything about this but...Mark's right. We can't do anything about this anymore if we don't want anyone to find out who we are.." Seokjin interject but he stop when he see Mark staring at him confused while his cousin didn't even look surprise nor confuse, Seokjin forget that the two omega don't know about his secret yet. With a sigh, Seokjin look down at his hand before he continue. 


"I know you already know that I don't trust anyone that easyly and no one know about this..either my brother don't know this. But like the two of you, I am to one of you.." 


"I know that already hyung, when we first meet here at the academy. I know that your one of us." Kyungsoo whisper calmly while Mark's staring at him shocks still evidence in his pretty face.


"How did you know...?"


"Its one of my ability hyung.."


"Oh, but what now Kyungsoo? Are you still going to report what happened?"


Kyungsoo frown while looking at the two and then he let out a heavy sigh bitting his lower lips in worry.


"The thing is, even if we don't report this to the office, I'm sure the headmaster already know what happen to the both of you. So its no use to says that I won't anymore.. I have this feeling that the  headmaster know everything thats what happening inside of the academy, and so our last choice is to wait and see what would the headmaster will do."


"Your right, I have this feeling to that even if we don't says anything about this matter the headmaster himself know this already..." Seokjin frowned staring at the closed curtain.


"What should we do then?" Mark look down at his bed sheet worriedly.


"Nothing, will do nothing Mark." Kyungsoo shake his head slightly, letting his hands touch the blonde cheeks before he continue, "For now, lets do our best to not encounter any of the new students alphas and betas... And then if the headmaster didn't do anything about the issue at hand them will do nothing to, for our safety."


"So will just have to act like nothing happened for now on?" Mark asks.


"And like when we see a new students, will change direction to not confront them?" Seokjin asks next.


"Yes, but to your case Seokjin hyung.. I think you should talk this out with your new dormmate, you can't just ignored him forever tho.."


"No I can't just go to him and talk like nothing happened." 


"But you have to try hyung.."


"I'll think about it." Seokjin answer simple.


"Should we ignore our new dormmates to Kyungsoo?" Mark asks breaking the heavy silent.


"I don't thing so.. I mean I don't think we need to? They don't look like bad guys to me." 


"Right." Mark nodded to himself. 


"And it remind me, I should go downstair and asks if the healer can help us."


"What?! Why?" Mark and Seokjin yelp in unison after they heard what the raven had said, Mark turn to look at his cousin in shock while Seokjin's eyes widen in surprised. 


"The one who help you and bring you back here told me that you needed to heal properly by the healing facility, but I know you wont want that so this is our only choice. Mark, you remember that we have a healer at the dorm right? One of the new student says his a healer remember?" Kyungsoo explain while gazing at his still shocked cousin.


"Yes, I do remember..but still, what if he asks why and what happened? Kyungsoo we.." 


"You need to trust me in this Mark, please just trust me okay? I promise, he won't asks a thing unless were the one who will tell him first. I have a feeling his like that, so me." Kyungsoo cut the blonde's worries by promising him with does smoothing words.


"Alright, I trust you Kyungsoo." 


"Thank you and I promise you that he won't asks anything." Kyungsoo smiles at his cousin and the latter return it. 



After giving his cousin a hug, Kyungsoo stand up and walk out of the door and down to the first floor of the dorm, he then walk to the right direction of the healear's room opposite to Jinyoug's room at the left side of the hallway. When infront of the door, Kyungsoo take a deep breath before he knock, after the third knock the owner of the room open the door and the one who greated him is the healer himself and none other than Yixing.


"Good morning, I'm so sorry if I woke you up.. but can I have a favor?" Kyungsoo greeted the older polietly smiling a little at the sleepy looking healer.


"Sure, I would love to help you out." Yixing smile back at the raven.


"Thank you, can you come with me and heal my cousin? There something happened and he needed a healer right now but the thing is, he don't want to go to the healing facility and beside your the only one I know who knew healing so much.."


"Its fine, don't need to know every details no worries. So, where your cousin?"


"Oh, his upstair at his room."


"Alright, I'll follow you." 


"Thank you so much for the help in advance."




To be continue...