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Coming out

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Hina sat in silence during the long flight from Tokyo to Rio.  Partially in deep thought and partially due to the length which knocked her brown haired girlfriend out cold. Well at least that was what she called her in private.  Publically Yuna-nee was her best friend.  She kept it hidden for so long outside of her high school for fear that her parents would find out.  She lived next door to her during high school which allowed plenty of study sessions and vaginal fingering to occur whenever their parents were out of the house.  This sadly meant only sex once a fortnight, but she tolerated it and hopes once she started college, she could get her own apartment with Yuna and   and come out to her family. While the first part happened, the second part was delayed but not for a bad reason.  Hina was a master runner all through high school and she qualified to represent Japan in the 400 meters along with her friend Mako.  Both of them as a result, ended up bringing their girlfriends to Brazil.  Officially though they were just friends, but Hina and Mako had a plan.  If they placed, they would be heroes to the country and be giving plenty of interviews to NHK, TV Tokyo, and the like. This would be the perfect time to come out to her family and the world, after all, no one would say the gold medallist’s love was invalid.  

“Yuna-nee wake up, we are approaching Rio.”

“Hina, you gotta give me some notice, besides we got time till we land.”

Hina smiled at her girlfriend's newfound laziness.  While she worked hard to get Hina into college, now that they were safe, she kind of let go a bit, her home ec studies were going okay, while Hina’s phys ed grades were fine.  However, thanks to the stress of being on the Olympic team, Hina was training constantly with Mako.  Currently she was about .15 seconds behind the world record holder, and now it was time to win.

The opening ceremony passed, and both Mako and Hina managed to reach the medal round (although much to Hina’s dismay, Mako had the worst times out of all the runners.)  The two tomboys heard the buzzer, and dashed.  

Okay I know she is your friend, but don't focus on Mako, you got this.  

First 100 meters passed and Hina and Mako were near the back which wasn't too bad as their strategy was conserve energy and then unleash it during the last 100 meters.  200 hundred, Mako managed to squeeze into 5th while Hina was in 3rd behind the Jamaican runner.  300, the two lesbians were in the same spots as they were before, but now it was time to unleash that power, thinking only about Yuna-nee, Hina dashed passed the other two, at a rate which surprised even her crossing the finish line.  Meanwhile Mako struggled, but managed to cross after Hina and the Jamaican.  Hina did it, not only getting gold, but beating the record by .005 seconds.  

As the news crews gathered around the two runners, they turned to each other and nodded.  Hina was asked if she had a special person in her life so now she had to answer.  

“Yes I do, Yuna-nee come down,” she shouted into the microphone as Yuna raced from the stands to the track along with Shiori.  “This is my girlfriend, Yuna-nee and I love her more than anything.”  Her parents accepted her after that.