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"You ever wonder what girls talk about?" Kaminari ponders one morning.

The class is split, girls on one side of the room, and boys on the other. Something about bonding between people of the same gender or some bullshit. Bakugou wasn't having any of it, sitting at the outskirts of the groups with no intention of joining in.

"Probably school, where to hang out after school, homework..." Sero lists off the topics mindlessly, twirling the pencil in his hands.

Kirishima catches the pencil when it flies. "Dude, that's what all of us have to deal with."

He drops his elbows, not the only one bored of talking. "It's the truth, isn't it?" The session had devolved from favorite heroes to just about anything, the topic happening to land on girls. It might've been because the girls of this class were really hitting it off.

"They like to compliment each other, I think." Midoriya pipes up, sitting with his legs crossed on his chair.

"Hey, why don't guys ever compliment each other?" Kaminari asks the group. Kirishima perks up, already armed with an answer, but Kaminari holds a hand up at him. "And Kiri, please don't say it's unmanly, that's kinda sexist."

"Likeーokay, let's take Bakugou for example." Kaminari just has to call him out. Must be because of his lack of input.

"Let's start with the bad points." Kaminari sizes him up, and Bakugou tenses at the scrutiny. "You dress like a slob, and your pants sag too much. As if anyone would want to see... that." Kaminari gestures to all of him.

Bakugou pulls his feet off the table and sits up, not about to take this without letting loose a few choice words himself. "You wanna fucking die?"

Kaminari continues to hang around the topic of his style, much to everyone's disapproval. "I mean, who even wears Hanes anymoreー"

"I do, you shit!" His palms are smoking now, the air around him crackling with hostility. This little experiment didn't seem to be going quite as intended.

Kirishima is right in the crossfire, and holds his hands up to get their attention before objects sharper and more dangerous than insults began sailing over his head. "I don't think those are compliments, Kami."

"I was getting to that." Kaminari reassures him, cracking a smile. He rests his chin in his hands, leaning back in his chair. "I must say though, with your personality and all, I wasn't surprised to hear you have a really attractive voice."

"I do n... Huh?" Bakugou trails off. Sero and Kirishima echo his confusion, scooting closer to hear the answer.

Kaminari gestures to his neck, around where the vocal chords could be found. "You've got this raw grittiness in your voice whenever you yell. You can make spines tingle, man." He nods to himself, scanning Bakugou from head to toe. "Girls dig that."

This was starting to feel less like scrutiny and complimenting, and a lot more like... appreciation? From Kaminari?

Kirishima is focused on other things, still lost on why he had chosen Bakugou of all people for an example. "Both of those points may be true, but is there even a lesson in all of this?"

Kaminari is kind enough to at least think about it before answering honestly, "Nope. I just like complimenting people."



After class, is lunch.

There's a table that nobody but Bakugou ever sits at. It's in a nice little corner of the cafeteria that's tucked out of sight, in an area where there's not too much noise, and the peace and quiet that Bakugou likes to have while eating.

So when he sees Kaminari sit on the only other seat at the table, being a table meant for only two people, he has every right to ask him rudely, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Kiri told me that you like to sit here, so I thought I'd join you." Kaminari sits up in his seat, and digs into his food when Bakugou pauses to stare at him, unsure if this was really happening.

He gestures to this table in particular. "Why would you wanna sit here?"

"That exercise in class got me thinking." Kaminari points his fork at him, flinging a grain of rice in Bakugou's direction, taking time to chew and swallow his food before speaking. Grossed out by the display, Bakugou flicks the rice off the table. "I should start getting along with people more. Mainly, you. Because besides Kiri, you don't get along with anyone."

"So what you're getting at is that you're going to kiss up to me? Try and get on my good side?" Bakugou is unimpressed. Back when people actually made it a game to see who could be nice to him the longest, they never pulled through.

"Dude, nobody would've even known you had a 'good side' if you hadn't dropped the tough guy act." Kaminari puts actual air quotes around the words good side and wow, Bakugou would've never thought he had a pet peeve for that sort of thing, but seeing it be used for something regarding himself, it kinda pissed him off.

Kaminari picks up his fork and goes back to eating. "Plus, I'm already on your good side."

Bakugou spears his chicken with enough force to dent the plate. "Nobody's on my good side."

"Tell that to Kiri."



Aside from his personality, his looks, the fact that he actually got along with MinetaーMineta, who everyone has banned from being within a ten-foot radius of all girl's restroomsーand his whining, Kaminari was... tolerable. When he wasn't talking. It was his Quirk that really got on Bakugou's nerves.

Being put out of commission by his own Quirk has got to be the most infuriating part of being teamed up with Kaminari for an exercise, but this...

"Why do they even call it cops and robbers? Aren't the cops robbing us of our freedom?" Kaminari stares off into space, head swiveling this way and that deliriously. He stumbles over his words and a stray rock jutting out of the ground. He's lucky he doesn't break his nose on the way down.

Bakugou drags him back to his feet, not planning on slowing down for any more inconveniences. Kaminari's movements are lethargic, slow to execute and even slower to complete, but he's able to keep up with Bakugou as they traverse through the computer-simulated rainforest.

"Who even assigned them this job?" Kaminari doesn't really address the question to Bakugou, letting the world know his woes like they were life's real questions.

Bakugou himself doesn't even bother to make sense of the gibberish, pinching the bridge of his nose to stave off the rising headache in his temples, asking whoever was up there in charge of putting him in this shitty situation, to stick it. "For the love of God, if you keep talking, I will shut you up myself."

Training for today consisted of a class-wide game of cops and robbers. The cops being various faculty members, and the robbers, them. Two students versus one teacher. Simple, if one of them wasn't disabled from defending himself and was acting even more idiotic than usual.

This plan that they had, an attempt to expel just enough electricity to temporarily fry everything in Kaminari's body but the minuscule areas of his brain that enabled speech and basic motor functions so he didn't completely burn himself out, had turned out much worse than either of them had predicted. Bakugou much preferred a giggling lunkhead over a giggling lunkhead with no filter.

There's a distant rumbling coming from where Bakugou had last seen Cementoss, sitting pretty on his stone tower, letting his hands do all the work. The ground cracks and parts, three-dimensional pixels losing their earthly color and reverting back to a dull computer blue. What was the use of making the area look realistic if there was still concrete housed beneath their feet. Not completely true to the rules, as usual.

Cement erupts from the pixelated remains, nearly taking Kaminari's head off with it had Bakugou not pulled him out of the way by the collar. The movement triggers a chain reaction, and Bakugou lunges to avoid concrete walls coming at them from opposite directions. The walls slam together, guaranteeing a painful demise as a pancake if he wasn't careful next time.

Bakugou keeps a tight hold on Kaminari, who now hangs limp in his arms. By carrying him around, Bakugou is left with half of his power to fight back. It's a good thing he'd asked for reinforced storage tanks after they'd been destroyed during the end-of-term exam. The gauntlets shatter an oncoming column of cement like glass, and Bakugou releases another explosion to double as a smoke screen, buying him time to hightail it out of there and make for the denser part of the forest.

Kaminari is nothing but dead weight at this point. Dropping him once they're out of sight is like letting go of a useless bag of sand that wouldn't fucking shut up. He makes a sound when Bakugou stomps away, but is otherwise unhurt.

Rubbing at his eyes, Kaminari is still dazed and in no condition to release another wave of electricity that put distance between them and Cementoss at the start, but takes the time to compliment Bakugou's speed even though he looks a little green from the bumpy ride. "Wow, you're really quick."

"Honestly, fuck team-ups. Fuck the rules, and especially, fuck you Kaminari." He punctuates each phrase with a frustrating kick to a tree trunk, knowing that if he went and ditched a teammate now, he'd be docked off points. Again.

Kaminari at least attempts to look cool, pointing twin finger guns as he musters up his best smile. "I'll take you up on that offer later." He misses Bakugou by a mile, talking to the sky from where he lay on his back in the dirt.

Bakugou stubbornly refuses to answer back, calmer now that he'd let his anger out on a fake tree. He shields his eyes to look at the sun, the only stagnant thing in the universe that had yet to let him down.

There was still five minutes left on the clock. Five minutes of lugging around dead weight in record-breaking heat. If they were to head for the exit, they'd get a bonus.

A waste of time, but not impossible.

Bakugou makes his way back over to where Kaminari is. He'd finally stopped running his mouth, looking more like a blissed-out hippie than an airhead now. Bakugou happens to step into the path of the sunlight, offering up shade and allowing Kaminari to peer up at him without squinting.

A goofy smile makes its way onto Kaminari's face. "Man, I never realized just how beautiful the sun is."

Bakugou crouches down and pats his cheek, getting gold eyes to focus on him without wandering off. "Snap out of it. It's me."

"I know." He looks way too smug to really be out of it, and Bakugou blames it on the heat for making his face so warm. His suit had to be drenched with sweat by now, a sorry sight for everyone who came near him.

"God, remind me to kill you after this." Bakugou shakes his head, wondering why he was still trying. "You fucking owe me big time."

It doesn't take much to pick Kaminari up and throw him over his shoulder. His Quirk didn't require physical exertion of the muscles, meaning that he was built just like any other high school kid.

Kaminari lets out a grunt as his world tips upside down, but Bakugou could care less if he was going to look a little worse for wear by the end of the day, so long as they won with the most points possible. Turning his eyes away from just how close Kaminari's backside is to his face, Bakugou looks around, locating one of the six exits at the edge of the perimeter. Bingo.

"We're winning this stupid exercise." He gets a you got it, big guy for an answer, and it was getting harder to resist the temptation to just knock Kaminari out and leave Recovery Girl to deal with it. Bakugou had done it once before with Mineta, and it was so worth the penalty.

With that satisfying thought in mind, he books it to the exit, using the trees as cover from Cementoss' vantage point of the arena.



Outside of school, or when they weren't worrying about villains or hero courses, being with Kaminari was... weird.

Bakugou has never been forced to spend this much time with another person before, besides Midoriya, but after learning that their commute schedules for school overlapped, Kaminari had begun joining up with him to ride the train together. This old, stinky, rusting train that broke down more than actually doing its job.

There's a particularly hard bump the wheels go over, and the car lurches, throwing everyone in the compartment forward. Bakugou slams his hand down on the door to keep balance, but painfullly knocks his head into Kaminari's in the process.

Bakugou's eyes water of their own accord, and he cups his nose to check for bleeding. There's none, but it doesn't make his nose hurt any less.

Conversations stir up from the commotion, but there's no blaring alarms or automated voices telling them to leave, so it must've just been something to do with the engine. As the train's emergency brakes kick in and slow everything to a stop, Bakugou says through clenched teeth, "Damn, what do you have, a stone for a head?"

Kaminari massages his forehead from the bruising hit. "Geez, the same could be said for you. You could kill someone with that nose." Which made absolutely no sense, because Bakugou thought his nose was perfectly normal.

Huh, sense. Like the five senses.

Bakugou pinches his nose harder and relishes in the pain, the sudden rush of blood to his head making the joke sound way funnier than it really was. He simmers in silence. Kaminari's stupidity must be rubbing off on him.

When the pain finally fades, he's left with a sore face and no room to move around. A voice overhead announces a delay in arrival. Hearing the estimated time of repair to be at least thirty minutes, Bakugou rests his head on the beat-up metal pole that stretched from the floor to the ground. "Fucking great. As if this wasn't already a shitty day with you here."

"You're not the only stuck in this mess, you know." Propped up against the flimsy train doors, Kaminari keeps his arms folded, slouching to give them both space. The train rocks with everyone shuffling for room, and the doors inch open a crack.

Sighing, Bakugou pulls Kaminari away from the doorframe. The hinges whine in relief and slide shut, no longer threatening to swing open from the weight Kaminari placed upon it, but the action is enough to startle Kaminari and cause him to flail, tipping Bakugou back and knocking them into the nearest couple.

They wear the same Yuuei uniforms, a pair of second years he'd never taken the time to talk to before. Their glaring has nothing on Bakugou's promise of violence if they said anything or called him out on his rudeness.

Bakugou lets go of Kaminari's arm and fixes the school bag hanging off his shoulder, satisfied to see them back off and return to their conversation. "You were gonna break the fucking door if you kept leaning on it." He clarifies, making clear his intentions in case Kaminari read into it too much.

This was an aging unit of cars, part of the same trains his mom used to take him on to get across the city. She always told him to never push on the doors, because some had loose screws, and could fly open if too much pressure was applied.

"You calling me heavy?" Finally regaining his balance, Kaminari stops massaging his wrist to raise an eyebrow at him. They're practically pressed together now, Kaminari's arms trapped between them in the crowded space.

"Right now? I'm calling you lucky." Bakugou slaps Kaminari's hands away when he feels them ghost over his neck. "Now stop moving around, it's getting stuffy in here."

Kaminari looks like he wants to say more, but keeps quiet, clearly in high spirits compared to before, smiling when he thinks Bakugou isn't looking. And Bakugou definitely isn't interested in his smile, or how the gold of his eyes fades to a soft caramel when he looks down to stare at their shoes, crisscrossed from the scuffle.

Bakugou later tries to pull his foot out from between Kaminari's, but all it amounts to is a bruised knee and hair in his face.

Soon enough, the conductor announces over the intercom that they had found the source of the problem and fixed it, apologizing profusely before getting them to the station in record time.

Only after, when the crowd thins and he can finally breath without unruly hair tickling his face every few seconds, does Bakugou become aware of the fact that, in the time they were stuck in that tight corner, sharing the same air, he was two inches taller than Kaminari.



"What's his deal?" It was probably a bad idea to bring it up to Kirishima, but after spotting Kaminari chat up some girl right outside, the words leave his mouth before he could think twice.

He cuts Kirishima's chat with Sero short, because according to everyone else, he never initiated conversation. Ever. Kirishima looks around for the person in question. "Who?"

Bakugou nods to the door, "Airhead."

"I think he means Kaminari." Sero explains, pointing to the pair at the door.

"Oh, him." Kirishima finds Kaminari. "I dunno what you mean, he's just doing what he always does in the morning. Flirt."

Kaminari leans on the doorframe, engaged in conversation with a girl with horns, which was a sight to see, because he wasn't the tallest guy around, but horns didn't really count when it came to judging height.

"Why? He gets shot down every time." Bakugou pries. What was the point of even trying after the first rejection?

Kirishima drops his shoulders in a shrug. "People are hit and miss. Some of them may like you, but in Kaminari's case, most of them don't."

He must've said something wrong, as the girl frowns and proceeds to blast him out into the hall with beams of light shooting out from her horns. They're out of view to witness the distance Kaminari flies, the girl's friends leaving the crime scene with her in tow.

"It's better to try and fail, then to never try at all." Kirishima states, trying, and also failing to keep a straight face as several students run up to see if Kaminari's okay.

"Did you just take that from some famous person?" Sero says, recognizing the phrase.

"It does the job, doesn't it?"

Kaminari is still in one piece, clothes singed but still wearing a smile when he takes his seat, opening the floodgates for Sero and Kirishima to laugh. "Did you guys see how far I flew?"

Seeing Kaminari the next day with roles reversed, talking to a lively Kirishima as they gush over the newest superhero movie with plans to watch it together, sitting too close for Bakugou to ignore; he finally gets the picture that was being painted before him.

When Kaminari flirted, he flirted with everybody.



A white letter flutters to the ground one cool, summer morning as all the students are entering the campus and changing into their indoor shoes.

Kaminari bends down to pick it up, having witnessed it fall out from his box. "What's this?"

Bakugou catches sight of the heart-shaped seal on the envelope, and drops his shoes. It was a love letter.

His insides do a cartwheel and a little twist without his discretion when he sees Kaminari's eyes light up. To his knowledge, their particular class didn't have the best reputation, so none of them have ever received a love letter before. Well, until now.

"Looks like somebody's got an admirer." Kirishima comes up to Kaminari first, nudging him with an elbow. "Who's it from?"

Kaminari flips the envelope over to check the front. "Doesn't say."

Bakugou turns away, shoving his feet into his shoes before slamming his slot shut with more force than was necessary.



A familiar face from 1-B is waiting at the meeting place in the back of the school when Kaminari turns the corner, out of breath from ditching his friends. Well, everyone except Bakugou, who kept a sharp eye on him and trailed after to eavesdrop.

But Bakugou wasn't actually eavesdropping though, he was just... making sure this wasn't a fluke.

"Hey, uh... Tetsu, right?" Kaminari waves a slip of paper in the air. "This was probably meant for Kirishima, huh?"

Tetsutetsu's eyes widen in recognition. "How did youー"

"He talks about you all the time, and you make it kinda obvious whenever you visit our classroom." Kaminari puts it together with the envelope, the same pink sticker stuck to the front as the one Bakugou had seen. "Plus, Kiri's box is right next to mine."

"Really?" Tetsutetsu takes the letter, still fixated on the handwritten message he'd made being handed back to him.

"Yup. And don't worry, I didn't read it." Kaminari hesitates, then goes back on his words, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. "I mean, I sorta did, but I didn't get any further than the first line after seeing you address Kirishima multiple times in succession."

"Well, I looked through the whole letter to see where you wanted to meet so I could return this." Kaminari looks guilty by the time he finishes explaining, shoulders slumped. "So, actually, yeah. I did read your letter."

"Maybe this was a bad idea." Tetsutetsu wonders aloud, pocketing the letter with care, lacking the enthusiasm Bakugou always sees him sporting, as he takes a seat on the ground.

"Really? I think it's super sweet." Kaminari plops down beside Tetsutetsu. "I would say I'm offended that it wasn't actually for me, but hey, if I could get my friend together with someone they like, that's worth the disappointment, right?" With the way he said it, Kaminari was giving off the impression that this wasn't the first time this has happened.

Regardless, it seems to brighten Tetsutetsu's mood. "You're right. Sorry again for the trouble."

"Do I need to say it again? Don't worry, that's what friends are for." Kaminari gives him a light punch on the arm. Tetsutetsu smiles back and returns the favor, fist landing heavy on his shoulder. Kaminari winces, but laughs off the pain. "Ow okay, let's not do that again."

There's a presence behind Bakugou as they exchange words, getting up with plans to return to the cafeteria, and he freezes, his Deku senses tingling.

"Kacchan, what're you doing here?" Midoriya stops sipping from his juice box to inquire about why he was peeking from behind a bush creepily.

"Nothing! None of your fucking business!" Bakugou storms away, the opposite way that Tetsutetsu and Kaminari had went.

Of course it was an accident.



Study Hall is in session, and Bakugou is annoying himself and his classmates with the pencil tapping. Even Kirishima stops spinning around in his chair to ask what's going on. "Yo, Bakugou. What're you doing?"

Out of anger, he crumples the sheet up, and leaves to toss it in the trash. He shoves his way past Kirishima, hard enough to make him stumble back.

"Nothing. It's nothing." Bakugou isn't all that sure why he repeats himself, letting the sharp edges of the paper dig into his palm before watching as it slipped through his fingers as ash into the plastic blue bin, eradicating all evidence of the single word written in lead, in case anyone went looking for it later.



That week, Kaminari falls sick and misses school, leaving Bakugou to ride the train and eat lunch alone. He thought he'd enjoy the peace and quiet after so long, but he'd become accustomed to having someone to fill the gap and make conversation, no longer used to the silence his own presence brought.

"Bakugou, you know you can tell me anything, right?" Kirishima replaces Kaminari as company, even taking his seat in the cafeteria. At first, Bakugou had thought he'd taken a different turn and ended up at the wrong table.

Kirishima's plate is all meat and protein, nothing like Kaminari's. He never eats a lot, not one to have much of an appetite.

Bakugou bites into his sandwich, the first meal he's had today, having missed breakfast sleeping through his alarm and waiting for Kaminari, only to get word from his parents that he wasn't going to be attending school today, as if Bakugou was the best person to call to relay that kind of message to the teacher.

"You're not my mom, I don't have to tell you shit."


The class makes it a tradition to have group outings every month, and his mother's constant nagging to get out of the house and "find some fucking friends to hang out with" has him agreeing to an afternoon out in the city.

Searching for any sign of his classmates, Bakugou's eyes run right over Kaminari before he has to do a double-take. Coming up to the bus stop, Kaminari pulls an earphone out of his ear, just as surprised to see him. "Bakugou?"

Bakugou almost didn't recognize him with his hair tied back into a ponytail. Kaminari is dressed to stay cool, sleeveless tank and shorts bordering short

"Hey! I didn't expect you to be here." Kaminari speaks just as loud as his choice of wear, the snazzy pattern of his shirt eye-catching. He puts away his earphones, voice lowering to a normal tone now that there was no more music blocking out everything. He brushes his bangs out of his face, finding nobody but Bakugou present. "I wonder where everyone else is."

It was hard to fathom that Kaminari dressed like this outside of school, Bakugou only ever seeing him with long sleeves and pants when it came to his costume and school uniform.

Their phones go off, and Bakugou finally stops gawking at his legs to watch the cars pass by as Kaminari skims the message, hoping his staring wasn't obvious.

"Huh, Kirishima says he's got food poisoning and can't make it." The cell vibrates five more times. Kaminari reads off the names one by one. "The same goes for Sero, Mina, Hagakure, Midoriya, and... even Todoroki? Wow, they all must've eaten from a bad batch."

"That sucks." Slipping his phone into the small back pocket of his shorts, Kaminari props his hands on his hips, looking around before letting his eyes fall on Bakugou. "Well, since we're already here, wanna get something to eat? Just you and me?"

Bakugou really should stand up, or else he was going to get an eyeful of Kaminari's legs every time he tried to take his attention away from them. He closes his eyes and sighs, knowing he was going to regret this.

"Do whatever you want."

Kaminari smiles broadly at Bakugou's version of an affirmative. "Great!"

While Bakugou gathers his stuff, Kaminari is already making plans on where to eat. "I know this awesome food joint where if you put change in this machine on your table, you can choose a song to play throughout the entire diner! I've never stuck around long enough to hear my song play, but maybe today it will!"

"Then I guess you better lead the way if you wanna make it there in time." Bakugou cuts in, definitely regretting giving Kaminari the power to decide.

"Oh, right!" That was not an invitation for Kaminari to take him by the hand and break out into a run in neon high top sneakers, but Bakugou wasn't about to complain, allowing himself to be guided towards where they needed to go.



"Hey Kacchan."

"Get lost, Deku." Bakugou concentrates on the Rubix cube in his hands, two colors already down. The first he had blown up out of frustration, but this one he was planning to be extra careful with. Class had already been dismissed, but Bakugou wasn't going to leave until he got this done.

Midoriya doesn't make any move to leave either, loitering around in front of his desk like he was supposed to be there. "So, um... Kirishima came to talk to me earlierー"

He flicks one side of the cube in search of a new row of colors, turning it around to get a good look at the side he was almost finished with. "Good for you."

"ーand he wanted me to ask if you, uh, well..." Bakugou lets him take all the time he needs, because the longer Midoriya stalled, the more time Bakugou had to ignore him and finish this puzzle.

"He was wondering if you have a crush on someone!" Midoriya blurts it all out in one breath.

Bakugou's fingers pause their fiddling. "What?" He sets down the cube, attentive for once.

In a flash, Midoriya elaborates, probably expecting this type of reaction. "You asked Kirishima about Kaminari a few weeks ago, and you guys were spending a lot of time together, and he thought that you were curious and wanted some a-advice."

"Why the hell would I need advice from some shitty guy like him?" And whoever said he had a crush?

Bakugou didn't do crushes. He didn't get flustered thinking about someone, or daydream about going on dates. He'd much rather go mountain climbing, and kick ass, and eat burgers, and watch Kaminari jam out to new music while they shared earphones, andー

Oh my god, I like Kaminari. 

His usual angry expression falters at the thought, muttering the last part under his breath, and Midoriya appears pleasantly enlightened by the revelation. He grins before bolting, quick on his feet to get as far away as he could now that he'd gotten what he wanted. "I'll take that as a yes, thanks Kacchan!"

The Rubix cube, while manufactured to be fireproof, was not shatterproof. Bakugou throws it to the ground, chasing after Midoriya. "Wait! It's a no! A big, fat, fucking no, you hear me!?"



Bakugou had to have ran all across the school chasing Midoriya, only to end up losing him when he ducked into a classroom. Like every high school out there, Yuuei had a courtyard. It was the last place Bakugou hadn't checked, but he wasn't about to bite the bullet and call it quits just yet.

He slows down, feeling the lactic acid begin to settle in his muscles from all the running. "Where is he?" Bakugou growls, still actively searching even though he was already tired out. "I'm gonna kill that nerd."

"Come on, that's not nice." Of all fuckingー

Kaminari waves, looking out over the railing of the miniature rotunda-like gazebo built into the courtyard. "Hey."

With heavy feet, Bakugou walks over to him, stopping at the bottom of the steps. "Are you in on this?"

"In on what?" Kaminari cocks his head, pushing off the railing.

"I don't know, but Midoriya ran through here withーsomething." A secret that Bakugou didn't know until it was revealed counted as something.

"Really?" Kaminari moves to stand at the very top of the stairs. If he was trying to give off an air of superiority here, five steps wasn't cutting it. "I can think of another thing or two you probably don't know."

Bakugou narrows his eyes. "Try me."

Kaminari takes his first step down. "If you say so."

"Well, for one, the class has been trying to figure out ways to get us together for the last two weeks." Which had to be a feat in itself, everyone working together, but for some reason, Bakugou isn't surprised. "That may explain why you saw Midoriya run here."

"And two, you're probably not gonna like what I'm about to do next. Probably." Kaminari arrives at the final step, the same one Bakugou is standing on. Bakugou twitches, feeling an odd sense of déjà vu from a time back when in a humid car full of people.

Kaminari lifts his hands so they hover, fingers shy of touching Bakugou's face. "So, uh, sorry in advance." He sure liked to apologize for things he couldn't control.

"Stop talking and be quiet for once, damn it." Kaminari's static discharge had to be a natural thing, bolts of electricity bouncing off his skin in reaction to Bakugou grabbing ahold of his fingers.

"One of these days, somebody's going to shut you up," Bakugou snaps, leaning in for the full effect, but it only serves to draw Kaminari closer enticingly, "and it ain't gonna be pretty."

"Does that somebody happen to be you?" Kaminari asks faintly. They both already know the answer to that one.

This transition from arguing to indirectly confessing to each other had become long since drawn out. Bakugou finally smiles, letting go of his hand. "Hell yeah."

It feels like an eternity before Kaminari, with his crooked grins and quirky hobbies, wiggling his way into Bakugou's life with terrible jokes and terribly fashionable clothes, laughs in relief and wraps his arms around Bakugou's neck, pulling him down those two measly inches into their first kiss.

He hears cheering and yells coming from inside the building. Kaminari did say their classmates had been rooting for this to happen. If they were expecting a thank you after all this, they'd have to wait until the cold clutches of death had Bakugou in its hold before that happened.

The kiss isn't perfect. Their lips are chapped and there's more teeth than Bakugou would've liked. They forget to breath and Kaminari has to wipe away a line of drool from their lack of experience, but since the very beginning of this bumpy ride, not everything was perfect.

Kaminari traces a thumb over his lip, gazing at him fondly, and Bakugou interrupts the sappy gesture by nipping at the finger. Kaminari flinches back, shocked, giving Bakugou the opening he wanted to connect their lips again, softer this time around. Not everything had to be perfect.

Bakugou didn't do crushes. But this, he could do.