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drag me to the deeps of your heart

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Katsuki pounded his fist on the front door for the second time, lips twisted in annoyance. Izuku fucking called him to come over and the lil shit made him wait. He said his mom wasn’t home, so she wouldn’t be opening up.

The second he saw the number on his phone, he snarled. Izuku hasn’t shown up at school and all the shitty questions about his presentation fell onto Katsuki to answer for some fuckin’ reason. Just ‘cause they were together didn’t mean he suddenly became a damn fortune teller. Izuku hadn’t told him anything. 

He felt the ire start to bubble up in his chest all over again.

Izuku hadn’t bothered to tell him he wasn’t gonna show up to school either. He should’ve been the first to know after Izuku and his mom came back from the doctor’s, but no. He got a call after school, practically demanding he come over.

He even hung up on him before Katsuki could get a damn question in.

“Deku! Open the fucking door!” Katsuki screamed, looking up at his closed bedroom window.

Little. Shit.

Whatever, he didn’t fucking care. He should leave.

His feet stay where they were at the front door, and his eyes glared down at the mat.

He should really just leave. Katsuki didn’t even really care if Izuku bothered to tell him anything. Even though he should’ve already been told at this point. He didn’t care, he would find out soon enough anyways.

His body didn’t move.

That second, the door opened, revealing a flushed faced Izuku leaning against the doorframe, panting slightly like he ran to answer it. “Kacchan! You came!” He smiled almost with relief.

“What the hell-” The smell cut Katsuki off, making him sniff loudly and walk across the threshold. It sunk like beta. While he wasn’t an idiot, knowing full well that both Izuku’s parents were betas, the odor was overwhelming, almost exaggerated.

Like at least strange 20 betas were living the house, causing it to fog up so badly. Even when Izuku’s dad actually stayed in the house, he couldn’t remember it stinking this much, and that was when he was a brat who couldn’t really tell the difference in ranking pheromones yet. 

“Kacchan?” he heard Izuku nervously question behind him. Katsuki ignored him, dropping his bag on the floor and slipping off his shoes to wonder into the living room, taking in the scent.

What the fuck was this? It didn’t smell like anyone, it was all mixed up, and far too impersonal for the house. He looked around the living room, eyebrows bunching together, and sneered at the idea that people had come by without him knowing who they were.

“Kacchan?” Izuku asked again, coming up around the couch. As Katsuki dropped his gaze back on him, the shorter boy made a small whine at the back of his throat.

“Why,” he scowled, stepping closer to him, “does it smell like this?” His eyes bore into his boyfriend’s, the alpha nature within him beating on the walls of his chest like some rabid animal.

Izuku’s eyes, greener than tree leaves in the spring, flinted around, obviously trying to come up with an explanation. “About that… Kacchan, um- I need-”

Katsuki scoffed, smirk coming in and a blonde brow arching up. “What do could you need from me?” He towered over him, then moved downward so their noses almost touched. Their eyes locked in a staring match.

The gesture was partially to get him uncomfortable enough to crack, although Izuku hadn’t been intimidated by him since before they got together. However it seemed like the best course of action, regardless of Katsuki knowing it probably wouldn’t freak Izuku out too much.

Then suddenly, Katsuki saw Izuku’s pupils blow wide, consuming the green and leaving him looking-

Izuku’s arms abruptly reached out, pulling their bodies together tightly. Katsuki felt his slender muscles locking them together. It left Katsuki shocked for a moment, staring at the wall. His jaw dropped, feeling beyond confused. “The fuck are you doing, Deku?!” he barked, hands already moving to rip him off. Through the thin, white T-shirt Izuku wore, he could feel a rapid heartbeat thudding harshly.

To make matters worse, Izuku stuck his nose into his neck, breathing in loud enough so that Katsuki knew what he was doing. Izuku took in his scent, intimately and personally by the neck, something they’ve only done once in the year they’ve been together.

The only times Katsuki seen it were from his parents (fucking disgusting but with an alpha mom and omega dad, shit like that was common) and porn stars.

Against his will, blood rushed up to his cheeks and down to his crotch. An alarm went off to his hormones, notifying his knot that his potential mate was near.

When he heard that thumping heartbeat again, he wasn’t sure if it was his or Izuku’s.

“Alpha- Kacchan…” Izuku muttered low into his neck, followed by a long tantalize caress of his tongue.

Katsuki shivered at the sensation, biting down hard on his bottom lip to keep him from urging the other on, because what the actual fuck?

Izuku had never been one to jump into something like this without some coy flirtations first. And he never would’ve gone for his fucking neck.

His hands snaked into darkened green hair to yank him off and ask what the hell was going on. Shit like this didn’t just happened. Izuku was a planner. Izuku had blaringly obvious signals whenever he wanted to get handsy, so again, what the fuck?   

That’s when he noticed it. Beyond the stench of beta, nestled in Izuku’s mundane smell of cinnamon was the alien scent of omega. An omega in heat.

His brain immediately rerouted his hands from pushing him off to pulling him closer. Izuku kept lapping at his neck, whimpering in between licks. One of his legs slipped in between Katsuki’s thighs, using his leg as a means to rub against. He could feel Izuku’s hardened dick twitch on his leg.

“Need alpha- Need Kaacchan….” he moaned, hips thrusting harder at his leg. Katsuki groaned, moving his hands to grab Izuku’s ass, kneading the firm muscles until he started to pant. Izuku’s slick already stained through his sweats.

Everything told Katsuki not to let him go until his own scent was smeared into his very bones, Izuku’s lips parted with his name on them as he came.


Katsuki tossed Izuku away. He fought to regain control of his breathing, his hand covering his mouth and nose to block the irresistible smell of Izuku. A moment ago, the beta odor had been too much, but now, the only thing he could smell was the alluring pheromones of an omega in heat. His omega.

Izuku stared wild-eyed at him, seemingly uncaring that he’d been shoved away. His gaze was still big and black with lust, cheeks scarlet as if someone had lit a match under the skin, almost blocking out the splash of freckles. His hair was messier from where his fingers were, and Katsuki could almost see himself lacing his finger through it again as Izuku sucked him off.

Motherfucking hell!

He growled, turning away from his omega. He was close to banging his head on the wall for even calling Izuku his omega.

His aching erection was another problem to deal with.

“Deku, where’s your fuckin’ mom?!” Christ, he shouldn’t have to ask that fucking question with his damn dick throbbing in between his legs.

“Out,” Izuku replied offhandedly, arms once more coming around to hug Katsuki from behind. He felt the other’s cock grind on his ass. He sucked in a breath, wanting nothing more to just turn around and fuck Izuku like his instincts were screaming at him for not doing yet.

There was the now familiar sensation of Izuku’s nose on his neck, making his knees quiver. “Stupid…Deku…” he gasped, eyes closing as Izuku’s hands moved to slip under his shirt. God, he smelled great. His usual scent of cinnamon was maxed up to fuckin’ 1000, pulling at every mating instinct inside of him.

He vaguely wondered how he smelled to Izuku. How did an alpha smell to an omega in heat?

He got a whiff at Kirishima in his rut when he went over to give him some missing assignments. It smelled like fuckin’ Kirishima, just more desperate for the need of sex, barely anything to get him half hard. Nothing like this.

Did Izuku even care it was him who he was dry humping? Or would any alpha done it for him?

His eyes snapped opened, roar echoing off his throat and into the air. Behind him, Izuku shivered, hips thrusting harder against him. Katsuki turned around to face him, smashing their mouths together with vicious fervor, and biting down on Izuku’s fuller bottom lip.

Izuku moaned loudly into the kiss. Katsuki swallowed the sound like it was air.

Even the thought of Izuku doing this (touching, kissing, looking at someone who wasn’t him) with anyone else pissed him off.

At his sudden zeal, one of Izuku’s legs wrapped around his waist, followed by the other until Katsuki was left holding him up. He felt Izuku’s arousal hot and hard on his stomach, and he wondered if he looked down, if there’d be a wet spot.

A tiny part of Katsuki reminded him to get to a bed, something soft and comfortable, private. He wasn’t sure if it was a part of a bullshit biologic whisper when alphas were constantly thinking of rivals and needing to hide away to keep their mates safe, but none of that mattered as he was currently too busy shoving his tongue down Izuku’s throat.

And it wasn’t until Katsuki pushed Izuku onto his bed did he notice that he actually took the care to get them into his bedroom.

He untangled Izuku from his hold, his mouth left feeling oddly confused at the lack of warmth, and dropped him down into the bed. Izuku eyes stayed locked on the ceiling, visibly overtaken with his first heat. His eyes were wet with big, bright unshed tears. He panted, chest rising and falling with each intake of breath. Katsuki had been right: there was a wet stain on his crotch, right on the noticeable bulge.

Katsuki took in the sight like a thing of rarity. He’d seen Izuku show a lot of emotions before: ferocity, depression, the stars of hope in his fucking eyes, but he’d never seen his pupils enlarged with lust, the pain of his swollen dick making him cry.

Katsuki stripped his shirt, gaze unwavering on Izuku. The boy on the bed met his eyes and moaned, hips humping into the air, begging for his touch.

“Fuck,” he heard himself say at the sight. “Fuck.”

Izuku sluggishly sat up and licked his lips. His eyes followed the motion. It made him more aware of his swelling knot. “Kacchan…” His eyes were practically black. A pair of amazingly steady hands grabbed the hem of his white shirt and pushed it off. Katsuki watched him carefully, memorizing every jump of muscle, every whimper as the cloth left his skin.

But when his hands went to his pants, fingers already twisting around the top to take them off, Katsuki got onto the bed. His own hands fell over Izuku’s, hissing, “No- I mean- Shit, I mean wait. Wait.” Shit. Shit. The alpha in him would’ve kicked his own ass for pausing.

Katsuki focused on his favorite freckle on Izuku’s face, right under his left eye, grateful that his flushed face hadn’t blocked it from view. He could only hear the rush of blood ringing in his ears. “Do you really wanna do this? With me?” Of course with me, Katsuki thought, I’m the one in the damn bed with him. Fuckin’ dumbass. He felt his face flame at his own idiotic words.

Izuku made a confused whimper, brows stitching together and head tilting to the side. The whole image reminded Katsuki of a disoriented rabbit. “Do what?”

His face further reddened. “Have sex with me, fuckface!” Katsuki almost foamed at the mouth. How the hell didn’t he get that?

Izuku’s lips formed an O, and it took all of his willpower not to crash his own mouth against his and goddamn it! Why was it so hard to think?!

“O-oh! Yeah I want to have sex with you, Kacchan!” Izuku somehow managed to firmly say despite the dazed look on his face. Katsuki resisted the impulse to gouge out his own eyes. How the shit was he so fucking nonchalant about this whole thing?! His face burned with heat.

Izuku’s own cheeks swirled with blood under the skin, and the look distracted Katsuki, causing him to snap his thoughts to how beautiful he was.

Why couldn’t he think normally? Was it the omega stink?

“I called you remember? I…knew I wanted you here right now. Um, with me.” That time, Izuku’s reply was softer, a bit more hurried.  

As much as Katsuki liked to acknowledge Izuku’s sharp reasoning (he’d rather have a heart to heart with the burned bastard himself), he had a point. He vaguely remembered something in Bio class takin’ about Omega heats… How it takes time for the full effect or some shit. Katsuki fell asleep during that lesson.

“It- It has to be you… I don’t…want another alpha…but you. Only Kacchan.” Izuku leaned forward, lips tenderly nipping at the side of his mouth, a hand slipping over Katsuki’s shoulder. He imagined how that looked like: sun-darkened fingers moving over paler skin. He suppressed a shiver.

He pulled Izuku’s mouth to his own, sucking on his lip. “Dumbass…” Katsuki mumbled over his mouth.

Izuku’s arms wrapped around his neck, pulling them both down flat onto the bed. His legs were already parted to cradle Katsuki’s lower half closer. The blonde grinded his hips down, and through their pants, their dicks rubbed together.

Izuku moaned, and Katsuki kept his eyes half open as they kissed, aching to see every movement in the other’s face. His hand crept downward through the lip-lock, until it reached the start of Izuku’s sweats. His fingers dipped into them, past his underwear, and grabbed ahold of Izuku’s weeping cock. His underwear was a mess of precome and… “Did you already come?” Katsuki surprised himself at how rough his voice was as he asked the question.

Izuku gasped loudly, panting increasing, and buried his head into Katsuki’s shoulder, nodding. “S-sorry! I- It had felt so good! God, Kacchan,” Izuku whimpered, voice breaking at the end as Katsuki started to pump his wrist. He thrusted rapidly into his hold.

He was still so fucking hard, did he really already come? Was it when he was humping his ass? The thought of it and the feel of Izuku’s dick in hand actually made Katsuki whine, an uncommon act in itself. Katsuki never whined, contrary to whatever his asshole classmates liked to bitch at. But he just did.

He. Just. Did.

Everything was heightened. Every one of Izuku’s movements left him feeling on the verge of an orgasm because every time the little piece of shit moved, he released this smell

It was the equivalent of someone (izukuizukuizuku) blowing cool air on his aching cock, teasing and not enough.

Katsuki pulled his hand out of the sweats and propped himself over the omega. It caused Izuku to call out a wanton cry, but it soon dispersed to one very loud gasp as Katsuki unceremoniously tugged off his pants and underwear, leaving him completely naked. “Kacchan!” The action knocked apparently Izuku’s heat haze for a moment. He gawked at Katsuki, embarrassed.

Katsuki ignored him, opting to shamelessly ogle his naked form.

His hair was a complete mess, those dark green locks disheveled, lips swollen and red, and tears already dripping on his cheeks. His skin was gleaming with a thin layer of sweat, abs glistening in the incoming sunlight from the window.

Katsuki suddenly grinned and bent down, but not before catching Izuku gnawing on his bottom lip, shiny eyes meeting his own red ones, already knowing what he was about to do. Izuku always could easily read him.

He licked Izuku’s stomach, tongue tracing the outline of his pronounced abdominal muscles. “K-Kacchan!” He felt him quiver under his mouth and his smirk only grew when he went lower and lower until his lips where just above Izuku’s leaking cock. “Kacchan…. Please!”

Katsuki snickered, heartbeat thundering inside his chest. “Kacchan. Please,” he half purred half mocked, knowing his hot breath grazed over Izuku’s erection. He shifted to Izuku’s leg, biting down on his thigh until the spot turned red, and when his teeth marks became prominent, he affectionately licked over it. Izuku squirmed, moaned, harder under the touch.

“You’re gonna have to beg better than that, Deku.” His hand moved down to the back of Izuku’s knee, then up to the inside of his thigh. His hips jerked up and Katsuki tsked, trying to frown and sound somewhat serious, but this was getting too fuckin’ fun. His free hand moved to pin him down with an iron hold. “Beg. Beg me. It’s what you get for not telling me sooner.” He smirked against his other thigh and gave it the same treatment.

“Pleas- Please! Touch me! God, please…! Kacchan! I’m sorr- Oh! Oh… I- Sorr-” Izuku sobbed, his body practically writhing under Katsuki’s hold on his hips.

Katsuku bit on the inside of his cheek, failing to keep in the moan slipping past his lips. He hadn’t been prepared for Izuku’s fucking noises.

He pushed down the mattress to create some friction for his own dick as Izuku let out these whines. But he had to be careful with his rutting, not wanting to he’d come too soon, because unlike an omega, he’d have to wait.  

Suddenly, he deciphered Izuku’s words and he stopped his mouth over the thigh in his hold. Shit. Motherfuckin’ shit. He glared up at him, his mouth dipping into a real frown. “I said beg, not apologize,” he rebuked, tone annoyed. But as Izuku’s hands knotted into the sheet, clearly frustrated, the corner of his mouth twitched despite himself.

Katsuki’s emotions where running in a different direction than his dick, that was for sure. He wanted to dominate Izuku, but the apologizes reminded him too much of the days when their relationship was…damaging to say the least.  

He pushed the thought away. Katsuki had worked hard to win over Izuku’s opinion and friendship, and as his mate (his fucking mate) he wasn’t gonna screw that up anytime soon.

He blew softly over Izuku’s wet dick.

“Oh fuuc-!”

Katsuki’s head snapped up just in time to see Izuku’s hand slapping over his mouth, eyes closed tightly as a trail of tears ran down his cheeks. Katsuki felt his heart quicken and cock drip precome at the pitiful excuse of a curse word. His knot felt tighter and tighter as every second passed. Izuku hardly ever cursed, but when he did… “Hhghh-” Katsuki groaned but quickly bit his tongue.

“HMMmmmhh!” Izuku’s heels dug into his back.

His mouth watered at the noise and he hurriedly pushed apart Izuku’s legs. Like every omega porno he’s seen up to that point, Katsuki thought he knew how wet Izuku would be. But as he looked, he realized he had no idea it would be like this.

Izuku was soaking, staining the bed and sheets under him. Katsuki wondered to himself how the hell he didn’t notice they were fucking on such a wet place, holy fuck.

Izuku happily spread ‘em, hiccupping until Katsuki’s mouth inched its way to his tight hole. The sounds the omega made urged him on as he took the first taste. His smell here was even stronger than his neck. Katsuki moaned as his tongue slipped into him, slurping at the tangy flavor. It wasn’t bitter as precome or come, but in an entirely new category Katsuki knew he would never get enough of.

“Ka- Aaaahhh…!”

He drank and drank from Izuku, getting his slick all over Katsuki’s mouth and chin. His dick painfully hurt at this point, knot thick and aching from the denial to release into his mate. A hand wove into his hair, taking his head and grinding harder. Katsuki closed his eyes, bobbing his head against Izuku’s ass. 

“Kacch- Kacc- AhhhHHH!” He heard Izuku yell, voice hoarse from his crying.

Such a damn crybaby.

The hand at his head became limp, and when Katsuki stopped his slurping and glanced up, he saw transparent white come dribbling over the pink head of Izuku’s cock. Amazingly, his dick was still hard.  

Katsuki pulled himself away from between Izuku’s legs, wet mouth landing on top of his. The slickness made the kiss louder than usual.

One of his hands moved to Izuku’s dick, fingers curling around his erection. His eyes shut. He enjoyed the feeling of Izuku’s dick in his hand more than he would ever admit. Izuku took the gasping groans coming from Katsuki’s mouth and jerked his hips harder when he thumbed back his foreskin.

The inside of his boxers had to be a goddamn mess of precome by now. Izuku’s suckled on Katsuki’s tongue, his hands simultaneously wondering up and down over his bare back. They stopped at his ass, spreading sturdy fingers over each cheek and squeezing. “Shit- Dekuu…Hmahhh…”

However, just as Katsuki started to increase his speed on Izuku’s cock, (how many times could he get him to come) he muttered around his mouth, “S-stop.” Katsuki instantly froze, pulling back while mind rewinding all the possible mistakes he could’ve done.

“What?” His throat felt like putty, but that didn’t keep the sharp tone from the word. Katsuki could’ve punched himself because he sounded so damn aggressive. What the fuck.

If Izuku took note of his attitude, he brushed it off. “Now… Give me your knot. Now.” Katsuki stared, blinked. It was the most demanding he’s heard him speak about sex, besides this whole thing that was. “Pl-Please. Do it now.” Izuku’s hands slide back into his hair, tenderly stroking it as he pushed himself closer. “I…need you, Kacch- Katsuki,” he mouthed against his the shell of his ear, shadowed by the shy stroke of his tongue against it.

The primal animal inside of Kastuki snapped at the sound of Izuku’s mouth saying his name, his name and not some childish endearing version of it.

One hand knocked Izuku down to the bed as Katsuki harshly crashed their mouths together, but the metallic taste only sang out to his feverish blood.  “Hmm… Hmmm…” He breathed roughly through his nose as the kiss stretched out longer and longer. His other hand tugged down his pants and underwear, finally freeing his cock, swollen knot and all. It slapped against his stomach, leaving a wet trail of precome behind.

He kept a hand in Izuku’s hair, his lips on his, and used the other hand to guide himself into Izuku’s still leaking asshole. Izuku pried his lips from him with a wet noise. Katsuki’s lips trailed kisses all over his face while Izuku muttered uncoherent words.

“Katsuki. Katsuki. Minemineminealpha. Sgoodgoodsogood. Katsukiminemine. Kat-” Izuku’s words chipped off as Katsuki cock edged inside. His fingernails dug into his back, cutting off his name with a choked moan. “Ohh…Oh!”

Katsuki growled low in his throat, the feeling surreal. “Are you okay?” he asked, tremblingly nudging his nose against Izuku’s neck.

He stayed silent.

He was so, so tight. Was it supposed to be like that? He felt amazing but should he be this tight? Fucking hell, he was hot too, perfectly burning. His knot felt like it was gonna come with just being inside of him. Something inside of him quivered at the anticipation of spilling himself into his mate.

But shit, Izuku… Was he alright?

“Dek- Aahhh…!” Izuku abruptly snapped his hips against his, taking him by surprise and ripping the cry from his throat.  

Izuku’s hands grabbed his face, pulling his mouth onto his own in a desperate kiss. “Move,” he carved onto Katsuki’s tongue.

Katsuki did just that, pulling out almost completely then brutally thrusting into the warmth. Izuku’s legs wrapped themselves around his waist, pulling them closer and intensifying the sensation every time they separated.

IzukuIzukuIzuku, his mind chanted. “God, you’re so fuckin’ perfect,” he thought he mumbled, but his mouth probably echoed some blurred version instead.

Hghm!” Katsuki heard himself moan at the pleasure of Izuku’s heels once again jabbing into his lower back.

He tried to keep the hard and fast pace, even though Izuku was holding his own with the rhythm, pushing back with just as much force. His own movements were rough and clearly Izuku wasn’t shy on chasing his pleasure.

Knowing that Izuku was confident enough, strong enough, not to simply relinquish complete control had Katsuki moaning his name. This was how omegas were supposed to be, strong enough to fight off unwanted suitors and smart enough to plan out any future conquests for families, all traits that they unknowing buried deep in their D.N.A because of shit social regulations.

He couldn’t stand the idea of mating an omega that only ever submitted and cowered and bared their necks for the “higher” ranks. Spineless shit who he couldn’t even really be mad at, ‘cause it was just the way of life they were born into.

Though honestly, Katsuki couldn’t stand the thought of mating with anyone, regardless of rank, who wasn’t Izuku.

Then Katsuki shakenly reached between their bodies and gripped the other’s dripping cock, using the precome and come at the head to quicken his movements. Izuku almost screamed. Katsuki licked the tearstains off his face, murmuring, “Deku, Deku.”

Izuku could be a wimp, a little fuckmunch who always tried to fight this inevitable biological system inside of their blood, and even when Katsuki did beat him up (the memory caused him to close his eyes tighter) for his lack of logic, he also admired him for it. His stubbornness and blind faith for everything he believed in... It always left Katsuki staring after him, whether or not Izuku knew it.

“Deku…” he whispered, panted, as their bodies shifted and swayed against one another like clockwork.

It was what made him think Izuku would present as an alpha. When the thought pasted through his head, he still keep his decision on asking Izuku if he would be his mate.

Alpha, beta, omega, none of it mattered whatever the fuck Izuku turned out to be. For Katsuki, there was only Izuku.

The end of Katsuki’s mouth etched upward for a brief moment. He started on jerking him off faster, mouth moving to his neck. His hand jumped between caressing his balls and flicking his thumb over the sensitive reddened head. He teasingly nipped gently into the crook of Izuku’s neck and shoulder, savoring the desperate sounds he made. He tossed his head aside for Katsuki to keep on his tormenting stroking.

Izuku’s smell almost overtook him, causing his movements to break out from his pace and start to snarl low deep in his chest. “Deku- Deku, Deku- Shit, motherfucking hell-”

His orgasm laid in reach and Katsuki ran towards it. He growled against golden skin, sinking his teeth deeply into Izuku’s shoulder. From it, the burst of blood and Izuku’s scent filled his taste buds and sank into his body. The emotion that came from mating, the euphoria, almost made him stop breathing, it was so strong.

Katsuki!” Izuku’s back arched up, taking his cock deeper than before as the sob came into the air.

But it was his name on Izuku’s mouth, peaking, that caused an electric current to shoot up his spine, and suddenly the pressure building and building in his abdomen grew too much for him. “Izu-” Katsuki came with Izuku’s name, his real name, half formed on his mouth. Izuku drew them closer through it, milking him dry as he reached his own climax. The cock in his hand came, spurts of white painting both their stomachs and chest for what felt like a solid minute.

Izuku didn’t sound like what Katsuki initially thought how he would be when he came.

(because of fuckin’ course he thought of Izuku coming more times than he could count)

Izuku came silently, mouth hanging open, toes probably curling against his back as his body received the knot it was begging for. Izuku's dull fingernails bit crescents moons into his skin, (Kastuki could feel it beautifully scarring) while he breathed hard through his nose, mouth still latched onto his shoulder.

Finally Izuku’s hips slowed to a stop and the nails detached themselves from his back one finger at a time. He’d feel the sting of that after he came back down from this high. Likewise, Izuku would feel the bite later on. Katsuki released the shoulder from his grip, swallowing the traces of warm blood in his mouth.

Izuku lightly shivered as his mouth came away, and Katsuki pulled back far enough to look down at him.

At last, his pupils contracted enough where the blonde could see actual traces of bright emerald. But really, his eyes fell to his neck, taking in the bouquet of purple marks decorating the whole right side of Izuku’s neck and shoulder. Underneath all the blossoms was his bite, a physical, teeth-shaped symbol that they had mated. It would tell everyone who could see (or smell, his pheromones were now a part of Izuku’s and vice versa) that they were each other’s and no one with enough brain cells could come between them.

Katsuki grinned at the sight, bending down at the mark to chastely press his lips on it. Katsuki Bakugou was truly the best alpha around.

“Um, K-Kacchan?”

He yanked himself back, realizing what he was doing. Trying to save face, he faked a scowl, and rested his elbows on either side of Izuku’s head. “What? No, Katsuki, Katsuki?” he panted his name. The flush on Izuku’s face receded a little, revealing the freckles behind it like stars coming out from clouds.

Izuku smiled, seeing through his words. “Do you want me to stop calling you Kacchan…Katsuki?” his mouth slowly caressed his name, a glint in his eyes displaying the playfulness he must’ve felt. Izuku rarely said his real name, making him think that he kept it stored for emotion-gagging times like this.

(like he did)

But the idea of living in a world where Izuku wasn’t constantly yapping out Kacchan every two seconds seemed…wrong. 

Instantly, Katsuki’s feelings split in half. Finding no way to answer that question without pissing himself off later, he brushed a hand through Izuku’s sweaty bangs, almost slicking them back. “You’re all fuckin’ sweaty. Gross.” It was actually kinda hot, but like hell he was gonna say it.

He focused on his hair as Izuku laughed, his own hand coming up to take a damp lock of ash blonde hair between his fingers. “You’re sweaty too, Kacchan.” He sounded pleased himself, like making Katsuki sweat was worthy of high praise.

Katsuki tried in vain to keep his devil-may-care expression, but snorted with a smile a second later at Izuku’s tone.

That was, until Izuku tilted his head upward and pecked the corner of his mouth, cutting off whatever laughter may have been. It surprised Katsuki for a moment, then grumble as he aligned their lips in an actual damn kiss. What the hell was that?

But the warmth of mating spread all over his body, and the bliss remained at full charge. 

Fuckin' Izuku.

His eyelids fluttered closed, sighing “Izuku” softly into the kiss.

They lazily made out, knot still locking their bodies together.

Then after a while of doing that, they waited. There wasn’t much to do until Katsuki’s cock understood that it was time to separate.

(His arms got tired as the minutes ticked by and Izuku offered to which places, since he was stronger. It might have been true, fuckin’ Deku and his dumbass monster strength, but the insult to his ego made Katsuki shoot it down.)

If this was anyone else, Katsuki’s embarrassment would have exploded but Izuku obviously tried to calm the awkward mood, which of course made things worse, since he was one of the world’s most awkward human beings.

“How about no?” Katsuki cut Izuku’s annoying (considerate but annoying) questioning, right with the one about what he was going to eat when he got home.

Izuku pouted, mouth adorably twisting to the side in thought. God, if he started coming up with superhero trivia, they were going to continue making out until his knot reduced.

The silence dragged out until something from earlier probed its way back into Katsuki’s head. “Yo, Deku,” he got the other’s attention. He looked like he was going to start on his mumbling rant.

Izuku blinked his big green eyes at him with an “Hm?”

“Why’d it stink like betas in here when I came in?”

Izuku frowned. “Kacchan, you know my parents-”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, dipshit. I know that but why did it stink like 50 betas had finished pissing on the ground?”

He watched Izuku’s gaze gain more attentiveness, and like a light went off in his head, he said, “My mom sprayed some beta pheromones so that my heat scent wouldn’t attract too much attention when she opened the door.” His eyes turned to the right corner in thought, the tip of his pink tongue poking out of his mouth. “She said it really smelled.”

“Hm.” That made sense.

There was a distinct feeling in his crotch and Katsuki almost sighed in relief when he pulled out of Izuku. Interestingly enough, Izuku looked almost disappointed the tie didn’t last longer. Maybe it was an omega thing, whatever.

Katsuki collapsed next to him, stretching his aching arms over their heads and pulling Izuku to his side by the waist. He nuzzled his nose into moist hair, taking in the cinnamon scent that from then on would be his relaxer. He heard Izuku softly chuckle and snuggle closer.

The combination of the smell and the heat had Katsuki’s eyes closing, his breath evening out. At his side, he could feel Izuku do the same. He needs the sleep. With that, and his new mate next to him, Katsuki let himself fall asleep.

But, there was one last thing was he still didn’t know. “Deku…” he muttered.

“Go to…sleep, Kacchan…” His voice was already slurred with sleep.

Katsuki grunted through closed eyes, refusing to let it go. “Where’s your…fuckin’ mom? You blew me off when I…asked.”

“Oh… She went to get my…my suppressants from the- the doctor.”

He shot up from the bed, eyes fleeting around Izuku’s room, trying to find a clock. His heart sprinted up to his throat. “When?!”

Izuku’s idly turned towards him, eyes still blissfully closed and slowly replied, “Hmm…maybe around three-thirty? …Three-thaaa-” His eyes burst wide open. Horror inched its way onto his features as the words end up gargled in his throat. “Oh my God.”

DEKU, you fuck! It’s like five! She’s bound to be back any-”

Downstairs, the sound of the door unlocking and opening crackled all the way to Izuku’s room. Inko Midoriya’s voice called out to her only child. Her dear, dear only child.

Katsuki saw the women and his mother hiding his dismembered body parts.

“Izuku! I-! Oh my! Why does it smell like this?”