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Talk Me Down

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Camila is busy writing, thinking of good points to explain to Ariana for her next history test, when the other girl nudges her. She looks up with a frown. “Is there something you don’t get?”

Ariana laughs and pushes her textbook aside. “No. I was just wondering if you wanted to come to a party with me.”

Camila snorts. “Me, at a party? Yeah, not going to happen. The other girls are more party animals than I’ll ever be. You could ask them, I’m sure they’d be down.”

“It’s not really a party,” Ariana is quick to make amends, “it’s more like, a hangout with a few friends.”

“Oh, okay,” Camila brightens, “well, yeah, I’ll join for that. What’s the plan?”

“I think we’re ordering pizza and watching a few movies,” Ariana answers, “but I’ll text you and let you know. It’s this Friday-”

“I’ll actually have to get back to you, in that case,” Camila interrupts, “Fridays are usually date nights with Lauren. I’m sure she won’t mind pushing it back to Saturday, but I should ask her.”

Ariana frowns. “She doesn’t let you have your own time?”

“Honestly, I’m the clingy one,” Camila shrugs, “sometimes I feel bad that I keep her in every Friday, because unlike me, she likes partying. Maybe she’ll appreciate this, because she’ll be able to go out clubbing with the girls.”

Ariana hums, and Camila goes back to marking down some questions for Ariana to do in her spare time. She’s almost finished when there’s a knock on the door and Lauren walks in, her expression faltering a little when she sees Ariana.

She shrugs it off and sits down next to Camila on her bed. “You said you’d be done by now, babe.”

“What time is it- oh,” Camila blinks at the clock, surprised at how fast the time had gone by. “I guess I was just really invested in studying or something. But, hey, I didn’t know you were coming over tonight.”

“I figured you’d be into a surprise date, maybe,” Lauren suggests, sitting down next to Camila on her bed and wrapping her arms around Camila’s waist. “We could get ice cream.”

“You’re the ice cream addict, not me,” Camila points out, “but, uh, I think maybe we shouldn’t tonight. Ari’s got a big test tomorrow and I promised I’d help as best I could. Tomorrow, maybe?”

Lauren frowns, but nods, and Camila jots down another two questions, passing the sheet to Ariana. Ariana smiles at her. “Thanks for this, Mila. You’re so helpful.”

“No worries.” Camila smiles. “I’m always here to help.”

Lauren looks between them, and after a few moments, sighs and stands up. “Alright, fine. Tomorrow. I’ll see you.”

“Wait, you don’t have to leave,” Camila sits up and grabs Lauren’s hand before she can go. “Maybe we can watch a movie once I’m finished with Ari. I know you always keep a book on you so you won’t be bored waiting.”

Lauren bites down on her bottom lip, and looks between Camila and Ariana for a moment. Unable to resist Camila, Lauren nods lamely and sits down, pulling a book out of her purse and getting herself comfortable on Camila’s bed.

Camila looks over at her girlfriend with a smile, reaching over to kiss Lauren’s cheek. Her girlfriend blushes, sending her a small smile, and Camila murmurs an apology. “I promise I’ll get done as soon as possible. Then you’ll have my full attention, babygirl.”

Lauren nods, pulling Camila down for a proper kiss, and the younger Latina feels the familiar butterflies in her stomach. Then, Camila turns around and flips the page in her textbook.

“Okay, so, the Great Depression…”


Lauren is annoyed.

She knows she’s being dumb, and she knows they’re just studying, but she can’t stand seeing Camila give Ariana attention over her. She knows it’s irrational jealousy, but it’s like she can feel Ariana judging her. Like Ariana thinks she’s not good enough for Camila.

When it gets to half past nine, Lauren closes her book and stuffs it back into her purse. She’s done waiting around. Camila had told her they’d be done by seven, and she hadn’t expected Ariana to be here in the first place. She’s been waiting for two hours. Camila and Ariana had been studying for six hours, and it’s like Camila is prioritising some other kid’s education over her relationship.

“Whoa, Laur, where are you going?” Camila frowns when Lauren heads to the door without a word. “You said you’d wait and then we could watch a movie.”

“Yeah, I said that two hours ago,” Lauren rolls her eyes. “I’m hungry and I’m going home to make dinner. I’ll see you tomorrow or something. Whenever you can fit me into your busy schedule.”

“Hey,” Camila jumps up and pulls her back, and Lauren feels the anger bubbling in her tummy. She just wants to go home. “That’s not fair. I didn’t know you were coming over tonight.”

“You’ve never had a problem with me coming over unannounced before,” Lauren points out with an eye roll. “You gave me your spare key.”

“I know that, and I don’t have a problem with it,” Camila’s thumb traces patterns over Lauren’s knuckles. “I love you and I love spending time with you, but I promised Ari I’d study with her.”

“Yeah, and I’m leaving so you can do just that.” Lauren answers. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As Lauren leaves Camila’s bedroom, the younger Latina blurts out a quick apology to Ariana and follows Lauren down the stairs.

“Hey, wait!” Camila grabs Lauren by the arm and the older girl whirls around. “Don’t just storm off. You know you can stay for something to eat, and you can sleep over any time. You brought PJs and a toothbrush over, remember?”

Lauren shakes her head, tugging her arm away from Camila’s. “I’m not staying. I’m sick of her looking at me like- like I’m not worthy of you.”

Camila frowns. “She doesn’t-”

“She fucking does.” Lauren folds her arms across her chest and glares in the direction of Camila’s bedroom. “I just- I can’t be here. I’m going home. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning for school.”

“No you won’t, because you’re sleeping over,” Camila smiles at her, and the anger Lauren feels subsides a little. Camila always seems to know how to make her more level-headed. “Come on. You’re right, it’s late. I’ll tell Ari that we’re done, and then you and I are going to have a snuggle and watch a show. Maybe I’ll let you introduce me to Game of Thrones. It better not be too gory, though.”

Finally, Lauren smiles. “Okay.”

Camila does as she promised, and Lauren has to hold back the sarcastic smile and wave as Ariana leaves. She feels much better now that they’re alone.

“Alright, so, Game of- whoa,” Camila is cut off by Lauren’s lips against hers, and once her initial shock is gone, she smiles against her girlfriend’s mouth and puts her hands on Lauren’s waist. When they part, she grins. “What was that for?”

“For being you,” Lauren answers, sitting down on Camila’s bed again. “You just always know how to talk me down.”

Camila smiles. “That’s because I know that you’re irrational sometimes and you can’t help that. Ari doesn’t dislike you, baby-”

“I don’t want to talk about her,” Lauren interrupts. “I want to talk about you. How perfect you are.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m perfect,” Camila answers, but she sends Lauren a teasing grin. “Actually no, now that I’ve thought about it, I’m pretty fucking amazing.”

Lauren smiles, pulling her down for another kiss. “You’re not wrong.”

“Anyway, since it’s late and my parents and sister probably had dinner without me, how about we order something in?” Camila suggests, opening her bedside table drawer and showing Lauren the plethora of takeout menus she’s acquired since moving back to Miami. “And because I’m so awesome, I’m letting my babygirl choose.”

Lauren scans the menus in Camila’s hands before she plucks a Chinese one out of the younger girl’s grip. She looks through it and nods. “We’ll have this.”

“Cool,” Camila says, “will you call and place the order? You know I hate phone calls.”

“Sure, I got it,” Lauren gets up and grabs her phone, and once Camila decides on what she wants, calls up the restaurant and orders. Once that’s out of the way, she settles down on Camila’s bed again. “I’m sorry I’m so paranoid around Ariana. I just don’t trust her.”

Camila squeezes Lauren’s hand. “It’s okay. Besides, I think it’s kind of cute that you’re jealous. Means you really love me.”

“Of course I really love you, Camz,” Lauren traces patterns over Camila’s knuckles. “You’re my favourite person in the world. And I promise I’ll love you and appreciate you forever.”

“Hah, gay,” Camila snorts, but when Lauren rolls her eyes, she smiles. “I love you too, Laur. And I promise I’ll be there for you forever too.”

“Date night on Friday, maybe?” Lauren offers, and Camila smiles and nods. “Good. I’ll book a table at a restaurant. I’m thinking the one we went to on our unofficial second date. Where I didn’t exactly tell you it was a date.”

“Yeah, you weren’t exactly the smoothest,” Camila laughs, tracing patterns against Lauren’s upper arm as Lauren finds Game of Thrones on Camila’s laptop. “But it’s okay. You’re pretty smooth now.”

Lauren hums, pushing the laptop away once it’s paused on the first episode. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Before Camila can answer, Lauren pulls her in for a kiss, and Camila’s stomach does a backflip. She cups Lauren’s jaw with her hands and pulls Lauren closer, deepening the kiss and loving how it feels exactly like the first time. She’s so in love with Lauren, and not to brag, but she loves that she’s found her soulmate already.

Lauren lays back on the bed, and Camila kisses her neck. The older Latina’s hands trace down Camila’s spine, and when she squeezes her ass, Camila laughs. “Someone’s in a good mood all of a sudden.”

“Mhm,” Lauren hums, pulling Camila down for another kiss. “I want you, Camz.”

“Well, too bad, babygirl,” Camila whispers in Lauren’s ear, kissing just under it. “You don’t make the rules here.”

“Camz,” Lauren whines, pouting up at her, but relents before Camila can speak, “it’s okay if you’re not feeling it. I’m-”

“Never said I wasn’t,” Camila teases her, “if you’re into it, I’m into it. Just- wait there. I want to try something.”

Lauren frowns at her. “Try what?”

“First, I’m going to need you to take your shirt off, princess,” Camila murmurs, smirking when Lauren visibly gulps at the nickname.

Initially, Lauren is hesitant, but she pulls her shirt up over her head.

“Good girl,” Camila smiles, because Lauren has made things twenty times more convenient by not wearing a bra underneath. “Now, close your eyes.”

“Close my eyes?” Lauren frowns. “Why?”

Camila kisses just off the corner of Lauren’s mouth. “Trust me. Close your eyes.”

Lauren does as Camila says, and the younger girl beams, jumping off the bed and digging deep into her sock drawer to find what she’s looking for. She gets back on the bed, kissing Lauren’s forehead, and then she gently takes her girlfriend by the wrist.

She locks the first set of handcuffs around Lauren’s right wrist, and locks the other side to the bedpost. As Lauren bites down on her bottom lip, Camila readies the second pair, so Lauren’s other hand will be locked against the bed too.

Camila kisses Lauren’s forehead again, and when green eyes flutter open, she smiles. “Is this okay, babygirl?”

“Yeah,” Lauren answers, but it’s barely a whisper. “It’s okay.”

Camila smiles, and locks Lauren’s other hand to the bedpost. “That’s better. I know from our first time that you have a problem with touching when you’re not allowed.”

Lauren nods, looking up at her with hunger radiating in her eyes. “Will you make me feel good, Camz?”

“If you’re good, then yes,” Camila answers, kissing down Lauren’s neck to her breasts.

She makes sure to leave a hickey on Lauren’s neck, and when she pulls away and Lauren realises what she’d done, she laughs softly. “A hickey? What happened to you being worried about my parents thinking you’re a sex crazed maniac?”

“Lauren,” Camila pouts. “Not the time. I’m trying to be sexy here.”

“You’re always sexy, baby,” Lauren murmurs, and Camila laughs when Lauren goes to move her hand to touch her, but is restricted by the cuffs. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Camila smiles, but when her mouth comes in contact with Lauren’s soft pink nipple, and the older Latina gasps and strains against the handcuffs, it turns into more of a smirk. “You like that, baby?”

Lauren whines in reply, and Camila keeps kissing her breasts, leaving hickeys to remind her girlfriend that she’s Camila’s, and only Camila’s. As she works, she makes sure her leg is in just the right place to grind against Lauren’s centre, and every time Lauren strains against the cuffs, hungry to touch her, Camila feels that ache between her legs. Seeing her girlfriend completely under her control makes Camila so hot.

Camila unbuttons Lauren’s jeans and tosses them across the room, smirking at her girlfriend. She teases Lauren’s clit over her panties, and the older Latina gasps. “Camz, please.”

“You want me to make you come, princess?” Camila asks, already knowing the answer. “We’ll see. If you’re good.”

Camila kisses Lauren’s neck again, and as her fingers tease the thin cloth of Lauren’s panties; the only thing separating her from her girlfriend’s clit.

Camz,” Lauren whines, bucking her hips and straining against the cuffs. “Please.”

“It really doesn’t take much to get you begging,” Camila smiles to herself, taking her own shirt off to get Lauren going even more. She slowly walks two fingers down Lauren’s tummy, inching closer and closer to Lauren’s core. “I kind of like having you like this, at my complete mercy. And if I let you come, I’ll have to uncuff you, and we don’t want that. Besides, shouldn’t you be enjoying this, babygirl? Weren’t you the one who was jealous that someone was taking you away from me? I bet you’re not thinking like that now that I’ve got you here.”

“Camila,” Lauren stares at her, desperation in her eyes, “please, fuck me.”

“Well, at least someone has her manners,” Camila kisses Lauren’s jawline and teases her centre over her soaked panties again. “But I don’t know if I should give that to you yet. Maybe I should play with you a little longer. Or… I could drive you even crazier…”

Camila smirks to herself at her sudden idea, and unbuttons her pants, tossing them aside. Then, she shuffles forwards, her hands cupping Lauren’s jawline. “Take my panties off.”

It’s practically an order, and Lauren pulls against the cuffs again, as if to use her hands, and then frowns. “I’m- I can’t, I’m tied up-”

Camila smirks. “You have a mouth. Use it.”

Lauren moves forwards as best as she can with Camila sat on her torso, and uses her teeth to pull down Camila’s panties. The younger Latina tosses them across the room for her, and leans down and pulls Lauren in for a kiss.

“Are you going to be good and make me come, babygirl?” Camila asks, and Lauren frowns at her, but nods. She tugs against the cuffs expectantly, and Camila snorts. “Oh, you’re not getting your hands back. You’ll have to make do with something else.”

With that, Camila moves forwards and rides against Lauren’s mouth. She hears the older Latina’s gasp, and feels her warm breath against her centre, but Camila’s more focused on the way Lauren’s tongue finds her clit and traces circles around it. Camila moans as Lauren’s tongue works wonders, starting slowly but gaining speed once Camila commands it.

Lauren strains against the handcuffs even more, wanting nothing more than to touch her girlfriend’s beautiful body, and knowing she’s completely under Camila’s control makes her even more desperate to be touched herself. She squeezes her legs together to placate herself as best as she can as Camila rides her face, and uses her tongue to please Camila, her girlfriend’s moans making her panties even more soaked than they already were.

Fuck, Lauren,” Camila breathes out as Lauren kisses her clit, “you’re so good at this, princess.”

When Camila’s breathing gets heavier and she starts grinding against her faster, Lauren presses her tongue down on Camila’s clit, and her girlfriend falls apart on top of her. Lauren tastes Camila’s come as her girlfriend rides out her orgasm, and when she finally moves away, resting against Lauren’s bare chest, the older Latina feels like she could come at the sight of her girlfriend’s flushed cheeks and lustful gaze.

Camila pulls Lauren in for a kiss, tasting herself on her girlfriend’s tongue, and then pulls away with a smirk. “I think it’s someone else’s turn now.”

Lauren breathes out a sigh of relief, but when Camila goes back to teasing her through her panties, she knows she’s not going to get a release as soon as she’d like.

Camila seems to sense that thought, and she smirks. “Patience is a virtue, princess.”

Lauren groans, and Camila laughs a little, kissing down to her tummy. Lauren squeezes her legs together again, and Camila lets out a small sigh.

“Am I going to have to tie your legs apart?” Camila asks her, and Lauren blushes. “Next time you do that, it’ll be ten more minutes until you’re allowed to come. You come when I say, and only when I say.”

“Okay,” Lauren meekly responds, “sorry.”

“Good.” Camila kisses Lauren’s tummy and smiles. “You’re so beautiful, babygirl. Your tummy is gorgeous.”

“I- thank you,” Lauren mumbles, even though she doesn’t entirely agree. “Camz, please can you-”

“Fuck you? Not yet,” Camila answers, squeezing Lauren’s breasts and leaving another hickey on her neck. “I need to appreciate every inch of you.”

Lauren lets out a gasp when Camila’s leg presses against her centre, and when her girlfriend smirks, she moves forwards to kiss it off. Camila lets her, but pulls away before she can deepen the kiss, and the younger Latina traces patterns across Lauren’s stomach.

“You’re so beautiful, princess,” Camila murmurs, kissing Lauren’s jawline again. “I love you.”

“I love you t- fuck,” Lauren gasps when Camila takes her off guard and starts rubbing her centre through her panties. “Camz.

“I thought you wanted to come, Lauren,” Camila teases her, kissing her neck and sucking on her pounding pulse point. “I’m just giving you what you want.”

When Camila finally pulls Lauren’s panties down, the older Latina lets out a small sigh of relief, but it’s cut off by a small fuck when Camila thrusts two fingers into her centre and starts slowly pumping them in and out. Lauren closes her eyes and throws her head back, trying to control her breathing, but Camila uses her free hand to pull Lauren back by her jaw.

“Open your eyes,” Camila says, “I want you to look at me when I make you come.”

Lauren does as her girlfriend says, wanting to buck her hips upwards to get the release she desperately needs, but she knows Camila won’t like that, so she does what Camila wants her to do.

“Camz, please,” Lauren begs, straining against the handcuffs again. “Please, baby, faster.

Camila complies, but barely, and Lauren is about to complain, but when her girlfriend’s thumb lightly presses down on her clit, she gasps. Camila smirks. “Someone’s enjoying this.”

Lauren struggles to find words as Camila’s thumb gently massages her clit. “Fuck- I- Camila,”

Camila adds another finger, and she knows that Lauren is already close; after all of the teasing, why wouldn’t she be? But Camila wants this to last. As she curls her fingers, she feels Lauren’s walls tightening around her, and when she’s seconds away from the edge, Camila pulls away.

Lauren lets out a desperate whine, and Camila laughs. “That’s for trying to get yourself off. I think next time your legs will have to be tied apart, too.”

Camila,” Lauren glares up at her, and the younger Latina just laughs again, kissing down Lauren’s neck and making sure that her thigh is grinding against Lauren’s centre. “You’re not- please, baby,”

“Like I said, patience is a virtue,” Camila answers, trailing her hand back down to Lauren’s core, “but since you asked so nicely…”

Camila pumps three fingers into Lauren’s centre, and the older Latina moans in ecstasy. Camila smirks to herself, using her free hand to keep Lauren’s eyes on her. This time, when Camila feels Lauren tightening around her fingers, she presses down on her girlfriend’s clit. Lauren moans, and closes her eyes, but when Camila says look at me, she complies. Camila curls her fingers inside of her girlfriend at just the right point, and the older Latina breathes out her name before she falls apart. Camila kisses Lauren as she comes, silencing the older girl’s moans with her mouth, and once Lauren comes down from her high, she feels like it’s okay for her to go back to her normal, dorky self.

“Was that… was that okay for you?” Camila asks, suddenly feeling very shy. “I wasn’t sure if-”

“Camz,” Lauren breathes out, “that was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Oh,” Camila blushes. “Wait, really?”

“Yeah,” Lauren admits, and Camila pulls her in for a kiss. “Now, uh, can you unlock these handcuffs? I need to be dressed so I can get the door when our food comes.”

“Okay, sure,” Camila gets up and pretends to look through her sock drawer for the key. She feigns worry and turns to Lauren. “Uh… I can’t find the keys.”

Lauren’s content smile immediately drops from her face. “What?”

Camila laughs, and picks them up from her dresser. “Kidding.”

“You’re such a dick,” Lauren rolls her eyes. “Untie me.”

Camila complies and unlocks the handcuffs, and once Lauren is free, she rubs her wrists where they’ve chafed. Camila cringes. “Sorry about that. I should’ve gotten the pink fluffy ones, now that I think about it. I just thought that if my mom were to find pink fluffy handcuffs it’d be obvious what I had them for. But regular ones, I could’ve made up some excuse about how I’m planning on going as a cop next Halloween and I’m preparing early.”

Lauren laughs. “For some reason, I don’t think she’d buy that.”

Camila just shrugs. “Whatever. Let’s make ourselves presentable for when the food gets here.”

“Alright,” Lauren answers, grabbing the spare pyjamas she leaves at Camila’s and turning towards the bathroom. “And Camz?”

Camila looks up. “Yeah?”

Lauren smiles. “I love you.”

Camila beams back. “I love you too.”