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George is watching the obsoleteum burn and he doesn’t know what to do. Metaphorically burn that is. Hector is literally burning it alive with his lack of business know-how, and he accuses George of having no business sense. George may have owned any number of businesses during his thirty years of missing memories. He could have owned a business with three other business guys wearing business suits and ties, but he might not have. George has all sorts of sensible ideas for saving the museum, but Hector won’t listen. He’ll hire pretty girls with too many ideas because they looked at him like that, or give away exhibits, or give away all their cash on a whim that he thinks might save the world, but he won’t listen to George. Won’t listen to his genuinely good ideas that will stop the obsoleteum from having funding cut and then being shut down. Because that would be too sensible and too simple Hector won’t do anything like that.