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The Very Secret Diary of Rafael Nadal Parera aged 22 and 11 months to aged 23 and 2 months

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Sunday 31st May 2009

I get knocked out of Roland Garros today by that Sod. He very bad man. No one like. I no like, he make fun of me at Wimbledon 2007. Then I beat him and meet Rogelio in final. Rogelio is so beautiful and we touched at the net. I have many pictures of this. This time I no see Rogelio at final. No touch at net. Long time – two/three weeks since we touch at net.


Monday 1st June 2009

Rogelio almost get knocked out of Roland Garros today. I watch match from behind pillow. I celebrate too loud when he win, Toni think something wrong and come into my room. I wear underpants I get from Rogelio, he know no I have this. Toni tell me to get dressed. I took off underpants and put in bag at bottom of suitcase.


Wednesday 3rd June 2009

Rogi win in straight sets today. I was nervous after last time.  Also, I no like how much Monfils touch Rogi at net. I no touch Rogi like that. Monfils he touch too much.


Friday 5th June 2009

I announce that I no play Queen’s this year. I would like but pain is too much. Rogi almost lose to Del Potro. Why he do this? Rogi is much, much better player than Juan. I no like how Juan touch Roger. Is too much. I also find picture on internet. Juan is sitting very close to Rogi. Rogi is holding up some stupid football shirt. He is naked underneath. Is not right. I no like this.


Sunday 7th June 2009

He did it! Rogelio fantastic, he win in straight sets. I only see last points as I play golf today but I was taking to watch later. Sod pretend like he is nice guy and keep talking about “Yoking”. I never hear this word before. I will ask Rogi what it mean. After I send him congratulatory text. Must carefully plan what to say.


Monday 8th 2009 12:01 am

I just see second set of match, guy run onto the court! He try to touch Rogi, put hat on head. Security very stupid. He lucky I no play. You no touch Rogelio hair. You no touch Rogelio.


Friday 24th July 2009

When I wake I see Rogelio updated his Facebook and website. Mirka had baby. Babies – two little girls. I text him congratulations but text take until third try to go through.


Thursday 30th July 2009

I find new picture with Rogelio on Internet. I print out two copies, one to put in scrapbook which is kept in very safe place. I also download to computer and to digital photo frame. Frame has password, so no one can see this. I will take when I go to Montreal.


31st July 2009

I have three message from Rogelio, replies to my texts. So embarrass, must think I idiot. Have transferred texts to laptop for safe keeping, also to back up.


Friday 7th August 2009

Rogelio he update facebook with picture of babies.  They look very cute and happy family. Very warm picture. I feel pain in chest when I look. I no look again. I think is enough now. Put away childish things, no?