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"I'm sorry, hyung, maybe another time."

That's all Jungkook has been saying lately. He can't help it. He wanted to compose another song and, being the perfectionist he is, Jungkook's been doing nothing but research and doing trial and errors in the workspace. To the point where even Yoongi is giving him weird looks.

This started a month ago when he had a sudden idea while taking photos during their vacation in Europe (which he quickly noted it down later).

At first, it was just an idea. Something that he thought "Meh, maybe I would work on it if I have the time". That was during their vacation. After they were back in Seoul, he couldn't stop thinking of it. Everytime he sees the photos he took in Europe, his mind goes back to that sudden 'breakthrough', so he started working on it from time to time. 'Time to time' turned to 'All the time' quickly, as he became immersed in it.

"Jungkookie? You're still awake?"

The sound of his boyfriend's voice breaks Jungkook out of his concentration. He turns around and sees Jimin's head peeking through the door to the workspace. Jimin's hair is damp and he has a towel around his neck. The smell of shampoo and soap wafts into the room.

Did he just come back from dance practice? What time is it?

Jungkook looks at the time on the monitor screen. 2:15 a.m.

"You didn't come for our usual late night dance practice. I thought you fell asleep."

"I was...busy composing..."

"You sound like you've been here long enough. Let's grab some snacks."

Jimin gestures to Jungkook and starts walking out the door, expecting Jungkook to follow him, like he usually does. Jungkook always loves late night snacks after all.

"I'm sorry, hyung...I'm pretty busy now, was just in the middle of getting the tunes right. I'll make it up to you tomorrow." Jungkook said as he goes back to facing the monitor screen.

"Oh. Ok. But you really should-" Music could be heard playing from Jungkook's headphones.


Jimin trails off as he looks at Jungkook sadly, before walking out and closing the door behind him.




A month passed by and his "making-up-to-Jimin" never did happen, which he only realised the day they started packing to go for their Epilogue concert in Osaka. Jungkook felt extremely bad. He tries to pay more attention to Jimin during these couple of days, though he still feels like it wasn't enough. They have been together for quite some time now and would almost always spend their nights together, whether it be perfecting their dance choreographies, going out for late night walks or just watching videos while snacking.

Also, not to mention all the times they would sneak away for some hot and sexy time. They get pretty into it when it comes.

Suddenly it feels empty how much time went by, that they didn't spend time with each other.

Jungkook lays down on his bed. They had just finished their second day of their Osaka concert and he's feeling extremely bored. Looking at his phone, he contemplates if he should call Jimin to have a talk with his hyung, to apologize for not being able to make up to Jimin. Sitting up, he scratches the back of his neck, playing with his hair.

"Should I...should I not....? It's been a month though, maybe he had forgotten bout it...but still...AISH!"

Suddenly, he gets a message notification, stunning him as he almost drops his phone. He quickly checks it. As though by some telepathy, Jimin messaged him, asking Jungkook to come to his room.

Maybe he did remember. Maybe Jimin's mad.

Pushing the thought aside, he quickly exits his room. As he got nearer to Jimin's room, he notices something. The door to Jimin's room is slightly ajar, as though Jimin had just opened it for him. Odd. Shrugging, Jungkook pushes it open.

"Jiminie-hyu-" Jungkook's eyes widen when he looks inside.

Jimin is standing in front of the window, curtains slightly apart as he gazes out. The room is dim with only one of the ceiling lights, directly above him, turned on, casting a soft light down on Jimin. What made Jungkook lose his breath, is the fact that Jimin is wearing Jungkook's huge and slightly see-through white shirt, with nothing else other than a pair of boxers. One side of the collar is dangerously edging off Jimin's shoulder, the long sleeves of the shirt cascading off his palms, being too long for Jimin's arms.

The older boy turns his head slowly to the side as he glances at Jungkook behind him. At that point, the collar falls off his shoulder despite the slight movement. Jungkook swallows hard, eyes not leaving the sight of his boyfriend, as he closes the door behind him, the sound of the lock, loud and clear. Jimin takes the opportunity to close the curtains and turn around, revealing that he had only buttoned the shirt from the middle down.

After what feels like forever, Jungkook slowly walks over to Jimin, the older boy following his eyes through black bangs. Slowly tilting his head up, as Jungkook walks closer.

How can he look so innocent, yet look so.....alluring?

Jungkook stands before Jimin, the height difference making him look down. His eyes roam around Jimin, from Jimin's eyes to Jimin's slightly parted lips with a hint of a smirk, to Jimin's jaw and neck, and then to his exposed collar bone and shoulder.

There's so many questions in his head. Why is Jimin wearing his shirt? Why did he bring it here? Why the sudden call to his room?

Why does Jimin look

"Hyung..." His voice trails off as he holds up his hand and slowly brushes away Jimin's bangs from his eyes, eyes still staring into his own, alluring and penetrating into his head. The questions slowly dissipate away in his mind as he starts leaning down. Their lips inching closer, Jungkook wanting to devour it so badly. He closes his eyes.

He feels something press against his lips. It wasn't Jimin's lips.

Jungkook opens his eyes. Jimin's soft fingers are placed softly on Jungkook's lips, stopping Jungkook from going any closer. Jungkook's eyes dart to Jimin's in question.

"Not so fast, Jungkookie" Jimin whispers, his hand dropping from Jungkook's lips to his chest, applying pressure to it as he starts pushing Jungkook backwards. Jungkook abides in confusion and feels himself drop onto the bed behind him. Jimin picks up the remote to the music player, turning up the volume of the song that had been faintly playing in the background.

"Hyung, wha-"

"Sit there and put your hands on your lap. You can only watch until I say you can do otherwise. Don't you dare look away or move your hands anywhere other than your lap."

Jungkook must have look confused as hell, because Jimin walks to Jungkook and whispers in his ear.

"This is punishment for leaving me alone for so long."

Something clicks in Jungkook. He now knows what's gonna happen.

This is gonna be torture.

Jimin picks up the remote and switches the song. A slow, sensual song starts playing.

Oh boy, this is gonna be torture FOR SURE.

Jimin presses something else and throws the remote aside, onto the bed. His eyes dart to Jungkook, frozen in place, still propping himself up with his elbows.

"Hands on your lap, Jungkookie."

Jungkook looks down at himself and quickly sits up straight, with his hands down on his lap.

"Good boy." Jimin coos, biting his lower lip and giving off a playful glint in his eyes. He pulls up the collar that had fallen off his shoulder, letting his hand slide down his chest, and tugs on the hem of the shirt. He walks backwards, closing his eyes and lets the song envelop his mind. Swaying his hips to the slow rhythm of the song, he starts dancing as he feels the music go through his system, letting it lock in with every part of his body. As he loses himself in the music, he starts playing with the shirt he has on, brushing the sleeves up his arms, pulling his shirt up a little and touching his chest as he does body rolls, feeling the airy-ness of the loose shirt following the curve and movement of his body.

Jimin opens his eyes slightly to look at the maknae through half-lidded eyes. Jungkook's confusion has now turned into a look of intensity, his eyes following every movement of Jimin's body as he rubs his hands on his lap. Jimin knows this is something Jungkook loves to watch. He has noticed the maknae staring intently at him everytime they do late night practices. The way his eyes would secretly take a peek whenever Jimin does certain moves, especially ones requiring him to stretch and bend his body, quick but also slow and fluid, like body rolls. When Jimin's all sweaty and wet, he has caught Jungkook looking everytime he flips his hair back, or when he's drinking from a bottle of water. Not to mention, everytime they practice No More Dream, Jungkook's hand placement has slowly gone from holding him up at the waist, to more at his ass and thighs, holding him up so close that his face is literally centimetres away from his stomach.

Jimin smirks as he sees Jungkook breathing heavily while clutching onto his pants, trying so hard not to quickly pull it down and tend to the growing tent under his pants. Tilting his head to the side, the older boy slowly walks towards the younger, watching in amusement as Jungkook stares down his neck. Stopping in front of Jungkook, Jimin brings his face close to Jungkook.

" what you see...?" Jungkook lets out a soft whimper, which prompted a small giggle from Jimin. He threads his fingers into Jungkook's bangs, then drags his fingers down the side of Jungkook's cheeks, caressing it with feather-like touches, his own eyes following where his hands go. Dragging his thumb across Jungkook's lower lip, Jimin brings his pink lips close to Jungkook's.

"What do you want, Jungkookie...?"

Jungkook jerks forward, trying to close the distance between their lips, only to be stopped by Jimin's fingers, his eyes going wild when he realises Jimin has stopped him. Again.

"Tsk tsk, so haven't answered me yet."

"Hyung, I swear to god..." Jungkook growls, voice husky and intimidating yet, low and needy. Jimin straightens up, still smirking as he licks his pinky and lets it trace down his jaw and to his collarbone, leaving a slightly wet smear behind. Watching Jungkook's lustful eyes follow it, turns Jimin on even more. He loves how he can control the usually-rebelling maknae, by doing simple gestures like this. Watching the maknae grow impatient and writhe internally with lust and want, by no one else but Jimin.

Jimin bends down and moves Jungkook's hand onto the bed, beside his lap.

"You're still not allowed to move it."

Before Jungkook could respond, he sees white as Jimin turns around and sits on Jungkook's lap, grinding onto the younger's obvious tent in his pants. Jungkook had to gather every single speck of self-control in himself, in order to stop the urge to just grab Jimin there and then. He knows that if he were to break the rule, Jimin would stop completely. No, that won't do at all. Not when he's already feeling this horny. Unable to breathe properly at this point, he has no choice but to watch the back of Jimin's body, slowly swaying from left to right as his boyfriend grinds onto his already rock-hard cock through his pants.

Suddenly he feels a tug on his pants.

"Jungkookie, lift yourself up from the bed abit."

Not knowing why he has to at that point, Jungkook obliges and watches with wide-eyes as his pants disappear off with one quick but hard pull from Jimin in front of him. The cool air from the air-conditioning starts prickling his skin, along with the sudden warmth and heat from Jimin's thighs on his lap. His hard-on peeking out from his underwear, already wet from pre-cum.

Not stopping the grinding, now almost skin-on-skin, Jimin softly lets out a sigh and flings his head back onto Jungkook's neck. Breathing near impossible now, Jungkook watches as Jimin squirms on top of him, the older letting his hand roam around his own body. His hands going down to his boxers, pulling it down and touching his glistening with pre-cum cock, the touch alone letting out a shaky moan from Jimin. Jungkook wants so bad to touch Jimin like how the older boy is touching himself, this punishment going on for too long already and he's already breaking through his limits.

Jimin turns his head to look at Jungkook, eyes glazed, lips red and swollen from biting it. He then gets up and straddles Jungkook, putting his arms around Jungkook's neck. The younger swallows hard. Grinding both their cocks together now, slowly to the rhythm of the song, Jimin lets out a breathy moan as he stares down through half-lidded eyes, into Jungkook's.

Jimin looks so good in that state, it's almost a sin.

Jimin ducks his head down and inches closer to Jungkook's ear, licking the lobe and his silver loop earring, biting on it and giving it a slight tug, earning him a low groan of his name from Jungkook. Going back to his lobe, Jimin licks it again and drags his tongue up the outer shell of Jungkook's ear, teasingly. Jungkook hisses, knuckles turning white as he had been clutching onto the bedsheets.

"You still haven't given me your answer." Jimin whispers into Jungkook's ear, nibbling on the shell of Jungkook's ear. Going crazy from the sound of Jimin's breathy voice and the stimulation around his ear, Jungkook could barely even make out the words he desperately wants to say to end this torture.

"What do you want, babe...?"

"I want you, hyung. I want you so fucking bad that I want to pin you down on the bed and fuck you senseless for making me go through this torture. Enough with this teasing already." Jungkook somehow managed to get all of that out of his system, despite sounding out-of-breath and harsh. Impatience taking over him as his cock has only been getting what little friction from Jimin's incredibly slow grinding.

Jimin sits up straight and stares down at Jungkook, tilting the younger's chin up a little.

"I did say this was punishment for leaving me alone for all those weeks. Not to mention, you never did make up to me after that day. The number of times I was alone. I had to resort to jerking myself off without you. Sure it helps, but I honestly would prefer the feel of you inside me way more, you know..." Jimin gives a little pout.

How the fuck does he still look cute despite saying such naughty things?

"For saying what you said earlier, I'm not letting you move your hands yet. But since you answered me so truthfully, I'll help you out a little." Getting up, Jimin bites his lips and gently pulls off Jungkook's underwear, throwing it behind him. The sight of Jungkook's hard cock making Jimin licks his lips as he kneels down in front of Jungkook. Grabbing hold of it with his chubby hand, he gives it a few quick pumps. Jungkook groans as his cock is finally getting the attention it needs so badly.

Being so busy with composing has made him forget how good this feels, how much he needs it.


Jimin smirks, licking the vein on the underside of Jungkook's cock as he digs his thumb into the slit at the head. Jungkook's breath hitches, throwing his head back and before he could steady his breathing, he feels his cock entering Jimin's hot and wet mouth.

"Shit hyung-!"

Jimin starts bobbing his head back and forth, Jungkook's cock going deeper and deeper. Jungkook lets out curses left and right, the pleasure building up so much that he's literally holding onto the bed sheets for dear life. He looks down and quickly regrets it as his eyes meet Jimin's, opaque with lust, looking up at him through thick eyelashes. The sight of Jungkook's cock disappearing in and out of Jimin's plush pink lips, saliva coating his cock, forming and ready to drip down the sides of Jimin's mouth. Jungkook groans loudly at the sight of that.

"Fuck babe, you look so hot when sucking cock like that."

Jimin moans at the praise and the vibrations pulses through Jungkook. Letting out a hoarse groan, he releases his load into Jimin's mouth. Jimin milks out every last bit of cum, before releasing Jungkook's cock with a pop. Jungkook barely catches the sight of his cum inside Jimin's mouth, before the latter swallows it and licks his lips. Climbing back onto Jungkook, Jimin pushes their lips together before engaging in a lip biting, tongue-fighting battle with Jungkook, the after-taste of Jungkook's cum mixing into their saliva. After a hot make-out session, Jimin pulls himself away.

"I'm letting you move your hands now. I hope you're up for more."

"Fuck yes finally."

With a swift move, Jungkook turns them over, straddling Jimin on the bed and quickly taking off his own shirt. Jimin going down to unbutton the shirt he's wearing before being stopped by Jungkook.

"Keep that on. You look so sexy in it, you have no idea."

Jungkook goes down and crashes his lips with Jimin, both fighting to take control. Kissing and licking down Jimin's jaw, sucking just enough to leave small marks, he hooks his finger on 1 of the collars of Jimin's shirt and pulls it down, exposing more skin for him to feast on. Lifting the hem of the shirt, he lets his hand roam around Jimin's abs before settling on Jimin's nipple, rubbing and pinching it. Jimin gasps and arches his back off the bed at the sudden spark of pleasure.

Jungkook gets up, grabs hold of Jimin's boxers and yanks it off. Spreading Jimin's legs apart, Jungkook spots the lube and condoms on the bedside table and reaches for it. Wow, Jimin had prepared it all. Popping the lube open and pouring it onto his fingers, he chuckles.

"Hyung, what were you imagining when you were doing all that teasing earlier? Your cock here's all pink and needy, looks like you barely even touched it." Grabbing ahold of Jimin's cock, he strokes it while having his other lubed hand play with Jimin's hole. Jimin arches off the bed again, not being able to hold in his moans. He had been trying to hold off touching himself to focus on teasing Jungkook which left him pretty sensitive and aching.

Jungkook inserts a finger into Jimin's hole, pulling it out before inserting a second to start scissoring. Jimin gasps at the stretch of his rim, having not done this in so long that it makes it feel a little uncomfortable but still so good. Jungkook probes around until he finds the squishy texture he's looking for, quickly inserting a third finger and starts jabbing onto it. Jimin lets out sharp moans, the continuous jabs on his prostate sending sparks all over his body. Jungkook bites his lip, mesmerized by the state
Jimin is in.

"God, the sounds you're making." Jungkook growls as he reaches for the foil packet. Jimin watches amidst moaning, Jungkook biting a corner of the packet with his teeth and riping it open.

"Fuck, I love it when you do that." Jimin smirks, biting onto his lower lip.

Why is Jimin always testing his self-control?

Jungkook pulls his fingers out of Jimin and quickly puts on the condom over his cock. Slicking it up a little more, he leans in front of Jimin's hole and circle his cock around it before pushing it in. Jimin lets out an inaudible moan as Jungkook hovers over him, letting Jimin adjust to the size. He knows he's hungry and desperate for Jimin but they haven't done it in awhile and he doesn't want to see his boyfriend get hurt if he were to start moving too fast. When he sees the older relaxing a little, he starts thrusting slowly. Jimin puts his arms around Jungkook's neck as they both grunt and moan against each other's lips that are brushing against each other.

"Ah-ah, yes, Jungkook-ah, fuck me harder-"

Jungkook pulls out almost entirely and slams it back in, making Jimin cry out in pleasure. Repeating it, Jungkook nips on Jimin's neck and collar bone, biting it enough that it would leave a red mark but not exactly a harsh bruise. Their moans, gasps and sounds of skin-on-skin slapping are, luckily, being drown out by the music playing and resonating in the background. Jungkook pulls himself away from Jimin, taking in the sight of his boyfriend on the bed, eyes shut close, lips plush and red, parted and obscenely moaning, hair in disarray with the fringe matted onto his forehead with sweat and Jungkook's shirt on Jimin, messy and even more see-through from the sweat. And the view of his own cock fucking into Jimin's tight hole.

Such a sight and Jungkook loves it. Catching sight of Jimin's nipple under the shirt, Jungkook tweaks it through the fabric. Jimin squirms under the touch, Jungkook's name spilling out of his mouth, or at least what sounds like it. He feels Jimin slowly tightening.

"Jungkook-ah, I'm gonna-" Jungkook quickly slips his hand between them, holding Jimin's cock firmly at the base and slows down his thrusts, preventing Jimin from releasing. Jimin lets out an exasperated sigh.

"Not yet,'re just so tight and sensitive tonight, I just want to eat you up more. Like this. All mine for me. Tonight." Jungkook's voice is husky, almost animalistic. Jimin shudders.

"Jung- Jungkook..." Jimin opens his eyes to look at Jungkook, eyes filled with so much want. Jungkook dives down and bites on Jimin's lips, pushing his tongue into the older's mouth as they indulge in a messy kiss, all saliva and tongue. Jimin slips his hand behind Jungkook's head, grabbing onto Jungkook's hair, bringing their kiss deeper.


Brrrrrrr. Brrrrrrrr. Brrrrrrrrr.

Jungkook stops and side-glances to his right. His phone that he had thrown to the side somewhere between all the kissing, is vibrating. Someone's calling him. Not giving anymore thought on it, he goes back to biting Jimin's lips.

"J-Jungkookie, your phone-"

"Ignore it." Thrusting in hard, Jungkook stops Jimin from thinking any further, the sudden thrusting making Jimin gasp. Jungkook pulls Jimin up until he's sitting with Jimin straddling him, hands going to grab Jimin's round ass.

"Fuck yourself on my cock and forget bout my phone." Jimin gives out a small whimper as he puts his hand on Jungkook's shoulders and starts bouncing. Jungkook licks Jimin's jawline and listens to Jimin's sweet gaspy moans, something he wishes he could record it and put it as his phone ringtone. Another second passes and Jungkook's phone stops vibrating.

"That vibrating phone just gave me an idea on something we can try next time. Hyung would probably love it, seeing how tight and slutty you get for my cock." Jimin mewls at how filthy he's being called. Jungkook smirks, groping on Jimin's ass and giving it a hard smack, making Jimin cry out. He knows Jimin loves being called filthy things, the number of times Jimin would suddenly rub his ass against Jungkook's crotch whenever they're alone, keening whenever Jungkook bends to his ear and calls him his slut.

Knock knock.

Jungkook rolls his eyes, annoyed at all the intrusions they're getting. Silencing Jimin with his hand, he glares at the direction of the door.

What now.

"Jimin~? Jiminie, are you still awake~?" Taehyung could be heard calling in a sing-song voice, accompanied by another series of knocks.

As much as he feels bad ignoring Taehyung, this isn't the right time for Taehyung to come over. Especially NOT when he's in Jimin's room, with Jimin going down on him.

"Jiminieeeee, I can hear your music playing, are you still awake?~"

He's not giving up, is he?

"Kookie....." Jungkook looks back at Jimin, the older now licking Jungkook's fingers that had been covering his mouth. Jimin puts a finger into his mouth and sucks on it, eyes glazed as he grinds himself slowly onto the younger. Jungkook burns up at the sight, something snaps inside him as he starts feeling wild.

Is Jimin getting excited? The sudden realization forming an idea in his head. Jungkook smirks, feeling bold.

Hooking his arms under Jimin's thighs, he holds onto Jimin's ass and carries him up and off the bed, cock still inside Jimin. The older's eyes grow wide, as he quickly realizes what Jungkook is doing.

"Jungkook, what are you doing? We shouldn't-"

"I know you want this. I could feel your little hole tightening around me."

Jungkook presses Jimin onto the wall, couple of metres from the door and slowly starts thrusting into Jimin. Using his hand, Jimin tries to muffle his moans, now coming out as silent gasps.

"I didn't know you're into this, babe. You're so tight now. Does knowing the possibility of them catching us like this excite you?" Jimin's back arches off the wall, much to the amusement of Jungkook. Though Jungkook would be lying if he says this doesn't excite him too.

Knock knock. "Jiminie~~~"

"Tae? What are you doing?" The sound of Seokjin's voice could be heard a distance away. Jimin lets out a soft moan, the presence of another member outside the door exciting him even more. Jungkook's smirk grew wider, adrenaline rushing through him as the excitement grows on him too.

"Oh, I was calling for Jimin. I'm bored so I thought of hanging out with him and I thought he's awake since I can hear music playing inside"

"Hmm, what a pity. I thought of eating some food with him. I mean, look at all this food I brought."

Jungkook thrusts harder into Jimin, feeling even more bold. Jimin, who's trying not to let his voice be heard, feels helpless as Jungkook pounds into him. If it weren't for the music playing loudly, the sound of skin slapping would be audible from the other side of the door. Jungkook brings himself closer to Jimin's ear.

"Look at you trying so hard to contain your voice. Why not let Tae-hyung and Jin-hyung hear it, huh? Listen to your sweet moans as you get fucked up your ass by my cock?"


"Or would you rather have them actually catch us? The looks on their faces when they see you getting pounded hard against the wall, slutty hole stretched open and fucked hard."


Jungkook licks his lips, relishing how Jimin keens at the thought. He leans down and sucks on Jimin's collarbone, lapping away at it after. Jimin lets out strangled moans, finding it too hard to contain it anymore. His hands grabbing ahold onto Jungkook, nails scratching and digging onto the younger's broad back. He can feel the familiar heat pooling again, climax ready to hit him hard soon.

"-I think Jungkook's sleeping already too."

"Well, their loss. Let's just eat all this by ourselves."


The sound of their footsteps walking away, and the beep of a door unlocking could be heard, probably Seokjin's room. At the sound of the door closing, Jungkook pushes Jimin up higher against the wall and jackhammers into Jimin, this time letting their grunts and moans out loud. One, two more thrusts and Jimin cries out as he cums all over their abdomens, unable to hold it in anymore. Jungkook chuckles, watching the last of the streaks of white shooting out from Jimin's cock.

"Knowing you get excited from that earlier, I should punish you." With that, Jungkook carries Jimin to the bed and drops him there. Not bothering to clean up the mess on Jimin's abdomen, he pulls Jimin by the legs to the side of the bed and flips Jimin around. He props Jimin's ass up high in front of him and gives it a good smack, resulting in Jimin yelping.

"Fuck, I love your ass, so plump and firm and these thighs. The way you were dancing in front of me earlier, just watching your thigh muscles contouring has me going crazy." Jungkook slides his hands down Jimin's inner thigh, watching as Jimin tenses up from the touch, despite shaking badly from cumming earlier. Jungkook licks a strip up Jimin's thigh and bites down hard at the end. Jimin could only muffle a scream into the bedsheets, voice already disappearing on him. Jungkook licks at the incoming bruise, he knows no one would be seeing it anyway. No one but him. The bruise would be a good reminder and punishment for now.

Jungkook pushes Jimin further to the front and kneels down on the bed behind Jimin, before aligning himself and pushing his cock into Jimin in one quick motion. Bending over Jimin's small frame, he hooks his legs under Jimin's to spread Jimin wider as he pounds into Jimin at an animalistic pace now. So much that the bed starts rocking under them. Jimin could only moan helplessly, taking it all in, too tired to move anymore.

"I love you, hyung. Love how you take me in so easily. Love how you look when I'm fucking you." Jungkook kisses the back of Jimin's shoulders.

"I love you too, Jungkookie. Love how your cock fills me up." Jimin manages to croak out amidst moaning. Jungkook hisses.

"Always such a slut for me." Jungkook grabs ahold of Jimin's cock and pumps it hard. Jimin cries out, still very sensitive from cumming, his hips stuttering, pleasure now coming from both ways. With Jungkook hitting against his prostate hard, again and again, Jimin clenches around Jungkook. Sparks flying everywhere around his body as he feels his release building again before letting it all out, strips of white shooting onto the bed under him. Jungkook, with another couple more thrusts, releases his load too.

After he milks out both their orgasms, Jimin drops onto the bed, panting as he comes down from his high. Jungkook pulls out his cock, takes off the condom and ties it, throwing it into the bin nearby. As he prepares to get up to take some tissues, he feels Jimin grab onto his hand. The older glances at him over his shoulders, pouting slightly. Jungkook laughs.

"Lemme take some tissues and clean us up first, okay?"

Jimin lets his hand fall onto the bed and Jungkook wobbles to the bathroom, grabbing a roll of tissue. He's amazed that he still has the strength to somehow walk after such intense sex. He comes out from the bathroom and flips Jimin to his side, wiping the cum from his abdomen and also bed. Well, as much as he can from the bed anyway. It probably needs to be thrown away by the cleaners the next day.

After cleaning up and throwing all the tissues away, he lies down next to Jimin, bringing Jimin closer to him. Jimin snuggles into the crook of Jungkook's shoulder.

"That good....." Jimin laughs a little at his own remark. Jungkook smiles, well-satisfied at his boyfriend's comment. However remembering something, he turns serious.



"I'm sorry we didn't get to spend much time together for the last few weeks. I just- I had the idea and I wanted to have it done when I have the inspiration still fresh in my mind, you know?"

"It's ok, Jungkookie...Actually to be honest, I was more worried bout your well-being. Sure I had to fend for myself when I'm horny, haha, but I also noticed that you barely got any sleep and you always skip a meal or two just to compose..." Jimin buries his head onto Jungkook's shoulder.

"I love you, Jungkookie...So don't do that anymore, okay? I know you're busy composing but you have to take care of yourself." 

Jungkook hugs Jimin closer and kisses Jimin's forehead. "Okay, I won't. Sorry for making you worry. I love you too so, I'll make sure to eat and get lots of rest from now on."

Jimin smiles and looks up at Jungkook, giving a kiss on Jungkook's cheek.

"And also tend to my Jiminie-hyung's horny needs." Jungkook finishes and gives Jimin's ass a squeeze.

Jimin grabs the pillow behind him and hits Jungkook with it.