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She's a Pirate

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When she woke up in the faint light of the rising sun seeping in through the cabin windows, Asami was momentarily a little confused.

It wasn't that she woke up pressed against the strong body of her captain, it was the lack of clothing that really threw her off. They had been sleeping in the same bed for the past week since the exchange with her father, gradually building trust and comfort in their relationship. Korra's legs were intertwined with her own and their breasts were pressing together, and the further Asami looked the less clothes she discovered. There was no getting around the fact that they were both as naked as the day they were born.

But then the heiress felt a pleasant burning sensation in her muscles, and she suddenly remembered why: last night, she had finally dared to give Korra her virginity.

And it had been a truly amazing experience. As rough and rude as Korra could be, she was so tender and gentle when they were in bed together, most of the time pressing soft kisses on every inch of Asami's skin. Her hands were skilled, and in spite of the fact that they had been roughed up by years of fighting and seafaring, still had the power to make Asami feel safe, even when she was at her most vulnerable.

Nowhere was this more apparent than their current predicament, because Asami didn't feel the least bit frightened. A little nervous, maybe, because she had eased her nerves with a single glass of rum, but she hadn't been fully drunk. Neither of them had been, because Korra was almost just as nervous for this as Asami was, which was weird, considering her experience.

But it also made sense, since Korra was not used to sharing her bed with someone she actually trusted and cared for, normally only with whores or other women who just wanted a quick screw. And of course Asami was well-aware of that, but it was just pretty hard to care now that they were together at last.

Korra suddenly began stirring, stretching some of her muscles that hadn't fully committed to waking up yet.

"That tickles, you know," Asami giggled at the sensation of Korra's pubic hair brushing on her thigh.

The captain chuckled. "Sorry. Guess I should shave a bit more often now, shouldn't I?"

Asami shrugged. "I don't care. It's a part of you, and I love it all." Korra smiled and rolled forward a little, pressing a soft kiss on her lips. "Okay, maybe not the morning breath," the heiress added.

At this, Korra laughed and gave her a shove, finally splitting them. The captain had rolled back, now on full display, while Asami was at least still partially covered by the single sheet they had slept under.

Knowing that they were in absolutely no rush to go anywhere, the heiress traced her finger over the multitude of Korra's scars, trying to memorize all of them.

As Asami was doing that, she shifted in the bed a little, and two things happened: first of all, the sheet slipped off her hips but stayed on her torso, not that she cared much, and second, the edge of the bed started poking her in the hips. "Hmm, if I'm going to be sleeping in this bed, we definitely need to do some remodeling," she chuckled.

Korra chuckled and rolled her head, facing Asami again. "I guess... Though I wouldn't rush it, because this one means I get to play with you some more..." She ran her fingers over Asami's arm, down to her side, finally to her hips. "Hold on," she suddenly said, and pushed herself up in bed. "How did I not notice this last night?" Korra was clearly staring at Asami's new tattoo, that she got over the week on her hip.

"Maybe because you were a little busy? It was also dark, I'm not surprised you missed a few things," the heiress answered.

The captain raised an eyebrow as she ran her fingers over it, trying to get aquainted with the light scarring a tattoo would give her for the time being. "Why did you get it?"

Asami sighed. "Because of you." It was a compass rose, with the four cardinal directions marked. Not that that answered much to Korra, she still looked confused. "You gave my moral compass a good whack, and now because of you, it's pointing north again. Hakoda did it, and I asked him not to tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise."

Korra smiled. "Well, I love it." She pressed a gentle kiss on it, and then continued to kiss her way up, slowly letting the sheet slip off Asami's body. When they were face to face again, the heiress had rolled onto her back again, and Korra was right on top of her. "Ready for round two?"

Asami's smile grew. "Definitely."

It was practically noon by the time Korra and Asami emerged from the captain's cabin, mostly because none of the crew had had the gall to disturb them. Probably because they weren't exactly being quiet and none of them would want to face the wrath of Korra if they interrupted her private time with Asami.

But as they walked to the quarterdeck, Korra couldn't help but shake her head at a coy smiles being thrown her way. Of course, she wasn't really pertubed by them as much as Asami was, who was slowly turning pretty darn red.

-"Captain," Mako greeted her. "Been busy?"

"Christ, not you too. It's not like we were the only ones fucking last night."

He nodded, but didn't seem convinced. "Be that as it may, everyone aboard couldn't hear them go at it."

Korra looked over to Asami, who had resorted to burying her face in her hands from the shame, and decided to put an end to it. "Alright, that's enough about our nighttime activities. How are we looking?"

-"Right. Well, the crew is antsy and excited to raid the Sato Manor, so we're ready for a long journey."

The captain turned to Asami. "You sure you want to let this lot in there?"

-"I am. That place was a prison. All I want out of it are my mother's things."

"And I'll make sure those are off limits," Korra nodded. "Well, Mako, it looks like we're ready. Weigh the anchor, drop the sails, we go full canvas. Winds are good, and she's ready."

Mako smiled. "Aye, Captain." He repeated her orders, and before long, they were out at full sea again, headed for the Fire Nation.

After everything was set, she looked up Asami again, who was in the galley, making initial preparations for dinner. "Hey, Sato."

-"Captain," she replied with a grin. They'd been calling each other that for so long that it almost felt unnatural to be doing it differently.

"Do you really think we can find information on my mother at your house?" This was information that Asami had shared after the exchange, and Korra realized it would be a pretty good reason to go there for her. The crew got excited at the prospect of more gold locked in Hiroshi's vault, right up for the taking. It was a risk going to the Fire Nation, but if Kora could get a lead on her mother, it would be worth it.

Asami nodded. "If you can find it anywhere, it'll be there. We're going to find her. After everything you've done for me, that's one thing I can help you do."

Korra chuckled. "I suppose that's fair enough."

-"Captain!" someone called from the stairs. "We need you up on deck."

"Aye, I'll be right there." She turned back to Asami. "Come on, one more kiss, and then I'll let you get back to it."

The heiress happily obliged, laughing as Korra made her way back on deck.

It turned out to be only a small thing, and soon enough, Korra and Mako were back on the quarterdeck when they saw Asami emerge from the lower deck to announce dinner was ready.

Mako chuckled and shook his head. "You really hit a bullseye with this one, you know that, right?"

Kora smiled. "Of course I do. I'm pretty much the luckiest asshole on the planet."

"Very true. And yet, I keep wondering, how is it that you, of all people, managed to hook a noblewoman?"

Korra smiled. "Mostly my rugged charms. Besides, she's not a noblewoman," she continued, turning to face Asami, who joined them on the quarterdeck and pressed a quick kiss on her lips. "She's a pirate."