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Blake's H.O.U.N.D. of Baskerville

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Infernal hound from mists arise,
With coal-black fur and burning eyes.
Lain dormant over many years,
Now stalk re’waken’d spectral fears.

Archaic wording captivates
S Holmes, when Henry Knight relates
A tale that doesn’t else astound
Re: footprints of a giant hound.

Nightmare's lair unearthly seems:
All sounds are damped, save snarls and screams.
From doubted reason, Sherlock’s made
Low: cold inside, and so afraid.

Eager, Holmes doth infiltrate
The martial Baskerville estate.
Hacked computer information’s
Evidence for a summation:

Dewer’s Hollow birthed a myth—
Knight’s Liberty In shrouded pith—
Deliriant drug made beast of man:
Veiled Diable’s murd’rous plan.