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Marry Me A Little

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Jonny is on the ice at the same time as Patrick, both sides warming up. Patrick’s in Team USA colors and he’s joking around with Kesler by the bench. As Jonny skates past he hears Kesler say, “-other guys won’t stop complaining it’s fucking cold here.”

“I dunno,” Patrick replies, catching sight of Jonny and grinning. “I’d say my honeymoon was pretty fucking cold.”

Jonny laughs as he skates back to the Canadian side of the rink, nodding at Carter and Sidney, who are both looking at him with identical expressions. “What?”

They’re about to go over to their respective benches when Patrick yells, “Will you sleep with me tonight?!”

Jonny shows him the middle finger. They’re supposed to be rivals, are rivals, but Jonny can’t help but think that whatever happens, the only gold he really cares about is on the ring finger of an obnoxious American asshole.