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Drabble Collection - Ohmiya

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Bottom’s up l 463 words l R


He’s not going to last. 

Ohno knows this, of course, because Ohno knows Nino’s body more than he himself does. It’s a fact that he’s not that stupid to rectify, not anymore, not after the countless times Ohno’s driven him to the edge of pleasure without even as much as trying. 

The sheets feel like it’s the only thing anchoring him down, twisting the fine fabric in between his fingers as he closes his eyes and allow the sensation to take over. Ohno is rutting behind him with measured, uncomplicated strokes, every thrust sending his cock deeper into Nino everytime and with every deliberate brush of the tip against that bundle of nerves inside Nino makes Nino want to scream or cry or both. 

“You’re trying to hold it in.” Ohno says, voice rough with exertion. Nino finds his voice so inexplicably sexy. “don’t.” 


Ohno pushes in, then pulls back out that only the head of his cock remains buried inside Nino, letting Nino feel the gaping emptiness Ohno’s cock left him before Ohno is ramming back in. The movement took Ohno deep, deeper than the he’s ever been and thus hitting that spot inside Nino that has Nino keening his pleasure before he could stop himself. 

“Come,” Ohno rasps out, fingers tight and unforgiving against Nino’s hips. “don’t hold back. Come. Let me hear how good it feels. Come for me.”

This time, Nino does scream – loud and fierce that he’s only vaguely afraid his neighbors will hear him, cock spurting before he even manages to touch himself.


The next thing he realizes, he is being moved. Ohno is carefully maneuvering him to lie on his back while Ohno grunts and mutters something indistinct under his breath. Nino lies there, pliant as a doll and panting. Ohno’s hand cups his softening cock, unfazed at the mess Nino made, of Nino’s own come plastered against his own skin. 

“Still with me, Nino?” Ohno says, just as he slides back in with a hiss. Nino’s breath stutters out of him in rush as Ohno settles above him, mouth seeking his. Then Ohno reaches down between them to touch him, his fingers light and coaxing. 

“O-Oh-chan, I can’t,” he complains, shuddering at the pleasure-pain but Ohno’s fingers are insistent, his mouth seeking Nino’s own for a dirty kiss. 

“You can,” Ohno insists, pumping him to the rhthym of Ohno’s hip jerks. “you will.” 

Nino’s not sure if he’s still capable of it  but he does keen when Ohno’s thumb graces his slit. Ohno fucks into him, hard and fast and rough, and Nino arches back into him to welcome him. 

“Take me, all of me, Nino!” Ohno grunts his commands into Nino’s mouth and Nino knows that he will, even if it kills him.






Sugar and Spice l 551 words l PG


Sho likes to tell him he’s an idiot for turning down Ohno’s offer time and time again. Nino likes to agree but it’s hard when there are a million and one reason why he shouldn’t – why he and Ohno shouldn’t.

One of them is this.

“I don’t cook,” he says, more like complains, though it’s getting increasingly difficult to explain himself when Ohno’s fingers are on his hips and Ohno’s lips is warm and distracting against his collarbones. “you’ll starve, I mean –“ 

“Pre-packaged food exists for a reason, Kazu.” Ohno chuckles into his neck, warm and familiar. Nino keens at the contact, wishing he can hurry things along. He doesn’t, though,  because he knows Ohno doesn’t like it when he’s being rushed and Nino kind of doesn’t want him to. 

“Your mother will kill me if she finds out that’s all I ever feed you.” he says, fingers finding the back of Ohno’s neck to hold on to. Ohno makes a noise at the back of his throat and nips his way to Nino’s ear. 

“I’m a grown man,” Ohno says, fingers tracing Nino’s abdomen idly; Nino finds himself inexplicably turned on by just that simple touch. “she knows that, Nino; you don’t have to trouble yourself with those things.” Then, to Nino’s disappointment, Ohno pulls away only so he can stare at him.

“Just tell me if you don’t want it,” Ohno says, voice low and careful, his eyes guarded in that way that makes Nino’s heart hurt. “and I won’t ask you again, I promise.” 

He is leaning in for a kiss, hands seizing Ohno’s face, dropping kisses to the corners of Ohno’s mouth to the tips of his nose, his eyes. 

“I want it,” he whispers, just high enough for Ohno to hear. “I want it so much that I’m afraid that if I say yes, I’m going to mess up and I’ll lose you, and that’s. I can’t bear that, Oh-chan. I can’t.” 

Ohno is still for a moment before he is the one leaning forward for a kiss this time, one that has Nino gasping for breath when Ohno pulls away. 

“You worry too much, Kazu,” Ohno says, confidently, into his mouth. “it’s us, remember? We don’t mess up. We fight, and sometimes it feels like we want to kill each other but that’s so different from messing up. We’re not going to because we love each other and we can’t live without each other. It’s not possible, you know that. So don’t  be scared, okay? I’m here. You’re not doing it alone, I’m with you, remember?” 

He’s not sure what kind of explanation that is, or if he even needs one but somehow, he understands what Ohno is saying. The two of them, they are inevitable, a force he couldn’t control, something he shouldn’t try to anymore. 

“Silly, Oh-chan.” He says, planting a kiss to Ohno’s mouth. Ohno beams at him and wraps him into his arms. 

“Well, yeah.” Ohno agrees, though even his voice sounded smug. Nino wants to smother him with kisses but he settles on wrapping himself around Ohno instead. 

“But I love you,” he says, into the side of Ohno’s neck. “and yes, let’s move in together. Please.” 

Ohno chuckles, arms going tight around him. “I’m glad. Yes, let’s do that.”




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I’m going out, he types. Aiba-chan invited me to Yamada-kun’s birthday party. 

He taps the SEND button and waits anxiously for Ohno’s reply. He knows Ohno is at the dance studio, rehearsing with Jun. 

Till what time?.. is Ohno’s simple reply; Nino rolls his eyes as he starts typing. 

Maybe until midnight?.. he types. Aiba-chan will take me home, he adds. I promise I will not get drunk. 

Midnight, my ass. Make it until ten and you get yourself a deal. And of course, no drinking or else I will ban you from ever going out with Aiba-chan… Ohno replies. He checks his phone’s time and realizes it’s not even four yet. And don’t you dare wear shorts, okay? Wear jeans. And send me the address of Yamada-kun’s apartment, so I can pick you up myself in case Aiba-chan is too drunk to drive you guys home. 

I was planning on wearing your shorts, am I still not allowed?, he types, grinning wickedly.

No… Ohno returns, and Nino wonders whether Ohno is really working, judging with how quickly he replies. Jeans or you’re not going anywhere. Don’t test me, Nino.

It’s fucking hot outside, Oh-chan! 

Then don’t go!.. Ohno returns. If it’s too hot, stay at home where it’s cool. 

I already said I will go, he types, annoyed.  Aiba-chan will get mad if I say I won't be coming after all.

He’s not sure whether to be happy or pissed that he has the most possessive boyfriend ever because he’s like that too most of the time but Ohno’s seldom bout of possessiveness is weird and kind of stupid. 

It’s not an invitation to the White House, Kazu, surely you can still cancel it if you want to. If you want, I can even call Aiba-chan to tell him you’re not going… Ohno replied. 

You’re so damn weird, he replies, shaking his head. 

It’s a party, Ohno replies, so many people are going to be there and I can’t trust Aiba-chan to keep an eye on you when he’s on his way to getting drunk. I swear you won’t hear me say anything if we’re going to that party together. 

That at least made him smile, cheeks warm as he types, I don’t need a babysitter, Satoshi… I’m old enough to take care of myself. 

Right, as if you can fend off guys who likes to stare at your legs  or flirt with you because let’s be honest here, you like the attention. And I honestly am not going to be able to keep my head straight enough to focus on finishing this damn choreography if I’m worrying about you, so give me some damn slack. You want to go to that party, fine. But you’re going there wearing jeans and you’re not gonna stay there until midnight. And you’re going to answer my texts and my calls because if you don’t, I’ll crash that party and drag your ass home with me and I don’t care who’s watching. 

He sighs. What time will you be home, again? 

Around seven. Or earlier if Matsumoto-san approves this routine. We’ve been at this for three hours now and I’m sick of it. 

He sounds like it too, Nino thinks; Ohno also sounds exhausted and the last thing Nino wants is to upset him on top of everything else. 

Make sure you’re bringing home dinner and beers, he types, smiling to himself, or I’m locking you out. 

It took Ohno a few minutes to answer  but when he did, Nino knows it’s worth it to stay home than go out. 

I’ll be there at six with Chinese takeouts and two six-packs of Kirin, how’s that? 

He grins. See you then. 

Shall I call Aiba-chan for you? Tell him you changed your mind and you decided to be a good wife, staying home to wait for her husband instead? 

No, I’ll do it, he types, and for the record, you are seriously going to pay for that. 

I will, oh and I love you… is Ohno’s simple reply but it is honestly enough to melt his annoyance as if it’s nothing. 

He chuckles. You’re lucky I love you too. 

I am. See you in a few hours, Nino. 

You better. Take care on your way home. 

I will.  

He sighs and dials Aiba’s speed dial. “Aiba-shii, I’m sorry, something came up, I don’t think I can make it…”



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Forgotten l Ohmiya l 352 words l PG/Angst
Nino doesn’t remember how he got here.
The room is as familiar as the bed he’s lying at, his head pounding painfully. He breathes carefully through his nose and tries not to wince at the sudden realization that his limbs feel like steel and that he can’t move them.
“Easy,” says a voice, gentle but equally unfamiliar. Nino wonders who it is. “don’t move, you’ll hurt yourself.”
He knows he has to, but it’s different when you know what you need to do but your brain is telling you to do something else.
“Where am I?” he croaks. It’s when the words are out of his mouth that he realized even his voice sounded strange.
There’s a fleeting touch across his forehead after that, and Nino feels his confusion elevate when the stranger’s face follows next, the stranger’s lips pressing soft, almost seemingly apologetic kisses against the side of his mouth.
“W-What…are you doing?”
“You don’t remember.” the stranger says. It’s not exactly an answer and Nino supposes it should confuse the fuck out of him but it doesn’t. In fact, when he knows he should be scared, he’s not; he feels safe, he feels like nothing and no one could ever harm him when he is in the company of the stranger.
“I guess I don’t,” he murmurs, unsure of what to say after that. “will you tell me what’s going on?”
The stranger looks vaguely like he is trying not to cry. Nino feels like he’s done something gravely wrong.
“I almost lost you, Nino,” the stranger whispers into Nino’s cheek, nosing the start of his hair in the most gentle of ways that makes Nino feel so precious, something that so easy to break. The stranger’s fingers cup his face, softly, too softly, lips pressed against his brow. “almost… God, I –“
“I… I d-don’t remember.” He mumbles, frustrated.
A whimper-like sound escapes the stranger’s throat. “Shhh, it’s okay,” the stranger says and Nino wants to tell him it’s not but held himself. “everything’s going to be fine, Nino.”
He closes his eyes and wishes the stranger is right.

Backfire l Ohmiya l R l 394 words
“You stopped,” Nino says, hoping he didn’t sound like he’s whining, though it is difficult to care about anything, least of all his voice sounding like a begging pup when all he wants is for Ohno to stop looking like a goddamn tease and get back to what he was doing before.
“I was thinking maybe I should probably ask your approval before I –“ Ohno says, mouth twisting in amusement and Nino gave himself exactly two seconds to soak Ohno’s expression in before he is sliding his hand around the back of Ohno’s neck and pulling him in.
“Like hell you will.” He hisses and slants his mouth over Ohno’s, tongue slipping in between Ohno’s lips for a quick swipe and groaning at the unfamiliar but wonderful taste of him, trying to ground himself as they kiss. He’s never had it quite like this and Nino finds himself intoxicated with it all, moaning into Ohno’s mouth as Ohno quickly takes over and gives Nino the full service.
“Holy shit –“ he curses, but his words are quickly cut off by Ohno sucking on his lower lip before shoving his tongue inside Nino’s mouth, seeking the wet crevices inside as if he has all the fucking right to do so. Nino finds himself melting further into the wall where Ohno has him pinned safely, firmly, whimpering at the sensation of Ohno’s tongue thrusting in and out of Nino’s mouth.
When Ohno lets him free, Nino’s mouth feels swollen, a little abused, but he doesn’t mind it, not at all. Not when the second he opens his eyes he sees the way he left Ohno’s lips equally bruised and red, and Ohno’s eyes dark as the midnight skies.
“L-Leader –“
Ohno takes his face in between Ohno’s hand, mouth no longer twisting with amusement. In fact, it is curled with determination now, something that makes Nino’s own stomach trip up his throat at the sight.
“If you want me to stop, now’s your chance to say so,” Ohno breathes, closing the distance between them till they’re almost nose to nose. Nino feels trapped, wanted, desired, and he’ll be stupid to try and resist it.
And he won’t.
He shakes his head and closes his fingers around Ohno’s collar, licking his lips watching Ohno watch him.
“Like hell I will,” he repeats and tugs Ohno in.

Rendezvous l Ohmiya l NC 17 l 814 words
He’d said it casually, but the way it was met was something he never really expected. Then somehow, finding himself on his knees not even half an hour later, at the back of the bar’s alleyway, with the man he hadn’t even met before tonight’s fingers threading through his hair and the weight of the man’s cock heavy on his tongue was equally unexpected, but not bad.
He ran his thumb across the man’s clothed hips before twisting his fingers against the fabric, bobbing his face up and down the man’s length with renewed interest the second he heard the man’s encouraging moans. He wanted to take it slow, take his time relearning what the man’s preferences – did he want it fast and dirty? Or slow and deep?– but knew this wasn’t the time, nor the place to do that.
“A-Ah, God –“ the man hissed when he took his mouth away only so he could roll his tongue over the dripping tip, tasting salt and sweat and arousal and feeling the answering heat curling hotly in his belly. He worked his right hand around the base, thumbing the bulging veins peppering the hardened length as he used his left to unzip his pants, taking himself in hand.
When he looked up, the man was looking down, eyes alternating between his mouth licking the remnants of the man’s arousal around his lips and to his own left hand pumping his dick.
“Let’s come together,” he suggested, lewdly, licking the head of the man’s cock and tasting the newly pearled saltiness gathering at the tip. “you in my mouth while I jerk myself off.”
The man’s answering groan was hot enough to make him want to go and take the man’s cock back into his mouth but the man’s fingers stopped him before he was able to.
“No,” the man said, and before he could voice out his protests, the man was pulling him by his shoulders, arm circling around his waist.
“No?” he asked when they’re face to face, not bothering his confusion, nor his disappointment. The man simply smirked, reached up to run his thumb across his lips and murmured, “No; because I want to come inside you, so can I?”
The heat that traveled from his spine to his dick was too strong he barely able to resist leaning forward to catch the man’s lips into a dirty, dirty kiss, before he pulled away.
“My place is far, and I don’t think there’s a love hotel nearby, what do you suggest?”
The man smirked, reached down to do up their pants easily. “My place is nearer, let’s go.”
He never had it this good, and to  be honest, after tonight, he wouldn't ever find someone who could make him feel this good like this man would. He was crouched on all fours, fingers curled against the sheets and moaning as the man rocked his hips behind him, slow and sure and so fucking perfect.
Every thrusts brought the man deeper than he was inside his body, and he swore he’d never been fucked like this either. It was like the man knew exactly where to go, where to aim his cock and just how much pressure to put in each thrust that had him keening time and time again. His own dick lay hard and throbbing against his navel, but he didn’t dare touch himself and risked falling on his face and just opted on simply enjoying the ride.
“I’m Ohno, by the way,” he vaguely heard the man’s voice through the sounds of the man’s hips smacking into him, to the filthy sounds of their bodies coming together. “what about you?”
“Huh?” he returned, stupidly, and keened when the man rolled his hips in answer. “W-What?”
The man – Ohno – chuckled. “I was asking for your name,” the man said, hips stilling for a bit. “If it’s okay.”
“Ninomiya,” he at least managed to grit out, holding himself up and hoping for so much more. “you can call me Nino.”
“Nino,” Ohno said, and jerked his hips hard enough to rattle Nino and the bed, the movement taking him further deep. “I like fucking you.”
He groaned at that, closing his eyes and wishing he could twist himself over and ask Ohno if he could ride him instead. He wanted to see his face when he came, now that Nino thought about it.
But before he could voice it out, Ohno was pulling out and guiding him, hands careful on Nino’s hips as Ohno sat himself down, pulling Nino to him.
“Like this?”
“Fuck, you’re fucking wonderful, how do you even know -?”
Ohno smirked and guided him where he wanted him, sheathing Ohno’s cock to the hilt and lightly slapping his butt to urge him.
“Don’t ask,” Ohno said, kissing him hard. “just fuck.”
He grinned, bracing himself with his arms around Ohno’s shoulders and lifting himself before dropping himself down hard.

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Spin l Ohmiya l R l 390 words

Ohno pulls back from his lips and chuckles. “You’re so cute,” Ohno says; Nino wants to push Ohno away but when he gets his hands at the front of Ohno’s shirt, he ended up dragging Ohno forward into him instead.

“Shut up,” he hisses, or at least tries to, because even his voice sounded weird. It comes out sounding something in between a moan and a hiss, and really, what is Ohno even doing to him?

Ohno frames his face gently in his hands, the calloused part of his palm tickles Nino’s cheeks; he wants to lean into it but he also wants Ohno to stop being so patient, because Nino is not. He wants Ohno’s mouth on him again, Ohno’s tongue tangled with his, sharing hot breathes and wet, almost dirty kisses. He wants Ohno and that’s that.

Ohno chuckles yet again and leans in to peck the tips of Nino’s nose. The gesture only makes Nino feel cuter, damn it.

“Stop doing that,” he grunts, angling his head up and trying to catch Ohno’s lips, whining when Ohno tilts his head in time to avoid him. “Let me kiss you, oh my god.” He groans, pressing closer, crowding Ohno to the wall, at least until Ohno’s hands find his hips and flips their position over.

“So impatient,” Ohno breathes into his cheek, hips rolling into him with precision. He’s hard, and Nino is sure Ohno can feel that Nino is, too. He wants more, mumbles every single thing he wants done with him to Ohno’s ear, feeling Ohno’s body trembling with want against him.

Ohno plants his hands on either side of Nino’s head and traps him firmly there before Ohno’s mouth catches his. Soon he is being kissed senseless, Ohno’s tongue delving into his mouth in a way that leaves Nino gasping. His head is spinning, his fingers grasping the back of Ohno’s shirt for leverage, vaguely notices the way he and Ohno are pressed so close together that Nino’s not even sure where one of them ends and the other begins.

But maybe he can think about it later, not now, not when Ohno pulls his mouth away from him only so he can take it somewhere else, against Nino’s breastbone, Ohno’s fingers fighting their way to the front of Nino’s pants to touch him properly.

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“I know, Oh-chan,” he says, turning away before Ohno can even get his hands on him, “I suck, I know. You don’t have to remind me.”

Ohno’s breath comes two seconds later, into the back of his neck. “I wasn’t going to say that,” Ohno says, before his arm brands around Nino from behind. The gesture is unsurprisingly tender, but also a touché possessive, something Nino didn’t know he’d end up wanting, at least before Ohno but he guesses there’s no helping it. It’s the kind of intimacy that scares Nino before, but not anymore.

“What were you going to say then?” he asks, hiding his face from Ohno, his embarrassment, his fears. Ohno doesn’t try to turn him over and simply holds him from behind, Ohno’s arms anchoring him.

“That for someone who does it the first time, you’re actually pretty good,” Ohno tells him, his tone light and teasing against the back of Nino’s neck.

He sniffs, wondering whether Ohno is simply saying it just to make him feel better. But then again, if there’s anyone who can do so without as much as trying, it would be Ohno and that’s that.

“Yeah?” he breathes, can already feel himself shifting around to face Ohno before Ohno even prompts him to. Ohno welcomes him with both arms and Nino goes to him willingly, opening his eyes to the sight of Ohno’s smile and the feel of Ohno’s lips pressing against his own gently.

“Yeah,” Ohno agrees when he pulls away. “So, you know, it’s fine; you were good, really.”

“I didn’t suck?”

Ohno touches his cheek, the corner of his mouth. “You didn’t – you don’t, okay? Trust me on this.”

“So you want to do it again at some point?” he asks, hopeful, enjoying the way Ohno’s mouth lilts into a would-be smile.

“Only if you want to,” Ohno says, “I wouldn’t want to rush you or anything.” Ohno says, stroking his cheek.

He sighs. It’s a wonder how Ohno can make him feel better just by  being here, just by simply being close to Ohno like this but maybe, he doesn’t have to anymore. Ohno is his safe haven, he always will be, and that’s that.

Still… “You’re sure I’m not going to end up with a broken hip or something?” he asks, because Yoga? Really? He’s not sure what in hell Ohno managed to ingest without Nino knowing for him to end up taking up Yoga lessons and liking it enough to even ask Nino to join him.

“Nah,” Ohno says, and the laughter in his voice is evident Nino is rolling his eyes in answer before he even realizes it. “It’s good for your back, too.”

He sighs again. “If I broke a hip, you’re paying for the surgery, the hospital bills and the therapy.”

“Sure,” Ohno says, “but you won’t, I promise you.”

“Fine,” he says, forcing himself to pull away from Ohno’s warmth. “Let’s do it.”

Ohno tugs him in for one more kiss and smiles. “Let’s.”

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Nino saw him ducked inconspicuously before disappearing into an alleyway and Nino’s frustrated enough to allow the sudden disappearing act to stop him. He is skidding into a stop in front of the meat shop and is tugging on the door hastily, striding quickly forward and ignoring the staffs’ protests when he passes by them in search of the back door.

He finds it and is tugging it roughly open, skidding out, half-running towards the direction of the alleyway the man he is chasing after disappeared into. He is panting when he comes to a stop in front of a building’s wall and frowns, realizing he is facing a dead-end instead of an opening.

The guy also is nowhere to be found.

“Damn it,” he curses and turns around, but before he could, he finds himself suspended in mid-air, his feet dangling about two meters from the ground and the guy he is chasing after has his hand up, fingers pointed at him.

“Woah there!”

“Who are you?” the guy asks, more like bristles and Nino gives himself two precious seconds to breathe, and two more to take the other guy’s presence in. The guy is scowling, but even that sour expression isn’t enough to change the fact that he is the same person Nino’s been dreaming of all his life, since he was a child.

“Do you always ask people their names while they’re halfway off the ground?” he asks, trying his  best to act cool despite the fact that he is certain the guy can annihilate him without blinking. The only thing probably stopping the guy from outright doing so is the fact that he can sense Nino’s a mere mortal and therefore couldn’t do anything to defend himself.

What are you?” the guy asks, but at least he’s not scowling anymore. Nino takes note of the fact that the guy looks more than a little confused now than anything.

“I’m human,” Nino says, stating the obvious. “I’m sure you can tell that just by looking at me.”

A beat, and Nino watches the guy as he slowly regards him. “Why are you following me?”

Nino clears his throat and offers the guy a smile. “Could you at least, I don’t know, put me down first before we talk? I’m about to be sick and I’m sure you’re not going to like it if I start throwing up before I even –“

The guy puts his hand down and Nino suddenly finds himself on solid ground again, almost stumbling over if not for the guy’s steadying hand around his shoulders.


“So tell me,” the guy asks, when he is certain Nino can finally stand on his own two feet without falling over. “Who are you and why are you following me?”

Nino blinks; up-close, the guy’s features are softer, his lips smaller, his nose even more so. Girly, to  be honest, but nothing about him is, really. Not if Nino is going to base his impression of him through the dreams Nino kept having about him.

Face warm, Nino clears his throat and finds himself averting his eyes. “I… My name is Nino. Ninomiya Kazunari.”

“Ninomiya-san, why are you following me?” the guy asks, without missing a beat, and despite the fact that Nino has his eyes focused elsewhere, he is sure the guy’s eyes are on his face, assessing him. “Who sent you? You’re human so that means you can’t do anything to me, or even have anything to defend yourself with. You’re not bait, are you?”

Nino forces himself to breathe. “I’m not,” he says, hoping he sounded honest, despite the way his voice is quaking. “I… you don’t know me, but I know you.”

“How so?” the guy asks, “I am sure I have never met you, at least not before today.”

Nino bravely raises his head to meet the guy’s eyes. Suddenly, he is assaulted with the visions of his dreams, which Nino is now unsure if they were even that to begin with. The guy doesn’t recognize him, after all, but.

But Nino does and that’s what matters.

“I’ve been dreaming about you, since I was little,” he says, face hot; he watches the guy’s face twitch in answer, as if he is trying to choose between huffing and laughing loudly into Nino’s face. Nino doesn’t let the embarrassment stop him. “I didn’t know what to make of it, really, and I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy but I…I just, I also want to know why.”

It is quiet for a while, neither of them says anything, and Nino doesn’t realize the guy just took a step forward until he has his hands on either side of Nino’s face, cupping Nino’s cheek gently and closing his eyes.

Nino blinks, unsure of what to say, what to do, until the guy pulls away. Then all of a sudden, he looks up, mouth twisting mirthlessly as he starts talking.

“If you think sending me a soulmate is going to persuade me to come home, you’re mistaken!” the guy half-yells into the sky overhead, before he is turning his attention to Nino. “Sending him here just makes it better, you hear me?”


The guy takes his hand. “Ninomiya-san, I’m Ohno. My father sent you to be with me, so you’re coming with me.”


“You’re my soulmate, and that’s why you kept on dreaming about me. Come with me and I’ll tell you everything?”


The guy, Ohno, stops and leans in till they’re nose to nose. “I didn’t know I have one either, but I guess I was wrong. You’re one more thing they tried to take away from me, obviously, but –“

“Erm, excuse me, I don’t know –“ he says, or at least starts to, his  brain halting into a full stop when Ohno’s mouth finds his for a soft kiss. Suddenly, Nino realizes he can’t breathe, fingers grabbing for purchase around Ohno’s arms as his mind swims with images of himself beneath this man, naked and writhing in pleasure as Ohno takes what he is given time and time again.

“Now you know,” Ohno says when he pulls back, and if Nino has doubts before, they completely melt away the second his lips touched Ohno’s. “Nino.”

“Oh god.”

Ohno grins and kisses him again.

Chapter Text

“Your  butt –“ Nino muses aloud, “is a work of art. I mean, seriously. I love it.”  Nino adds, entirely unashamed that he is squeezing the said body part with utter seriousness even despite the amount of strangled noises Jun is currently making in the background.

As if to prove Nino’s point, Ohno wriggles his ass even despite Nino’s hands grasping both cheeks. Nino sighs and squeezes again just because he can. “See? So perfect, god.”

Aiba sidles towards them as if on cue. “I know right?” Aiba says, “Can I touch it too, Nino?”

“If you want to lose a hand, then go ahead,” Nino says with a completely straight face; Aiba backs away, pouting. Ohno hums thoughtfully into the cushion he is currently face-planted into and Nino resumes his squeezing.

“Marking your property, eh, Nino?” Sho comments, amused; Nino huffs and ducks down unceremoniously to sniff at one of Ohno’s butt cheeks before biting the same spot.

“Of course,” Nino says, nose in the air; “I wouldn’t want anyone’s dirty hands touching my stuff. I’m possessive like that, so sue me.” Nino says, before he unceremoniously sticks his middle finger in between Ohno’s buttcheeks through the fabric.

As if on cue, Jun wails a murderous,


Chapter Text

Nino’s not even sure how he ended up in here, squeezed between a vampire and a werewolf, nursing a beer. But he guesses it couldn’t be helped when his best friend is half-human, half-ghoul, and is engaged to a demon.

The back of Nino’s ear itches even before he hears the sound of someone’s voice speaking to him.

“You’re not supposed to be in here,” nosy newcomer says, lowly, but Nino swears it sure feels like the words were spoken directly into Nino’s ears. Nino shivers involuntarily. “Leave, before someone comes and take you away.”

“I’m here with a friend,” Nino grunts irritably but he does turn when the nosy newcomer settles himself next to Nino on the stool Nino thought was occupied before; it doesn’t help that the vampire and the werewolf sitting next to him are gone.

Their eyes meet for the briefest instant but it is enough for Nino to catalogue the newcomer’s features in his head; the sleepy eyes, the round, child-like face, his pretty, pretty lips.

“A friend?”

Nino blinks and tries to swallow the debilitating need to reach out and touch the newcomer’s cheek, the corners of his gorgeous mouth. Nino’s fingers itch and the want vibrating across his skin is palpable he can almost taste it.

“Yes,” Nino manages to stutter out despite the unfamiliar lump blocking his throat. “It’s his engagement party tonight. I… he’s just somewhere, probably dancing with Jun,” he croaks, then, “Jun’s his fiancé,” Nino adds like an afterthought.

“Matsumoto-san?” the newcomer says, frowning. “But he’s –“

“A demon, I know,” Nino confirms, smiling a little. It’s obvious that this guy is probably only worried about Nino, since he’s human and is not supposed to be hanging around a bar swarming with every possible nonhuman entities to ever exist. But Nino is a grown man and he’s not friends, let alone has a half-human, half-ghoul for a best friend for nothing. 

“I didn’t know he is marrying a human,” the newcomer muses and Nino watches him settle himself to the stool that was previously occupied by a vampire.

“He’s not,” Nino says, quickly averting his eyes when the newcomer’s gaze catches his. “I mean, the guy Jun is marrying? He’s not completely human. He’s half-ghoul.”

The newcomer hums as if he understands. “Sakurai Sho-san.”

It’s Nino’s turn to frown. “You know Sho?”

The newcomer shrugs. “Yeah,” he answer, and Nino watches the corner of his mouth twitch. “I met him two years ago in Kyoto.”


“He tried to eat me.”

“Oh Jesus Christ, that bastard,” Nino hisses but it is actually more of embarrassment than anger. “I am so sorry about that, I mean… are you sure?”

The newcomer reaches up and tugs his collar down, revealing a scar the size of Nino’s palm. Nino keeps staring at it, imagining Sho trying to take a bite out of this guy before Nino’s gaze moves to the guy’s face and realizes what it means - they’re both the same. The guy is obviously human too.

“He was hungry, I think,” the guy says, “I guess I can’t really blame him. I was just at the wrong place at a wrong time, so it wasn’t entirely his fault.”

Nino chuckles. “You’re kind of weird, aren’t you?” he says.

“Sho-kun is weirder because instead of eating me, he ended up driving me to the hospital that night. He even paid the hospital bill.”

“Serves him right for almost killing you,” Nino mutters, “I would have even asked him to hire me a nurse if it was me.”

“He did,” the guy says, “It was Matsumoto-san.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sho-kun sent Matsumoto-san to –“

“Satoshi-kun! Hey, I’m so glad you could make it! How have you been – oh, have you met my  best friend? This is –“

“Ninomiya Kazunari,” Nino cuts in even before Sho could finish, eyeing the guy – Satoshi-kun? - thoughtfully. “Or just Nino, if you please.” Next to Sho, Jun throws a shapely arm over Sho’s shoulders and grins.

“Ohno-san, nice to see you again,” Jun says, looking obviously happy; Nino can’t exactly  blame him. People who are in love are disgustingly happy most of the time anyway. “I see you’ve made yourself an acquaintance.” Jun adds, but Nino didn’t miss the way the corner of Jun’s mouth tilts upwards teasingly.

It’s a rather good look on him but despite the fact that this is supposed to be Jun and Sho’s night, Nino decides he’s still not drunk enough to indulge Jun. He grins and scoots forward so he can invade Ohno’s space, putting his arms around Ohno’s neck only to realize doing so feels so natural, familiar.

“Acquaintance, my ass,” he says, and grins at the way Ohno simply tilts his head and smiles at him in return. “If that’s how you categorize someone even after he had his tongue shoved down someone’s throat, then okay,”

“Oh Jesus, Nino –“ Sho grumbles, but his voice is cut off by Ohno leaning in and whispering, “You were just going to do it again, didn’t you?”

He grins. “Just about.” He says, at the same time he feels Ohno’s fingers on his arm, his touch fleeting, but the sensation it left on Nino’s skin has Nino on edge before he realizes it.

Ohno grins. “Then do it.”

“Oh crap, Jun, let’s go.” Sho grunts but Nino’s not listening anymore. His lips touch Ohno’s and that’s the last he knows before he realizes he is kissing Ohno back with equal hunger, his arms tight around Ohno’s neck as he draws Ohno in.

Chapter Text

“There is something tremendously wrong with your brain,” Ohno points out rather rudely, “like seriously.”

Nino doesn’t take offense, he can’t, because even he himself is aware of this. “Say whatever you want, I don’t care,” he says offhandedly but the way his fingers is busy unzipping Ohno’s jeans counters this. He is also biting Ohno through his shirt, his cock denting the front of his own pants as his fingers skim Ohno’s hard on through the offending fabric.  “you’ll be taking all those back once I get my mouth on you, anyway.”

“I want you to think about this seriously, Nino,” Ohno tells him, and Nino wants to be offended at the way Ohno’s voice remains uncharacteristically even despite the almost painful way his cock is so hard inside his own boxers. Nino’s mouth waters at the sight of those tiny hairs lining the path leading downwards to Ohno’s cock, and finds himself with his tongue out and tracing the said path gingerly.

Ohno’s abdominal muscles jump at the contact, his cock jerking inside his boxers;  Nino groans before he can stop himself, mouthing at the head of Ohno’s cock through the fabric and breathing him in.

“I already did,” Nino says, at the same time he tugs at Ohno’s boxers, throat tight at the sight of Ohno’s hard dick – the copper-colored tip peaking out of its foreskin, the bulging veins lining the base; Nino thumbs the leaking slit and doesn’t even bother giving Ohno any fair warning as he leans down and licks the beads of pearliness gathered at the tip.

“Shit, Nino –“

“ashaida;;jfa?” he grunts through his mouthful and feels Ohno’s fingers fly to his hair. He’s so ready for it when Ohno’s hip jerks as if on cue, filling Nino’s mouth fully. He hums, parts his mouth wide enough to fit what he could and Ohno swears colorfully under his breath in answer.

“You damn fucking assh – ah, fuck –“

Nino grins despite himself and relaxes his throat, fingers gripping Ohno’s legs and allows Ohno’s cock free pass into his mouth.

Chapter Text

It’s a little over eight on a Sunday morning and Nino is awake.
He shouldn’t be, he thinks about this carefully as he goes back and tucks his face into Ohno’s armpit, inhaling greedily; it’s Sunday and for the first time in months, he and Ohno are off today, tomorrow, too, and Nino has wonderful plans of spending the majority of both days in bed, on the couch, or somewhere in the vicinity of the shower sucking Ohno off.
But it’s obvious, with the way his stomach is gurgling angrily despite the fact that he’s ignoring it, that he and Ohno have to stuff their stomachs food at some point. He plans to do it later, too, (ordering out is an option he’s really considering right about now, too) but doing so will require him to move – something he’s not really looking forward to, because fuck, his hips hurt like fuck.
His stomach rumbles again as if on cue – like clogged drain, it sounds like – and Nino gives up trying to convince himself he’s not hungry. He takes one look at Ohno’s face – he looks so peaceful (and stupid, if the drool spilling at the corner of his mouth is of any indication) and Nino almost feels bad for what he’s about to do.
He lifts his hand near the vicinity of Ohno’s face and brings it down flat, startling Ohno, who merely grunts.
“Food,” Nino says, without bothering deciphering Ohno’s gibberish language. “If you haven’t noticed it, Oh-chan, my stomach is fucking screaming.”
Ohno groans, though it’s not the pissed-sounding one because Nino would have noticed it right away.
“Is it my turn to cook?” Ohno asks, obviously trying to find a way out of doing the chore. He looks like he’d rather sleep, and Nino wants to feel bad for him but he can’t.
“You fucked the hell out of me last night,” Nino points out, “that means it is your turn to feed me. Or have you forgotten?”
Ohno blinks. “Right.”
“Now go,” Nino says, shoving Ohno lightly. “I want eggs and pancakes. And coffee.”
“Yeah, yeah,”
“Hurry it up so we can eat, then we can go back to bed and you can fuck me again.”
Ohno stops putting on his underpants and gives Nino a look. “I thought you’re in pain, then why –“
“It’s my ass, Oh-chan,” Nino points out, flopping onto his stomach and making a big show of wriggling said body part to prove his point. “now go make that breakfast before I change my mind.”
Ohno stumbles, humming, “Fine, alright,” under his breath as he goes straight to the door.

Chapter Text

Slip l Ohmiya l PG l 647 words
“This artist,” Jun starts as he leads Nino to the door, “is different.”
Nino feels his brows shooting up to his hairline.
“Different how?”
Jun shrugs. “He likes exclusivity with his models.” Jun says. That doesn’t really answer Nino’s question, especially since most artists he knows claim to be mostly likely the same.
They’re all weird, Nino is most certain of this, only in different levels.
The last artist who hired Nino as a model only wanted to draw Nino’s calf. The one before that had a weird fascination with feet that he’d even asked to immortalize Nino’s own by dipping them in some clay-like stuff and requested to keep them afterwards.
Nino was honestly crept out by it but he guessed that’s how it was with artists, sometimes. Creepy bunch of people, seriously.
“Well, it depends on how much he’s willing to pay me,” Nino says as he follows Jun. “I will only sign an exclusive contract with someone if he is willing to –“
“Money’s not an issue,” Jun says as he opens another door and gestures Nino inside. “I mean, you told me you’re earning at least one hundred fifty thousand Yen per session, right?”
Nino nods. “Pretty much, yes.”
“He’s willing to double that.”
Nino blinks. Is this guy serious? “You’re kidding, right? I mean, who’s stupid enough to pay that much money for a few poses and –“
“I am,” another voice adds itself to the conversation, cutting Nino right off. Nino whips around to find a guy his height, with sleepy eyes and the cutest smile Nino had ever seen in his life.
Holy. Shit. “Err –“
“Ohno-san, meet Ninomiya-san, the model I was telling you about?” Jun says, effectively breaking into Nino’s thoughts. “Nino, meet Ohno-san. He’s the artist who requested to meet you.”
Nino blinks. Artist? Man, he could be a model himself, if Nino is going to be completely honest about it. He has no idea how painting or drawing works but somehow, he could just imagine how good the other man would look when drawn on paper.
The way he looks so ethereally beautiful standing there with the late afternoon sun shining on his back, his eyes like a pair of glistening jewels piercing right through him when he smiles.
“Hello, Ninomiya-san, nice to meet you.” the artist says with a little bow of his head. Damn, even the way he does the gesture is sexy, not to mention, beautiful.
“Hello,” Nino greets back, “Nice to take off your pants – “
“ – I mean, your shirt… sorry, nice to meet your abs –“
“Holy shit, Nino –“
The artist laughs and Nino swears if that isn’t enough to make him wet then, the artist walking the rest of the way towards him and smirking in that sexy, sexy way certainly does. A quiet whine leaves his parted mouth as the artist stops when he’s probably just two steps away from Nino and holds his hand out to touch Nino’s chin.
“You’re something, aren’t you?” the artist says, a little thoughtful smile hanging at the edges of his lips as he caresses Nino’s chin.
Nino bravely meets his eyes, completely ignoring Jun’s freaking out from the corners of his eyes.
“Well, why don’t you find out for yourself?”
The artist grins and waves his hand to Jun’s direction without breaking their gazes.
“Draw the contract, Matsumoto-san,” he says, though Nino is no longer listening. He’s curling his fingers around the artist’s wrist and shivering. God, he’s going to immensely enjoy modeling for this man, seriously.
The artist tugs him in and Nino goes to him willingly.
“And take your time,” Nino says, “don’t rush.”
The artist seems to agree to this. “Of course. We wouldn’t want to make any mistakes, right?”
“Yeah, I’m going, I’m going. See you later – oh crap. That’s it, I’m outta here!”

Chapter Text

Pick l Ohmiya l R l 580 words
He picked at his clothes, wondering where the other went; he didn’t think it would matter much, not when the room was still bathed in darkness and Ohno was knocked out cold on the bed, snoring. 
But it did. Somehow, Nino could already feel it, buzzing through his fingertips. 
Was that regret? Or something fiercer? Nino couldn’t quite pinpoint the direction of his emotions, not when he was still fairly  buzzed and he could still feel the remnants of his orgasm slowing him down. He was sore in all the places that count but that only made everything seemed clearer, more real. 
He and Ohno had sex. 
He and Ohno had sex and Nino had absolutely loved every minute of it. 
He couldn’t stay here. 
He struggled to put his pants on, not caring whether he’d put his boxers on properly; he might have not, but that was the least of his concerns. He had to get out of here, and fast, at least before Ohno stirred and – 
“N-Nino? W-What are you doing?” Ohno whined on the bed, slurring his words together and Nino’s stomach churned in answer. 
I have to leave, he wanted to say, but somehow, his mouth didn’t seem like it wanted to cooperate. He was rooted on the spot, fingers hooked on his beltloops if only to prevent his pants from sliding down the floor and further embarrassing himself. 
Ohno squinted at him through the semi-darkness, half of his face barely illuminated by the light streaming through his open window. Nino squinted back, heart in his throat, wondering what Ohno was thinking. He felt sick, knowing that one, tiny trace of regret he saw on Ohno’s face would be enough to make him flee but.
But there was none of it. Somehow, Ohno managed to shift on his back, then on his side, reaching around him to grab for the pillows. He took one and slid it under his head, not breaking their gazes. 
“You’re getting dressed,” Ohno commented; Nino felt like blanching. “you’re leaving.” Ohno followed and Nino felt like crying. 
“L-Leader –“
“You’re worried this will ruin us?” Ohno said, thoughtful and so honest it hurt. Nino’s insides clenched painfully at the sight of him. 
What have they done?
Nino could barely shake his head, could barely admit the truth. 
“This shouldn’t – we shouldn’t have done this,” he managed to say amidst all the emotional chaos he was dwelling at the moment. He needed to go. Now. As soon as possible. 
“It’s – I shouldn’t –“
“Nino, please, you don’t have to –“
“I have to go,” he said instead, lowering his gaze to the ground. He managed to finally button his pants without tripping, chest heaving hard. He needed to go. He needed to go, now. 
“If you’re worried about him, don’t,” Ohno said, and it was like a cold bucket of water to the head, enough to made him stop. “He left. We broke up weeks ago, and we just. We just haven’t the time to inform you guys about it.”
And this ought to make him feel better?, Nino wanted to ask, but instead, he snapped his mouth shut as he walked to the door. If he left something behind, god forbid, so be it. Ohno could either throw it out or returned it to him, whatever. 
“See you tomorrow, Leader,” he said, as he walked to the door. 
He didn’t dare look back or he’d end up regretting everything even more. 
Don’t l Ohmiya l R l 431 words
Jun didn’t dare venture too close and Nino would have thanked him for it, he would have, but he couldn’t. He felt so broken he didn’t know how to fix himself, he’s drowning in misery and it hurt.
It hurt, and he didn’t know how to stop it.
“Did you tell him?”
Nino shook his head. His throat felt dry and his chest heavy; his tongue felt thick in his mouth and he could barely breathe through it. 
If this was how it felt to have a broken heart, well, tough luck. 
“How could I?” he managed to utter through the almost debilitating pain clouding his senses, an impossibility he’d managed though miraculously.
He wondered if it was possible, to die of a broken heart, because it sure felt like he was so close to it. 
He might be exaggerating, though. 
“It’s easy,” Jun said, tapping his knuckles twice; it was probably meant to be reassuring, but Nino couldn’t tell. He was busy trying not to break down into a sobbing mess again to even care. “just say you didn’t mean it and you were just being an asshole. Say you’re sorry and beg him to take you back.”
“I made him cry,” he pointed out.
“So?” Jun returned, unperturbed. “He obviously made you cry too.”
“Tell me something I don’t know,” he grunted, pissed at the irony. 
“You can’t live without him? You’re a jerk but sometimes you have a heart, too? What else?”
“I told him I don’t love him anymore,”
Nino winced. It was obvious he did the ultimate bummer, he saw it in the way Jun look at him now. 
“And, do you?”
“Do I what?”
“Not love him anymore?”
Nino let his head hang on the tabletop, shoulders shaking. “No,” he said, unable to quell the anger now directed at himself. He was stupid for letting his emotions get in the way, so damn stupid for lashing on the person who meant the world to him. 
“He’s my life, and I don’t know why I keep on hurting him. I’m so stupid.”
It was quiet for a while that Nino wondered if Jun somehow ended up leaving, until a voice added itself on their conversation and a hand, warm and familiar, found its way to Nino’s shoulder, squeezing. 
“Say that again, and to my face. Let me see you, show me you’re not lying this time.”
Nino raised his head and swore under his breath, before he found himself being hauled up to his feet and into Ohno’s arms, loving the way Ohno had easily caught him, fingers carding through his hair as he buried his face into the front of Ohno’s chest. 
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry –“

Chapter Text

"Oh-chan, the three idiots are coming over. For dinner. J said they bought take-outs from that restaurant we went to once, I think. Now go put some pants on." he announces once he got off the phone with Jun, mentally calculating how long it'll take for their friends to arrive while eyeing Ohno's ass lying prone on the sofa.

It's a pretty enticing sight, to be honest, and Nino would be lying if he says he doesn't particularly enjoy eye-balling Ohno's perky, barely-clothed butt on display - because he does, who the fuck doesn't, anyway - but they're having their friends over so, tough luck. That ass needs to be covered up quick or there won't be any Arashi members stepping over that threshold anytime soon.

"Satoshi, don't make me repeat myself, please. Those three could be here any minute now. Get your ass off that couch before I make you."

Ohno barely stirs from his sprawl on the couch, but he does roll over to mash his face against the cushion, thus effectively showing more of that tantalizing asset of his for Nino to enjoy.

Not now, goddamnit. "Don't wanna."

"You're a goddamn asshole, I hope you know that," Nino mutters.

He heaves a sigh and decides to take it upon himself to get Ohno his pants, more for his own sake than anything. He takes a quick trip to the bedroom and grabs the first sweatpants he could find and goes back to find Ohno doing crunches on the carpeted floor, Ohno's back to him and that delicious ass on fucking display again, that bastard.

Throat dry, he walks the rest of the way to where Ohno is (mock) working out, and throws the sweatpants on Ohno where it lands on Ohno's back when he's close enough to do so.

"Put. That. On."

Ohno slows to a stop, stretches, then rolls on his back, uncaring about the sight he provoked as Nino surveys him over. Nino's eyes stop to linger at Ohno's half-hard dick prominently tenting the front of his boxers, shoving his arms under his head, the teasing jerk, as he lays there, grinning lazily up at Nino.


Nino closes his eyes and seriously feels a headache coming. To both heads, apparently, he could already feel it. He clears his throat and swallows the urge to scream, to cry, or both, because, now's not the right time, damn it all. He's this close from jumping Ohno and maybe punch the shit out of him, but his head down south is considering other options, like humping that stupid tease till they both come in their boxers, right there on the floor, for being such a grade A dick.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough time to do that, either.

"Didn't you hear me? I said the guys are coming over, they'll be bringing dinner so stop being an ass and put on that pants!"

"Why should I?" Ohno asks, unperturbed, as he rises from the floor, gracefully, the only way he knows how, and deliberately teasing Nino because he's a bastard like that. Nino knows because the way the corner of Ohno's mouth twitches tells Nino he's doing this on purpose.

"It's not like it's the first time they'll be seeing me clad in my boxers, so what's this fuss all about?"

Nino's would-be headache snowballs into a teeny-tiny rage. A nerve in his temple twitches.

"Are you being serious right now?" he half-yells, pushing forward and ducking down to grab the pants he threw at Ohno earlier at the same time Ohno surges from the floor and does an amazing trick at disappearing before Nino even gets his hands on him.

Ohno then materializes near the door to the kitchen, and Nino doesn't realize he's followed until he watches Ohno twists around to go back towards the direction of the living room where they came from.

"Where are you going? Get back here and put this on -"

"Dont. Want. To." Ohno says, dancing away from Nino's grabby hands, lips stretching into a full-blown smile as Nino half-runs to catch up. They ended up in a tangled mess on the carpeted floor, he is sitting on Ohno quite literally, struggling to get Ohno to put on the pants while Ohno laughs boisterously under his weight.

"I'm going to punch you in the face! Stop moving, oh my god -"

"No no no no, get away from me!"

"They're almost here, stop moving -"

"I want to be naked when they arrive, get off me!"

"Not gonna happen, you jerk, I said stop moving -" Nino growls, concentrating - he's just managed to slip the pants on one of Ohno's legs, just one more, then stops when someone that clearly doesn't sound either he or Ohno says,

It's Aiba. "Um, guys? Is everything alright?"

Nino shuts his eyes close at the same time Ohno waves a hand at their visitor in greeting.

"Nope," Ohno says at the same time Nino mutters, "Yeah, just give us a minute,"

"Um," Aiba hums, at the same time two more voices follow, and Nino really wishes he didn't leave the front door open, as what Aiba suggested he should, earlier.

"Oh my god what is this," Jun exclaims, the sound of plastic hitting the floor just as Sho follows it with a muffled, "Jesus, on the floor?!"

Ohno's laughter follows a second later, at the same time Nino lets himself fall over Ohno in shame, muttering about stupid boyfriends and equally stupid friends under his breath.


"I was just asking him to put on some pants!" Nino insists, for the nth time since they've all migrated to the dining area to eat. Everyone, including his bastard of a boyfriend, is snickering, obviously enjoying one of Nino's very few moments of shame.

"It sure didn't look like it," Jun snorts as he exchanges meaningful glances with Sho. Nino rolls his eyes and elbows Ohno on the rib, thus effectively halting the older man from stuffing his mouth with more food.

"What?" Ohno muses, reaching over to grab Nino's arm before it inflicts further damage.

"This is your fault, you idiot," he mutters, watching Ohno one-handedly feed himself with fried shrimp. "They thought I was stripping you naked when it was obviously the opposite!"

Ohno giggles even with his mouth full. The others do, too.

"It won't be the first time we caught you trying to get it on with Leader, so why are you so pissed?" Aiba smirks, like he knows this is the case and is simply trying to prove his point. Nino barely resisted the urge to throw his chopsticks right at Aiba's head for what he said.

"It's because I wasn't -"

"He wasn't," Ohno cuts in, before Nino can even finish. "I was being playful and I know it would piss him off if I said no, so I did," Ohno says, the look on his eyes softening as he gazes at Nino. Then, he leans over and, with his clean left hand, he thumbs Nino's jaw and bumps their foreheads together.

"Sorry," Ohno whispers, just loud enough for Nino to hear, and Nino's slight anger and frustration dissipate like mist.

He scowls but otherwise leans further into Ohno's touch, not minding Jun's comments in the background about people doing lewd things in front of other people, and muttering about a payback later on.

Ohno smiles and presses a quick, soft kiss to Nino's cheek in answer.

Chapter Text

“It’s going to leave a scar,” he says, mostly to himself as he strokes the skin beneath the bandage with a wince. “and I hope to god your ears are ready, because Jun’s not going to keep quiet about this.”

Ohno hums in answer as his fingers find Nino’s own. Nino’s gaze darts from Ohno’s bandaged cheek to his eyes, only vaguely surprised to find them open as Ohno blinks softly at him, and Nino’s fingers itch yet again. 

“Does it hurt?” he finds himself asking, though he can’t help but thank whoever was watching Ohno and had kept Ohno safe under his breath, eyes never leaving Ohno’s face.

“Not at all,” Ohno whispers, lifting Nino’s hand to his lips and dropping a soft kiss to the inside of Nino’s wrist. “Are you worried?”

Nino snorts. Seriously? “A bit,” he lies through his teeth, “but only because I’m afraid that wound will make you uglier than you already are but, I guess it can’t be helped.” he adds, not really meaning it, as he softly pinches Ohno’s chin.

Ohno laughs and squeezes Nino’s other hand. “Well, it if happens, you can always go for someone who’s more good looking than I am,” Ohno says, “there’s Matsujun, for one.”

“I think I just threw up a little in my mouth,” Nino counters, feigning disgust and enjoying the sight of Ohno trying to muffle his giggles into Nino’s hand. “Seriously, not nice. You think I’ll readily jump into bed with the Emperor just because he’s good-looking? Come on, Oh-chan, you know me better than that!”

“Well, I will,” Ohno says, eyes twinkling in silent mischief. Nino blinks, then dramatically slaps a hand over his mouth, feigning shock. “What?”

“Oh my god, you didn’t just admit you’re lusting over Matsumoto -”

“What? I said I will,” Ohno cuts him off, “jump into bed with him, to sleep, what are you even saying?” Ohno adds, grinning. 

“You’re stupid,” Nino tells Ohno, with feelings. “And also, will you please stop changing the subject? I haven’t verbally boxed your ears properly yet for what you did, you realize?”

Ohno’s smile is so innocent that has Nino rolling his eyes to the heaven in answer. “Do you have to? I mean, I’m already here, right?”

Nino finds himself looking Ohno over, quietly, biting his lips as his earlier worries rush back into the surface. 

“I was so scared, you know?” he says, knowing that he’s baring his soul now for Ohno to see. “Until I’m certain you were okay, until I saw you with my own two eyes, I couldn’t keep still, I just-”

Ohno pulls their joined hands together, before Nino can even finish. 

“I’m sorry,” Ohno breathes into Nino’s hair, “I’m so sorry, Nino.” 

Nino shakes his head even as he hides his face further into the juncture between Ohno’s neck and shoulder, breathing Ohno in. He probably wouldn’t ever get to tell Ohno that he wasn’t just terrified when he was told about Ohno’s accident, but maybe, he didn’t need to. 

“Don’t be,” he tells Ohno, fingers clutching Ohno’s arms for support. “I don’t want you feeling sorry for doing something you love, but just. Just promise me you’ll be careful, yeah?” he says, raising his head to search Ohno’s face, settling his palms on either side of Ohno’s neck. 

“I need you to promise me that you’ll be extra careful, okay? Okay, Oh-chan?” he says, pushing his fingers through Ohno’s hair, before leaning in to rest his forehead against Ohno’s.

Ohno smiles at him, soft and oh so fond, and Nino finds himself charmed all over again. Ohno surges and kisses him softly on the lips, doing it two more times before pulling him into a tight embrace.

“Okay, Nino.”

Chapter Text

Nino picks up the pace, so Ohno does, too. He’s only vaguely glad that the path leading to where the cars are parked is dark, hesitating only for a moment before he is catching up on Nino and and is grabbing Nino’s elbow before tugging Nino in.

“What the -” Nino says, when Ohno turns him around, tightening his fingers around Nino’s wrist when Nino tries to wriggle free.  “Leader, let go of me.” Nino grits. 

“Nino, please,” he counters, frowning. “Can we…can we talk this out?” he asks. Nino barely blinks, but his stance is stiff and his jaw remains tightly clenched.

“I mean it, I want to - please, let’s…let’s talk. Please.”

The look on Nino’s face remains cold and passive. “Oh, now you want to talk? Really?”

Ohno hesitantly lets Nino’s hand go in favor of stepping closer. He knows he’s at fault here, and apologies mean nothing if he can’t trust himself not to hurt Nino like that again. 

“Please, I -”

“Do you really think I can do that to you, Satoshi?” Nino asks, his voice thin and coated with emotion Ohno couldn’t stand to hear. “I’ll cut my own dick first, you hear me? I’ll do it, I swear I will.”

“Nino, it’s not what you think -”

“No, it’s exactly what I think it is, Oh-chan!” Nino counters, not giving him the chance to preempt the younger man. “She means nothing to me, how many times do I have to tell you that? This is not the first time, for fuck’s sake! And I’m tired. I’m tired of repeating the same thing over and over again! Why can’t you just fucking trust me like I trust you?” Nino continues, stepping forward until the tips of their shoes are touching. 

“You need to work with me on this, Oh-chan,” Nino says, jabbing his fingers into Ohno’s chest weakly. He looks tired and sounded like it, too, and the pathetic feeling inside Ohno grows. “If you love me, you’re going to have to learn to trust me, okay? God, but you must know there’s only you. There’s no one else, okay? What else do you want me to say? A confession? I already gave you one, yes? What else? Do you like to hear me say that I can’t fucking get it up if it’s not you? That my dick’s useless if it’s not you touching me? Is that it? Is that what you need, Oh-chan? Tell me and I’ll do it. Tell me what else you want from me and I’ll -”

“I love you,” Ohno finds himself murmuring, catching Nino around the waist and pulling him, mouth meeting Nino’s own for a hard kiss. “I love you so much. I love you.” he repeats, hoping it’s enough as an apology.

Nino says nothing but he allows himself to be kissed, fingers tight against the front of Ohno’s shirt as if he can’t let go, either.

Chapter Text

Ohno arrived in the apartment before Nino, exhausted and admittedly pissed.

There’s just no helping it when he’d been dragged around all day, his schedule full he barely even managed to eat in between. And on top of it all, Nino had to act like a complete jerk, accusing Ohno of something Ohno was certain he didn’t do via texts, and generally driving him crazy until he decided to turn his phone off.

He gets as far as the couch when the familiar sound of someone keying the code to unlock the door, before it is quickly followed by the sounds of equally-familiar footsteps. Ohno leans back heavily on the couch, groans mentally to himself and close his eyes.

An almost comfortable weight settling over his lap a few minutes later forces him to open his eyes, chuckles before he could even stop himself when he gets an eyeful of Nino’s hair as Nino curls into him.

“Well, hello to you too,” he says, drily, and feels Nino shift above him. His arms automatically worm around Nino to keep him in place, parting his legs slightly to accommodate Nino’s weight as he strokes the small of Nino’s back. 

“I thought you’re mad at me,” he follows after a while, momentarily distracted with the way Nino is nuzzling his cheek and is making it entirely difficult for Ohno to be annoyed any longer. “What the hell happened?”

“I’m still mad, shut up.” Nino says, but his hands fanning across Ohno’s collarbones contradict this. Nino also took his nuzzling to a higher level, tonguing the underside of Ohno’s ear and purring.

Ohno chuckles, can’t not, and wonders yet again why this is his life. But then Nino’s mouth is sliding against his own, tongue seeking his for a thorough kiss, arms winding around him for comfort, as if Nino didn’t spend the whole day annoying the shit out of Ohno.

He just lets it happen, just like always. After all, it’s not like he doesn’t approve of the way Nino fixes things between them, as he slides his palm under Nino’s shirt, feeling glorious skin and kissing Nino back with equal hunger.

Chapter Text

“This looks new,” he comments blandly, squinting at the barely-used lip-cream in his hand. He spies Ohno pulling it out of his pant’s pocket absently, and Nino intercepts Ohno’s movements before the lip cream even made it to Ohno's lips, tugging the lip-cream away with all the intention of doing it himself. 

“Isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Ohno agrees, shifting when Nino did, welcoming Nino’s weight when he pushes himself closer to Ohno’s side and throws his legs over Ohno’s lap. “Sho-kun gave it to me.”

Nino raises the lip-cream to inspect it further and sniffs at it, then promptly scowls.“It’s not the strawberry-flavored one,” he comments, “is it?”

“Peach, I think.” Ohno shrugs, answering in a completely round-about way that makes Nino chuckle despite himself..

He sniffs, nose in the air. “I don’t like peaches.” he points out, as if Ohno doesn’t know. Ohno does, of course, but Nino just feel like pointing out the obvious, so sue him. 

Ohno pats Nino’s knee softly in apology. “I know,” he says, “but I didn’t want to hurt Sho-kun’s feelings by refusing his gift.” 

Nino grunts and glares at the lip-cream as if it did something to offend him. 

“Sho-chan gave you this?” he asks, as if he just didn’t hear Ohno saying the lip-cream is from Sho. 

Ohno nods. “Apparently, he bought a ton,” Ohno says, again, not directly answering Nino’s question. “and he gave Matsumoto-san and Aiba-chan, too. He actually told me he wanted to give you some, too, but I told him you don’t use lip-creams, especially if they’re the peach-flavored ones.” Ohno tells him with a grin that actually says a lot, if Nino is going to be completely honest about it.

“I have nothing against lip-creams, to be honest,” Nino counters, sliding the lip-cream into Ohno’s pocket. “especially not if you’re the one using them. I just - I think the peach flavored ones taste off, is all.”

Ohno gives him a smile that is part-amused, part-indulging. “You should hold off licking it off me, then, if that’s the case.” Ohno teases, and Nino rolls his eyes in answer. It’s not like he does it on purpose, of course not, it’s just honestly difficult to be careful, to not end up licking it all off Ohno’s mouth when he’s kissing Ohno because, how can he not?

He sidles closer to Ohno with a scowl and reaches over to thumb at Ohno’s bottom lip with purpose, watching his finger moving across Ohno’s lower lip intently . 

“You didn’t just say I couldn’t kiss you anymore after you’ve put that lip-cream on, did you?”

Ohno smiles and catches Nino’s hand, fingers light around Nino’s wrist, guiding Nino’s hand and dropping a kiss against the back of Nino’s wrist, soft and tender. 

“I didn’t.” Ohno says, and Nino notes the way Ohno’s gaze darts from his eyes to his lips. 

“You just said to hold off licking it off you,” he returns, feigning hurt; “that’s obviously means no kissing.”

Ohno’s eyes are laughing, despite the fact that his expression barely changes. Nino will never stop wondering how Ohno does it, but he guesses that’s just how goddamn Ohno is at mother freaking everything.

“I didn’t,” Ohno repeats, before doing this thing with his mouth that makes him look absolutely edible, Nino vaguely realizing he is shifting closer to watch. “Are you saying you couldn’t kiss me without you ending up licking my lip-cream off? Seriously?”

Nino blinks. “And you could?”

Ohno grins, raising one fine brow at Nino as if Nino had just raised a challenge. Nino frowns, and honestly almost lost it all when Ohno leans forward, beckons Nino to do the same, fingers gripping Nino’s jaw till they’re almost nose to nose and whispers,

“Use your imagination, Kazu,” Ohno says, his fingers dropping from Nino’s jaw to his chin, prompting Nino to open his mouth, letting Nino watch the way Ohno licks around  his mouth, his pink tongue tempting Nino to do the same. 

“Stick your tongue out and I’ll show you.” Ohno commands, shifting closer, and Nino gave up pretending he doesn’t know what Ohno is talking about. In the next minutes, he spends sucking Ohno’s tongue with gusto, eyes close and barely tasting the peach-flavored lip-cream as Ohno hums encouragingly back at him.


Later, during filming, when the topic of lip-cream was brought up, and Ohno gamely provided his thoughts on the matter, Nino’s mind was off wondering about peach-flavored kisses and how entirely wrong Ohno was when he said licking off that darn thing off of Ohno’s lips is possible.

Because it isn’t.

Nino clicks his tongue and grimaces at the peach-flavored aftertaste, and promptly blushes when he catches Ohno looking.


Chapter Text

He didn’t particularly mind the horrible mood swings, not really, not at all to be honest, knowing they’re as much a part of Nino the same way his ‘addiction’ to games are, but Nino’s seldom bouts of romanticism still catch him by surprise every goddamn time.

He stood quietly there, his back against the wall, biting the inside of his cheek and giggling quietly to himself. He didn’t want to be rude by making his presence known, not when he was certain he wouldn’t ever get to hear these things from Nino voluntarily.

“You’re brooding,” said Jun, his voice was loud enough for him to hear Jun clearly despite the closed door. He didn’t have to be there with them to know that Jun was being mean on purpose.

Maybe, possibly, it came with being with someone who was exactly that person, to know what was going on even without him witnessing it first-hand, but he could be wrong, of course.

Still, it didn’t stop him from feeling slightly elated.

“It’s completely ruining the mood, seriously.” Jun added, a familiar-sounding “Shut your trap, Matsumoto!” following shortly after had him snorting despite himself. 

“Nino, seriously, quit making that face,” Jun said after a moment, so used to Nino’s mood swings that the layered threat on Nino’s tone no longer affect their youngest friend. “You’re scaring everyone off, you know?”

“I’m not listening to you, Matsumoto,” Nino countered in kind, and Ohno smiled at the blooming warmth in his chest hearing Nino’s voice. “so quit the unnecessary blabbering and shut your mouth before I do it myself. With my fist.”

“Oh, I’m so scared,” said Jun, at the same time another voice added itself on the otherwise worrying conversation. 

“Matsumoto, quit the teasing,” said Sho, following it quickly with, “and Nino, I’m sorry to say this but you really are brooding. Really. And you’re quite scary so, will you ease up a bit? Satoshi-kun would be here any moment and I’m certain you wouldn’t want him to see you like this, right?”

“I’m not brooding, god!” exclaimed Nino in return, and Ohno held himself from quickly shoving that door open so he could hug the shit out of Nino, and maybe steal a kiss, too, if the younger man would allow it. 

“I was just…thinking!” Nino added, “I mean, what kind of song recording was that? We sounded like bunch of dying frogs without that toasted fisherman, it’s upsetting! I’m upset! Are you guys not upset?”

“Seriously?” said Jun.

“It’s not like we’re releasing that song without Satoshi-kun’s voice -”

“And I’m not brooding!”

“You totally are, Nino,” Aiba said, as if like an after-thought, and Ohno grinned on cue. “Stop lying. You just miss Leader so much, just admit it.”

“Oh my god, seriously -”

“Come on, just admit it, Ninomiya.”

“Keep talking, Matsumoto, and I swear to god -”

Ohno shook his head, still smiling to himself as he pushed the door open. Four pair of eyes caught up with him as he waved them hello before settling his gaze on Nino’s face.

“I’m back,” he announced, sheepishly, barely able to put his bags down before he had an armful of Nino backing him against the wall.


Ten minutes later, he found himself backed against another wall, three floors up, cradling Nino on his lap and being kissed senseless. 

When Nino pulled back to breathe, his hands seized Ohno’s face, firm and yet tender, his eyes saying everything his mouth couldn’t. 

Ohno loved him just the same.

“I missed you.” he said, just in case.

The look on Nino’s eyes softened visibly, shifting on his lap before he was leaning in for another kiss. Ohno met him halfway, and was only momentarily surprised when Nino pulled away quickly to look him over.

“I missed you, too,” Nino said, out of the blue, so suddenly that Ohno barely reacted until Nino’s mouth was on him again. He almost didn’t catch the next thing Nino said, because Nino was shoving his tongue down his throat again, until Nino said it again.

“And for the record, I was not brooding.”

Ohno smiled, nodding as he thread his fingers through Nino’s hair and kissed him, knowing for certain Nino wasn’t the type to brood. Not really.

But, who was Ohno to say, really? 

“No,” he said, tugging Nino’s face down for another kiss. “Of course you weren’t, Nino.”

Chapter Text

The invitation wasn’t as spontaneous as Jun obviously made it to be, and despite Ohno’s reluctance to go, he allowed himself to be dragged along.

He’d avoided things like this, as much as he could after the last time, but he guessed it couldn’t be helped. Those three still thought they could help save what had been lost, but after the first seventeen times he did what they asked and failed anyway, he knew better.

He couldn’t say he’d given up - how could he when he knew in his heart that he was still madly in love with Nino - but just he’d decided to give Nino the space he needed, the time to heal the wounds he’d accidentally caused Nino because he was an idiot.

He looked around Jun’s elegant living room and realized he was alone, vaguely remembering Aiba and Sho excusing themselves earlier to use the bathroom, while Jun was inanimately talking to Nino. He’d pretty much kept to himself, taking bites of Jun’s wonderful carbonara in between sips of wine.

To his peripheral, he was vaguely aware of Nino, who was obviously drinking to get drunk. Ohno had thought of asking any of the guys to keep an eye out for Nino, but he didn’t dare do so in Nino’s presence.

The next time he blinked, he realized Nino was slumped on the couch, his wine glass dangerously slipping out of his hand. Ohno, fearing for their lives if Jun found out someone had spilled drinks onto his expensive upholstery, had dragged himself from his position on the floor quickly to snatch the glass out of Nino’s hand.

The movement jostled Nino out of his drunken stupor, gave Nino one of those little half smiles of his that made Ohno’s heart hurt, before he felt Nino’s fingers closing around his wrist. He kept still, half-hovering over Nino and frozen on the spot, watching Nino’s lips tremble.

“Leader,” Nino called, and the hurt in Ohno’s chest increased ten-folds. This was the first time they’ve been this close after that night Nino told him to go, and god knew he missed it. His breath caught in his throat, nodding as Nino levered himself up with difficulty.

Ohno helped him. “Why?” Nino asked, not bothering elaborating, and Ohno blinked, confused. 

Nino grinned, but it was kind of wet and miserable, much like everything else Ohno was feeling and more. Ohno felt like crushing Nino into his arms and never let go. 

“You still look at me the same way. Why?” Nino asked, and Ohno honestly felt like weeping. 

He shook his head, unsure of what to say. What was he supposed to tell Nino anyway? He’d been brushed aside several times he lost count, and when he’d decided to take his time, Nino did this, asked him this. 

Ohno felt so out of his depth. “You - You don’t have to do this anymore, Satoshi,” Nino whispered, watching Nino’s expression fall, his voice broken. Ohno felt his heart crumble at the sight of him.

“I - It was my fault, okay? Stop looking at me like you still love me because I don’t - I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve you.” Nino said, holding his hands up as if he was going to touch Ohno’s face, but held himself. 

Ohno told himself, fuck it.

He pulled Nino in and held on to him, eyes burning as he buried his nose into the crook of Nino’s neck, shaking as Nino did. He couldn’t even get the words out, properly, but once he could, once he was able to, he didn’t stop.

Only barely remembering to breathe when he pulled away, looked Nino in the eyes and pressed a fingertip to the corner of Nino’s mouth, smiled through the ache throbbing away in his chest to tell Nino, 

“I never stopped loving you.”

Nino’s watery smile was an answer all on its own, but it was made so much better when Nino pulled him down for a kiss, that was both chaste and sweet, as Nino’s fingers combed through his hair.

He was home. 


Chapter Text

“My father always said he was a good man. He lied.” Nino said, repeating the same thing whenever he’d pumped enough alcohol into his system that kept the inhibitions away. Ohno nodded on cue, eyeing the third bottle of tequila they were supposed to be sharing, and chuckled drily under his breath.

“He was a chef, right?” he said, conversationally, while trying to come up with a plan in how to snatch the bottle without Nino knowing. Nino snorted and grabbed the bottle as if he could see through Ohno’s struggles, grinning as he poured their glasses to the brim.

Well, shit.

“And a professional shithead, that’s what he was.” Nino countered, slamming the bottle down on the counter before grabbing his own glass and bringing it to his lips. Ohno watched him down the contents in one go, worried and equal-parts heartbroken knowing that Nino was trying to drink himself to oblivion in purpose.

“Kazu,” he sighed, and reached over to touch the back of Nino’s hand. Nino jerked on cue, obviously to cover up the way his hands are shaking something bad, but Ohno saw it anyway.

He grabbed the nearest part of Nino he could reach, curled his fingers around Nino’s thin wrist and pulled. Nino tried to pull away for all of two seconds until he gave in to it willingly, Ohno welcoming Nino into his arms with a sigh.

“He’s a bastard until the very end, Oh-chan,” Nino sniffed, fingers twisting at the front of Ohno’s shirt for dear life. “Leaving us with nothing but the memory of how he hurt our mother. I don’t know even know why I’m crying now. He’s dead. It’s over. And I should hate him,” Nino’s voice trembled as Ohno held him through it.

“But I can’t. I can’t and it’s – why can’t I just hate him? Why?”

“Shhh,” he said, pressing his lips against the side of Nino’s temple hoping his presence was enough to calm Nino down, even though he knew it wouldn’t. So he just kept his arms around Nino, whispering little nothings into Nino’s hair, and hoped for the best.

Chapter Text

It was random and silly and barely 2 o'clock in the morning, but they found themselves dancing in the darkened living room to no music and a whole lot of laughter.

He didn’t know who started it, or how it even began, and the only thing he remembered was Nino unlocking the door and pulling him inside before closing it again. Then he remembered trapping Nino there, with his arms and hips and knees, nosing Nino’s cheek as Nino giggled uncontrollably against him.

They ended up in the living room a few minutes later, cracking up for no reason while feeling each other up. 

He ended up with his arms around Nino’s back, and Nino’s hands alternating between his waist and butt. Their lips would touch but just briefly, pulling away from each other’s mouths to stare at each other.

“You’re so drunk,” Nino said; his smile was so goofy and he kept licking his lips like he wanted nothing more than to do something else, and Ohno grinned back at him. “We are so drunk, oh my god.”

He nodded, dipping his head and resting his forehead against Nino’s shoulder. “Yep,” he agreed with a hum, “It’s nice. I like being drunk with you.”

Nino giggled and slapped him lightly across the back of his head, but afterwards soothed the sting by threading his fingers softly through his hair. “This is dangerous, though.”


“Because I feel like we’re going to end up in bed before the night ends.”

“It’s already morning.” He pointed out, laughing softly, turning his head just so he could nuzzle the soft skin along Nino’s nape, breathing Nino’s scent in. 

“Ah, shit.” Nino swore under his breath, and he chuckled, pressing his lips firmly against the spot under Nino’s ear as his hold around Nino’s hips tightened.  He pulled Nino to him, feeling glorious warmth and wonderful familiarity as Nino folded his arms around his shoulders, jumped without a warning, and giggled when he all but caught Nino under his hips easily.

“Let’s make out, Leader,” Nino suggested, lewdly, against his ear, and he laughed, couldn’t not. “First one to reach down loses. Deal?”

Jesus, but he already knew he was going to lose; he could already feel himself harden at the simple touch, and knowing how good Nino was with teasing, he knew he had little to no chance left at this point.

But then again, he liked it when he was being challenged. Make it easier to plan for an attack when Nino least expected it.

“Sure,” he agreed, leaning up to bite at Nino’s ear. “First one to reach down, right? Front and back?”

“No way.” Nino snorted, affronted. He grinned, knowing full well he was going to win.

“No deal, then.”


He laughed. This was his win.

Chapter Text

“Hey you guys, let’s play a game,” Aiba piped up from where he thought he had his face buried into his script book and effectively taking their attentions, saved from Ohno snoozing against his back. 

He spied Jun putting his phone down at the same time Sho did with his newspaper, both giving Aiba the attention he honestly didn’t think Aiba needed.

It was just boredom, and Nino knew as much. His longest friend tended to come up with the silliest of ideas when he wanted a distraction, and he knew this time was the same.

He kept his attention on his handheld game and ignored them entirely.

“How about punching Leader awake, Nino-chan? Come on, this game is fun, I promise.”

He snorted. “Kiss my ass.”

“Let me kiss it for him.” Ohno muttered into his shoulder, effectively startling him.

“Oh good, you’re awake!” Aiba piped up, excited. “Okay, let’s start. Let me explain how the game goes, okay? It’s a catch-phrase game, and it goes like this –“

Nino rolled his eyes and continued playing.


“Something that monkey likes?” Jun answered. “What, monkeys like bananas, right?”

“Fine, I’ll accept that. But you need to be more creative next time, Matsujun!” Aiba quipped, grinning mischievously as he checked his phone, obviously trying to find more complicated English words to throw around. Behind him, Ohno was huffing in amusement, and against his better judgments, he found himself kind of entertained, too.

“Okay, this one’s for Leader,” Aiba said, raising his voice a little to get Ohno’s attention. “the word is – Boner. Okay, go for it!”

Nino snickered to himself, wondering whether he should tell Aiba to explain the word first or if he should just do the deed himself. Ohno probably didn’t even know what that word was supposed to mean –

“Something that Nino gives me,” Ohno answered, scratching his nose. For a while, no one talked, and the awkward silence cracked Nino up before he could stop himself.

Jun was the first to recover, covering his ears as he began swearing up a storm.

“Leader! What the hell!” 

Chapter Text

The music is loud enough to drown the noise, the voices of everyone in the other room and whatever ruckus they’re up to at the moment, but it’s obviously not enough to stop Ohno from dragging him here despite knowing that someone is bound to know they are missing soon. He supposed he should be worried, but for some reason, he can’t bring himself to feel that way, when the proximity is enough to make his head spin and his insides churn in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with all the alcohol he’d managed to ingest earlier.

Ohno drags his fingertips from his temple to his jaw, repeating the action twice while breathing harshly into the side of his neck. They are so close that Nino can feel the rise and fall of his and Ohno’s chest, the dampness of Ohno’s mouth against his nape. It’s even more difficult to stray away now that Ohno’s backed him against the wall, one arm wormed around his waist in a way that could only be possessive, their thighs touching.

Another fleeting touch to his cheek followed by Ohno’s hips jerking into him ever so slowly, and Nino finds himself moaning despite himself. The air between them is so thick, laden with something that is wonderfully hot if not forbidden, and feels more than hears Ohno chuckling wetly against the underside of his ear.

“Shhh,” Ohno hushes him, voice light and teasing, as if he knows what is happening. Nino feels like hitting him across the head, or maybe kiss him hard if only to make it stop. Ohno grins, then stops closer still, and Nino is certain he has at least five seconds before he gets fully hard, goddamnit.

Somehow, his fingers drift to the back of Ohno’s head, to tug at his hair as he eases himself back, just the slightest bit, if only to shift away from that inviting friction that is Ohno’s jeans. He can’t breathe, and coupled with the way Ohno is slowly mapping his neck with his mouth, it’s doubly hard to even do anything.

“Come on, don’t fight it, Nino,” Ohno whispers, like he has all the fucking right to demand something like that now. It’s frustrating as much as it is arousing, and it’s somehow worse knowing that it’s Ohno doing this to him. 

Not that he has much to complain, but then again – “God, d’you even know what you’re doing to me?” he rasps out, clinging onto Ohno’s shoulder for dear life as Ohno’s eyes darken visibly. 

“I’m not doing anything,” Ohno whispers into the tiny space between their lips. “Yet.”

Nino shivers as if on cue. There’s no disguising this, whatever the hell is this, despite the fact that he knows they shouldn’t. He pulls Ohno to him, kicking that sensible voice screaming in his head hard.

“I’m way too sober for this, Leader,” he says, not exactly meaning it because then he is tugging Ohno closer by his collar and mashing their mouths together for a kiss.

Chapter Text

The dresser should be the last place any sane person would choose to perch himself on, but Nino guesses it’s because Ohno isn’t even one to begin with, so expecting him to act like one is kind of dumb, really. 

“Are you still mad?” Ohno asks when he’s properly inside, throwing his bag aside and making as much noises as he could as possible. It’s not to say he has all the right to be angry, but at this point he is mostly just irritated. 

“What do you think?” he says, tugging on his tie and loosening it, before throwing it away. It lands close to his work bag, his suit and shirt following shortly after. He doesn’t bother with his pants and just throws himself on the bed, frowning at Ohno tilting his head at him from his perch near the ceiling.

Nino grunts in irritation and shifts on his side. 

“I was just trying to protect you, you know?” Ohno muttered in answer; Nino doesn’t even need to see his face to know that Ohno is pouting royally at him, the ass. “And obviously just doing my job, if you know what I’m saying.”

Nino snorts into his pillow. “But you don’t need to toss that tea into the interviewer’s crotch, you realize? How am I supposed to get a job if you’re always there making troubles at the interview with me?”

“It’s not like they could see me anyway,” Ohno says, as if to point out the obvious. Nino huffs and shifts to his back again if only so he could throw Ohno a glare. 

“But I could, and that’s not okay with me,” he says, and sits up. “Also, aren’t you supposed to be invisible to everyone? I don’t get it.”

“You’re a special case, apparently.” Ohno says.

“How so?”

“Because I’m yours,” Ohno says, smiling sweetly before effortlessly jumping off the dresser and landing neatly on the floor next to Nino’s bed. “I told you that already, right?”

“My guardian angel, sure,” he snorts, “that still doesn’t answer my question as to why I can see you. Also, you’re not making things easier for me, if you haven’t noticed it yet.”

“That’s harsh, Nino!” the angel barks, hurt. “I’m an angel, you know?”

“I don’t care if you’re an angel,” he quips, though he doesn’t resist when he feels the angel’s presence near him, pushing him on his back and shifting him on his side. Then there’s that familiar pair of arms wounding around him from behind, the equally-familiar warmth of the angel’s body lulling him to calmness as the angel pulls him into his embrace.

He goes to it willingly, but it doesn’t stop him telling the angel off anyway. “You’re still a jerk, hmph.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again, please don’t be angry. I don’t like it when you’re angry.”

Nino harrumphs, but leans in to the angel’s warmth, his earlier annoyance dissipating like mist, just like always. 

Oh well. “Whatever.”

Chapter Text

“I’m – what?” he asks, hoping he doesn’t sound as incredulous as he feels. But it’s hard; it’s hard to pretend he’s anything but, because Ohno is smiling and making it even more difficult for him to deny Ohno’s claim.

Seriously though, he must have heard Ohno wrong. Or, did he?

“Pampered and spoiled,” Ohno says, off-handed and sudden, completely veering off the topic and making Nino roll his eyes despite himself.

“You’re that and more.” Ohno adds, sounding serious despite the fact that there’s that noticeable smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth while he’s slowly and very carefully pushes Nino to his back onto the couch with ease.

Nino wonders where this is heading, though it isn’t like he’s complaining per se.

“Your point?” he counters, gamely, raising an eyebrow at Ohno, because, how can he not? He doesn’t mean to sound like this doesn’t affect him - it surely does, but he’s not about to admit it now, damn it.

Ohno shrugs. “It’s – hella cute,” Ohno breathes, but his dark, dark eyes survey Nino’s face like he’s still amaze, still awe, still crazy for him that it takes Nino’s next breath away. It’s kind of silly, and equal-parts frustrated that Ohno could still affect him like this, after all these years, but Nino guesses that’s just how it is for him.

He’s just that in love with Ohno and that’s that.

Ohno’s fingers work their way to the back of Nino’s head, before they drift to Nino’s jaw; then Nino feels the warmth of Ohno’s thumb smoothing across his cheek, the soft skin beneath his eyes as Ohno’s eyes zeroes in on Nino’s lips.

“I’m saying I don’t mind pampering you,” Ohno murmurs, and the itch within Nino grows. His lips tingle, his throat feels suddenly dry as he swallows the urge to say something embarrassing despite the way his fingers find their way to Ohno’s hips, tugging him closer.

Ohno smiles, and it’s the lopsided one that makes Nino’s chest curl onto itself, the one that makes Ohno looks so goddamn irresistible that Nino doesn’t realize he’s keening under his breath the moment after.

The reaction has Ohno darting his gaze down, but still looking at Nino beneath his lowered lashes, and Nino feels hungry.

“You,” he breathes and tugs  – he’s at this point where nothing matters anymore but to give in to that need thrumming under his skin – catching Ohno around the hips as he parts his legs to accommodate Ohno’s weight. Then there’s the glorious feel of Ohno’s mouth on his lips, nip-teasing his way inside with such gentleness that makes Nino groan.

He pushes his hips forward and the sound Ohno makes in return goes straight to his groin, feels the answering hardness in between them when Ohno rolls his hips in return. Then Ohno holds his jaw and  pulls just a bit away to breathe, licks his lips as Nino watches, smirks as if he knows he’s driving Nino mad with want.

“Me?” Ohno muses, and darts the tip of his tongue to lick a warm trail across Nino’s bottom lip, and Nino’s given up pretending he’s strong enough to resist.

Chapter Text

For the most part, he thinks this whole soul mate thing is ridiculous. A complete and utter crap. For another, he doesn’t want to believe it, or even think about it, despite the fact that Jun keeps on telling him he’s just being a jerk on purpose.

But then this other jerk comes along and fucks everything up.

It’s obvious Jun has something to do with this, but he’s not sure how. It could also be that the universe is doing this to make him miserable.

Nino isn’t amused.

“Aha, I knew there was a reason I had a hard-on when I first saw you!” the guy exclaims, and Nino feels like cringing if it’s not for the fact that his own dick obviously has other ideas. For a moment there, he thinks of leaving, but then realizes there’s no way he’s going to hear the end of it from Jun. Or from Sho and Aiba.

Fuck it all. He walks behind the man and reaches to work on the rope that’s bounding him to the chair.

“So, soul mate, huh?”

“I’d stop talking if I were you,” he mutters, mentally chastising himself as he pulls the rope free; something tells him today’s going to be longer than he thought it would be. “like, immediately. I mean it.” He grunts under his breath, makes sure he’s tugged the rope all the way off before he moves away.

The guy beams, flexing his freed hands. “Eh, but why? This is the part where we should be getting acquainted, right? Can I shake your hand or do you prefer it better if we hug? Anything’s fine with me, I swear!”

“Seriously, though –“

“Ah, Ninomiya-san, right? Oh, don’t be surprised. I know your name, of course. I know you’re coming for me, by the way.” The man winks.

Nino face-palms. No, this is not happening. “Oh my god, why should it be you? You’re so annoying!”

The guy’s grin is so big that it’s difficult to look away from it. Nino wonders why he can’t.


“Ah, so you accept it then? You and I, because the universe thinks -”

“It’s doing me a huge favor by sending you? I don’t fucking think so.” He cuts in, but a huge part of him is telling him to suck it up and just let it happen.

“Admit it Ninomiya-san, you like me.”

“My god, the nerve!”

“You came for me, I think I have every reason to believe you like me,” the man says, eyes twinkling. “Oh, I’m Ohno, by the way. Ohno Satoshi. You can call me whatever you want. But ‘yours’ sounds really nice, too.”

“I’m going to punch you in the face.” He declares, and it’s not even a threat.

Ohno laughs and pulls him in, leans in closer to rest their foreheads together. Nino honestly wonders what is happening, why it feels so much like the world has stopped just for them.

“No, you won’t.”

“I swear I will.”


“If you let go of me.”

“Do you want me to?”


“That’s a question!”


The man grins. Nino is left wondering why that one gets his pulse racing, too. “You’re so cute. Also, you’re the best. Thanks for coming, and for saving me.”

“I didn’t do it for you. I did it for Jun -” he starts to say, but the man stops him with a finger over his lips, still smiling like he knows, tracing Nino’s lips like he has all the fucking right.

“Are you sure?”


“Oh, another question!”

“God, I’m really going to hit you if you don’t shut up. I mean it!”

“How about you kiss me instead?”

“For the love of – unffff!” he trails, eyes wide as the man, Ohno, pulls him in, pressing their mouths together and kissing the words straight from his lips until he has no choice but to let it happen.

(He tells himself that, but after a while, he finds himself completely into it, humming into the other man’s mouth, hands gripping the man’s hips as he presses closer, liking the way they simply fit.

He is so screwed.)

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The only definite thing he knew about his past was the day he was born.

And this wasn’t simply because of the fact that the date seemed like it had been time-stamped onto his skin, the numbers tattooed across the inside of his left middle finger like some kind of code - 6.17.1983 - dark and visible to only a handful of people, people like him who weren’t from this world, but from another.

Nino knew too little of the family he’d been born from, just their names and their previous occupations, their last known location, and nothing more. This world had only too little information about their existence, more so of their eventual disappearance sometime after he was born. 

There weren’t much knowledge to begin with, not even about why they were brought in here in the first place, but just those little snippets of the outrageous ‘hows’, and the few, equally outrageous ones they could eventually managed to squeeze out of the man who brought them here that made little to no sense in the end.

Johnny Kitagawa claimed of having this weird ability to time travel, into the past, future, and into several worlds and universes of the same timeline, claiming he’d been doing it to, well, save kids from being murdered at birth by taking them back with him here, to Johnny-san’s own world, and bringing them up like they were his own.

There were three of them that came from three different world versions of 1983 - he, Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki, and Matsumoto Jun - or so Johnny-san claimed. None of them knew, however, if this pieces of information were true or if it was just plain bullshit, at least back then when they were younger, since they have no way of confirming the validity of said statement all by themselves. The old man even spoke of bizarre things like powers and abilities manifesting later on, and for someone who viewed this world as an equally-bizarre and cruel place to be stuck on, thought the older man was nothing but a self-righteous lunatic.

Until the day he turned twenty-two and realized he’d not only manifested one, but three unique abilities in the span of a whole week, half a year after Aiba, and just a few months ahead of Jun.

That’s exactly when he started hearing someone else’s voice in his head as well.


“I seriously don’t get his weird fixation on lip creams,” Nino said, conversationally, swinging his index finger lazily and barely paying attention to the way the cleaning cloth was moving across the counter, wiping it clean despite being distracted.

“Like, he kept on muttering about this and that flavor, which one moisturizes his lips better and all that crap, it’s so weird.” he muttered, shaking his head.

“And newspapers. Like, is he even for real?”

“He reads?” asked Jun from his perch on one of the stools there, briefly taking his attention away from whatever stuff he was doing on his laptop to raise an inquiring eyebrow at Nino. Nino snickered, crinkled his nose at Jun’s obvious teasing.

It was one thing, admitting he could hear another person talking in his head - stranger - and another to be able to tell his closest friends and know that they wouldn’t outright suspect him of finally losing the few remaining working screws in his head, despite the fact that it already felt like he did, the second he admitted to himself that that other voice he’d kept hearing in his head belonged to another person entirely. 

“Beats me,” he shrugged. “He mostly talks about the column write-ups about fishing, though, and occasionally about stocks and currency, so I really have no idea.” He couldn’t really tell exactly what’s going on, at least not if he was going to base his hypothesis on the mostly one-sided conversation he’d got going with the stranger  mumbling away in his head.

He couldn’t really classify it as one, but maybe more like unfiltered thoughts with a voice. There weren’t much sense to the words being spoken, not then when he first heard it at twenty-two, and he was most certain that was still the case now. After all, grunting about currency hitting rock bottom being the only thing appearing on each newspaper’s front pages these days wasn’t all that enlightening.

For all Nino knew, the voice belonged to a distressed banker with an attitude.

“He’s grunting about them all week. It’s driving me fucking crazy.”

“Wow, that’s new,” Jun commented, thoughtfully.

“What is?”

Jun swiveled his chair around and properly looked at him. “That reaction,” Jun lamented, “I thought you’re used to it by now, seeing that it’s been more than ten years. What happened?”

He shrugged. Then stilled when his wrist suddenly felt warm, warmer than usual, at least; he twisted his marked hand, the cleaning cloth falling from his grip, eyes widening in shock.

“Nino? What is it?” Jun prompted, migrating next to Nino the second later.

Nino vaguely heard him. He was still staring hard at the glowing numbers stamped on his skin, twitching at that unusual buzz sizzling across the back of his neck. His heart thudded in his chest, his throat dry, his senses hyperaware of anything and everything all at once.

He shut his eyes closed for a moment and felt more than heard the resounding footsteps from far away.

“He’s near,” he murmured, blinking the sunspots away as his gaze drifted towards the doorway. “He’s coming.”

“Who? Who’s coming?” Jun countered, worried.

Nino pointed at his temple and briefly wondered why he was grinning. “Lip cream guy is coming, J. I can feel it. I can feel him.”


Chapter Text

It was the sound of his shower running that woke Nino, but it was the scent of unfamiliar cologne clinging to his pillow that jerked him into full panic mode. He jumped from the bed and stumbled on his ass on his carpeted floor, wincing at the unexpected pain around his lower back.

What the hell just happened?

He shook himself awake and contemplated rushing towards the direction of the kitchen to grab something to defend himself with, the sound of an unfamiliar masculine voice humming an equally-unfamiliar song made him pause.

Who in hell was that? Did he happen to invite some stranger back to his apartment last night and he just couldn’t remember it? But, wait…yesterday – yesterday was his birthday, right? And his friends – Aiba-chan and Sho-chan and J and Toma – they surprised him with a birthday celebration and – and –

What in hell happened after that? He couldn’t fucking remember any of it.

“Damn you, Ninomiya,” he cursed to himself, almost pulling his hair out of sheer frustration. The pain in his lower back was indication enough that something kinky happened last night, but to hell with it because he couldn’t remember any of it. He couldn’t remember who did him, either, or if he was going to motherfreaking regret getting drunk on his own damn birthday party.

God, what if it was one of his friends who he had sex with? The embarrassment alone was enough to make him puke, honestly.

He pulled himself from his sprawl on the floor and sat on the bed’s edge to think. If he thought about it sensibly, he could say for certain that it was highly unlikely that he’d end up fucking one of his friends no matter how drunk he was, or vice versa. Sho-chan only had the hots for Jun, and Jun might feel the same way but he’s a goddamn sadist. It probably had to do with the fact that he’d been the one who fell for Sho first, way back when they were younger, and that Sho had firmly declined Jun’s love because he thought – claimed – he was straight.

Joke’s on him, obviously.

And well, Jun wouldn’t even think of fucking him even when his younger friend was so wasted, and Nino was certain that hadn’t changed. They were two very different individuals, competitive and stubborn to a fault, their tastes in things are completely in contrast with each other that the thought of fucking Jun was enough to make him cringe.

But Aiba-chan was another story altogether, obviously because he and Aiba had a history together, though not a pleasant one at that, but still. Nino hoped he didn’t lose what little dignity he had left and had ended up inviting Aiba to his bed, otherwise – no, he didn’t even want to imagine it.

The shower stopped and Nino was sure his heart did, too. He watched, both in horror and in shame, as the door to the bathroom opened and a stranger (thankfully!) stepped out, tanned from head to toe and water droplets clinging to his skin as he stood there, blinking at Nino.

Despite his better judgments (and relief, thank fuck), he swallowed past the lump that lodged in his throat and forced his eyes away from the stranger’s abs (wow).

“W-Who are you?” he croaked, hoping he didn’t sound strange, because he sure felt like it. His eyes caught a reddish mark above the stranger’s right shoulder, and for some reason, his stomach knotted at the sight of it.

“Ohno. Ohno Satoshi,” the man said, running a hand through his damp hair. “Um, you don’t remember, do you?”

Nino wanted to scoff at that. “I won’t be asking you if I did,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “What are you doing here?”

The man, Ohno, grinned; it’s the lopsided kind that looked charming on the man, despite Nino trying not to focus on it entirely. “Just had to take a shower before I have to leave,” Ohno said, “I’m sorry you don’t remember me, but I swear I didn’t do anything to you that you didn’t – like.”

He grimaced at that. “Are you not going to tell me who you are and what exactly you’re doing – here?” he prompted; he didn’t have to admit that the exchange was doing things to his body that wasn’t exactly – appropriate, especially when he was in the middle of interrogating a sort-of stranger, but to hell with it.

The man shrugged. “Your friend, Aiba-san, hired me to, well, entertain you. On your birthday last night. There, do you remember it now?”

Nino frowned. A hired entertainer? And Aiba hired him? What the hell. “Why would Aiba hire an actor on my birthday?” he asked, confused.

“Well, I’m not exactly an actor.”

“But you just said –“

“ – I was hired to entertain, yes, but that’s not – fine, I’m a stripper,” Ohno chuckled, as if he was trying not to laugh at the sort-of absurdity of it. Nino was too busy gaping to even notice. “I was hired here last night, but you were drunk already when I arrived. You asked me to give you a lap dance.”

“I asked you to what?”

“You heard me,” Ohno said, “And don’t worry, that’s all on video. Your friends took it, said they need it as evidence.”

He narrowed his eyes, swallowing his embarrassment in favor of asking  Ohno about another thing. “That still doesn’t explain why you’re here.”

Ohno gave him a look, and sighed. “Ninomiya-san, we had sex. Okay? You chased your friends out after the lap dance was over and you kind of, well, asked me to, you know?”

What? “W-What?”

“Don’t look so embarrassed,” Ohno said, smiling like he meant it. Nino was torn between being horrified and aroused to even care. “I mean, last night was – good. I really enjoyed it.”

What was he supposed to say to that? He blinked and swallowed hard, realized he was staring at Ohno and imagining what it felt like, last night? When those hands were touching him, when that gorgeous body was pressed warmly against his own?

“I – don’t remember any of it,” he murmured, and stood. He’d cover his nakedness if he had the brain capacity to even care about that fact now, but obviously, he didn’t. He strode forward to where the stripper was, stopping when he was close enough to see the reflection of his own face through the man’s dark, dark eyes, smelling the scent of his own body wash clinging to the man’s damp skin.

The man leaned closer and reached up to thumb his cheek. “Do you want me to remind you?”

Nino licked his lips and leaned in. “Please do,” he whispered. “Ohno-san.”

The man grinned, hands closing around his hips and pulling him in. “My pleasure, Nino.”