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Drabble Collection - Ohmiya

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Bottom’s up l 463 words l R


He’s not going to last. 

Ohno knows this, of course, because Ohno knows Nino’s body more than he himself does. It’s a fact that he’s not that stupid to rectify, not anymore, not after the countless times Ohno’s driven him to the edge of pleasure without even as much as trying. 

The sheets feel like it’s the only thing anchoring him down, twisting the fine fabric in between his fingers as he closes his eyes and allow the sensation to take over. Ohno is rutting behind him with measured, uncomplicated strokes, every thrust sending his cock deeper into Nino everytime and with every deliberate brush of the tip against that bundle of nerves inside Nino makes Nino want to scream or cry or both. 

“You’re trying to hold it in.” Ohno says, voice rough with exertion. Nino finds his voice so inexplicably sexy. “don’t.” 


Ohno pushes in, then pulls back out that only the head of his cock remains buried inside Nino, letting Nino feel the gaping emptiness Ohno’s cock left him before Ohno is ramming back in. The movement took Ohno deep, deeper than the he’s ever been and thus hitting that spot inside Nino that has Nino keening his pleasure before he could stop himself. 

“Come,” Ohno rasps out, fingers tight and unforgiving against Nino’s hips. “don’t hold back. Come. Let me hear how good it feels. Come for me.”

This time, Nino does scream – loud and fierce that he’s only vaguely afraid his neighbors will hear him, cock spurting before he even manages to touch himself.


The next thing he realizes, he is being moved. Ohno is carefully maneuvering him to lie on his back while Ohno grunts and mutters something indistinct under his breath. Nino lies there, pliant as a doll and panting. Ohno’s hand cups his softening cock, unfazed at the mess Nino made, of Nino’s own come plastered against his own skin. 

“Still with me, Nino?” Ohno says, just as he slides back in with a hiss. Nino’s breath stutters out of him in rush as Ohno settles above him, mouth seeking his. Then Ohno reaches down between them to touch him, his fingers light and coaxing. 

“O-Oh-chan, I can’t,” he complains, shuddering at the pleasure-pain but Ohno’s fingers are insistent, his mouth seeking Nino’s own for a dirty kiss. 

“You can,” Ohno insists, pumping him to the rhthym of Ohno’s hip jerks. “you will.” 

Nino’s not sure if he’s still capable of it  but he does keen when Ohno’s thumb graces his slit. Ohno fucks into him, hard and fast and rough, and Nino arches back into him to welcome him. 

“Take me, all of me, Nino!” Ohno grunts his commands into Nino’s mouth and Nino knows that he will, even if it kills him.






Sugar and Spice l 551 words l PG


Sho likes to tell him he’s an idiot for turning down Ohno’s offer time and time again. Nino likes to agree but it’s hard when there are a million and one reason why he shouldn’t – why he and Ohno shouldn’t.

One of them is this.

“I don’t cook,” he says, more like complains, though it’s getting increasingly difficult to explain himself when Ohno’s fingers are on his hips and Ohno’s lips is warm and distracting against his collarbones. “you’ll starve, I mean –“ 

“Pre-packaged food exists for a reason, Kazu.” Ohno chuckles into his neck, warm and familiar. Nino keens at the contact, wishing he can hurry things along. He doesn’t, though,  because he knows Ohno doesn’t like it when he’s being rushed and Nino kind of doesn’t want him to. 

“Your mother will kill me if she finds out that’s all I ever feed you.” he says, fingers finding the back of Ohno’s neck to hold on to. Ohno makes a noise at the back of his throat and nips his way to Nino’s ear. 

“I’m a grown man,” Ohno says, fingers tracing Nino’s abdomen idly; Nino finds himself inexplicably turned on by just that simple touch. “she knows that, Nino; you don’t have to trouble yourself with those things.” Then, to Nino’s disappointment, Ohno pulls away only so he can stare at him.

“Just tell me if you don’t want it,” Ohno says, voice low and careful, his eyes guarded in that way that makes Nino’s heart hurt. “and I won’t ask you again, I promise.” 

He is leaning in for a kiss, hands seizing Ohno’s face, dropping kisses to the corners of Ohno’s mouth to the tips of his nose, his eyes. 

“I want it,” he whispers, just high enough for Ohno to hear. “I want it so much that I’m afraid that if I say yes, I’m going to mess up and I’ll lose you, and that’s. I can’t bear that, Oh-chan. I can’t.” 

Ohno is still for a moment before he is the one leaning forward for a kiss this time, one that has Nino gasping for breath when Ohno pulls away. 

“You worry too much, Kazu,” Ohno says, confidently, into his mouth. “it’s us, remember? We don’t mess up. We fight, and sometimes it feels like we want to kill each other but that’s so different from messing up. We’re not going to because we love each other and we can’t live without each other. It’s not possible, you know that. So don’t  be scared, okay? I’m here. You’re not doing it alone, I’m with you, remember?” 

He’s not sure what kind of explanation that is, or if he even needs one but somehow, he understands what Ohno is saying. The two of them, they are inevitable, a force he couldn’t control, something he shouldn’t try to anymore. 

“Silly, Oh-chan.” He says, planting a kiss to Ohno’s mouth. Ohno beams at him and wraps him into his arms. 

“Well, yeah.” Ohno agrees, though even his voice sounded smug. Nino wants to smother him with kisses but he settles on wrapping himself around Ohno instead. 

“But I love you,” he says, into the side of Ohno’s neck. “and yes, let’s move in together. Please.” 

Ohno chuckles, arms going tight around him. “I’m glad. Yes, let’s do that.”