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Holtzmann rushed through the hallway, pushed open the back door, and leaped out.

To her right were a few empty parking spaces, probably reserved for the janitorial staff, and three large dumpsters. To the left, her soon to be escape route: an empty and quiet street that would lead her anywhere but where she currently was.

Holtzmann stumbled towards her motorcycle. The bike was hidden behind one of the dumpsters, which she hurriedly pushed out of the way, before grabbing the bike and mounting it.

She glanced at the street. A streetlight flickered on and off, ominously. Holtzmann threw on her helmet and turned the keys to start the bike, when a woman ran through the door she had just exited.

"Holtzmann! Ple-" Holtzmann's bike started, drowning out the woman's voice.

Holtzmann pulled a pair of large circular goggles out of her pant pocket and put them on. With two fingers, she saluted the woman still standing by the door, and sped off.