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Stories of the Scrolls

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Karliah sat, hidden, in a small, seldom-used passageway of the Twilight Sepulchre, hugging her knees to her chest. In the distance she could hear Dani's yells. "Karliah! Karliah, where are you?" A small voice, one that she had always known as Nocturnal, whispered to her.

"Karliah, speak to the girl. She will not harm you. It would be better for all of you if you did." The Prince's advice was almost never wrong, but on this occasion, Karliah had no inclination to follow it, or, indeed, to move. She stayed there for what could have been days, or what could have been a few minutes, listening to Danni's calls grow fainter then stop. Suddenly, the entrance to the passage was pulled open and the slight young Imperial crawled in, settling next to Karliah and running a hand through her short black hair.

"Karrie, are you alright? You've been missing for hours, and I knew you didn't leave, 'cuz Bryn told me he didn't see ya leave so why did you hide 'cuz I just wanted to talk to you because you're my best friend in Skyrim and I was worried about you and I wanted to spend time with you 'cause I lo-" Dani smacked a hand over her own mouth, preventing something from slipping out.

That sounded important. Karliah took a deep breath to postpone the moment when she'd have to tell her, as well as giving her time to marshal her thoughts. "Look, Dani, when we met, you could tell that I didn't think much of you, right?" When Dani started to talk, Karliah put a finger on her lips. "If you start talking, I'll never be able to finish what I'm saying. So nod or shake your head." Dani nodded. "Good. But while you were helping me hunt down Frey, that changed. I grew rather fond of you, actually. More fond of you than I was of Gallus, when I first met him." Karliah reached out and traced the scar where Mercer had stabbed her on the upper part of Dani's breast, an area not covered by cloth, making the poor girl shiver and blush. "It took me until I had the chance to talk to him one last time that my guilt over loving someone new went away. He had moved on. I needed to, and that, Dani, is your part in this. I fell for you, hard. It wasn't all at once, like those romance novels you read would have you believe-" Here Dani started blushing more than the rest of the speech had made her, and fervently hoped Brynjolf wasn't in earshot. "- but it was still love, nonetheless. So, Dani, sweet little innocent Dani, I'm in love with you. Do..." Karliah couldn't bear to finish the question, but didn't have to; Dani tackled her to the ground as well as she could, given that they were in a waist-high tunnel, and showered her face with kiss after kiss, then pulled away, arms locked around Karliah's neck.

"That answer enough for you, Karrie?"