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Harry Potter with the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

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Harry felt strange to be walking into the Wizengamot Chamber, not as Sirius’ Heir (though he still was that), but as Lord Potter, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter. It was hardly the first Wizengamot Session he’d attended, he’d attended five before – the last of which had been only a month ago – but this felt different. This time he would actually be introduced to the Wizengamot, this time he would have the right to vote, the right to speak, the right to propose new laws.

He strode into the Chamber at Sirius’ side, easily matching his godfather’s steps since he was now two and a half inches taller than the older wizard, and then across the chamber and up the stairs towards the seats that belonged to the Most Ancient and Noble members. The four wizards who were already sitting along the row, Lord Malfoy, Draco, Lord Ogden, and Professor Snape all stood and bowed to both him and Sirius and Harry only just managed to keep his nod of acknowledgement regal and smooth – it still felt weird to have Lord Malfoy bowing to him (and to have Draco and Professor Snape bowing so low).

Following Sirius down the row, past the other wizards who were still standing respectfully, Harry tried to prepare himself to sit in the Potter Seat for the first time. The last person who had sat there had been his father, and the person before had been his grandfather, and now it would be his turn. He would sit in that seat and represent the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter like his ancestors had - it felt like an enormous responsibility to put on fifteen year old.

When he eventually reached the seat, he waited respectfully for Sirius to sit, before slowly lowering himself into the throne-like chair that sat below the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter’s Coat of Arms. It was surprisingly comfortable, definitely more so than the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black’s Heir chair had been and Harry had swallow a grin at the idea that one of his ancestors had thought to put a cushioning charm on the chair. It felt isolating, to have an empty seat on either side of him – since the chair to his left was for the Black heir and the chair to his right was for the Potter heir. He wished that either Sirius or Lord Malfoy, though preferably Sirius, were close enough for him to talk to – what if he needed to quietly ask a question?

Glancing towards Sirius, Harry realised that his godfather was watching him with slightly sad expression and Harry wondered if he was thinking of his father. If it hadn’t been for Voldemort, James Potter would have been the one sitting in the Potter chair and Harry would have been sitting in the chair to the left. If it hadn’t been for Voldemort, Sirius would have probably have had a son of his own sitting in the Black Heir chair too.

Still, there was no point in dwelling on what may have been – not for Harry at least who didn’t even remember his father. Instead, Harry gave Sirius what he hoped was a comforting smile, before turning his attention to the floor of the Chamber where other Wizengamot members were still arriving and milling around. He’d never understood why so many Wizengamot didn’t take their seats until the last minute. Surely they had plenty of time to socialise during their lunch break, or during the entire month that was between meetings.

Eventually, the large clock on the wall opposite Harry chimed, announcing that it was ten o’clock, and the last few members scurried up the stairs into their seats. Then Lord Prince, the Chief Warlock, stood from his seat.

“Merry Meet.” Lord Prince greeted the room, bowing towards Harry, Sirius, and Lord Malfoy. At that, every single Lord (aside from Harry, Sirius, and Lord Malfoy), Heir, and a third of the other members stood and bowed first to Lord Prince, and then towards those higher than them in the hierarchy. Harry stood too, and bowed to Sirius who nodded first to him, and then to Lord Malfoy who had bowed to them both again.

Harry thought that it looked a bit chaotic, every bowing in different directions. The non-titled members simply bowed once to the rows above them, the Ancient and Noble Lord bowed to the Lords on their right, before turning and bowing to the Most Ancient and Noble Lords seated above them, and he Most Ancient and Noble Lords bowed to the lords on their right. It was chaotic, but it was also wonderful to see traditional behaviour embraced by the Wizengamot – clearly Lord Prince’s year as the Chief Warlock had made a difference.

Eventually, they were all seated again and Lord Prince continued. “Our first order of business this morning is to welcome Lord Potter, of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and recipient of the Order of Merlin, First Class to our number.”

Lord Prince bowed again and, just as they had when Sirius had joined the Wizengamot, at least half of the Wizengamot stood and as well.

Harry nodded as regally as he could and tried to ignore the way his heart was beating loudly. In some ways it was hard to believe that this was actually happening. Just over four years ago he’d been the Dursleys’ House Elf, completely unaware that he was a wizard. Now, he was Lord Potter, the second highest ranking individual in all of England, he had a godfather (and Remus) who loved him, he was top of his year at Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Prefect, he had an amazing betrothed and a large group of friends, he was the Seeker of the Quidditch team that was almost definitely going to win the Under Seventeen Quidditch League Cup, he was the Vanquisher of Voldemort (which he still thought was a stupid title), and now that he was Lord Potter no one would ever be able to send him back to the Dursleys (not even if Sirius died). He didn’t think life could get any better.