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Point A to B

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   He wasn’t exactly sure how they had ended up like this.

Well, that wasn’t true; he had a very clear memory of every moment that had taken him from point A to point B, and no doubt those memories would haunt him for some time to come. But that didn’t mean he fully understood why he had his partner pressed against a tree in the Rainforest District, both of her legs hiked up with her paws resting on his thighs to compensate for their height difference as his paw slipped past the now unbuckled waist of her standard issue ZPD slacks. He was obviously as insane as she was, something that he continually tried to convince himself of when his fingers wedged and squirmed their way into her briefs. He almost managed to stop himself, almost managed to think for a moment before the adorable bunny chirred her approval and arched her hips and completed the motion for him. He was dumbfounded when his palm cupped over a heat that he had never felt from a vixen before, and perhaps even more dumbfounded when his middle digit pressed inward all too willingly until he felt that same wet heat wrap around it. This drew a sound he had never heard from from his partner and best friend, sort of a high pitched whimper/cry as her small paws dug into the front of his uniform. Tiny claws gripped and pulled him towards her so hard that he almost slammed his muzzle into the tree he used to prevent them from falling.

The growl that left him came when he suddenly realized that he didn’t care anymore, and the tiny tremble of instinctive fear that raced through the bunny in response only caused his arousal to surge higher. His paw was no longer still as the shock was wiped away by need, pressing against the slick folds of her sex until the tremble of fear was washed away by another delighted sound and her paws once more pulled harshly on the front of his uniform. His free paw grasped the curve of her hip almost too tightly, dragging his partner closer to him so give himself easier access. He could taste her in the air around them now as his nostrils flared to drink in the scent of aroused bunny and his eyes narrowed to slits as he looked down at her. Her pulls were an obvious indication of her need, and that need went far beyond what his fingers could provide. It thrilled him as much as it terrified him.

He wondered if this was how she had seen him when he had gone 'savage' and stalked her in the museum? He certainly felt a little savage at the moment, as he started to pump his paw between her thighs and his finger into her pussy. His mouth watered at the sight of dazed, feral pleasure on her face when she whimpered and surrendered herself into his paws. She was so amazingly wet, unbearably hot as she started to rock in time with him, that dainty little muzzle parted and panting as she opened violet eyes to look up at him. There was no proud ‘First bunny on the force’ in those eyes; no happy go lucky, supremely optimistic mammal left in her. Just a need that he understood was real and urgent. The front of his own neatly pressed uniform pants started to feel like a cage as he hardened and if his paws had not been so full of horny bunny, he might have taken the time to reach down and ease the ache that had started the moment she had lost her mind.

This was not how he had pictured this day ending…


Point A


“Hopps! Wilde! You’re up!”

The all too familiar voice of the polar bear drill instructor still managed to cause Nick’s stomach to clench. Fond memories of being told exactly how often he had died in the various Districts sang through his mind with all of the appeal of a cackling hyena’s mating call. Not that he didn’t get it. The number of times he had managed to escape death while on the Night Howler case, many of which had been pure luck, had shown him a dangerous side to the city that even he had not been aware of; the side that slick words and a closed off demeanor had not be able to protect him from.

Of course, the very reason for his survival was the brighter side of the coin. Before he even had the time to pull himself out of the too large chair, the grey and white bunny had all but bounced her way into the front of the “Danger Evasion Techniques” class with an exuberance that made her… Her. A cocky little smirk played over his muzzle as he dropped to the floor and walked over at the pace of a lazy stroll until he stood beside her.

“Careful there, Carrots,” he said, his gaze fixed on the class as the drill instructor started to go through her speech about how important it was to evade and distract a larger mammal rather than directly engage. His gaze turned to her as his grin widened just a bit, showing the tips of his canines to the one bunny he was sure would never flinch away from the sight. “You act this happy in every class, and people will start thinking that you like being chased by a fox.”

He found it amazing that she managed to look as adorable as she did when she was doing her best to glare up at him, long ears folded back to match the mostly playful annoyance in her eyes. And because she was wearing that one piece blue on blue on blue outfit that she always wore to these training sessions (he wasn’t even sure exactly what it was called, so he went with ‘workout outfit’ since he had never actually seen her jog wearing it) she was not doing anything to dispel it in his eyes.

“Oh, ha ha,” she quipped in reply, giving him a nice, solid smack in the arm with her tiny fist. It stung, of course. She might have been small, but he knew very well that she packed a punch. As did the huge rhino that sometimes joined them for these little demonstrations. For that matter, so did most of the force by now. Her ears perked and her smile beamed when he reached up to rub at his arm with a grunt. “You know full well that you would never catch me unless I wanted you to.”

His face went perfectly blank and even a little bored when he looked down at her, his mouth opening for his best witty comeback…

“If you two are finished flirting, can we get on with it?” the polar bear groused in an anything but playful tones that had both of them snapping their attention to her.

“Yes, ma’am,” the fox said with a salute that wasn’t entirely sarcastic. “Officer Hopps was simply reminding me that even rabbits find me irresistible.”

This drew snickers from some of the class, which turned into scattered laughter when Judy replied, “I think you misheard me. I said irritating. As in, you’re a pain in my…”

“Enough!” Though the commanding tone itself was broken just a bit by a cough of laughter from the large female. “Just get on with it. Some of us have other things to do today!”

“You never let me catch you,” he reminded her as they turned towards the open mock-up of a Central Zootopia street. He cast another quick grin at his partner, this one far more sincere as he watched her drop down into a run-ready stance with her front paws on the grass, strong legs bunched under her, and her rear in the air. That outfit really did highlight every curve on that little bunny body, didn’t it?

Keep it cool, Nick. Friend and partner. No way you’re going to screw this one up. She doesn’t need to know…

Not so easy to say when she glanced back at him with that bright smile and those sparkling eyes trained on his with challenge in them. “Because that just wouldn’t be as much fun.” With that, she was off like a bolt of grey and blue into the training course. Her head start was meant to be a small one; the course was called ‘Evasion’, not ‘Chase’ after all. So only a little more than a second later he was off after her.

He was faster than her, and they both knew it. The stronger limbs of a predator meant long strides with short gaps between, and wiry muscles that had been honed during academy training propelling his body forward with a speed that had surprised them both when they had first run this little course together. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t more than keep pace, as the wide paws and long legs of her species allowed every thrust of her legs to turn into a long hop, making it seem like she was flying rather than running. Their combined speed drew murmurs of admiration from some of the onlookers, except for the one female cheetah who remained bored and unimpressed.

He tried to anticipate her next move as he gained ground, but that was easier said than done. It wasn’t just about knowing the move she might make, it was about knowing when she would make it. A fact that was proven clearly as she pivoted to the right and dashed off so suddenly that it took him a full half second to even start to turn after her. That half second allowed her to increase the distance enough that he fully lost sight of her when she dove feet first under a car on the pretend street. He had seen this a dozen times, and had learned that the quickest way to catch up was not to go around the car… But over it. A high jump and a quick leap to the hood and he was ready to close the distance again.

But she wasn’t running at the other end of the car as he had expect, which made him pause, his eyes darting from side to side as his muzzle curved into a frown. “Carrots..?”

“Com’on, Wilde! Keep up!”

He whipped around to the sound of her voice and the breathless laughter that came with it, and saw that she had climbed out in the same direction she had entered and was already well on her way to being out of reach. Panting slightly, he rolled his eyes but couldn’t help the grin that formed as he did his duty and reversed direction over the tip of the car. “Sly bunny…”

Then the misstep at the end of the car sent his left paw sliding out from under him and with a solid thump of his knee slamming into the trunk of the car, he went feet over head off the end of the car to land solidly on his back. A growl escaped him as he curled in on himself, his paws gripping his knee as he groaned. The sound of his pained growl and the commotion as the other students called out to ask if he was all right caught her attention, and far quicker than the rest of the mammals heading his way to help, she pivoted on a dime and raced back towards him. “Nick!”

Pained green eyes turned towards her as she rushed to him, the look of concern that was written all over her face making it all the more satisfying when that concern turned to surprise as he rolled and braced himself on all fours to leap at her. She gave a little ‘Oomph!’ when his body collided with hers, and he felt her smaller form leave the ground for a second before they ended up in a pile on the asphalt.

“Gotcha!” His muzzle parted wide in a delighted laugh as he straddled her hips with his knees a second later and pinned the panting bunny to the ground with paws pressed into her shoulders. He didn’t even mind the instinctive twitch of her nose when he leaned over her, predator over prey. “I told you, irresistible. Officer Nick Piberius Wilde, wins out over the unbeatable wonder bunny!”

“You cheated!” she huffed, though she didn’t exactly look wounded by it. In fact, now that the twitching of her nose had stilled, she was clearly doing her best to keep her herself from grinning. And was failing, the corners of her muzzle bending up just a bit now and then as he congratulated himself and a round of applause came from the rest of the class.

“Exactly,” came the voice of the drill instructor beyond them. “And let this be a lesson to all of you. Just because your perp looks like they are down for the count doesn’t mean that you can throw caution to the wind. Always approach a suspect as if they are a threat, even if they are…”

Nick sort of lost track of what was being said at that point. His wide grin remained as he held his partners eyes, and as his breathing slowed and evened out, he started to realize that there was something odd about Judy today. Something… Different. He couldn’t quite put his claw on it, not right away. His own nose twitched now, nostrils flared a bit as he leaned closer to her, not even fully aware of the fact that he was doing it. Funny thing was, he saw her nose twitching, too. Not the same quick, uneven, getawayfromthepredatorbeforeheeatsme twitching that he had seen as he pinned her. It sort of matched the slightly dazed look that came into her eyes, slow and in time with her breath as if she were trying to find the same change in him that he was trying to find in her.

“All right, Wilde. Enough gloating,” came the voice of the polar bear, which was just enough to snap him out of whatever had caused him to lean so close that his nose was almost touching hers. “You and Officer Hopps have Rainforest patrol in half an hour. The rest of you, get into your assigned pairs and try not to trip over your own feet.”

He pulled himself back, up and off of her in less time than it had taken him to tackle her, and it was only a lifetime learning not to show more than he wanted to be seen that allowed him to crack a careless grin when he reached down for Judy’s paw. He saw something that he never wanted to see from her when she looked up at him; a flicker of uncertainty in those violet eyes, and ears that were folded back as if she didn’t really know if she could trust him or didn’t really know who he was. It only lasted for a moment, and then it was gone as she grasped his paw and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet.

“Come on, Carrots,” he said easily, releasing her paw and giving her a hip bump. He was relieved to see the confused uncertainty in her eyes clear away almost instantly as she returned the affectionate gesture. “Today, you buy lunch for me. Nicolas Piberius Wilde, conquering f..! Oof!”

“Only if you beat me to the cruiser!” she called out as he rubbed his ribs where her elbow had landed, and then watched the grinning bunny as she started off towards the women’s locker room with a quick wave.

The green eyes of the fox followed her until that cotton tail of hers vanished around a corner and out of sight before he let his mask slip into something calm and emotionless.




Starting the walk towards the men’s locker, he had a moment where he wished he had pockets in his sweats to shove his paws into so he could clench them without worrying about someone seeing. All the same, when a jaguar gave him a friendly wave as they crossed paths, Nick raised his own paw in return. His grin had even returned, his tail held high and his ear erect. He could have won an award for keeping the persona of the careless fox in place even as he stripped down, stowed his sweats in his bag, and grabbed a towel. It wasn’t until he stepped into the shower and found it empty that he let the act drop, and turned the shower on so hot that he was sure it would remove all traces of scent.

No way you’re going to screw this one up. She can’t get to you if you don’t let her know.

He leaned his head against the cool tiles as he tried to clear his mind of the scent of the best friend he had ever had under the nearly painful heat of the beating water. He allowed it soak into the red and white of his fur for a few minutes before he released a low sigh and reached for the soap.

She doesn’t need to know that you love her.