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call me on my cell phone (late night when you need my love)

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Yoongi [8:06:13 PM]

joon are you busy?

Yoongi [8:07:15 PM]


Yoongi [8:07:49 PM]


[8:10:32 PM] Namjoon

Hyung, I’m in a meeting. What is it?

Yoongi [8:11:09 PM]


Yoongi [8:11:18 PM]


Yoongi [8:11:30 PM]

just miss you…

Yoongi [8:12:01 PM]

it’s been two weeks

[8:12:59 PM] Namjoon

I know. I miss you too. I should be back in about 4 hours.

Yoongi [8:13:16 PM]


Yoongi [8:15:21 PM]

i was cleaning today… switching out the wardrobes and stuff…

[8:16:58 PM] Namjoon

That so?

Yoongi [8:17:23 PM]

found your hoodie. the one from college

[8:18:50 PM] Namjoon

That old thing? Wow. Surprised it’s still around.

Yoongi [8:19:06 PM]


Yoongi [8:19:27 PM]

i was wearing it around the house today

Yoongi [8:19:52 PM]

it’s still too big

[8:20:41 PM] Namjoon

Honestly? Did you grow at all after High School? Haha.

Yoongi [8:20:53 PM]


[8:21:04 PM] Namjoon

It’s cute.

Yoongi [8:21:06 PM]


Yoongi [8:21:23 PM]

how’s the meeting?

[8:21:49 PM] Namjoon


[8:22:11 PM] Namjoon

Can’t wait to get out.

Yoongi [8:22:25 PM]

ditch work

Yoongi [8:22:41 PM]

come home. it’s been two weeks...

Yoongi [8:23:01 PM]

4 hours is too long…

[8:24:09 PM] Namjoon

You know I can’t do that.

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

Just 4 more hours, you can wait.

Yoongi [8:25:15 PM]


Yoongi [8:25:36 PM]

i want you joonie

Yoongi [8:25:58 PM]

need you

Yoongi [8:26:04 PM]


Yoongi [8:26:21 PM]

don’t wanna wait

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

Wow... Babe, I’ll make it worth the wait, so hang in there, kay?

Yoongi [8:25:15 PM]


Yoongi [8:25:36 PM]

how important is this meeting?

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

Very. Some guy from overseas. Necessary I stay

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

It’s just a few hours.

Yoongi [8:25:58 PM]

i took off the hoodie

Yoongi [8:26:04 PM]

wearing your shirt

Yoongi [8:26:21 PM]

only your shirt

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon


[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

I’m still in the meeting...

Yoongi [8:25:15 PM]

i know

Yoongi [8:25:36 PM]

i’m starting without you

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

… Alright…

Yoongi [8:25:58 PM]

come back

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

I can’t. I told you.

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

I will soon. When I can. Promise.

Yoongi [8:26:04 PM]


Yoongi [8:26:21 PM]

what are you wearing?

[8:25:03 PM] Namjoon

Black pants. White shirt. Black blazer. Boring. Work clothes.

Yoongi [8:25:15 PM]

bet it still looks good

Yoongi [8:25:36 PM]

anything looks good on you

Yoongi [8:25:58 PM]

still wanna take it off

[8:26:06 PM] Namjoon

You can.

[8:26:14 PM] Namjoon

As soon as I get home.

Yoongi [8:26:22 PM]

… you sound so calm

[8:26:43 PM] Namjoon

I have to keep calm. Meeting will be awkward otherwise.

Yoongi [8:27:51 PM]

i’m trying not to touch

Yoongi [8:27:57 PM]

it’s hard

Yoongi [8:28:01 PM]


[8:28:39 PM] Namjoon

Why are you holding back?

Yoongi [8:28:51 PM]

want you to do it

[8:29:09 PM] Namjoon

Can you hold out?

Yoongi [8:29:21 PM]

touch me joon-ah

Yoongi [8:29:25 PM]


Yoongi [8:29:29 PM]


[8:30:38 PM] Namjoon

I will. I promise. When I get home, I’ll make it all better.

Yoongi [8:30:47 PM]


Yoongi [8:30:59 PM]

how much longer?

[8:31:47 PM] Namjoon

It’s been 20 minutes. So, 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Yoongi [8:31:57 PM]

too long

Yoongi [8:32:00 PM]


Yoongi [8:32:11 PM]

i can’t hold back

Yoongi [8:32:29 PM]

tell me what to do joonie

[8:32:48 PM] Namjoon

God, babe...

[8:32:59 PM] Namjoon


[8:33:19 PM] Namjoon

Where are you right now?

Yoongi [8:33:28PM]

your side of the bed

Yoongi [8:33:44 PM]

curled up on top of the covers

Yoongi [8:33:57 PM]

can’t you come home?

[8:34:56 PM] Namjoon

You make things so hard for me sometimes. You know I can't. Just start without me. Think of me though. Okay?

Yoongi [8:35:17 PM]


Yoongi [8:35:26 PM]

just miss you

Yoongi [8:35:35 PM]

need you


Yoongi [8:36:47 PM]

okay. i’m sitting up now. tell me what to do joon-ah

[8:37:16 PM] Namjoon

Okay. I want you to run your hand up your shirt. Gently drag your fingers across your chest. Can you do that?

Yoongi [8:37:32 PM]

yeah. yeah, okay


[8:37:46 PM] Namjoon

How does it feel?

Yoongi [8:37:52 PM]


Yoongi [8:37:58 PM]


Yoongi [8:38:13 PM]

not as good as you though

[8:38:35 PM] Namjoon

Keep doing that. With your other hand, I want you to lightly touch yourself. Can you manage that, babe?

Yoongi [8:38:48 PM]


Yoongi [8:38:53 PM]

wanna keep talking to you

[8:39:05 PM] Namjoon

Right, okay. Give me a minute.

[8:40:1 PM] Namjoon

Ok. If you want you can call. I have headphones in. But can't talk. Obviously.

Yoongi [8:40:13 PM]

okay. thanks joonie


[8:40:20 PM] Namjoon

So, can you do it now?

“Y– yeah. Fuck, Joon-ah…”

[8:40:51 PM] Namjoon

Shit, it's different being able to hear you. Can't wait to come home.

“Wish I could hear you too. F– fuck. I miss you.”

[8:41:41 PM] Namjoon

I miss you too. I'll be home soon, only 3 hours, 30 minutes. Fuck, I love your voice. Tell me how it feels, baby.

“Feels goo— fuck. So good. God. Joon—”

[8:43:23 PM] Namjoon

You sound amazing. Keep saying my name, it's fucking hot. Okay, I want you to do exactly what you're doing now, but not be as gentle. Can you do that for me?

“Y– yeah. Anything for you, J– Joon-ah.”

F– fuck.

[8:45:33 PM] Namjoon

You sound like you're doing well, baby. Keep it up. The things I'm gonna do to you when I get home…

Fuck, J– Joon-ah. Fuck me. P– please.”

[8:47:13 PM] Namjoon

God, do I want to. Okay, move one of your hands, whichever you want, to your ass. I want you to finger fuck yourself. Is that okay babe?

“Yes. That’s m– more than okay. Fuck I—”

[8:49:03 PM] Namjoon

You okay? Describe to me what you're doing.

“I– I’m… I’m opening the drawer. Bottom one. Your side of the bed—”

[8:50:00 PM] Namjoon

It should be there. Tell me when you find it, babe. Shit, it's hard to keep a straight face.

“Tell me what you’re doing J– Joon-ah. H– how bad do you wanna leave?”

[8:50:40 PM] Namjoon

I have to listen to this guy go on about... Fuck, I don't even know what he's saying anymore. More focused on you.

[8:50:59 PM] Namjoon

I want to get the hell out of here and pleasure you myself. I want to hear you in person. I want to see you.

F– fuck—

“I wanna see you too.”

“I found it. I’m lying on my side now. Got my phone against the pillow next to me so I don’t get the gel all over it.”

[8:52:49 PM] Namjoon

Okay, good. Start off slow, kay? Slow and gentle. Shit. I wish I could see you right now. I bet you look hot as fuck.

Fuck. It’s cold.”

“I could show you, J– Joon-ah. I call, or you could c– come back…”

[8:54:01 PM] Namjoon

God, do I want to say yes, but if my boss comes up behind me... Fuck. I'll be back as soon as I can be. I promise.

“I know. I kn— Joon— fuck—”

“—Fuck. It f– feels—”

[8:55:00 PM] Namjoon

Feels what? How does it feel baby? Are you being gentle like I said?

“—F– feels good. Y– yeah. Yeah, I’m being gentle – only us– using one.”

“S’ n– not enou— gh.”

“Tryna c– copy you. N– not work— ing.”

[8:56:52 PM] Namjoon

Fuck I want you right now. Add another finger then. You don't have to copy me, baby. I can do that for you when I get there.

S– shit Joon-ah.

“How’s the meeting going?”

“How much— h– how much long— er?”

[8:58:04 PM] Namjoon

3 Hours. Hopefully it will finish early. I really hope so. What are your hands doing right now baby?

“I’m using two fingers. Middle and index. Other hand’s wrapped ‘round my— … fuck, Joon-ah. Want you so bad.”

[8:59:00 PM] Namjoon

Shit... Hard in the middle of a meeting. Why are you so fucking hot?

“You can’t even see me Joon-ah. Want me to send a picture?”

“I’m adding a third one now. D– don’t think I can keep going slow.”

[9:00:30 PM] Namjoon

I don't have to see you to know that you're hot. But yes, send a picture.

[9:01:01 PM] Namjoon

It's okay, you can start to speed up now. You're doing well.


“S– so much for not making a m– mess over the phone…”

[9:03:02 PM] Namjoon

... Fuck. That was even hotter than I imagined. Fuck I wanna go home.

“C– come.”

“Come, Joon-ah...”

[9:03:55 PM] Namjoon

I can't. Fuck, do I want to. I'll leave early. But it's still too early now. But I'll leave early.

“M– make up some excuse. Say you’re not feeling well or s– something…”

“Or— fuck —or you could tell them you need to c– come back because your boyfriend’s fucking himself on his fingers wishing it was y– you inst— sh– shit.”

[9:05:05 PM] Namjoon

They would fire me, babe. Just give me two hours. I'll come home in two hours. Fuck I want you right now.

...nggh fuck. F– fuck, okay J– Joon-ah—

[9:05:35 PM] Namjoon

What do you want me to do to you when I get back? Anything you want.

“Don’t care. Anything. Just w– wan— want to see you J– Joon— fu—”

[9:05:52 PM] Namjoon

... Fuck you drive me crazy. Only 2 hours and you'll see me. Fuck, I can't wait to get out of here.

“F– fuck Joon-ah.”

“Want you so ba– bad. Fuck. I miss yo—”

“Miss you so much.”

God. I sound so desper— fuck.”

Fuck, Namjoon-ah…”

[9:07:29 PM] Namjoon

An hour. I'll fake being sick, just give me an hour. God, how do you do this to me. I miss you so fucking much. Just an hour, babe.


“I can— I’ll wait an hour.”

“S– sorry… shoul— shouldn’t even be calling you.”

“You drive me so fucking  c– crazy babe— shit—”

[9:09:09 PM] Namjoon

It's okay. I told you to call. Fuck, this is the only time I'm leaving work early for this. Just this one time okay? Shit…

“Y– yeah. Yeah. I know. T– thanks Joo— fuck. Fu—”

[9:09:49 PM] Namjoon

How's it going? What are you doing right now?

“G– got three fingers. Other hand's on my— holding my legs 'part. Gonna add one more. Fuck Joon-ah, I want you in—”

[9:10:28 PM] Namjoon

As soon as I get home, you're mine. All fucking mine. God, I wanna be inside you right now. Soon.

“I’m— I’m yours anyway. All yours. O– only yours.”

[9:10:51 PM] Namjoon

Good. And I'm yours, of course. Fuck, I miss you.

“M– miss you too.”

“So much.”


Fuck. I think I’m cl— shit.”

[9:12:08 PM] Namjoon

If you're close, then come for me, baby. I wanna hear the sounds you make for me.

F– fuck.”


Fuck. I love you. I love you—”

“Miss you so much—”

[9:13:06 PM] Namjoon

I love you so much, Yoongi. So fucking much. And I miss you. I'll be there as soon as I can. I promise.

“F– fuck. Fuck. Joo— Joon-ah—”


“Shit. It’s all over your sheets. Sorry…”

[9:15:23 PM] Namjoon

It's fine, I can deal with that later. Just worry about getting yourself cleaned up if you need to. Feeling a bit better?

“Yeah. Thanks, babe.”


[9:17:01 PM] Namjoon

Any time. I have to go right now baby – my turn to present. I'll see you soon though. I promise. I love you.

“I’ll get cleaned up then.”

“Good luck.”

“I love you Namjoon-ah.”

“See you soon—”


[9:18:00 PM] Namjoon

Wait for me.