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Priestly's Piece of Paradise

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Emily was stretched out on Serena's bed, Serena's lips peppered kisses over her stomach. Emily was still basking in the post-coital bliss. Serena had always had a tendency to keep Emily on the edge until her body was ripped to shreds by the resulting orgasm. Serena and Andy were such different lovers.

Emily ran her fingers through Serena's hair. "Serena, you're beautiful."

"You flatter me," the Brazillian bombshell grinned looking up. Serena laid her head down on her lover's abdomen, "there is nowhere on this earth that I'd rather be than right here with you."


As Miranda and Donna stepped out of the airport they were immediately accosted by a barrage of paparazzi. "How long have you two been together?" "Why get married in a state that doesn't have legal same-sex marriages?" and other questions regarding the recent nuptials were hurled at them.

Roy pushed his way through the crowd and helped herd Miranda and Donna to the car. Once they were inside and were navigating out of the parking lot, Roy said, "sorry about that, Ms. Priestly."

"News travels fast." Donna laughed.

Donna put an arm around Miranda and held her, hoping to help keep her calm. Miranda had never cared about what the media said about her -- she'd worried when the girls were young and how it could effect them, but since they've been grown up she worried much less about the media coverage of her life.

When the two arrived at the townhouse Cassidy was there to greet them. She held a copy of Page Six, "I think you'll want to see it."

Miranda sighed and accepted the paper. She groaned disgustedly and handed it to Donna. Madonna, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan -- Miranda Priestly? What is it they all have in common? They all kiss chicks to grab headlines. Miranda Priestly recently tied the knot with her gal pal Donna Sheridan at a Las Vegas wedding chapel. If I had as many failed marriages as Priestly I'd consider switching to the other team, too!


Emily kissed Serena, "I have to go." She said, though she didn't move.

"I wish you didn't," Serena whispered, pulling her in for another kiss, "I'm not even remotely through with you yet." Serena dipped her head and nibbled gently along Emily's collarbone.

Emily moaned, "I can't stay, Andy will be home soon and I need to shower first."

"Why haven't you left Andy yet? Or why hasn't she left you if the two of you are so unhappy?"

"I don't know... familiarity, I guess."

"Familiarity breeds contempt, didn't you know?"

"I know." Emily said flatly. She gathered up her purse and sunglasses. "I really do have to go. I'll come back tomorrow."

"Let's do lunch tomorrow." Serena announced. Emily looked skeptical. "You think it would look improper for the art director to be lunching with the editor?"

Emily laughed, "you're right, I'm being silly. I'll see you tomorrow."

When Emily arrived home she was relieved to find that she beat Andy home. She got right into the shower and was towel drying her hair when she heard Andy's keys hit the bowl. She stepped out of the bathroom, the steam billowing around her.

"Hey." Andy managed a small smile. "How was your day?"

"Fine." Emily shrugged. "Yours?"

Andy hung up her purse, "I've had better." She watched Emily cautiously. "Are we okay?"

Emily nodded, "we're fine."

"Really? Because you stayed out all last night and wouldn't take my calls. That doesn't really say fine to me..."

Emily pursed her lips, "I was mad last night and now we're fine. Try not to read too much into it."


"So can I watch when you murder the paparazzi and eat their still beating hearts?" Cassidy asked, leaning over the couch.

"So morbid, Cassidy!' Donna turned to look at her stunned.

"I'm going to play this level headed and cool actually." Miranda assured her.

"Boring!" Cassidy threw herself onto the settee in protest. "Are you at least going to be level headed and cool in the way that the reporters will seriously consider suicide when you're done?"


Donna put a hand on Miranda's back. "The proper way to deal with negative press is to just let it roll off your back."

"How would you know? How often are you in the paper?" Cassidy frowned.

"Cassidy, don't be rude." Miranda scowled, "Donna's right. I'm not going to engage the paparazzi, let them say what they want because we know the truth."

Donna kissed Miranda, "I'm going to get a glass of water, can I get you anything?"

"I'm good, thank you." Miranda smiled as Donna retreated.

"Are you kidding me?" Cassidy asked softly, "this is quite possibly the most insulting thing Page Six has ever written about you. They called you a joiner, they questioned the validity of your marriage!"

"Well it isn't a 'valid' marriage. It's one of those name only deals."

"Okay..." Cassidy started, "let me put it another way. The time that Page Six wrote about your attending a board meeting instead of attending one of our Christmas pageants you went down to the Times and locked yourself in a room with the editor until he ran a retraction and handed in his resignation."

Miranda sidled up to Cassidy on the settee, leaned in and whispered, "let me put it another way. Donna doesn't like it when I yell at the press and what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

Cassidy nodded, "fair enough."

Miranda patted Cassidy's leg and stood up.

"But hold on..." Cassidy furrowed her brow, "bullying the media is something you do. You've never changed for any husband so why start compromising who you are now?"

"I'm not compromising who I am." Miranda furrowed her brow. "Donna has just helped me reprioritize."

"Yeah, she's helped you be whipped." Cassidy stood up from the settee.