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Enemies With benefits

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If Taehyung had to give you one reason why he would hate Jeongguk. He won't be able to choose out of the thousand.


That's how much he hated the younger.


Who did he even think he was? Looking all smug and handsome. Like some American teenage dream boy.




But the thing he hated the most was probably how much of a tease he was.

"Just fucking suck me off, dick."


The younger chuckled at that. His breath tickling his friend down below agonisingly. "What's the magic word?"


Taehyung would defy all gods if necessary as long as he could smack the smirk off the younger's face. But he couldn't. Because if he did, Jeongguk would definitely leave him hanging like this.


Taehyung didn't want a repeat of last week where he might have kicked Jeongguk in his stomach because he wouldn't stop teasing. And Jeongguk may have ignored him for a whole week.


Somehow Taehyung had hated it more when the younger had ignored him. Even more than when he’d tease him.


So Taehyung decided to grit his teeth and ball his hands. "Please Jeongguk, would you kindly suck my dick so I could come?"


Jeongguk laughed again, this time louder. A full out laughter. Well that's new.


The younger leaned forward and kissed him before he went back to business.


Taehyung blamed the fast pace of his heart on the mind blowing blowjob. Not the kiss that seemed to have left a burning sensation on his lip.




"Is it normal when your EWB kisses you?"


Jimin looked at him - like he usually did - as if he was looking at a math equation that would make you doubt your whole existence. "What the fuck is a EWB¿?"


Taehyung sighed. Of course Jimin didn’t know what EWB meant. "Enemies with benefits." he sighed exasperated, as if the other was an utter idiot that couldn't differentiate between apples and bananas.


Jimin wanted to punch him but he didn't being the sweet and mostly patient friend he was.


Seriously, his patience could rival that of Buddha.


"Yeah, I forgot." he rolled his eyes before he realised what the other had said previously. "Wait what!!?"


Taehyung looked at him confused, his eyebrow knitted together and his head cocked to the side. "What what?"


"You just told me you've got a beneficial relationship with your - enemy -??"


"Yeaah ~~" Taehyung responded, but not really following the other.


"You’ve been having sex behind my back with a regular person whilst I've been drying out on the shore??!!” Jimin almost yelled as he grabbed Taehyung's collar." Tae I'm your BFF, how could you not tell me!? "


“I don't know. It didn't seem that important." Taehyung gradually escaped Jimin's grasp and settled back down on the bench.


"So suddenly it's important? How long have you been doing this anyways? "


Taehyung shrugged," almost two years? “He said nonchalantly.


And Jimin gasped." No way. You've been committed to one person for two whole years?!?! And why did I not realise that?? "


According to Taehyung Jimin was overreacting. It wasn't even that big of a deal. And Taehyung would never commit himself to someone. Ever.


"No. You know me Chimchim. I don't do commitment shit."


Jimin eyed him wearily, "so you've been seeing someone else besides your EWB?"


Taehyung had to think about that before a realisation dawned on him. He looked up at Jimin with his eyes wide and mouth agape. "No." He whispered before he clasped his hand in front of his mouth. Shit. He hadn't had sex with anyone else besides Jeongguk for the past two years. "Shit, I've been committed to Jeongguk for two years!??!"


Jimin felt another bomb drop on him when he heard the name of the said EWB.  "YOU'VE BEEN FUCKING JEON JEONGGUK FOR TWO YEARS!?"


OOPS. Taehyung might have forgotten to mention the name of his EWB.




The redhead dropped back on the bench and looked at Taehyung with a mixture of disbelief and disappointment. Taehyung immediately regretted ever bringing up his EWB.


"TaeTae. How could you? Jeon Jeongguk is supposed to be our mortal enemy."


"That's why he's my EWB and not FWB.” The blonde said as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole world.


Remember? Park Jimin has Buddha's patience. He sighed and looked back up at the blonde." People don't usually sleep with their enemy behind their Best friend's back."


"Well technically we've never slept together. Just fucked." Jimin groaned at that, shutting his eyes and praying his brain won't conjure any images of the two fucking.


Fuck you brain.


"TMI Tae."


But it was the truth though. Taehyung hadn't realised it until now. He'd been having sex with Jeongguk in two whole years and yet they had never spend the night together. Merely fucking each other's brains out.


Some things needed to change. So Taehyung stood up. Inhaling deeply, his chest pointed forward as he spoke. "Today, Chimchim, is Friday. We must use this day potentially and go to a club to get laid by strangers."


Jimin snickered at his friend's antics. He stood up mimicking Taehyung’s pose, his fist raised and pointed at the sky. "We will triumph tonight and fuck merciless but first -"   he looked at Taehyung who was watching him excitedly, "we have to decide who gets to take his hook up to the dorm and who gets sexiled."


Teahyung frowned, taking a more serious look now." The only way to decide this is - “he raised his fist, mirroring Jimin's stance." ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. "


Taehyung fell on his knees as he watched Jimin's paper envelope his rock.


Fuck his life. Especially his sexlife."Yess!!" Jimin cried out, throwing his hands up in the air.


"Fuck you Jiminie." Taehyung groaned.


Well, it didn't matter that much anyway. He'd probably end up fucking in the toilet stalls in the club itself. The problem was that he needed a place to overnight.




His body was swiftly moving along to the beat. Hands holding his hips captive. Lips leaving wet traces as bruises were sucked on the nape of his neck.


Somehow Taehyung felt disgusting. As if he was doing something he shouldn't be. Was he really committed to Jeongguk? He didn't want that.


And to prove his point he turned around, capturing the stranger’s lips that lacked a softness Taehyung was so used to. Hands sneaked up under his shirt and touched bare skin. Taehyung shivered at the touch. Apparently he wasn't doing that bad. He pulled at the locks of the man and expected a groan but realised soon that he wasn't making out with Jeongguk and he was hit with disappointment. And back was the churning feeling in his stomach.


He pushed the stranger away and whined loudly "You're not Jeonggukie~"


The stranger looked at him baffled, eyes wide open as he suppressed a smile? "Jeonggukkie?"


Taehyung took this opportunity to check the man out and damn it did he just reject the personification of beauty? The stranger had plump, pink lips. Big eyes that subtly hid behind his brown locks. Broad shoulders and Taehyung wondered how it'd feel if he were to bit there. But then you had Jeongguk who had this pale, supple flesh and at the thought of touching the younger he became mushy. He could feel himself become mushy. That was how the younger made him feel and Taehyung would hate him for that for eternity.


"I'm sorry." He bit his lips, trying to flee the awkward situation he turned around and started walking away.


He may have heard an 'it's okay' but he wasn't sure. He just knew he wanted to leave the club to go to a certain younger boy.




"What are you doing here?" Jeongguk looked at him, shock flashing through his features, but it was gone as soon as it appeared.


"Aren't you gonna let me in?" Taehyung slurred apparent drunk. He grinned innocently, trying his cutesy charms on the younger.


"E-eh y-yeah. Sure. Come in." He moved away from the door, inviting Taehyung inside.


And so he did, the elder stepped inside and made his way to the kitchen expertly. So Taehyung never slept over at Jeongguk's and Jeongguk never spend the night at his but that didn't mean that Taehyung never had taken the opportunity to roam in the younger's house.


What did you expect?


He opened the fridge only to be greeted by that green stuff Jimin loved so much. "Don't you have anything good to eat?"


Jeongguk stood at the entrance of the kitchen, eyeing the elder warily. "If you're hungry, I could make you something to eat."


"That'd be great Jeonggukkie!!" Jeongguk entered the kitchen and made his way to the fridge, pushing Taehyung away slightly to take out that green stuff. "You're not planning to make me food with that, right?"


Jeongguk chuckled at that. "By 'that' you mean this?" Taehyung nodded and the younger laughed again, “This is called broccoli."


"I know that." Taehyung scowled and watched as Jeongguk moved to the counter to cut said green stuff. And Taehyung saw it as his cue and moved behind the younger, embracing him from behind, placing his chin on his shoulder, making sure his crotch was pressed against the latter's perky ass. He grinned at how the younger tensed up. "Jeonggukkiee~ have I ever told you how sexy you are?"


"How much did you drink?" The younger spluttered, slightly turning to look at Taehyung.




"Why?" Jeongguk laughed, it wasn't the kind of 'this is funny' laughter but more like 'are you fucking serious?' kind of laughter and Taehyung couldn't help the confused look on his face. The younger looked at him in disbelief, "Taehyung, honestly I think this was the first decent conversation, where we don't constantly try to outdo each other's dirty vocabulary, we've had. And on top of that you've been in my house for ten minutes and you're still here, usually you get up and leave after ten-minutes-of-speedy-sex and not to mention you complimented me?" The younger took a breath, calming his nerves as he turned back around to the counter, putting the 'green stuff' and the knife back on the counter and resting is hands flat on it. He just wasn't used to Taehyung being like this and it kind of made him uncomfortable.


He knew for a fact that the elder hated him to the core and even though he hated him, Jeongguk couldn't help but harbour a crush on him. He's been liking the blonde ever since he saw him during his first party at college, two years ago, and they somehow ended hooking up. But with some kind of fucked up misfortune and bad acting - on Jeongguk's part, he was just trying to act cool - the other ended up hating him along the way for being an arrogant piece of shit.


But Taehyung had been coming back for the sex ever since that one night so he must have been doing something right. If only he could ask for more.


"I'm sorry, did I interrupt you?"


Jeongguk shook his head. "No Tae, you just-"


"Do you want me to suck you off?"


Jeongguk turned at this, looking back at the elder. "What?"


"I'll suck you off, here, now, if you want to." He palmed the younger's crotch as he smiled at him innocently, eyes disappearing behind moon shaped crescents.


"H-uh" Jeongguk breathed out. Never in two years had Taehyung suggested sucking him off and never did Jeongguk have the courage to ask him to do so.


He usually didn't ask anything, afraid that Taehyung would get tired of his annoying ass. "Y-yes p-please."


He knew he sounded desperate but what kind of an idiot would he be if he let go of this opportunity? To see Taehyung's rosy, soft lips around his cock. One of Jeongguk's Taehyung-related fantasies was about to come true. Well to be honest all of his fantasies were about Taehyung and not all of them were erotic. Sadly.


Taehyung smiled at him devilishly as he slowly kneeled down in front of him, taking off his sweatpants as he slid down. Jeongguk held his breath, bit on his lip to prevent a moan escaping. They had barely started and Jeongguk was already rock hard. "Aww, did TaeTea neglect Jeonggukkie too much?"


He couldn't be serious. "Tae." He really didn't feel like being teased.


"Let your TaeTae take care of you then since you asked so nice."


His hands resting softly on his thigh as his lips left wet traces and red dots at his inner thighs and the younger found it hard to contain his whines and moans. "TaeTae, please hurry up."


The blond chuckled at the nickname. Jeongguk was really desperate and Taehyung loved it. "I'm on it." And he really was. He nuzzled his face in the younger's crotch as he breathed in the musk scent of said boy. It felt somehow calming and Jeongguk somehow found it so intimate. He could almost feel heart leaping out of his chest.


He threw back his head as the blond left soft kisses on his clothed shaft and slowly slid off his boxers. He hissed at the cold air against his cock. But finally. He took his member and started stroking, giving it experimental licks. And just from that Jeongguk could feel the familiar feeling build up. He was so pathetic but looking at Taehyung bobbing his head, taking him so well made him like that. If he had to blame someone for his pathetic state it was all Taehyung's fault.


Jeongguk had no control over himself anymore. "TaeTae~" He whined and the elder moaned around him, bringing him so much closer to his release.


His hand intertwined with the elder's blond locks as he chased his own pleasure, bucking his hips forward. "I'm close-"


The slick heat disappeared and the younger couldn't help but whine. He felt rough hands embrace his shaft instead and when he looked down he saw his hyung waiting for him to come. Mouth open and eyes looking at him expectantly and that was all he needed to come on the boy's face. His cum landing on his cheek, closed eyes and right under his lips. None in his mouth to Jeongguk's disappointment. 


Taehyung licked at his lips, tasting the come on his lips. The younger pulled at his hair to pull him up and fetched some kitchen towels from the counter behind him to wipe away the come of the blonde’s face. Their eyes locked as he did so. It was as if everything around them disappeared leaving them in a black abyss, their existence the only thing that mattered.


Taehyung couldn't help but old at the other, relishing at how nice it felt so close to the younger. Warm.


"That was great. Thanks" The younger muttered against his lips.


"You're welcome." Taehyung responded before he pressed forward, their lips engaging in a furious lip lock, trying to outdo the other.


Jeongguk's hand sneaked up at his neck, pushing forward to deepen the kiss. His other hand at Taehyung's back, pushing him forward to make sure there was no wasted space between them.


The blonde moaned into the kiss as he himself put his arms around Jeongguk's torso, holding him as close as humanly possible. Not wanting to lose the warmth.


"Wa-wait." Jeongguk said as he slightly pushed the older away.


Taehyung looked disappointed and a bit rejected. He didn't want to separate. "What?"


"J-just let me put my pants back on. I-it's chilly." Taehyung couldn't help but laugh, seeing the blush colour the younger's cheeks, unable to meet his eyes as he pulled his pants back up together with his boxers.


"Kookie you're so cute." Taehyung took the younger's hand, enlacing their fingers, slightly pulling him closer as he lead him to his bedroom. "Let's continue somewhere more comfortable." he winked at the younger. Loving the way his cheeks reddened.


He felt fingers brush against his neck and smiled at the warm touch. "Tae?" His smile dropped and he turned around to look at Jeongguk. He saw a boy looking at him with wide, glassy eyes.


His voice had sounded almost broken and it had left a heavy weight in the pit of his stomach. Hearing, seeing Jeongguk so hurt, hurt him. But Taehyung didn't know why. He cupped the younger's cheek as he spoke. "Is there something?"


The grip on the back of his neck tightened as Jeongguk pulled him closer. For a second Taehyung thought he'd kiss him again, but it never happened. Instead he pressed his index finger to a certain spot on Taehyung's neck and even though he was lost before, it hit him when he felt a soft sting. "I-is this-"


"I can explain." Taehyung blurted out.


He couldn't. He stood there still watching an expectant Jeongguk and didn't know what to say. What was he supposed to say anyways? That he went to a club to rebel against himself to prove that he wasn't committed to Jeongguk but then realised it didn't feel as good with the stranger as it did with Jeongguk. Wasn't that the opposite of what he wanted to believe? Achieve? Not being committed to Jeongguk or anyone for all that mattered.


"Let me guess." Jeongguk said and Taehyung felt as if he stood under an icy shower as he looked at the younger's eyes. "You went to the club, got laid, didn't get satisfied and came over to me because that's what I'm here for right?" Jeongguk let go of the blonde and stepped back, feeling sick all of a sudden.


"Wait. No. That's not it." Taehyung whispered as he took a step forward only for the younger to take a few back. Why did this hurt so much?


"Then, please explain." His voice sounded much colder and angrier and Taehyung didn't deserve this. He had come to him to enjoy his night and not become so miserable.


"Why should I? You're not even my boyfriend so why should I explain this to you?" He pointed at the hickey on his neck as he said so.


"Than what am I to you? What is this? Why are you here?"Jeongguk's voice broke slightly at the end and he prays to every deity that Taehyung didn't hear it.


Taehyung looked at him, unable to speak because, unfortunately for Jeongguk he did hear it. And Taehyung wasn't stupid. He understood the reason why they were in this situation. And maybe it was time to end this. "You're my EWB."


Jeongguk looked at him puzzled, head cocking to the side, eyebrow knitted together and eyes glassy as he tried to hold on to his tears. If they were in a different predicament, Taehyung would have jumped to the boy to comfort him and hug him with all his strength. He sighed before he spoke again. Of course Jeongguk didn't know what he meant. "You're my enemy with benefits." He muttered. He regretted ever saying that as he saw the younger's eyes grow bigger - if possible - at that.




"And I think this has been going on for too long.” Taehyung added, unable to look at the younger anymore. He hated himself at that moment. He had done this so many times and yet never had he been with someone for so long. And he felt an asshole for doing this to Jeongguk. And somewhere deep inside of his someone called him an idiot for letting this chance slip away but there was another voice screaming much louder demanding him to run away because 'holy shit, Jeongguk likes me.'


"You wanna break this off?" Taehyung hesitated before nodding and Jeongguk snorted at that. "I guess you're right. We've been far past the limit of a EWB." Jeongguk breathed out, faltering as he did so. Eyes glazing and he looked so ready to cry as his lips trembled. “You should leave. You know the way." Taehyung wanted to disagree, maybe even take back what he said but he didn't. He watched Jeongguk move past him into his bedroom, leaving him alone in the hallway. And Taehyung saw himself out. And suddenly a third voice in his head whispered 'you like him.' as he swallowed harshly, pushed the door close behind him and held back the tears.




He was back at his dorm room, dropping himself face first back into his bed and howled. Letting the tears fall on his pillow. He didn't hear it when the door was unlocked and people ushering to move carefully. He didn't hear it when something was dropped in the kitchen or when someone moaned loudly. But he did hear "What the fuck Tae!?" from Jimin as he entered the room with a boy by his side. "You aren't supposed to be here right now. Remember?" He whispered but Tae just shrugged, trying to calm his sobs.


"Tae? Are you okay?" Jimin asked, this time sounding more sober.


  "What's wrong?" A familiar voice asked from behind Jimin. Taehyung looked up to see a minty head behind his best friend and looked back at the latter with shock evident on his wet face.


Jimin ignored the look Taehyung was giving him and turned around to look at Yoongi. "I'm sorry but you gotta leave."


Yoongi looked at him annoyed before he looked back at Jimin. "I shouldn't have come anyways, I almost forgot why I broke up with you."


Jimin looked offended by that, putting his hands on his sides as he watched the elder retreat." What is that supposed to mean?"


"It means you've got too much baggage to handle!" The elder yelled back.






And now Taehyung felt even worse than what he thought was possible. Jimin's break up with Yoongi had been his fault too and right when they were about to reconcile - but honestly they weren't - he ruined it again. You're doing great today, Kim Taehyung.


Jimin sighed before he came up to Taehyung and sat next to him on his bed, a consoling hand on the latter's back. "So are you gonna tell me why you were crying?" Taehyung didn't know what to say so he just didn't say anything and Jimin sighed at that, his hand rubbing soothing circles on his back. "I don't like seeing you cry. Tell me so I can help."


The blonde puffed at that, falling back. "It's Jeongguk." Jimin looked surprised at that, his eyebrows raising as he cocked his head to the side. An indication for Taehyung to continue. "I think he likes me."


"I see... And you're crying because he does?" Jimin looked utterly puzzled and Taehyung sighed at that.


"And I think-" He swallowed, unable to bring the words to his tongue. His insides turned upside down, his intestines squished, his heart was trying to flee his chest and his brain was currently overcooking. The boy felt his ears burn at the realisation of what he was about to say. Thinking about it and actually saying it out loud where two whole different things and Taehyung didn't have to courage to do so. Just thinking was already so upsetting but actually telling it to someone. And worse was he couldn't really satisfy that need any more since he had just ruined the chances to do so by breaking things of with Jeongguk. He felt tears gather around the edges of his eyes once again and there was something stuck in his throat that made it difficult to speak and swallow down the sobs.


"If I knew thinking would hurt you so bad I would never have asked you to do so." Jimin joked, hoping to ease the tension in the room, around Taehyung. It hurt him to see his best friend like this.


Taehyung scoffed at that and with that the few tears, that had blurred his view, fell to the sides of his face. He put his arm over his eyes to hide the fact that he was crying, not wanting to worry Jimin.


"Tae," Jimin whispered. He himself was at a loss of words as well, unable to conjure anything that could explain the sad state of the other.


"I-I like him." He suddenly heard Taehyung whisper. The tears were flowing out continuously, the room filled with sobs.


Jimin frowned at that. "So he likes you and you like him back? Isn't that supposed to be good?"


"No!" Taehyung yelled, he sat up, clutching at the arms of the redhead and dropped his head on his shoulder. "Because he was my EWB, and he likes me but he shouldn't. And I like him but I shouldn't and now I can never go back to him. This was over before it could even start!" Taehyung cried as the realisation that he couldn't go to Jeongguk to kiss him, hug him, touch and probably never see him again dawned on him.


Jimin's frown deepened only more - if that was possible - not really understanding the issue. "But you like him right?"


Taehyung nodded.


"And he likes you too, right?"


He nodded again.


"And you've been having sex with each other for the past two years, right?"


Taehyung looked up, his eyes swollen from the tears, his nose snotty and his lips glistening, eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the other spoke. He nodded again.


"So why can't you be together? If you've been having sex and like each other. The only difference then would be that you'd be with each other a lot more than just for the sex."


And Taehyung loved that idea. To be able to be with Jeongguk a whole day, lazing around, watching anime, eating and sleeping together. Actual sleeping and cuddling under the sheets. And he yearned for the younger again but this time he couldn't call him or text like he used to. He shook his head, eyes cascading.


"I really don't understand why not. Are you really that afraid of commitment?" Asked Jimin as he held Taehyung's hands, trying to comfort him in any way.


"I don't know." Taehyung really didn't know why he couldn't be with Jeongguk, all the reasons he had before this night vanished in the air as it never had existed. - It probably never existed to begin with. - The only thing he knew was that Jeongguk wouldn't take him back after this. The boy was stubborn and he would always hold grudges. Two years ago, after the two of them had hooked up a few times, when Taehyung had made out with someone else in front of Jeongguk, the younger ignored him for weeks. Though afterwards, they had hot sex with Jeongguk leaving marks on every inch of his body. Almost possessive.


 Another time was when Taehyung had made fun of his iron man collection in his room, the younger had ignored him for a whole day. Taehyung remembered how bad he had felt after he came back to the younger's house and saw that Jeongguk had put away his collection. He never talked about that again, wanting to tell him that he actually did like his collection but had it found funny that Jeongguk had it because he didn't look like the type to collect superhero toys and posters. But he couldn't and the guilt was bothering him so much that he wanted it to make it up to Jeongguk with hot vanilla sex.


And there were many more examples to prove Taehyung's point but after all the drama and whatnot they'd make it up and end up having sex. Taehyung realised that that wouldn't happen anymore. He would never be with Jeongguk again and that pained him.


"Does Jeongguk know that you like him? Did you confess to him?" Jimin asked as he brushed away the blonde’s tears.




"Taehyung," Jimin's voice turned serious all of a sudden. "Did you reject Jeongguk's confession?"


Taehyung thought about that. No one had confessed but it would take an idiot to not understand the reason behind Jeongguk's broken voice and pleading eyes. Yet in a way Taehyung did reject Jeongguk. Just not explicitly. "Kinda, I guess?"


"Kinda? You guess? Did you reject him: yes or no?"


"I-I did. He never really confessed, neither did I but I rejected him when he asked what he was to me." Taehyung breathed out. He felt so stupid having heard it himself. He used to always laugh at the lovers on the screen when they fought and all that shit, reminding himself that he would never engage himself in that kind of drama and yet look what he had done. Couldn't he just explain everything decently to Jeongguk before leaping in his arms and confessing how much he loved the younger and only wanted his touch and him? Would it be too late to beg for forgiveness, beg for the younger to take him back because without him Taehyung felt empty - having never realised how full he made him feel.


He was ready to cry again, lost in his own mind when Jimin spoke again, this time softer. "What did you tell him Tae?"


“I-I told him that we were done a-and t-that he was just my enemy with benefit.” Jimin frowned at that and slapped Taehyung on his arm. “Hey, aren’t you supposed to comfort me? Hug me or something? And not hit me?”


“Well, I wouldn’t have to if you didn’t act so stupid!” Jimin stood up, “You brought this on yourself and if you wanna make things right you hafta go to Jeongguk and beg for forgiveness or something.” Taehyung whined at his friend’s antics. Why did he have to be so straightforward? “And when you’re on it, you could confess too.”


Taehyung was left alone in his misery again, contemplating his choices. He was still a little scared to go in an actual relationship – relationships never really worked out for Taehyung as he would always be dumped because he was too clingy and it was probably why he made sure never to spend more than three hours with Jeongguk – but he felt that Jeongguk was worth it. If Jeongguk hadn’t gotten sick of him the past two years, he could probably tolerate him for much longer.


And he was fucking Kim Taehyung who didn’t do stupid drama and shit. Being straightforward was – just like Jimin’s – his charm and even if it took all of his time, Taehyung would get Jeongguk back together with his forgiveness. And the first thing he’ll do is tell Jeongguk to put his Iron Man collection back in his room, he thought on the side note.




Taehyung fell back to his chair, his arms hanging beside him as he looked up at the ceiling, his tongue slightly sticking out. “Jeongukieee~ where are you~?”


He looked paler than normal, and there were very obvious bags under his eyes. If someone were to see him, they’d think he was a huge procrastinator who was suffering because of all the assignments he postponed right before the deadline.-Which was true but not the case. – He’d been stalking Jeongguk for two whole weeks now but the boy was doing a very good job of avoiding him. He wouldn’t respond to his texts even though he read them, he wouldn’t pick up his calls and when Taehyung went to his house he didn’t open the door or he wasn’t home. Taehyung even went to his division, to the opposite side of the campus, where Jeongguk had his classes and even then he couldn’t find him. Once he had him though, but the younger escaped his sight in mere seconds. Like what the fuck?


Taehyung sighed again, his breath hitching as he did so. He said he wouldn’t give up and he really didn’t want to but he was so exhausted by this cat and mouse game. He knew that Jeongguk was stubborn and merciless when he was angry but Taehyung wanted nothing more than making it up to the younger. It was incredible how much he was missing him. Sleeping he could not do anymore, food was tasteless and a waste of time when he could be looking for the younger, showering was a must set up by Jimin when he started to smell and well school was just distraction of his situation. Even he needed a time out.


With his third sigh came Jimin, sitting next to him like he usually did whenever they had chemistry. “So how’s your search going?” Jimin asked, obviously amused at his friend’s misery. A friend he was…


Taehyung ignored this and just shrugged, “Not good. Obviously.”


“Yeah I can see that.” Jimin snickered and Taehyung looked at him sideways, face scrunching with distaste.


“So why are you asking?”


“Confirmation?” Taehyung snorted at that before he sat straight, resting his arms on the desk in front of him as he sighed again. He was really tired and he just wanted the younger by his side but why did it have to be so difficult?


“Jiminie, I feel like I’m dying.” Taehyung whined, looking at his friend with a pout on his lips.


“Want me to help?” Taeyhung nodded ferociously and Jimin couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his mouth. “You should come to my dance performance tomorrow night.”


Taehyung looked at him puzzled. What had that to do with Jeongguk? And Jimin knew Taehyung hated going to his dance performances. Not to be offensive but Taehyung just couldn’t stand to be around Hoseok. The two of them had a one night stand once and it was a horrible experience as the older was very much – too much for Taehyung’s preferences – into BDSM. Taehyung never wanted to be slapped again during sex. And he couldn’t help feeling awkward with him around. “What has that to so-“


Jimin interrupted him mid-sentence, slightly gaping at him. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know Jeongguk was in my dance team.”


“Ah.” Taehyung did know Jeongguk was on Jimin’s dance team, it was the reason why they ‘hated’ him to begin with because he was too arrogant and much of an asshole – or so Taehyung thought. “I forgot.”


And Jimin slapped his own face in disbelief and sighed. “Well, come to tomorrow’s performance and you will be guaranteed to meet him. And to make sure he doesn’t flee when he sees you, I’ll lock you up with him in the dressing room.”


“Jiminie, thank you! What would I do without you???” Taehyung sang, taking Jimin’s hands in his own. Somehow feeling reenergized knowing that he’ll get to talk with Jeongguk tomorrow.


The redhead laughed at that, pulling away from the blonde’s grasp. “You’ll shrivel up and die.” He said with a serious tone right before the professor entered the classroom.


“Well, I guess you’re right.” Taehyung responded as he opened his notebook and listened to the lecture.




“Jimin, I can’t see Jeongguk anywhere” Taehyung whined, looking over the dancefloor, inspecting every dancing body and drinking soul against the counter The younger must be out there somewhere and Taehyung was desperate to find him


“He must be here somewhere, the performance will start in twenty minutes so he can’t be far.” Jimin yelled in Taehyung’s ear, the loud music making it impossible to have a decent conversation.” And if you can’t talk to him now, remember I promised to help you after the show.” The redhead assured him and Taehyung nodded, eyes locked on the dancefloor. “I gotta go now, need to prepare for the show.”


And with that Jimin left Taehyung alone. The blonde sighed and ordered a drink ignoring the all-touchy and horny couple next to him. Until a very familiar chuckle invaded his senses. He whipped around to the side, watching as a man was holding Jeongguk close by his waist, his other hand cradling the younger’s thigh. Taehyung felt his heart drop and his stomach drop even lower as he watched the two get up and go to the dancefloor.


He didn’t have control of his body anymore as he moved to them, grabbing Jeongguk’s arm and pulling his closer, away from that other man.


“What the fuck dude?” The man yelled as he tried to grab the younger’s arm but Taehyung didn’t let him as he pushed away the hand that was coming up.


‘”Taehyung?” He heard Jeongguk but ignored it as he pulled Jeongguk along with him, away from the dancefloor and the loud music. “Taehyung let go!” He ignored his demands but he should have known that Jeongguk was stronger than him, way more stronger and a grasp like his was nothing when Jeongguk shrugged him off, pulling back. “What the fuck are you doing?”


“No what the fuck are you doing?!” Taehyung countered, pushing the boy against the wall, right outside the club they were. It was disturbingly calm outside and no one was to be seen, loud music sounding from a very far away and only their voice lighted up the street they were in. “I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks wanting to apologise and reconcile while you constantly avoid and ignore me just to find you here flirting with some other dude?!”  Taehyung was fuming and he felt like going back inside and punching that man for ever having laid his dirty hands on Jeongguk, on his Jeongguk.


Jeongguk laughed at that, disbelief colouring his voice as he looked at that Taehyung. Soon a frown replaced the shock and he pushed back at the older. “Get a hint will you?? I don’t wanna talk to you, see you, hear anything you’ve gotta say.” Taehyung felt his heart stop for a second, looking at the boy in front of him, unable to recognise him. He looked at him as if he hated him and Taehyung could cry any moment. “And you don’t get have a say over my private life! I flirt with whoever I want and whenever I want, I don’t need to explain anything to you.” He spit out.


Taehyung stepped forward again, pushing the boy against wall and trying to keep him there with all his strength. He didn’t want to lose Jeongguk, he couldn’t but he didn’t know what to say. With what to encounter so he did the thing he was the best at. He let his body and actions speak for him. He pressed his lips against Jeongguk and felt the younger tense under his touch. He pressed harder to get some response or reaction but instead was pushed away, so hard that he landed on his ass.


The younger was crying now and Taehyung could swear he felt is heart shatter. “I’m sick of this! Whenever we fight or when I’m angry you come back to me and kiss, you don’t even apologise and I can never refuse because-“He breathed in, trying to calm himself before he spoke again. “You said yourself that this had been going on for too long, we’re done playing around. I’m done playing around and I won’t let you get your way again this time so we could be-“ his voice broke ever so slightly as he inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm his nerves and even his breath leaving Taehyung in a state of deprivation “enemies with benefits.” He whispered and Taehyung hated himself for ever thinking up of something as stupid as that.


“Jeongguk I-‘He tried reaching out for the younger but the latter just stepped away.


“I’ve got a performance, I’ll be leaving first.” And left Taehyung all alone, outside.




After six tequila shots and three cherry flavoured vodka shots it was safe to assume that Kim Taehyung was beyond drunk – never really had a high tolerance for alcohol. Jimin’s show had ended a few hours ago and Taehyung – being stupid – watched it till the end, his eyes glued on the younger throughout the performance.


After the show had ended Jimin had called him to speak with Jeongguk and Taehyung was ready to try again but the younger had already left, right when the show was done. Obviously he didn’t want to risk meeting up with Taehyung again.


Jimin had already left but not before insisting that Taehyung come too, but the blonde was determined to get wasted. He deserved that for all of his unappreciated effort to get to apologise to the younger and make things right again… No, make things righter than ever again.


He found himself crying on the streets, his feet walking – well it was more like a trudge than a walk honestly – him to somewhere, he didn’t know where.


Not until he saw a familiar brown door in front of him. He was at Jeongguk’s house and he hadn’t even realised he was coming here. He ran forward and hugged the door as he began crying louder. “Jeonggukkiee open uuuup~ Hyung’s here to beg!!” He cried out.


Realising that yelling wouldn’t wake the younger up, he started pounding on the door, forgetting the bell right next to the door. “Jeonggukkiee” He slurred, pounding harder against the door, his tears rolling down rapidly, “Please open up Jeonggukkie!!”


After a while he got tired and turned around, falling backwards, his back meeting the door. He took his phone out and in a hazy state noticed the time being past three am. He dialled the number he younger’s phone and waited, expecting his call to be declined but what he didn’t expect was to hear Jeongguk’s ringtone right behind him. His call was immediately declined.


Taehyung turned around and tried to look through the peephole, seeing nothing really. He knocked softly on the door, his whole being supporting on it as he couldn’t stand on his own. “Jeongukkie? Are you there?” He asked, his lips ever so close to the door.


When got no response he started pounding on the door again, his voice way louder than any time before. “Jeongukkieeee!! Pleasseee open upp!!!! Hyung has missed you!!!” He cried out and he continued. “Jeongukkiee, I – I’m hurting here, without you,” His voice much softer now, but enough for the younger to hear him. At least he hoped the younger could hear him. “I- I wanna say sorry, for hurting you and lying to you. You’re not just my EWB-“The tears streamed down his face. For days he had been crying over the younger and he could feel his head aching and his heart burning because of it. Or was it because of the alcohol? “Jeongguk I like you. I like you a lot and it hurts not being with you, it hurts when you ignore me, it hurts when you avoid me, it hurts when you push me away and it fucking hurts when you’re kis-“


The door suddenly opened and Taehyung fell inside, unable to find anything to hold onto except two muscled arms grabbed him before he hit the floor face first. It took him a while to realise what happened before he looked up, seeing the younger stare at him with fresh tears in his eyes. “You opened the door!” Taehyung cried out as he put his arms around the younger’s waist and embraced him with all the intention of never letting go. “The door – you opened it.” His voice was muffled against Jeongguk’s chest and he revelled in the heat, smell and touch of the other. How much he missed it.


“Wh-what you just said-“ and even though Taehyung really didn’t want to let go he did so when Jeongguk slightly pushed him away, his hands clutching at the shirt of the younger, by his sides. “Did you really mean it?” Jeongguk whispered. He cupped Taehyung’s cheek as he stepped closer. “Do you really like me?”


Taehyung nodded fervently, his head almost knocking Jeongguk’s as he did so. He cupped Jeongguk’s face and closed the distance between their lips. He left a small peck before he looked back at the younger, “I like you, and I like you so much it hurts, Jeongguk I love you.” He muttered, tears never drying.


This time it was Jeongguk who leaned forward, kissing Taehyung desperately, his hands holding the elder so close, lifting Taehyung up, him locking his legs around Jeongguk’s waist and arms around his neck, making sure to kick the door closed as he lead them to his bedroom. Never breaking the kiss on their way.




There was a throbbing ache in his head and the room was too bright for his liking. He blinked his eyes open, groaning at the headache that seemed to make it so much harder for him to open his eyes.


Upon closer inspection he realised: 1. He wasn’t wearing anything besides his underwear. 2. He wasn’t in his own room and 3. He was in Jeongguk’s room. And in his bed, and he wasn’t wearing much.


Did they have sex?


He didn’t remember much of last night, except for some flashbacks that included him yelling and crying and he prayed to every deity he knew that he didn’t cry in front of Jeongguk.


He turned around, trying to escape the blinding light shining through the blinds, coming across the younger with his back facing him. So they did have sex. Though Taehyung couldn’t remember anything. Nada. Nichts. Rien. But it didn’t really matter as long as he had Jeongguk. He snuggled closer to the boy and spooned him from behind, his lips ghosting over the younger’s neck, leaving soft kisses as he pressed closer, inhaling the musk scent he had missed so much.


“Tae?” The younger stirred under his touch, his head slightly turning, looking at with droopy eyes.


He smiled up to the boy, “Hmm” He hummed against the younger’s neck, loving the subtle reactions he showed.


“You’re still here.” And the blonde was stricken with guilt, hearing the younger’s voice slightly wavering.


“Yeah.” His voice was hoarse from lack of use as he spoke up.


The younger moved away and for a second Taehyung really thought he’d leave him behind, not having forgiven him and Taehyung would have to go through all the shit again so that he could decently apologise to the younger. But he never left, instead he turned around facing the younger and scooting closer, his hand cupping his cheeks while the other circled him by his waist, holding him close.


“Do you-“he started of hesitant, his eyes avoiding Taehyung’s as he spoke. Looking at his lips instead. “Did you mean it what you said yesterday?”


Taehyung smiled at him sheepishly, ignoring the headache as he thought of yesterday. He swore he wouldn’t drink that much ever again. “I don’t really remember what I said or did last night.” He watched as the younger’s face fell, ready to retract his hand from Taehyung’s face but the latter made sure to keep it there by placing his hand on top of his. “So tell me, what did I say?”


Jeongguk blushed at that. Probably too embarrassed to say yesterday’s occurrence out loud. “Y-you really don’t remember?”


Taehyung shook his head, looking at the younger with a pout. “Sadly I don’t, so you should hurry up and refresh my memories.” He said with the intention of getting hot and touchy. Apparently they had sex last night and Taehyung stayed the night so morning sex is a must. A sort of celebration. He guesses.


“W-well, you came to my door last night, banging and crying and screaming, like, loudly, the neighbours must have even heard you. A-and well, yeah, you told me you loved me-“the younger’s voice turned hesitant as he spoke, slightly faltering. His eyes still glued on Taehyung’s lips. “I let you in and we started making out and I – I lifted you up and-“ The younger looked at him this time, their eyes locking and Taehyung held his breath, ready to kiss the younger’s cherry lips – It was amazing how reddish they looked and Taehyung knew he could kiss the younger through the whole day – “we were making our way to my room when you said you felt sick so I had to put you down and you kind of threw up on yourself.”


Taehyung blanked at that, his eyes turning comically wide as the younger suppressed a smile at his reaction. “It was really gross.” He added and Taehyung could feel himself burning and he wanted nothing but disappear on the face of earth. How could he have let Jeongguk see him in that pathetic state? As if it hadn’t been enough that he was crying at his door, he threw up in his house as well.


“Oh my God.” He groaned as he moved away from the younger, lying on his back and hiding his face behind in hands in embarrassment. “I’m so fucking sorry.”


Jeongguk chuckled at his reaction, unable to keep it to himself anymore but soon sobered up. He looked at the blonde with a serious expression before he cleared his throat. “B-but did you really mean it? What you said last night.” Taehyung looked at him, dropping his hands next his head. One of them playing with Jeongguk’s hair. “You love me?”


Taehyung smiled again, this time softer as his hands weaved through the younger’s hair. It was soft and fluffy and Taehyung decided that they must smell sweet following by an urgent need to nuzzle his nose in the younger’s hair. “I am hopelessly in love with you.” Taehyung sighed, acting all dramatic with the back of his hand against his forehead emphasising this.


“Tae, be serious.” Jeongguk demanded as he slightly tickled the blonde in his side.


“Okay, wait,” Taehyung tried to get the giggles out of his system before he spoke again, he sat up, turning to look at the younger straight in his eyes, red colouring his cheeks as he spoke again. “I love you.” He said, it wasn’t a loud exclamation like yesterday, or a silent one where you could barely hear the words, it was just right for Jeongguk. A smile appeared on his face, not leaving much from his eyes as they turned into crescents and Taehyung suddenly wanted to kiss him everywhere. He wanted to touch the younger so much but waited for the appropriate time. They were supposed to be having a serious conversation now. “I’m sorry I hurt you over these years, and I’m sorry for having come to you with that hickey last time but I swear nothing happened, I went to the club to prove my point that I wasn’t committed to you because I was afraid but I just seemed to confirm that as I didn’t want anyone touching me. It didn’t feel right. And that was why I came to you that night but when I realised that you liked me, I think, I got cold feet or something, but as I left your house that night and realised that I might never get to see you again I realised how much I actually like you and didn’t want to lose you and Gosh I’m so fucking sorry I called you my EWB because you’re far from my EWB and I just wanna be together with you.” Taehyung said in one go, trying to catch his breath and measure Jeongguk’s thoughts with his blank face.


“Who said I liked you?” Taehyung stared at him agape. After all what he said that was what he responded with? Not: I forgive you or It’s already forgotten or let’s kiss - which Taehyung hoped so much – but with that?


“You don’t love me?” Taehyung knew he had concluded that by himself but he was so sure that Jeongguk liked him. Like everything indicated to that but Taehyung couldn’t help the doubt filling him. What if he really was wrong? That would be the death of him. He’d die of that, he was certain. Who could survive a blow like that?


“I’m just kidding.” Jeongguk grinned as he sat up as well, pulling Taehyung closer to him so the latter could straddle his lap.


Taehyung hit him on his arm as he sat comfortably on the younger’s lap, “Then confess to me.”


“But you already know I do.” Jeongguk looked at him, trying to shut Taehyung up by kissing him.


And even though Taehyung wanted nothing more he was persistent. “No, you have to confess as well, Jeongukkie~” He whined, pushing Jeongguk slightly away by his chest.


Jeongguk struggled to get closer before he sighed in defeat. “Okay,” His cheeks slightly red as he looked at Taehyung determined to get it out. He wasn’t used to being so open about his feelings so he was a little bit nervous. Well maybe a lot. Even though the elder already had confessed, he was just reciprocating his hyung’s feelings.


Jeongguk was on and way above cloud nine, having Taehyung tell him he loved him, having him in his bed when he woke up, and having him in his arms, being able to hold him without any restrictions. He was almost afraid it had been a dream when he woke up but felt his heart flutter at the presence behind him, snuggling up to him. He looked up at Taehyung that had his eyes glued on him, waiting for him to continue, his arms locked around his neck, holding him in his place. He just realised how close they were, chests barely touching and he cursed the little distance between them. Jeongguk could only have dreamt about this. Jeongguk only did dream about this and finally, finally he had the elder in his arms. He must have been some hell of a saint in his previous life to be able to hold Taehyung like this. “Tae-“ He dropped his head on Taehyung’s shoulder as he continued. “this is too embarrassing.” He whined, his ears colouring adorable red.


Taehyung giggled, pulling the younger closer. He really wanted to hear a confirmation perhaps that was the only way he’d feel satisfied. He didn’t know, but right then and at that moment it didn’t really matter. Jeongguk was in his arms, he was in Jeongguk room, his bed and damn it he just wanted to kiss his headache away. And he wasn’t going to force the younger to confess either. He wanted the boy to say it when he was ready to do so. “It’s okay, just tell it to me when you feel like it.”


Taehyung pressed kisses on the crown of the younger’s head, realising – sadly – that Jeongguk’s hair did not smell sweet like it should have but manly instead. It smelled really sexy but Taehyung wanted it to smell like strawberries like his. Upon this new discovery Taehyung decided to bring his shampoo along next time he came and the idea excited him. Jeongguk’s hold tightened around his waist, his lips sneaking up to his jaw, leaving warm kisses at his wake.


Taehyung did the same at temple of Jeongguk, grinning as he kissed lower until he reached his earlobe. “Gukkie, is there something you want hyung to do for you? TaeTae will do everything for you.” Even if he didn’t get the confession and even if he did ruin yesterday night he was still up to some tangy morning sex.


He pushed Jeongguk by his chest until his back his bed. His thighs on each side of his torso, is hands roaming on his chest. Jeongguk, in return placed his hands on the elder’s thigh, his fingers brushing against his boxers, fingers sneaking underneath it. “Anything I want?”


Taehyung nodded, licking his lips “Anything you want.”


“Then stay.”


Taehyung looked at him puzzled, not really expecting that.


“Stay the night again, don’t leave like you used to. Stay so we could eat breakfast together, watch TV together, play games, shower, and sleep together.” Jeongguk almost pleaded and who was Taehyung to turn down Jeongguk. – He was going to stay either way. – He nodded, hugging the boy underneath him once again, his head resting on his chest, savouring the sound of the younger heartbeat.


“I’ll stay.” He muttered. Jeongguk’s arms found themselves back around Taehyung’s waist, holding him in place as Jeongguk left sweet kisses on the blonde’s head. “Jeongukkie, I’m hungry.” Even though Taehyung didn’t want to disturb their intimate moment his stomach kind of did.


“What do you wanna eat?” asked the younger and Taehyung could almost hear his smile.


“I don’t know. Eggs?”


“How does omelette sound?”


Taehyung hummed, already anticipating the food when he remembered something. Something he deemed very important after his reconciliation with Jeongguk of course. He looked at Jeongguk, his chin resting on the former’s chest. “Where did you put your Iron Man collection?”


Jeongguk seemed to be surprised by his sudden and irrelevant question. “I put it away.” He just simply said and Taehyung frowned.


“Why? I liked that.”


“I thought you didn’t. I thought you thought I was stupid for having it.” He muttered, almost inaudible.


“No, I liked that, I just hadn’t expect you to have that kind of hobby since you looked like the jock figure.” Taehyung explained, resting his head back on the younger’s chest. “I wanna see your collection.”


“After breakfast.”


“After breakfast.” Taehyung confirmed. “There is also this anime I’ve wanted to watch for a while now. Let’s do that too.”


“Okay.” Jeongguk agreed, smiling as he listened to Taehyung speaking.


“Ah but I should take a shower first. I probably smell pf alcohol and vomit.”


“Yeah, you kinda do.”


Taehyung pouted at that, looking at Jeongguk with furrowed eyes, “You’re supposed to tell me that I always smell good to you.”


The younger laughed at that, “But you don’t.”


“Tch, what kind of a boyfriend are you?”


Jeongguk felt his heart explode at that and he couldn’t help the smile blooming on his face. “The kind that loves you.”


A moment of silence ensued, for them only their heartbeats mattered. “Hmm, I knew that.”


“I love you too.”









“But I’ll love you more if you blow me right now.”


“Oh my God Tae, you just ruined the moment.” Jeongguk said exasperate, trying his hardest not to laugh.


“But I want you to give me a blowjob, you do that so well.” Taehyung whined. He was hungry as hell, ready to devour all, and thirsty but first and foremost horny. He really didn’t let go of the possible morning sex.


“What do I get in return if I blow you now?” Jeongguk teased and Taehyung knew that Jeongguk would eventually give him what he yearned for – which was a well-deserved blowjob for his effort of this last week – but the younger still wanted to tease him nonetheless.


“You know, I hate it when you tease me.” Taehyung said, a smile on his face as he sat up. His member already slightly hard against Jeongguk’s abdomen.


“I know for a fact that you love it when I tease you.”


“Dick.” Who was Taehyung lying to anyway?


“Let’s make breakfast.” Jeongguk said as he pushed the blonde off of him. “I’m hungry.”


“Jeonggukkie, don’t let me hanging.” He whined, following the boy, not before taking the first shirt he saw on the chair across the bed. A red t-shirt with – cute – Iron Man on it was a little too big for him but he knew Jeongguk would love it.


“Maybe later when we’re in the shower.” Jeongguk yelled from the kitchen.


“Ok, let’s take a shower first then.” He sneaked behind the younger, hands encircling the latter and his chin resting on his shoulder, watching intently as the boy was cutting some of the green stuff Taehyung detested.


“Later, let’s get you some food first.”


Taehyung whined but complied. It didn’t really matter anyway. They had the whole day. And maybe even tomorrow. “Don’t add that green stuff to my omelette please.”


Jeongguk chuckled, “It’ll taste good.”


“Don’t wanna.”


“You’ll have to try it.”


"If you give me a blowjob, I will." Jeongguk rolled his eyes. 


"I said I'll do it when we're in shower." 


"I'll give you one in the shower, you give me one now." 


The younger obviously liked the idea. Taehyung saw it in the way he bit his lips and his hears turned read. 


"Okay." He said as he pushed Taehyung against the counter, falling on his knees in front of him and pulling his boxers down. 


Taehyung could really get used to this. Though he already kind of was, but this time it was different. It felt different. And Taehyung loved everything about it.