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We Still Have Love To Give You

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‘Is it just me or is Emma avoiding spending time with me?’ muttered Charming.

Snow turned to face her husband and had to bite back her laugh at the large ratio of bottom lip to upper lip currently plastered on his face.

‘Honey, she’s not avoiding you. She’s just… spending more time with me.’

‘I am super jealous I hope you know,’ muttered Charming, right cheek smooshed against his right fist, elbow resting on the side of the sofa.

Snow leaned over and kissed his unsmooshed left cheek, ‘I know honey, and I appreciate you not showing your jealousy in front of Emma.’

‘Did you know she didn’t even want me to read to her last night?’ he demanded, sitting up and twisting the top of his body awkwardly.

‘Well, it could just be we need to borrow some new books from the library, Charming.’

Charming sat back down, switching on the TV, ‘Yeah, you’re probably right Snow. I forget when we last went to the library.’

Snow had decided it was best not to tell her husband that she and Emma had already read the last book yesterday afternoon. She had meant to return those books and pick up new ones that afterwards but then there had been a minor emergency at the diner and she’d had to drop off Emma at Regina and Henry’s before rushing to help Ruby with the dinner rush.

Actually, now was a good a time as any to go pick out some new ones. She kissed her husband’s cheek, moving to leave him to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine - which Emma and Henry had gotten him hooked on, and got up to go collect the books.

‘I have an errand to run. Do you need anything from the shop while I’m out?’

‘Hahah! Huh? Oh, um, no, I don’t think so, thanks Snow.’

‘Ok, I’ll see if Emma wants to come with me, but if she doesn’t I’ll encourage her to come watch the show with you, okay?’

Charming paused the show and turned to face his wife, ‘No! Don’t do that, she’ll feel like she’s being forced and then spending time with me will be like a chore for her! I don’t want to be a chore! Chores suck. I’m her Daddy. I don’t want to become the annoying relative you barely know but have to kiss on the cheek at awkward family gatherings!’

Snow giggled, ‘Okay husband, I won’t implore our offspring to watch cartoons with her one and only Daddy, who, may I add, she told me just this morning she loved with all the “pegasuses” in the world.’

‘She said that?’ asked Charming, eyes tearing up a little.

Emma had really loved Pegasus from when they had watched Hercules. He remembers because she told him during each of the next five Baby Time sessions from then on.

‘Yes, silly.’

Snow kissed him again, and left him to the antics of Jake Peralta.

When Snow rounded the corner from the living room into the corridor to the bedrooms, she let out a little gasp at being bodily pulled into Emma’s room. She ended up landing pressed against Emma who had her back to the wall right next to the open door. Emma nuzzled her neck and murmured, ‘Mommy.’

‘Yes, Baby?’ breathed Snow.

Snow watched adoringly as her daughter tilted her head back slightly and then moved to cup the side of Snow’s face with her left hand. Snow turned her head to kiss Emma’s palm.

Emma leaned down the one inch that separated their mouths and kissed Snow tenderly. Emma slid her left hand down Snow’s face and body, and then rested both hands on Snow’s hips. Snow opened up her mouth at the feel of Emma nipping at the right corner of her lips. Snow hooked a finger from her left hand into Emma’s belt while her right hand moved between their bodies to stroke Emma’s stomach.

She couldn’t help but moan a little as Emma’s kissing grew in intensity, tongue flicking to touch the root of her mouth occasionally. For what seemed like a good few minutes, Emma ended the kissing session by pulling at Snow’s bottom lip and letting it go after Snow was forced to move her face closer towards hers. She dropped her hands to her sides.

Snow had to steady her breathing before she stepped back from Emma, also letting go. Emma seemed eerily calm.

‘Are you okay, Emma?’

‘Just really wanted to kiss you, Mommy.’

Emma leaned in closer and inhaled softly, tickling the hairs on Snow’s neck.

‘Is that all?’

Snow noticed the twitch in Emma’s jaw, signalling that she had clenched her teeth.

‘Got jealous.’

‘Jealous? Of who? Daddy?’

‘Yeah,’ huffed Emma.

‘That’s not fair Emma. Daddy gets just as much right to kiss me as you do,’ murmured Snow. ‘But you know what? Daddy’s been jealous that you spend more time with me than with him.’



Emma let out a small laugh.

Snow kissed Emma again.

‘I’m going to the library to change your books. Did you want to come with me, or would you like to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine with your Daddy?’

Emma frowned, Snow had put emphasis on “your Daddy”.

‘I’ll come straight back. I’ll be 15 minutes tops.’


Snow smiled.

‘My good girl,’ she whispered before leaning in to give Emma deeper kiss than the last, making Emma let out a little moan in her throat. ‘My very good girl.’