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I Can Do It Better

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No, Chimchim, you don’t understand!” Taehyung sighs and leans back against his chair, fixing his sunglasses on his nose and twirling the straw of his bubble tea. “It’s just… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!” Taehyung releases a frustrated sigh and runs a hand through his hair.

“What do you mean Tae?” Jimin sighs, sipping his own sweet drink and trying to understand his best friend’s dilemma.

“It’s like, every time I’m in the mood and try to do something with him he just pushes me away... What if he lost interest in me? What if he – ow, FUCK!” Taehyung’s rambling is cut short when Jimin kicks him in the shin under the table.

“Kim Taehyung shut your mouth right now. Everyone knows Jungkook is completely head over heels in love with you, it’s kinda gross honestly…” Jimin trails off and shudders a bit, stopping to death glare when Taehyung clears his throat and subtly coughs, Yoongi.

“Anyway,” Jimin begins, “Maybe you should try spicing things up a bit? I mean, what do you usually do?”

“Hmm,” Taehyung hums, “I mean… it’s pretty normal I guess, he’s not too rough, I’m not too needy… Kinda plain… Holy shit we’re totally vanilla!” Taehyung’s eyes widen in realization and he frantically sits up straight, looking to Jimin for advice.

Jimin on the other hand bursts out laughing, “Oh goodness you guys are so innocent!” He pretends to wipe a fake tear from the corner of his eye before continuing. “Well, do you want him to be rough with you?”

Taehyung thinks about it and immediately blushes, “W-Well… I mean he’s been rough a couple times… I w-wouldn’t be opposed to it…” He sheepishly scratches the back of his neck, suddenly thankful he chose to wear a beanie so the other couldn’t see the tips of his ears turn red.

“Hmm true, Jungkook’s really hot when he gets aggressive.” Jimin mentions casually as though he were talking about the weather as Taehyung proceeded to choke on his drink.

“Uh, you have Yoongi!” He splutters after recovering and Jimin merely raised his hands up in surrender.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, don’t worry – doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the fact that your boyfriend is sexy though.”

Oh?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow and asks incredulously but Jimin merely crosses his arms and nods in response. “Hmm, ok then, let’s just see about that...” Taehyung smirks devilishly, whipping out his phone and staring right at Jimin. The elder freezes and stares at Taehyung for a moment before inhaling sharply.

“You wouldn’t…” Jimin pales and stares at Taehyung, arms falling back to his sides and gripping the seat of his chair.

“Oh, Jiminnie, I think you and I both know… I would.” Swiftly standing and avoiding Jimin outstretched arms Taehyung’s thumbs quickly type out a text. “Aaaand, send!” Taehyung stops dodging Jimin’s arms and smiles victoriously.

You fucker! Taehyung! Do you realize what you’ve done!? Yoongi is gonna–” Jimin is interrupted by the ringing of his phone and he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose and picking it up hesitantly, “H-Hey hyung, how’s it-”

What the fuck is this bullshit? Jeon Jungkook is sexier than me? That god damn fetus?? Are you shitting me?” Yoongi’s angered voice bellows and Taehyung has to bite his lip to keep from laughing loudly as Jimin facepalms.

“N-No, that’s not what I said. I was just-”

Get back here. Right now.” Jimin hears right before the line disconnects and he groans, shoving his phone back into his pocket and glaring at Taehyung, “Remind me why we’re best friends again.”

Taehyung merely rolls his eyes and flashes Jimin his signature box grin before hugging him tightly, “Because you love me!” Jimin sighs and shakes his head, a small smile creeping onto his lips nonetheless. “Now go, before he gets even angrier.”

Jimin chuckles and ruffles the other’s hair, pushing him away and grabbing his keys, “Well, I hope you’re happy now,” Taehyung merely hums in response, “and again, don’t forget, try to switch things up. Try being more needy, y’know, prove you need him, not just want him.”

Later that day Taehyung gets back to his and Jungkook’s apartment before the younger does and sets down the food he’d picked up for them on the kitchen table before making his way to their room and flopping onto their bed, thinking about what Jimin had said.

Prove you need him…

How the fuck am I supposed to do that?

“Ugh,” Taehyung sighs, glancing at the clock on the wall and deciding to get ready for bed instead of wracking his brain over it anymore.

Taking a deep breath Taehyung lifts himself off the bed and heads towards the bathroom to brush his teeth and shower. Opening their dresser drawer he reaches for a shirt and a pair of boxers when he pauses, retracting his hands as his conversation with Jimin flashes through his mind.

Biting his lip he closes the top drawer and hesitates before opening the bottom one instead, hesitantly reaching for one of Jungkook’s shirts and heading off to the bathroom.

Taehyung is in the middle of shampooing and humming freely to himself when he hears light knocking at the door followed by his lover’s voice, “Babe? I’m home.”

Taehyung pauses, his heart instantly beating faster in his chest, “Uh a-alright, I-I’ll be out in a second.” Moving a bit faster Taehyung washes the shampoo out of his hair before stepping out of the shower to dry himself off. Tentatively he reaches for Jungkook’s shirt and slips it over his head, the bottom of it just barely reaching mid-thigh.

Taking a deep breath, Taehyung slowly opens the bathroom door, poking his head out and spotting Jungkook in the hall, his back facing Taehyung.Perfect. Taehyung smirks and quietly makes his way over to the younger. Once he is close enough he slides his arms around the other’s waist, smiling into his back when the younger jumps upon contact before relaxing and turning in Taehyung’s hold.

Upon noticing what Taehyung is wearing Jungkook freezes and his breath hitches as Taehyung smirks and gazes up at him through half-lidded eyes. “How was work?” Taehyung moves in closer and whispers against Jungkook’s lips.

Jungkook gulps down the lump in his throat, struggling to form a coherent response seeing his lover like this, “U-Uh, w-work was… i-it was… work was…” He trails off, and Taehyung smirks lightly before licking his lips and staring hungrily at the other. Seeing this look on Taehyung’s face, Jungkook wastes no time in slamming his lips not so softly onto Taehyung’s eager ones, both of them sighing and immediately relaxing at the contact.

Taehyung’s arms slide up and down Jungkook’s sides a few times before travelling up his chest and lazily hooking around Jungkook’s neck, pulling the other lower. Jungkook’s arms make their way around Taehyung’s waist, growling and roughly yanking the other closer to him until their chests are touching.

God, you look so fucking hot in my shirt.” Jungkook mumbles against Taehyung’s wet lips, “But right now you’d look even better without it.” One of Jungkook’s hands continues stroking Taehyung’s side while the other comes up and tugs the collar of the shirt off one shoulder. Ducking his head down Jungkook dives in and begins placing wet kisses on the exposed skin, biting down occasionally and smiling as the other moans out in pleasure.

Cupping Jungkook’s face Taehyung greedily pulls  him away and brings him closer, attaching their lips again, one hand dropping down to stroke Jungkook’s semi-hard member through his black slacks. Moving his head down Taehyung licks along Jungkook’s jawline before moving lower and placing feathered kisses on the younger’s neck.

Pausing, Taehyung pulls away slightly, shooting Jungkook an inquisitive look before he moves his face closer to his boyfriend’s neck once again and inhales. He smells like a baby prostitute… and definitely NOT the refreshing cologne I bought him…

“Who is she.” It was more of a statement than a question as Taehyung withdraws and crosses his arms across his chest.

Jungkook sighs and runs a hand through his hair, trying to hold the elder and bring him closer, but Taehyung breaks out of his grasp and steps back.Sigh, of course Taehyung would notice.

“No one – it was just some newbie at work. She’s just filling in for Eunji while she’s on vacation; she’ll be gone in a week.”

“Is she cute? Do you like her?” Taehyung’s voice is cold, and Jungkook groans internally, this can’t end well…

“No. And really? You actually think I’d stoop that low?”

“Well,” Taehyung pauses, raising his chin to the other as his jaw clenches, “You let her touch you.”

“It was just side-hug! It was substantially awkward at best! It’s nothing babe, she was just so needy and desperate it was pitiful.”

“Fine.” Taehyung snaps, turning away from the other. “Dinner’s on the table; help yourself. I already ate.” Taehyung’s arms remain crossed as Jungkook sighs again, kissing Taehyung on the temple softly as he walks past him and towards the kitchen.

“Well then… needy, huh?” Taehyung mumbles to himself while staring at Jungkook’s retreating figure, “Hn, anything she can do, I can do it better…” He scoffs before pursing his lips, “Fine. Two can play at this game Jeon.”

The next day Taehyung talks to Jimin again, over the phone this time because Jimin explains he is in absolutely no shape to walk anywhere, Ugh, I did not need to know that… Nonetheless, after talking to him for some time Taehyung finally has a plan of action ready and he waits for Jungkook to get home.

Smirking internally to himself he heads to their room, lathering on just a bit of cologne and lying down on their shared bed, clad in one of Jungkook’s favorite shirts, this one even shorter than the last.

Hmm, let the games begin. Taehyung smirks and mentally high-fives himself before taking a deep breath and letting his mind wander, his hands slowly moving south before softly stroking his length.

He imagines Jungkook. First it’s sweet, loving Jungkook; the Jungkook that lets Taehyung drag him into stupid situations; the Jungkook that makes Taehyung question whether he was a saint in his past life and did something amazing to deserve someone like him; the Jungkook that makes Taehyung breakfast with love whenever he’s feeling particularly upset; the Jungkook that pampers and cuddles with Taehyung regardless of how tired he is after he gets back from work; the Jungkook that makes Taehyung feel on top of the world even when he himself has hit rock bottom; the Jungkook that continued to whisper sweet nothings into Taehyung’s ear until he fell asleep as he was on the verge of losing his voice; the Jeon Jungkook that loves Kim Taehyung so wholly Taehyung constantly wonders if he’s even real.

Then, Taehyung’s mind shifts to the other Jungkook. The hot, sexy, Jungkook that continuously defies all possible logic because how can one human be so fucking perfect; the Jungkook that is rough and passionate; the Jungkook that gets jealous when Jimin comes over and hangs out because, I’m not immature, I just don’t like sharing what’s mine; the Jungkook that death glares at anyone who so much as touches Taehyung for more than three seconds because that barista was being way more than friendly; the Jungkook that leaves no inch of Taehyung’s exposed skin unmarked because you belong to me; the Jungkook that makes Taehyung cover up even in summer because that is too revealing, and you don’t know men these days!

The Jungkook that fucks him so hard into their mattress Taehyung forgets his own name.

At this thought Taehyung’s dick quickly springs to life, slowly hardening as he strokes it with gradually quickening pumps. He licks his suddenly dry lips, slowly trailing a hand up his shirt and neck until it’s near his mouth. Opening his mouth he slips his fingers in, hollowing his mouth around them and swirling his tongue around them and imagining Jungkook.

Shutting his eyes Taehyung sees flashes of Jungkook, growling and licking his lips as he watches. Smirking to himself again Taehyung pulls his slicked up fingers out of his mouth and trails them down his body, spreading his legs and lifting Jungkook’s t-shirt just enough. Tracing his ring of tight muscles Taehyung sighs and bites his bottom lip, teasing himself just as he imagines Jungkook would. Taking a deep breath Taehyung trails one finger down his hole before slowly maneuvering it inside.

Releasing a shaky breath he moans slightly at the feeling, it’s not painful, just a bit foreign. Paying that no mind he slowly begins moving his finger in and out of himself, experimentally curling his finger and groaning loudly at the pleasure that courses through him as he does. After a few moments he finds himself speeding up, his thrusts gradually gaining speed and his hips moving up to meet them.

Slowing down a bit Taehyung wiggles in a second finger, reveling in the fuller feeling for a second before starting to move it around inside of him along with the other finger. His breathing becomes labored as he continues to move his fingers in and out of his eager hole, curling and uncurling them as he pants. Moving his other hand to hold his member he begins to stroke it, craving more friction and moaning out Jungkook’s name repeatedly.

Eyes screwed shut and head thrown back Taehyung lets his jaw go slack as he works himself open, scissoring himself while continuously pumping his dick, only stopping when he hears a thud close by. Pausing, Taehyung opens his eyes lazily, the fingers inside of him slowing to a stop while the hand stroking himself continues to do so languidly, as he stares at Jungkook through hooded eyes.

Jungkook’s eyes are comically wide and his jaw unhinged, briefcase forgotten and on the floor as he continues to stare at Taehyung hungrily. The corners of Taehyung’s mouth curve upwards before his tongue shoots out to lips, fingers slipping out of himself as he releases a small sigh. Raising his hand he uses the same fingers to beckon Jungkook over in a ‘come hither’ motion. Eyes darkening and narrowing, Jungkook is hovering over Taehyung in a matter of seconds, growling and slamming their lips together. Taehyung sighs against the younger’s eager lips and raises his hands up, curling them tightly around the other’s neck and pulling him nearer. Groaning into the kiss Jungkook wastes no time being gentle, biting down harshly onto the elder’s bottom lip and pulling it away before letting go, diving back down and shoving his tongue down the other’s willing throat.

Taehyung moans even louder, one hand moving down and stroking all over Jungkook’s dress shirt and moving down to untuck it while the other buries itself in the younger’s hair. Before anything else Taehyung remembers Jimin’s advice and internally nods to himself, deciding to put his plan into action. Moaning even louder than before, Taehyung’s hands scour Jungkook’s body, wanting to feel him and bring him impossibly closer. Raising his pelvis Taehyung brushes his already erect member against Jungkook’s hardening one and the other pulls away from the kiss, throwing his head back lightly and moaning before snarling and grinding their hips together again.

As their hips move in sync Jungkook hisses when Taehyung’s hands move beneath his shirt, pushing it up his chest while continuing to stroke the toned expanse before moving up and toying with his pert nipples. Jungkook’s breathing soon becomes labored as of one Taehyung’s hands begins to wander south. Slowly becoming undone, something suddenly clicks inside of Jungkook’s mind and he growls, grabbing Taehyung’s wrists and pinning them up above his head before plunging down and ravishing the elder’s lips again.

Taehyung grunts and tries to escape Jungkook’s iron hold but his struggles are futile, Jungkook remains unrelenting. Moving his lips against the others, their tongues slide against each other and Taehyung moans out as one of Jungkook's hands slide under the large t-shirt. Jungkook reluctantly pulls away from Taehyung’s addicting lips, the other's head leaning upwards and trying to reconnect them, but Jungkook resists. Moving downwards, the younger nips at Taehyung's jaw before moving to his ear and growling, "Fuck babe, you look so hot like this!"

Licking the shell of his ear the elder bites down on it and gives it a short tug, the hand wandering under his shirt now scraping down his side, and Jungkook smirks when Taehyung gasps and sighs. Taehyung groans at the sensation, moving his hips upwards for more friction. He wants more –needs more; but Jungkook merely chuckles, moving his hips away and denying Taehyung, drawing a whine out of him. Moving down from his ear Jungkook slowly nips at the other’s jaw once again before licking a stripe along it and moving even lower towards Taehyung’s neck, placing open mouthed kisses along it before pausing.

An animalistic growl rips through Jungkook’s throat as he inhales sharply, “Fuck.” He bites down harshly on the other’s neck and Taehyung yelps out in a mix of pain and pleasure. “Explain. Why. You. Smell. Like. Another. Guy.” Jungkook snarls, articulating each word with another bite on Taehyung’s neck and collarbones.

“Ahh,” Taehyung yells out, “I-I- ah- I w-went to – ngh – v-visit someone.” He manages to groan out, and the hand holding his wrist tightens, the other hand wandering underneath his shirt comes up and through the collar, gripping Taehyung’s jaw tightly and yanking his head down to face Jungkook. The other’s eyes have darkened and narrowed as he heaves heavily, and Taehyung almost lets go of his plan, but Jungkook gives him no time to think. Jerking his hips downwards, Jungkook catches Taehyung by surprise, and the elder moans, trying to throw his head back but Jungkook only tightens his grip on the other’s jaw, keeping his head in place, “And why is his cologne on my boyfriend’s neck?” He quips out, rutting his hips even faster while continuing to place kisses and bites all over Taehyung’s body.

Taehyung grunts, trying to form a coherent response, but his words fail him and his warbled reply causes Jungkook to hiss and jolt to a stop. Taehyung whimpers at the sudden loss of contact and tries to move upwards, writhing to seek Jungkook’s body but the other merely looks at him expectantly. “I-It was j-just a side-hug, babe.” Taehyung mentally smirks and pats himself on the back as Jungkook narrows his eyes at him, clearly not appreciating his snarky response.

Who.” It’s not a question, it’s a command. Taehyung shudders at the authority in the other’s voice, his member becoming impossibly harder as he shakes his head defiantly. Displeased with the lack of response from his lover, Jungkook snarls again, ripping his hand out of Taehyung’s shirt and moving off of him, flipping the other over so fast Taehyung’s mind doesn’t comprehend what’s happening until he cries out. Jungkook groans and smacks his ass again, kneading it afterwards, causing Taehyung to moan out at the pleasurable burning.

“It was Hoseok wasn’t it!?” Jungkook’s voice is full of disdain as he says the other’s name, and before Taehyung can even open his mouth to respond he receives another sharp slap to the ass. The elder’s hands grips the sheets and he groans at the feeling, but Jungkook still isn’t satisfied. Taehyung is only able to hear the slight rustling of sheets before he cries out, head falling forward and teeth biting into his pillow as Jungkook continues to lick around his entrance. Tracing his tongue over the other’s puckered hole he smirks at the way the other shudders, slapping his ass once more before massaging the affected area, sliding his hands lower to the other’s glorious thighs.

J-Jungkook-” Taehyung pants, but is cut off by his own moans, his whole body shaking as he tries not to let himself come undone so easily. But Jungkook has other plans, slipping his tongue past the other’s ring of muscles and watching Taehyung cry out and try to wriggle away, only to be held in place by Jungkook’s firm hands. Taehyung squirms and his whole body shudders as Jungkook continues working his tongue in and out of him, and the elder releases a particularly loud cry when Jungkook decides to squeeze in a finger alongside his wet muscle. Moving his finger and tongue in and out of Taehyung, Jungkook smirks devilishly seeing the other try to contain himself.

Suddenly pulling his fingers away Jungkook merely flips Taehyung over to face him again when the other whines in protest at the loss. Shooting the other a toothy grin Jungkook takes his time loosening him tie, loving how Taehyung’s eyes hungrily watch his every move. Once the tie is off and to the side Jungkook begins unbuttoning his shirt at an agonizingly slow pace, and Taehyung grunts, reaching forward and tugging the other closer, ripping the shirt off of him and running his hands over Jungkook as the buttons fly all over the room.

Jungkook’s breath hitches at Taehyung’s sudden change in demeanor and he’s a bit caught off guard. Taehyung notices this as well and quickly takes this moment to push Jungkook onto his back, hovering over him and shooting him a naughty grin before swooping down and marking his neck. Jungkook moans, his mind clouded by lust and control slowly slipping away, especially when Taehyung’s hand moves south, cupping him through his suddenly tight pants. The moans leaving Jungkook’s parted lips only encourage Taehyung further and he places one last kiss on Jungkook’s neck before moving down his body, stopping to give his nipples some attention. Flicking and sucking them with his tongue Taehyung watched as Jungkook groaned, biting his lip and gripping the sheets.

Giving each perky nub a last kiss Taehyung continued moving down the other’s body, not stopping until he was face to face with the other’s clothed bulge. Licking his lips Taehyung hands quickly went to work unbuckling Jungkook’s belt before tossing it to the side, his hand brushing over the younger’s hardened length in the process, causing him to shudder. Grinning at the affect he had on the younger Taehyung took his sweet time unzipping the other’s pants drawing a warning growl out of him, telling him to speed up. Chuckling slightly but nodding anyway, Taehyung moved faster, unzipping the younger’s pants and pulling them down his hips and off his legs.

Eyeing the bulge through Jungkook’s sleek black boxers Taehyung’s tongue popped out of his mouth, licking his suddenly dry lips before he moved back up, face to face with the clothed flesh. Wasting no more time, Taehyung goes lower and places soft, open mouthed kisses over the hardened outline through Jungkook’s boxers, causing the other to groan, the younger’s hands flying in and gripping his hair roughly. “S-Stop – ah – stop t-teasing Tae.” Jungkook groans, legs bending and twisting out of frustration, thighs coming together at the sides of the elder’s head, urging him to hurry up. Taehyung merely flashes the other a boyish grin before bringing his hands up, hovering over the waistband of Jungkook’s satin boxers before slowly curling his fingers underneath.

Breathing heavily, Jungkook raises his hips and allows Taehyung to slip the offending clothing off his hips, hissing slightly but then quickly sighing as soon as the cold air hits it. Changing pace as soon as he got a full view of Jungkook’s full package, Taehyung feels adrenaline surge through him and he quickly tosses Jungkook’s boxers to the side before lowering himself and sliding his hands up Jungkook’s thighs and over his abdomen, tracing all around the younger’s member but not yet touching it. Growling at the other’s teasing Jungkook tugs the other closer to his member, pressing the other closer until it was just barely against his lips.

However, Taehyung retracts slightly, opting to bring his hand up and stroke it, and Jungkook sighs at finally receiving contact, the hold on Taehyung’s locks loosening just a bit. Finally deciding he tortured Jungkook enough, Taehyung leans down and places a kiss on the head of his member before ducking his head and licking a stripe along the underside of it. “Ahh-” The hands in his hair tighten and Taehyung gladly leans forward, taking Jungkook into his mouth. He can feel the other shudder when he does this, abdomen flexing as if he’s trying not to buck into the inviting heat.

But Taehyung wants him to let go, needs him to let go – so without bothering to start slow, he immediately sets a rapid pace, moving his head up and down Jungkook’s dick, humming and massaging his balls all the while. “FuCK!” Jungkook cries out, legs splaying out to the sides and head tossing backwards as Taehyung continues to take more of him into his mouth. Taehyung continues to work his way lower onto Jungkook’s member with each bob, flattening his tongue against the other’s length and swirling it around experimentally, hollowing his cheeks expertly.

Jungkook is now heaving and his self-restraint is slowly slipping away, and he tugs on Taehyung’s hair, bringing him further down on his member, not quite thrusting his hips yet. Taehyung gradually picked up his pace though, tilting his head to stare Jungkook right in the eyes, silently pushing him to let go. Their eyes locked, and Jungkook inhaled sharply, every shred of self-control dissipating in an instant.

Slowly but surely, Jungkook’s hips begin bucking, thrusting into the inviting warmth of Taehyung’s mouth, tugging his dark locks in all directions and the elder lets him. Jungkook throws his head back, legs splaying open even winder and jaw slackening as groans and curses continue leaving his lips. Taehyung merely closes his eyes and moans, trying his best to pleasure the other; he lets Jungkook mouth fuck him; lets him slowly crumble into a moaning mess; lets him lose all sense of control over his body and just need Taehyung as much as Taehyung needs him.

Just as Jungkook begins to feel the pleasure build up inside of him and that familiar warmth pooling in his stomach he fights to salvage some control, his hands in Taehyung’s hair pulling the elder off his length abruptly; Taehyung whimpering at the loss, a mixture of saliva and precum spilling from his now swollen lips and down his chin. Sitting up rapidly Jungkook cupped Taehyung’s face in his hands, shoving his lips onto the elder’s harshly.

The kiss was anything but sweet, a clash of teeth and tongues as Jungkook finally relinquished all control, letting himself go and pressing Taehyung backwards onto the mattress. Trying to keep up with Jungkook’s sporadic pace, Taehyung tries to move his lips against the other’s, pulling him closer with the arms swung over the younger’s neck. His lips are still swollen moving against Jungkook’s eager ones and he’s still breathing heavily. He quickly tries to pull away from the younger to breath, but Jungkook merely holds him in place, a hand behind his neck keeping him close as he continues to ravish Taehyung’s lips.

Taehyung desperately breathes deeply through his nose, about to shove the other away due to lack of oxygen when Jungkook finally pulls away. Releasing a deep breath he didn’t know he’d been holding is all Taehyung gets to do before the younger is pulling him upwards, finally removing his t-shirt before pushing him back onto the bed. Moving down his body and between his spread legs quickly, Jungkook wordlessly holds three fingers in front of Taehyung’s face, the heaving brunette taking them in instantly. Taehyung moans against Jungkook’s fingers, swirling his tongue around them easily and Jungkook growls, becoming more impatient.

With lust clouding his mind Jungkook hurriedly rips his fingers out of Taehyung’s mouth, spending no time teasing the other and quickly pushing two fingers into him. Taehyung gasps at the sudden intrusion, not out of pain but out of surprise. Jungkook knows this, and begins moving his fingers in and out of the other at a slow pace, gradually picking up speed, curling his fingers inside of him. Taehyung spreads his legs even wider, moaning out and wriggling downwards to meet Jungkook’s thrusts. Without warning Jungkook adds in another finger and Taehyung yelps softly, but Jungkook pauses and gives the other a moment to adjust before moving again. Scissoring his fingers he waits until Taehyung moans get louder and hastily pulls them out, depriving Taehyung for the nth time that night.

Taehyung brings his head forward and opens his mouth to complain when he sees Jungkook spitting in his own hand, running it over his length and positioning himself near Taehyung’s entrance. Pushing the elder’s legs up closer to his chest Jungkook moves closer, passionately connecting their lips as he begins pushing into the inviting heat. Stopping about halfway through Jungkook channels all his restraint to pause and wait for Taehyung to adjust, the elder wining slightly. Kissing the elder again, Jungkook’s hand moves downwards and begins pumping Taehyung’s dick all the while slowly inching himself inside of the other.

Once fully inside Taehyung, Jungkook pauses, body almost trembling from holding himself back. Seeing this Taehyung pulls the younger downwards, kissing him passionately, trying to tell the younger to let go and fuck him senseless. Jungkook continues to hold himself back though, Taehyung can feel it in the slow pace he initially sets, his watery eyes can see it in the way Jungkook bites his lip to refrain from driving Taehyung into the mattress, and Taehyung decides he’s had enough. Releasing a growl of his own, Taehyung forcefully shoves Jungkook onto his back, taking the other by surprise, but when he opens his mouth to speak, Taehyung plants his hands onto Jungkook’s chest and slides himself down the younger’s length, and Jungkook moans instead.

Setting a quick pace from the start Taehyung begins bouncing up and down the other’s shaft, moaning and pulling the other up towards him for a sloppy kiss, snarling against his lips, “I-I’m not g-glass. I w-won’t break – ah – so quit holding back, and fuck me.”

Something inside of Jungkook snaps at this point and with a subtle nod and newly darkened gaze he pulls Taehyung off his length, all the previous gentleness gone from his eyes as he flips the other around and onto his hands and knees. Squeaking softly at the sudden change, Taehyung only has a moment to breathe before Jungkook is fully sheathed inside of him again, this time mercilessly pounding into him from the start. Jungkook pants and leans forward so his chest is against the other’s back and he is balls deep inside Taehyung, moving his mouth closer to the other’s ears. “Fuck. You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you? I bet that other fucker can’t make you feel this good, can he?” Jungkook grits out, and Taehyung cries out, words warbling as he tries to focus on not letting his eyes roll back into his head.

Answer me.” Jungkook delivers a sharp slap to Taehyung’s ass but the elder only screams out in pleasure. Growling, Jungkook moves closer, raising his right hand and moving it forward to clutch Taehyung hair, yanking his head back slightly while his left hand holds his jaw, a few fingers sliding into the others open mouth. Jungkook continues to fuck Taehyung like this, thrusts never slowing as he continues to whisper dirty nothings into the elder’s ear, the fingers inside Taehyung’s mouth moving in and out of the wet cavern before retreating and wrapping around his dick instead.

Jungkook grunts and continues pumping the other’s dick, and Taehyung whine and squirms and moans and writhes and tears prick his eyes as Jungkook continues to fuck the sense out of him. In an instant Jungkook strikes a certain sensitive spot inside Taehyung and the elder keens, his arms losing strength and making him fall onto his forearms, his back now slanting as Jungkook mercilessly pounds into him. Taehyung’s head is so close to the headboard at this point and every jerk of Jungkook’s hips sends him closer but the elder can’t find it in himself to care as he screams and his body shakes so violently as Jungkook speeds up his stokes.

Taehyung feels himself getting close, so close, and he thinks he somehow manages to get this message across to the man fucking his brains out, and for a moment everything is still as Jungkook abruptly stops, pulling out of Taehyung and the elder wants to cry because he is so painfully hard andso fucking close. But Jungkook wordlessly flips Taehyung onto his back, the hand in his hair letting go and guiding one leg unto his shoulder while the other stays around his waist, and in an instant Jungkook is back inside of Taehyung, thrusting even faster than before, if that is even possible.

Taehyung’s head is thrown back, bangs matted to his forehead and vision fuzzy, toes curling and lips swollen as his arms fly out and his hands claw desperately at Jungkook’s forearms and back, pulling him down and closer into a sloppy, open mouthed kiss, half whispering and half screaming against his lips pleas of, “touch me, oh my God, please, closer, harder, oh God,” Taehyung continues warbling out, pulling Jungkook closer and arching his back so their chests collide while his other hand goes into the others hair, shoving the youngers face into the crook of his neck and whining constantly.

Jungkook lets Taehyung do this to him, lets him be needy and desperate, lets him whine and beg and desperately crave for what only Jungkook can give him. When Jungkook feels all the pleasure building up inside of him and Taehyung starts screaming to the point his voice cracks Jungkook eagerly uses his last bursts of energy and speeds up his thrusts, complying to Taehyung’s incessant pleas of faster, and harder. In a matter of seconds Taehyung screams out Jungkook’s name, just as the other bites down into Taehyung’s neck to muffle his own cries and they both see white as Jungkook gradually slows his thrusts to a stop. Languidly pulling out and flopping next to Taehyung, they both sigh and pant, staring at the ceiling for a while, still coming down from their highs.

After a few moments Jungkook’s arm reaches out and he pulls the other’s head to his chest for some sloppy post-sex cuddling as the sounds of their panting and ragged breaths fill the otherwise silent room. Still trying to regain his breath Jungkook lovingly traces the bruises littering Taehyung’s entire body, placing loving kisses on  and nuzzling his temple every now and then.

“Hmm… Kookie…” Taehyung softly begins, voice hoarse and cracking as he snuggles closer into Jungkook’s side, tracing imaginary patterns on his heaving chest, “You do know that I didn’t actually go visit Hoseok, right?” He looks up a bit and chuckles at Jungkook’s furrowed brows and opens his mouth to explain, “I just picked a random unopened cologne chimchim gave me.” Taehyung laughs weekly and openly flashes his unique box smile before shutting his eyes and moving closer to his boyfriend.

Jungkook continues to take another moment to process this information before he takes a deep breath and opens his mouth, “So… What I’m hearing is…” he begins, slowly mustering up just enough energy to roll himself over and hover over Taehyung, softly nipping at his neck and humming as the others eyes remain shut but his hands come up to swat him away. Leaning closer, Jungkook blows air right below Taehyung’s ear, chuckling as the elder shudders and tries to move away.

“Round two?”