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Captivated Ajin (Yandere!Kei NagaixReader)

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"Stop right there Nagai!"

"We have you surrounded!"


It was hard to comprehend what was happening. You couldn't figure out what was going on. Your heavy breathing didn't help one bit. You couldn't stay calm at a situation like this. You were driving down the same road you've been going through every single day. The next thing you knew, a boy appeared in front of the hood of your car. Feeling devastated, you quickly got out of your car to help the poor boy. You began to hear men shout at you to get away from the boy but you couldn't understand why. Now you're here, standing in the middle of a small battlefield with guns pointing at you, surrounded by loud sirens, cops and helicopters. The worst case scenario was that you were captured in the arms of the injured boy. He talked as if he didn't take the hit when you accidentally crashed into him. He held you close to his body from behind as you felt the warm liquid of blood seep through your clothes, making you feel sick to your stomach.

"W-What's going on here!?" You asked yet no one answered you.


Within a second, he whips out a small silver magnum and points it to your head. You screamed and lowered your head while you leaned against him, wanting to show that you surrendered to him and raised your hands to your chest. He knew that the police wouldn't shoot if he were to have a hostage by his side, which gave him an advantage.

"You got nowhere to run, Nagai! Put the gun down now!" The policeman shouted through the speaker.

Your heart was beating fast. Everything wasn't making any sense to you. The boy is surely dangerous if it takes two armed snipers, a helicopter, a full unit of the SWAT team, and four teams of the police unit from four different districts to catch him. You couldn't say anything to get out of this horrific experience. It's getting late and you're definitely going to be late for dinner at home now. 

"STAY AWAY!!" He screeched as you quickly closed your eyes and covered your ears to block out his voice. The shriek was overbearing that felt like you were listening to nails on a chalkboard. As soon as you opened your eyes, you saw that everything became quiet. Everyone froze that it seemed as if time has stopped. 

"W-What the--?" You felt tensed, shrugging your shoulders up as you felt the blood stain stick to your skin.

"You." He roughly turns you around to face him. His red eyes stare into yours as you attempt to look away. He firmly grips onto your shoulders and brings you close.

"Y-You're hurting me! What do you want??" You squirmed as he tightened his hold.

"They saw your face." He spoke in a calm yet stern tone.


"So you have to come with me."




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"Let go of me you---!" You didn't know what to call him. A thief? A murderer? A psycho maniac? Whatever crime he committed, he sure stirred up the police.

He drags you through the dark forest as you stumbled behind him, attempting to pull away from him. You had to do something about your now abandoned car. You couldn't just leave everything in there. And how will you get home now that you're captured by this boy?

"I want to go home!" You demanded as you tried to jerk away from him.

His death grip would only give you bruises as long as you fought. He continued to endure your ramblings of wanting to leave his side. 

"Why do I need to go with you!?" You asked.

"Because you're going to tell them where I am. I can't take any risks." He sighed in annoyance.

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!" You screamed in the dark.


You screamed once more, only to be stopped when he pushed you against the tree and covered your mouth. 

"I can end this very quick, y'know." He glared as he took out his gun and point it towards your face.

"..... Y-You wouldn't do that...." You decided to test your luck since he's just a teenage kid and you know how teens get peer pressure when they do something reckless.

"Try me." You hear the click of the magnum, causing you to flinch. He backed away while he kept you at gunpoint. You cowered in fear, lowering your head. You knew that he was serious business.

"I've killed people before. It wouldn't hurt to kill one more. So what's it going to be? You wanna live or die?" He rasped.

"I-I want to live okay!?" You held up your hands once more to show that you surrendered.

"M-My family's going to worry about me." You explained to him.

"It's too late. We need to get moving." He yanks you off your feet and continued to drag you with him.

"You need to pick up the pace c'mon." He began to run as you stumbled once again.

After running for a good twenty-five minutes, you could barely breathe and see in the dark. Your legs became tired however, the boy didn't stop his tracks one bit nor has he slowed down. You still couldn't figure out what he is or what he wants. He was a very strange boy.

"We're here." He announced as you looked up to see a small abandoned shed.

You were certain that you're far away from home now. You couldn't shake off the bad feeling of this boy. He was still covered in blood and he reeked of it. 

You entered the small shed as he lights up a lantern. You can feel a draft coming from all directions. The place had nothing much to see. You looked around and stood by the wall.

"This is where you'll be sleeping." The boy took out a strand of thick rope and approached you.

"Don't try to escape." He warned you while he wraps the rope around your wrists and ankles against your will. 

"Sit down." He commanded as he sat by the door.

You hesitantly took a seat against the wall. 

"...... So, who're you?" You asked.

"You don't need to know." 

The boy was being arrogant yet he was always talking in a soft tone . You felt bored as he watched you rock back and forth.

"It's getting late. You should get some sleep." He suggested.

You sighed and lay down on the dusty floor without thinking, trying to close your eyes.

"You can sleep on this." He took a small pillow from his bag and raised your head to put it under.

You felt nervous around him since it was just the two of you. It was also quiet and a tad bit dark with just one lit lantern. You hear a faint sound of a zipper going down but you didn't care what he was doing. As long as he doesn't touch you, you're fine. After a couple seconds, you felt something warm wrapped over your upper body. You can smell his natural body odor as you felt the cloth. It was his sweater that he had given to you. Since he was your kidnapper, you didn't want to get too comfortable. You lifted up your head to see him still staring at you. In return, you took his sweater over you and threw it towards him. It lands on the floor between you and him.

"You can keep your sweater. I don't need it." You said in a slight sassy attitude as you went back to sleep. 


It was hard to sleep at first but you soon fell into a deep sleep. You woke up due to being uncomfortable in your little space. You almost forgot that you weren't sleeping in your home own and in your own bed. You groaned, thinking that this was all a dream. The lights went out and everything was quiet. All you could hear was the sound of the crickets chirping. The bright moon was the only source of light shining. You didn't know how long you've been sleeping but it was long enough for the boy to fall asleep. You could see that he hasn't moved from his spot. He was still by the door. Your ankles and wrists were starting to ache due to the tight ropes around them. You slowly sat up against the wall and attempting to undo the knots around your ankles. You constantly watched him as you began to loosen the knot. 

"C'mon." You thought as you somehow managed to undo the rope that binds you. 

After a couple minutes passed, you were able to squeeze your feet out of the ropes. You looked up to see that he was still asleep. You didn't care about your hands because you couldn't do much to undo them. You slowly got up on your two feet and tiptoed your way towards the door. Each time you took a step, you would wait a couple seconds to make sure he doesn't wake up. You finally managed to go through the door unnoticed and continued on walking slowly without waking the boy. You didn't know where to go since you didn't think you'd get this far. 

"Where do I go?" You didn't want to go back the way you came from. You had to throw him off somehow and outsmart the kid. You decided to pass through the river up ahead and walk through it to make sure he doesn't follow your footprints. 


The boy finally woke up, realizing that he fell asleep after watching you. He rubs his eye as he yawned and looks over your sleeping space. He quickly shot up and stood there, seeing that you managed to escape from his rope. His heart began to race. If you were to reach the cities or anyone, his hideout could be exposed. 

"Where'd she go?" He began to enter a state of panic, scrambling to look for his flashlight. As soon as he found it, he darted through the door in search of you.

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You ran as fast as you could. Nothing could stop you from there on. You pushed on forward without thinking. You had to find help for yourself. You couldn't stay to catch your breath. The boy was probably awake by now, searching for you. You felt relieved that you were far away from his little hideout. Soon, you'll be done with this nightmare and return home safe and sound. That's all you thought about, home. You heard a noise rustling in the bushes nearby. You turned around to see nothing there. You shrugged it off and began to pursue your freedom. But as you continued on forward, you kept hearing noises coming from behind. You turned around once again to find nothing. It seemed strange. You were sure that you were far away from the boy. You heard a twig snap in half, causing you to listen in. You were afraid that something else was there to pursue you. Not the boy but maybe something bigger. You took a couple steps back until you felt the rough texture of the tree behind you. 

Your hands were still in a bind. You stopped to wonder where that sound came from. 


You flinched to the sound as it grows louder. You noticed there were carvings on the trees. Each one was carved with long nails that a human could do. Feeling terrified, you carried on, running from the noise that kept growing. You prayed that you make it out of the dark forest alive. 

"Please let me out alive!" You muttered.

You were stopped when you heard a loud noise coming from somewhere. There, you witnessed a tree that was cut down to block your designated path. You yelped, turning back to run the other way. You didn't know what was going on. You hoped it wasn't the kidnapper's doing. As you continued on, you noticed that many trees began to collapse from side to side, giving you no option to turn to but run straight back to the path you came from. You lowered your head, feeling fear crawl over your shoulders. 

"Someone please help me!!" You gave up and started screaming as more trees continued to fall.

You knew that it wasn't the kidnapper after all. It was something fast, big, and scary, possibly. You didn't stop running. You cursed yourself for going back. You wanted to believe that you were just seeing things but the loud noises kept getting closer to you. 

Suddenly, you felt a sharp pain on your back, causing you to fall forward. 

"Ow!" You hissed, struggling to get back up on your feet. You could feel the cold wind coming from behind. You couldn't believe that your shirt was ripped from behind. You felt as if someone slashed your back with razor sharp nails. It was painful to stand straight and run. 

"S-Someone please! Help me!!" You cried, enduring the wound. You could feel the blood rushing down your back. 

Finally, you ran into something soft and warm. Arms were wrapped around you, embracing your form as you spilled out tears from your eyes. 

"What happened to you?"

You recognized that voice and pushed the person away from you. 

"T-There was something out there! I-I couldn't see it, it was to fast a-and---"

"I told you not to escape. You're hurt." He grabs your troubled hands and holds them.

"Turn around, let me see your back." He tells you.

"Look! We're not safe here! W-We gotta go back inside! There's something out here!" You went on first as he tried to catch up to you. 

Little did you know, he let out a small devious smirk before his trusty companion dissipates into thin air without a trace.


(Ten Minutes Ago....)

The boy turns on his flashlight, searching for any footprints, hoping to find you. Without hesitation, he summoned his IBM to appear in front of him. The tall creature cannot be seen by humans but ajins themselves. As the summoned creature turns to its master, the boy gave him orders only his IBM would understand.

"Don't find her and don't bring her to me." He commanded.

Without a pause, the IBM did not question his motives and began his hunt. With his IBM, how could he possibly lose you?


You quickly entered the shed, closing the door after the boy came inside. 

"Oh man! That was close!" You panted, standing in the middle of the area.

"Turn around. Let me see your wound. Your bleeding pretty bad." The boy demanded, gesturing you to come to him.

You hesitated to approach him since you couldn't find any reason to trust him.

"I won't bite, come here." He pulls your arm towards him as he lights up the lantern. 

You hunched over, feeling exposed to this stranger. 

You flinched as he ran his warm fingers across the wound his IBM inflicted on you. 

"Must've been a bear that you found." He commented.

"No, it can't be. It was faster than a bear--Ouch!" You shuddered as he took out a piece of cloth and poured water on it to tend your wounds.

"H-How big is it??" You asked.

He couldn't answer you due to the fact that he was attempting to undo your bra strap since they were in the way. You yelped and pulled away from him, covering your chest.

"Whoa, what are you trying to do??" You asked.

"It was in the way. I'm going to help you clean that wound, come here." He beckoned.

"N-No! Forget it!" You backed away from this boy, attempting to undo the tight knot around your wrists.

"Come on, I'm just trying to be nice." He explained.

You realized that this boy had quite a handsome face with that short black hair. his red eyes were still unsettling though. 

"No. I'm fine." You shook your head.

"Perhaps you want to go back out there." He crossed his arms.

It's true that this was his shed. And he had certain rules if you're under his roof. He took you in, he could definitely kick you out and get you killed for sure.

You groaned and slowly approached him once more. 

"Don't ever disobey me again. If you do, you'll only get yourself killed. It's dangerous outside." He informed you.

"...... So, your name's Nagai, huh..." You murmured off topic.


"Thats what the policeman called you. 'Nagai'." You explained.

"......" He stayed quiet, gently applying antibacterial gel onto your wounds.

"What do they want from you, Nagai?" You asked.

"I stole something." He falsely confessed.

"What did you steal?" You wondered.

"I don't know, it was just something small, that's all." He explained.

"That doesn't explain the helicopter flying around."

"Are you worried about me?" He asks.

"In your dreams." You lowered your head as he chuckled.

".... Just call me Kei. That's my name."

"Kei." You repeated.

"What's your name?" He questioned you.

"..... It's (Name)." You felt a bit disappointed for telling him your real name but what difference does it make?

"Okay, (Name).... I'm finished." As soon as he removed his hands from you, you rushed to get away from him. You went back to your usual space and lay down on the ground, finding yourself back in square one again.

"Goodnight." He bids you.

You didn't say anything but doze off to sleep. He approached you with the same sweater, covering your upper body to hide your naked back. This time, you decided to leave it on.


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"Hey, wake up, sleepy head." 


A soft nudge disrupts your beauty sleep, causing you to groan. You can hear the faint voice of your brother calling you like any other day. It's been years since you heard his voice. You responded with a small whine, not wanting any interruptions.

"(Name), wake up. It's time to get moving." 

You jolted with a gasp, feeling your wrists ache as you opened your eyes. Kei knelt in front of you, rubbing your shoulder to awaken you.

".... Can't you take these off? They hurt..." You softly spoke, still feeling drowsy. 

He took a minute to grab a pocketknife from his bag to cut the ropes that bind you. 

"There. Can you get up now?" He asks, waiting for your upper body to rise.

You rubbed your wrists that were surrounded by purple marks. 

"I'm pretty sure you cut off my blood circulation." You yawned.

Kei couldn't keep his eye off your wound that you received last night. He remembered what happened that day.

"How do you feel?" He curiously asked.

"Like shit." You casually admitted, stretching out your arms.

"C'mon. We're leaving this place." Kei informed you as he stood up to gather his things. 

"Where to?" 

"Anywhere but here." 


You followed Kei to a small store in the middle of nowhere that had a small section of clothes. There were barely any people in the store. The clerk had gone somewhere in the back room to do something. It was quiet while going inside the small building. You decided to walk backwards to look casual since your back was fully exposed. You wanted to leave him and look for the clerk however, Kei kept you from doing that. He made sure you were by his side. As he quickly scrambled for some clothes, he picked some out for you.

"What are you doing?" He asked, raising a brow.

"I'm just trying to look normal." You whispered, standing stiff with your back facing him.

"Don't be ridiculous." He scoffed.

You looked around to see if anything caught your eye. You peeked through each aisle while you stayed in Kei's sight. You noticed there was a T.V. mounted at the top corner nearby the entrance door. You looked closely to see a woman talking on the daily news channel. You concentrated on the screen, barely hearing what the woman was saying. You squinted closely as they showed a picture of someone. You were familiar with that face. 

"H-Hey, isn't that...?" You pointed at the screen to show Kei. He followed your finger to see that his face was exposed to the news once again. On the other hand, you were oblivious to the news because you haven't had the chance to know what's going on since you recently came back after studying abroad.  

"It's you, isn't it??" Your voice grew louder as you became nervous. In the picture, his bangs were longer. 

"Let's get going." He ignored your concerned self, dragging you away and out the door.

"W-Wait! We haven't paid the--" 

"C'mon!" He rushed you, dragging you out of the store.

Guilt was piled in your stomach, causing it to turn. As long as you stayed with this boy, you were going to stir up some trouble with him. Something heavy was weighing you down. You couldn't tell if it was your gut feeling or your guilt, or both.

Kei led you back into the forest. He continued to go deeper into the area until he finally came to a stop.

"I think we're okay here." He panted.

You jerked away from his hand and fell to your knees.

"Are you okay??" Kei offered his assistance to help you back up but he froze in hesitation.

"Oh man..." You breathed heavily.

"What is it? Does your back hurt?" Kei gently rubs your back to ease the pain.

"I can't believe.... We didn't pay the clerk!" You shuddered.

Kei's eyes were wide opened, realizing that nothing's wrong with you. You were just worried about something so little. Relief was washed over him as he stood back up.

"You're worried about that??" He threw some clothes onto you as you stayed low.

"Put on these. We should be getting close to a small village nearby." He commented, changing his clothes before your eyes.

You quickly turned away and covered your face as he rolled his eyes, shaking his head. 


How am I going to get through with you?



Chapter Text

You quickly slipped on a long and simple blue dress that went down to your knees with spaghetti straps. As for Kei, he slipped on a plain white T with a pair of jeans. You tried to fix your hair and wash your face nearby a river. You saw a reflection of yourself in the water.

"How am I going to get home?" you wondered. Your family must be worried by now. You hoped that someone would come to save you. 

You looked at your facial features. You felt like crap, not having to shower yesterday. A lot of questions went through your mind. You wanted to know what the boy's intentions were and where he was headed to.

"You're worried about that?"

You heard a dark voice speak.

In a swift movement, you turned around to see nothing was there. Kei threw his clothes into the river along with yours just a meter away down from where you stood. 

"Kei?" You called out.

"Hm?" He turned towards you. You hesitated to ask him yet you turned away, causing him revert back to his job. 

You figured you were probably just hearing things. You decided to look at your reflection in the river to rethink about your plan to get away from the boy.

"How will I leave?" You thought.

"What is it?" 

It was that voice again. You looked around once more to see where the voice is coming from. It'd be pretty crazy if it came from your head. You had no clue to who was speaking to you. Kei was obviously doing something else rather than talk. You looked back into the river to notice something black. You took a closer look to see something inhumane that stood behind you within the reflection.

"Does your back hurt?"

It spoke again. 

"AHHHHH!!" You screamed, accidentally slipping into the river when your hand fell in first. 

Kei looked up to see you sit in the river, partially wet.

"What's wrong??" Kei noticed that his IBM was summoned unnoticed, standing by, watching you as it dissipates into thin air.

"(Name)! What happened?" Kei decided to act oblivious to the situation and come to your rescue.

"T-There was something behind me! It was a monster!" You stuttered.

"Where?" He pretended.

You took this chance to flee from the scene. You didn't want to get killed. Maybe that was the thing that caused the trees to fall. Maybe it was the thing that tried to kill you.

"(Name) wait!!" You didn't run far enough for him to lose you. 

"Let go of me!" You panicked, thinking that it could be anywhere close to you.

"What's going on? Tell me." He calmly spoke, holding your wrists to stop you from running.

"It's going to kill us! Let go!!" You angrily fought him, pulling away.

"Hey, it's okay it's just me--"

"No! G-Get away from me it's going to come here!!" You squirmed.

"(Name) you need to stay quiet--"

"It's going to come!" You squeezed your eyes tight and froze up.

"(Name), it's okay." Within a second, he held you in his arms, trying to calm you down, regardless of the fact that your dress was wet. 

"Let go!" You tried to pry him away from you.

"Look, there's nothing there. See?" 

You took a peek from his right shoulder to see that there was nothing there. It was quiet. 

"No... Nonononono it was definitely there--I saw it stand behind me when I looked into the water!" 

"You were probably just imagining things-"

"It talked to me! It didn't look human at all! It was tall and dark! I swear I'm not making things up!" You claimed.

"There's nothing there." Kei assured you.

You paused for a moment, thinking that Kei's right. There really was nothing there. You took a deep breath and pushed him away.

"Okay..." You awkwardly stepped away from him, feeling your forehead to make sure your not going crazy.

"You're good now?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine now." You panted.

"Alright. It's pretty sunny out here so you should be able to dry up pretty well. Let's go, c'mon." He gestured you to follow him as he grabbed his backpack. You had no choice but to do so, walking with him in the woods alone, worrying about your parents. 


"It's been awhile since I last came here." Kei commented as he points at the village. It seemed small and peaceful from afar.

"I know someone who can give us a place to stay for a little while until the investigations die down a bit." 

You decided to go with him into the village, hoping there would be someone to help you out. 

As you set foot onto a new territory, Kei grabs your hand, holding it affectionately. You tried to pull away from his hold as he shifts closer to you.

"Just act natural. Don't do anything stupid, alright?" He muttered under his breath. You stopped fighting against him even though you didn't want to hold hands with him. You groaned childishly in response.

As you approached a certain little house, an old woman came out walking towards the two of you.

"Smile." He mumbled as you obeyed.

"Is that my grandson standing there?" She came by with glee.

"Granny." He grinned while he opened one arm to embrace the old lady.

"I see that you haven't changed a bit." She commented, causing Kei to laugh.

The old lady turned to you with an astonished look on her face.

"And who is this pretty girl?" She asked.

"Ahah, this is my girlfriend (Name)." He shyly introduced you. 

You blushed, giving him a shocking look as he stares at you affectionately. You felt disgusted by his fake facade.

"It's nice to finally meet you, granny. Kei talks about you a lot." You gave her a warm smile, shaking her hand.

"Oh, does he? Y'know, he's a very good boy. He helps me around the house a lot. I'm so happy that I'm going to have a granddaughter!" She cheered.

"Ahahaha!" As you laughed, you felt his hand squeeze tighter.

"C'mon, I'll show you around, dear." The old lady offered as she motions you to come inside her house.

You took off your shoes and went in first as Kei followed you. You were desperately looking for a phone in the house that could give you contact to the outside world but to no avail.

"Kei and I planted flowers in the backyard. They look so beautiful. Back then, they were just seeds." The elder woman showed you various flowers that were planted in the back.

"It looks nice." You kindly complimented.

You looked back to see Kei sitting down by the coffee table, searching through his bag. 

~Time skip~ 

Your stomach wouldn't stop grumbling until dinner was served. You helped the kind old woman cook while Kei was flipping through channels to see what was going on in the news. He made sure you couldn't hear the television well. You set up the table by Kei and looked at the T.V. Before you could see what was going on, Kei abruptly turns it off. 

"What are they talking about?" You curiously asked. 

"Nothing much." He answered.

Of course....


"So Kei, go on and tell me how you met this beautiful young girl." The old lady asked.

You choked on rice while Kei choked on water. Both of you were having a brief cough attack as the elder woman patiently waited. 

"Oh, I uh..." He nervously scratched the back of his head.

It was hard for you to make up lies. You started to sweat from your forehead.

"I... Hit him with my car by accident." You spoke in a stiff voice.

Kei turns to you with a horrified expression.

You're not supposed to say something like that, idiot!

"Oh. Kei, are you alright?" The old lady's smile fades away. She was in awry.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" He laughed.

"When I saw her get out of the car, I instantly fell in love with her." He glanced at you, resting a hand on your lap under the table. You had every reason to slap it away yet you read his facial expression.

Act natural.  

"Awww! How cute." The old lady admired the little love story you developed with Kei.

"He's a very sweet guy." You happily smiled as you moved to caress his hand over your lap. You dug your nails into his skin.

"Ow. Haha, you're squeezing my hand a little too tight." Kei nervously laughed, removing his hand from your personal space.

"Just eat your food." You told him before you continued to dig into your bowl.


During nighttime, Kei showed you where he used to sleep. He slid the door opened to his room, setting his bag down.

"Just call me if you need anything." The old lady says as she brings blankets to you.

"Thank you so much for having us here. I appreciate it." You took the blankets from her as she went back to her room. 

You closed the door and fixed your spot.

"This is my side. That is yours." You declared. 

"I don't trust you." He drawled.

".... Don't tell me---"

"You tried to escape once, I can't let you do it again."

He knew that he can't have ropes or tape to tie you up. He needed to make sure you wouldn't escape.

"Since we're a 'couple'--"


"We could--"


"Sleep together." 

"GRANNYYY!" You darted out the room in search of the old woman. 

Before you could escape, Kei pulls you back in, causing a brief commotion between the two of you.

"What's going on?" The old woman opens her door to check on the loud noise.

"Oh, she was just asking where the bathroom is. I'll show her, grandma." Kei explained as he covered your mouth, pulling you back.

"Oh, okay." The old lady went back into her room to sleep.


Kei pushes you to the ground to keep you in the room.

"Stop acting so childish." He sighed. 

"Oh, I'm being childish? Anyone in their right mind would try to get away from you!" You argued.

He didn't say anything after that. All he did was smirk at the little irony mark you made.




Chapter Text

You felt dizzy as you woke up with a numb arm. It was suddenly daytime. You can hear birds chirp in the morning as the sun shines from above. You searched the room to notice that Kei had disappeared along with his backpack. He must've gone somewhere else while you were asleep. No, you weren't asleep.

You couldn't remember much from last night. All you know was that you were arguing with Kei and the next thing you knew, you were out in a flash. It was a little difficult to control your arm as you got up.

"What the hell did he give me?" You wondered as you struggled to get to the door.

You slid it opened, trying to force yourself to stand tall. You soon realized that your foot fell asleep, making it hard for you to stay in motion. 

"Where the hell did he go?" You thought as you limped out the door and into the living room. 

You noticed the old woman was cooking something nice in the kitchen. 

"Granny?" You called out.

The old woman turned around with a big smile. 

"Ah! (Name), good morning!" She greeted in courtesy. 

"Where's Kei?" You asked.

"Oh, he decided to stretch his legs out there. Did you sleep well?" She answered with a follow-up question.

"Uh, Y-Yeah." You lied as you took a peek outside through the slid opened doors. 

You witnessed Kei holding a notepad, writing something. He was nodding and making different poses. It was as if he was observing something. In anger, you walked out the doors and roughly tackled him from behind.

"You bastard!!" You scowled. 

Kei felt surprised to see you above him. You were barely able to lift yourself up from him.

"What the hell did you do to me last night!?" You demanded, pulling his shirt to force him to face you.

He was suddenly turned off by that question and smacked your hand away from him.

"I had to make sure you weren't going to run away." He stood up as you stayed on the ground, glaring at the boy who always had that stern and unimpressed look.

"So what, you fed me drugs or something?" You glared at him.

"Let's just say that it could put an elephant to sleep." He turns away, dusting off his shirt and pants.

".....Y- You tranquilized me!? Where the hell did you find that kind of weapon!?" You figured.

Kei took one glance at you, then shook his head. He felt annoyed with your presence surrounding him. He could barely get any work done. Maybe he should have killed you back then. For now, he has to endure your petty complaints. His calm and annoyed attitude pissed you off as well. He could commit the biggest sin and not feel any guilt. 

"Fine! Be that way." You scoffed and went back into the house to help out the old lady.

Time skip--

Later on, Kei announced that he would be walking in the woods. He asked if you'd like to join him in front of Granny. In the most polite way possible, you said no to him, though behind that pretty face was a raging bull. 

"Alright then, suit yourself. Granny, make sure she stays with you." Kei responded as he bids you farewell.

"I will, Kei!~" Granny cheerfully shouts.

You stood beside her, watching him leave. 

"Ah, he really hasn't changed a bit." She commented as she goes back inside the house.

"Granny, I have something to ask you." You approached her after you closed the door.

"Sure, what is it?" Granny waited.

"How much do you know about Kei?" You asked.

"I know a lot of things about him. He's a sweet boy and he rarely asks for anything. I'm grateful that he came here to visit me. And he brought you here too! The more, the merrier." She smiled.

She sat down by the coffee table while you sat beside her.

"That wasn't the reason why he came here." You shook your head.

Her smile dies down, unable to comprehend your words.

"Deary, what are you talking about?" She wondered.

You gave her a sympathetic look, taking a deep breath before you explained it to her.

"Your grandson came here to hide from the police." You had to break it to her if you wanted to get out.

She fell silent for a brief moment, looking down at the table. 

".... Oh, I knew that part." She casually conceded.

"I'm sorry, what?" You leaned a bit closer to her to make sure you weren't the one who's deaf.

"My grandson is a criminal but he's a good kid at heart. He is all I have left. He isn't perfect but he tries to be for my own sake. I don't care what the news say. No matter what, he will always be my grandson and I love him. I'm glad that you found a way  to forgive him for what he's done, (Name)." 

"O-Oh no I-I'm actually---"

"You're a very important person in his life and I know that he appreciates you for staying by his side." 

"B-But Granny--"

"I know you'll take good care of my grandson for me." Granny finishes her sentence, softly patting your lap in comfort.

You were speechless by her words. You heard them correctly and you understood each and every one of them. This old woman was all about forgiveness and gratitude. She held a special place in Kei's heart as did he. Granny valued him as a close family member even though she knew he committed theft. You understood that she was always lonely living alone in the small village in the mountains but because of Kei, she has someone to cherish.

"I understand you, Granny." You nodded.

"Ah, I feel like the happiest person alive." She laughed as she got up. 

"Would you like to help me plant carrots in the garden?" Granny asked. 

You really should get going. Now's the chance to finally escape and leave this place. You decided this was the day you were going to finally see your family who must be searching for you by now. 

"Sure, I'll help." You got up, clapping your hands together, waiting for further instructions as the old woman grabbed two bags of seeds from the cupboard.

"Kei always helps me with my garden. They're so beautiful and healthy, you should take a look with me." She suggested.

"That's odd. It seems that I don't have any carrot seeds. I thought I bought them a couple days ago." The old woman groaned.

"What should we do?" You asked.

"Well, I hope I'm not asking too much but do you think you could go and get some carrot seeds from Mr. Horiguchi? I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we could get some from him." She requested.

"Okay, where does he live?" 

"If you follow that trail out there, you should be able to find his house. It's the fourth house down that trail." She indicated.

"Gotcha." You nodded.

"And if they ask for Kei, please address him as Ryouta. No one here knows who Kei really is." She informed you before you went on your merry way.


As you got out the door, You followed the trail you walked alongside with Kei when you both entered the small village. You looked both sides. One way leads to Horiguchi's house while the other leads to freedom. Now was your chance to do so. Without notice, Kei was watching you close from afar with a pair of binoculars to make sure you weren't doing anything "stupid". 

You stared at the trail that would lead you away from the village.

"Don't go, don't go, don't go." He silently chanted as he scrutinized you.

You then looked back at the trail to many houses including Horiguchi's house.

Kei fell silent, waiting for you to choose your path.

"Meh." You casually shrugged as you went straight towards the direction that led you to Horiguchi's home. You decided that your freedom can wait a bit longer, not for the sake of Kei but for the sake of Granny.

"..... That's it. Good girl." Kei sighed, putting his binoculars down.

For some reason, he can feel his heart pound. He felt a bit nervous under his stoic face. If you were to choose to leave, his IBM would definitely kill you on the spot. Kei couldn't let you leave him just yet...




Chapter Text

"Is this the right house?" You wondered as you stood in front of a foreign house. Strangely, all of the houses in the surrounding area were far apart. You nervously played with your hands and took a deep breath before you knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" You hear a deep croak from the other side.

"U-Uh, Mr. Horiguchi?" You called out.

It took quite a while before you hear the door unlock. Behind the door revealed a slim old cranky man, hunching over as he squints his eye over your figure.

"And who're you?" He cleared his throat, attempting to speak a little nicer towards you.


You forced yourself to smile with a bright face. It was hard to keep up this act but you had to do it. Your hands trembled as you tried to speak again.

"I'm.... R-Ryouta's girlfriend." Deep down inside you wanted to cringe in disgust.

"Hmmm...." He tilts toward you with a face full of doubt. You can smell a hint of alcohol coming from his breath.

"You? You're Ryouta's girlfriend?? I didn't know that Ms. Yamanaka's grandson would ever have a girlfriend!" He chortled, pulling away. Fortunately, he bought your little lie, causing you to laugh along with him anxiously. 

"Yamanaka... So that's her name."

"What's your name?" He leans against the doorway, crossing his arms.

"I'm... (Name)." You went stiff again.

"Well, '(Name)', there's no need for you to be shy. I'm in charge of the neighborhood watch so you don't have to worry about anything. Now what brings you here, little lady?"

"Well, I was wondering if you have any carrot seeds for Ms. Yamanaka to use." You requested.

"Carrot seeds? Oh, sure. Hang on a sec." He goes back inside his home.

You looked around to see some people far into the garden field. Not one of them took their eyes away from you. You felt like you didn't fit here. Like you didn't belong in this environment. 

"Here you are." He hands you several pack of carrot seeds as you accepted them.

"Thank you very much Mr. Horiguchi." You quickly bowed and left his area.

"Stop by again some time, (Name)!" He waves.

"I will!" You responded as you rushed back to the old lady's house.


"Make sure you dig deep enough for the seeds." Yamanaka said.


You had a set of different clothes on. You wore a long white shirt with a  v-neck and pair of comfortable capris. You wore gloves and a straw hat to keep out the sun. 

"I'm glad that my old clothes fit you. I'm not getting any younger, y'know!" She jested with a hearty laugh before she rips the bag of seeds open.

"Thank you for lending them to me." You responded.

"Oh, it's no big deal!" She smiled.

As you took a trowel to dig the dirt, you can see other people in the field doing their share of work. It was peaceful staying there. It seemed like anyone who lived in the mountains can give two cents about what the news was saying. Their problems did not concern these villagers. You now know why Kei thought it'd be a good idea to stay here for a while. He returned to his own hideout.

As soon as you helped Yamanaka plant the carrot seeds,  You took off your hat and fanned yourself in the mass heatwave that suddenly came during the daytime. You took a bottle of water and sat down by the small shed nearby to join Yamanaka in the shade.

"It's pretty hot out here. I wonder what Kei is doing." You took a sip from the bottle, feeling a tad bit disappointed that the cold water turned warm due to the sun and heat. 

"Aw, you're worried about him." Yamanaka commented.

"Ehh, It's just that he's been gone for so long, that's all." You replied.

"Now that you mention it, he has been gone for quite awhile. Why don't you want to go find him, dear?"

"What?" You nearly choked on the water, wiping your face with your dirty gloves which was a terrible idea. You were already covered in dirt and that was already the last thing you need.

"Go on. Explore the forest. It's not hard to find him. I'm going to head on home." Yamanaka says as she stretches her back.

"What about the gardening tools?" You asked.

"Just leave them here. We'll come back to pick them up early in the morning tomorrow. It's really hot outside today." She explained.

"Uh, okay..." You shrugged.

"I'll see you back at home then." You bowed before you went into the woods up the hill.

  "Just tell him that I'm prepping lunch for us!" She waved at you as you took off the gloves to shove them in your pocket. 



You walked into the woods, searching for Kei. Your stomach was grumbling again since you haven't had a bite since morning. The trees offered you shade as you continuously walked though them. 

"Where could he be?" You wondered as you casually strolled.

Suddenly, you found a trail that led you out in the sun.

"I'm pretty sure I'm lost." You scratched your head, finding yourself on a cliff.

You looked down to see the shore flow in unison.

"Water!!" You cried with glee.

You felt like taking a swim in the wide ocean. As you climbed down to get to the bottom, you kicked off your shoes, running wild as your hat flies off your head. You quickly stripped down to your underwear as you reached the cold water.

"AHAHA!!" It's been awhile since you last saw a vast ocean.

You floated on your back, feeling the small waves move your body. You almost forgot about searching for Kei but he can wait, right?

"WHOO!" You screamed with your arms raised. 

This was indeed the feeling of freedom here. Your parents have no idea what you're doing but they will never see this side of you.

Kei walks up to the cliff and witnessed your figure, swimming along the current. You splashed the water to create collision with the small waves and went on a spree in the ocean, going deeper and deeper.




"What an idiot." 


Chapter Text

Kei climbs his way down to reach you. You were having too much fun that you didn't know he stood by and watched you gleam like the sparkling water. He watched you frolic in the water full of happiness. He hasn't seen this side of you. From the moment he saw you, his blood began to boil. He recalled something that pissed him off when he passed through the village.He kept hearing people talk about you, the "newcomer", asking for Horiguchi. Mr. Horiguchi seemed pleased with you. Everyone started spreading rumors that you were somewhat flirting with Mr. Horiguchi because he kept talking about you. He made a remark saying that you were too good for Kei, and that you should just be with him instead, but that was the time when he was drunk. Kei felt irritated just hearing it from Mr. Horiguchi. He recently just spoke to him, calling him a virgin for having someone like you, and that he wouldn't stand a chance with you at all. His pride was hurt because of you. It was as if you insulted him for just standing around, calling yourself the supposed "girlfriend". It's true, you're not his girlfriend. But for that reason, Kei felt angry that you talked to Horiguchi today.

"This is so fun!" You played trust fall with the water, swimming around.

He understood the fact that it was a humid day today but what made him wonder was why and how you end up here. He waited for you to be done but it seemed like forever and the thought of getting out of the cool water never crossed your mind. 

"I'm free!!" You shouted.

Kei noticed that your feminine features were catching up to him. He noticed how small your waist was compared to wearing clothes. Your figure was what captured his vision. You were the only thing that stood out in the sparkling ocean. He focused on the scar that was made on your back as you played. It was like you were a fish dancing in the water. No wonder why Horiguchi had his eyes fixated on you. 

"I've had enough of this." Kei sighed and dropped his things and took off his shoes. You didn't notice that he was approaching you from behind. At this point, his pants were soaked up to his thighs. 

"You suck, Kei!!" You shouted into the horizon before you felt a something grab your wrist.

You swiftly turned around to meet Kei's red orbs, face to face.

"Oh shit!! W-What are you doing here, Kei!?" You nervously tried to pry his hand away as he held you tighter. You felt embarrassed, not because you were in your underwear but the fact that you shouted that out.

"It's time to go. C'mon." He drags you from behind as you stumbled. 

"H-Hey wait! I kind of want to stay here a little longer!" You told him.

He turns to you, staring at your curves and breasts before he met your eyes.

"Fine. Have fun finding your way back."

He sounded angry for a sec. You didn't know what was the problem with him. 

"H-Hey wait a sec! Are you upset at me?" You shouted, taking a couple steps behind him.

His back was turned to you. He didn't care to face you. With that, he pressed on to return to shore.

"Kei!" You called for him.

He ignored you as you shouted his name.

"Kei!!" You repeated.

"W-Wait up!" You tried to catch up to him as he went on first. You didn't want to get lost in the woods and You knew that Kei meant what he said.

Fortunately, he stopped when he reached the shore. You felt relieved that he stood there and waited. 

"Is there something wrong? Are you still mad about this morning? 'Cuz it should be me who's mad at you!" You jabbed him in the chest with your finger.

"Stop it." He slaps your hand away.

You knew that he meant something else. It wasn't about this morning. It was definitely something else.

"Then... W-What is it?" You asked.

He stayed silent, refusing to communicate with you.

"Kei, look at me in the eye and tell me. Is it because I'm giving you a hard time?" You rest your hands on your hips.

He looked away, staring into the water of the ocean. You sighed, giving in to defeat as you slipped on your dirty clothes and tied your hair up in a bun.

"Stop acting so childish." You told him before you left him. 

He remembered that those were the words he said to you after your first night here. You were right. This time, he was acting like a child, getting angry about stupid stuff that he shouldn't care about. He didn't have a good relationship with Mr. Horiguchi from the beginning. Even though he tried to make amends with him.

Your words fueled him. He felt angry when he shouldn't be. You're just his hostage. You shouldn't mean anything to him. Nonetheless, he followed you back into the woods, trying to reach you. As for you, you couldn't find the way back home.

"Which way was it---"

He finally caught up to you and grabbed your arm. 

"Hey, let go!--"

"Did you or did you not flirt with Mr. Horiguchi?" He demanded an answer, staring into your eyes, searching for them.

"What? Flirt? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Did you?" 

"Kei, please. If I had the ability to flirt, I'd get a boyfriend by now--"

He then held both of your arms in anger. He knew that he shouldn't get angry that you didn't see him as your boyfriend. He knew that this was all just pretend but it somewhat felt real for him. He was becoming jealous over a fake relationship that he made up between you and him.

"Just tell me the truth!" He slightly shook you.

You became confused and afraid like the time you first met him. You didn't feel safe since no one was around to help you. 

"Kei, w-what are you talking about?" You argued.

"Were you flirting with Mr. Horiguchi?" He ordered.

"No! Granny asked me to get carrot seeds from him because we didn't have any!" You explained.

He suddenly calmed down and raised a brow.

"What?" He asked.

"All I asked from him was a pack of carrot seeds! Where the hell did you get the crazy idea that I was flirting with him??" You pushed him away, trying to pat the dirt from your wet shirt.

"...... So you really weren't?" 

"No! Why are you so concerned about it?" You inquired.


"... It's nothing."

From there, he led you back home. The two of you did not talk on the way back since it felt awkward to do so. You didn't know what came over him or why it made him worry. You hoped that he would go back to normal or to the way how Granny views him.


Chapter Text

"Oy! Ryouta!"


"Hello there, Mr. Horiguchi."

"Got yourself a girlfriend now, is that right?"


"You're kidding! How the hell did you two even meet??"

".... We attended the same school back then."

"Nah, I don't believe it!"


"A pretty girl like (Name) would never go out with a guy like you, Ryouta!"

"Why not?"

"Can't you tell? You're too nerdy for her. Not much of a perfect match between complete opposites! A beautiful woman and a total loser! You can't possibly imagine having sex with her, can ya?"

"Now why would I think of something like that?"

"Ryouta why would you even question sex?? Oh, that's right! It's 'cuz you're a virgin!"


"Not talking huh? You know I'm right, right? See what I'm sayin'? You gotta stop and think, 'can I really bang this hot chick?'"

"That's... Gross. Mr. Horiguchi, I think you drank too much."

"You're such a little kid."

"I have to go now." 

"Hey wait! If your relationship doesn't work out, have her come over to my house and I'll show you how to love her like a real man! Haha!"


Kei cringed each time he thought of that disturbing adult conversation he had with Mr. Horiguchi. He gritted his teeth, clenching onto his chopsticks, nearly breaking them with his thumb during lunchtime. You cautiously watched his emotions overcome him, feeling worried. Your wet hair was tied up in a bun while you were still in your working clothes. They managed to dry up by the time you returned home.

"Is everything okay?" You leaned forward to get a peek of his seething expression.

Yamanaka had gone to water her plants outside, leaving a plate of rice balls and a small bowl of leftovers from yesterday. You sat across from Kei, scooting away from him each time he had that uneasy look. 

"Whatever you do, stay away from Mr. Horiguchi." Kei strictly warns you.

"How come? He seems nice--"

"Don't say that. He's a perverted sack of shit." He interrupted, sharpening his voice.

"What did he say that got you all riled up?" You raised a brow, casually continuing to eat.


".... I think he's onto us." 


"Mr. Horiguchi is getting suspicious of us because we're not close." 

"Oh, that's too bad." You shrugged, not seeing this as your own problem.

"We'll have to convince him somehow. Otherwise, he'll suspect that you're not really my girlfriend. It could lead to worst case scenarios." Kei suggested.

"Oh, that's too bad." You shrugged again. 

"Aren't you concerned about it?" Kei asked.

You knitted your brows together, showing that you could care less about hiding for the sake of Kei.

"Psh, no. That's your problem." You sighed.

"Why not?" Kei glared at you, keeping all of his focus on you.

"Because Granny is the only one I care about.  Earlier, she had a cough attack. I'm a little worried about her." You informed him.

"Look..." Kei took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

"I need you to take this seriously, alright? We need to keep it up or else they'll start to suspect and throw us out. Even Ms. Yamanaka. She's the only one who knows everything about me." His face was stern as you stare into those red eyes.

"They wouldn't... Do such a horrible thing to her, would they?" 

Kei finally caught your attention, pursuing to convince you to cooperate with him for the sake of Yamanaka.

"Could be worse." He mumbled, glancing at his food.

"Well, okay then. I won't get too involved with Mr. Horiguchi." You stated.

"Good." Kei smiled.



During nighttime, you decided to take a bath in the tub, leaving your hair down to flow with the water. You couldn't recall when you last had a relaxing bath. You closed your eyes, feeling fresh and clean from bathing in the salt water ocean. 

"Ahh, this feels so good." You hummed in satisfaction, sinking low into the warm water.

"Now, I just need scented candles and then---"

You hear the sound of the door slide open, interfering your little suggestions. Kei unexpectedly enters the bathroom while you quickly covered up your chest on instinct with a small yelp.

"Ever heard of knocking?? Sheesh!" You turned away, hiding your exposed figure underwater.

"Ah, sorry about that." Kei apologized as he shuts the door from behind, sitting by the door.

"Oh, nope. nope. no no no. You need to get out. I don't need this right now, Kei." You shook your head, gesturing to shoo him away.

"I'm just on patrol--"

"Nope, leave. out." You turned away.

"You're not planning another escape, are you?" 

"Really? Did you just seriously ask me that while I'm in the tub, naked? Yeah, sure! I'll just run off naked into the cold woods! Kei will never suspect a thing-- Are you crazy?" You knitted your brows together, giving him a confused look.

"Just wanted to make sure." Kei explained.

"Perv." You murmured under your breath, bringing your knees up to your chest.

After a couple seconds, Kei remained by the door across from you, watching your every move.

"I'm sorry that I never took the chance to try and get to know you. Or have a normal conversation." Kei commented.

You brought your knees closer to yourself, hugging them.

"There's no need for that. You're just a stubborn kid." You faced him with a calm look. 

"That time.... When I crashed my car into you.... It's impossible for you to stand in such a horrid condition." You indicated.

"I have a strong body. I'm able to withstand it. Besides, I've had worse." Kei informed you.

"Okay.... I miss my car though." You dropped your head to your knees, going into a brief session of depression.

"Were you planning on going home that day or something?" Kei wondered.

"Yeah. I told my family that I would be coming home from Spain. I went to study abroad for awhile." You yawned, feeling a bit sleepy under the warm water.

"But I guess I won't be leaving just yet, right?" You glanced at Kei as he shook his head in response.

"When will I go home?" You asked.

"I don't know. I'll tell you when the time comes. For now, just stay here and don't get into so much trouble. For the sake of Ms. Yamanaka." Kei warned you.

"For the sake of Ms. Yamanaka." You repeated, nodding.

It went quiet for a moment before Kei started up another conversation.

"(Name), do you hate me?" He asked.

"Just a little bit but not as much as before. I don't care." You shrugged.


".... Have you ever kissed anyone?"

You jolted, causing droplets of water to escape from the tub, spilling on the floor.

"I am a proud 17 year old woman! I do not need a boy to feel good about myself!" You claimed.

"Have you ever wonder what it feels like?" He asked.

"No! Why are you asking me this?" 

"I want to know, 'cuz I just realized how pretty you are." He complimented.

Your jaw slackened, causing you to cross your arms and turn away, covering your chest.

"W-Why are you saying all these things? That's a waste of time." You quickly grabbed your towel and wrapped yourself before you got out the tub.

"Step aside." You demanded as he obeyed, allowing you to pass through him to get dressed.

After you dried your hair, you decided to braid it while you thought about Kei's unusual conversation with you. You flinched as you heard the door slide open again. Kei entered the room, keeping his eyes on you.

"As you said, we'll sleep on opposite sides." Kei announced.

"Wha--- Really?" You smiled happily.


"You're not going to put me down like an elephant again, are you?" 

"Of course not. If you don't intend on escaping." Kei scoffed, fixing his side of the floor.


"I almost forgot. C'mere." Kei beckoned you.

You lazily crawled towards Kei and yawned.

"What is it?"

Kei grabs your wrist and pulls out a red string. He wraps it around your wrist, gently tying it.

"Seems convincing, doesn't it?" Kei showed you his wrist that he had done the same thing.

"What's this?" You waved your arm around, trying to find a good light to see it.

"When we part ways, I'll take this off. It's just to show that we're still a false couple." Kei described.

"Oh, isn't that nice." You commented.

"You know, you're not all that bad if you were always like this." You pointed out.

"Like what?" 

"Kind." You grinned deviously.

Kei gave you an unimpressed look and shook his head.


"Enough with your lame jokes and go to bed."

Chapter Text

The next morning, you woke up early to prep some breakfast for Yamanaka and Kei before you left a note saying that you were going back to the garden fields to pick up the gardening tools. The day wasn't as humid as yesterday. You quickly slipped on a plain white T-shirt with olive capri leggings and a white cap that were given to you from Ms. Yamanaka. As you slide the door closed, you slipped on your shoes ad went on your merry way down the fields. 


As you approached the garden, you noticed someone had already beaten you to it. 

"Ah, it's you again, (name)." 

You took a deep breath and sighed.

"Good morning, Mr. Horiguchi." You bowed.

"I see that Ms. Yamanaka has left her gardening tools here so I thought I'd come to pick them up." He explained.

"Oh, that's what I came to do." You replied.

"Allow me to help you!" He offered.

"Uh, it's alright. I can carry all of them." You shook your head, ensuring him that you're capable as you picked up the tools.


"Good morning, Mr. Horiguchi." 


You gasped and followed the sound of the voice. You turned to see Kei approaching the scene.

"R-Ryouta? I thought you were still asleep!" You nervously replied, rushing to his side.

"I was already up by the time you left," He casually commented.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Horiguchi?" Kei asked in a stern tone.

The old man became unimpressed and turned away, walking off in a different direction.

"No. I'll catch you two later." He answered, leaving you to Kei.

Your eyes followed the old man, catching you off guard when Kei grabbed the tools from your hands.

"I'll carry them. You take the other ones from the shed." He softly commanded as you nodded.

From there, you walked alongside with Kei. You didn't notice that he went after you when you left. 

"When did you wake up?" You asked.

"I noticed that you were gone so I had to find you. Why were you talking to him?" He indicated.

"Well, I wasn't really--"

"I thought I told you not to talk to him." Kei calmly spoke.

"I-I wasn't trying to." You explained.

"From now on, just stick with me. That way, he won't go near you." He sighed. 

".... Okay..."

Later on that day, Kei would only allow you to go to the ocean again only if he were to tag along. You could care less about it as long as you got to swim again, only this time, you brought a towel along. Ms. Yamanaka allowed the two of you to have some time together and explore the forest on your own while she stayed home on another hot summer day. As you reached the shore, you quickly shed your clothes off until you were left in your underwear and began to walk into the water while Kei stood by, watching you.

"Don't take too long." Kei shouted before you nodded and playfully dove underwater.

Kei turned to look for shade under the trees nearby and sat down, staring at your happy form splashing the water around. After frolicking into the waves to disturb an ongoing pattern on the water, you decided to relax and float on your back, staring at the sky, relaxing. Humidity took over once again as it begins to force Kei to sweat. He took a deep breath, barely able to keep up with the heat. Still, he kept his crimson eyes on your calm self. For some reason, he felt as if someone was watching him from somewhere. Kei sensed the tension as soon as he stood up. There wasn't anyone in his sight when he searched around the area. Kei then reverts his eyes back to you after you whipped your hair out of the ocean water.

"This is so refreshing!!" You sighed in satisfaction, soaked under the sun.

Kei finally glances up at the cliff where he sees a small figure up top, watching the ocean down below. He squinted, concentrating on the person. He became annoyed when he finally realized who it was up top. 

"Sick bastard." Kei growled under his breath as he approached the shore from the tree shade. 

He noticed that the culprit was indeed Mr. Horiguchi who happened to pass by to get a peek of you swimming in your underwear and bra. The old man didn't know that Kei was with her since he had his eyes locked on your body figure. 

Kei takes off his shoes and marched his way towards you, drenching his clothes starting from the shorts he had on. 

"Oh, I-I thought you said you didn't want to swim!" You indicated as you watched Kei approach you closer. 

"I found something that might interest you." He searched through his pockets, keeping his hand in.

"What is it?" You asked.

"Close your eyes for a bit. You're gonna love it." Kei commanded.

"O-Okay!" You responded as you covered your eyes with your palms, waiting for Kei to reach you.

The young man pulls out his empty hand from his pocket and gently grabs you by the shoulder. He leans over to you with his lips pressed against your ear. You can smell his natural scent as you felt him touch you.

"We're being watched. Just play along." Kei whispered.


As you removed your hands from your eyes, you felt a soft pair of lips on yours, slightly pushing you back. His hands went from your shoulders down to your waist, pulling you in. His eyes pierced your (e/c) ones, showing no emotion to the kiss unlike you. You awkwardly pushed him away in a kind manner yet he wouldn't budge, which meant that you were still acting. You didn't know the situation however, you noticed Mr. Horiguchi from the cliff. In response, you slowly brought your arms around his neck and played with his hair, refusing to pull him in to deepen the kiss. You couldn't meet him in the eyes as he continued to stare at you like a lifeless doll. You moaned anxiously, hoping that Kei would release you from his hold yet he continued to press on. He kept his lips closed as they were against yours. Finally, you turned away, realizing that you've been holding your breath as soon as he kissed you. 

"Okay, I think we're done here." You closed your eyes in disgust.

In a brief moment, Kei roughly pulls your hips against his as he gave off an affectionate vibe.

"Kei....? What are you doing?" You nervously questioned him.

He was also confused about his motives. He seemed.... Infatuated with your presence.




"....... I think I like you." 

Chapter Text

"...... I think I like you."

In a brief moment of silence, you broke out a hearty laugh, roughly pushing Kei away.

"Oh c'mon, don't scare me like that!" You believed it as a white lie since you couldn't take him seriously. 

Kei glanced up at the cliff to witness Mr. Horiguchi leaving the scene. Feeling relieved, he sighed and relaxed his shoulders, clenching his fists. 

"Is he gone now?" You squinted, concentrating the cliff from above. 

You raised your hands above your forehead to block out the sun. With a blink of an eye, you felt Kei's hands wrap around your slim waist, pulling you in for another surprise kiss. In an instant, you rejected him, attempting to pry him from your personal bubble.

"Kei, stop! I'm serious---"

"Do you like me?" He desperately asked as you struggled to get him away from your exposed body figure. 

"You can drop the act now lover boy!" You told him.

"Just answer me!" He requested.

"What?" You stopped fighting against him to listen to his words.

"Do you like me?" Kei repeated.

You didn't know whether to act or give him your honest response.

"O-Of course I like you, R-Ryouta!" You nervously laughed, continuing to push him from you.

"That's not who I'm talking about." He replied as you tried to escape from him. You were now held back because of his unknown strength. His chest was pressed against your spine as he traps you in his arms.

"No! I'm not interested, Kei! Let go of me!" You squirmed.

"What?" He finally releases you as you stumbled and fall on your knees.

"I mean... Sure, I kinda like you as a friend but I don't like you more than that." You caustiously explained, forcing yourself to stand.

"Why not?" he asked with a concerned tone.

"Kei, you're not serious, are you? Stop scaring me..." You rubbed your arms, hunching over as you slowly backed away from him.

"I'm very serious about this!" He confessed.

"... You want me to give you an honest opinion??" You asked.

"Yes!" He confirmed.

You took a deep breath, giving out your very first rejection towards him.

"I can't think of you like that because.... I'm just a hostage!" You spoke in a confident tone.

"I don't think I can ever like you, Kei! Knowing that you kidnapped me.... I just can't! It's weird!"


Kei was fueled by confusion and slight anger. He didn't want it this way. He didn't want to be rejected the first time.

"This is all going so fast, Kei. It's called a crush. You'll get tired of me soon enough. You'll find someone better." You informed him as you walked past him. 

You felt a sense of heavy burden lift off your chest as he allowed you to turn away from him.

"Hey! There's plenty of fish in the sea so lighten up, lover boy!" You announced as he stood frozen like a statue in the ocean, careless about his drenched form from the shattering waves that collided with him.

He felt disappointed that you declined his confession. In truth, he didn't want to find anyone else than you. He remembered back when he was just a normal student going to school, he didn't show interest in finding a soulmate. He believed that finding love is too much work for him. But now that you've unintentionally taken his heart, there's no way he'd want it back. Until then, he'll try to take yours in return. He'll keep trying no matter what.


During the afternoon, you decided to clean up the house and tidy things up a bit. Some places were dusty and others had small webs dispersed in the corners of the ceiling. You had Ms. Yamanaka rest in bed since she had another cough attack. You would wake her to take some medicine along with a glass of water at some point. Kei constantly kept his eyes on you as you cleaned. You felt uneasy when his eyes pierced your soul. You tried to play it cool as you dusted the furniture. You concentrated on your work to avoid his gaze. You were caught surprised once again as he seductively approached you from behind, allowing his hands to wander around your stomach area. You yelped, turning around to face his eyes filled with lust and utter desire for you.

"Uh, can you not?" You casually ordered him.

He ignored your demands and buried his nose in your neck as you reverted back to dusting. You tried to push him away as you did your job but he couldn't leave you alone.

"Kei! Cut it out!" You scowled him, elbowing him in the arm. You were getting a tad bit irritated of his unusual behavior as he continued to bother you.

"I really like you." He noted once more.

"Well I don't now back off." You tiredly sighed in frustration.

"Give me a chance." He embraced you, squeezing your ribs right below your breasts, slightly pushing them up.

"Please, (Name). We won't have to pretend anymore." He tried to convince you yet you clearly drew a barrier around yourself to restrict him from gaining your love fore him.

"Stop it, Kei! It's getting out of hand!" You argued.

Kei was indeed a handsome young man. You didn't want to fall in love with a criminal or kidnapper. You didn't want your first love to be conflicted with the police. You didn't want to like him at all.

"No one's ever made me feel this way. Only you can give me what I want." He whispered in your ear as you bit your bottom lip, struggling to resist.

"Where the hell did you learn that from? 90s pickup lines?? Take them somewhere else and leave me alone!" You huffed.

"I should never have underestimated you when I first met you. You were so beautiful when you came out of that car. You showed concern and care for me that day." He spoke, pressing his lips against the shell of your ear.

"You're just infatuated with me because of that stupid kiss! Snap out of it, idiot!" You groaned as you attempt to pull away.

"You're right, I was. I'm not ashamed to admit it." He nuzzled his mouth on your clothed shoulder.

You shuddered and turned around, face to face with Kei. He was acting very strange to you. You covered his mouth, pushing him off you.

"I said no!" You repeated.

He stared at you for a moment, feeling dazed just by looking at you. You knew well that Kei was like this only because he shared his very first kiss with you. He had forgotten that it was all a pretend. You hoped he would revert back to normal before he devours you whole.



Chapter Text

After you finished washing your clothes along with Yamanaka's, you laid them out and hung them under the beaming sun.

"Today is sure hot." You commented before you went inside and sat down by the table. Kei left to check up on Ms. Yamanaka in her room while you looked around, having nothing to do. Feeling a bit curious, you turned on the T.V. to watch the news, wondering if you appeared as a missing person. On the news, many people were talking about a species called Ajin. They're rare creatures that take the form of a human. They are also capable of summoning an invisible beast called an IBM. You had no idea such species was roaming around the city. 

"(Name), what are you watching?" Kei's voice interrupts your concentration on the television. 

"Hah?" You quickly turned off the T.V. raising your hands to your chest as you dropped the remote.

"You scared me!" You nervously laughed.

"Oh." He commented as he approached and sat down beside you.

"S-So how's granny?" You asked.

"She's getting worse than before. Her forehead is starting to feel hot. She should be okay if she ate the medicine I gave her." He answered.

Kei rests his head on the table, gazing at your facial features before his hand slowly makes its way towards yours. You quickly removed it, causing him to let out a small chuckle.

"I figured." He sighed and lifted his head from the table.

"You're not acting like yourself." You crossed your arms, inching away from his presence. 

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You know what I mean." 

Kei gave you a tempting stare, leaning towards your direction. Your eyes became aware of his intentions as he studied your reaction. You were beginning to fall to defeat, unable to keep up with his red eyes.

"What? What'd I do?" You shrugged, scooting away.

"You know I was only messing with you, right?" He smirked.

"Hah?" You knitted your brows as you leaned away from him.

"I just wanted to see your reaction." He pulls away once more, keeping his devious smile.

"So.... You were just teasing me?" You cautiously asked.

"Don't get me wrong, I like you very much." He stated.

"Don't ever pull that clingy attitude on me again. That was the creepiest thing you did and I don't like it." You warned him with a calm yet stern tone.

"Fine with me." He pursed his lips, showing you his free hands.

"You just made me dislike you even more." You glared at him, turning away.

"As long as you're with me, I don't care." He noted.

There you found yourself back in square one again. You thought he had a soft side to his personality however he proved you wrong. 



During nighttime, you sat in the bathtub soaked in water, hugging your knees. You knew that Kei would come in again like last time so you decided to lock the door to prevent that. You inspected the red string around your wrist, remembering the time he wrapped it on you. 

"He's so mean." You scoffed. 

You suddenly hear a small knock coming from the other side. You turned to the door and sighed.

"Leave me alone, you idiot!" You shouted.

"How come you locked the door?" He asked.

"I don't want you in here!"

"You really hate me that much, (Name)?" He questioned you.

"I'm not talking to you right now." You closed your eyes to relax in the bathtub, continuing to ignore Kei's voice.

"Alright then. Guess I'll just wait right here until you're done." He commented.

After a half an hour has passed of washing your pale skin, you reached for the towel by the tub and wiped your body from head to toe. You made sure to dry your hair to prevent it from dripping everywhere on the hard floor and wrapped your towel around you. As you unlocked the door, you exited out of the bathroom and into the room you shared with Kei. There, you noticed he had already fallen asleep, although, he was on your side of the room. You cringed as you watched him peacefully sleep on your soft sheets.

"This is not happening." You softly groaned in annoyance as you nervously approached him and dropped to your knees beside him. You slightly shook him by the shoulder, attempting to wake him.

"Hey, get up. This is my spot." You told him.

He did not respond to your constant nudging. You leaned in close to his ear.

"Kei. Get up." You say in your normal tone, which was ringing in his eardrum.

He winced, tossing and turning. 

"Kei! Get up! This is no time for one of your stupid crap!" 

Still, he wouldn't care to move.

Having to surrender to defeat, you got up and grabbed the fresh clothes from the basket, slipping them on in the bathroom. You made sure to check up on Ms. Yamanaka before you went to bed. You approached to her as she slept under her covers. Before you could leave to your room, you felt a soft grab by the hand from behind. You turned to see Ms. Yamanaka clinging onto you with partially opened eyes.

"Kei, is that you?" She asked.

"Granny, you should go back to sleep." You replied as you took her hand and placed it on her chest.

"Oh, (Name)... I have something to tell you." She whispered.

"Yes?" You leaned in close to her.

"Will you take care of my grandson for me? Please? He can be very stubborn at times but that's just how he is. Poor boy has been running all his life. So, I ask of you to stay by his side so he can stop running and spend the rest his life with you." She requested.

"I promise, Granny. I will take care of Kei and make sure that he's happy." You didn't hesitate to answer her plead.

"Thank you. I'm so happy that he found someone like you. I can finally sleep well again." She smiled as she broke a small tear from the corner of her eye. 

"Oh Granny, please don't cry. I will assure you that he'll be alright as long as he's with you and I." You wiped her tears away from her soft face.

"Okay...." She nods before she closes her eyes once again.

"Goodnight, Granny. Tomorrow's a new day." You softly spoke as you made your way out the door. 




Little did you know that those were her last words of her life passed down to you. Ms. Yamanaka felt relieved and relaxed, remembering your promise and vow that you made with her. She peacefully dies in her sleep with a small smile plastered on her face, knowing that you will take her place to keep Kei out of trouble.

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