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Public affairs in the big brother house

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Day 10, in the big brother house. It's 10:48pm and most of the house mates are in the bedroom discussing some rather important issues.

"It's your turn now Salman, fuck marry kill. Me, Ellen and Khloe"

"I, I erm, marry Ellen, fuck Khloe and erm kill you Jayy."

"Come on baby, you don't mean that. I know you want me", Jayy purred.

"I, its your turn now Oliver."

"Aww, Salman baby, it's so cute when you stutter", Jayy told him adoringly.

"So then Oli, marry fuck kill, me, Nikki or Justin?"

"I'm sorry, Nikki but, I'm already married and I'm not too sure that Hannah will be pleased if I said I'll marry you so I'm gonna have to kill you babe. I'll fuck Justin and i'll marry Jayy."

" I do love you Oli but I love my Salman more!"

The group broke out in laughter at poor Salman's expense.


"Hey Mikuru, what're you doing out here?"

Mikuru turned around to see Mejibray's vocalist in the doorway. A small smile broke out on his lips.

" Hey, Tsu, just watching the stars. They look so beautiful tonight."

Tsuzuku looked up at the stars, sure they were beautiful but nothing compared to the man that sat in front of him. Nothing in his eyes could compare to the beauty that Mikuru held. Nothing.

Tsuzuku took a step forward and sat besides the younger man. A moment of silence occurred between them but it was soon broken.

" I can't believe that we are both in the visual Kei scene but we have never met before.", Tsuzuku started.

" Yeah, I know it's mad but then I guess it's just fate."

" You believe in that kind of stuff?"

" I believe that everything happens for an reason."

"So what about this?", in one quick movement Tsuzuku leaned over, pressing an quick kiss to the other man's lips, leaving him blushing and flustered.

He picked said man up and lay him on the couch, straddling him then attacking his neck. The latter moaned encouraging Tsuzuku on. He stripped himself off then went to work on Mikuru's, leaving him bare and exposed.

" You are so beautiful, my angel.", Tsuzuku whispered in his ear causing him to shiver when he licked the shell of it.


"Yes my love"

"I'm still an virgin so please be gentle", he pleaded his eyes looking innocently into Tsuzuku's. Tsuzuku felt his heart clench in just ten days this man had Tsuzuku under his spell. He would never even think to hurt the younger man. He was just too precious to him.

"Don't worry love, I would never dream about it."

He slipped his lubed up fingers into Mikuru's hole thrusting them slowly at first but then gradually getting faster.

" Please Tsuzuku, I need it ", Mikuru sobbed.

Swiftly he replaced the fingers with his Dick, thrusting faster and faster until they both come.

Tired and sweaty, Tsuzuku was lifted himself from Mikuru.

"Please don't"

"Please don't what honey?"

"Stay in me please"

Tsuzuku smiled before pulling the blanket over them both, drifting off into an deep sleep.


When Tsuzuku awoke he couldn't have met with an better morning greeting. The looked underneath him and Mikuru was soundly sleeping and that was an good think as h e would have surely passed out because of what was in front of him.

All the house mates lined up watching them. The deed was done he couldn't change that but he couldn't think of an better thing than cuddling with his lover and going back to sleep. Not caring that the world now had their sex tape, he just wouldn't tell Mikuru.