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Do It For The Vine, Dude

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Sehun has a Vine account. It’s sitting there collecting dust as people refuse to see his potential as a dog trainer, so he and his best friend, Park Chanyeol, have decided to make cheesy prank Vines with it instead.


“I’m going to do it,” Chanyeol vibrates on the spot, wiping his already clean hands on his shorts in stuttered, nervous movements. “I’m going to hold his hand.”

“Okay, Chanyeol. Go ahead, do it.” Sehun encourages from behind the camera.

The camera jostles as Sehun gets into position and viewers watch Chanyeol approach a guy sitting at a picnic table reading something by himself, clearly on a university campus. Chanyeol slams his hand on the table so hard, the smack sounds painful even through Sehun’s phone’s shitty microphone. The guy’s head snaps up, his expression hidden as Sehun films from behind him, but the phone captures Chanyeol’s serious expression perfectly.

“Arm wrestle me.” Chanyeol plops his elbow down in front of the guy and offers his hand.

The video blurs and the audio captures the beginning of Sehun’s loud snort before it ends.


“God, look at him,” the next Vine shows Chanyeol pulling the front of his usual massive grey hoodie, face distressed. “He looks so good, I want to kiss him so bad.”

“I double dog dare you, dude.” Sehun’s voice, as usual, comes from behind the camera.

The video cuts to Chanyeol running down the area outside the music building, the camera following his sprint from right to left, as he suddenly yells “HEY DO YOU WANT A KISS?!”. He throws a single Hershey Kisses at the same guy from the last Vine before running to the back of the music building, never halting his dash. The camera captures the guy’s face for the first time, although from a long distance away. His eyes are wide and his mouth forms a funny shape in his shock.

“Oh my god,” The phone records Sehun muttering to himself, disbelief and amusement clear in his voice.

The guy flinches the moment Chanyeol throws, not knowing what’s about to hit him, though he probably feels nothing as the piece of chocolate bounces off the thick wool of his sweater and drops to the ground. The guy is staring at where Chanyeol has disappeared off to when the video suddenly cuts to a split-second footage of him bending down towards the ground, arm outstretched.


 “This is it, this is happening,” Chanyeol stares somewhere off camera with determination. He slaps his cheeks to psyche himself up. “I’m going to ask him for a date.”

“Fuck yeah, you go get that date, boy.” Sehun says a little too close to the microphone.

The video cuts to Chanyeol marching up to their usual victim, this time having lunch with his friends around a table. Sehun stands behind him again, out of sight and further away from the clearly unsuspecting crowd. Everyone falls silent in confusion as the redhead stares slightly maniacally at their friend, plucks a date out of his lunch box and says, a little louder than necessary for the camera’s benefit, “Can I have this date, please?”

Sehun’s phone can’t pick up what the guy says but viewers can see a slight, hesitant inclination of his head, before Chanyeol grins widely and stuffs the date into his mouth.

“Thanks!” The word comes out weird, as if Chanyeol shoved the date under his tongue.


Sehun’s Vine account sees an unprecedented amount of traffic and he starts linking it to his twitter account, proudly watching the amount of loops go up in his profile every day.


The next Vine has Chanyeol at a house party, staring resolutely at a messy table packed with half-finished alcohol in someone’s kitchen. “I’m going to do something fucking crazy, dude,” he slurs close to Sehun’s phone, so that he can be heard over the music playing in the living room. “I’m going to fucking blow him.”

“Oh shit, you crazy dog,” Sehun says from his position behind the camera, sounding equally wasted, “I’m going to be so fucking proud of you, bro.”

The next cut is sloppy. It’s one whole second of the wood of the table before it’s aimed higher to show Chanyeol sliding next to their favourite co-star, who looks to be rummaging the kitchen cupboard for a bag of crisps. Sehun’s thumb accidentally muffles the microphone and the audio barely captures Chanyeol saying “– Blow Job?” and offering the guy a shot glass filled with the cocktail Chanyeol made himself.

Sehun stands too close this time, too drunk to remember he’s supposed to be playing hidden camera, or too drunk to do it properly.

The guy looks at Sehun, at his camera, at Chanyeol, and then finally at the shot glass in his hand.

The last few milliseconds show a brief and slow upward movement of the guy’s arm before the video loops back to Chanyeol staring at the table of liquor. 


Kyungsoo has become the target of a prank Vine account. He’s not sure why, he doesn’t even know the two people behind the account.

Well, he knows of them. Park Chanyeol and Oh Sehun are both campus-famous frat boys who their university’s entire student body seems to thirst after. He can’t stop hearing about how lucky he is to have been chosen as The One from his friends since the Vines started making their rounds around campus, spreading like wildfire after Sehun’s second or third upload.

Kyungsoo has a preference for tall, cute, sunny boys, so it’s not like he doesn’t get the appeal. He’s still confused as hell, but that doesn’t mean Chanyeol doesn’t look super adorable whenever he trails after Kyungsoo around campus asking him all kinds of ridiculous shit. And it also doesn’t mean Kyungsoo isn’t going to humour him by giving him one of his dates, or accepting his Hershey Kisses or his fucking Blow Job shot, because Chanyeol just looks so happy whenever Kyungsoo goes along with it and his heart secretly swells at Chanyeol’s smile and it’s absolutely dumb as fuck.

But it’s okay, Kyungsoo tells himself. It’s a prank Vine account run by two lame frat boys and the pranks are quite harmless. They’re more embarrassing for Chanyeol than they are for Kyungsoo anyway so it’s okay.


It’s so okay that Kyungsoo one day decides to Quote Tweet one of the Vines to his relatively inactive twitter account and say ‘cute’.

Sehun almost doesn’t see it because he gets so many notifications a day, a random QT of one of his famous Vines is so easy to miss. But he doesn’t miss it (which is a fucking miracle because Kyungsoo’s twitter profile picture is literally just a black square). He only manages to put the pieces together by following his gut and stalking Kyungsoo’s conversations with Junmyeon and Minseok, who are both on Kyungsoo’s music course.

Sehun recently became mutuals with them so they can help replenish him and Chanyeol’s rapidly dwindling Vine idea pool. Junmyeon turns out to be much funnier than expected, and Minseok much bolder with his ideas (the recent ‘would you like to pet my wiener’ Vine involving a live wiener dog? Totally insane and totally their idea. Junmyeon even said he’s going to make homemade Spotted Dick for their next Vine. Sehun is in love). They both swore an oath to Sehun that they will never reveal their connection to the Vine account to Kyungsoo. But Sehun just never even thought that Kyungsoo could also have a twitter??

He sends the link of the QT to Chanyeol immediately because this is the first indication that Do Kyungsoo even knows what they’re doing, let alone thinks it’s cute.

Sehun receives a phone call a minute later and Chanyeol screams into his ear for five minutes straight. 


Chanyeol has been hyperventilating for approximately three days and is showing no signs of stopping.

They’re both sitting on Chanyeol’s bed and looking at their respective phones. But unbeknownst to Chanyeol, Sehun is surreptitiously angling his phone to film him. Because if this all started with Vines, it’s going to bloody well end with Vines.

The camera, tilted at a lower angle than usual to avoid Chanyeol’s suspicion, shows him staring at his phone, worrying his lower lip between his teeth with a kicked puppy expression.

“He says ‘cute’, Sehun,” the boy whines, “what does it mean?”

“I think it means he likes you,” the video captures Sehun’s deadpan expression through his voice.

“No, it doesn’t,” Chanyeol dismisses petulantly, “what does it really meeeeaaaan.”

Chanyeol’s body loses all strength and he flops face-first into a pillow in front of him.

The next Vine starts a few minutes after the last, with Chanyeol in the same position on the bed, except he’s hugging the pillow close to his chest instead of trying to breathe it.

“He’s so hot, Sehun,” Chanyeol whimpers into his soft companion. “And Minseok told me that he cooks really well?” He peeks up with his big round shiny eyes and pouts when Sehun ‘ignores’ him.

“I want to raise babies with him.”


The comment section explodes within thirty minutes of the second Vine being uploaded and everyone is screaming like Obama has been elected for a third term because THE RED HAIR BOY ACTUALLY HAS A CRUSH ON THE OTHER GUY THIS IS NOT A PRANK ACCOUNT EVERYTHING IS REAL.

The comments are filled with repeats of the most adorable precious cinnamon roll that must be protected at all cost meme, various combinations of crying and laughing emojis, and people simply stating ‘this guy is whipped af’. Everyone wants Chanyeol to get the guy of his dreams and raise adorable babies with him.

Kyungsoo gets linked to both Vines by his friends and even distant acquaintances one million and one times. He turns off his phone notifications for the day but can’t keep the smile off his face even when he goes to bed that night. 


But the two Vines get deleted the next day and the account stays silent despite the outcry and subsequent wild speculation of what happened.

Kyungsoo isn’t worried. It’s obvious that they were deleted because Chanyeol found out about them and demanded that they be deleted. Chanyeol admitting he wants to raise babies with him may be adorable to many, but probably excruciatingly embarrassing for the boy himself. Kyungsoo wonders whether Sehun has been on his knees asking for forgiveness already. Kyungsoo would definitely murder anyone who tried to do that to him.


Kyungsoo is worried. Chanyeol used to approach him about once a week for the Vines but it’s been a month since Kyungsoo last saw him and a month since those deleted Vines were originally posted. He’s been half waiting for the boy to start asking him ridiculous things again but it’s probably too much to hope for after the big reveal. He has completely disappeared.

Park Chanyeol is in hiding and Kyungsoo can’t even find him around campus when he actively tries.


Kyungsoo shows up at Chanyeol’s front door after Junmyeon offered the address to him. He’s not entirely sure why Junmyeon knows where Chanyeol and Sehun live but doesn’t bother to ask.

Chanyeol gasps and stumbles backwards when he swings the door open and sees who is on the other side.

“I think you owe me a real date,” Kyungsoo blurts out.

Chanyeol stares at him with wide eyes, mouth gaping then closing, trying to figure out what to say.

“And a kiss, and a blowjob,” Kyungsoo counts on his fingers and decides to stop when he remembers how half of the later Vines are just different imaginative ways of referring to, but not really referring to Chanyeol’s dick. “But it’s okay,” he quickly adds when Chanyeol chokes on his own saliva (probably remembering the same thing), “we can take this slow.”

Chanyeol continues to stare at him with a pained expression and at this point, Kyungsoo is feeling a little awkward himself. Is it possible that the two deleted Vines had been a prank after all? An actual, cruel prank on Kyungsoo to make him think Chanyeol actually likes him?

“I like movies,” Kyungsoo supplies desperately, hoping Chanyeol will say something he wants to hear, or drop the topic completely if it’s true that Kyungsoo has misunderstood completely and the campus-famous frat boy who their university’s entire student body seems to thirst after doesn’t actually like him.

“Do you…” Chanyeol pauses and grips the door frame tighter, “want to…movies?”

Kyungsoo breathes a sigh of relief and laughs. “Yes, I want to movies.”


Sehun takes full credit for Chanyeol’s happiness once Chanyeol finally accepts Sehun’s apology for being a dick and almost ruining his life. He also aggressively documents the new campus darling couple on Vine. As a side hobby, he gives out relationship advice that no one asked for and occasionally Vines dog training advice with Vivi when Kyungsoo restricts his access to their dates. How could Kyungsoo, really. Sehun has a famous Vine account at stake.

But it’s fine. Vivi deserves some of the limelight after his owner made it big.

Kyungsoo is long over his Vine fame (he never actually liked it in the first place. He just liked Chanyeol), but Chanyeol still basks in the warm glow of everyone saying they’re the cutest couple ever in the comments.

So Kyungsoo guesses he’ll just have to continue to go along with stupid stunts that the two lame frat boys suggest, if he wants to make one of the lame frat boys pull a dorky smile at him.