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And We Danced

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(1) ritsu/izumi; At the back of his mind, Ritsu wonders if it had been a rough night for Izumi. (vaguely future fic)

(2) mao/shinobu; If it meant helping Mao, his saviour, and by extension the Star Troupe, Shinobu thinks fetching tomes is a small price to pay." (fire emblem au.... sort of)

(3) makoto/anzu; “In a way, doesn’t this remind you a bit of a married couple?”

(4) hinata&yuuta; Hinata smiles as though Yuuta is scolding him for something trivial. (fire emblem au)

(5) keito/eichi; Keito looks like death itself. (future fic)

(6) arashi/mika; Despite herself, Arashi kind of envies the pillow.

(7) rei/koga; In Koga’s honest opinion, Rei’s criticism is misplaced.

(8) mao/shinobu; It’s just a bit of wasted time.

(9) makoto/anzu; It’s a bit cliché, but Anzu is like a work of art. 

(10) ritsu/izumi; Watching Izumi stew some stupid love potion for some stupid Gryffindor is so boring that Ritsu doesn’t think it’ll take much more to lull him to sleep. (hogwarts au)

(11) tsukasa/tori; Tsukasa smiles, almost prince-like, and Tori wonders if this is the appeal of Knights that he has failed to understand all these years. (future fic, tsukatori are third years)

(12) makoto/anzu; If Anzu was solely drawn to things that shine the brightest, Makoto highly doubts it’d be him she would be riding the ferris wheel with now.

(13) ritsu/izumi; The night really does suit the Sakuma family.

(14) mao/shinobu; Mao’s pretty sure his heart is not supposed to be racing like this in these circumstances.

(15) tsukasa&tori; Tsukasa doesn’t care much for war. (fire emblem au)

(16) ritsu→izumi/leo; Leo is the one to bring Ritsu’s favourite tint of pink to Izumi’s ears and cheeks.

(17) ritsu/izumi; “I think,” Ritsu drawls, not even looking at Izumi anymore in favour of burying his face further into his scarf, “That Secchan is just lonely.”

(18) mao&shinobu; With this spirit at his side, he shouldn't have to long for the moon’s company any longer. (deity au)

(19) shuu/izumi; Shu has always been fond of dolls. (non-idols au)

(20) ritsu/leo; Long lashes cast shadows over Ritsu’s fair skin, restful breaths drift past his lips, and Leo remembers how sleeping princesses are often awoken.

(21) ritsu/(izumi)/leo; Just as Izumi is the sword that hangs at his side, Ritsu is always someone he can trust.

(22) ritsu/leo; “Let's get married, Rittsu! Let's write wedding songs!”

(23) makoto/anzu; The box of chocolates clasped to Anzu’s chest speaks of an entirely different love.

(24) arashi/yuzuru; Being vulnerable doesn't come naturally to him.

(25) ritsu/izumi; Deeper down, he rather see how Izumi genuinely responds.

(26) ritsu/izumi; It’s the sort of laziness that Ritsu almost always succumbs to.

(27) makoto&izumi; The more the youkai holds and talks to Makoto like this, the more Makoto starts to suspect that he plans to lock him away somewhere and keep him as some pretty human pet. (youkai/mortal au)