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Love can conquer anything

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I pushed my thick framed glasses up my nose once again as I stared at the clock on the wall, waiting for the time to go faster. Usually, I was more attentive when it came to class, but as the lunch bell loomed nearer and nearer to ringing, I was a lost cause like any other student.

The clocked showed five minutes still to go and I groaned internally, pushing a hand through my recently dyed bright orange hair. I tried to refocus on the class considering how slow time seemed to be passing. I made some notes on the upcoming dance assignment, not that I would be needing them, considering that I was the top student of my grade.

I suddenly glanced at the clock once again, which displayed that three minutes were left of this period and I was once again lost to my own thoughts, playing with my cartilage earring.
I couldn’t wait to escape to lunch and hang out with my 6 best friends, with them I wasn’t just a brain, someone to befriend to raise their grades. No with them I felt like I could do it all, especially when I was with …

The bell ringing for the end of class abruptly cut me from my thoughts, a sudden blush covering my cheeks.

I packed my belongings up quickly and I rushed from the classroom. I rushed outside and my shoulders dropped, yet again due to my day dreaming the hallways were packed and he would once again, be waiting for me!

It wasn’t that far of a walk from the dance wing to the music section of the school, but due to the ocean of students rushing for the cafeteria, it would take longer than usual. As I moved through the mass of ravenous teenagers, I drifted back into my thoughts. I had always loved to dance, often being told I danced before I could walk. So when I was accepted into Seoul Arts Academy, it was a dream come true.

It was hard at times, being away from my family back in Busan, the long hours, the hard work. But ones dream cannot be achieved without self-sacrifice, so I took everything on board with an enthusiasm which often seemed unreal at times.

Along the way I had made a bunch of amazing friends, all of us were interested in music in a way and, although it seemed impossible, we one day dreamed of debuting together … all seven of us in one amazing group.

There was Seokjin, or Jin as he liked to be called, who was currently focusing on both drama and music. He was the oldest out of all of us, and often referred to himself as the mother of the group. He always took care of us, was a great cook and was so understanding. But I mean one would have to be if you had a boyfriend like Namjoon. He was tall, smart and known around campus as the Prince of the school due to his amazing visuals.

Namjoon, well, he was a character. Focusing on music, he was known around school as the God of Destruction. If he touches it, he can break it. I mean don’t get me wrong, Namjoon is an amazing guy, with badass rap skills, but with how much he breaks things sometimes ... well, patience is required to be in a relationship with him. They had been together for two years and were probably the cutest couple you would ever meet, still all gooey eyed at each other after all this time.

Next, we have Hoseok, dance extraordinaire. He liked to call himself J-Hope, as he was apparently the hope to our lives. And sometimes he was right, always seeming to have a smile on his face and a joke to brighten your day. Together, we did dance and were often looked up to around school. Before coming to Seoul, in his hometown of Kwangju, he and his underground dance crew were quite the talk, and he moves showed why.

Then there was Taehyung, another focusing on music. We were both the same age, 95 liners through and through, loving to stir shit up. And just like Hoseok, he had a smile that would literally light up a room. He loved all things animals, children and Jungkook.

Ah yes, Jeon Jungkook, walking meme, leader of the ‘I Heart Kim Taehyung’ club, and all around disrespectful little shit. Or as he was known around the school, the Golden Maknae to our fabulous group. I mean, what couldn’t he do; sing, dance, rap, play sport … the list is endless. He was also loyal to a fault, scary at times and respectful to everyone … but me.

And then there was him, Min Yoongi, one of the sweetest people to walk the Earth. While the majority of the population wouldn’t agree on this with me, when his gummy smile graced his face, my world stop and my breath caught in my chest.

His love for music was absolutely inspiring and annoying at times, mainly when he would shut himself off for days at a time and not look after himself. We had meet through Hoseok and it was instantly like two magnets attracted to each other. We had become really good friends since we started to hang out. Soon these feelings started to change into something more, and after a couple months of self torture we took into our own hands. Nearly a year on and I couldn’t be happier.

I rounded the corner into the music wing and started to slow down, fixing my hair that my rushed pace had without a doubt messed up. A huge smile appeared on my face and my eyes disappeared into their famous crescents at the sight that stood before me.

There he was, Min Yoongi, thick glasses frame, mint hair and his iconic thick wool scarf, waiting for me so that we could head off to lunch together. My cheeks flared.

Just as I was about to continue my way towards him, suddenly he was blocked from my view by none other than the school thug known as Zico and his merry band of wannabes otherwise known as Block B.

“Look at what the cat dragged in, huh boys, the music freak” stated Zico rather unoriginally. The gaggle of idiots all chuckled at this and all I could wonder was, did they share a brain?
Yoongi scoffed “How original, fucktard, Did it take long to think of that sorry piece of shit for an insult?”

“You know what boys, I was feeling generous this morning, but now that my eyes have to see this ugly fuck, well maybe not so much anymore,” Zico snarled, his fist starting to clench.
“Wait,” I suddenly yelled, and all their heads snapped around to me.

“Jiminnie, no, go to the others,” Yoongi said, his eyes sad and desperately telling him to leave.

“No, Yoongi, I said we would go to lunch together,” my face determined, even though I felt myself shaking.

“Well, well, well. What do we got here boys. Seems like we found ourselves a couple of love birds,” Zico scoffed, joined by the other 6 dumb asses chuckling along. My cheeks once again fired up, little did they know that they had hit that fact right on the nose.

I started to make my way towards Yoongi, his shoulders visibly dropping.

“Jimin, please go, I want you safe,” Yoongi pleaded.

“No hyung, it’s alright, I mean what can they do to me, we are on school gr-,” I was cut off as Zico raised his fist and punched me right in the jaw.

The first blow came as a surprise and knocked the glasses right off of my face. I stood in front of Yoongi in pure shock when suddenly I felt another blow to the stomach and I collapsed on the ground. I looked up and snapped out of my shock when my eyes glanced at Yoongi. His fists were clenched so hard that they were almost pure white. As I stared into his eyes, I could see his own surprise melting away and anger slowing rising, his cheeks flushing in unison with the fire behind his eyes.

“Hyung,” I whispered and his eyes snapped down to my own as the blows continued from the group of mindless thugs, “Don’t -,” another blow to ribs from the gang of idiots, “don’t do it, hyung. Don’t get in trouble over me, I’m not worth it.”

Pure shock ran across Yoongi’s face. His brows furrowed and he opened his mouth, ready to dispel that thought, when suddenly a professor rounded the corner.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” His voice boomed throughout the hall. The mindless crew of Block B, all twisted around at the voice and their eyes widened when they spotted the owner. They drop their fists and disappeared into a crowd of students.

The teacher jogged over after the gaggle of idiots dispelled, seeing me lying on the floor, struggling to breathe properly, curled in on myself.

“Hey, what happened here? Are you two okay?” the teacher asked, his voice laced with concern.

“Yes sir, just a couple bruises,” I wheezed, my chest pulsing in pain, but all that mattered to me was that Yoongi was okay.

“Don’t worry sir, I’ll take him to the nurse,” Yoongi murmured as he snapped out of his daze, but there was something unrecognizable deep within his eyes.

“Okay then, I will be mentioning this to the principal though. Did you happen to know who it was that did this, although I have my suspicions,” the teacher stated

“Unfortunately, no,” Yoongi replied, anger once again clearly displayed on his face. My head snapped towards him, wondering what on earth was going through his mind.

“Unfortunate indeed, but hopefully the schools security system caught sight of who it was so that punishments can be handed out in the hopes that this won’t happen again!”

“Yes, sir,” Yoongi nodded solemnly, “I think I might take Jimin to the nurse now if you don’t mind?”

“Of course, I hope there are no serious injuries,” and with that being said the teacher turned on his heel.

As soon as the teacher turned the corner, it was just the two of us. I was panting on the floor as my whole body pulsed with pain. I tried to push myself up off the floor, but gasped, my sides feeling as though that they were on fire. Yoongi fell to the floor on his knees, hands shaking, unknowing how to help me.

“Jimin, please tell me what to do. Tell me how I can help you! Please?” His voice wavering

“Just slowly help me up hyung, the quicker we get to the nurse, the sooner I shall feel better,” I said, but the look in his eyes clearly told me he did not believe me, “I swear,” I stated for extra measure.

He looked into my eyes and that indecipherable look was back. He moved back an inch or two and laid his hand on my biceps, proceeding to slowly lift me from the ground. Being the giant bear that he was, I only winced once or twice.

Soon I was up and ready, slowly making our way over towards the nurses office. I was checked over, nothing major. Just a few bruises that were going to hurt like a bitch for a few days, but I was told to go home and rest. I was given some simple pain meds, and as Yoongi shot of a text to our friends briefly explaining what occurred, we started to make our way towards my house.

10 minutes into the journey back and it was awkward and silent. I couldn’t deal with it.

“Yoongi, I’m sorry!” I whispered, eyes glued to the floor

“What do you mean you’re sorry, it isn’t your fault. I’m going to kill those fuckers. If I ever see them again …” Yoongi started to rant, fists once again clenched.

“Hyung, don’t, I’m not worth it, just stay away from them,” I interrupted, placing a soothing hand upon his arm. The hand didn’t seem to be working as Yoongi abruptly stopped in the street and turned me around on the spot.

“Again with the ‘I’m not worth it’, what the hell do you mean by that?” He asked, voice sharp, but his eyes sharper.

“Just that, I’m worth you getting in trouble or hurting yourself over. I’m not worthy of you,” I whispered, my head once again looking at Yoongi’s shoes, my insecurities released for the world to see.

Yoongi stepped closes and placed his hands on my cheeks, my face automatically leaning into the comforting gesture. Min Yoongi was too good for this world.

“You’d think that after nearly a year of dating that you would realise it is you who is too good for I,” his thumb starting to rub along my blushing cheek bone. A small smile lit my face and I dared to look up and saw nothing by unadulterated love on Yoongi’s face.

“Park Jimin, I love you and if anything were to happen to you, my world would crumble because you are my world. Please never say things like that, it breaks my poor heart. You may think you’re not worth it, but I think that you deserve the world and it has just becoming my wish until my dying day that I will prove this to you!”

My smile slowly became brighter and brighter and I slipped one of my hands onto one of his that was resting on my face, entwining our fingers. And in this moment I have never felt more loved.

“Well Min Yoongi, why don’t we go back to my house, cause I am in some severe needing of some cuddling and I think there is only one cure to remedy it,” I said smirking
“And what would that be?” He asked curiously, a gummy smile on his face, happy that I was once again happy.

“You!” I slowly stood up straight and placed a chaste kiss on his lips and I wanted this moment to never end, but I realised that with Min Yoongi at my side I could conquer the world. As I leaned my head on his shoulder, hands together swinging as we once again started to walk, I realised I wouldn’t change it for the world.