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Y/n: I see that everyone may not be awake...
John: What the hell Y/N?
Y/N: Problem?
John: It's 3am!
Sherlock She's probably had some form of caffeine...
Y/N: Nothing, actually. I'm simply bored.
John: Then sleep goddammit!

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Mary: Early Morning Y/N?
Y/N: I slept yesterday afternoon.
Mary: I see.
Mycroft: I understand however many other people have duties to attend in the morning.
Y/N: I know. You have to go be the government or some form of it.
Mycroft You used an emulator on each of our phones to download this application and disabled it's deletion.
Y/N: Basically, yes.
John: Basically? Oh geez...
Sherlock: She's forcing us to talk to her.
Y/N: Basically, yes.
Mary: I assume you have nothing to do later today?
Y/N: Basically, yes.
Mycroft: I can't track her server to block her access to our phones.
John: So we just have to deal with this?
Sherlock: Using the words of Y/N; Basically, yes.

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Y/N: Oh great timing. Molly do you want to join me and Mary for a girls night?
Mary: When did I agree to this?
Y/N: You're going to join us anyway, aren't you?
Mary: Sure. It'll be fun.
Molly: Okay! Seems fun. We can all go to Y/N's house to get ready.
Y/N: I have a nice dress that'll really work on you, Molly.
Molly: Really? I'll have to see.
John: What just happened?
Sherlock: I believe they just organised an event together.
John: That means I'm alone tonight?
Mary: Sorry honey. Can't you hang out with Sherlock tonight?
Sherlock: I don't have a case on.
John: Okay. Let's just hope Lestrade has a case.
Y/N: It's settled then! My house at 6. That'll give both of you time to travel after work. One of my friends is coming over right now so I might have to go.
Mycroft: If it is who I believe it might be than I am tracking your location and stopping the inevitable chaos.
Y/N: Except that you can't track me because I'm backed up by multiple servers and by the time you think you've found mine I've changed the IP.
Sherlock: Is it Moriarty?
Y/N: Problem?
John: He's a criminal! He's a criminal mastermind Y/N. What block do you have with that?!
Molly: I don't have a problem with her hanging out with him.
Y/N: See? Molly dated him and she doesn't mind!
Mary: I don't see why not.
Y/N: If you have problems with criminals John you shouldn't be friends with me.
Mycroft: I strongly advise that you don't do anything you'll regret.
Y/N: Because I'm definitely going to regret being near my best friend.
Sherlock: I thought I was your best friend!
John: Sherlock you're my best friend!
Sherlock: Yes. Yes, you are.
Mary: What about me?
Y/N: Janine.
Mary: I suppose.
Molly: And mine?
Y/N: You have Tom and a cat.
Y/N: I might cut out there's an awful storm here in Ireland.
Mycroft Thank you for giving away your location.
Y/N: Hey no problem. You still can't cut off the servers linked to your phones even if my internet cuts out.
Sherlock: How inconvenient.
Y/N: Jim's here anyway and he's making me tea.

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John: Oh fuck no.
Sherlock: Don't drink the tea Y/N.
Mycroft: I advise against that.
Mary: Bad idea.
Molly: Oh no.
Y/N: What's so bad about me drinking tea?
Sherlock: You act unusual and overexcited when caffeinated.

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Jim: I know it's my fault but I've locked myself in her bedroom and I need help.
John: Even if we were friends you're in Ireland.
Sherlock: You have your network.
Mycroft: May I remind you that he's the enemy?
Sherlock: When there's a caffeinated Y/N then it situational and there are no enemies.
Jim: Okay I have my men flying a helicopter. I'm taking her to London.
Mary: Even after they've helped you?!
Jim: You said there were no enemies. We're all in this situation.

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Jim: Okay she has her hands and feet tied and we're going in the helicopter now.
John: Mary don't leave my side.
Mary: Trust me I won't.
Mycroft: I am considering claiming that I am receiving threats and need backup.
Molly: I think I'm going to get back into bed with Tom.
Sherlock: You're all overreacting. Just lock all of the doors and windows in the area.
Jim: I'll be there in about 40 minutes. I'm giving her some highly caffeinated drinks and a bit of alcohol. Good luck.

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Sherlock: Every man for themselves.
John: Fuck you.
Molly: Alcohol? I'm scared. I'm waking Tom up and claiming I had a really bad nightmare.
Mycroft: My server can't connect to the embassy. No protection.
Mary: It's safe to say that girls night should be next week.
Molly: Yes. I might call in sick for work today.
John: You're worrying about girls night when we have Y/N running around?
Jim: Why do you think they call me the devil?
Sherlock: Because Y/N took the title as Satan?
Mycroft: I'm going to hide.
John: Mary let's go.

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Greg: What the hell is this?
John: You're a bit late Lestrade.
Molly: Y/N's been given tea, alcohol and possibly other caffeine products.
Greg: Oh shit.
Sherlock: Are you Lestrade? Why are you calling yourself Greg?
John: That's his name!
Greg: For fuck's sake Sherlock.
Sherlock: Ah, sorry.
Greg: Just try to remember this time.
Mary: John where are you?
John: Locking windows.
Mary: Good idea.
Molly: Now all we can do is wait.
Greg: Who even gave Y/N caffeine?
Jim: Me.
Greg: Who are you?
Jim: Jim Moriarty. You know - most dangerous criminal in the world?
Greg: Who the fuck let him into this chat?

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Mary: Y/N.
Sherlock: Y/N.
John: Y/N did. God help us all.
Mycroft: His best friend, Y/N. I can't access security.
Molly: Y/N.
Sherlock: Molly, chances are you won't be targeted. Moriarty doesn't have anything against you.
John: Well now that you've said it with Jim in the chat he might direct her towards Molly.
Molly: Oh god.
Mary: Molly if Moriarty wasn't lying you have enough time to travel to ours if you need to.
Molly: But won't Tom be confused? He usually leaves before me in the mornings.
Mary: You can leave a note.
Molly: I'll be right over.
John: We'll be waiting at the door. Your code is to knock four times.
Molly: Okay. Be there soon.

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Jim: I'm going to cause traffic now, though she's not my main target.
Sherlock: It's almost 4am. Thank you for disturbing everyone inconvenient.
John: Moriarty you are an utter asshole.
Jim: Look I haven't murdered anyone in a long time. Give me a break.
Greg: You realise that Y/N won't be thinking properly and she might give away your location.
Jim: She won't. We're landing in twenty minutes. Good luck.

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Y/N: Hehehehehee
John: Dear god where is she?
Sherlock: She's not here. If you are safe reply with 'Safe'.
Molly: Safe.
Mary Safe.
Greg: Safe.
John: Safe
Jim: Safe. I know where she is, though.
Mary: You don't count Jim.
Jim: Feel my tears.
Sherlock: Mycroft isn't saying anything.
John: I almost feel sorry for him.
Greg: Should I send reinforcements?
Sherlock: You'll be attacked...
Mycroft: frdkclidjklabBJkjj2
Y/N: heheheee
Mycroft: HELPP ,MMNE
Greg: What's happening?
Greg: Stay calm. I'm outside.
Sherlock: It was nice knowing you Graham.
Mary: We'll miss you, Greg.
Greg: Thank you, but it can't be that bad.
Sherlock: You're not familiar with Y/N's caffeine habits, are you?
Molly: Good luck Greg.
Greg: I'm going through the window. I can hear a lot of noise.
John: Post pictures.
Mary: John!

User John has submitted image 'Mycroft tied up'

Molly: He's tied to the bed!
Jim: Y/N is kinky. I'd know.
Greg: You monster!
Mary: Get out of there!
Greg: She's walking toWARDS ME FUCK HELP
Y/N:You didn't expect me to let YOU GO GREGGY DID YOOUUU?
Jim: This is awesome to watch.
Sherlock: I always knew Moriarty was gay.
Jim: I'm not gay!
John: I hate you but I have to side with you because people think I'm gay even though I'm married.
Jim: I'm dating Y/N, but yes you are gay.
Mary: John and I are married!
Sherlock: You're dating Y/N?
Jim: Don't be obvious.
Molly: Well this is weird.
Sherlock: Agreed.
John: Agreed.
Jim: Oh this is glorious.

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Sherlock: You're letting her basically has sex with them?
Jim: I was thinking about joining them.
Molly: They're actually cringing and so am I.
Jim: You're enjoying it.
Sherlock: My mental hard drive has been corrupted.
John: At least you can fucking delete it!
Sherlock: No, it's like a virus. It's corrupting my thoughts.
Greg: Y/N just went into the closet with Jim and I hear noises.
John: My curiosity is not paying off
Mary: Neither is mine.
Molly: I feel awkward.
John: So do I.
Mary: You two need to escape.
Mycroft: Greg we need to work together.
Greg: Okay I think I have a pocket knife in my trousers.
Mary: You've got this guys. Sherlock can go help if you need.
Sherlock: No I won't.
Sherlock: Your bribery works.
Mycroft: Be quick brother. Please.
Greg: There's eccentric moaning in the closet.
Molly: I don't think curiosity is worth staying in this chat.
Mycroft: You are not ditching us now.
Jim: Hlsydfgelbs,hfJ SFfghC
Greg: Y/N accidentally shifted the closet door...
Mycroft: Jim is covered in lipstick.
Greg: Yeah but so are we.
Mycroft: ... It's different.
John: Hey look at that the two of you finally scored.
Mary: I get that you're trying to lighten the mood but now is not the time dear.
Molly: I was going to eat breakfast but I think that's a bad idea.
Greg: They're not naked.
John: Oh thank god.
Greg: Oh you're finally here Sherlock
Sherlock: Jim is regretting his decision.
Jim: She's excited I'Ll gIVE yOu thAT.

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Sherlock: Y/N has been sedated.
Jim: I'm taking her back to her house in London as opposed to her one in Ireland
John: Sherlock let him.
Mary: I hate to say it, but let her go with him.
Sherlock: Fine. I'll just help Lestrade and Mycroft.
Mycroft: Thank you.
Molly: Well now that you've been saved, I'm out. I'm going home and snuggling up to Tom for comfort.

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Greg: There are no words to describe how I feel.
Jim: Aroused?
John: No that's how you feel.
Mycroft: I feel dirty. I need multiple showers and a new closet.
Greg: Yeah that's the right word. How many showers are in this house?
Mycroft: Four. You can use the one on the first floor to the left.
Jim: Suit yourselves.

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Sherlock: Well I won't see you later, John, since the girls night was cancelled.
John: I'll text you later. See you soon.
Mary: Maybe you are gay.

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Mary: Geez he needs to learn to take a joke.

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Y/N: What the fuck happened? Where am I?
Sherlock: How much do you remember?
Y/N I started this chat, organised girls night and Jim made me tea.
Sherlock: Figures.

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Molly: Is there a way to turn these notifications off? I'm at work and it's really distracting.
Y/N: I'll temporarily disable yours.
Sherlock: Why not me?
Y/N: Because you have to explain why I can't remember anything.
Molly: I'll leave you to it.

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Y/N: Now explain Sherlock.
Sherlock: You had some tea, which Moriarty thought would be funny to spike.
Y/N: Is that all?

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Mary: Anyone on?
Y/N: Yeah.
Sherlock: I am.
Y/N: Sherlock was just explaining why I can't remember anything.
Mary: Just scroll up and find out that way.
Y/N: Okay.

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Greg: It's a slow day at the yard and my phone's going off. What's up?
Mary: Slow here too. Y/N is seeing what happened this morning.
Sherlock: She's probably going to be awkward.
Greg: I don't blame her. It was pretty awkward when it happened.

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Y/N: Oh shit. This is going to be awkward.
Mary: Stop saying the word 'awkward'.

Server overload - please wait

John: Awkward.
Y/N: Awkward.
Jim: Awkward.
Greg: Awkward.
Sherlock: Awkward.
Mary: I'm done.
John: Sorry.
Greg: Whipped.
Jim: Not quite.
Y/N: Jim. Hi.
Jim: Problem?
Y/N: You gave me alcohol.
John: We're going to need popcorn.
Greg: I've got doughnuts. (doughnuts)
Mary: Not good enough.
Y/N: I will make the notifications for this have an awful sound.
Sherlock: I suggest that we stop our comments and let them speak. Just watch with amusement.
Y/N: Jim?
Jim: You have to admit, it's kind of funny.
Y/N: Those photos don't make it look funny.
Jim: You were funny. Made my day.
Y/N: You're lucky I appreciate crime.
Jim: Yes I am, sweetheart. I've got an appointment now, so I'll talk to you soon.
Y/N: Okay.

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Y/N: I'm top bitch.
John: That wasn't as exciting as I hoped.
Mary: John!
John: Sorry but you agreed.
Mary: I will drag you along to girls night.
John: I'm sorry.
Greg: Whipped.
Sherlock: Correct.
Y/N: Mycroft must have work.
John: He would be hearing these notifications, right?
Greg: Yeah, he should be.
Sherlock: My brother has a high tolerance.
Y/N: Just checked and he's silenced his phone. I just texted him saying that he could miss an important call. He'll hear his phone vibrate.
John: Wouldn't he hear the phone for each notification?
Y/N: No, John.

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Mycroft: Would you all please just stop this nonsense?
Y/N: Killjoy
Mycroft: I am busy at the moment.
Y/N: Don't care.
Greg: Sherlock, case.
Sherlock: Oh, good! Are You coming too John?
John: Oh god yes.

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Mary: Still bored.
Mycroft: I hate to do this.

Admin Y/N has disconnected due to technical difficulties

Mary: Did you disconnect her internet connection?
Mycroft: Quite right.
Mary: Okay then. I'd better get back to work.

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Y/N: I'm not to blame for waking you up.
Mycroft: Actually, Y/N, I believe that you are.
Y/N: I'm too awesome.
Molly: It doesn't matter.
Mary: Why have you woken us up this time?
Greg: I'm bloody tired, why can't I just sleep?
Y/N: I'm bored and alone. I need to bother someone.
Mycroft: I believe you've succeeded.
Mary: Oh calm down Mycroft.
Mycroft: I never insinuated that I'm angry.
Y/N: It doesn't take Sherlock to tell you're annoyed.
Greg: It also doesn't take Sherlock to be annoyed, apparently. That's a surprise.

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Mary: Speaking of the devil.
Sherlock: Oh, is Moriarty here too?
Y/N: Apparently not.
Mycroft: Y/N, however, has chosen to wake us,
Molly: You're pointing out the obvious.
Sherlock: Shame. Oh well, Y/N is enough to keep up with my intellect.
Mycroft: Have I been forgotten?
Mary: Apparently so.
Molly: I'm going back to sleep.
Greg: If you even can with these notifications.
Molly: Y/N, can you do the thing?
Sherlock: The thing?
Mary: What thing?
Molly: The thingy thing. The silent thingy. You know what I'm talking about, right Y/N?
Y/N: Yes, I can do the thingy-thing.
Molly: Thank you!
Y/N: You have work in the morning, so I understand.
Molly: I'll talk after work I promise.
Y/N: It's fine if you don't have time.

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Mary: How did you get that from thingy thing?
Mycroft: I have work in the morning as well.
Y/N: Stop complaining, Mycroft.
Sherlock: That was such a vague description.
Y/N: Easy. It's like understanding wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimy stuff.
Mycroft: I don't understand.
Y/N: Then the Doctor is smarter than you.
Mycroft: The Doctor? Are you talking about John?
Greg: No, it's a reference.
Mary: Oh I forgot that you were here, Greg.
Mycroft: Well If I'm stuck here could we at the very least make this interesting?
Y/N: Well, what do you suggest then?
Mary: Hold on.

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John: Alright, time to settle something.
Mary: I've brought John.
Sherlock: Hardly interesting.
John: Oh, you want interesting, Sherlock? Do you really want interesting?
Sherlock: I just said that I do...
Mycroft: Sherlock, brother, that feels like a warning.
Y/N: Whatever it is, it's gotta be good.
Mary: You bet it is.
Sherlock: Let the doctor speak.
Mary: You asked for this...
Mycroft: I asked for interesting, but whatever this is it's clearly targetted toward Sherlock.

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Y/N: Shut up Mycroft
Mary: Shut up Mycrfot
Greg: Stop complaining Mycroft
Sherlock: Shut up brother
Mycroft: Fine, fine. This better be good.
Mary: It is.
Y/N: He's a slow typer, isn't he?
Mary: Yeah, he is.
John: Sherlock has had an obvious crush on Y/N pretty much since they met but neither of them has done anything about it even though this has been going on for probably years. It's time that they sort this out, right here, right now.
Mycroft: It took you that long to type one sentence?
Mary: If typed silences are fine then a slow-typed sentence is fine.
Mycroft: And "crush"? Did you not leave kindergarten?
Mary: Shut up, Mycroft.
Y/N: Really sticking up for your man there, huh?
Sherlock: Y/N...

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Greg: He ran from his problems.
John: As per usual
Mary: Y/N, how do you feel?
Y/N: For the most part? Like John shouldn't have invaded Sherlock's personal business.
John: He's calling me. hold on.

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Greg: I'm surprised you didn't know, Y/N.
Y/N: It's not like I didn't know, but that's personal.
Mycroft: The hacker standing up for someone else's privacy? Shocker.
Mary: Shut up, you're amused.
Mycroft: I can't deny that.
Greg: Mary, can you hear the phone call?
Mary: You mean the shouting match? Yep.
Y/N: What are they saying?
Mary: Give me a sec...
Greg: This outta be interesting.
Mary: I can only hear John's side but it's mostly him saying "Well you should've told her sooner".
Y/N: Shocker...
Mary: Quite.
Greg: It's not shocking, though.
Mary: Sarcasm, Greg.
Y/N: So it's true then...
Mary: It is.
Mycroft: So, Y/N, how do you feel?
Y/N: I've already told you.
Mycroft: No. About my brother.
Y/N: That's not your business.
Mary: They've hung up.
Mycroft: Everything's my business.

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Y/N: This time it isn't, Mycroft.
Greg: This is not how I expected my Thursday morning to go?
Mary: What, waking up at 4 by this chatroom wasn't in your agenda?
Greg: I really shouldn't have been surprised.
John: We have more pressing matters, Greg.
Sherlock: Apparently so.
Y/N: Sherlock, is it true? Do you really like me?
Sherlock: Y/N, I think this is something we should talk about in person.
Y/N: No, Sherlock, I've had enough of this. You've played around enough with my sentiments. Give me an answer.
Sherlock: Here?
Y/N: Here.
Mycroft: Is this an appropriate time to say "Bring out the popcorn"?
Mary: Not out loud!
Mycroft: I'm not talking though.
John: She means it's the right context but not appropriate to say.
Greg: Let Mike enjoy his moment of humanity, but let's just watch these two sort this out.
Y/N: Well I hope you're all amused by our emotional distraught.
Sherlock: Y/N, talking to you is the highlight of my day, and when I see you I get this weird feeling in my stomach. Now, at first when I talked to John about this I thought that I might have been allergic to your flowery perfume, but it turns out that what I'm feeling is affection, and the desire to protect you at all costs, from faking my death to destroying Moriarty even when you insist he's your friend.
Y/N: Sherlock...
Sherlock: So, you want to know the truth? You want me to give you an answer? I'm sorry that you feel like I've played around with your sentiments, but you must know that was never my intention. Surely, you don't, because you are basically the only person who can keep up with my mind and I would have gone insane if it weren't for you. Y/N, I only love you. That, my dear, is my answer.
Y/N: I think it's about time I asked you on a date then, Sherlock. Would it please you? Because it would please me.
Sherlock: Of course, Y/N. Of course.
John: Finally! See, that wasn't so bad.
Mycroft: First of all, this is how you type an anticipating message, John. And secondly, I can keep up with you too dear brother.

Server Overload - Please Wait

Sherlock: Shut up Mycroft
Y/N: Shut up Mycrfot
Greg: Shut up Mycroft
Mary: Let the two have their moment.
John: Mycroft, do you have to criticise me? And is no one going to mention that Y/N and Moriarty are friends?
Mycroft: My company is obviously not appreciated. And yes, John, I do.
Mary: John, we knew they were friends, it's not a shock. ANYWAY
Sherlock: Yes, ANYWAY, Y/N, I'll pick you up tonight and we can go on a date.
Y/N: That sounds like a perfect idea, Sherlock.
Sherlock: And next time you're bored this early in the morning, my dear, I'd like for you to talk to me first if you'd like...
Mycroft: Yes, feel welcome to contact him instead.
Y/N: I think I'd like that.
John: Does that mean we don't have to worry about 4 am chatrooms?
Y/N: Nice try, John. My love for annoying people is quite high.
Greg: Hopefully not as high as your love for Sherlock, blessed we be spared.
Sherlock: I said first, not in complete replacement.
Mycroft: Damned we are, then, Greg.
Greg: Yes, damned we are, it seems.
Y/N: Anyway, my boredom is satisfied and I think this has well been worth everyone's time. I'm leaving adminship to James and I'll be offline.

Admin Y/N has made user Jim an admin
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John: Wait, Moriarty's online?
Jim: I've been online this whole time, and I must say, I am offended you all don't trust me in Y/N's company.
Mycroft: Why would we trust a criminal mastermind in an apparent friend's company?

Server Overload - Please Wait

Mary: Obvious sarcasm.
John: He's clearly kidding.
Greg: And you say you're smart, Mike...
Sherlock: Don't be daft brother.
Mycroft: I am smart, unlike you goldfish! And stop calling me Mike.

Server Overload - Please Wait

John: Okay Mike
Mary: Ok Mike.
Sherlock: Yes brother Mike.
Greg: Rightio Mikey.
Jim: Mikey!
John: Oh my god, Mikey! using that from now on.
Mary: Yep, so am I.
Mycroft: I am a top government official, I can erase documents so all of you don't exist!
Jim: He's just salty, don't worry. If he does that then just join my side.
Sherlock: I'd rather die.
Jim: What, again?
John: Pssh, says you.
Mary: Didn't you both fake it?
Greg: That's what she said.
Sherlock: Not in my experience.
Mycroft: You haven't had any experience.
John: Says you, Iceman.
Mary: Yes yes we get it they're both virgins no\w can we please change the subject? Jim: I can change that if you'd like...
Mary: I regret my words.
John: I don't blame you.

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Mycroft: Shocker.
Greg: See now you're getting the hang of it... Mikey.
Mycroft: I will end you.
Sherlock: You won't.
Mycroft: I will.
Jim: My offer still stands.
John: Jesus Christ.
Sherlock: He doesn't exist.
Greg: We don't know that.
Mary: Not the time for a debate.
Jim: I think it just might be.
Mary: No, NO, it's time to help Sherlock organize a date so that he doesn't fuck this up.
Mycroft: Alright, this is where I leave.

User Mycroft is offline

Mary: Wow, he really couldn't handle that?
Sherlock: What do you mean? You think I'll fuck it up?
Greg: You're a bit unorganized.
John: You didn't even give her a time. Or a place. Or any details whatsoever.
Sherlock: Well it's not like I could give her details on the spot.
Mary: Right, all hands on deck. This is a long time coming so we have to make it special for her. Sherlock, YOU have to make it special for her.
John: Does she have a favorite restaurant? A favorite place or activity?
Sherlock: She likes... Um...
Jim: Do you not know her well at all?
Sherlock: Such things are usually trivial to me! It's not like I watch her eat! She just drinks tea all the time!
John: Jesus, Sherlock. DO you know anything helpful that is specific to her favorites?
Sherlock: Her favorite flowers and color, and that she's quiet and loves to read and write.
Jim: Okay, I'm helping you out. I'll make you a reservation to her favorite restaurant for 7, I'll pay for all in advance so you don't have to worry, and I'll text you the address, but beyond that, you're on your own.
Mary: Are you... actually being helpful?
John: Yeah... I don't trust that?
Jim: Wow, just because I'm basically the devil you don't trust me with my own best friend? Y/N is very dear to me, I wouldn't let anyone hurt her. Not even me.
Sherlock: I suppose I'm not really in a place to disagree with you here, and she does trust you quite a bit.
Greg: You're not bothered by Jim saying that Y/N's dear to him?
Sherlock: Is that not what I just said?
Mary: We'll have to deal with it. Anyway, John, you help Sherlock pick clothes and I'll do the same for Y/N. Sort the rest of the details. I'm out.

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John: Alright, I'll be off too then. Work and all.
Greg: Not being stuck here with these two. Bye guys.

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Jim: It's just us now.
Sherlock: That is obvious.
Jim: Sherlock, I have to say something before you leave.
Sherlock: That sounds unusually ordinary of you... Go on.
Jim: Don't mess this up, Sherlock. I'm serious. We play these games and I'm not done yet, but if you hurt Y/N I will make you suffer. Do I like the fact that you two are together? I don't know, it makes for interesting dynamics, but what I do know is that Y/N's heart being broken is not something I want to see. Do you understand me?
Sherlock: Warning understood. I don't intend to hurt someone that I love.
Jim: Good. Y/N is more fragile than you'd expect. Now, if you excuse me, I have a bank to rob and officials to blackmail.
Sherlock: As per usual, then?
Jim: You know, the same.
Sherlock:... Bye, then?
Jim: Not for long.

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Y/N: James... thank you.

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