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It was 6 am and the sun was rising on the Shikyoin family farm. Hibiki awoke to the cock-a-doodle-doo of a rooster, which was actually just his butler, Andou, because he didn’t have a real rooster. He rolled over in bed and reached his arm out to the side, tapping Andou on the head like an alarm clock so he would cease making rooster noises. Time for another day of hard work on the farm with his princesses!

“Good morning, Fuwari.” Hibiki opened his eyes slowly and looked at the girl who was lying next to him.

“Ah, good morning, Hibiki-san.” She responded quietly with a smile.

“Good morning to you too, princess Falulu.” He turned over and looked at the girl on the other side of him.

Falulu yawned and opened her eyes a little. She wasn’t fully awake yet, so Hibiki decided to leave her a while longer.

“Uwaaahh!” Hibiki yawned as he sat up and got out of bed. He got changed into his farming gear, which consisted of a plaid shirt, denim dungarees, a straw hat and black boots, and went outside with Andou to wait for Fuwari and Falulu.

Hibiki decided to take a stroll around the farm while he waited for his princesses to arrive. It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was rising, birds were chirping, goats where mehing. Hibiki took a deep breath in. Ah, the wonderful smell of manure. To his left Hibiki saw the animals going about their business, and to his right he saw his crops, which were plentiful this year. The Shikyoin family farm truly was a marvelous place.

After roughly 10 minutes, Fuwari and Falulu came outside to join Hibiki. He was the head of this farm and this family, so he was the one who assigned everybody their roles each morning. Reaching into his pocket, Hibiki pulled out a list he had written the night before of jobs that needed to be done today.

“Fuwari, you can look after the goats as usual.” He always let Fuwari do her favourite job, because he loved to see her smile. “Falulu, you can collect the eggs from the chicken coop-”

Hibiki was interrupted by Falulu, who seemed quite upset by the instructions given to her. “But, Mahou-chan, I just want to mow hay!”

“Fine, fine! I’ll take care of the eggs, you tend to the crops.” He really wasn’t in the mood to argue. It was too early for this. “I think I left my hat over there, anyway. How does that sound?”

“Ah, thank you so much, Mahou-chan.” Falulu let out a sigh of relief and smiled softly at Hibiki.

“Now then, let’s get to work!” Hibiki raised a fist into the air and shouted very loudly. He was rather enthusiastic about his newfound interest in farming.

Treading light so as not to bother the chickens, Hibiki approached the coop. He let out a deep sigh of frustration. Where on earth could I have left my hat? He thought to himself, looking around desperately. What kind of farmer would I be without a straw hat?! After a short while, Hibiki found his hat half buried by hay in one of the hens nests. He picked it up, brushed it off and placed it back on his head, completely oblivious to the egg that was inside of it.

Hibiki took the basket that was next to the chicken coop and ducked so he could fit inside. Inside the coop, there were many shelves of nests along the walls. The air smelt like chicken feces and the only sound to be heard was the occasional cluck of the hens. One by one, he placed the eggs in the basket, keeping an eye out for the ones that looked tastiest for his dinner tonight.

As soon as he had finished collecting the eggs it was around midday. Hibiki made his way back to the house, where he would sort them into egg cartons. He settled himself down on the grass outside the house and began sorting the eggs.

“Hibiki-san!” He looked up and saw Fuwari running towards him with a smile on her face. “Hibiki-san, I have wonderful news! One of the goats had kids, 3 of them in fact! Falulu and I named them Pedro, Yaoi and Andou Jr. I hope that’s alright with you.”

“Of course, my dear Fuwari, those names are simply delightful!” Hibiki stood up and clapped his hands together. ”I was jus-”

“Ah, um...Hibiki-san?” Fuwari interrupted him. “What’s that moving under your hat?”

Hibiki let go of Fuwari’s hands and quickly took off his hat, only to find a newborn gosling that was the same shade of grey as his hair atop his head. It was an angry looking baby bird, much like Hibiki himself, who appeared to have become an adoptive father of sorts. The young goose let out a high pitched honk and jumped off the front of Hibiki’s head into his hands.

“Uwaaah!” Fuwari seemed delighted by the newborn bird. “He looks just like you, Hibiki-san!” She laughed and pointed at him. “We should name him Hibiki Jr. Oh my, this is wonderful! So many baby animals in such a short space of time!” As confused and irritated as he was by the whole situation, Hibiki couldn’t help but smile when he saw how happy Fuwari was.

After a short while, Falulu returned from mowing hay. She walked up to the pair of farmers and their little friend with a look of confusement on her face. “Oh my…” Falulu mumbled, covering her mouth with her hand. “What are you going to do about this, Mahou-chan?”

“I haven’t thought about that yet.” Hibiki frowned and looked at the grey ball of fluff in his hands. “I suppose I could just leave it out here and wait for it’s mother to find it?” He didn’t seem too sure of himself.

“That’s cruel, Mahou-chan! The poor thing could starve, or worse, it could become a meal for something else!” Falulu snapped at Hibiki and Fuwari nodded in agreement. “Honestly, you’re such an asshole sometimes, why don’t you just go die. Hmmph!” She turned her back to him and crossed her arms.

“One day I actually will die, and I can assure you I won’t be giving you the rights to the farm!” Hibiki retorted, also turning his back to her and crossing his arms. “Everything will be going to our goat, Andou Jr.”

“N-now now, no fighting please!” Fuwari tried to calm them down. “Hibiki-san, we’ll take Hibiki Jr. inside and look for his mother later. Falulu, there’s no need to be so upset. You know I would never let Hibiki-san do anything as awful as that. He may be a bit mean, but he’s not all bad.”

Hibiki went inside with the gosling in his hands. Ah, whatever am I supposed to do with you? He thought to himself, looking down at Hibiki Jr. and narrowing his eyes. Perhaps it would be best to let Fuwari deal with this. She was the expert on animals, after all. But somehow Hibiki felt as if he had a responsibility to care for the baby goose that had been born underneath the straw hat atop his head. This could all wait until tomorrow, he supposed...