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The jewel of creation

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"Really, Silvercloak," said Jennifer, deliberately ignoring the prince, "I'm beginning to think that you were exaggerating when you said that Fionavar was so special. Certainly the quality of the unwanted sexual advances is about the same as on my world."

[The worst thing is that this remains accurate in hindsight]

Talking with Coll had been instructive, and the quiet, competent man was apparently capable of some subtlety, but the problem was so much deeper than he could begin to understand.
On Kevin's world, which was not the first and most beloved work of the Creator, which was not the shining beacon of the cosmos, political leaders like Diarmuid would be some combination of arrogant, corrupt, incompetent and hateful, with very occasional flashes of thuggish cunning.
They had still made a system where a man could express an opinion without dying.
In the system that Fionavar had, maybe Diarmuid had no choice, but why was that? It was by the Prince's will that the rules said that the prince had to have that man killed.
John Turner wouldn't have had that man killed.