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Beasts Under The Moonlight

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Silver moon shone on the night sky, lighting the surface of earth below with its magnificent glow.

Amongst the ruins, there was nothing but corpses, aside from a certain man who stood alone chained to the wall meant as a sacrificial pawn.

Despite the handicap, he didn't even seem a bit bothered.

A sigh escaped his lips as he wondered what was wrong with his earlier plan to double suicide with a beautiful woman… which almost succeeded had her father didn't meddle in and took the girl away whilst leaving him alone to die by himself.

"It's no use. At this rate I'll get stuck waiting here for hours as the sun burned me," he sighed out aloud, there's no one around anyway. "It'll be nice if I could just die…"

He sighed again. His stomach growling.

"…I'm so hungry."

A moment later, he almost let out a yawn when his ears caught sound of something.

Footsteps—so heavy of power yet agile with velocity—obviously not humans' were approaching fast. He could hear something was being dragged harshly, followed by stench of wolves that drew near.

The wall beside him blew up as debris started falling down, making dirty sand to rise in their wake and leaving him coughing in disgust.

Something flew by from the wreckage of dust and landed on the ground a few distance away from him.

"Tch… damned dogs…"

His eyes widened slightly upon hearing the deep baritone voice. The dust slowly settled down, revealing a figure of a man with blazing red hair covered in hat and clad in black with a rather… short stature.

He took a good look at the newcomer when the redhead was still coughing from the horrid sandstorm he created himself.

"What the hell are you looking at?" the short man barked to him and he realized he was staring. "Who are you anyway?"

"Don't you know it’s rude to ask for one's name without stating yours first?"

"I don't want to strike a conversation with a talking mummy."

"Now, now… I was just trying to be kind~~~ so you should, too."

"Like hell I care. Stop talking crap when you have no better luck on your current state."

He laughed heartily. “You're so cute, trying to act tough when you're barely hanging on the death's door yourself.”


Only a good deal of that was true. A silver shackle circled the redhead's leg so tight, a rather large one at that. The dragging sound he heard must be from the severed chain that bound to it.

"That thing on your leg was draining your power forcefully, right?" his mouth curled up into a leer. "Heheheh..."

"Shut the fuck up already."

"If you're smart, then you must already know that there's almost no chance for you to engage in battle with them. Even if you somehow managed to win, the best outcome is that of being a wanted man, hunted down for eternity."

Howls from the wolves came closer by the seconds that passed, yet neither of both men budged from their position.

The redhead snarled. “Heh, what do you care about that? When they found me here, obviously they're going after your head next.”

"Ah, but that's where we have a different opinion on this matter~"

"…Nevermind, I'll kill you here myself, you bastard."

. . .

Barks and growls echoed through the night as the pursuing wolves finally reached the ruins where their fugitive ran.

A huge wolf, clearly their alpha leader, emerged from the pack. His fur and shape slowly retracted, changing his anatomy one by one until there's nothing left but an appearance of a young man in flesh.

"Nakahara Chuuya, come out!” he yelled. “I can smell your foul stench… alongside your friend."

He was expecting a silence in response before a giant rubble flew his way.

The wolves growled to the redhead—Chuuya—who made his appearance on a crater above them. Behind him, gigantic debris floated mid-air, ready to strike. "Zip it! I’ve had enough of your bullshit. Why won't you just die?"

The wolves launched themselves to strike at Chuuya the moment their alpha growled. Chuuya let a wide grin showed up on his face and blasted off the debris to hit his enemies. Storm of dust soaring up as the wreckage fell into heap on the sandy ground.

The alpha roared out aloud and extended his claws, before dashing his way toward Chuuya.

Chuuya tried hard to dodge the barrages of attacks sent his way. His opponent seized his arm in his claws and spun around, trying to break it. Chuuya head-butted him at the same time, hindering the wolf from succeeding but dislocated his arm in the process.

Maneuvering himself, Chuuya kicked the man to his stomach, sending him flying to the ground. He cringed from the excruciating pain from his arm. Undoubtedly, he could use it no more in this fight.

Countless wolves rushed toward Chuuya when he was still recuperating from the shock. They were still too slow, though, as Chuuya easily kicked them all without having to use his injured arm.

"Nakahara Chuuya—…!!"

Chuuya was a tad bit late in defending himself from the attack that the alpha wolf gave him. This guy wouldn't go down with just some half-assed punches. He cursed when his shackles began to weigh him down, further decreasing his power and speed.

The alpha grabbed his leg. Chuuya was barely able to dodge the incoming attacks. He bit back a yelp when the human-wolf sank his fangs to his thigh. They broke through his coat, trousers, and then his skin, piercing the tender flesh underneath and made his blood spurted out in an instant.

As if it wasn't enough, he took a hold of Chuuya's neck, strangling him for a few seconds before throwing him roughly across the place. Chuuya coughed weakly as his back hit the wall.

"I've told you before…" someone mumbled from beside him. "That you have no chance of winning this fight."

"…Fuck you."

It seemed he was flung around and landed somewhere near the chained mummy he met earlier. He's running out of luck, and consciousness, and Chuuya was painfully aware of that.

"Oh, Chuuya, I can see him clearly from here."

"Shut it! …And don't use my name so easily like we're buddies."

"Well, if you change your mind, remember that I'm still here~~~"


Howl and growls rang inside Chuuya's head. He had lost his hat somewhere during the duel, and his body was engulfed in pain.

Hoping that he wouldn't regret his decision later, Chuuya tried to stand on his uninjured leg, and after spitting out blood that was beginning to clog his throat, took off the glove off his arm with his teeth. With a gritted teeth he smacked his hand to the annoying mummy's face, presenting his veins, much to the latter surprise.

"Chuuya, I can't believe this! You're really a kind person~~~"

"…Can you just shut up?" Chuuya was starting to stagger, his vision blurring and his breath unsteady. "I'll trust you just this once… Dazai."

Dazai's innocent smile turned into a smirk, showing off his elongated fangs as he licked Chuuya's wrist which was so deliciously offered to him. His pupils dilated in hunger.

"…No need to worry. I am, after all, no longer human."

Chuuya flinched in pain as Dazai bit into his wrist. Blood spilled from the pierced skin to the ground.

"…D-Damn it…"

"Thus we shall split our tainted sorrow in half together—from now on, forever and ever."

. . .

As the dust began to calm down, the wolf came face to face with a brown haired man instead of Chuuya.

"I was planning to kill you after I'm done butchering him," the alpha growled. "Either way, you two… will die!"

"Uh-huh, okay." Dazai gave out a smile. His eyes shone with darkness, however, as a sphere of compressed gravity forming up from his palm. "…Regrettably, it appears to collide with my prediction."

With a roar, the alpha wolf launched himself to attack Dazai, followed by an army of wolves.

. . .

Small clouds covered the moon as Dazai walked back to where he left Chuuya behind. A wide grin graced his face as he stood in front of the kneeling redhead.

"See? My calculation is not something you should doubt," the grin slowly faded, replaced by a sickeningly sweet smile which didn't reach to Dazai's eyes. "…Okay, Chuuya?"

Chuuya glared at him with hatred. He didn’t move or even shift from his position, because he couldn't. Dazai had somehow paralyzed him without him knowing when.


“That's not how you show your thanks to somebody who just saved your life. Besides, I've completed the favor you asked.”

Behind Dazai, Chuuya vaguely saw the horrid result of the man's doing. The wreckage and ruins vanished without trace, and not even one dead body of the wolves was left. No smear of blood, no stench of it at all, not a single evidence. This is more like—…

"A complete annihilation."

Chuuya glowered toward Dazai who was now moved behind him, kneeling as well. His bandaged arms slowly circled around the redhead. As much as Chuuya wanted to beat the guy, he could do nothing more than twitch his fingers.

"Isn't this what you had wanted?" Dazai asked, nuzzling his face to the crook of redhead's neck. His hand tilted Chuuya's head upwards, giving him access to the neck with a black choker on it. "For them to disappear, I can read it through our curse that bind us together."

"…ugh… let go… of me…!"

"Ah, sorry, Chuuya. What's done is done. Our contract has been forged. From now on, you're officially my servant."

Dazai moved his thumb and slowly buried it inside Chuuya's mouth, caressing the sharp fangs inside. Chuuya bit it hard, drawing blood.

"Are you that hungry?" Dazai grinned, still not moving from his spot on Chuuya's shoulder. "Me, too…"

As the cloud that covered the moon ceasing away, Chuuya's eyes stared to the bright silver moon, his cat-like pupils dilated as Dazai sunk his fangs into his neck.

. . .