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Jones-san: Working With Monster Operations: Neutralization

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You can hear your heart pounding as you sat on a metal folding chair in an empty black room. The only source of light to be found was provided by the laptop sitting on a steel office desk several feet in front of you, and the only sound to be heard came from the whirring of its internal fan. You took in a deep breath of the stale, sterilized air; you were nervous, but steadfast. Today was the day you had been waiting for, the day you had trained so hard for. This would be the day of your first official assignment.

The screen flickered to life, and the blank white screen before you was replaced by a video feed. It was difficult to see anything other than a black static pattern at first, but the more your eyes adjusted to the display the more you could make out the silhouette of a man sitting at some kind of table in a dark room, much like yourself. Suddenly everything around you had become oddly quiet, as if all other noise had been muted by the appearance of this ominous figure. When you thought the silence had become all but unbearable, the man spoke:

"Hello, agent Jones."

The hairs on the back of your neck stood up, every part of your body now at attention. Jones was not your real name; not even a part of it. It was the code name that you have been assigned, and it had been drilled into your mind so much that it might as well have been your real name. Hell, you don't even think you'd be able to recognize your real name if your mother called for you in a crowd... not that she would know where you are or what you've been up to.

"I... apologize for the secrecy of our current meeting," the man continued, folding his hands together, "but you must understand that many things have changed. In the time that non-humans have integrated into human society, rules and regulations have been added and removed, rewritten and expanded, to meet the needs and demands of both parties. However, the current law is far from perfect, and with that comes the chaos of unseen scenarios that governments from around the world had not taken into account."

You could feel a shiver run down your spine as several photos appeared around the screen, showing a variety of different monsters and humans, all engaging in atrocious acts against one another. Most were violent, others were even beyond that. As the man resumed talking, the images each began to close one by one.

"For the most part, these incidents have been... contained, thanks to the efforts of the newly formed Monster Operations branch specialized in the neutralization of threats. You have proven to be one of our most promising operatives in training thus far, agent Jones, and so you too shall join M.O.N. Effective immediately you are to be assigned to the Japanese branch of Monster Operations, and will be acting as their temporary field operations commander." A picture popped up next to the video feed. It was of a Japanese woman with long dark hair, sporting a pair of rectangular sunglasses and a rather serious expression. "Your supervisor will be agent Smith, a veteran and the current field operations commander. This assignment will gauge your abilities, and will ultimately decide whether you are a worthy asset... or a grave mistake."

A lump formed in your throat as he spoke those last words. Something about his tone of voice made you think that you weren't exactly trusted by this seemingly high ranking gentleman. As you continued to stare at the screen in silence the mysterious man nodded once, as though to confirm your thoughts, before speaking to you one last time.

"Your transport has landed; once you are inside it will be en route within the hour. Good luck... commander." Then, as suddenly as the broadcast had begun, the computer exploded.