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Gears and Suits

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“The Amuse Cafe has been shut down!” I crowed. I heard quick footsteps coming downstairs from my right. I turn to look where the noise was coming from to see Chris carrying Jacob with one arm. Both of them had on disheveled clothes and Jacob’s face was flushed. I put one hand on my hip and with a smirk I said “You both smell and look like you guys had sex.”

**Now onto the story**

Third Person P.O.V

Kiki paced under the stage and Rosewood watched her as she leaned against one of the walls. “What are we going to do?” She growled. Kiki turned to Rosewood waiting for her to respond to her question.

“I don’t know, It’s not like we’ll be able to entertain people now” Rosewood muttered. Walking was heard from the outside of the stage both of the animatronic stood as still as statues. The sound of men talking and a dog barking passed the room. “Wait, why is there cops here?” she asked once the noise of the men and dog left. Kiki raised an eyebrow at her and shrugged. Rosewood’s eyes widened in realization once she pieced things together. “What are they going to do with us now that this place is getting shut down?” She asked.

Lola’s P.O.V

Two piercing light blue eyes stared into me from above. A metal white and pink bobcat wearing a tuxedo crouched above me with his sharp teeth bared. His metal claws digging into my skin as he snapped his maw close to my face. I could feel fear fill my body as I stared up at him. I don’t know who or what they are, but I don’t like them. The cat’s face opened up exposing the metal of his skeleton. He lunged forward and slammed his teeth down onto my skull.

I tried to pry him off of my with my right hand, my hand getting covered in blood as I did so. The blood began to make my hand slippery, and my vision began to become blurry. I felt my body start to go limp, my head pounding in pain as blood left my head. The last thing I felt was his metal fingers cutting into my torso as I closed my eyes.

My eyes snapped opened as I woke up in a cold sweat. I looked around the dark room, Victor was asleep on the visitor chair, snoring silently. I calmed down my breathing and slumped back into my bed, feeling a slight pain near my ribs. What was that nightmare all about? I lightly shook my head before getting comfortable under the sheets again. I scrunch my eyes closed as I tried to go back to sleep. This is going to be a long morning.

Elizabeth’s P.O.V

I let out a growl as I looked at the papers on my desk, with Jace peaking at them from over my shoulder. Just fucking great, what are we going to do now?! I turned my head to look at Jace with a frown. “What are we gonna do? Not only do we have to sell the property now, but we also have to deal with these lawsuits…” I huffed. The families of the kids that went missing at the Cafe have started to try and sue us not that long ago...

“We’ll have to sell the animatronics too, that way we can get money to deal with the lawsuits” Jace added on. I felt a pang of sadness go to my heart at the thought of getting rid of the animatronics. My mom would be rolling in her grave right now...

Rick’s P.O.V

The guys right now are at the cabin as I go into town, wearing my disguise. I slipped inside the ally way and saw a shaded figure at the end of it. I pause for a moment seeing if the figure will end up leaving, the figure must've heard me because they turned around, I managed to see a little bit of what they look like before I walk out of the ally.

They were a male, he had dark blue eyes, a four o’clock shadow with a scar going into his left cheek, and extremely pale skin. I know who that is, it’s William. Luckily I’m wearing this disguise, or I would be done for. As I walked away from the ally with a brisk pace I could hear footsteps coming from behind me. I felt a hand being placed on my shoulder and I turned around to be face to face with William.

“Excuse me, but may I ask for your name, you look like someone that I used to know.” William spoke politely from behind me. I froze, trying not to tense up as I thought of what my cover-up name was.

“Uh..” I stopped to clear my throat “Yes, my name is Richard. May I ask who you are looking for?”

“Oh, the person I’m looking for is a person by the name of Rick Brown.” I could feel my gut fill with fear as gave him a frown.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know who that is. I’ll let you know if I find anything out about him.” I calmly turned around but before I could walk away I felt the feeling of cold steel around my wrists. Did he just handcuff me?

“Did you really think I couldn’t tell who you were, Rick?” his breath tickled my ear as he his this question. I was yanked back into his iron grip and dragged into the back of an unmarked police car. How the fuck did this even happen?!