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Gears and Suits

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“I will mail it to him” I said taking it from her hand, and walk out to the parking lot. I got in a black car and drove to a post office, putting the envelope into the slight I drove back to the Cafe in hopes nothing much has happened in the time being.

*Now on to the story*


Third Person P.O.V.


The Cafe was silent as the guard sat in his office drinking a coffee. It was 12:00 A.M. and all the animatronics were in the right places. Victor didn’t know where the new animatronic was, all he knew was that it exists within the building. Quiet tapping sounds were heard as he flipped through the cameras. He looked up slightly and rubbed the his bandaged neck. In the office was two vents and three doors though the one in the middle led to a closet.


This door however was boarded up poorly with window on the top slightly visible. Victor always questioned it but never went to find out what was behind it. The light flickered above him as he shrugged it off, and continued to do his work. Victor looked behind but didn’t see anything so he grabbed a flashlight and looked down the hallways.


No one was there but what sound like breathing could be heard. Victor shook his head quickly, but went to the other hallway. It was the same way as the other one, but the breathing was much more strangled. His eyes widened as he quickly rushed back to the office.


‘What is going on?’ Victor asked himself. That’s when the light in the office went out, making the room go pit black. Turning his flashlight back on he went down the hallway, there is no use staying in a room when you don’t know what could be behind you. Down the long hallway he reached the Arcade entrance and Shay and Sighan’s stage. Victor peaked over the corner to see into Shay and Sighan’s room to find the red curtains closed. He did the same to the Arcade to find Ero on his small stage.


“What the…” Victor said in a whisper to not activate him. He went behind a Arcade machine as the animatronic looked around in confusion. It walked off the stage and looked over to the machine next to him, with that it opened it’s face slightly and let out a strange hiss, almost like that of a pipe that held water bursting open. It’s blue eyes glared almost as if they could burn holes into the plastic of the machine. Victor gulps silently and shuffled back, trying not make much noise.


It soon realized no one was there and walked out of the room, closing his face in the process. Victor sighed and followed the animatronic, making sure to stay in the shadows to not be seen. Ero walked into the props room and grabbed a very disturbing sight from one of the crates. It was a teen’s body that had bullet wounds, and he hoisted even more over his shoulders. Victor gagged slightly as the smell of blood and death reached his nose.


He continued to follow him curious, yet disturbed, to find out what he was going to do with the bodies. First he went to the animatronic dragon, Night, and open his chest plate. Ero then forcefully shoved a male’s body into the animatronics suit, and shut the chest plate when he was finished. Victor stepped back slightly and hid behind a crate not wanting to give himself away. The animatronic walked out of the room, and darted to the Parts and Service room.


He slammed the doors wide open, and went straight to the goat and owl. Both laid limp as Ero put the bodies inside them. Leaving quickly he went to Shay and Sighan to do the same thing. But when he went to Wolfie and Rosewood he found Kiki missing. Victor tried to catch up to him, but he stayed slow to not make too much ruckus.


He then felt a presence behind him and turned around face to-...chest with Kiki. Victor looked up to her face and saw her mouth agape, and her the lights in her eyes off. Her right eye flicker three times and the last time her pupil was yellow and her iris was red, making Victor jump back slightly.


“I’m not here to kill you, I’m here to warn you” Kiki growled in a deep voice. Her voice didn’t sound like that of the animatronic cat, it sound like a woman in her late 20s.


“Warn me about what?!” Victor asked quickly. She grimaced, crouching down to look a few inches away from his face.


“To warn you to run and hide, if he finds me I will be more aggressive than I normally am” She hissed making him feel almost what felt like hot breath gust across face. She grabbed both of his shoulders and pushed him back so she could turn around to face the main stage room entrance. Her eyes went back to the magenta color as she crept in the large performance stage.


“Where have you been?” A male voice hissed. Kiki looked up and glared daggers at the bob cat.


“You don’t need to know” Kiki grunted.


“What a shame, I thought you would find my game fun…” Ero teased.


“Fun? Fun?! You think trapping souls in animatronics is fun?!” Kiki shouted, outraged. As Kiki was shouting she didn’t notice the Wolfie had snuck up behind her and held her jaw shut. Kiki struggled but felt a pressure under her the right hinge of her jaw, where her power button was.


(Time Skip to 2:30 A.M.)


Kiki opened her eyelids slightly to find the room still pitch black. She was on the floor and she had a dark puddle under her, though she could make out the color of it. She stood up and wobbled slightly making the floorboards under creak under her weight. She looked to her right to find Wolfie and Rosewood completely still as they stared into the nothingness in front of them.


She walked closer to Wolfie and found the fox’s jacket was zipped down, and it the same dark stuff on the jacket and Wolfie’s chest that was on the ground around her. She took a quick glance to Rosewood to, sure enough, find the same thing seeping out of her chest plate. Kiki cringed slightly and walked out of the stage, to where the tables were. Behind the stage was a supply closet, that was mostly full of chemicals and cleaning supplies, in between to bathrooms.


Going into the supply closet she grabbed a rag, water in a bucket, and some soap. She went over to her friends and began to clean them of the strange dark stuff. After she was finished she went to check on the others and do the same thing. She looked down at herself and began to scrub harshly at the stains, but they seemed to stay there, not letting go.


She let out a hiss, but would not give up on try to get rid of the stains. The office was dark as she sat on the birch wood floorboards. She went in fetal position as she realized that it would never go out.


‘What if William finds out? What if they scrap us? What if we get shut down?!’ Kiki thought dreadfully. Her magenta eyes went dim as they went lidded. That when she heard a clicking noise it wasn’t footsteps of any human or animatronic, so what could it be? Kiki brought her head up slightly, listening carefully. The clicking came from the left hallway from the office desk.


She stood up straight and waddled over to the hallway entrance. The sound echoed from the hallway and into the prop room, where Night was. She silently peeked into the room to find many crates were ripped open and the dragon limp in the corner. Kiki was begin to feel something, something she never felt before. It almost felt like… fear.


She lurch forward and grabbed ahold of her torso and her head. Many snapping noises of bones breaking filled the room as her body writhed. Something must have moved against the spring locks in her animatronic suit to make them go off, making her let out a groan of pain. Within her body she almost thought she heard a scream of pain, but she couldn’t be too sure. The strange black substance began to seep out openings of the suit, spilling it over the floor.


She staggered backward and gripped the wall as if it was lifeline.Horror filled her glassy eyes as she went to stand again. Night stood up from his spot in the corner and looked over to Kiki, he must have awoken from the snapping sounds. She backed away slowly not wanting to start a fight with him. The dragon took off the orange top hat from his head gave slight bow.


“H-hello Kiki. W-what b-b-brings you here?” Night asked.


“Nothing much, just making sure that everything is going fine” Kiki replied with a nervous grin. Night gave a slight nod trying not keep eye contact with her penetrating cat eyes. “Well I have to go before something else happens…” Kiki huffed out glaring at the floor.


“Wait! I-I have to tell you something Kiki. Last night I saw someone… I don’t know who they were, but they went into Elizabeth’s and Jace’s office. I saw them…” Night stuttered but went silent.


“What did you see them do?” Kiki asked taking action to sound like a leader, something she could never be because Wolfie always was.


“I-I… Nothing. J-just forget it” Night sighed. Kiki looked worried for a second before letting out a sigh as well.


“Alright, but tell me if you think you find anything” Kiki said. Kiki walked out with her guard high not wanting to be ambushed at any moment. Her fur stood on end as she crept down the ingress.


Victor’s P.O.V.


I sat crouched under the desk so nothing can see in the office. The light still flickered above the desk, letting off an eerie glow. I looked at the watch on my wrist to see it’s 4:30 a.m. I let out a quiet sigh and brought my knees closer to my chest. That’s when I heard almost what sounded like the shuffling of heavy footstep. I ducked my head lower almost looking like I could hide inside myself.


Two clawed feet came into view, but they weren’t facing the desk. The fur on the feet was blue…that was Sighan. I sucked in a breath and waited for her to pass. Once she left I peaked out from under the desk to find the humid office empty. I gulp down my saliva and sat on the leather office chair.


I continued to sit in the chair and stare at the boarded up closet in front of me. When I scanned the room I found a crowbar propped up in a corner. I walked over to it quickly and tightened my grip on the rusting piece metal. I walked over to the door and slid the part of the crowbar under the board. I put lots of weight on the crowbar and the board gave a creak in protest.


After getting all the boards off I opened the door to find limp animatronic costume. It was filled with never seen before characters. There was charcoal colored dog with a pink bow, and a red rabbit with yellow eyes. In the middle was a grey cat with a suit, and it had green eyes.