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For the Rest of Mine

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The first things he saw when he woke early the next morning were Cas's ridiculously bright eyes about two inches away, gazing at him as if he were made of rainbows and glitter farts. Dean's stomach did a squirrelly little flip-flop – he was actually waking up in bed with a naked angel. He might even be waking up every day with a naked angel. How awesome was that?

The two of them were curled together facing one another, their legs tangled impossibly together. Cas had his head pillowed on a bent arm, while the other was tucked between their chests, his fingers tracing the lines of Dean's tattoo so gently, he could barely feel it.

Without disturbing their cozy position too much, Dean stretched like a cat – one body part at a time – and yawned big enough that his jaw popped. He took mental stock of his ass as he moved. He still felt a little strange down there and was maybe a little tender, but overall everything seemed fine.

Settling back in, he blinked sleepily at Cas.

"Morning," he said, his voice all mangled from the early hour. And maybe the screaming hot sex.

Now that Dean was awake, Cas's fingers moved up to stroke the planes and curves of his face – temple, cheekbone, scruffy jawline. His thumb dragged across Dean's lower lip, and the morning wood Dean had been trying to ignore rared up to say hello, nudging Cas's belly.

"Good morning, Dean," Cas replied with a soft smile.

A sudden suspicion niggled at Dean's brain. "Did you...lay there all night and watch me sleep?"

Cas brushed his thumb over Dean's cheek, and his expression went all mooshy. "Yes."

"Dude..." Dean wouldn't have thought the intensity of Cas's staring could ramp up any higher, but somehow it did.

"You're beautiful when you sleep."

Last night's association of praise with pleasure had apparently stuck at least a little, and Dean flushed. He leaned forward, tightening his hold on Cas's waist and meeting his lips in a smoldering kiss. Before it went very far, though, he pulled back with a groan.

"Aw, dammit, Cas, that's not fair. How do you not have morning breath? Shit, I must taste disgusting."

"You don't taste in any way unpleasant to me. Though my vessel was human, I am not, which means I don't experience things the same way you do. For that same reason, I don't have morning breath or body odor or flatulence or-"

"Yeah, yeah, okay," Dean interrupted with a chuckle before he got any more specific. "Quit your bragging. Humans are gross, and you're perfect, I know."

Cas frowned at him. "Being non-human just means I'm different, not perfect or in any way better. And humans aren't gross." He paused thoughtfully. "Well, not inherently so as a species. I'm sure there are individuals one might consider gross."

A thought occurred to Dean. "Hey, if you don't fart or anything, how is it you can come?"

"Technically, this body can do anything it did when it was Jimmy's. In practice, my grace maintains it, eliminating the need for food or sleep, or things like toothbrushes or showers."

"Show-off," Dean snorted. If his morning breath wasn't a turn off, though, he wasn't going to waste time worrying about it.

He leaned in to kiss Cas again, who responded enthusiastically with a warm tongue and nips over Dean's lips.

"As much as I enjoy watching you sleep, I'm pleased you're awake now," Cas murmured between kisses. "I've been thinking of many things I would like to try. Things I want to do to you."

Dean groaned wordlessly as all kinds of filthy things flashed through his mind.

Cas tongued his way down to Dean's throat and chest. "Would you like me to tell you what I plan to do to you right now?"

Dean nodded, then gasped as Cas latched onto his collarbone, sucking a hickey there that would surely rival the one from the other day. "Tell me, please."

With a hand at the back of his neck, Cas lifted Dean up off the bed far enough to wedge both pillows behind him. Dean didn't see where they came from, but by the time he'd leaned back down into the pillows, Cas had several strips of fabric in his hand. As Cas tied one around his wrist, Dean realized it was his own tie from his F.B.I. get-up, and before he knew it, his right arm was secured to one of the bedposts. Dean gaped up at him in surprise.

Hot damn, Cas was tying him down.

Cas straddled his body as he attached Dean's left wrist firmly to the other bedpost with Sam's tie. His eyes burned as he watched Dean, and a slightly predatory smile touched his lips.

"I intend to experiment – to take pleasure from you in any way I see fit."

A strangled sound forced its way out of Dean's throat.

The smile on Cas's face quirked a tiny bit wider as he held up a third tie – the familiar blue one that usually sat lopsided around his own neck. "Close your eyes."

Dean's mouth hung open for just a moment before he snapped his jaw shut and closed his eyes as directed. Cas tied the silky fabric in place and leaned in to murmur into Dean's ear. "Any time you wish me to stop, say so. Understand?"


The mattress shifted beneath Dean as Cas moved around, tying both his ankles as well. "You'll be restrained, but you're free to make as much noise as you want."

Dean pulled against the restraints, testing them, but he was pretty sure he'd have to wait for Cas to untie him before he'd be going anywhere. A nervous excitement crawled through his belly as he waited to find out what was in store for him.

Fingers trailed up his side and scratched lightly across his chest. A long sweep of feathers brushed over his thighs, a now-familiar feeling. The swirl of air from the movement of Cas's wing teased his half-hard cock with the barest imitation of touch. Dean whined and squirmed but had nowhere to go and no way to find any friction.

"I'm grateful to you, Dean, for your patience and guidance. You've been generous to me. My sexual inexperience must be somewhat frustrating to you," Cas began. Dean shook his head, but Cas continued before he could interrupt. "But now I intend to take what I want from you."

Heat flooded Dean's face. The touches over his body increased in number and pressure until he couldn't tell what was touching him where. It all turned into a swirl of sensation that got all the more dizzying for his being blindfolded.

The bed dipped as Cas straddled Dean's waist once again. "You like being restrained and controlled, so I'm going to use you how I want for as long as I want, because you're mine, Dean Winchester. I claim you. You belong to me, as I belong to you."

Dean whimpered and pulled against the ties, straining uselessly toward the angel above him. "Cas..."

He felt Cas's inner thighs brush along his ribs as he inched farther up Dean's body. A soft touch at his mouth startled him. Cas's thumb traced back and forth along his lower lip as he continued speaking. "Do you know I've loved you since the moment I wove your wounded soul back together? I love your fierceness and your gentle heart."

The thumb at his lip pressed harder. "And I love your mouth – so full and beautiful, it makes me want things I'm not certain I fully understand."

Cas pushed his thumb into Dean's mouth, hooked it over his teeth, and gently pried his mouth open. He drew the digit out just enough to spread saliva over his lower lip. His voice turned dark as he growled, "And I want to use it."

Dean's cheeks burned. The thought of Cas treating him like a freaking sex doll was weirdly humiliating but hot as hell, too. He nodded desperately and moaned his assent since he couldn't talk with his mouth forced open like that.

Suddenly, it was Cas's cock instead of his thumb pushing into his mouth, all tang and musk. A hand curled around the back of his head, guiding him deeper onto Cas's dick, but not so deep that it cut off his air or made him gag.

"Since you will be unable to speak for some time, if you wish me to stop, snap your fingers. Do you understand?"

"Nnn-hnn." Dean nodded as much as the cock in his mouth would allow.

Cas began to move gently, his dick sliding over Dean's tongue. "So beautiful, Dean. Seeing you like this, submitting to me so completely – it affects me more than I could have believed. You're perfect."

A warm thrill went through Dean at the praise.

"Do you want more?"

A muffled groan was the best 'yes' Dean could manage. As Cas's hips sped up their rocking motion and his dick swelled to full hardness, Dean did his best to relax his throat. Tears collected at the corners of his eyes, but he still worked his tongue and provided as much suction as he could. He wanted nothing more than to be what Cas wanted, to be perfect for him.

"Deeean," Cas crooned as he moved. "My Dean."

He thrust harder and faster, stuffing himself into Dean's mouth, causing all kinds of un-sexy noises and trails of saliva to dribble down his chin. But any self-consciousness Dean might have felt was overshadowed by the low groans and words of praise coming from the angel above him.

The groans abruptly raised in pitch, and the fingers gripping the back of Dean's head tightened. Certain he was about to get a throat full of come, Dean got ready to swallow, but was surprised when Cas pulled out completely.

"No," Cas said in a growl that made Dean's cock throb. "I haven't finished with you yet."

Moving back to sit over Dean's waist again, Cas wiped the spit from his chin, then leaned down to kiss him, his tongue delving deep.

"Mmm. I can taste myself," Cas murmured between kisses. "I like that. You should taste like me at all times."

Dean whimpered. Bizarre fantasies flashed through his brain like aphrodisiac lightning. Cas coming in his mouth at every filthy gas station bathroom in America. Cas bending him over a couch to fuck him while he conducted a fake F.B.I. interview. Cas demanding he use come instead of toothpaste to ensure he tasted like him at all times.

Okay, maybe not the last one.

More kisses followed as Cas leisurely made his way down Dean's throat and across his chest. "I thought about you all night – how you looked while I penetrated you, how you begged, how consumed you were by the pleasure I gave you."

Cas crawled farther down, straddling the tops of Dean's thighs, pinning his already immobilized legs firmly to the bed. The sudden snap of the cap of the lube bottle should have given Dean some warning, but he still jumped when a cool, slick hand wrapped around his dick and began to pump.

Cas's voice rumbled from somewhere above him. "Watching you lose control – watching you while I make you lose control – is extremely arousing."

He started jacking Dean off in earnest then, making fiery tendrils wind up his insides. Dean groaned as the tension in his balls built.

"And while... fucking you was a joy I hope to repeat often-"

"Yes, yes, yes," Dean muttered between moans as Cas kept talking.

"-I found myself curious about your experience. Especially your response to stimulation of your prostate."

Dean strained against his bindings and thrashed his head, getting more desperate to come with every stroke. "Cas, please..."

"Dean," Cas said sharply. "Are you listening?"

"Yeah, I'm listening," Dean insisted, though he was way more focused on the hand on his dick.

"Then you know what I'm about to do."

Dean hesitated. He was pretty sure he'd heard everything Cas had said, but wasn't putting it all together. "Um..."

He felt the air pressure change as Cas leaned down close to his ear. "I'm going to fuck myself on your cock until I'm thoroughly satisfied I've taken every bit of pleasure from you that I can."

Oh, Jesus H., when had Cas learned to talk like that?

"And you should know, Dean, as I'm touching you right now, I'm also opening my vessel with my fingers. It's not strictly necessary, of course, but you certainly seemed to enjoy it last night." Cas's words came out a little breathy and stilted, and Dean desperately wished he could see the angel kneeling above him, panting as he thrust his fingers into his own ass.

With a whine, Dean begged, "Please take off the blindfold? I want to see you. Oh, god, I need to see you. Please."

"No, Dean," Cas said firmly. "I'm using you for my own pleasure. Any that you receive is incidental."


"I said no. You will do as you're told, and only as you're told. Understand?"

Dean squirmed in his restraints, his cheeks on fire. "Yes."

The mattress dipped and shifted again as Cas moved up a little and gripped him firmly. Dean bit the inside of his cheek in anticipation, then gasped as his cock breached Cas's rim. Fireworks burst behind his covered eyes.

"Fuck, Cas!" He sucked more air as Cas lowered himself down, enveloping him in perfection. Hot, slick, oh-goddamn-that-was-tight perfection. "Oh, holy fucking fuck."

Breathing heavily, Cas paused once he was fully seated. "Mmm, Dean, this is... this is so..." He trailed off into muttered Enochian after that.

Agonizingly slowly, Cas raised himself up on Dean's cock and lowered himself once again. Both of them groaned at the glorious friction. Cas continued moving – much more slowly than Dean would have liked – searching for the angle he needed. When he found it, he shuddered and cried out, making Dean wish all the harder that he could see.

Then he heard the unmistakable sound of Cas jacking his own cock as he fucked himself on Dean's at a furious pace. The growled flow of Enochian on its own was insanely hot, but added to the images the smacks and slaps evoked in his head, it nearly drove Dean into a frenzy. He tried like hell to thrust himself up harder into Cas's body, but fingers digging into his side were enough of a reprimand that he stopped, left instead to jostle and jerk against his bindings, at the mercy of Cas's dogged pounding.

The Enochian switched harshly back to English. "Tell me you're mine, Dean. Tell me now!"

"God, yes! Completely yours!" Dean cried. "I fuckin' love you, Cas."

A choked off howl came from above him, and Dean felt Cas's muscles clamp down on him in the most spectacular way. The squeezing pressure on his cock and the warm spill of come splashing onto his belly sent Dean right over into orgasm, coming deep inside Cas's body, claiming the angel as his, too, in his own way.

"Dean, Dean, my Dean," Cas intoned softly as he came down from his high, sounding almost as if he were meditating or casting a spell. "Dean."

As Cas more or less collapsed down onto him, Dean blindly kissed and nuzzled whatever he could reach and let the warm tinglies of angel afterglow tickle his hyper-sensitive skin. "Love you," he mumbled. "Love you, Cas."

And suddenly Cas was up again, holding the sides of Dean's face and kissing him possessively. After a thorough plundering of his mouth, Cas untied the blindfold and eased it away. Dean blinked furiously, trying fruitlessly to clear his vision. In spite of the lingering blur, there was no mistaking the joy in the brilliant blue eyes in front of him.

Taking his face in his hands more gently this time, Cas kissed Dean on the forehead. "I love you, too."

Dean's insides positively glowed at that. He was totally going to have to see a gynecologist about it, because he was clearly turning into a girl, but goddamn, it made him stupidly happy to hear Cas say it.

It still didn't seem possible, but it was true.

Cas loved him.