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For the Rest of Mine

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Twenty-five minutes later, Dean was back at the motel and pacing trenches into the carpet. He knew he should be looking for a new case since this one was a done deal, but he was too anxious. When Cas had shown up at the hospital, he'd clearly been smack in the middle of a fight. Other than being in a hurry, he hadn't sounded overly concerned about it, but Dean hadn't heard anything from him since and was starting to worry.

Maybe Cas just thought Dean was still with Sam and didn't want to be interrupted.

“Cas, you got your ears on?” Dean prayed. “Sam's awake and doing well. He's at the hospital overnight. I'm back at the motel now, so when you're done with your angel stuff...come see me? Let me know you're okay. Um. Amen.”

He didn't expect an immediate answer and didn't get one, so he decided to take a shower to kill some time. Afterward, dressed in a clean T-shirt and pair of jeans, he flopped onto his bed with a beer, settling in for some serious channel surfing. No show was too crappy to sample as he distracted himself from worrying about Cas.

He must have eventually fallen asleep because some action movie gunfire and explosions startled him awake. On the screen were John McClane and Hans Gruber. Die Hard. Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker.

And an instant later, he realized Castiel stood nearby, nearly invisible in the dark room, his head at an angle as he watched Dean.

A sarcastic comment about the creep-factor died on Dean's tongue as Cas's appearance registered on his eyeballs. “Whoa, are you okay?”

He muted Bruce Willis, then got up quickly and gripped Cas's shoulders, examining him in the flickering light from the television. The angel looked ready to drop from exhaustion. He was even more of a mess than he'd been this afternoon, with blood from several small wounds mixed in with the dirt and grime from before.

“Are you hurt? Like, bad-hurt?” Dean asked.

Cas's balance wavered as he shook his head. “No.”

“What happened?”

“Demons. A great many of them.” Cas blinked heavily. “They killed three of my brothers, but the demons are all dead now. The incursion was stopped before much damage was done.”

An unpleasant feeling twinged in Dean's gut. He couldn't even bring himself to care what these demons had been up to. Despite knowing Cas was perfectly capable of taking care of himself, a part of Dean always worried about him when he was gone on angel business. And hearing that three other just-as-capable-as-Cas angels had been killed only made it worse.

He ran gentle fingers through Cas's hair, taming it a little, but mostly reassuring himself that the angel was here with him now. He was fine. Safe. Having to wait uselessly on the sidelines really sucked ass.

Maybe he couldn't protect Cas all the time, but he sure as hell could take care of him now. Tugging at the bedraggled overcoat, Dean eased Cas out of it and his suit jacket before guiding him to the end of the bed to sit down.

“Stay put,” he told him before disappearing into the bathroom and returning with a dampened washcloth.

As he looked over Cas's cuts and scrapes, he felt another pang. They weren't healing. The fight must have totally depleted Cas's batteries.

“Dean, you needn't see to my injuries. They're minor. After some rest, I'll regain my strength, and I can return my vessel to its previous condition.”

“Cas,” Dean said softly, cupping the angel's cheek to meet his eyes. “Let me do this.”

After a quiet moment, Cas acquiesced, allowing Dean to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt. Careful not to prod any of the small wounds too deeply, Dean washed away the blood and dirt with slow strokes of the cloth, acutely aware of Cas's eyes on him as he worked. He tried to ignore the flush of heat the gaze brought to his skin and instead focused on taking care of the battered angel.

He went back to the bathroom repeatedly to rinse out the washcloth, but gradually he washed the dirt away. Dean peeled off Cas's dress shirt and tossed it to the floor. Beneath it, there was more blood to clean up, but not so much dirt, so it went quickly. He pulled Cas to his feet and unfastened his torn and filthy slacks, letting them fall to the floor. Dean nudged Cas to sit him back down, then knelt to pull off his shoes and socks and untangle the pants from around his ankles.

Dean rested his hands on Cas's thighs, and as he looked up into the angel's face, his breath caught in his chest. How many times now had he imagined himself here – on his knees in front of Castiel? Obviously Cas was in no condition stuff yet, but just thinking about it gave Dean shivers.

Cas reached out and slowly ran his fingers through the short hair at the top of Dean's head. Then, cradling Dean's face between his hands, he leaned down to place a soft kiss on his forehead.

“Thank you, Dean,” he murmured in that deep, graveled voice of his that set Dean's insides humming. And the expression on Cas's face...

Dean went all gooey from that look – the tenderness there, the love. Face flushing with pleasure, he ducked his head, and as he glanced down, he realized Cas's cock was definitely stirring beneath his boxers. Raising his eyes, Dean saw that the cuts and abrasions on Cas's skin were slowly closing up and beginning to fade. Maybe Cas felt well enough to do stuff after all.

Sliding his palms a little farther up Cas's thighs, Dean massaged circles into the angel's skin, teasing just under the bottom edge of his boxers with his thumbs. “So, how're you feeling?” he asked with a quirk of his eyebrow.

Cas closed his eyes and made a soft sound in his throat that only encouraged the rapid swelling of Dean's dick.

“I feel...tired. And aroused,” he rumbled. He opened his lids and pinned Dean with blazing blue eyes. “I would like for you to pleasure me.”

Caught halfway between finding that incredibly hot and incredibly dorky, Dean choked out, “Oh my god, Cas. Don't say it like that.”

“Why not? Should I not be direct? It's what I want.”

Put like that, Dean really couldn't find a reason to argue, plus he rapidly found the scales tipping in favor of 'incredibly hot'. “You know what? I was wrong. Coming from you, it works.” He flashed a grin, but it slipped away slowly under Cas's molten stare.

Dean surged up to kiss him, open-mouthed and messy as hell. He rubbed his hands up Cas's thighs, then around to the back to catch the waistband of his boxers, stripping them down in one pull. He backed away only far enough to drag the underwear over Cas's knees and off his feet, flinging them to the side before claiming Cas's mouth again.

He'd never have believed Cas only learned how to do this yesterday. Maybe angels were quick studies, or maybe Cas was just some kind of sex prodigy. Either way, it was fucking awesome.

Dean pulled back to gasp for air and took the opportunity to ogle the naked angel before him. “So freaking gorgeous,” he muttered almost to himself as his eyes roved over the glorious expanse of tanned skin, sleek muscle, and his luscious, swollen cock.

Leaning back in, he laved his tongue up the column of Cas's throat, ending just below his jaw where he paused to suckle the skin, wet and sloppy. The groan that rumbled out of Cas vibrated against Dean's lips and tongue. Fuck, knowing that he caused those sounds to come from the angel was easily as hot as the noises themselves.


Oh, shit – even better than the moans, the sound of his name rolling from Cas's lips urged his already roused cock to immediate, aching hardness. “Cas,” he breathed against the angel's throat. “Fuck, Cas, do that again. Say it again. Please!”

Cas curled a hand around the back of Dean's neck and brought his lips close to his ear. “You like when I say your name?”

Dean nodded, still kissing and sucking at Cas's throat.

The fingers at his neck tightened ever so slightly, and Dean gasped as that sent a scalding flare of arousal through him like liquid fire. Cas murmured, “What was that? I could not hear you.”

“Yes! Fuck, yes,” Dean whimpered against Cas's skin. The humid heat of his own breath made his face flush. He nuzzled under the angel's jaw with lips and teeth.

“Mmmm, Dean,” Cas groaned. God, he made it sound so filthy.

His fingers relaxed at the back of Dean's neck and slid up to scratch lightly over his scalp, triggering an eruption of gooseflesh. Dean shivered at the tingles, and struggled to keep his focus. He was supposed to be the one pleasuring Cas, after all.

While his hands kneaded into the flesh of his thighs and hips, Dean worked his way back down Cas's throat, dipped his tongue into the hollow between his collar bones, then dropped lower to close his lips over one of Cas's nipples and suck. With a ragged inhale, Cas threw his head back and cried, “Ohhh, Dean!”

Smirking against Cas's chest, Dean continued teasing the stiffened nipple with his lips and tongue. “So sensitive,” he crooned between licks and tugs. “So fucking sexy.”

Cas cried out again when Dean licked his way across to his other nipple. The angel's breath came in throaty little pants, and when Dean glanced down, he could see Cas's cock leaking pre-come. Dean's own cock twitched, encased in his uncomfortably tight jeans. But somehow that was arousing as fuck, too, being fully dressed in stiff denim with Cas splayed naked in front of him, expectant and waiting for Dean to please him.

He pushed Cas's knees farther apart and drew back, pausing to take a long look at the reddened cock resting thick between his legs – full and flush and dripping, and it was fucking gorgeous. Dean massaged his thumbs back up Cas's inner thighs, working closer to his goal. Cas watched him from beneath heavy lids, his lips parted and slack around his panting breaths.

“Dean,” he uttered, desire turning his voice into a broken mess. “I need-- Dean--”

Kissing his way up one thigh, Dean let his breath brush over Cas's sensitive head as he murmured, “I know.” Wrapping a hand around the base, he took Cas's cock into his mouth. A musky tang suffused his tongue, and his nose filled with the rich, dizzying scent of Cas. He moaned even as he pulled him deeper in.

Cas choked out a sound that might have been Dean's name, but it was impossible to tell. His legs spread wider and he leaned back, pressing into the bed as he arched upward. Dean held his hips down, and though there was no way he could actually hold him in place, Cas allowed Dean to guide him, trembling with the effort to remain still.

Dean felt his cheeks heat again and his cock throbbed at the straight up pornographic sounds Cas made. Such lewd noises coming from an angel – goddamn, that was going to kill him. Death by hotness. He could handle that.

He pulled up and gave a wet swirl of his tongue around the head of Cas's cock before sinking back down, sliding his lips over the velvety skin of his shaft until he felt it at the back of his throat. Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes as he fought to stay deep. One of Cas's hands came up to rest at the crown of his head. He didn't push him down on his cock, but it still encouraged Dean to keep going.

When he was sure he wouldn't choke, he hollowed his cheeks and sucked in surging pulses, working Cas's length with the flat of his tongue. He slid his hand up from the jut of Cas's hipbone up to find a nipple and pinch the bud firmly.

Immediately, Cas's whole body stiffened beneath him, and he gasped in a harsh breath. “Deeeean!” The word deteriorated into a keening cry as come erupted into Dean's mouth, over his tongue and down his throat.

He swallowed as quickly as he could, determined not to lose any, and milked Cas's cock for every drop even as he writhed and moaned beneath him. When Cas's cries turned to shaky, rasping breaths, and he drooped down onto his elbows on the mattress, Dean let his wilting dick slip free and lapped it clean. Then he moved on to peppering his belly and inner thighs with kisses, butterfly light and teasing. Cas shivered and groaned low in his throat.

Dean looked up, reveling in the bliss on the angel's face, proud that he'd been the one to put it there. Cas opened his eyes, blinking heavily down at Dean. He reached down to stroke a hand over Dean's hair and trail his fingers back along his jaw.

Rubbing a thumb over Dean's lower lip, Cas quirked a dreamy half smile. “Your mouth,” he mumbled. “Amazing. So beautiful, Dean.”

Flushing half in embarrassment, half in pleasure, Dean shrugged one shoulder. He grinned. “Good, then?”

A spark of fire flashed in Cas's tired eyes. He leaned forward, pulling Dean in by the back of his neck, and kissed him thoroughly, showing him just how much he'd liked it. “So good,” he murmured sleepily after pulling away just far enough to speak.

Dean's cock throbbed uncomfortably in the confines of his jeans. It would have to wait, though. Cas's cuts were healed now, but he still looked like he was about to keel over from exhaustion. Or from being high as a kite on post-orgasm endorphins.

“Come on,” he said, dragging Cas up and steering him to the bedside. He pulled the covers back. “I think it might be nap time.”

A tiny scowl marred Cas's face. It had to be the most adorable thing Dean had ever seen. “I don't sleep. Nap time is unnecessary.”

“Unnecessary, maybe, but you'll like it anyway,” Dean insisted. He peeled off his T-shirt and tossed it to the floor.

“I see.” Cas crawled into bed. “Very well. We can nap.”

Dean stripped off the rest of his clothes and, ignoring his erection, slid into bed – his side of the bed, he remembered with a bit of a grin. He pulled the angel against him so his head rested comfortably on his shoulder. Cas slipped his arm around Dean's middle and nuzzled into him, the scritchiness of his stubble sending shivers rippling over Dean's skin.

“See? This is nice, right? Feels good to rest and relax?”

With a drowsy hum, Cas agreed.

Dean combed his fingers through Cas's hair, rubbing his scalp and tugging lightly at the dark strands. He closed his eyes and sighed. “I'm glad you're going to be okay. I was worried about you.”

Cas didn't budge from where he was plastered against him, but asked, “Why?”

Dean gave a bit of a snort. “Why do you think, Cas? Because you were in a big-ass fight, and I didn't know what was happening.”

“I'm fine.”

“But I didn't know that. What if something happened to you? How would I even know? You just...wouldn't come back, and I'd--” Dean cut off, biting his lip hard. Shit. He hadn't meant to get himself all upset, but he'd gone and done it anyway. Dammit, he sounded like a big whiny crybaby.

He forced a reassuring smile onto his face, even though Cas couldn't see it.

“Never mind. Just get some rest,” he said. But there was no response. “Cas?”

Craning his neck a little, he could see that Cas was totally zonked out. Damn. He must've been even more wiped out than Dean had realized. Gazing down at the sleeping angel with his dark lashes and his pretty pink mouth, the warm feeling from before returned to fill Dean's chest.

Goddammit, he really did love Cas, didn't he?