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For the Rest of Mine

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“Okay, then. I'm in.”

Cas blinked, surprise and hope blooming on his face. “You are?”

Dean laughed. “Yeah, man. But if this all goes south, you can't say I didn't warn you.”

“Dean...” Cas frowned at his self-deprecating tone.

“Oh, don't get your panties in a twist – I was just joking.” Mostly.

He stood, pulling Cas up with him. “What do you say we start with something simple? Kissing 101.”

He pushed the two outer layers off Cas's shoulders, tossing the overcoat and suit jacket carelessly onto Sam's bed. Then he stepped right up into Cas's personal space.

Cas shifted nervously. “What do I do?”

Dean caught his hands. “You don't need to do anything.” He brushed his thumbs soothingly over Cas's fingers. “I want you to tell me if I do anything you don't like or that makes you uncomfortable, but otherwise, just relax. Don't think – just feel, okay?”

He guided Cas's hands to rest on Dean's hips, then cupped his jaw and smiled reassuringly. Cas's lips curved into a gentle smile in return, and from the way his stomach flipped, Dean knew he was in waaay deep. Admitting to himself that he wanted Cas had burst open a dam of feelings that he didn't quite know what to do with. Usually when he felt this overwhelmed, he drowned it all in alcohol and meaningless sex until the feelings went away. His impulse right now was to lose himself in fucking Cas senseless so he wouldn't have to think too much about what it all meant.

But this was different. Complicated. Dean cared about Cas, which meant sex with him couldn't be meaningless. Plus this would be the angel's first time, and Dean wanted it to be good. He was suddenly very glad Cas's social weirdness got them kicked out of that brothel a while back. Knowing he would be the first one to touch Cas like that was one hell of a turn on.

Dean took a second to gather himself. Go slow. Be gentle. Wetting his lip with a quick flick of his tongue, he started with a simple press of the lips, like Cas had done, but let it linger until Cas relaxed under his hands and his mouth softened. He began to move a bit then, nudging and pulling at Cas's lips with his own. The sensation of stubble rasping against his skin felt so amazing, it made him dizzy wanting more, but he held himself in check. After a while, Cas seemed to melt into him, copying the gentle movements Dean was making.

Dean pulled back a fraction, so when he spoke, his lips still brushed lightly over Cas's and their unsteady breaths mingled warm and humid between them. Stroking Cas's cheekbones with his thumbs, Dean asked, “This okay so far?”

Cas opened his eyes, blinking at Dean and looking dazed. “This is... It's... Don't stop.”

Dean's breath hitched in his chest. God, the sight of the angel so flustered from a simple kiss was going to drive him into a blind rut. With a harsh reminder to himself to take it slow, Dean pulled Cas in again with a hand at the back of his neck. Gently, patiently, Dean let the kisses get a little freer, encouraging Cas to relax into more open-mouthed, but non-invasive, exploration.

The first time he let his tongue flick against the seam of Cas's lips, he was surprised by the resulting stuttering gasp of air. He paused to let him get accustomed to the idea, then returned, gradually deepening the kisses with a teasing tongue. When Cas tentatively pushed his own tongue in for an exploratory taste, Dean groaned aloud, and the angel's hands tightened convulsively on his hips.

“Yeah, Cas, just like that. It's good, so good,” Dean murmured, slipping his fingers up into Cas's dark tangle of hair and losing himself in the bliss of his mouth.

With Dean guiding him, Cas quickly gained confidence and their kisses grew messy and more frantic. Dean clutched at his back and his hair, pulling their bodies fully flush at last, and oh god, Cas had a boner.

“Fuck, Cas!” Dean groaned, pulling his mouth free and grinding his hips into Cas's.

He opened his eyes to find Cas looking stunned, jaw slack and eyes totally unfocused. Dammit, he was moving too fast. He needed to slow. The fuck. Down.

With every ounce of willpower he could muster, Dean pushed their bodies apart a few inches. He cradled Cas's face in his hands until the dazed angel met his eyes. “Sorry, Cas, I got ahead of myself. You okay?”

Cas nodded mutely.

“Use your words, buddy. Are you really okay?”

In a voice more broken than usual, Cas answered, “Yes, Dean.”

Relieved, Dean smiled and began loosening Cas's tie. “So what do you think of the kissing?”

Cas watched his hands work the tie free. “It's very wet.”

Dean paused, not sure if that was totally insulting or the funniest thing he'd heard all day. “Well, that's true. And if we keep going, there's going to be a lot more of that – slobber and sweat and jizz, all slick and sticky and gross, and it's all awesome.” He slipped the tie from around Cas's neck and dropped it on Sam's bed. Trying to cover his nerves with nonchalance, he asked, “Too human for you?”

Cas's fingers tightened where they still rested on Dean's hips, and he smiled with lips pink and flush. “Exactly human enough.”

Dean dropped a quick kiss on those sinful lips and picked up Cas's hands one at a time, undoing the cuffs of his sleeves. Then he unfastened the top couple of buttons at his chest and trailed his fingers over the skin exposed in the V. “Still wanna do this?”

In answer, Cas practically attacked his face, plunging his tongue into Dean's mouth like a pro, and holy fuck, if that wasn't the hottest thing ever. Maybe fantasy-Cas wasn't so far away after all. A desperate moan crawled out of his throat at that thought. It was killing him to hold back when everything in him screamed for more, more, more. He couldn't remember the last time he'd wanted someone so badly – maybe not ever.

No, don't think. Feel. Cas's tongue slid over his own, pushing and probing and silently seeking. Dean caught Cas's lower lip between his teeth, then sucked as he released it, prompting a needy sound from the angel. Dean smiled into the kiss as Cas immediately nipped back, eager to try out everything Dean offered. And while Cas experimented, Dean untucked the white dress shirt and began unbuttoning the rest of it from the bottom up. The instant the last button gave way, Dean slipped his hands inside to finally, finally touch the angel's fevered skin.

The moment Dean spread his hands on his chest, Cas whimpered, and again when he slid them around to glide up the firm muscle of Cas's back. Without breaking their kiss, Dean steered them to land on the bed in a tangle. With little nudges and grunts, he arranged them more or less in the middle without too many body parts dangling off the edges.

Dean slung his leg over Cas's hips to straddle his body and braced himself on his arms over the beautiful man – angel – beneath him. Cas's eyes were dark and wild, his skin flushed, and his hair even messier than usual. He was so fucking beautiful.

Cas's hands settled briefly on Dean's thighs before creeping back up to their place on his hips where Dean had originally put them. Maybe he didn't realize it was okay to move them, but that was fine. This was about Cas.

Lowering himself to his elbows, Dean returned to Cas's mouth, tasting and teasing for all he was worth. Then he planted a trail of delicate kisses along Cas's jawline. At the juncture of jaw and throat, Dean sucked hard at Cas's skin and laved with his tongue.

Cas's head rolled back into the pillows. “Deeean...” he groaned.

“God, Cas!” Dean gasped into Cas's neck as the broken sound of his name in that glorious voice triggered a pulsing throb in his cock, leaving a dribble of pre-come to soak into his boxers. “Oh fuck, keep doing that. Make noise. I wanna know what makes you feel good. Please, Cas.”

Dean felt him nod and quickly went back to putting wet, sucking kisses all down Cas's throat. The angel shifted restlessly beneath him, his hands finally moving up Dean's back and over his shoulders and arms. Dean looked up to see that Cas's eyes were closed and his lips were moving around the whimpers and moans bubbling up from his throat.

He threw Cas's dress shirt wide open, and shit, he looked good. So much gorgeous fucking skin to taste. “Fuck, Cas...”

His hands splayed over the lean muscle of his body, smoothing over flat planes and kneading at gentle swells. Dean nuzzled across those defined collar bones, then mouthed his way down the center of his chest. Every breath Cas took was labored, with a rasping, guttural sound that seemed to come from deep within him.

Dean dragged a thumb over one of Cas's nipples and the angel choked out his name in a ragged voice, so of course, Dean did it again. When he closed his mouth over it and sucked, Cas arched up off the bed like he'd been shocked with a live wire.

Dean!” he sobbed, followed by a stream of slurred Enochian. Dean had no idea what he was saying, but it was so fucking hot, his aching cock surged again, leaving a bigger wet spot to soak into his pants.

In between licking and sucking his way between both of Cas's nipples, he murmured praise for the angel. “God, that's so hot, Cas. You're so beautiful, so good! Make noise for me – tell me what you want.”

Cas rolled his head side to side on the pillow, incoherent mumblings spilling from his mouth in fits and starts around his rasping breaths. His fingers were claws clenching into the bedspread beside him until his knuckles were white and the tendons stood out on the backs of his shaking hands.

Afraid he'd overwhelmed him again, Dean paused. “Cas? Are you okay?”

Cas released the bedding, clapping his hands abruptly to the sides of Dean's face. He raised his own head to pin Dean with the most terrifyingly intense glare he'd ever seen. His blue eyes were lit from within with a white fire, and Dean was bluntly reminded that Castiel was not human. “Dean. If you stop now, I will smite you.”

“Fuck, Cas!” Dean moaned as heat flashed through him like lightning. God, that voice, those eyes... they were one hundred percent fantasy-Cas. “You have no idea what you're doing to me right now.”

The fingers clamped around his head tightened. “Dean. I said don't stop,” Cas growled.

In answer, Dean sank his teeth into Cas's pectoral muscle, following it up by sucking a bruise there. Cas hissed and spouted another torrent of Enochian dirty talk – or at least Dean chose to believe it was dirty talk. For a moment, he closed his eyes just to feel the angel beneath him so lost in pleasure. When he looked up again, the rapturous look on Cas's face made him grin like an idiot. He caused that. He was making Cas come utterly undone.

Dean licked and bit his way back up to Cas's throat, ending at his ear, running his tongue around the outer curve. He pressed his cheek to Cas's as an anchor for himself and whispered, “God, you're amazing like this. So gorgeous, Cas.”

He brought one knee between Cas's and dragged his palm up the outside of the angel's trouser-clad thigh. The Enochian monologue got louder and more unsteady as he paused on his hip, fingers digging in possessively. He let his hand drift closer, stroking Cas's hip, his inner thigh, and finally letting his thumb brush along the pronounced length of his cock.

Cas's hips lunged up off the bed. “Oh, Dean!” he cried out between gasping breaths. “Dean!

Whispering reassurances against the angel's throat, Dean shifted a bit to the side so his quaking fingers could work open Cas's belt and unfasten his pants. His own cock was pressed firmly into Cas's thigh through their layers of clothing, and though the need was nearly overwhelming, he managed not to rut against him like a dog.

Dean pushed open Cas's fly, the light touch of fingers through his boxers causing the angel to groan and thrust his hips up uselessly, straining for more friction.

“Easy, angel. I've got you,” Dean murmured.

Slipping his fingers beneath the elastic of Cas's underwear, Dean pushed the uncooperative boxers and slacks a little farther down until he had enough room to work. Knowing Cas would be extremely sensitive, Dean gripped him gently, but even so, Cas made a strained keening sound as his hips surged upward, trying to fuck himself into Dean's fist.

Dean looked down and had to bite his lip to hold back whimpers at the sight of his own hand wrapped around Cas's cock, peeking out from the layers of clothes. The head was flushed nearly purple with pre-release dripping down to Dean's fingers. Gathering up the pre-come, he used it to slick his palm and provide a bit of glide, but it wasn't enough. Cas made a growling noise of disapproval when Dean released his cock briefly to spit in his palm, but the broken flow of Enochian returned when the hand did.

Dean gave a few slow strokes of his hand, then pumped faster as the words Cas uttered deteriorated into desperate sounding moans and cries. Shifting his body up a bit, Dean sucked at the salty skin of Cas's throat and brought his lips to the angel's ear.

“Is this what you wanted? You gonna come for me, Castiel?”

Dean!” With a strangled cry, Cas arched back into the pillows, and every light bulb in the room burst with a pop. Startled by the sound, Dean flinched, but kept working his cock, coaxing out every last spark of pleasure. His eyes were riveted on Cas's face, mesmerized by every twitch and shift of expression as the angel rode out his very first orgasm. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Hot damn, he'd just made an angel come. Was he more likely to go to Heaven or Hell for that?

At last, Cas collapsed, falling limp on the bed and gasping for air he probably didn't even need. His eyes eventually opened, no longer burning white, but when they settled on Dean, they all but glowed with love and awe. The strangest feeling welled up, suffusing Dean in warmth. With a start, he realized it might actually be happiness. It'd been so long since he'd felt it that he'd forgotten how good it could be. And even better, he could see it reflected in the angel's eyes.

Cas had always looked at Dean. Not like other people look at things, just skimming the surface with their eyes. He saw Dean. Even from that first terrifying night in the old barn. He saw through the bluster and the snark to what was beneath. To the things Dean mostly kept hidden even from himself. And now, looking into those intense blue eyes, Dean thought he might be seeing a little bit of Castiel for the first time.

And he liked it.