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160 chicken nuggets

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kittykimj started a chat
kittykimj named the chat 160 chicken nuggets

kittykimj added coolgurlhyjn0122, binniebunny, kmh95, shiahshiah, arindaun, honeybunseung to the chat

kmh95: ...unnie.. "coolgurlhyjn0122".....
coolgurlhyjn0122: what???
kmh95: .... that's so lame
coolgurlhyjn0122: hey! -___-
coolgurlhyjn0122: you just don't understand my cool side -___-
arindaun: jiho unnie, why didn't you add hyojung? :(
kittykimj: she said she's working on her username lol hold on you know she's bad at technology

kittykimj added choihyojung94 to the chat

choihyojung94: hoooll
kmh95: what
shiahshiah: LMFAO
choihyojung94: hello*
arindaun: hi unnie :D
choihyojung94: HI ARIN LONG TIME NO SEE
honeybunseung: unnie you're sitting right next to her
choihyojung94: SEUNGHEE HELLO :D
choihyojung94: THIS IS SO COOL :D
shiahshiah: unnie turn your caps lock off
kmh95: please
choihyojung94: HOW DO I DO THAT :(
choihyojung94: IS IT GB加我的 esto es lo que, 왜 ..ㅠㅠ
kittykimj: ........
kittykimj: unnie it's the little arrow button
choihyojung94: OH I see it okay!!!! thanks guys!! :D
coolgurlhyjn0122: hyojung what do you think we should have for dinner?
coolgurlhyjn0122: the kids think we should have steak but idk
choihyojung94: what's idk
shiahshiah: I want curry chicken
binniebunny: it means I don't know unnie
choihyojung94: ooohhhh :O
choihyojung94: steak sounds nice! :D
kmh95: no curry for you shiah LMFAO
shiahshiah: >:(
shiahshiah: hope u trip mimi
coolgurlhyjn0122: hey settle down now, no violence
shiahshiah: unnie -___- you always take her side even though she calls you lame!!!!
kmh95: LMFAO
kmh95: because she loves me
coolgurlhyjn0122: hey!
coolgurlhyjn0122: I love you both
choihyojung94: how do you guys want your steak cooked? :D
arindaun: anyway you want unnie :D
choihyojung94: :D
arindaun: :D
choihyojung94: :D
kittykimj: guys...
arindaun: yeah? :D
kittykimj: stop
arindaun: :(
choihyojung94: hey!
choihyojung94: you made arin sad >:(
kittykimj: oops
kmh95: lol
choihyojung94: why are you laughing mihyun -_-
kmh95: reason
honeybunseung: ......
honeybunseung: anyway are we gonna order the steak
choihyojung94: yes! :D
honeybunseung: let's get it cooked medium
binniebunny: I want cola too
choihyojung94: okay! :D
coolgurlhyjn0122: I'll call, they might even give us a discount from how cool I sound over the phone!
kmh95: .......
kmh95: whatever you say unnie

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arindaun: guys why do people keep asking about my forehead? :(
kmh95: probably because no one ever sees it?
shiahshiah: yeah honestly I don't even think we see it anymore
arindaun: it's there!!!!!!
binniebunny: you're cute either way arin! >_<
kittykimj: not as cute as you binnie! :p
binniebunny: omg :3
kittykimj: <3
shiahshiah: get a room
kmh95: honestly
kittykimj: jealousy is a disease, get well soon!
kmh95: idk about you shiah but I'm not jealous
shiahshiah: me neither LMFAO
kittykimj: -__-
kittykimj: anyway seunghee unnie why are you so quiet
honeybunseung: I was practicing a new doorbell impression
kmh95: that's what that noise was?????
honeybunseung: yes >:(
kmh95: I see...
honeybunseung: -___-
honeybunseung: anyway where are hyojung and jine unnie
choihyojung94: I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!
coolgurlhyjn0122: we were looking for new satchels
shiahshiah: what the hell is a satchel
choihyojung94: :O language!!!!!!
binniebunny: aren't those just handbags
coolgurlhyjn0122: .....
coolgurlhyjn0122: JUST HANDBAGS?
coolgurlhyjn0122: THIS IS A SATCHEL * Image and video hosting by TinyPic


kmh95: .... looks like a handbag to me
choihyojung94: wrong! :D
choihyojung94: satchels are ˈsaCHəl/


a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap and typically closed by a flap.

binniebunny: .......
shiahshiah: she deadass just copy and pasted the definition I gtg
kmh95: I'M WEAK
kittykimj: LMAO
honeybunseung: unnie oh my god lol
arindaun: ....even I have to admit that was....
coolgurlhyjn0122: see guys I'm not /that/ bad
choihyojung94: what do you mean "that bad" ? >:(
coolgurlhyjn0122: ... nothing
coolgurlhyjn0122: we should go practice lol
kmh95: yes I need arin to stop tripping me when we alternate spots
arindaun: sorry lol
kittykimj: let's go go goooo



binniebunny: guys!!!
honeybunseung: ???
binniebunny: did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off???
arindaun: no omg :O
binniebunny: hes all /right/ now!
shiahshiah: ...............
kmh95: ......................
choihyojung94: well thats good to hear! im glad hes okay :D
honeybunseung: oh my god
kittykimj: times like this i wish we had more friends
coolgurlhyjn0122: are we not cool enough for you? >:(
kittykimj: uh
kittykimj: no you're great unnie! :)
coolgurlhyjn0122: oh cool :D
choihyojung94: binnie
binniebunny: yes unnie?
choihyojung94: did you hear about the guy who ate a clock?
binniebunny: no....
choihyojung94: he said it was time consuming!
binniebunny: LOL
   kmh95 has left the chat
   shiahshiah has left the chat

choihyojung94: whyd they leave ? :O
binniebunny: i think we're too funny for them
choihyojung94: hahah you're right

choihyojung94 added shiahshiah to the chat
choihyojung94 added kmhh955 to the chat

kmhh955: uhhhh who is this
choihyojung94: hi mimi!!! its your unnie hyojung i added you back to the chat! :D
kmhh955: who the hell is mimi who is hyojung what
choihyojung94: ?? :O are u joking around?
arindaun: unnie thats not mimi's username
kmhh955: who are u people omg
choihyojung94: OH OOPS
choihyojung94: sorry!!!


choihyojung94 removed kmhh955 from the chat
choihyojung94 added kmh95 to the chat

shiahshiah: smh
kmh95: did she add the wrong person
honeybunseung: yes >.<
honeybunseung: hehehe
kmh95: what are we gonna do with her
binniebunny: keep her forever :3
kmh95: ........
kmh95: ...true
choihyojung94: mimi why wont you do aegyo :(
shiahshiah: shes bad at it
kmh95: actually binnie is I'm lying
binniebunny: hey!!!!! -___-
kmh95: unnie its just so.... tiring
kmh95: I'm too chic for it ;)
shiahshiah: she only does it for me ;)
kmh95: I dont recall
shiahshiah: you dont have to pretend in front of the members ;)
kmh95: true ;)
kittykimj: get a room
shiahshiah: -___-
binniebunny: HA! PAYBACK
kittykimj: payback is a bitch :3
coolgurlhyjn0122: watch your mouth!!! >:(
kittykimj: oops sorry unnie hehe
coolgurlhyjn0122: no you're not >:(
kittykimj: :)

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arindaun: unnie leave my buns alone >:(
honeybunseung: but they're so cute :(
honeybunseung: i wanna bite em :D
arindaun: my head is not food -___-
honeybunseung: anything is what you make it to be :D


binniebunny: did you guys hear that? :O
kmh95: it sounded like a banshee
shiahshiah: its arin messing seunghee's hair up lol
shiahshiah: they're harassing each other in their room
shiahshiah: seunghee is screaming something about food being anything you want it to be
shiahshiah: now arin is telling her "in that case your head can be food to me"
shiahshiah: seunghee is saying that rule doesn't apply to her
kittykimj: why are they like this
shiahshiah: i wish i knew


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choihyojung94: KIDS GUESS WHAT
honeybunseung: ?
shiahshiah: what
arindaun: yes unnie? :3
choihyojung94: YOU GOTTA ASK
binniebunny: chicken butt xD
choihyojung94: LOL !!!!
choihyojung94: but no, guess again
kmh95: did you win the lottery
choihyojung94: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
kmh95: HOLY SHIT
coolgurlhyjn0122: LANGUAGE!
coolgurlhyjn0122: but wait hyojung did you really???? :O
honeybunseung: how much??? :O
binniebunny: omg unnie!!!! :D
arindaun: what are you gonna spend it on? :D
shiahshiah: ???
choihyojung94: i was just kidding hehehehe
choihyojung94: i just wanted to tell you all i love you so much and im so proud of all of you :)
kmh95: .........
kmh95: i wanna leave this chat so so so bad but
arindaun: ... :')
shiahshiah: LMAO omfg
kmh95: i love you too unnie -__-
coolgurlhyjn0122: i cant believe you hyojung lol but <3333
honeybunseung: what a troll lol
binniebunny: seriously what would we do without each other though
kittykimj: we're all so extra lol
kittykimj: but i love us so much :3
choihyojung94: :D
choihyojung94: so my jokes got better right?
choihyojung94: im the new kevin hart!!!! 
kittykimj: .......
shiahshiah: i ont know about all that......
kmh95: no
honeybunseung: maybe in another life??? >.<
binniebunny: uh
arindaun: sorry unnie :/
coolgurlhyjn0122: unnie just stick to being our candy leader for now lol
choihyojung94: fair enough