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Dare to Trust the Joys There Are

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Please feel free to imagine whatever future lives you want for our intrepid four, but the following is my own little head canon – read if you wish!

Illya and Gaby:

The development of computers would give Illya lots of scope to use that brain not his fists, and I imagine Gaby being an extremely proficient test car driver and team mechanic. There were a number of very successful female racing drivers in Australia Touring motorsport at the time, particularly Christine Gibson (née Cole), so theoretically she could have raced too, but I doubt that would have been approved by the ASIO, as it would have been pretty high profile!

Of course, you can also envisage them having several scrapes with local KGB spies, criminal elements and all sorts if you like! Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries teaches us that Melbourne can be a very dangerous place…

Although the Epilogue assumes they aren’t able to travel to Germany, I don’t see them restricted to Melbourne forever. Gaby’s job would have taken her all over the country and eventually the world, and while it would have been trickier for Illya to travel before the USSR began to crumble, that’s about to change. So my personal head canon is that he mostly stays in Melbourne and brings up the kids while Gaby travels for work, but now that their kids are growing up they plan to visit Solo in New York and do some proper travel. I can totally see Gaby wanting to climb Kilimanjaro or hike the Inca Trail, dragging Illya along behind her.


Solo is obviously a frequent visitor. I see him living a luxurious life advising art galleries and private collections on security, perhaps helping some slightly backdoor deals take place, fraternising with the rich and beautiful. I would never presume to write an OC that could keep him interested for too long, and I can’t help thinking he would continue have a weakness for pretty younger men. I’m also open to him having a slightly unconventional relationship with Gaby and Illya when he comes to stay, but I’ve never written a threesome before and I was not about to start with this fic. Christ it was difficult enough as it was!


I cannot tell you how happy I am that some of you took Yael into your hearts and I cannot apologise enough for not giving her a glorious happily ever after. I’m so sorry – she’s just too contrary and difficult for that! The intervening years between her departure in Chapter Eight and the Epilogue are spent climbing the ranks in Mossad, switching to a non-active agent role as she hits middle-age, but still generally kicking ass. I like to imagine she works her way through a new set of security details every few months and still delights in ditching them whenever she fancies doing her own thing.

The history of her agency means her life isn’t without its controversies, and I don’t mean to imply that she’s an entirely heroic character – while Gaby finds the murkier side of espionage dehumanising, Yael is able to cope with the morally questionable actions she has to either undertake or authorise.

I do think that in the Epilogue, we see a woman who, in her early fifties, is coming to the realisation that she’s achieved what she wanted to do in her career, and is finding that she’s tired of the responsibilities of her role. I particularly enjoyed writing the slow development of friendship between her and Solo in this fic, and I can completely imagine him encouraging her to take early retirement and then introducing her to all his queer friends. Now it’s the 1990s (almost), perhaps she can find the out-and-proud relationship she’s always wanted. I hope so!

Final thanks:

My heartfelt thanks to every person who commented, gave kudos, bookmarked or subscribed to this work and to all of the fics in my trilogy. It’s full of mistakes and missteps, and compared to some of the great stories I’ve read in this fandom, it’s quite a modest (if long) achievement, but I had the most wonderful time writing it and every endorsement meant a great deal. L’chaim, everyone.

P.S. According to the film dossiers, Illya is 58 and Gaby is 50 in 1989. If Ally is 17 and Mischa is 19, then she was born in 1972 and he was born in 1970. You do not want to know how panicked I got trying to work out whether they would be old enough to travel to Europe alone for the fall of the Wall, and if that would work with my fic. Timelines, man – yeesh.