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You're A Hurricane

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“Good morning, Master.”

A smile brushed across Obi’s lips as the door to his Zen’s chambers opened, revealing his bed-headed master. Zen offered him a grunt of a good morning, but he was never much a morning person, so it was mostly incomprehensible. That didn’t matter to Obi, though – he just followed after him, chuckling to himself. He didn’t often get to be his attendant during the days back at the castle so this was a special treat, getting to see this cute side of his master.

Although Obi was officially Zen’s attendant, most days he was tasked with accompanying Shirayuki. It was a measure taken by Zen to insure the herbalist’s safety after a few incidents involving attempts on her life. He surely didn’t mind it – Shirayuki was one of his only friends. It was odd. He felt as though he was making progress in the castle, and spent lots of time with other people, and yet… he had so few he could call his friend. Even Shirayuki was busier than ever now, which was why he was able to accompany his master this early morning.

Obi followed Zen down the hallway, not speaking yet. He’d learned that his master was grumpy in the mornings – instead of annoy him and try to engage him in conversation, recently he had decided to take the route of just basking in this cute side of Zen so few got to see. For once he was truly awake and had eaten his breakfast, he wears his prince façade flawlessly.

Sitting down in the dining hall to eat, Obi grabbed himself some thick bread and fruit as he sat across from Zen. The silver-haired man was sitting up straight, the plain gray shirt he was wearing clinging to his body. He needed to visit the tailor – his casual clothes didn’t fit him very well anymore. That only made sense, considering the amount of growing he’d done in the last year. Going from nineteen to twenty had been good for the young man. He hit a late growth spurt and was now a few inches taller than Obi; not only that, he had also filled out and was much more built than he had been. Obi could see his muscles working beneath the fabric of his shirt.

“Obi,” Zen spoke finally after finishing a strong cup of coffee. “You’re coming tonight?”

“Of course, Master.” Obi finished off his bread, swallowing thickly.

“As a guest?”

Yes,” he repeated with a chuckle. “Couldn’t miss an opportunity to see Master celebrate his birthday!”

“Good, because Obi-“

“Prince Zen.” A servant scurried up to their table, bowing profusely. “Prince Izana has requested you.”

Zen sighed, but nodded. He quickly finished up the rest of his meal. “Looks like it’s time to get started.”

The day droned on a lot longer than Obi would have liked. He didn’t mind being Zen’s guard, but the only downfall was that it was often very boring. On days like these he did nothing but meetings and paperwork, and Obi wasn’t even supposed to talk to any of the other guards. They often shied away from him whenever Zen was in view, although he really wasn’t sure why.

At long last he was freed, Mitsuhide coming up to take his place. “Long day?” He asked, nodding towards Zen who was hunched over his desk, sighing and filling out paperwork.

“Yes, Master has really become one with his quill today.” Obi chuckled and Zen grunted, tossing the quill right at him. “Alright, alright, I get it!” He made his exit, leaving a chuckling Mitsuhide in Zen’s office.

Obi headed back to his chambers. He took his time bathing and picking out a fresh outfit for the evening. He didn’t feel the need to dress up specially; it wasn’t like Master would care.

The party itself was an exquisite affair. It was probably more so than Zen would have wanted had he planned it himself, but because it was done by Izana and the royal committee, they went all-out. There were dozens of people in attendance, from royals and nobles to rich families from across Clarines. There were even some visiting nobilities from nearby countries that had come in for the affair.

The entire castle was done up for the evening, in dashing colours. Everyone matched and Obi was not surprised when, upon arriving, he was given a fresh jacket in a deep navy blue in order to match with the other palace staff.

There was music and dancing, lots of food and even more people. Obi was constantly surprised with the amount of people that came to these sorts of events at the castle. Even the serving staff were abuzz, laughing and chatting amongst themselves. Obi joined in when he could, familiar with most of them by now. He still found it easier to talk normally to them than the noble guests of the palace.

Obi wandered until he found some familiar faces. “Shirayuki, wow. You look lovely.”

His redheaded friend blushed, laughing. She looked lovely – although she always did, truly – in a long dress in many shades of pink. She spun in front of him, with a smile. “Thank you, Obi! You look handsome as well.”

He was sure he did, but the compliment was still nice. “Thank you. Did you want to dance?”

Shirayuki paled at that. “I’m still… not… not very good.”

“That’s okay,” Obi laughed, “I don’t mind. Gotta have something over you, right?”

So they danced. Shirayuki was not lying – her skills were mediocre at best – but she didn’t step on his toes and he walked away without injury, so Obi considered that a success. He got away to down a single glass of wine before a blonde woman sidled up to him, hanging off his arm and asking him to dance. So he did.

He danced with many people that night – some men and some women, Obi was never too caught up on gender. He didn’t see the harm in some pleasurable flirting, after all. Time began to melt away, Obi feeling pleasantly buzzed from the alcohol in his stomach. He saw Zen only once over the course of the evening – and honestly, it was probably a good thing. Zen looked amazing in his outfit. He was wearing a pair of carefully tailored navy blue pants and a white button-up shirt. His outfit probably came with a coat, but it was long gone. Unsurprising considering it was hot from the people and the alcohol.

Their moment together had been brief, Zen only giving Obi a smirk before he was whisked away by his brother. Considering that it was his twentieth birthday party, it sure seemed like he was doing a lot more work than he was playing.

But after his sixth or seventh glass of wine, Obi wasn’t really caring anymore. He was warm and tired from the alcohol and stumbled back to his rooms, unsuspecting of the eyes following him.

“Have a good night last night, Obi?”

Obi looked up, yawning. He was tired, and still had a little bit of a hangover grog in his brain. He had slept through the entire morning – thank god Zen had given him the day off – only just rolling out of bed in the late afternoon. He’d grabbed some food from the dining hall. Thankfully the chef didn’t mind that he’d snagged some ingredients to make a sandwich. He was sitting outside, munching on it, when Mitsuhide came up to speak with him.

“Yeah, I did! What about you? Did you talk with Kiki?” Obi wiggled his eyebrows and Mitsuhide blushed, stammering for a response.

“A-Anyway, Prince Zen asked for you. He’s in his chambers.” Mitsuhide nodded up towards the castle, and Obi nodded. He quickly finished up his sandwich before climbing up to his Master’s room.

Why would he use stairs when he could climb up the nearest tree and vault into his room?

“Master!” Obi called as he landed on the railing of the balcony, climbing into his room. He was about to knock on the balcony door before they swept open, revealing Zen. The prince was looking at him with a smirk on his face, and he beckoned Obi in with a sweep of his finger. He cocked his head to the side but obeyed and entered.

Zen closed the door behind him. “Did you enjoy yourself last night, Obi?”

“I did, Master.”

“That’s very good.” Zen smiled as he headed to his desk, searching into one of the drawers. “I have a gift for you.”

“For me?” Obi walked over, looking curious. “But it was your birthday celebration, Master.”

“I know.” Zen didn’t offer more explanation than that, just handing Obi a small black bag. “Here, take it.”

Obi took the bag, shaking it curiously. He opened the drawstrings and pulled out a golden choker necklace. It was finely crafted, etched with the Clarines royal insignia. Obi turned it over in his fingers, eyes wide.

“I have to go to a meeting, but…” Zen’s voice drew Obi’s eyes and their gazes locked. “I hope you like it.”

“I-I do. Thank you, Master!” Obi grinned as he carefully attached it behind his neck. It was nice and light and when he pulled up his coat, it sat carefully around the base of his neck. Zen was gathering his things, so he headed for the door. “Good luck at your meeting, Master.”

“Thanks. I’ll need it, if I have to deal with these ridiculous lords…” He sighed, looking up to watch Obi head out, chuckling.

Something was definitely off in the palace.

Obi wasn’t sure what was the cause of it, but he was starting to get very confused and distressed about the situation.

People were certainly avoiding him. Guards that he used to chat with, servants that he’d eat lunch with… they all seemed to be too busy to give him the time of day. Obi could not figure out why. Was it something that he said, or something that he’d done? They had been acting weird since the night of Zen’s party – was he way too flirty with people? It was just his nature; he didn’t mean anything by it most of the time. He thought that was pretty clear, but… maybe it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, even Shirayuki was busy, out of town for the next three days with Little Ryu.

He felt alone.

Were people staring to finally realize what he truly was? That he was nothing more than a commoner who was lucky to have been noticed and employed by Zen? Obi tried not to think so negatively, but he couldn’t help it. He was confused and unsure as to why so many people were starting to avoid him. The only people he had regular contact with were Mitsuhide, Kiki and Zen.


Obi’s thoughts flicked back to the necklace he had given him. He’d worn it every single day since then, and it remained as a reminder that somebody cared for him. It was nice and oddly comforting. Obi wanted to hold that feeling close to his heart so that he would never forget what he felt like to be cared for.

He really ought to thank his Master more often. Wishing him good night might be a good place to start.

Obi knew Zen’s patterns quite well by now, and he knew which side of the palace he would be in. Low and behold, Zen was right where he expected him to be. Oddly enough, though, Zen was heading off somewhere. Curiosity got the best of Obi and he followed him, carefully treading across the rooftop in order to keep him in sight yet follow him inconspicuously.

That worked fine until Zen entered into the palace, toward his private chambers. Obi dashed after him, opening his mouth to call out a good night to him, but Zen turned around quicker. He raised a pale hand, beckoning for him to follow.

It was an odd request, but Obi was not one to refuse his Master. He followed, heading right into his bedroom. He looked over to his bed longingly – he’d taken more than one nap on Zen’s bed, which was always more comfortable than his own for some reason.

“Master?” Obi inquired, peeking into the bedroom. Zen walked right in to his bed, turning and dropping down on it with a soft sigh. He patted the space beside him, looking up to meet Obi’s gaze.

“Come sit.”

So Obi did. He padded over, sitting slowly a few inches away from him.

“What’s wrong?” Zen tilted his head to the side, ‘You’ve been acting… stressed. For a while now.”

Obi nodded, sighing. Of course his Master noticed – he was too observant for his own good sometimes. Damn it.

“It’s just… I… I don’t know. People are avoiding me and I don’t know why. I can’t seem to…” He sighed, looking away. He felt like a child, complaining that the kids on the playground didn’t want to play with him, but that was the exact feeling he felt when he saw people turn the other way when he came into the room.

“People are avoiding you.”

Obi looked up. “Yeah! You… You noticed.”

Zen nodded.

“I don’t know why! Did I do something?” Obi chewed on his nails uncomfortably. This behaviour was unlike him and he knew it. He was usually so confident and headstrong – this was turning him into a nervous person and he didn’t like it.

“You haven’t done anything wrong,” Zen said comfortingly. Obi didn’t look convinced, though, and Zen just let out an audible sigh. “Look, Obi. You know that I care about you, right?”

His attendant nodded. Zen continued, “Even if there’s nobody else. You always have me… I love you...” He let out a breath that he didn’t even realize he was holding.

Obi just stared at him. And stared. The words were finally starting to sink in, and Obi offered him a brilliant smile. “I love you too, Master. Can… can we kiss now? Is that okay?”

Rather than answer, Zen closed the distance between them, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“Is that answer enough for you?”

Obi swallowed thickly, nodding. “Yeah.”

And that was about when Obi’s self-control flew out the metaphorical fucking window.

His hands dipped across Zen’s shoulders, feeling the firm muscles under his shirt. He wanted to see them, to feel them… He slipped his hands down his sides, fumbling blindly for the hem of his shirt. When he finally found it he frantically pulled, wanting him to be rid of the offending fabric as quickly as possible.

Zen chuckled, bringing their lips together for another kiss. This one was less chaste; instead, it was a wet and hot, their mouths pressing together messily. It was a kiss of need, of all the feelings that were burning in Obi’s chest, of the rush of possessiveness that overcame Zen. It pushed them, fueled them and Obi felt himself behind pushed backwards on to the bed.

Zen pulled away and he opened his eyes, just in time to see Zen pulled up and throw his shirt off somewhere. He rid Obi of his shirt too, pulling it over his lithe body. Skin on skin contact burned Obi’s skin and he keened at the feel of Zen’s chest pressed against his. Their bodies were so different – Obi’s lithe and tanned, firm yet flat and flexible. He was strong where he needed to be, but he was nothing compared to Zen’s tight abs. His skin pale yet firm to the touch, Obi allowed his eyes to wander. Zen wasn’t playing around though, and quickly unbuckled his own pants, pulling them down and off in one fell swoop. He reached for the clasp of Obi’s pants before pausing. “This okay?”

Obi nodded, feeling a strain in his pants. “Yeah,” he responded, dipping down his hands to strip off his pants. He felt exposed, but strangely enough, it didn’t feel weird. He didn’t feel awkward; it felt natural, because this was his Master. He always held Obi’s reigns – now he just belonged to him more fully.

Zen wasted no time and straddled him, effectively rubbing their dicks together through the fabric of their underwear. Obi tilted his head back, letting out a soft moan; it felt amazing, and his toes curled at the feel of it. Zen repeated the motion, and then again, leaving Obi wanting more and more.

Zen’s lips left his own to trail kisses down his neck, making his way down his chest slowly. His tongue licked a long line down his salty skin as he went. He took a moment to swirl his tongue around each of Obi’s nipples, sucking on them just momentarily before continuing his exploration of his body. Hands trailed down his ribs, pressing in to see the movement of the muscles of his abdomen. “God, I love your body,” Zen whispered against his skin, pressing soft kisses against him.

Shamelessly, his hands trailed down and around to grab Obi’s ass. His response was a sharp gasp and Zen was very pleasantly surprised to discover that he had a very nicely rounded bubble butt.

“Obi,” Zen moaned against his navel, where he was pressing kisses. “Can we fuck? Do you want that?”

Obi choked out an answer in his desperation to answer, mind clouded with pleasure. “Yes, god yes.” He closed his eyes, letting out a heavy breath as Zen’s hands slipped under the waistband of his underwear. They pulled, his underwear sliding off his body unceremoniously. Obi didn’t open his eyes – couldn’t, he was far too overstimulated – but he felt the cold air on his body, his dick already red and swollen. He felt Zen shed his clothes as well, lost somewhere in the room, but it didn’t matter. Because there was a tongue on his cock and oh god-

Zen,” he groaned loudly, causing his master to jolt. “Don’t stop, please.” Zen just chuckled but continued, licking a long line down his cock before taking him into his mouth. He sucked the tip of Obi’s cock, tongue twirling around the tip while his fingers felt up his firm ass. A finger circled his entrance before dipping inside carefully.

Obi’s back arched, his body twitching under the intrusion. It wasn’t his first time, but this part was always the most difficult. He moaned as Zen began to fuck him on a finger, still teasing his cock with his tongue. It was just teasing, though – he never kept his mouth on him for long enough to give him any real lasting pleasure. Obi groaned to show his displeasure, peeking an eye open.

Zen was very focused on his task. His tongue lapped at the slit of Obi’s cock, a second finger slipping in him. He scissored his fingers, sliding in effortlessly thanks to the lube. It felt amazing and Obi felt heat pooling in the pit of his stomach, causing his body to tremble softly under the weight of it all. He shivered and squirmed, desperate to seek out more pleasure from Zen.

His head was clouded, from the pleasure but also from the affection he felt whenever Zen looked up at him. It was such a look of love and adoration, but at the same time a predatory look of possessiveness that made Obi’s toes curl.

The prince continued to work him open until he was ready, a trembling, panting mess. He pressed a line of kisses down Obi’s thigh before leaning back on his knees to catch his breath. Obi blinked, sitting up. He was finally getting a look at Zen completely naked, and damn was there ever a lot to see. He was stunning, that much was obvious, but Obi was finally getting a look at his cock. Compared to his own it was definitely longer and thicker, which both excited and scared him. Zen moved to crawl on top of him but Obi shook his head, pushing him back against the pillows on his bed.

Zen didn’t speak, he just obeyed, which gave Obi shivers. He didn’t submit to anybody. Here he was, moving to lay back against the pillows and let Obi do what he wanted with him. He just watched, letting his hands rest on Obi’s hips as the smaller man straddled his waist. Obi ran a hand down his cock, gripping the base tightly.

He lined himself up and sank down.

His eyes closed and a sinful moan escaped his lips; Zen held on to his hip bruisingly tight, unable to contain his excitement. Their lips pressed together while Obi adjusted, body twitching under the effort. It was a lot to take, so much, but he wanted it. His eyes squeezed shut – shit, he felt so full, so stretched. It burned but in the most sinfully addictive way.

He was gone almost as soon as he started to rock his hips, pulling his body up to fuck himself on Zen’s cock. He moved quickly, aided by Zen’s large hands. They panted and moaned into each other’s mouths, gripping to each other for leverage. Zen sat back a bit, watching, loving the sensation of what Obi could do to him.

It was amazing, too much yet not enough at the same time and Obi couldn’t figure it out, he couldn’t even understand his own body but he didn’t care anymore. Zen squeezed his ass, sucking a bruise onto his neck. He let go when it blossomed in beautiful shades of red and purple, allowing him to bite down on Obi’s collarbone, nibbling at the flesh there.

They rocked and panted and kissed until finally they were coming, white and hot, Obi tensing under the prince’s hands as he came. It felt so good, amazing, Obi arched his back and cried out Zen’s name as he finally reached his peak. Zen followed after him, forcing their lips together in a tight kiss as his orgasm found him, too.

Zen sighed, looking down at the sleeping form of Obi. He was laying with his head on top of his chest, an arm slung over him haphazardly. Obi looked so relaxed, the rise and fall of his chest so soothing.

As happy as Zen was in this moment, he couldn’t help but think back at what he’d done. He had given Obi that necklace knowing full well that anyone who saw it would assume that he belonged to Zen and was not to be trifled with, even teasingly. He had ensured that Shirayuki would be busy so that Obi would surely seek him out.

He had manipulated him, sure – a little bit. Only what he had to do to make sure that what he felt and what Obi felt were genuine. He had to give them enough time to sort it out. He had to be in control of this situation. He always had to be in control, ever since the attempts on his life in his youth. He didn’t understand why, but this was just his instinct.

He pushed those thoughts away, though, because none of that was important right now.

He had Obi in his bed, naked, totally buried in his embrace. His head was tucked in under his chin, nose tickling his collarbone.

Obi was his. He belonged to Zen now. That thought pleased him like none other.

Anything and everything else could wait until tomorrow. Nothing was important enough to interrupt this moment. He kissed Obi’s forehead, swiping his bangs out of his face before settling back down to go back to sleep.