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Cimorelli Second Generation

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Cimorelli retired 16 years ago in 2020 & the girls have been living their dreams. It is now 2036 and Christina became a couple's therapist & is married to Nick Reali with 6 kids, Katherine opened a bakeshop & is married to Nikki Hollywood with 5 kids, Lisa opened a hair & nail salon & is married to actor Callan McAuliffe with 4 kids, Amy because a Kindergarten teacher & is married to country singer Hunter Hayes with 4 kids, Lauren became a photographer & is married to actor Jake T Austin with 3 kids, and Dani started her own fashion empire, called (of course) Cimorelli & is married to actor Leo Howard with 3 kids.

So what happens when the eldest children (who happen to be all girls) of each of the Famous Cimorelli decide they want to be a band? Will the expectations be too high for the girls? Will they crumble? or will they Succeed? maybe even outshine the Original Cimorelli? who knows?

In year 2020 Cimorelli's life was a busy one
Christina was married with Nick, her long time boyfriend. She had a daughter, Miranda & was expecting another child, a boy.Nick proposed to her on their 6th year anniversary when he took her out with her family to her favorite restaurant. Everyone was in on the anniversary plan. She was in tears, happy tears of course, when he knelt down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.
Katherine was married to Nikki, he finally worked up the courage to ask her out & they fell instantly in love. They had a daughter, Christy. Nikki proposed to her while they were on a walk on the beach, in fact it was the beach where they first meet. The beach were Cimorelli guest appeared in Dave Days rendition of "Million Bucks".
Lisa was newly wedded to actor Callan McAuliffe. They meet on the red carpet at a event, bumping into each other (literally). Callan asked her out on a date & on that perfect date he asked her to be his girlfriend, which she gladly accepted. He later proposed to her on their fifth year anniversary. She is expecting a child, a baby girl.
Amy is engaged to country singer Hunter Hayes, they were madly in love. She was busy preparing for her wedding that was going to be in November of 2020. They meet VMA's in 2016, they were both up for awards & ended up sitting next to each other. They click almost immediately, they hardly even payed attention to the award show, that is until Cimorelli was called up to accept their award and she had to get up. Believe me when i say she was embarrassed for not realizing they had won. Hunter proposed to her on her birthday, he put the ring in a necklace box so when she opened it he was on one knee & he proposed.
Lauren is in a serious commitment with actor Jake T Austin. They meet at the 2017 teen choice awards, when she tripped into him. It was love at first sight. They went on their first date a week later. It was a magical evening. Rumour has it Jake might be popping the big question soon.
Dani is dating actor Leo Howard, & it is starting to get serious between them. They also meet at the 2017 teen choice awards. Jake & Leo where walking together when Lauren tripped into Jake. Dani & Leo started talking up a storm and they clicked. They had 3 dates before he asked her to be his girlfriend, and when he did it was at an amazing restaurant.
They all had a band meeting and all decided that maybe it was time to retire. They decided their fans needed a proper send off, they decided to film them singing 3 songs, Party in the USA, ABC & Wings, in that order. At the end of the video they announced their retirement and after that they had a montage of picture of them throughout the years from 2007-2020. they ended the video with their classic signature... "Hey i'm Christina, I'm Katherine, I'm Lisa, I'm Amy, I'm Lauren, I'm Dani & We're Cimorelli"
With that they all went their separate ways…
Well not really they all moved back to their hometown Sacramento. Christina became a couple's therapist, Katherine opened a bakeshop, Lisa opened a hair & nail salon, Amy became a Kindergarten teacher, Lauren became a photographer & Dani started her own fashion empire, called (of course) Cimorelli. They were all living out their dreams, and they had a family to share it with.


This story is based in the year 2036
Christina Reali
Husband: Nick Reali
Kids: Miranda,18; Nick Jr, 16; Mason, 10; Nathaniel 8; Noel 4; Maddie 2

Katherine Hollywood
Husband: Nikki Hollywood
Kids: Christy, 17; Nikki Jr, 15; Calvin, 12; Callie, 5; Cameron, 2

Lisa McAuliffe
Husband: Callan McAuliffe
Kids: Ariel, 16; Callan Jr, 11; Aaron, 3; Abby, 1

Amy Hayes
Husband: Hunter Hayes
Kids: Jessie, 15; Hunter Jr, 10; Jaden, 4; Hailey 1

Lauren Austin
Husband: Jake T Austin
Kids: Hannah, 14; Jake Jr, 9; Lana, 3

Dani Howard
Husband: Leo Howard
Kids: Sydney, 14; Leo Jr, 7; Danya, Unborn

Chapter 1

~Miranda's PoV~
I wake up earlier than usual which was weird for me. I layed in bed thinking about everything. Senior year, my last year of high school, college, my mom & aunts, how they used to be in a band together. band… maybe, just maybe… I start texting my cousin Christy, knowing she would be up this early, about my idea my absolutely crazy idea.
*15 minutes later - Text messages*
'Christy I'm serious, let's do it.'
'I'll do it if you can convince the other girls to do it also'
'Done deal, I'll talk about it on the ride to school'
'Alright see you in 5'
'See ya'
"MIRANDA!" My mom yelled.
I was about to respond when Maddie ran in my room.
“Miwandwa?” she asked in her little baby voice
“Yes Mads?” I answered picking her up.
“Awe you weaving me hewe by myswelf?” She looked into my eyes, in the background i could hear my mom calling my name.
“i have to go to school mads, but don't worry Noel will be back soon & you can play with her. In the meantime though you'll be with mom, so go to your room and get ready.” I told her as i walked down stairs.

~Christina's PoV~
"Miranda! Hurry up you're going to be late for school!" I yelled at my 18 year old daughter for the 5th time.
"Sorry mom Maddie wouldn't let me leave the room." Miranda said as she walked into the Kitchen.
"Why your sister is attached to you i will never know, now hurry up Nick left with Nikki Jr 10 minutes ago. Christy, Ariel, Jessie, Hannah & Sydney will be here soon." I handed her a yogurt.
"Why we go to Public school will always dumbfound me, we always are getting crowded by students asking for favors to met you, our parents. You may think its fabulous having famous parents, aunts & uncles but its not." Miranda complains.
"We all agreed that we wanted you guys to have a semi normal life, like we did" I explained
"Oh please when you were my age you guys started your band & were on you way to being Youtube sensations." She rolled her eyes.
I was about to respond when i heard the door open.
"Miranda! Are you ready?" Sydney ran in the kitchen all hyper, just like her mom.
I couldn't help but smile as Sydney tried to drag Miranda out of the kitchen.
"Hold up Syd, Let me grab an apple before i go. Where's Hannah?" Miranda asked
Hannah's Lauren's daughter, Hannah & Sydney are the same age and share the same birthday. No before you jump to conclusions, it was a coincidence, Hannah was born a week late & Sydney was born 2 weeks early. They resemble my sisters, plus they also share that bond that Lauren and Dani had... has, even to this day its like they can read each others minds.
"Bye girls!" I yelled after them as they left the house.

Chapter 2

Katherine’s PoV
I awoke at my usual time, made breakfast, got ready for the day. Finally when i was done with my morning routine i realized i had some free time. I sat outside, on our back porch with one of my old journals, reminiscing of the old days. I flipped through the pages passing poems, song lyrics and Journal Entries. Memories where flooding into my mind with every page i read, Sad, Angry, and Happy memories. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't realize my oldest was standing there. I quickly wiped my tears away, both happy and sad tears. “Oh Hey there” I smile at her.

Christy PoV
I woke up like i usually do in the mornings, to the smell of pancakes, bacon and eggs. Oh and the sound of my sister Callie’s soft snores. I got a text from Miranda, which is weird since shes never up this early. She brought up this idea, which i got to say it actually sounds like a good idea. After we discussed it for a while I slowly got out of bed trying not to trip over any of Callie’s toys. I finally make it out of my room and make my way towards the kitchen. I saw my mom outside, looked like she was reading something.

I ate my breakfast, my mom still not moving from her seat on the porch. It was almost time for the rest of the kids to be getting up, so decided to go tell my mom that everyone would be, well, getting up soon.

I walked outside and i saw my mom with tears running down her cheeks, i couldnt tell if she was happy or sad but she was very concentrated on the book she had in her hands. I was getting ready to walk back into the house when she looked up and saw me. She wiped her tears off and greeted me “Oh hey there” and she smiled at me.

“Hey mom i was just coming out to tell you, the rest of the kids should be getting up soon.” I smiled back at her.

“Alright i'll be right in” She said setting down her book.

I stopped at the door, turning around to look at my mom, “Hey mom, can i ask you a question?” I asked shifting my weight one foot to another.

“Of course sweaty you can always ask me a question.” She said with a slight smile.

“I was wondering, how did you like being in a band at my age?” I asked

Katherine’s PoV

Wow she wants to know stuff about ‘Cimorelli’. “It was hard work & dedication, stressful at times but it was always fun, especially when we would film videos we always had a blast shooting them. And making our fans proud was an amazing feeling. Im grateful chrissy came up with the idea of a band, even if she didn't originally plan for it to be a sister group.” I smiled the whole time thinking about everything that we went through.

“So it brought you guys closer together?” She asked.

“Oh ya, you see us now, we’re all still practically inseparable” I smiled. It looked like she was going to ask another question when we heard a loud crash come from inside. I looked inside seeing Nikki Jr rushing to pick up a broken vase, i then turned my attention back to Christy. “Anything else you want to know?” I ask her as she watched Nikki attempting to pick up after his mess.

“No, thanks mom… for everything.” She said look me in the eyes. I got up and gave her a quick hug.

“Anything for my precious kids.” I said. She smiled at me, both of us looking into the house seeing Nikki Jr leave and see Calvin carrying Callie down the stairs. “We better get in, and you need to go pick up your cousins.” I said kissing her forehead. She nodded and smiled walking through the house and walking towards the front door. She yelled bye to everyone and there was a chorus of ‘byes’ and ‘I love yous’. She left closing the door behind her, as soon as she left i heard my husband Nikki coming down the stairs with Cameron in his arms. I was standing at the kitchen counter and he walked by me giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before taking care of Cameron.

Now for my day to begin

Chapter 3

Ariel’s PoV
I wake up, reaching for my alarm. I groan when I realise that its only monday and i'm already too tired to function. People say im so much like my mother, Lisa but i don't see it… I slowly try to climb out of bed, but of course that failed and i fell face first onto the floor only to wake up my baby sister who’s crib is on the opposite side of the room. I quickly jumped up running over to her before she started crying and woke everyone. Just as i was about to pick her up she burst into tears, crying VERY loudly. I tried to calm her down but she just wouldn't, then an idea clicked.
I slowly rocked Candice, clearing my throat and began singing her a lullaby. After the lullaby was over she had fallen back asleep. I layed her down in the crib and turned around, I jumped and almost screamed when i saw someone standing in the doorway. Then i realized it was just my crazy mother Lisa lol.
“Geez mom you scared me.” I said holding my chest trying to catch my breathe.

Lisa’s PoV
I was in the middle of this amazing dream when i heard a baby crying, i slowly started waking up realizing its Candice. I quickly walked to my girls room. The door was slightly open and as i approached, i heard soft singing coming out from the room. I peered into the room leaning against the door frame & smile, realizing it was Ariel. She has a very lovely voice for her age. Candice fell asleep & i watched Ariel put her back into her crib. She turned around & jumped seeing me.
“Geez mom you scared me.” She said holding her chest. I chuckled a little at her.
“Sorry, i heard Candice so i came to check up on her. But i see you got it covered. Now go get ready for school, you dad should have breakfast done by now.” I told her.
“Of course mom, ill see you down there.” She said walking over to her dresser.
I walked out of the room passing the boys room, Callan Jr wasn't in the room & Aaron was still asleep, but what else could a 1 year old do?
walked back to my room to get ready for work.
I walked down the stairs expecting it to be total chaos down here like it is every morning but surprisingly all the kids were gone, I called the nanny before sitting down to eat. The nanny walked in just as i finished.
“Good morning Ruby, Aaron is still in his crib asleep and i should be back at 6, ok?” I said to Ruby our nanny, I know what you're thinking ‘nanny really?’ but shes more like a glorified babysitter she just plays and feeds the kids while Callan & I are at work.
“Ok Mrs. McAul-- er i mean of course Lisa” She corrected herself before walking up the stairs to check on Aaron.
With that i left to work.
Chapter 4
Jessie’s PoV
I'm peacefully sleeping, that is until my little brother Jaden decides that in order to get me up he was going to body slam into me. “JADEN!” I yelled pushing him off me. “Why’d you do that?” I said as i sat up.
“Mommy said to wake you up.” He said with an innocent smile.
“Next time J just shake me awake, don't jump on me.” I said giving him a hug.
“Ok sissy, but mommy wants you to help her cook.” He said as soon as i released him from the hug.
“Why? Doesn't daddy usually help?” I asked him. He looked down, then looked back up at me with tears in his eyes. “What's wrong buddy?” I asked as i hugged him.
“Mommy says daddy has to leave again… and he’s packing right now.” He cries into my chest. Jaden was too young to remember the last time our dad left on a business trip.
“It’s ok buddy, he’ll be back in a week or two.” I said as i pulled away from our hug to look him in the eyes. He wiped his tears away and looked at me & smiled.
“really sissy?” he asked.
“Really, now go get ready for daycare.” I said gently pushing him off me.
As soon as he left i threw on a simple outfit & walked down stairs, to help my mom.

Amy’s PoV
I woke up in an empty bed, which was unusual for me. I looked around the room & saw a suitcase. I sighed, lifting myself out of bed walking towards the bathroom. I found my husband Hunter packing away some of his stuff in a bag.
“You leave today don't you?” I asked.
“Ya, babe but don't worry i wont be gone that long, i just have something to take care of with the label.” he sighed.
“Ok well im going to go get breakfast ready.” I said before walking downstairs to cook.
I was running behind with the food when Hunter Jr and Jaden walked into the kitchen. “Jaden, sweetie will you go wake up your sister & ask if she will help me cook?” I asked him.
“Of course mommy… but wheres daddy?” He asks.
“Hes packing right now, he has to leave for a little bit.” I answered.
“Oh… Ok” He said before running up the stairs.
Hunter Jr sat down at the table text someone, probably Mason or Jake Jr.
After a little while Jaden came back down the stairs and sat the table.
“Shes getting ready, then she'll be down here.” He said.
“Ok sweetie.” I responded. Not long after Jessie came walking down the stairs and washed her hands.
“Where do you want me mom?” She asked with a smile.
“um… continue making the pancakes, ok?” I said.
“Alright!” She said turning towards the stove. We quickly finished breakfast & served it, just as we finished serving Hunter came down stairs with his suitcases and sat down with us. We did a prayer before eating. As soon as everyone finished i picked up all the plates and put them in the sink.
“Kids before you go i have an announcement.” Hunter said.
“What is it dad?” Hunter Jr. responded
“Im going on a business trip for a couple days, but i'll be back soon.” He announced.
“We’ll miss you!” Jaden responded with a small frown.
“I’ll miss you guys too.” He said hugging jaden. The kids all said their goodbyes & I love you’s before leaving the house. I turned to him.
“I’ll miss you honey.” I said while i hugged him.
“I’ll miss you too babe.” He kissed the top of my head. We stood there for a while just hugging. “I gotta go babe, or else ill miss my flight.” He said. I nodded my head letting him go. He gave me a short passionate kiss before walking out of the door.
I called Jaden & left to drop him off at daycare before driving to work.

Chapter 5

Lauren’s PoV
My husbands alarm went off, unlike most mornings i can sleep through this but i was so exhausted & i was awaken easily.
“Honey, will you turn it off?” I said sleepy.
“Hm? oh the alarm” He got up & turned it off. He walked over to the bed and gave me a kiss before getting ready for work.
I slowly got out of bed before going to my computer to see my schedule for the day. Oh boy is this going to be long…
“Babe, I have 3 appointments today so ill be home around 9 so ill need you to cook.” I told him as i logged off.
“Ok Lolo, well im off to work.” He walked over to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips before leaving for work. I finished getting ready for the day before heading downstairs to cook. The start of a normal day.

Hannah’s PoV
My phone was beeping like crazy, i groaned when i reached for it. When i looked at the time my eyes literally jumped out of my eye sockets. Aw man i'm late! and i had like 50 messages from Sydney, i sighed before jumping out of my bed & rushing to get ready for school. Christy always picks me up last so thats a plus. As soon as I was dressed I heard my mom call me downstairs.
"COMING!" I yelled back at her. I ran down the stairs all ready. "Ya mom?"
"I just wanted to let you know I will be gone later than usual so your father well prepare dinner." She said as she concentrated on cooking.
"Oh ok... what are you shooting today?" I asked her trying to fill the silence.
"Today is a busy day. I have 3 shootings today, this morning I'm shooting for a magazine, then I'm doing a private shooting for a soldier & his family, & then I have a wedding plus reception to shoot." She said as she served breakfast.
"Oh cool what magazine?" I asked.
"I'm not sure, hold on sweetie…” She said before walking away. She came back like 5 minutes later with Jake Jr & Lana. I washed my plates after my breakfast. I heard a honk outside so i rushed my goodbyes kissed my mom on the cheek, hugged Lana, & high fived Jake jr before running outside to Christy’s car.
“Good morning everyone!” i said as i got in the car. Everyone returned a ‘hey’ or ‘good morning’ and then like that we drove to school.

Chapter 6

Dani’s PoV
I woke up by my phone ringing. I picked up the phone without looking at the ID. “Hello?” i answered groggily.
“Hello Mrs. Howard Its the director of Paris’ Fashion Week and we would like to have your clothing as our main featured line at this years Fashion Week in Paris of course.” The Woman on the phone said.
“Oh ya of course I accept the offer, just have your staff fax over the information to my office.” I said trying not to stutter.
“Glad you expected, we’ll see you in paris in 2 weeks” and with she hung up. YES! i thought as i jumped out of bed, accidently waking up my husband Leo.
“What? What is it? is someone hurt? is it the baby?” He frantically said as he sat up. I laughed at his reaction causing him to look at me, confused.
“no no no, no one is hurt & the baby is fine.” I said.
“Then what is it?” He asked still confused.
“My clothing line ‘Cimorelli’ is going to be the main featured line in Paris for FASHION WEEK!” I said excitedly.
“Oh my, that's great babe!” He walked over and hugged me. “Hows the baby?”he asked.
“Oh shes ok. Lets get ready ok babe?” I asked giving him a quick peck on the lips.
“Alright, i'll go start breakfast.” He said before walking downstairs. Lucky him, he doesn't have to work today. I went through my morning routine, which took longer than usual since i had to text my intern at the office almost every 5 minutes. Breakfast went by in a daze considering i was texting my staff on what's going to happen and what i need done, and ready when i get there. The kids left and so did my husband by the time i realized i had been sitting at the table since breakfast & i was running late. I rushed off to work in a hurry in order to make last minute changes to my line.

Sydney’s PoV
I woke up hyper as usual, i quickly did my morning routine when i saw what time it was i decided to text Hannah. I sent a good morning text, but she never texted me back. i kept bugging her but she didn't respond to a single one of my text. I was about to give her a call when i noticed if i don't leave now i'm going to be late. I race down stairs where i see my mom, my dad & Leo Jr already eating.
“What you guys couldn't wait for me?” I joke as i sit down.
“Sorry hun, but if we didn't eat now we would be late.” My dad Leo responds. I glance at my mom but she's too busy texting to notice. I sigh before quickly eating. As i finish i collect all the plates and dump in the sink.
“Hey mom, Who’s turn is it to do the dishes?” I ask, no response. “Mom? Hellooo?” I turn around, shes still on her phone. I walk up behind her and tap her on the shoulder. She jumps a little before turning around, she smiles at me.
“Yes Sydney?” She finally responds.
“I was just wondering whose turn it was to do the dishes…” I said quickly & quietly.
“Oh ok, let me just check… Its Leo Jr’s turn.” she said after looking through her phone.
“Ok, good i think Christys here so i should go, Bye mom” I said walking away, all i got was a ‘mhmm bye’ i took a quick glance at her seeing she was back on her phone. I jog outside with my backpack & climb into the back of Christy’s car.
“Mornin’ Syd.” She greets me.
“Hey.” I say before putting my headphones on tuning out the world.

Chapter 7

~Miranda's PoV~
As Christy is driving i turn around in my seat to talk to my cousins, "Girls can i have your attention please?" I said looking at everyone of them
"Sure what's up?" Jessie asks
“So this morning i had this amazing idea possibly crazy idea but amazing nonetheless.” I stated.
“What's the idea?” Hannah asks.
“Lets start a band, like our moms were in!” I announce.
“wait, you want to start a band? like an actual band, with us?” Ariel asks.
“Yes! i know its crazy but we all have inherited the great singers gene from our parents.” I laughed “Please girls, can we be a band?” I begged them. There was a moment of silence.
“Im in!” Jessie agreed.
“Me too” Ariel joined in.
“Lets do it.” Hannah finished off.
I looked at Sydney, she doesn't show any expression, which worries me. “Syd? You ok there?” I ask her. She doesn't say a thing, still lost in thought. I glance at Hannah, she has a worried face expression, same with the other girls. I reach back to her and give her a quick shake. She snaps out of whatever she was thinking of and looks at me.
“Yes Miranda?” She says confused.
“I was wondering what your thoughts were on forming a band?” I said looking at her.
“Oh ya, sure Id like that.” She finally responded.
I turned back around in my seat, seeing we are almost at the school. “Girls, you ready?” i said putting on my sunglasses. I heard a couple mumbles. Christy parked her car in her usual spot, next to my brothers car. We all quickly got out of the car and into the school, trying to get to class without being surrounded. I was almost in my first class before i was stopped by a guy in the hall. He was being flirty but i just walked into the class, not really in the mood, too worried about Sydney.
~Sydney’s PoV~
We were all sitting in the car when Miranda turns around and gets our attention. She says she wants to form a band with us. When she says she wants us all… but i don't want to be a bother. I cant do it, but if i don't then who will represent my mom in the band? Why do i even care. because shes my mom. at least for now… she’ll forget me when Danya comes… shes already distancing herself. she may not realize shes doing it but nonetheless its happening.
In the middle of thoughts i feel someone shake me, and i see Miranda. “Yes Miranda?” I say confused.
“I was wondering what your thoughts were on forming a band?” she asked. Do it Sydney, you'll be apart of something with your family. Something happy.
“Oh ya, sure Id like that.” I finally responded. Miranda turned around & put her sunglasses on.
“Girls, you ready?” she asked. Time to start my day.
~Hannah’s PoV~
When Sydney wouldn't answer i was so worried, i should have tried harder to talk to her when i got in the car. She sent me so many texts this morning i should have known there was something wrong. Ugh im a bad best friend. After We get out of the car and rush to our classes. I was walking with Sydney since we have almost the same schedule. “Hey Syd?” I tried to get her attention as we sat in our seats.
“Ya Han?” she responded.
“Do you want go to Granite beach after school? We can sit and hang out in our secret spot?” I ask.
“Uh i don't know… its Monday Dinner…” She said still thinking.
“Come on Syd, we did hang out much this weekend.” I begged.
“Sure but not today, tomorrow so we can hang out longer.” she explained.
“Ok, tomorrow it is.” I smiled at her. Just then the teacher walked in and started the lesson.
~Christy’s PoV~
*Ring Ring*
3 pm… time to go home and get ready for the family dinner. Everyone's going to my aunt Christina’s place, and by everyone i mean EVERYONE, all my aunts, uncles, and cousins all in one house. This night is about to be a loud one.
I walk into the Reali household already greeted by an earful of laughter and screaming. I look around the room and notice everyone's already here. I see Miranda playing with Aaron and Hailey. I walk over to her, sitting next to her and start playing with Hailey.
“So Miranda, when do we want talk about the band?” I ask her while making Hailey laugh.
“Let’s do it tonight, right now! All the girls are here.” She answers getting up putting Aaron back in the crib.
“Alright.” I say putting Hailey in the crib with Aaron.
We walk around gathering the girls into the recording studio my aunt Christy had in her basement.
“Ok so girls we gathered you here so we could discuss the band.” Miranda starts off.
“We all agreed to be in it, a family affair, just like our mothers band that they had.” I said next.
“We should discuss if we are going to be like our mothers and post covers of other peoples works on YouTube?” Miranda asks. Everyone agrees to posting covers. Ariel, being the digital tech genius, volunteered to do the editing. Hannah, knowing a lot over cameras, volunteered to be the cameraman. Sydney, being the daughter of Dani, volunteered to organize the outfits for the videos. Miranda, being the leader, said she’ll help with everything. I volunteered to make food anytime filming interfered with a meal. We were all discussing on what we should name our band when a voice stopped us. It was Sydney’s Voice.
“Guys… I have an idea for a name.” She looked at everyone before continuing, “What if we call our band ‘Cimorelli 2.0’?” She asks nervously. I cant help but smile. I look around and notice everyone else also loves the idea!
“OMG that is a perfect idea Sydney!” I yell. everyone nods in agreement.
“Wait… shouldn't we ask our parents permission about forming a band? i mean i know we all are old enough to make our own decisions but we will be using their name in it.” Hannah says.
“Oh ya! I'll go get them.” Jessie says standing up.
“I'll go too!” Ariel screams while jumping up, causing all of us to laugh.
After a little while Jessie comes in with Amy, Lauren and Dani, then Ariel walks in with Christina, Katherine and Lisa. They all look at us confused. I glance at Miranda giving her a ‘talk to them you're the leader’ look. She clears her throat and everyone looks at her.
“Mom, aunts. Us girls were wondering if we could form a band… called ‘Cimorelli 2.0’?” She asks nervously. We looked at our parents and it looked as if they were communicating telephonically. Hopefully this turns out in our favor is what i think when i see My aunt Christina look back at us.
~Christina’s PoV~
Ariel came into the kitchen and asked me to follow her, When i met her in the hall i saw Katherine and Lisa standing there. I gave them a confused look which they returned. We followed Ariel down to the basement & Amy, Lauren, and Dani were down there along with all our eldest children. My sisters and i looked around confused until my daughter cleared her throat, everyone focusing their attention on her.
“Mom, aunts. Us girls were wondering if we could form a band… called ‘Cimorelli 2.0’?” She asked nervously.
I looked at my sisters, all of them sending me the same message. I turn my attention
"Forming a band is one of the most satisfying things you girls can do. It is also one of the most difficult. Its not all fun and games.” I say.
“and we know that aunt Crises, but we really want to try it out.” My niece Christy says. again i look around at my sisters and they all give a slight smile and nod.
“then you have our permission, but you girls have to promise us not to get in over your heads, take this responsible.” I say before walking back upstairs with my sisters. just as i was about leave Jessie came running after me.
“Hey aunt Crises us girls were wondering if, after dinner, we can go somewhere to celebrate?” She asks.
“Of course.” I respond. She runs off and i walk into the kitchen finishing up dinner.
~Miranda’s PoV~
We finished eating and said goodbye to everyone and walked to Christy’s car. We drove to the Gunther's ice cream then drove down the street after we ate ice cream. We were joking and messing around, laughing our butts off in the Coffee Garden. We lost track of time and it was almost closing time. We drove back to my house and the girls left with their family’s. I quickly did the last of my homework before laying into my bed slowly falling into a deep sleep.

Chapter 8

~Hannah PoV~
*ring ring*
FINALLY school is over. I run over to my locker and quickly put my things I didn't need away. Then I twain and found Christy.
"Hey Christy, I was wondering if instead of dropping Syd & I off at our houses you can drop it's off at the beach?" I asked her.
"If course Han." She smiled while unlocking her car.
I was sitting in the back impatiently playing on my phone, waiting for everyone to get in the car. Sydney came in sliding in next to me. I gave her a quick smile before turning my attention back to my phone. I switch to my messages and start to text Sydney as the rest of the girls pile in.
‘I talked to Christy, shes going to drop us off at the beach.’ - H
‘Ok, What are we going to do?’ - S
‘Hang, talk, eat!’ - H
‘FOOD! yum, what did you bring?’ - S
‘Surprise(; and Nutella, of course!’ - H
‘LOL you're just like you mother’ - H
‘And you with your mother.’ - S
“Hannah! Sydney! Hello?” Christy’s voice broke me out of my little world.
“Ya?” both Syd and I said at the same time, causing us to go into a fit of laughter.
“Ok girlies this is your stop, have fun and be careful!” Christy yelled out at us as we ran out.
“Race ya?” Sydney said before she raced off to our hideout.
“Hey! No fair!” i yelled out after her, trying to catch up.
“Haha, beat ya!” She yelled while she jumped up and down.
“Only cuz you cheated!” I called out to her.
“Nuh uh!” she argued.
“Ya ha” I responded. We went back and forth until we both got hungry. We walked into our little hideout, and i took out the snacks. We say and ate just relaxing. I finally was slowly turning the conversation towards what has been upsetting her.

~Sydney’s PoV~
Hannah and I were relaxing and eating when i finally noticed what she was doing. I swallowed the food i had in my mouth.
“Come on Han, ask the question you want to ask. I won't bite.” I smiled nervously at her.
“What's wrong Syd? you've been acting kind of distant, and down.” She said sadly.
“So many things… but theyre petty.” I said looking down.
“Come on Syd, im here for you just tell me what's wrong.” She begged.
“i don't want to be a bother…” I hestitated.
“Syd look at me! you are not a bother.” She forced me to look at her.
“I didnt want to be in the band… don't get me wrong i love singing, but i didnt want to be a drag on the band with me always bieng down…” I looked at my down playing with my fingers.
“Syd you are an amazing singer, why are you down?” Hannah said.
“my mom… she’ll forget me when Danya comes… shes already distancing herself. she may not realize shes doing it but nonetheless shes doing it.” I responded sadly. I could feel myself tearing up.
“Oh Sydney! come here, You are an amazing person If aunt Dani can't see that then its her lost.” She said hugging me. I felt the tears run down my cheeks, she wiped the tears away from my face and held me tighter. “But give her the benefit of the doubt ok? There has to be a reason shes acting the way she is. Don't give up on her ok Syd?” She sighed.
“Ok Han… we should get going now though.” I smiled at her. We walked away both heading home. I called Christy asking her to come get us. She said sure and we waited. We finally got home and i hugged her goodbye. I quickly got ready for bed, falling asleep.

Chapter 9

~Miranda’s PoV~
“Ok girls, we are going to get cracking today with the band." I said as we all piled into the car.
“Ugh but its Friday! cant we just start tomorrow?” Jessie complained.
“Well… we can put off filming the cover till tomorrow but today we are going to set everything up, social media wise.” I explain.
“Ok good with me!” Jessie said.
“Ariel, will you set up the YouTube account? and Christy will you do the Facebook? and i'll do the Twitter?” i asked.
“Ya ok.” Ariel smiled.
“Good with me.” Christy responded.
“wait what about us?” Hannah asked.
“You three don't have twitters yet, so you are going to set those up. Oh and after you finish that Jessie you will set up the Vine account AFTER I finish setting up the Twitter, and hannah you will set up the instagram account. Syd you can set up the ask account.” I gave out their assignments.
“Ok!” Hannah and Sydney said at the same time.
“Alrighty boss” Jessie joked.

~Ariel’s PoV~
As soon as Miranda walked away and I got started setting up our YouTube account. Halfway through i realized, we don't have a band photo yet!.
“Hannah! Miranda!” I called them into the living room.
“Ya Ariel?” Hannah asked being the first to walk in the door.
“Will you go get the camera, & Do you know if Aunt Lauren is busy right now?.” I ask her.
“She isn't busy, she has the day off today. Why do you need my mom & the camera?” she asks back.
“We need a band photo so i was going to ask her to take it for us.” I explained.
“Oh Ya! Cool, i'll call her to come over… when do you want her to come?” she responded.
“in… 3 hours? ya in 3 hours so everyone can get ready.” I responded.
“Alright, well i'm going home to get some clothes so i'll just ask her then.” She smiled.
“WAIT!” I called her back in before she left.
“Ya?” she chuckled.
“We need to discuss what we are all going to wear in the picture, go get Sydney?” I asked.
“Ok!” she answered then ran off to find Sydney.
“Nice handling little cuz.” Miranda said, causing me to jump.
“Jeez, next time warn me when you walk into a room. You scared me.” I said turning around.
“Oops sorry.” She apologized.
“I'm assuming you overheard most of that conversation?” I asked.
“Sure did, i'll go gather everyone else.” She smiled before walking off.

~Sydney’s PoV~
I was sitting in the backyard typing away on our ask account, setting up out bio, when Hannah came running outside.
“Hey Syd?” She said as she approached.
“Yes Han?” I asked.
“Ariel wants to talk to you, about arranging outfits.” She explained.
“Oh, for what?” I asked.
“The band photo.” She smiled.
“Ok! Help me up.” I reached my hand out to her.
I walked into the living Room and saw everyone was already in there.
“So you needed me Ariel?” I asked.
“Ya, since you volunteered to pick out outfits, we need you to pick the outfits for each of us to wear.” She explained.
“Ok lets get to this.” I said sitting down with a notepad and pencil.
After 20 mins I had finished all the outfits, thankfully i know what all the girls have in their closets… does that sound creepy?
“So what do you girls think?” I asked. They all looked around at each other.
“WE LOVE IT!” They all screamed, and we all got in a group hug.
“Ok, Ok now everyone home and get ready.”Miranda ordered us.
“Yes Mam” I stood up and did a salute.
“Haha very funny, just go get ready.” She chuckled as she headed up stairs.
“Chrissy give me a ride?” I asked.
“Ya lets go.” She smiled.

~Hannah’s PoV~
I ran inside my house instantly finding my brother on the couch. “Hey Jakey, have you seen mom?” I asked.
“Ya shes upstairs.” He said, his eyes not leaving the tv screen.
“Ok thanks.” I said running off to my moms room. She was on her computer, looks like twitter.
“Hey mom?” i said while approaching her.
“Yes Hannah?” She asked, turning around in her chair.
“The girls and i were wondering if you could take our band picture today…?” I asked.
“Of course dear, what time?” She responded.
“In… 2 hours.” I said.
“Ok, go get ready.” She smiled.
“Alright.” I said before leaving to my bedroom. As soon as i walked in i looked for everything Dani told me to grab.

~Christy’s PoV~
Everyone was back at The Reali household all dressed up and ready for the photo shoot.
"Ok girls, where do you want to take this picture?"Aunt Lauren asked us.
"How about at the park?" Miranda suggested.
"Or the beach?" I suggested.
"let's put it up for a unanimous vote." Ariel said.
After everyone wrote down on a piece of paper saying where they wanted to take the picture. Aunt Lauren counted out the votes.
"Ok by a surprising amount of 4, we will be having our photo shoot at the Mall." Aunt Lauren said.
Both Miranda and I turned around in our seats and looked at the other girls.
"You know you guys could have just said you wanted to shoot it at the mall, right?" I said.
"Ya we want you guys to give your opinion too." Miranda joined in.
"Ok girls, let's go." Aunt Lauren said while walking to the door. We all hopped in the van heading off to the location. As soon as we got there we found this perfect place to shoot our picture. Aunt Lauren had us do different poses and moved us around. the last picture we took was the one i liked the most. Aunt Lauren had us positioned facing the wall, so that the sunset was in the background. i looked at the picture & showed it to the girls.
“So what do you think?” I asked.
“I love it!” Miranda agreed.
“Me too!” Ariel agreed.
“Me three!” Jessie agreed.
“Well i adore it.” Hannah agreed.
“Same.” Sydney agreed.
“Ok so Aunt Lauren, we want to use this one ok?” I asked.
“Alright girls, do you want me to do some touch ups or is it good as it is?” She asked.
“Its good as it is, but thanks for the offer Aunt Lauren.” Miranda responded.
“Alright girls, better get you home its almost dinner time.” She said but before she could walk to the car Jessie stopped her.

~Jessie’s PoV~
“Actually Aunty Lauren, we need to finish setting up our sites…” I said.
“Oh Ya! Just drop us off at my house, as soon as were done everyone will go home, it shouldn't take that much longer.” Miranda offered.
“Ok girls, to the Reali household.” Aunt Lauren said getting in the car.
As we walked in everyone immediately got to work. I was waiting for Miranda and Christy to finish the Twitter and Facebook accounts so i could connect them to our vine. When everyone was done we practiced one last time for our cover. Christy took everyone home, dropping me off last. I walked in and sat at the table eating, then had a nice good night's sleep.


~3rd Person PoV~
The girls position themselves with Miranda, Christy & Ariel in the back; Jessie, Hannah & Sydney in the front. The girls began their introduction.
“Hey i'm Miranda”
”I'm Christy”
”I'm Ariel”
”I'm Jessie”
“I'm Hannah”
“I'm Sydney”
“& We're Cimorelli 2.0”
“Now you might recognize us.” Miranda stated.
“Or the introduction sounds a little familiar…” Christy chimed in.
“and you might recognize the name ‘Cimorelli’” Ariel joked.
“Well we are the oldest of the retired sister group ‘Cimorelli’” Jessie explained.
“We decided we are going to start a little tradition.” Hannah said smiling.
“We are taking the torch from our mothers and becoming a band.” Sydney said excitedly.
“And today we are going back a little bit in time.” Miranda hinted.
“Here is our cover of ‘So Far So Great’ by Demi Lovato” Christy said.
“We have had an amazing life!” Ariel exclaimed.
“And this song is describing our situation.” Jessie smiled.
“We hope you like it!” both Hannah & Sydney yelled at the same time. Causing everyone to laugh. After everyone calmed down they started their cover.

Off to the races
I'm going places
Might be a long shot
Not gonna waste it
This is the big break
And it's calling my name

So far so great, get with it
At least that's how I see it
Having a dream's just the beginning
So far so great, believe it
Can't take away this feeling
Taking a ride with chance to my side
Yeah, I can't wait
So far, so great

Might need to wing it
Still gonna bring it
Not gonna sink low
I'm going swimming
Swing for the fences
Sky's not the limit today

So far so great, get with it
At least that's how I see it
Having a dream's just the beginning
So far so great, believe it
Can't take away this feeling
Taking a ride with chance to my side
Yeah, I can't wait
So far, so great

Everyone says don't get your hopes up
Learn the ropes and climb the ladder
I know in the end that just being here is the best
And it only gets better, it only gets better

So far so great, get with it
At least that's how I see it
Having a dream's just the beginning
So far so great, believe it
Can't take away this feeling
Taking a ride with chance to my side
Yeah, I can't wait
So far, so great
I can't wait
So far so great

Ba ba da da da ba da da da da
Ba ba da da da ba da da da da


Chapter 10

*Same time while ‘Cimorelli 2.0’ is filming*

~ Christina‘s PoV~
I was sitting in my bed when i heard singing, i slowly walked down the stairs so i wouldn't ruin anything and saw Miranda, and her cousins standing in front of a camera singing. I recognized the song, its one of Demi’s songs. I quickly pulled out my phone and took a video. I sent the video through a group text to my sisters, then it dawned on me to text Demi.
To: Demi
“Hey girl! guess what!?”
From: Demi
CHICKEN BUTT!! :D jkjk i don't know what?
To: Demi
LOL, well you know my daughter and her cousins?
From: Demi
Kath, Lisa, Ames, LoLo, Dan’s kids?
To: Demi
YA! well the oldest, the girls, well they are starting a BAND!!
From: Demi
REALLY?! aww just like their mothers! you must be so proud!
To: Demi
I am, they are currently working on their first cover <3
From: Demi
Aww! what song are they covering!?
To: Demi
Thats actually why i texted you! They're doing you song ‘So Far So Great’ you theme song for your TV show you where on!
From: Demi
OMG! I feel honored! you should send me the link once they upload it!
To: Demi
Of course! want a sneak preview?
From: Demi
To: Demi
Ok, here it is *Video*
From: Demi
OMG they take after their mothers! they are excellent!
To: Demi
I know right!
From: Demi
I got to go but don't forget to send me the link girly!
To: Demi
Wouldn't dream of it. Talk to you later!

I smiled putting my phone in my pocket, i look into the Studio and they're goofing around. I smile remembering the times with my sisters. Our daughters are following in our foot steps, and i'm so proud.

*Sunday Morning*

~Ariel‘s PoV~
I groggily get out of bed, surprised no one has come in here and woke me up. I look at the clock and it reads ‘6:00’ wow im up early! I decide to check on the video, i finished editing it and posted it last night. I open my laptop and log on to the bands account. I take a look at the number of views and like, i rub my eyes and gasp. I run out of the house and down the street. i couldn't contain my happiness and did a scream of joy before getting to the house i was running to. I pull out my keys and unlock it, sneaking up the stairs to her room. I saw her laying in her bed peacefully sleeping.
“Pst, Pst, Jess! Wake up!” I whisper. no go. “Jessie! come on get up! I have exciting news!” I say a little louder. I guess i was a little too loud i heard some footsteps come closer to her door. I turn around and see my Aunt Amy.
“Sorry aunt amy, i didnt mean to wake you up.” I apologize
“You didnt wake me up dear, i was actually just reading and heard you come in.” She smiles.
“Oh ok good.” I sighed relieved.
“Not to sound rude sweetheart, but what are you doing here so early? arent you usually in bed at this time?” She chuckles.
“Oh i woke up early, and checked our youtube account! GUESS HOW MANY LIKES WE HAVE ON OUR FIRST VIDEO!” I whispered/screamed.
“200?” she guesses. i shake my head. “500?” she guess wrong again. “How many then?” she asks.
“over A THOUSAND LIKES!” I yell but not loud enough to wake Hailey.
“Thats great Ariel!” she responds with a giant grin on her face.
“Im going to continue to wake Jess so i can tell her.” I said.
“Ya she needs to get up, we all have church at noon & i want her to eat before we go. See you later Ari” she says before walking down the hall. now to wake Jessie up.

~ Jessie‘s PoV~
I was sleeping peacefully when I heard a lot of screaming and felt someone jumping up and down on my bed.
“Jessie! Jessie! get up!” the person yelled in my ear.
“No.” I mumble, burying my face deeper in the pillow
“But Jeessssssiiiieeeeee i have something to tell you!” the voice said. Ariel. of course.
“Fine, what is it?” I say sitting up.
“You're never going to believe how many likes our video has!!” She yells. I cover my ears.
“Ariel! quiet down, how many likes?” I ask rubbing my eyes.
“OVER A THOUSAND LIKES!!” She screams. I place my hand over her mouth, chuckling at her.
“That is great Ariel! im so happy but shhh Hailey is sleeping.” I say pointing to the room across the hall.
“How are you not screaming with me?” she asks as i remove my hand from her mouth.
“because i can contain my excitement until the other girls know.” i said.
“How do you know i haven't told them?” She asks.
“Because your Ariel, you tell me everything first and visa versa.” I laugh. She pouts then jumps off my bed.
“WELL, I got to go get ready for church. You have to too. See ya there.” Ariel says as she starts to walk away.
“Hey wait, is you know who going to be there” I ask smirking at her. She blushes and looks down.
“Ya I think so.” She says still looking down.
“Go ahead and get ready, we'll tell the girls at church. and you can tell you know who when you guys go sneak off to make out.” I said still smirking at her.
“Shut it Jessie! I don't tease you about Jacob” She says his name in a teasing voice.
“Ok, Ok, just go so i can get ready.” I say shooing her away.
“Bye!” She says before running off.
I walk over to my closet and pick a dress for the day. I can't believe we hit 1,000 likes in one night...

~ Sydney‘s PoV~
I woke up and quickly got dressed for church. When i walk down stairs i wait by the door for the rest of my family so we can go out for breakfast with Hannah & her family.
“Hey sweetheart. ready to go?” My dad kisses my head.
“Yup, wheres mom?” I ask.
“Shes getting LJ up” he says.
“Alright, i'll go start the car up?” i ask.
“sure sweaty, heres the keys.” He hands me the keys.
“Thanks daddy.” i hug him before skipping to the car. I start the car and head to my seat. I see my dad carrying LJ with my mom trailing behind them, on the phone. Once everyone is settled in the car i plug my headphones in and listen to music.
We pull up to IHop and I immediately spot Hannah, as soon as we are parked i dash out of the car and into the restaurant. Lucky for me I wouldn't have to look for her, she was standing at the door waiting for me.
“Hannah!” I yell.
“Sydney!” She yelled back. It was our usual greeting, even if we are apart for only minutes. We head to our usual Sunday Breakfast Table, where Aunt Lauren, Uncle Jake plus JJ & Lana are sitting.
“Morning’ Aunt, uncle, JJ and Lana.” I said, saying Lana’s name in a baby voice. Everyone greets me back except Lana, she complains on how i said her name.
“Lol!” I hear my mom say as she approaches the table.
“Dani!” Lauren gets up out of her chair and rushes to hug my mom.
“I have missed you big sis.” My mom says.
“Ive missed you too! I wish our schedules weren't so hectic.” Aunt Lauren says. Hannah and I start a conversation of our own, tuning out the rest of the group. After we finish eating we head to the church. JJ switched places with me so he could ride with LJ and i could ride with Hannah. Just as we pulled up i get a group text from Ariel.

Group Text: Panda, Chrissy, Ari, Jess, Han, & Syd.
Before everyone gets in the church meet me at our usual hangout. - A
Why? - P
I have something to tell you! - A
Is it the thing i already know? - J
Yes! don't tell them yet. - A
Wait Jess already knows?! WHAT IS IT? - C
Just meet me by our hangout - A
Wait which one? - H
The one by the church! duh! - S
You know what :P - H
Girls! don't start - P
Ya, just meet at the hangout! - A
Fine - H
Alright - C
Got it - P
Do i have to? - J
YES! - A
ok… - J
I'm in - S

I put away my phone and stick my tongue out at Han, who was looking at me. She makes a funny face before playing a game on her phone. We finally pull up to the Church, both Hannah and i walk to our hangout which lucky for us is only like a 30 second walk.

~ Miranda‘s PoV~
I was the last one to arrive at the hangout, I see Ariel jumping up and down with excitement, and the other girls are just watching her with amusement.
“Ok, ok Ariel, we are all here what's the thing you wanted to tell us?” I say putting my hands on her shoulders to stop her from jumping, while laughing.
“Oh right! You're never going to believe how many likes we had overnight?” She says excitedly.
“How many Ariel?” Christy says taking a step closer.
“OVER A THOUSAND!!” She screams.
“What?! Really?!” Hannah asks
“YES!” Ariel says.
“Ah!!” Sydney exclaims as her and hannah jump around. Soon everyone joins in on their excitement, causing us to get some glances from the church members walking past us. After like 5 minutes everyone calms down a bit. I look behind Ariel and see someone sneaking up behind her. I smile seeing who it is. They put their hands on Ariels eyes.
“Guess who?” They say in a deep voice.
“Hmm… Jessie?” She guesses.
“Nope. Would Jessie do this.” They give her a quick peck on the lips.
“no she wouldn't… that'd be weird shes my cousin… wait a second!” Ariel says and turns around, to look at the person behind her. “AURORA!!” She yells before hugging her girlfriend.
“Hey baby i missed you” Aurora says while the hug each other.
“I missed you too Aurora!” Ariel says as she lets go of Aurora, they hardly see each other due to Aurora living and 2 hours away. Ariel kisses Aurora again, turning into a makeout session. I hear the girls aww, and say ew.
“Auriel, get a room!” I yell at them, Causing them to pull away blushing. Ariel sticks her tongue out at me and drags Aurora with her. I laugh and escort the rest of the girls to the church. Im glad our family’s accepted them.

~ Aurora‘s PoV~
Ariel rushes me away from her cousins, once we are a safe distance we make out until breathing becomes a problem. I rest my forehead on Ariel’s.
“I missed you so much Ariel.” I whisper.
“I missed you too Aurora, more than you can imagine.” She whispers back.
“So i was thinking we could go on a date tomorrow?” I ask.
“I would love to go on a date with you!” She squeals.
“Good, cuz i wouldn't have accepted a no. Now lets get to the church before it starts.” I smile giving her a quick kiss on the lips.
“Ok babe.” She says intertwining our fingers together. We walk into the Church and find where her family is seated. We take a seat and listen to the service.

Ariel holds my hand while walking into one of her Aunts house. Today is a Monday night family dinner, and Ariel and i decided it was time to come out to her family. My mom was the first to know now the only people that need to was Her family. She takes a deep breath trying to calm her nerves, i give her a gentle squeeze to insure her it was going to be fine. We walk in, and everyone is already seated at the table. They all look at us and their eyes slowly drift to our interlocked hands then back to us. Ariel takes a deep breath before speaking.
“Mom, dad, uncles, cousins i have an announcement…” She hesitates. I turn my head and lean down a little.
“Its ok babe just tell them, i'm going to be here with you no matter what happens. I love you.” I whisper in her ear so only she could here. I see her smile a little before taking another deep breath.
“Um, I-I'm a lesbian… and im dating Aurora…” She says nervously. They all just stare at us, and their cousins glance at their moms, who glance at Ariel's mom Lisa, who glances at her husband Callan.
“Thats ok sweetie, we love you no matter your sexuality.” father says. Everyone nods their heads while a couple of her cousins get up and hug us. The adults went back to eating, and before I leave i give her a kiss on her cheek so she can spend time with her family.
*End of Flashback*

I smile remembering the moment we came out last year, i couldn't be happier when i got home and told my mom about their reactions.

*Skips Service*

“Ok babe i'll see you tomorrow at 6 ok?” I ask Ariel as I walk her to her car.
“Ok, see you at 6.” She smiles before giving me a kiss. I open her door for her and she takes a seat. She waves goodbye before they drive away. I run over to my car and drive to her favorite restaurant reserving a table then head to my hotel for a good nights rest.

~ Christy‘s PoV~
My mom and dad are in the front of the car chatting away when i notice we arent on our way home.
“Mom, Dad where are we going?” I ask
“Oh, we're going to your aunt Christina's house.” My mom, Katherine explains
“Why are we going to aunt Crisis house?” Callie asks.
“She says she has a surprise for sissy.” Katherine explains.
“A surprise for me?” i ask.
“mhmm you and the girls.” she states.
“Oh, ok. do you know what it is?” I ask.
“Nope she wouldn't tell me.” she says. I pout then start to text some of my friends.
We pull up to the Reali household, and i run out of the car, before i couldnt enter my mom stops me.
“Christy sweetie your aunt wants you to wait in the living room until all the girls are here.” she says.
“Ok mom!” i say as i walk in.
“Christy! come in and sit with Miranda.” My aunt Christina says while escorting me into the living room.
“Ok, hey Panda.” I greet Miranda by her nickname.
“Hey Chrissy, do you know what we are doing here?” she asks
“Nope no idea, well my mom said that your mom has a surprise for us? as in the band.” I respond. We hang out on the couch taking selfies with each other until the rest of the girls show up. Eventually everyone is here, we all are goofing off until Christina appears in the doorway.
“Ok girls you ready for your surprise?” she asks. We all nod our heads, and she gestures for us to follow her downstairs.
“Surprise!” We hear several voices scream. I look and see Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony & Little Mix.

~ Hannah‘s PoV~
I hear people scream ‘Surprise’ I turn and see some of my idols, who happen to be my parents friends. I stand there wide eyed with my mouth open. I finally snap back into reality.
“OMG is that who i think that is” Sydney whispers to me.
“I think so Said… i can't believe theyre here!” I whisper back.
“Girls! introduce yourselves!” Christina says.
“Hey im Miranda.”
“I'm Christy”
“Im Ariel”
“I'm Jessie”
“Im Hannah”
“and I'm Sydney!” We all introduced ourselves.
“We’ve heard a lot about you girls!” Ariana says.
“Ya, mainly from your mum but even some from Demi here.” Jade says.
“Wait you've heard us sing?” Miranda asks.
‘Yes, your mom sent me a video of you guys singing one of my songs.” Demi explains.
“Ya and when she watched it, we were with her.” Camila said pointing to the rest of Fifth Harmony.
“Wait, my mom?” Miranda asked.
“yup, You are Christina’s daughter right?” Demi asks.
“Ya… so mom you arranged all this?” Miranda asks.
“Well, kind of. Demi said she wanted to meet you guys and the rest tagged along!” Christina explains.
“Awesome.” I say. Everyone looks at me and i can feel a deep blush appear on my cheeks. Everyone cracks up laughing and i join in.

~ Demi‘s PoV~
I talked with Cimorelli 2.0 and it was like talking to Cimorelli all over again. These girls are amazing, i think i might just invite them to hang out with me more maybe they should collab with my daughter… This group will go big, just like their mothers i can sense it.

~ Dani‘s PoV~
After we caught up with old friends and our daughters got to know them I had my husband gather everyone into the living room.
“Ok everyone, i wanted to announce something to all of you. As you know i've been really busy this week, and my Cimorelli clothing line had been booming right?” I say.
“ya, why?” Christina says.
“Well, i'm going to PARIS for FASHION WEEK!” I yell. Everyone claps their hands and cheers. My sisters get up and give me a hug so does my mom & dad eventually my brothers join in on the hug. We all finally let go and i look around and see Sydney walk out with Hannah, i sigh. i knew i should have told her before. I get up and walk over to where they went. I put my ear against the door and hear faint cries, i think it was Sydney since i also heard Hannah trying to calm her down. I was about to knock on the door when i was stopped by Christy.
“Don't Aunt Dani, let Hannah handle it.” Christy says.
“But i'm her mom, i'm supposed to handle it.” I respond.
“Ya but Hannah and Sydney are like you and Lauren. You would want Lauren to talk to first not you mom.” Miranda comes in, giving me a sad smile.
“You're right girls, I'll talk to her before i leave tomorrow.” I give in.
“You're leaving tomorrow?!” Someone yells. I turn and see Sydney standing there.
“ya i am honey, i'm sorry i should have told you before… Girls can i talk to Sydney alone?” I ask.
“Of course aunt Dani, lets go Chrissy, Han.” Miranda says guiding them out.
“Honey, im sorry ive been really busy with work this week i've been trying to get a lot done before so when i go i wouldn't have to stay long.” I apologize. Instead of a response back she gives me a tight hug. I hug her back feeling tears hit my shirt.
“I miss you mommy.” She whispers. I felt my own tears run down my face. She hasn't called me mommy in years.
“You know what how about you come to paris with me? it'll only be for a week and i'm going to tell you something the rest of us girls were going to tell you. You guys are going to start Homeschooling next week. so would you come with me to paris?” I ask.
“Ya mommy i would love that.” She smiles as she pulls away. I smile before pulling her into another hug.
“Lets go pack eh?” I ask.
“Can we pack in a little i wanna go say goodbye to everyone.” She asks.
“Of course baby, i'll be in the car.” I say walking outside. Now to start an adventure.

Chapter 11

~Aurora’s PoV~
I wake up glancing at my phone, the time reads 12 and decide to get ready for the date, even if it was 6 hours away. I want this night to be perfect. I quickly jump into the shower, i start singing ‘XO’ by beyonce, halfway through the song i hear banging on the bathroom door. I quickly rinse myself off before stepping out of the shower. Wrapping myself in a towel i open the door, almost getting in the face as the person was still knocking.
“Hey! watch it!” I yell. I look at the person who was knocking “What the heck Jessie?! you scared me… why are you here?” I ask.
“Oh ha, sorry um I knew you were going out with Ariel this afternoon and i tried calling to make sure you were up getting ready but when you didn't answer i figured you were still asleep so i came to wake you.” She explained.
“Then why were you banging on my door when you heard me in the shower!?” I exclaimed.
“Oh that, ya i was just bored.” She says shrugging her shoulders. I glare at her and she just smiles. “Um Aurora you can go back in the shower now?” she says as she turns and heads for the door. “Oh and you have an amazing voice, you should sing to her tonight.” she says stopping before walking out. I turn around and finish my shower. I get dressed in a fancy but casual attire. I call the restaurant and double check i have a table. I then leave getting some tickets for a movie. As i was paying for the movie for the second part of the date an idea pops into my head. Texting her cousins minus Sydney seeing as she left for Paris this morning, i ask if they can help me set it up while Ari & i are in the movies. Of course they agree. Seeing the time i head to pick up my beautiful girlfriend, along the way i pick up the flowers and chocolate i had ordered. This night is going to be perfect.

~Ariel’s PoV~
I'm putting the last touches on to my outfit when i hear knocking at the front door, I rush over to the door and open it up and see my stunning girlfriend with my favorite flowers & chocolate. I let out a squeal and pull her into a hug.
“Hey princess, you ready?” Aurora asks pulling away and giving me a peck on the lips.
“Yes, let me just get my purse.” I respond smiling.
We drive away, the car filled with silence, other than the radio, but its the nice comfortable kind of silence. Aurora would occasionally kiss my hand and rubbed the top. Im pretty sure i blushed every time she kissed my hand. I draw my attention from the window to my spectacular girlfriend. I was staring at her for most of the ride, i noticed she started blushing after her eyes flickered off to the side seeing me stare. I couldn't help the goofy smile that crept onto my face, i leaned towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“Why are you so adorable?” I whisper in her ear before leaning back in my seat. I held in my laugh when i saw her blush darken. I was so distracted by her beauty i hadn't noticed we stopped. Aurora quickly got out of the car and walked to my side of the car. She opened the door for me and bowed.
“My lady” She said before standing up. I laughed at her cuteness.
“Why thank you.” I responded. I looked at the restaurant and i squealed in excitement seeing it was my favorite. She walked me to the door, opening it for me. taking a step in i’m hit with the smell of all the different type of chinese food.
“May i help you?” the lady at the counter asks.
“Yes, i have a reservation.” Aurora states.
“Name please?” The lady asks.
“Its under the name Aurora Williams.” Aurora says smiling.
“Ah yes, this way” The lady says smiling. She escorts us to our table, leaving us the menus we sit and we messed around (not that way!) until she comes back, we ordered. After our food arrived we ate in a comfortable silence, stealing quick glances at each other smiling every time we caught each other.
“So babe, what are we doing next?” I ask.
“Well i got us tickets to watch a movie, then i'm taking you to a secret place.” She says
“What secret place?” I ask.
“If i told you it wouldn't be a secret now would it?” She responds.
“Fine, don't tell me… what movie are we going to watch!?” I ask.
“oh that one movie, you know the one you wanted to watch so bad?” She says adding a smirk at the end of her sentence.
“You got tickets for Vampire Academy?!” I yelled causing a couple people to look in our direction. I quickly hid my face embarrassed, while Aurora was laughing at my reaction.
“ya i did Ari, now lets go before we're late.” She finally said as she controlled her laughter.
“Ok” I said getting up from the table, she paid and left a tip. She was opening the door for me when i leaned in and kissed her. “Thank you.” I said stepping into the car.
“Anything for you angel.” She said before closing the door.
We drive singing to the radio at the top of our lungs. On comes a song i haven't heard play in a while.

Alright, alright, I'll admit it

I like the way you rock it out
You're like my first big break
You know I love what you're all about
You gave 'em more than you take
You got me thinkin' ([Lisa:] Thinkin')
There's a reason ([Lisa:] Reason)
I've never felt this way 'about anyone before

> You're the one chance I didn't wanna take
But if I had not, it would've been my biggest mistake

Ooh, baby, you know you got me

[Christina with background vocals by Cimorelli:]
You're the last thing I wanted
But the first thing I need
Oh, baby, there's no escapin'
Ooh, you got me good, uh oh

I know I'm in the right place
When we're dancing in your car
You know I love they way you say

[Katherine and Cimorelli:]
"I like you just the way you are"

You got me thinkin' ([Lisa:] Thinkin'!)
There's a reason ([Lisa:] Reason!)

[Dani and Amy:]
I've never felt this way 'about anyone before

[Lisa with background vocals by Cimorelli:]
I gotta hold myself back
You're the best I've got
You know just where I'm at

[Christina with background vocals by Cimorelli:]
Ooh, baby, you know you got me
You're the last thing I wanted
But the first thing I need
Oh, baby, there's no escapin'
Ooh, you got me good, uh oh

It doesn't get better than this ([Cimorelli:] No!)
I felt something I never knew I missed

[Lauren with background vocals by Cimorelli:]
You're the mac to my cheese
The drum to my beat
The converse to my feet

If you were a grade, you'd be an A plus

[Christina with background vocals by Cimorelli:]
Ooh, baby, you know you got me
You're the last thing I wanted
But the first thing I need

Oh, baby, there's no escapin'
Ooh, you got me good ([Lisa:] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!)
Ooh, baby ([Katherine:] Ooh, baby!), you know you got me
You're the last thing I wanted
But the first thing I need ([Katherine:] First thing I need)

Ooh, baby, there's no escapin'
Ooh, you got me good
Oh, oh ([Amy:] Got me, yeah)
Ooh, baby, you know you got me
You're the last thing I wanted
But the first I need
Ooh, baby, there's no escapin'
Ooh, you got me good, uh oh

I smile at Aurora as i sing the last note, she smiles back at me blowing me a kiss. We pull up to the theaters. She leads me in and we head straight to the snack line where we get SO much candy and popcorn plus our drinks. We sat in the back, as soon as the movie started we were both drawn to the movie not taking our eyes off it. There was a real awkward scene and i look at Aurora to see her staring at me, she quickly looks away when she sees she's been caught. a deep blush appearing on both our faces. I leaned into her resting my head on her shoulder, looking back up to the screen. I smile feeling Aurora kiss the top of my head, intertwining our hands as she drapes her arm over my shoulder, pulling me in closer. I swear i could stay in this position for hours. When the movie ended she sat me in the car with a blindfold covering my eyes. I laughed at her silliness, yet romantic, plan. She leads me somewhere i have no idea where and sits me down on what feels like some sort of cloth, a blanket of some kind. I feel the blindfold losing its grip around my head. When the blindfold is completely off im in awe at the sight in front of me. Flowers and candles everywhere, even one of Aurora’s guitars! I turn around and smile at Aurora before jumping into her arms.
“This is amazing baby!” I yell as i hug her.
“Anything for my princess” She says giving me a soft kiss on the lips. “now come sit, i want to sing you a little song, join in when you recognize it.” She says smiling. Clearing her throat she begins to sing.

Ah, ah, you’re beautiful
Ah, ah, you’re beautiful

Hop on the back of my bike
Let the good wind blow through your hair
With an ass like that and a smile so bright
Oh, you’re killing me, you know it ain’t fair, yeah
Ride on through the middle of the night
Let the moonlight kiss your skin
When you dance like that, your jeans so tight
Oh, you’re killing me, baby do it again

You’re beautiful, and your mind is beautiful
And I can’t pretend that doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me, yeah
You’re beautiful, good lord, you’re beautiful
And I can’t pretend that doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me, yeah, yeah

I smile remembering the song lyrics, I clear my throat before joining in.

I like when you run red lights
Don’t stop ’til you thrill me, oh how you thrill me
Always in control, how you do it, I don’t know
But I don’t care, take me anywhere
‘Cause it’s beautiful, ooh you make me feel invincible
And I can’t pretend that doesn’t mean a thing to me, to me, oh yeah

Ariel and Aurora
Ohh-oo-ohh, ohh-oo-ohh (ah, ah, so beautiful)
Yeah Yeah (ah, ah, so beautiful)
You don’t know what you’re doing darling, noo-ohh (ah, ah, so beautiful)
Hop on back my bike darling, Ohh I take you (ah, ah, so beautiful)
Oh-oh-ah, oh-oh-ah, oh-oh-ah, ah-ah-ah...[x2]
Don’t you worry darling (oh-oh-ah, oh-oh-ah, oh-oh-ah, ah-ah-ah...)

I smile at my beautiful girlfriend, both of us leaning in and sharing a passionate kiss. We lay down on the blanket looking up at the stars, cuddling.
“Ariel?” Aurora draws my attention.
“Yes baby?” I respond.
“I love you, with all my heart and one day i hope to make you Ariel Williams…” She stops and grabs something out of her bag. “Im giving you this necklace, its a locket in the shape of a heart.” She says nervously putting it around my neck. I smile and look down, opening it. It contained a picture of both of us, her kissing my cheek on one side and on the other it had an engraving ‘You will forever and always carry my heart, I love you ~ Aurora’ I look at her, my smile growing bigger seeing her so nervous.
“I love it baby, and I love you too!” I says hugging her, giving her a kiss on the cheek in the process. We layed back down, cuddling looking up at the stars in a comfortable silence. Best Night Ever.

Chapter 12

~Anonymous Persons’ PoV~
Sitting on my bed messing around on youtube when i came across a video of 6 girls singing, “So Far So Great by Demi Lovato Cover by Cimorelli 2.0” I recognized the name Cimorelli, after watching their cover I immediately called for my dad, who was a producer for Hollywood Records.
“Dad! Come look at this!!” I yelled.
“What is it pal?” He asked as he walked in.
“Look at this video i found!” I said pushing replay on the video.
“Will you look it there, they take after their parents…” My dad commented.
“Who’s their parents?” I ask confused.
“I use to be OBSESSED with this girl group when i was your age ‘Cimorelli’. It was a group of 6 sisters, they're all grown up now and are married with children. These are their oldest kids” he explained.
“Dad, i think you know what to do.” I said with a huge grin on my face.
“So do i kiddo, so do i.” He smiled back.

~Jessie’s PoV~
“Jaden! Give me that back!” Hunter Jr yelled.
“No!” Jaden yelled back.
“Will both of you be quiet!” I yelled at them irritated.
“Sorry!” They yelled in sync. Finally peace.
“Whaaa” Hailey cried.
“Great” i mumbled under my breath before getting up, walking across the hall. Picking up Hailey i sung a quiet lullaby rocking her, while pacing around her room. I had just put Hailey back to bed, when i walked into my room seeing my phone with the screen glowing.
‘Hello?’ I said into the phone.
‘Hey! Dani and Sydney is coming home today and we want to go to her house is your mom there?’ I heard my aunt Lauren say.
‘She’s still at the school for parent teacher conferences but she should be here later.’ I said into the phone.
‘your dad still not home?’ Lauren asked.
‘No… he said hed be back later this week.’ I sighed into the phone.
‘Do you think you can bring the kids in 2 hours then?’ she asked.
‘Of course aunt lolo i wouldn't miss it for the world.’ i replied.
‘great but don't tell Sydney or Dani its a surprise!’ she squealed.
‘wouldn't dream of it, better go get them boys ready then. Bye love ya!’ I said into the phone.
‘Alright Jess, love you too!’ She said before hanging up.
Yay Sydney coming home!

~Sydney’s PoV~
My mom and i were making a last round of shopping before heading to the airport. We were in disguise due to how famous my family was, plus being in Cimorelli 2.0 didnt help either, apparently our band is HUGE here. I smiled as i got my everyone gifts and my own personal souvenir. After a SUPER long boring airplane ride, we finally arrived back in California. My legs were asleep, yours would be too if you only got up to use the restroom on a 12 hour flight. I was so glad to feel the California sun on me again. As soon as we walked outside there was a TON of paparazzi taking my mom and my picture, yelling questions at us. Luckily my mom had called John one of our bodyguards ahead of time. When we finally made it to the car both my mom and i were singing at the top of our lungs as Katie drove us home. I bet you're thinking a driver too? well ya but shes only for my mom at the moment since my dad doesn't want my mom to drive while shes pregnant.
“Hey mom how much longer before Danya comes?” I ask.
“6 almost 5. why?” She responded.
“Just curious, i cant wait for a sister!” I said smiling. I got over my fear of my mom forgetting about me over the week we were in paris.
“I know me too, i want another precious daughter.” She said smiling at me. We pulled up to the house, i hurried out of the car leaving my bags for John to get. Usually i would get them myself but i just really missed LJ and my dad. Just as i was about to burst into the doors my mom stopped me.
“Syd honey wait for me!” She yelled. I turned around and gave her ‘oops sorry’ look. She finally made it and i pushed the door open, only to be greeted with confetti and my mom’s entire family screaming welcome back. I smiled giving everyone a hug. I was overjoyed.
“Hey everyone i got ya’ll gifts!” I said, causing everyone to get excited. I started to hand out presents to everyone except for my band mate. “You guys come with me i want to give it to you down stairs.” I said smiling. They nodded and we snuck downstairs where i gave everyone a gift.
Miranda- A diamond necklace with the eiffel tower engraved on the diamond.
Christy- A tiffany’s diamond tennis bracelet with her initials on it.
Ariel- Diamond earings with the AC on them.
Jessie- A Diamond ring with her name on the inside.
But i left the best for last.

~Hannah’s PoV~
I saw all the amazing gift Sydney got my cousins, which only got me more excited for my gift.
“Ok hannah come with me!” Sydney said dragging me away from the rest of the girls.
“So what's my present?” I ask as she pulls me into the closet.
“Here open it!” She says handing me a box. I opened it to only be greeted with another box i opened it and earings fell into my hands, continue it i had everything the girls had and i still had another box left to open. Slowly i opened it to only be greated with a picture frame with a collage of pictures with Sydney and I growing up. I looked up at her and smiled with tears in my eyes.
“OMG this is amazing Syd thank you so much!” I said pulling her into a hug. she laughed before hugging me back.
“The picture in the middle is my favorite one of us.” she said.
“Ya, mine too!” I said looking at the picture. It was our very first day of school, we both decided we would wear matching outfits with our matching backpacks and we both did the same pose for the picture. It was the day when both Syd and I officially became Hanney. We were getting ready to leave when we heard someone scream.

~Miranda’s PoV~
While Sydney was giving Hannah her gift i decided to get on our bands email. I was reading fan mail when a new email popped up. Immediately clicking it i saw it was from a record company, and not just any record company but Hollywood records! I scream which caused several people to rush downstairs. They all were asking me what's wrong but i could answer i was so shocked. Christy came over to me moving me to the side and reading what i had on the screen and she screamed and started jump around.
“Ok girls what's going on?!” My mom yelled.
“HOLLYWOOD RECORDS WHAT'S TO SIGN CIMORELLI 2.0!!” Christy yelled. Everyone cheered us girls while Ariel danced around with the rest of the girls, i sat there still stunned by the news. I was pulled out of my trance when Christy pulled me out of my seat. Our parents and sibling left leaving us girls to celebrate. I sent an email back to them that we would meet them tomorrow.

*Next day*

~Christy’s PoV~
As I woke up i ran around getting ready, today was going to be one of the biggest days of our lives, and one of the biggest moments for the band. Once i was dressed i drove and picked up the rest of the girls, we all agreed to let Miranda to do all the talking in the meeting seeing she was the leader. As we walked into the office Miranda spoke up.
“We have an appointment.” Miranda said to the secretary.
“NAme?” She said smiling.
“I think its under Cimorelli 2.0?” Miranda answered.
“Ah right on time, second door on the left.” She said point down the hall. My nerves were building up and i didn't even have to say anything. I wonder how Miranda is doing, or the other girls.
After the long meeting we were officially signed to Hollywood Records. We all went out for ice cream as a celebratory snack.

~Ariel’s PoV~
“Hey girls i think we should post an announcement video!” I suggested.
“OMG Ari you're a genious!” Miranda complemented.
We finished our ice creams before heading to the Reali household. As we pulled up Hannah and Sydney raced to the basement with the rest of us on their tails. When we got downstairs Hannah setup the camera while Sydney handed us outfits. She had all of us bring clothes here and kept them in the closet incase of emergencies, sorta like this. After everyone was dressed we all stood in front of the camera. I gave my best smile as we started the video.

~3rd Person PoV~
The girls position themselves with Miranda, Christy & Ariel in the back; Jessie, Hannah & Sydney in the front. The girls began their introduction.
“Hey i'm Miranda”
”I'm Christy”
”I'm Ariel”
”I'm Jessie”
“I'm Hannah”
“I'm Sydney”
“& We're Cimorelli 2.0”
“We have exciting news for all of you guys!” Miranda said.
“Now brace yourselves, i wouldn't want you to be as surprised as Miranda was when she found out.” Christy joked.
“Hey!” Miranda exclaimed.
“Anyways, Its really big news and we are so happy we get to share it with you!” Ariel said before the girls got into an argument.
“I still cant believe it!” Jessie yelled. Both Hannah and Sydney looked at each other sharing a look.
“WE ARE SIGNED TO HOLLYWOOD RECORDS!!” Both Hannah and Sydney yelled at the same time.
The girls did a little dance party before saying goodbye, and turning off the camera.
Ariel rushed to post it. As soon as it was up all the girls sent tweets and had a follow spree. They had a lot of fans, some from their parents but some that just found them on Youtube, or through a friend. They planned when they would post their next cover and had a movie marathon until it was time for everyone to leave. All the girls still couldn't believe they got signed after only one cover.

Chapter 13

~Miranda’s PoV~
I woke up immediately calling all the girls telling them to get ready for the new cover we are doing today. Feeling festive my parents made like a festive type breakfast. Soon all the girls got to my house and we started all our schoolwork. I was already almost done with my senior year. I loved being able to work ahead.
“Hey panda, what song are going to do?” Sydney asked.
“I don't know but i wanted something dancey!” Christy suggested.
“OH! Me too i'm in such a good mood!” Ariel agreed.
“Does Aurora have anything to do with that?” Jessie joked causing Ariel to blush.
“You keep teasing me Jess and i'll tell you know who you like him!” Ariel threatened.
“DON'T YOU DARE!” Jessie said looking scared.
“Then stop teasing.” Ariel said in victory.
“Fine… but i agree i mean we are SIGNED i think it should be dancey.” Jessie said.
“Same!” Hannah said.
“Ok does anyone have an idea?” I asked.
“I do!” Sydney said.
“What is it Syd?” Christy asked.
~Jessie’s PoV~
“So who’s the boy?” Hannah asked.
“What boy?” I tried playing dumb.
“Oh don't you dare play dumb, you know who we are talking about!” Sydney said.
“There’s no boy!” I lied. Stupid Ari
“Sure there isn't” Christy teased.
“Oh my, can you guys get more embarrassing.” I said covering my face.
“Sure we can! we can torture Ari till she tells us and we do everything in our power to point out the obvious.” Miranda pipped in.
“DON'T YOU DARE SAY A WORD ARI!” I turned around staring her down.
“Oh don't worry Jess, id never tell.” Ari said not looking up from her work.
“Good, this is why you're my favorite.” I said smirking.
“What! I thought i was.” Christy fake pouted, causing everyone to laugh.
~Ariel’s PoV~
After everyone finished their school work, i was helping Hannah setup the camera.
“So Han, Syd sure seems happier.” I stated.
“I know right! that trip to paris must have done her some good.” Hannah said smiling.
“Do you know why she was feeling so down before?” I asked.
“Ya but we talked it out… then she also talked to her mom.” Hannah vaguely explained.
“Well that great. at least hes doing better.” I said as we finished.
~Christy’s PoV~
“So panda, i was thinking we should go to the beach tomorrow, you know spend sometime outside.” I proposed.
“that sounds like a perfect idea, in fact lets make it a mother daughter day!” Miranda exclaimed.
“Yes! it'll probably be the last considering my mom is starting to get really pregnant.” Sydney commented.
“OMG! that is so true!” I agreed.
“Jess! do you think we should have one last mother daughters day before Aunt Dani gives birth?” Miranda asked.
“Oh heck ya, but maybe it should be a family outing my dad is back in town and i want to spend time with him?” Jessie recommended.
“Even better.” I said.
“Then lets do it!” Miranda smiled.
“Ok girls camera is set up lets get to rollin!!” Ariel yelled.
~3rd Person PoV~
The girls position themselves with Miranda, Christy & Ariel in the back; Jessie, Hannah & Sydney in the front. The girls began their introduction.
“Hey i'm Miranda”
”I'm Christy”
”I'm Ariel”
”I'm Jessie”
“I'm Hannah”
“I'm Sydney”
“& We're Cimorelli 2.0”
“We are doing a cover in celebration of our sighing to Hollywood Records!” Miranda said.
“Its a nice dancey song too so make sure you have some room to jump around!” Christy said smiling.
“You all will recognize this song.” Ariel hinted.
“and no before you jump to conclusions it's not one of our moms songs.” Jessie joked.
“We will be covering…” Hannah started.
“‘Me and My Girls’ by Fifth Harmony!!” Sydney finished, yelling.
After a few mess ups and disruptions the girls finally got it right.
And we play our favorite songs
And we scream out all night long
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
All the lights, turn them off
It's too loud in here to talk
I don't understand a word you say
Gotta sleep but instead
Karaoke on the bed
Taking duck face selfies right and left
We get crazy with it, we get stupid with it
We don't care if people stare
And when we wobble with it
We get Diva on it
We get Queen B on it yeah
We get Britney, Demi, One Direction, Bieber on it
And we play our favorite songs
And we scream out all night long
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
And we dance like no one's watching
We crack up, booty poppin'
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
Watch me now
Me and my girls
My voice is gone, got my favorite PJ's on
Times like this don't always come along
You're all I need, there's nowhere I'd rather be
Then to have you crazy freaks with me
We get crazy with it, we get stupid with it
We don't care if people stare
And when we wobble with it
Hannah & Sydney:
We get Diva on it
We get Queen B on it yeah
We get Britney, Demi, One Direction, Bieber on it
And we play our favorite songs
And we scream out all night long
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
And we dance like no one's watching
We crack up, booty poppin'
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
Watch me now
Me and my girls
Break it down
Now break it down
Now break it down
Now break it down
Break it down
Now break it down
Now break it down
Now break it down
Ariel & Jessie:
And we play our favorite songs
And we scream out all night long
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
And we dance like no one's watching
We crack up, booty poppin'
Like ooh ooh ooh
When it's just me and my girls
Watch me now

~Hannah’s PoV~
“So Syd you excited for Danya to come?” I asked cautiously.
“Of course, the time i spent with my mom this past week in paris was so amazing i have no doubts that she won't forget me for Danya.” Sydney reassured me.
“So whatcha gonna get Danya for when she's born?” I asked.
“OMG! im so happy you asked. I have already started the present!” Sydney said jumping up and down.
“Well what is it?” I asked excitedly.
“Its a scrapbook, the first page is of Grandma & Grandpa Cimorelli, then the next page is about Mike and his family, and then the next about Christina and her family, and so on until it comes to my family. I have left a blank on the page for the first picture of Dayna, then the rest of the pages will be of her growing up, and times we spend together as a family.” Sydney explained with this loving look in her eyes as if she was remembering every single detail of the scrapbook.
“Im sure shes gonna love it Syd.” I said smiling.
“I sure hopes she does!” Sydney responds.
“Hey, Hanney when you get home ask your parents and ask if we can all go to the beach tomorrow, you know as a family.” Miranda “ordered”.
“Ay ay captain.” I said.
“Yes mam!” Sydney saluted. Syd and I hung out at my house until she had to go.
~Sydney’s PoV~
“Hello?!” I yelled into the house as i stepped in.
“We’re in here!” I heard someone yell from the movie room. Walking in the room i see everyone in PJ’s and eating popcorn while watching Harry Potter.
“OOH! I love this one!” I yelled running to the empty seat.
“Shh!” LJ shushed me. I stuck my tongue out at him, pretty sure he couldn't see me do it though. Once that movie ended my dad was getting ready to play the next one when i remembered what Panda told me.
“Hey mom, dad?” I asked.
“Yes sweetie?” My dad answered.
“The girls and i were wondering if tomorrow we could all go to the beach… as in the whole family. Uncle Hunter is back in town.” I begged.
“Of course sweetie!” My mom squealed.
“Awsome!” I agreed.
“Will you be quiet sissy, the movie is starting.” LJ asked.
“Ok buddy.” I said before rushing to my room and changing into my PJ’s.
I cant wait for tomorrow!

Chapter 14

~Miranda’s PoV~
I got up early and packed everything we were going to need at the beach. Being the organized person I am i made a check list.

Beach towels- Check
Books or magazines- Check
Sunscreen- Check
Sunglasses- Check
Hats- Check
Snacks- Check
Beverages- Check
Ipod with Speakers- Check
Beach chair- Check
Beach umbrella- Check
Beach toys- Check

After everything was in packed i headed upstairs to wake everyone up. After everyone was finally was up we had a small brunch. Before heading to the beach everyone change into our swim suits. Putting on a cover up, i grab my phone and get into the car.

~Jessie’s PoV~
Everyone’s at the beach already, ariel and i were just walking around when…
“HEY! LOOK OUT!” Someone yelled out, next thing i know i get hit with something.
“OMG! Jessie are you ok?” Ariel asks.
“Ugh, ya just a little headache now...” I respond rubbing the back of my head.
“Hey, sorry about that my buddy can't really aim.” someone said, whose voice i recognized. Slowly i turned around.
“Its o… oh hey Jacob” I said nervously.
“Oh… Jessie. Im so sorry that my buddy hit you with the ball.” he apologized.
“I-Its ok, nothings broken, just bruised.” I responded.
“I'll go get you an ice pack.” He said. I was about to say something but was interrupted.
“Go before she tries to change your mind. We'll be here.” Ariel said. I forgot that she was even here. I just gave him a shy smile. As soon as he walked away i turned and glared at Ariel.
“What? you know you would have.” She said smirking. Again i was about to yell at her but was interrupted AGAIN but this time with Ariel’s phone ringing.
“hello?” She said as she held up her finger to me.
“Babe?!” She said with this huge smile on her face. As she continued with her conversation she began to walk towards where the family was.
“Hey, where did um… you're cousin go?” Jacob said as he came back with an ice pack.
“Oh she got a phone call.” I said taking the ice pack from him. I winced when i put it on my head.
“Are you ok?” He asked worriedly.
“Ya, just cold… where'd you're friends go?” I asked him when i noticed they weren't behind him anymore.
“Oh uh they left, i would have gone but i wanted to make sure you were uh ok?” He stuttered. He began rubbing the back of his neck when i noticed he was shirtless. and can i say, him having a 6 pack just made him 10x more attractive.
“oh… hey would you like to come to play some beach volleyball?” I asked him.
“Sure” He smiled

~Ariel’s PoV~
I walked away from Jessie for two reasons, 1 i wanted to leave Jacob and Jessie to talk and 2 because Aurora was on the phone.
“So angle where are you?” Aurora asked.
“Im at the beach.” I responded.
“Oh really now? Hmm… no wonder i see a breathtaking girl in front of me.” She said.
“What?” I said turning around. There she was standing in her Bikini.
“Close your mouth babe, i don't want any flies to get into you beautiful mouth.”She said while closing my mouth.
“Jeez Ror, you're so cheesy sometimes” I said pulling her into a hug.
“Only for you.” I smiled.
“So what do you want to do?” She asked.
“You can join us in a game of Volleyball?” We turned around and saw Jessie and Jacob walking up from behind us.
“You're on McAuliffe.” I said smirking.
“Oh we definitely are Hayes.” She responded before running to the sand volleyball court.
“Hey lets bring the parents parents into this.” I said.
“Do it.” She challenged. I got our parents and we began a game.

~Third Person PoV~
Callan Jr & Hunter Jr were on a scavenger hunt
Noel, & Callie were looking for seashells
Nick Jr, & Nikki Jr were surfing
Jake Jr, & Leo Jr boogie boarded
Nick, Nikki, Jake & Leo were swimming
Nathaniel, & Calvin were snorkeling
Ariel, Aurora, Lisa, & Callan, VS Amy, Hunter Jessie, & Jacob were playing beach volleyball
Miranda, & Christy were scuba diving
Hannah & Sydney were exploring the tide pools
Christina, & Katherine were sunbathe
Lauren, Dani & the rest of the little kids were building sandcastles

It was getting dark so they decided to do a bonfire, everyone gathered around and were roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores. The music was playing when a familiar song came on except it was just the instrumental. Cimorelli 2.0 and their mothers (Cimorelli) began singing along, changing it up alittle.

[Christina and Miranda:]
All right
Grew up in a suburb that was right outside of Sac Town
Ridin in my brother's truck, music up too loud
Sittin on a sub face, clearin' as we drive by
But it felt good, yeah, I'm not gonna lie
I can still feel it shake as I'm stuck in the back
In the middle of his friends while he drives too fast
I'm the only girl, I don't know how to act
But when I look back, I can't help but laugh

[Katherine and Christy:]
Laid back, cruisin' like, hand out the window
Music always up, always up on the stereo
We don't even know, even know where we should go, should go, should go

[Lisa and Ariel:]
All us California kids listenin' to country
Got a summer job, tryna make a little money
Livin our life, carefree like should be, should be, should be

[All of Cimorelli 2.0:]
Whoa oh
This is the way we live
We do this every day
This is the way we,
This is the way we,
This is the way we live
Ooh ooh ooh
My life is like
Ooh ooh ooh

[Lauren and Hannah:]
They turned up dirt lot into a teenage memory
Yeah, Town Centre was the Friday night place to be
That was back when I was an El Dorado Hillian
Moved to Malibu, now I'm hangin' at Pavilion

[Christina and Miranda:]
NorCal, SoCal, doesn't really matter
It's always a good time when we get together
Someone take a picture, remember this forever, ever, ever

[Dani and Sydney:]
Head down the boulevard, all the way to Subway
Listen to the songs that we love, all my friends sing
Hey, you, I wanna know your name, your name, your name

[All of Cimorelli:]
Whoa oh
This is the way we live
We do this every day
This is the way we,
This is the way we,
This is the way we live
Ooh ooh ooh
My life is like
Ooh ooh ooh

[Amy and Jessie:]
I don't fit in with everyone my age
But this ain't Hollywood, it's just the way we live
This is the way (the way, the way, the way, the way)
This is the way (the way)
This is the way we live

Hey hey

Whoa oh (say what?!)
This is the way we live
We do this every day (yeah we don't stop, yeah we don't stop)
This is the way we,
This is the way we,
This is the way we live
Ooh ooh ooh
My life is like
Ooh ooh ooh
My life is like

after a few hours later they all went home exhausted from a long day.

Chapter 15

~Dani's PoV~
I laid down next to my husband after a long fun day at the beach with my family. Seeing my sisters and their kids was amazing i couldn't believe that the girls were able to pull all this off overnight. They got Michael and Alex to come back for the rest of the weekend. they get here tomorrow morning! The events from today played in my head as i fell into a deep sleep.
in the middle of the night, i felt a little discomfort but shrugged it off it wasn't uncommon for me to be uncomfortable considering i'm pregnant. After a few minutes the pain subsided leaving me to fall back asleep.
After a couple more hours the pain was back, and a whole lot worse. i sat up holding my stomach.
“Leo honey, wake up come on!” i said shaking him awake.
“What is it honey?” He asked.
“I don't know i think theres something wrong with the baby” i responded.
“Ok honey i'll get the kids, you wait in the car.” He said as he jumped out of the bed rushing to the Sydney’s & Leo Jr.’s rooms. Slowly i got out of bed, walking down to the car. once i sat down i saw Leo run out with LJ and Sydney trailing behind him. Once in the car i had Sydney call my family and have her tell them to meet us at the hospital.
Once we were in the emergency room i felt something trickle down my leg, looking down i saw something i did not want to see.
~Miranda's PoV~
“Miranda! Miranda get up and grab your sister Noel and help wake your brothers up!” My mom yelled waking me up.
“Why what's going on?” I asked as i sat up.
“Dani was rushed to the hospital something is wrong with the baby.” My mom said trying to hold in tears.
“Ok you go a head to the hospital, i'll take dad’s car.” I said.
“Ok thank you.” She said before leaving the room and out of the house. My dad left with my mom leaving me alone to get the kids ready, once they were all in the car i drove immediately to the hospital.
In the hospital almost all of the Cimorelli family was here. I dropped the smaller kids at the Hospitals day care. I sat down next to Christy holding her hand. and we sat there just, waiting for news.
~Dani's PoV~
“Ok Mrs. Howard, you baby is in distress so we are going to need you to push” One of the doctors told me. I was so scared all i could do was nod. “Ok when i tell you to push, push.” she instructed. and again i nodded my head in response.
“Ok Push.” She ordered. As i was pushing i held on to Leo’s hand, giving it a squeeze everyone in a while.
“Ok good push again.” The doctors stated. this went on for another minute or so. My last push it always the hardest. As soon as danya was out the doctors rushed her to the other side of the room. She was yellings to the nurses and having them run around like crazy. Not once did i hear a cry come from Danya, not even as the Doctors and Nurses stopped doing with whatever they were doing. slowly The doctor, Dr.Reed i think, came over. As soon as the words left her mouth i broke down crying. They asked if we wanted to hold Danya once, both Leo and i agreed. I had Leo hold her first and then sent him to tell my family, i didn't want a stranger to tell them. As i was holding Danya i started crying again and holding her close to me. Before they took her away i kissed her forehead and whispered ‘I love you Danya’ with that they helped me and moved me to a patient room. I cried thats all i could do.
~Leo's PoV~
As Dani was pushing i let her squeeze my hand as hard as she wanted. we’ve been through this twice before but we never experienced one where blood had trickled down Dani’s legs. After what seemed ages they got Danya out, but rushed her to the other side of the room. I didn't have the heart to look at dani when they came to us and tell us what had happened.
It was like time was standing still, i was slowly walking to the waiting area where my wifes family was sitting waiting for information. As soon as i walked into the room everyone look at me eager for the news. I felt the tears swell up with tears as i began to explain to Dani’s family that we lost her… we lost Danya.
~Hannah's PoV~
As Uncle Leo walked into the room i could already tell what he had to tell us wasn't good news. and i guess i was right. As the words came out of his mouth it was as if we were on a rollercoaster. You know right before the big drop its as if the cart has stopped before falling down full speed. Tears and Sobs came from the adults but there was one sob that broke my heart. I turned my head to see my bestfriend, my sister from another mother, my other half on the floor crying her heart out. I got up from my seat and hugged her. At first she fought back, trying to escape my grasp but i wouldn't let her go. She stopped fight and just pulled me closer and balled her eyes out. It took me a while to process that i was also crying. So i just sat there holding her in my arms as her body shakes with the sobs that escaped her.
~Christina's PoV~
We decided that we should in small groups to see Dani. Our parents went in first then the boys, who got here earlier than expected, the kids decided it wouldn’t be best to go in so it just left me and my sisters. We all slowly walked into the room. Laying in the bed was my sister with a tear streaked face. we all gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“She didn't make it Christina. Danya didn't make it.” Dani said turning to me.
“I know babygirl but shes in a safe place now.” I said quietly.
“W-Why is she gone Christina?” She asked as tears streamed down her face.
“I don't know, i honestly don't know.” I responded holding her hand.
~Sydney's Pov~
After everyone had come out from visiting my mom i decided i wanted to see her after all. slowly i made my way to her room. I stood in front of the door i could hear my mom crying on the other side of the door. I reluctantly opened the door and saw my mom laying there looking away from the door.
“Mommy?” I said in a quiet voice. She turned around and gave me tiny smile, gesturing for me to come closer. I was standing next to her bed holding her hand. I felt the tears coming up to my eyes again, laying in front of me was something a child should never see. Thier mother broken. I couldnt help it any more and just gave her a hug. She pulled me on the bed so that i was laying next to her. All we did was lay there hugging and crying.
“I love you Mommy.” I whispered as i fell asleep trying to take over me.
“I love you too Sydney.” My mom whispered back. that being the last thing i heard as i fell into dreamland.

Chapter 16

~Miranda's PoV~
Its been a couple days since Aunt Dani came back from the hospital, she hasn't really talked to anyone and Sydney’s no better. Sydney is shutting everyone but Dani out, she’s even shut Hannah out and she only leaves her room to eat. Tomorrow is the funeral for Danya, but today the girls and i decided to do an intervention.
*knock knock*
“Hey aunt Dani, is Sydney in her room?” I asked when she opened the door.
“Ya she is, go ahead and go on up girls. good luck trying to get her out though.” Dani sighed. At least shes doing better but i think it might be for the fact that our moms dropped everything to help her. After walking up to the door all the girls looked at me waiting for me to make my move.
“Hey Sydney open up?” I asked through the door. Silence.
“Come on Sydney its just us.” Ariel intervenes. still nothing.
“Please Sydney open the door?” Christy asked. no response.
“Sydney i swear if you don't open this door i will knock it down.” Jessie threatened
“Syd, please please please open the door? Pretty please? I miss you.” Hannah asked tears running down her cheeks. Shes been like this since Sydney shut her out. Seeing Sydney like this has hurt her the most.
~Sydney’s PoV~
Hearing Hannah breakdown on the opposite side of the door broke my already broken heart even more. I slowly walked to the door and unlocked it. Putting my hand on the door knob i slowly opened the door only to be met by a crying Hannah. I pulled her into a hug as she cried. I felt the tears well up in my eyes knowing i caused this pain.
“I missed you too.” I whispered in her ear. Which caused her to sob even more. eventually we pulled away and i gave the other girls a hug before we walked into my room.
~Hannah’s PoV~
I couldn't stop myself from crying when Sydney hugged me, and when she said she missed me it pushed me to edge and i couldn't stop. after she hugged the others we walked into her room, now for the intervention.
“Sydney we are worried about you.” Miranda stated as she sat in front of Sydney.
“Ya, we want to help you but you're shutting us out.” Christy said. i started to zone out once Christy said shutting us out. I noticed that the girls were not getting through to Sydney.
“Girls can i talk to Sydney alone?” I asked.
“Ok Hannah, well be in the living room.” Ariel said pushing Miranda out, who you can tell was going to protest.
“Syd? Look at me. please?” i begged her. Slowly she looked at me, her eyes were so dull and lifeless. “Its ok to be upset syd, but you got to stop blaming yourself its not your fault that Danya didn't make it.” I said softly holding her hand while looking in her eyes.
“I was jealous of her Hannah, i was a selfish sister, i hated her before she was even born?! What kind of sister am i? a terrible one. She shouldn't have died, she shouldn't be dead right now. She should be here in this very room laying in the crib. SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE ALIVE NOT DEAD!” Sydney ranted before breaking down. I held her close to me letting her sob in to my shirt. After she calmed down a while i wiped away her tears.
“Its not your fault, yes you were jealous but you wanted her, don't you remember? you couldn't wait to give her your present for her. When you were telling me what it was you had this smile on your face, you couldn't wait for her to be born. We are all sad that she's gone, but you have got to believe theres a reason she didn't make it. No one blames you Sydney. No one.” I said looking in her eyes.
“Thank you.” She whispered as she hugged me.
“You're welcome, now lets go downstairs.” I said pulling her up.
~Miranda’s PoV~
Sydney and Hannah came down the stairs, They looked as they had been crying but they look like they were feeling better. I was nervously biting my lip. i had something to say but wasn't sure if i wanted to bring it up right now…
“Hey girls?” I ask.
“Yes Miranda?” Jessie answered.
“I know this probably isn't the time for this but we haven't posted a new cover up but i think we should do one, today…” I said in one breath.
“WHAT?!” Ariel shrieked.
“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Christy yelled.
“ARE YOU KIDDING?!” Jessie screamed.
“WAIT... WHAT?!” Hannah questioned.
Sydney stayed quiet.
“Yes im being serious, but i want to do it as a memorial video for… Danya. So can we? i got the perfect song…” I said, waiting for an answer, anticipation building.
*Time skip*
~Sydney's PoV~
"Hey I'm Miranda"
"I'm Christy"
"I'm Ariel"
"I'm Jessie"
"I'm Hannah"
"I'm Sydney"
"And We're Cimorelli 2.0"
"We have an announcement" - Ariel
"We have recently lost a family member" - Jessie
"And in memory of her" - Christy
"we are dedicating this song to her" - Miranda
"To Danya" - Hannah
"My sister" - I said with a slight sad smile
You were just a Small Bump unborn, in Four months you're brought to life,
You might be left with my hair, but you'll have your Mother's eyes,
I'll hold your body in my hands be as gentle as I can, but for now you're scan of my unmade plans,
Small bump four months you are brought to life
And I'll whisper quietly, I'll give you nothing but truth,
If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you
You are my one, and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
You are my one, and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
And you'll be alright.
You're just a small bump I know, you'll grow into your skin.
With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin.
Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice.
And eyelids closed till soon opened wide a small bump, in four months you'll open your eyes.
And I'll hold you tightly, and tell you nothing but truth,
If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you
You are my one, and only.
And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
You are my one, and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
And you'll be alright.
And you can lie with me, with your tiny feet when you're half asleep, I'll leave you be.
Right in front of me for a couple weeks.
So I can keep you safe.
'Cause you are my one, and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
You are my one, and only.
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.
And you'll be alright.
'Cause you were just a small bump unborn, for four months then torn from life.
'Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why.

Chapter 17

~Jessie’s PoV~
“Its raining outside.” Hunter Jr pointed out.
“Just to match the mood.” I sighed.
“Won't this affect the…?” He stopped not wanting to finish his sentence
“No, its going to be inside… Aunt Crisis planned for this.” I told him.
“When do we go?” He asked.
“Two hours…” i answered.
“Where’s mom?” He asked looking around.
“I think she already went, dad’s going to take us.” I responded.
“Don't you think we should go?” He asked ANOTHER question.
“What is this 20 questions? Will you just be quiet.” I snapped at him, immediately regretting it. I sighed turning towards my 10 year old brother. “Im sorry buddy” I apologize.
“Its ok sissy, i know you didnt mean it.” He responded.
“I love you.” I whispered, giving him a kiss on the forehead.
“I love you too.” He whispered back.

~Miranda’s PoV~
“Mom calm down everything will run smoothly.” I tried to reassure my mother. Shes been running around like a crazy lady all week trying to make sure Danya’s funeral runs smoothly.
“You're right sweetie. Go ahead and get ready, i'll get your siblings ready.” My mom tried to convince me. I look down at my outfit, my already on & ready outfit I’m going to wear.
“Um… mom i am ready, let me get the kids ready. you go ahead and get ready. don't worry dad will help me.” I reasoned with her.
“ok sweetie…” she responded heading to her room.

~Christina’s PoV~
“Crap, where is it?” I mumbled.
“What are you looking for honey?” My husband asked.
“I cant find my necklace, the one with a sideways cross on it?” I complained.
“Sweetheart come here.” He ushered me over.
“What?” i asked.
“Its in your hand sweetie. Here let me put it on.” He said before turning me towards the mirror. Moving my hair to the side clipping the necklace on. After he put it on her moved his hands towards my shoulders. He starts massaging it.
“Thank you.” I whispered.
“Anything for you angel. now lets go.” He whispered back.

~Ariel’s PoV~
I open my closet, looking for the best black outfit i own, but all i could find was bright colorful clothes.
“Why do i own all this stupid crap!” I yelled in frustration. Laying my head in my hands.
“Because its you… and its not stupid or crap.” I hear a familiar voice say. Lifting my head up i see Aurora all dressed in black with another outfit in her hand.
“Aurora!?” I say in disbelief.
“I brought you a black outfit, i knew what you had in your closet and you being you would have forgotten to buy a black outfit.” She says giving me a smile. I smile back and walk over to her. Throwing my arms around her shoulders giving her a quick yet passionate kiss before taking the outfit from her hands.
“Thank you.” I responded.
“Its no problem… how are you?” She asks.
“I’m ok...ish, i'm not great but i'm doing better than my mom and her sisters… and Sydney.” I respond as i walk into my bathroom quickly changing into the outfit. i stare at the make-up in front of me trying to decide what to put on.
“Need help?” She asks.
“Yes please.” I answer.
“How is Sydney?” She inquires.
“We got her to come out of her room yesterday, and talk…. well it was mostly thanks to Hannah.” I sigh.
“Well thats a start” She says as she finished my make-up.
“Thank you babe.” I say giving her a quick peck on the lips.
“You're welcome Ari. Lets get going, we don't want to be late.” She says pulling me downstairs.

~Christy’s PoV~
“Mom? What time is it?” I yell while trying to get Cameron into his outfit.
“Its almost time to go, need any help?” She asks.
“No i got it.” I say as i finish putting his vest on. “Come on buddy let's go.” i whisper and i walk down stairs with him.
“Here hand him over.” My dad says.
“Wheres mom?” I ask handing him over.
“She went to see if Callie and Calvin were ready, NJ is already out in the car.” He explained.
“Ok i'll go see if she needs any help.” I say. walking up the stairs both Callie and Calvin walk past me, but no mom. I keep walking down the hall when i heard faint sniffles coming from the bathroom. I quietly open the door, in the bathroom i see my mom in front of a mirror trying to fix her make-up.
“Here let me help.” I say walking in.
“No im fine, go ahead and wait in the car, i'll be down in a little.” She tries shooing me away. I walk closer to her making her look at me. I wipe all the make-up off her face and reapply it.
“There, done.” I say giving her a small smile.
“Thank you.” She whispers.
“No problem, mama.” I respond.
“Lets go, i want to get there early.” She says.
“Alright.” I respond following her downstairs to the car. soon we are heading towards the church.

~Hannah’s PoV~
“Come on JJ get up, don't cause problems today.” I shake my brother awake.
“What is it?” He wines.
“Its time to get ready.” I reply.
“for what?” He asks still asleep.
“Its time for Danya’s… you know…” I hesitated.
“Oh… OH!” He realized. Hopping out of bed i hand him the clothes I choose out for him. I walk out of his room and back to Lana’s room. I peer in and i see my mom, swaying back and forth with Lana, softly singing in her ear. I can see the dry tear stains on my mothers face, telling me she had cried again this morning. Its so hard seeing my mom like this, if Sydney was Dani in this situation im pretty sure i would be the same. I slowly close the door behind me. Leaving my mom to hold Lana. I go to my room getting ready to go.

~Sydney’s PoV~
It was so hard to get out of bed this morning, and now that i am standing in front of the church i don't think i can walk in there. I feel paralyzed. Unable to move from this spot where i stand. Im getting soaked in rain but have not yet moved a muscle. My mom was already in the church, been there since 5 am this morning, praying. Im about to turn around and run away from this place when i feel someone put their hand on my shoulder. I look over and see Miranda, next to her was Jessie, and Christy. I look to my other side when i feel someone slip their hand into mine giving it a squeeze. I see Hannah, Ariel and Aurora. I squeeze Hannah’s hand back before taking a deep breath. Looking at the church i take my first step forward, soon i am in the church making my way down the aisle, towards the small casket that lays in front of the church. I sit next to the girls in the second row. My mom and her sisters, my aunts, sit in the first row. Then the bells ring, entailing the service was about to start. As soon as the bells ring i can feel the tears threatening to slip out of my eyes. Closing my eyes i take a deep breath, in through my nose out through my mouth. I lean against Hannah the entire service. Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, had at least cried once during the service. It had stopped raining by the time the service was over, but i couldn't bring myself to get up and lay the rose on Danya’s Casket. Eventually i went up, but only with the girls by my side. They too were crying but were able to walk up and lay the roses down. When i came to my turn i layed the red rose on top of the other roses. Closing my eyes i whisper. ‘Im going to miss you Danya, i love you even though i never got to know you.”

Chapter 18

~Sydney’s PoV~
Its been a month since the funeral and everything has somewhat gone back to normal. At first it was hard to get out of bed but Hannah started staying the night with me and helping out.
"Hey Han, don't you think you should go home soon?" I ask looking at the date.
"What you gettin tired of seeing me everyday?" She joked.
"Yes yes I am" I responded trying to hold in my laughter as she put her hand to get chest gasping.
"Well I see how you feel now, I guess I shall leave you then" she said with fake hurt in her voice.
"No but in all seriousness, isn't aunt Lauren or uncle Jake wanting you home?" I ask chuckling.
"Nah, they said stay as long as I need to."she responded.
"Then why are you still here?" I ask her.
"I feel like it..." she shrugged.
"Thank you for staying with me, but I'm serious Han go home you must be homesick by now." I try and convince her.
"Are you sure? I don't have to." She responded.
"Ya I'm sure, I'm ok Hannah, I'll be fine." I tried to reason.
"... ok I'll go home, but tomorrow ok? I'm too comfortable to get up." She finally answered
"Lazy bum" I laughed.
"Oh please like you're any better." She responded.
"True true." I agreed.
"Let's watch a movie?" She questioned.
"Oh ya, I'll go make the popcorn!" I said jumping off the bed.

~Hannah’s PoV~
I'm hesitant on leave Sydney alone, I don't think she realizes she cries in her sleep every once in awhile.
"What movie do you want to watch?" I yelled.
"Can we watch something scary or suspenseful?" She yelled back.
"Ok!" I responded looking through her movie collection. I pick up my favorite suspense movie and pop it into the DVD player.
"Here's the popcorn, I also got you a coke." Sydney said as she walked in the room.
"Thank you!" I said grabbing the soda from her.
"What movie did you put in?" She asked.
"Really you have to ask?" I responded.
"No but I didn't know if you would change it up on me." She said shrugging her shoulders.
"Psh it's my favorite movie why would I NOT put it in." I responded.
"You got me there." She laughed.
"Ok shut your trap it's starting." I told her. I laid on my stomach with my soda off to the side and the popcorn in front of me. Sydney laughs then joins me on the bed, laying in the same position as me. Soon 'The Call' began playing, losing ourselves in the movie.

~Christy’s PoV~
Laughing, chatting and gossiping this is what i've missed doing with Miranda, so happy we are doing that right now.
“So who do you think Jessie likes?” Miranda asks.
“Hmm… I think that kid from the beach, what was his name?” I say.
“Oh ya! I noticed how nervous she was when talking to him. I think his name was Jacob?” She said.
“Yes thats his name! and I noticed that too!” I agree.
“They would make such a good couple!” She squeals.
“I know right! They totally would! But you know Jessie she won't make the first move.” I tag along.
“”We need to come up with a plan to get them together!” She exclaims.
“Yes!” I yell.
“What should we do?” She asks me.
We were in the middle of coming up with a plan when Miranda’s phone goes off. She leaves the room talking to who ever was on the phone. I look down at the paper where we have been writing the plan down and smile. This just might work.

~Miranda’s PoV~
I got a call when i was talking with Christy, i slowly walk out of the room.
“Hello?” I say into the phone
“Hello Miranda?” Some lady says over the phone.
“Yes? Who is this?” I ask.
“This is Sarah, i was the manager for your mother and aunts?” She says.
“Oh! Sarah! How are you doing?” I asked.
“Im great, but the reason for the call is i have some exciting news for you and your cousins.” She said.
“What's the news?” I asked already getting excited.
“You guys are having your very first CONCERT!” she says into the phone.
“Wait really?! Omg thank you for telling me!” I yelled.
“Haha, go ahead and tell your cousins, we’ll email you the information.” she laughed.
“Thank you so much bye.” I said before hanging up the phone.

~Ariel’s PoV~
Miranda called all us girls to Christys house, says she has exciting news. I cant wait to hear what she has to say. As soon as i walk in i notice i'm the last one there.
“Always the last one to arrive eh?” Jessie joked.
“Hey…! you're right.” I mumbled.
“So what took you so long?” Christy asked.
“Uh um, nothing” I blushed.
“Ooh! Was Aurora visiting?” Hannah cooed.
“Maybe.” I mumble, blushing harder.
“Ooh! She was” Sydney joined in.
“Oh shut it, why are we even here?” I say, trying to change the topic.
“oh ya! the news” Christy turned to Miranda.
“so what is it?” Jessie asked.
“WE HAVE OUR VERY FIRST CONCERT!!” Miranda screamed. All us girls started jumping around and scream. This. This is unbelievable.

*Skips to Concert*
~No one’s PoV~
The girls were in a group circle huddled around saying a quick prayer before the show. After their amens were said they all shock off their nerves, turning towards the stage. The stagemanager counted down with his fingers. in 5…
And the girls ran up onto the stage waving.
“Hey im Miranda”
“I'm Christy”
“Im Ariel!”
“I'm Jessie”
“Im Hannah”
“I'm Sydney!”
“And were Cimorelli 2.0”

~Jessie’s PoV~
We all hopped off the stage, adrenaline still pumping through my veins. I was on my way back to our dressing room to fix myself up before the meet and greet, when i bumped into someone.
“Oh sorry!” I said as the person catches me. I look up and see Jacob.
“Hey, Jessie.” He smiled.
“Oh, hey Jacob.” I blushed noticing he was still holding me. I guess he noticed too because he slowly let me go.
“So i was wondering something?” He looked nervous.
“What is it Jacob?” I smile.
“Will you go on a uh um date with me?” He asks. I freeze. Whoa did Jacob just ask me out? Oh shiz hes waiting for my answer.
“Yes.” I respond.
Holy Shiz i have a date with Jacob… whoa.

Chapter 19

~Jessie's Pov~
"NO! Ariel get that away from me, I will not wear that." I yelled.
"Come on Jessie! You have to look nice!" Ariel said chasing after me.
"Are you saying I don't look good now?" I ask with fake hurt, still running from her.
"What no, you always look great!" She said freaking out.
"Then why do I have wear all... that." I said point at the stuff she had in her hands.
"So you can impress Jacob!" She pouts.
"Fine. But! Call Miranda or Christy, I want them to do my hair." I tell her.
"Why can't I do it?" She asks.
"Nuh uh, remember last time?" I responded.
"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" She exclaims.
"I know but I still have the burn mark on the back of my neck." I explained.
"Fine I'll text Christy." She gave in.
"Thank you." I smile. She texts Christy, then tells me she'll be here in half an hour.
"TO THE BATHROOM!" She yells pushing me to the restroom.
After half an hour I'm dressed and my makeup is all done. done. I look at myself in my mirror when theres a door bell.
“I'll get it!” Ariel yells.
“Hey Ari! Wheres the lucky girl?” I hear Christy say.
“Upstairs, go ahead and go help her.” Ari says.
“Ok!” Chrissy says. I was sitting on my bed when i heard a knock.
“Come in!” i yell.
“Hey girly, ready to do your hair?” She asked.
“Yup, lets do this we have an hour and a half before he gets here.” I respond.

~Jacob's PoV~
“James! will you help me?” I ask my older brother.
“What are you freaking out about now little bro?” He asks walking in.
“I have this date in an hour and i don't know what to wear! or how to style my hair!” I frantically yell, digging threw all my clothes.
“Wow you must really like this girl. Ive never seen you freak out this much over a date.” He said, still standing at the door.
“Well ya, if you knew who she was you'd understand why i have to impress her.” I responded.
“So who is this girl?” He asked.
“Jessie, Jessie Hayes.” I smiled.
“Wait Jessie Hayes? as in The famous Hunter Hayes and Amy Cimorelli’s daughter?!” He asked.
“Yup. That and shes in a band with her cousins. Im actually surprised she said yes to me. I mean she could have any guy she wanted.” I shrugged.
“Well maybe she knows how much of a catch you are.” He joked. We laughed and he helped me pick out an outfit which led to my hair. Finally i was ready and heading to her house. OMG Im so nervous.
*Time Skip*
I park my car in front of her house. I get out and walk up to her door, fixing my clothing i knock on the door. I stood there for a minute before the door was opened.
“Hey, Im Jacob. Im here to take Jessie on a date.” I responded as the girl who i believe was named Ariel opened the door.
“I know, we meet at the beach." She responds.
"Oh I know, I just wanted to make sure, your Ariel right? Jessie's older cousin?" I ask.
“Yup, thats me. Come in, Jessie will be down in a second.” she told me.
“Ok, thank you.” i responded before taking a step into the house.
~Jessie’s PoV~
“Why cant i go downstairs? im ready to go?” i asked Christy who would not let me leave the room.
“BECAUSE you're suppose to keep them waiting” she responded.
“Can i please just go downstairs? i don't want to him to think im one of those rich stick up girls.” i asked.
“Fine, plus you've kept him waiting long enough.” She smiled.
“thanks.” i sarcastically answered. I grabbed my purse and fixed my clothes before descending the stairs.
“Hi.” i said looking at Jacob. WOW looks AMAZING!
“H-Hey, you look beautiful.” he stammered.
“Thanks, you look handsome.” I smiled.
“Um, so we should uh go. Don't want to be late for the reservation.” He stammered smiling back.
“Ok, See you girls later.” I yelled as we walked outside.
*Time Skip*
~3rd PoV~
Jacob took Jessie to one of the faniciest restarounts in town, then took her one a drive to a cliff that over looked the smallish lake. They laid there cuddled next to eachother staring up at the sky. Jacob then took Jessie home, walking her up to her front porch. They said thier goodnights, and Jacob leaned down kissing Jessie on the cheek.
“I had a great time. We should do this again.” Jacob said.
“I had a great time too, and ya we should.” Jessie smiled. Jacob walked back to his car and waved at Jessie before driving off. Jessie just stood there thinking ‘Best. Date. Ever.’

Chapter 20

~Christy’s PoV~
“Guys! Calm down!” Miranda yelled trying to gain Ariel and Jessie’s attention, along with Hannah and Sydney’s who are chasing eachother around playing tag.
“There’s cookies!” I yelled immediately catching all their attention. I smiled victoriously.
“Where are they?!” Sydney asked running towards me.
“You guys will get some once ya’ll listen to Panda” I responded.
“Fine.” Sydney mumbled.
“So what is it you wanted Panda?” Ariel asked.
“You and i need to arrange who sings what parts for our next cover, while Sydney and Jessie work on outfits, and Christy and Hannah discuss location and what time we will record.” Miranda explained.
“Lets get to it then!” Jessie exclaimed, walking away with Sydney.
“Come on Han, lets go to the kitchen.” I lead her to a stool.
“So where should we film the cover?” Hannah asked.
“by the beach?” I proposed.
“That sounds like a good idea, the beach it is.” She agreed.
“Do any of the girls have plans for lunch on Saturday?” I asked.
“Non that i know of, well i think Aurora is still here though so Ariel might have plans.” She answered.
“Well she can come too!” I smiled.

~Hannah’s PoV~
“NO!” I yelled.
“Why not?” She asked.
“Please, you know what they're going to be doing the entire time.” I responded.
“Ya… but we’ll be able to control them.” She confidently said.
“What chain them across the room from each other?” I joked.
“No…darn i really wanted to make us a dinner.” She frowned.
“Well maybe we can ask them.” I suggested.
“Ya, do you think they can do it?” she asks.
“I think Ariel can go an hour, but Aurora might be able to keep her calm for at least 2 hours.” I said.
“You're right, so what should i make?” She asks.
“Mmm… How about Ariel’s favorite.” I joked.
“Ha! i don't know about you but i don't think i can make an ‘Aurora’.” She smirked.
“Ok why have i heard my name and Aurora’s come from this room?” Ariel asks as she walks in.
“Uh-um no reason…” I stuttered.
“Ya, sure.” she sarcastically answered.
“So what should we eat on Saturday?” Christy asked.
“I don't care… wait yes i do. SUBWAY!” Ariel responded.
“I meant something i could make!” Christy said laughing.
We sat around chatting about different things, and joking around.

*Next Day*
~Ariel’s PoV~
“Please babe?” I asked Aurora again.
“Mmm… No.” She smiled.
“Come on please?” I begged, sitting on her lap.
“Baby, you have to work.” She responded.
“So? Just because you come doesn't mean i won't work” I pouted.
“Oh really?” She arched her eyebrow.
“No… but can we do something when i get back then?” I asked.
“Of course” She smiled giving me a peck on the lips.
“What time is it?” I asked.
“10.” She replied.
“Good.” I responded. I could tell she was confused by the look on her face. Just as she was about to say something i pulled her into a long loving kiss.
“I love you Ariel.” She whispered as we parted.
“I love you too Aurora.” I smiled. We layed down and watched a movie. Soon it was time for me to leave. Giving her a quick kiss before walking to the beach.

*Time Skip*
~3rd person~
The girls position themselves sitting by a campfire, the camera on the opposite side. The girls began their introduction.
“Hey i'm Miranda”
”I'm Christy”
”I'm Ariel”
”I'm Jessie”
“I'm Hannah”
“I'm Sydney”
“and We're Cimorelli 2.0”
“We are going to sing a cover of the song ‘Human’ By Christina Perri”

I can hold my breath
I can bite my tongue
I can stay awake for days
If that's what you want
Be your number one

I can fake a smile
I can force a laugh
I can dance and play the part
If that's what you ask
Give you all I am

I can do it
I can do it
I can do it

But I'm only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I'm only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
'Cause I'm only human

I can turn it on
Be a good machine
I can hold the weight of worlds
If that's what you need
Be your everything

I can do it
I can do it
I'll get through it

But I'm only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I'm only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
'Cause I'm only human

I'm only human
I'm only human
Just a little human

I can take so much
'Til I've had enough

Cause I'm only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I'm only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
'Cause I'm only human

*Next Day*
~Jessie’s PoV~
“So, you never filled me in on the date. How'd it go?” Ariel asked.
“It was amazing” I responded with a smile.
“What did yall do?” she asked.
“He took me out to eat at this really nice fancy place, then we drove to the beach and sat on this cliff like place and looked up at the stars.” I gushed to her.
“Did he try to kiss you?” She asked.
“No, but he kissed my cheek when he walked me to my porch.” I smiled.
“Aww he’s such a gentleman!” She gushed.
“I know! anyways what'd you and Aurora do last night?” I asked.
“We cuddled in bed while having a movie marathon.” She smiled.
“Thats all yall did?” I asked.
“Yes! what else would we do?” She responded.
“Oh nothing, maybe just eat each others faces up.” I replied.
“Psh, just because we kiss a lot doesn't mean thats all we do.” She said.
“I know, did you finish editing the video?” I changed the topic.
“Ya, its actually rendering when i left.” She responded.
“So it will be up tomorrow?” I asked.
“Yup” She said popping the p. I was about to say something when my phone beeped.
‘Band Meeting. Come over to my house.’ - Panda. I look up and see Ariel on her phone, most likely reading the same text.
“Ready to go?” I asked.
“ya, i wonder what she wants.” She responded.
“Same.” I agreed as we walked outside.

~Miranda’s PoV~
“Oh Sweet heart!” I heard my mom call for me.
“Ya mom?” I asked as i walked into her room.
“I have exciting news, but we need your cousins here so go ahead and text them to come over.” She told me.
“Ok, What's the news?” I asked.
“Its news for the band.” She responded.
“You're not going to tell me?” I pouted.
“Nope, not till you're cousins are here.” She smiled.
“Ok, i'll go text them.” I responded before walking out.
*Time Skip*
“Ok girls the reason why i had Miranda gather all of you here is because i have some exciting news!” My mom exclaimed.
“What's the news aunt Crisis?” Hannah asked.
“You guys are going into the studio to record your very first EP!” My mom yelled. The girls and i started jumping up and down, screaming.
“Girl! ok calm down, we have to get everything set up now. When do we go in to record?” I asked.
“Next week.” She smiled.
“Ok, girls lets get to work!” I ordered smiling. We were sitting in a circle trying to come up with the songs we wanted to cover first. No one really had any ideas, until someone cleared their throat.

~Sydney’s PoV~
“I have an idea” i said, gaining everyone's attention.
“What is it?” Hannah asked.
“We could cover ‘See Me Now’ by little mix ‘I'll be Alright’ by Eric Saade ‘ ‘I’m back’ by Zendaya ‘Stronger’ by Jennette McCurdy and... ‘Million Bucks’ by our moms?” I suggested.
“Thats an amazing idea Sydney!” Christy said.
“I like the sound of that.” Jessie smiled.
“Oh and i can start arranging all the parts” Ariel said.
“I love it!” Hannah agreed.
“Its a plan, you always come up with great ideas Syd.” Miranda complemented. We got down to work, deciding who would record first and who would be in the room with them. Ariel was in her own little world arranging the harmonies and who sung what parts. Christy was planning a celebratory dinner with Aunt Christina for next family night dinner. Hannah, Jessie and i were discussing what our cover for the EP should look like. All a while Miranda was communicating with management discussing details.

Chapter 21

~Ariel’s PoV~
“Well Hello there world, and welcome to the Cimorelli 2.0 daily vlogs.” I said into the camera.
“What are you doing Ari?” Jessie asked. I point the camera at her.
“Werent you listening last band meeting? We are going to be doing Daily vlogs” I smiled. She pushed the camera out of her face and back towards me.
“No i was listening i just didn't know you were starting already.” She stuck out her tongue and walked away.
“Ok, as i was going to say, We are working on a little surprise today! and its a big one.” I winked at the camera, then turned it off.
“Hey, get ready we are going to the studio soon.” Miranda said.
“Ok, wheres Hannah and Sydney?” I asked.
“Um i think Aunt Lolo took them to the studio already.” She smiled.
“Is Christy taking us?” I asked.
“Yup, don't forget the camera, oh and its charger!” She said walking away.
“I won't!” I yelled after her. Quickly i packed everything up, and turned back on the camera as i got in the car.

~Jessie’s PoV~
“Well we are in the car on our way to a surprise location.” Ariel said into the camera.
“Which won't be much of a surprise after tomorrow” I said moving my head into the frame.
“What do you think it is?” Ariel asked.
“You’ll never be able to guess!” Miranda yelled from the front seat.
“Oh ya, look theres Panda, and Chrissy.” Ariel smiled into the camera before turning it towards the front of the car.
“Say hello!” I smiled.
“What up!!” Miranda said into the camera.
“Hello.” Christy said not taking her eyes off the road.
“As you can see Christy is driving.” Ariel said pointing the camera at Christy
“And that Hanney isn't in the car with us.” I joined in.
“Psh, they too lame to ride with us.” Miranda joked.
“Not really, Our Aunt Lauren took them to the secret location.” I said.
“Which if i don't turn the camera off now it won't be much of a secret. See ya later” Ariel said kissing the camera.
“Wow this place is great!” I said in awe.
“I know right!” Christy agreed.
“Now lets hurry before we are late.” Miranda ordered. Ariel and I took off running into the building leaving Miranda and Christy behind.

~Christy’s PoV~
“I swear they act younger than Hannah and Sydney.” Miranda laughed.
“I know right!” I laughed along. As soon as we walked in Miranda went into leader mode.
“Ok girls listen up, Chrisy will be the first to record, Jessie you'll go warm ups, and the rest of us will make sure we know our parts correctly, got?” She ordered
“Got it” The rest of us said, scurrying off to different parts of the studio.
“What song are we recording first Panda?” I asked as she sat on the couch that was on the other side of the recording booth.
“How about See Me Now by Little Mix?” She suggested.
“ok, put the track in George.” I smiled at the technician. He gave me a thumbs up and soon the music started. I sang my parts of the songs, and did the harmonies before my turn was over. I walked out and headed towards the kitchen for a drink.
“Well well well, lookie here Chrissy is finally done!” Ariel said pointing the camera at me.
“Yup, it was so amazing, its a great feeling.” I smiled into the camera.
“Whos going in next?” She asked me, still pointing the camera at me.
“Jessie” I responded pointing behind me where Jessie was finishing up her vocal warm-ups.
“Lets do an interview eh?” Ariel said pointing the camera back at me.
“Sure lets do this.” I smiled sitting down on a chair.
“have you always enjoyed the art of music?” She asked.
“Well Duh, being the daughter of Katherine CIMORELLI and Nikki Hollywood. How could you not?” I joked.
“any loves, other than music?” She inquired.
“I take after my mom in that aspect, i love to cook!” I smiled.
“Favorite color?” she questioned.
“Hard one… not its Purple!” I replied.
“First song ever sung?” she seeked.
“Oh thats a hard one… I think it was our moms song ‘Believe It’” I answered.
“fave food?” she quizzed.
“Ah man another hard one, i guess it'd have to be seafood.” I responded.
“And thats all for today folks, and this has been an inside look on Christy Hollywood!” She said into the camera.
“See ya folk, look out for an announcement video tomorrow!” I waved.
~Hannah’s PoV~
“Finally home!” I yelled, laying down on the couch.
“Don't to comfortable honey, you guys are going to go meet at Miranda’s house to record the announcement video.” My mom reminded me.
“oh ya, kill me now.” I sighed.
“Go ahead and take a nap, i'll wake you up when you have to go.” She comforted me.
“Thanks mommy” I smiled, before drifting off to sleep.
*Time Skip*
“Hannah sweetheart, time to get up.” My mom shaked me awake.
“Is it time already?” I asked.
“Yes it is. The sooner we get there, the faster you can come back home and sleep.” She told me.
“Ok” I mumbled sitting up.
“I got you something.” She smiled.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Its a glass picture frame shaped as a heart with a picture of you and me in it when you were born.” She smiled. I quickly unwrapped it and it was BEAUTIFUL.
“Thank you mommy i love it!” I smiled hugging her.
“Go put it in your room, and then meet me in the car.” She said.
“Alright!” I jumped up and put it in a safe place before running down stairs and to the car.

~Sydney’s PoV~
“Video time, Video time, Video time, Video time, Video time, Video time, Vid-” I was jumping around.
“Whoa calm down Syd” Jessie laughed putting her hand over my mouth. bad decision, i quickly licked her hand ran away.
“EW!” She yelled.
“Ok who gave Sydney candy?” Miranda asked.
“That may have been me, but i only gave it to her because she was falling asleep, she would not have lasted through the entire video.” Ariel admitted.

“Ya i wouldn't have lasted.” I smiled jumping up and down.
“Well, i think you may have given her too much.” Christy laughed.
“Im here, sorry im… late… Who gave Sydney candy?” Hannah said as she walked in.
“Hannah!” I screamed running to her tackling her into a big hug.
“Ariel did, so… lets go down to the basement and set up eh?” Miranda sighed.
“let us go, lets go!!” I yelled, running down the stairs.
“What have i done…” Ariel mumbled to herself.

~Miranda’s PoV~
We position ourselves with Christy, Ariel and I in the back; Jessie, Hannah & Sydney in the front.
“Hey i'm Miranda”
”I'm Christy”
”I'm Ariel”
”I'm Jessie”
“I'm Hannah”
“I'm Sydney”
“& We're Cimorelli 2.0”
“We have a special announcement!” I said.
“You guys may have been able to figure it out through Ariel’s vlog.” Christy hinted.
“Which those will become daily things, but it won't always be me.” Ariel smiled.
“Figure it out yet?” Jessie asked.
“No? Well it has to do with singing.” Hannah said.
“Still don't know, ok well here it is…” Sydney began.
“WE HAVE OUR FIRST EP COMING OUT!!” We all shouted at once. Sydney started dancing and the rest of us joined in.
“More info will be coming your way!” I yelled at the camera before going to go turn it off.
After a few mistakes we finally got it down, and i sent Ariel to go edit it and post it.
This is actually happening… Wow.

Chapter 22

*1 Month Later*
~ Jessie's Pov~
"Welp I'm new to this whole vlogging thing but Ariel said it was my turn so here I am!" I nervously smiled into the camera.
"Ooh is someone finally recording?" Sydney joked.
"Haha very funny. But this is so awkward! What do I say?" I pouted.
"Hello there, Fans who we have no idea what to call yet, we have a busy day ahead of us today. Care to elaborate Jess?" Sydney said.
“Sure! We have a concert later today, and a meet and greet! today should be a lot of fun we cant wait to meet ya’ll!” I exclaimed.
*Time Skip*
“Ok girls! time for prayer.” Miranda gathered us. I handed the camera to one of the stage managers and had them film us. After our prayer circle was over i retrieved the camera and set it somewhere where it could film us while we were on stage.
“Enjoy the show!” I wink at the camera before running to my position. Miranda then started the countdown signals
run on stage!
*Time Skip*
~Christy's Pov~
“OMG! That was so fun!” I yelled as we walked off stage.
“I Know right! Now we get to meet some of the fans!!” Hannah exclaimed.
“Yes! Meet and greet!” Sydney cheered.
“Dudes calm down, how are ya’ll so hyper?” Jessie complained.
“Come on, lets go” Miranda said ushering us to a room with a table for us to sit at.
*Time Skip*
“Hey There, what's your name sweetie?” I asked.
“S-Sammie.” She whispered.
“No need to be shy sweetheart.” I gave her an encouraging smile.
“Ca-Will you sign this?” She asked, handing me a booklet. Her sleeve slides up a little revealing fresh cuts.
“oh sweetie, come with me.” I said directing her behind the poster that had our name plastered on it.
“i-im s-sorry.” She sniffled.
“Don't apologize.” I said pulling her into a hug. She broke down crying in my arms, all i could do was rub her back and whisper smoothing things in her ear.
“S-sorry for crying on you.” She mumbled.
“Its ok babygirl, no need to apologize. Listen what is your Twitter? I want you to DM me anytime when you feel like doing this again.” I smoothed her.
“I-its um… @Chrissyssexy14” She blushed.
“Aww! Thats so cute.” I smiled giving her a side hug.
“Thank you for uh holding me while i cried.” She smiled.
“Anytime. Now lets get back before they worry.” I said standing up. I lead her back to the table area and had the rest of the girls sign her little booklet. We took a photo with her before she left. As she left i waved at her and gave her a smile before returning to the rest of the signing.
~Miranda's Pov~
“Finally! Sleep!” Ariel yelled as she slid into the car.
“Actually…” I hestitated.
“Ugh, what? We have more things to do? Cant we just SLEEP!” Jessie complained.
“We are doing the live video chat to announce the release of our EP? You remember its released tonight right?” I asked.
“I remembered Panda!” Hannah responded.
“I might have forgotten.” Ariel confessed.
“Same here.” Jessie joined in.
“Dido.” Christy piped up.
“I didnt i also remembered.” Sydney smiled.
“So Hanney and i are the only ones who remembered? How!?” I laughed. Everyone joined in considering we are the ones who usually forget everything.
“Who’s house are we going to record it at?” Christy asked.
“We can go to mine?” I suggested. Everyone agreed and Christy took off towards my house.
*Time Skip*
“It goes on sale…” I started off.
“In 3...” Christy began the countdown.
“2...” Ariel took over.
“1…” Jessie finished
“ITS ON SALE!” Hanney yelled.
“Its been lovely chatting with all of ya’ll but its late and we are excausted from the show.” I stated.
“WE are off to bed” Jessie said, dragging a half asleep Ariel away.
“Night Ya’ll!” Sydney said grabbing Hannah, both of them running outside.
“We Love you!” Christy and i yelled at the same time before turning off the twitcam.
“Bye, drive safe!” I yelled out to Christy as she pulled out of the driveway.
Finally, Sleep...

Chapter 23

~Hannah’s PoV~
“haha, i cant believe they are still freaking out about the fact we didn't tell them we had an original song on the EP” Sydney laughed.
“I know right!” I agreed. We were currently sitting in my room looking through fan mail.
“Gosh they're so cute!” She squealed reading a new letter.
“That they are, i wish we could meet them all!” I smiled.
“Can we take a break? My fingers are all numb” She laughed.
“Yea, lets go watch a movie” I decided.
“Lets go! You make the popcorn.” She instructed.
“Yes ma’m” I smiled at her.
Soon we were sitting in her bedroom pigging while watching Frozen. Just when olaf started singing his song about summer, i got a text.
‘You girls want to go to the beach with Aurora and I. Theres going to be Ice cream!” - Ari
“Hey Syd, want to go to the beach with Auriel?” I asked.
“But they'll be all cute and stuff the entire time” She jokingly groaned.
“Theres ice cream in it.” I said.
“Now we are definitely going! Lets get changed!” Sydney squalled, pulling me off the bed.

~Ariel’s PoV~
“Hey there angel” Aurora’s voice filled my ears as I picked up the phone.
“Hey baby” I sighed.
“What's wrong?” She asked, sounding worried
“I just miss you, and the girls are all busy so im all alone.” I pouted.
“Aw don't worry angel, the week will come to an end soon, then its just you and me for the entire spring break.” She chuckled.
“But its so far!” I dramatically said.
“How would you feel if i came early?” She asked. Just as i was about to answer the doorbell rang.
“I would love that, can you hold a minute someones at the door.” I respond, walking up the the front door.
“Surprise!” Aurora yelled as soons as i opened the door.
“Aurora!” I yelled happily jumping into her arms.
“I missed you too angel!” She laughed hugging me tight.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“What don't want me here?” She joked.
“No i do, but shouldn't you be at school, not here an hour away?” I laughed.
“I would be, but with spring break just next week the classes were just watching movies, but i decided that being with my girlfriend would be a better way to spend my time.” She smiled, giving me a kiss.
“I agree with your decision.” i smiled back, giving her a longer kiss.
“What do you say we go to the beach?” She suggested.
“Can we bring Hanney? Im pretty sure they arent doing anything but watching movies.” I asked.
“Of course we can, i love your cousins Ari.” She smiled.
“Lets go then i'll text them.” I responded pulling her upstairs.
*Time Skip*
“Wow watch it!” Sydney yelled as a kid ran past her making her fall.
“You ok Syd?” I asked.
“Yes, people just need to watch where they are going.” She mumbled.
“Lets hurry and get the ice cream before Hannah and Aurora send out a search party.” I joked.
“Yum! ice cream! Lets go!” Sydney pulled my arm.
*Time Skip*
“Ew! Aurora!” I pouted, looking at the ice cream she smeared on my nose.
“Aw come here sweetie.” Aurora said wrapping her arms around my waist. Lightly she licked the ice cream off my nose then kissed it causing me to scrunch it up.
“Gross.” Hannah said while Sydney faked gagged.
“Aw shut it, i find it cute.” I said hugging Aurora tighter. My phone then let out a ping followed by Hannah and Sydney’s ringtones.
‘Girls my house NOW! Our moms got exciting new for us. COME FAST!’ - Panda
“I guess we should go.” Hannah said.
“Lets go!” Sydney said jumping up and down.
“I wonder what the news is!” I exclaimed, walking hand in hand with Aurora to her car.
“Sounds big, i hope its good.” She smiled. After opening the door for me she started the car, driving away to the Reali household.

~Sydney’s PoV~
As soon as we got close to aunt Crises house we saw the cars of our parents.
“Wonder what the news is…” I whispered to Hannah.
“I know right, this seems big.” She whispered back.
“Ok girls we are here!” Aurora smiled as she turned off the car. Exiting the car i pulled Hannah out and dragging her to the front porch, knocking on the door.
“Hey girls! Come in everyones here waiting!” Uncle Nick opened the door.
“So what's the news?” Ariel asked as she sat on Aurora’s lap.
“Yea, what's the news?” Miranda backed up.
“You're guys original song is going to be played on the radio for the first time!” our mothers yelled at the same time. Screaming and hugging broke out.
“When?!” Hannah asked.
“In like 10 minutes!” Aunt Lolo answered.
“What's the station!?” Jessie asked, running to the radio.
“105.9 kiss fm” Aunt Ams said.
“Turn it on!” I said. Soon we were all waiting for it to start.

~Katherine’s PoV~
Everyone and i mean my sisters, our husbands and kids were at Christina’s house waiting with our daughters to hear their original song played on the radio for the first time!
“Girls! Come to the computer room please!” My mother yelled. Everyone gradually entered the room patiently waiting for Christina to come in so that our mom could start talking.
“What's going on mom?” Christina asked as she walked in.
“Million Bucks is going to play on the radio tonight for the first time!” She screamed.
“Wait what?! Really!” I asked.
“Yes! Congratulations girls!” She yelled giving us all a hug.
“When and what station will it be played on?” Christina asked.
“”It will be on a little before 10:30 on Sirius XM Hits 1” My mom answered.
“Looks like we are camping out in the car tonight!” Amy smiled.
*Time Skip*
We were all waiting in the car waiting for our song to be played. Luckily our mom was filming us. As soon as DJ Mikey Piff started talking about us, it was hard to contain our excitement. Then our song started playing and it just erupted! Everyone was cheering and crying! We did it we finally did it.
*Flashback over*
Smiling at the memory i hear their original song start playing and everyone starts dancing, the girls singing along with it. They have accomplished so much.

Chapter 24

~Miranda’s PoV~
*One Month Later*
“You guys have been an amazing audience tonight!” Christy smiled.
“but we have one more song left!” I smiled.
“Can you guess what it is?” Ariel asked. There was shouts of different songs but no one said the right one.
“Nope none of you guys got it right!” Sydney singed into the microphone.
“Well what did you expect? Its a new cover!” Hannah said.
“That's right! We are going to sing a cover of…” Jessie built up suspense.
“SALUTE BY LITTLE MIX!” We all screamed into the microphones. The music started up and we got into our positions

Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we're looking for recruits
If you're with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute!

Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we're looking for recruits
If you're with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute!
It's who we are
We don't need no camouflage
It's the female federal
And we're taking off
If you with me, women lemme hear you say

Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we're looking for recruits
If you're with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute!
Attention! (Salute)
Attention! (Salute)
Attention! (Huh!)
Representing all the women, salute, salute!

Sisters we are everywhere
Warriors, your country needs you
If you're ready ladies, better keep steady
Ready, aim, shoot
Don't need ammunition, on a mission
And we'll hit you with the truth
Divas, queens, we don't need no man, salute!

Sisters we are everywhere
Warriors, your country needs you
If you're ready ladies, better keep steady
Ready, aim, shoot
Don't need ammunition. On a mission
And we'll hit you with the truth
Representing all the women, salute, salute!
It's who we are
We don't need no camouflage
It's the female federal
And we're taking off,
If you with me, women lemme hear you say

Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we're looking for recruits
If you're with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute!
Attention! (Salute)
Attention! (Salute)
Attention! (Huh!)
Representing all the women, salute, salute!

You think we're just pretty things
You couldn't be more wrong
(We're standing strong, we carry on)
Knock us but we keep moving up (we're moving up, yeah)
Can't stop a hurricane, ladies it's time to awake (yeah!)
Lemme hear you say,
Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we're looking for recruits
If you're with me, lemme see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute!
Attention! (Salute)
Attention! (Salute)
Attention! (Huh!)
Representing all the women, salute, salute
Ladies, the time has come, the war has begun. Let us stand together.
And remember, men fight great, but women are great fighters
Representing all the women, salute, salute!

“Thank you guys so much! have a wonderful night!” I yelled into the microphone smiling before running off the stage with the rest of the girls.
“Movie night!” Sydney yelled as soon as she sat down on the couch.
“Whose house is it at?” I asked.
“Mine!” Hannah smiled.
“Yes! I cant wait, this past month has been crazy” Christy sighed.
“Come on, lets go!” Jessie smiled.
“Christy and I will go get the movies and snacks!” I smiled.
“Lets go girls! Party time” Christy smiled.

~Hannah’s PoV~
“Ariel make the popcorn?” I asked.
“Yup, come on Jessie you get the drinks.” Ariel instructed.
“Hannah and i will get the pillows and blankets from her room then.” Sydney said before walking up the stairs.
“Wait for me!” I smiled as i ran after her.
“Wow that's a pretty picture frame.” Sydney smiled staring at the picture my mom gave me.
“Ya it is, be careful though my mom got it for me and its glass.” I warned her.
“Of course, here you take the pillows and i'll take the blankets.” She said handing me 6 pillows.
“Alright see you downstairs.” I smiled starting to walk away.
“Aw shit!” I heard Sydney say behind me. I turned around and saw glass on the floor.
“S-Sydney?! What did you do?!” I yelled looking at the glass on the floor, the picture off to the side.

~Sydney’s PoV~
“I-I’m sorry I-I didn't mean to” I stuttered.
“I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL! BUT NO you were careless once again and broke something of mine!” she yelled.
“Me being careless? Are you kidding me? IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” I yelled back.
“YOU KNOW WHAT…!” I was cut off by someone slamming the door open.

~Ariel’s PoV~
Jessie and I were goofing around when we heard a crash followed by some yelling. Both Jessie and i look at each other confused before running up the stairs to Hannah’s room. As we approached we heard Hannah yell something.
“YOU KNOW WHAT…!” Sydney started to say only to be cut off by Jessie slamming the door open.
“What's going on here?” I asked calmly.
“Sydney here broke the picture frame my mom bought me.” Hannah point out.
“Syd honey you should have been more careful.” I told her.
“It was an accident but Hannah here doesn't believe me!” Sydney pointed to Hannah.
“Hannah let Sydney explain what happened. I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose” Jessie tried to reason.
"No i wont listen to her! Just mind your own business Jessie!" Hannah yelled.
“Whoa i know you angry but there's no need to take it out on me, plus its not fair if you don't let Sydney explain.” Jessie said getting angrier by the word.
“Jess calm down, Lets all calm down before this gets thrown out of proportion.” I tried to reason.
“No i don't want anything to do with Hannah right now.” Sydney stated.
“Now come on Syd…” I started.
“No shes right Hannah should stay away from Sydney.” Jessie backed her up.
“Are you kidding me Jess?” I asked.

~Jessie’s PoV~
“No i am not, why should Sydney stay when Hannah won't listen.” I responded.
“Jessie She…” I cut her off.
“No Ariel I'll take her home, Where shes wanted.” I state turning to face Sydney.
“No you won't, they need to talk it out or else they never will.” Ariel responded, clearly upset i cut her off twice.
“Why so Hannah can just shut down everything Sydney says?” I ask directing my anger and attention at Ariel.
“Lets just go Jessie i don't want to be here any longer.” Sydney butted in.
“Good leave i don't want you here.” Hannah retorted. I turned back towards Sydney walking after her.
“You're being ridiculous Jess!” Ariel yelled out at me.
“Sure i'm the one being ridiculous! Just stay here with Hannah i don't want to see you right now.” I respond, walking away. Just as i walked into the hallway that lead to the front door, with Ariel following me, the door opened.

~Christy’s PoV~
Miranda and i were laughing while carrying the bags towards Hannah's house when the door opened and out stormed an upset looking Sydney.
“Syd? Where you going?” I asked.
“Home.” She simply stated not stopping.
“What happened?” Miranda asked me. I shrug my shoulders as we continue walking towards the door. Just as we reach the door we hear someone yell. “You're being ridiculous Jess!”
“Sure i'm the one being ridiculous! Just stay here with Hannah i don't want to see you right now.” we heard Jessie yell back at, who we now know is Ariel. I look at Miranda and she opens the door and there we see 2 furious girls, one madder than the other.
“What's going on? We just saw Sydney leave upset?” Miranda asked.
“And why are you too yelling at each other?” I joined in.
“Why don't you ask Hannah!” Jessie yelled before pushing past us and running after Sydney.
“What happened?” Miranda asked Ariel again.
“A fight that's what happened.” Ariel bluntly stated before going upstairs to, which i assume, Hannah’s room or wherever Hannah was, leaving Miranda and I completely confused.
“What happened while we were gone?” I ask Miranda.
“I have no idea…”

Chapter 25

~Miranda’s PoV~
*One Week Later*
“Girls will you stop fighting and make up already!?” I shout towards Hannah and Sydney. Its been a long day of them bickering and them messing up… again.
“Miranda, come on lets go you need to calm down before you say something you're going to regret.” Christy whispered in my ear. I nodded my head and followed her out of the room.
“Why do they have to make things so difficult?” I ask as soon as we walk out of the building.
“I don't know Panda, but maybe we should ask Ariel and Jessie what happened that night?” Christy suggested.
“but we said we wouldn't ask!” I exclaimed.
“i know we did but that was before Jessie and Ariel made up. Now we can ask them without our heads being bit off.” Christy explained.
“Fine we’ll ask.” I replied, sighing.
~Hannah’s PoV~
“Sydney maybe Pandas right, maybe we should just forgive and forget. For the sake of the band.” I said. silence.
“Im sorry i wouldnt listen to you but now im ready to listen.” I explain. Still nothing.
“So what now you're ignoring me?” i ask. nope no answer.
“Please talk to me Sydney, i-i miss talking to you.” I beg.
“Do you not understand I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” She snapped, standing up she rushes out of the room.
“Sydney!” I yell after her standing up. Just as i was about to run after her Ariel puts her hand on my shoulder and shakes her head. Jessie then gets up and runs after Sydney.
“Don't go after her, she needs to calm down. Let Jessie take care of her right now.” Ariel whispered, pulling me into a hug. I started to cry, knowing that Sydney didn't want anything to do with me hurt, but what hurt me most was knowing i wasn't going to be the one holding her and helping her. Jessie was the one who was doing that, it was Jessie and not me.
“but thats supposed to be me.” I mumbled.
~Jessie’s PoV~
“Sydney? Where are you?” I yell.
“Go away Jessie!” She responded. I follow the sound of her voice to see her in her closet, back faced towards me.
“No Syd, im here just let it out.” I whisper sitting next to her, pulling her onto my lap. That did it, she started to sob into my shirt. Curling into a ball and holding on tight to me she cried, and cried. It hurt me to see her this way, not knowing what else to do i held her and rubbed circles on her back. We sat there for what felt like an hour before her breathing returned to normal.
“Thank you Jess, for being here.” She mumbled into my shirt.
“Its ok Syd, i'll always be here for you. Do you want to talk about it?” I ask. She shook her head then lifted it up. I wiped the tears that were running down her cheeks off, giving her a soft smile. “Ok, come on. Im sure the girls will be wondering where we went.” I said standing up, pulling her up with me.
“Ok, b-but don't leave me alone with Hannah?” she asked.
“I won't.” I promised.
~Ariel’s PoV~
“Why won't she talk to me Ari?” Hannah asked me after her she had stopped crying.
“Shes hurting Han, im sure she will speak to you soon.” I tried to reassure her.
“Are you sure Ariel? Shes never snapped like that at me before…” She mumbled.
“She's just stressed, she’ll be ok soon, don't worry.” I responded.
“Do you really think we’ll make up any time soon?” She asked.
“Of course Han, you guys are Hanney. You are the twins who came from different mothers. You guys both have a special connecting, and nothing i repeat nothing can sever that bond.” I hugged her tight.
“Thank you Ari, for this pep talk.” She whispered.
“Anything for you, i'm your cousin and thats what cousins do.” I smiled.
“No im pretty sure thats what sisters do.” She laughed.
“Well, you are like my sister, you're my sister from another mother. Who happens to be my Aunt.” I joked.
“I love you Ari.” She hugged me.
“I love you too Han.” I responded, hugging her back.
~Christy’s PoV~
“Hey Ariel can we talk to you for a bit?” Miranda asks.
“Of course.” She smiles.
“We have a question.” I stated.
“Ok… what's the question?” She asked. Miranda shifts around nervously, looking down at her feet before returning her gaze towards Ariel.
“What happened that night? The night that started all this?” Miranda finally asks. Taking a deep breath, Ariel looks behind her into the room Hannah was sitting at alone.
“Ok i'll tell you.” Ariel sighed. and She did she told us everything that happened from the moment her and Jessie walked into the kitchen to her holding Hannah as she cried herself to sleep that night.
“Do you think they’ll make up?” I ask.
“I sure hope so. They have the best relationship that i've seen in a long time.” Miranda sighed.
“Lets go back in.” Ariel said walking towards the door.
“Wait, quick question.” I stopped her.
“Ya?” she responds.
“Where’s Jessie and Sydney?” I ask.
“Hannah and Sydney had another argument and I sent Jessie to go find Sydney when she ran out.” Ariel explained.
“Ok.” I responded. “What are we going to do with them?” I turn to Miranda.
“Let them figure it out by themselves? I don't know, never in a million years did i expect Hannah and Sydney to fight…” She responded.
“Same here, lets go in and wait for Jess and Syd.” I said.
“Ya, lets go.” she sighed.
~Sydney’s PoV~
Jessie and i walk back to the Miranda’s and enter. Hannah was looking out the window, while Miranda, Christy and Ariel all looked at Jessie and I as we walked in.
“What are we going to do today?” Jessie asks sitting down next to me.
“We are discussing what our plans are for the rest of the year.” Miranda explained.
“Hey Jessie come with me real quick.” Christy says. I look at Jessie with pleading eyes, but before she could reject Christy’s offer, Christy drags her out of the chair and out the room.
“And we'll be right back.” Ariel states pulling Miranda out of the room. Hannah and I were the only ones in the room. I stand up and walk out.
“Sydney please wait.” Hannah chases me outside.
“What do you want!?” I yell. Hannah stands there staring at me, it felt as if time was standing still. Nothing was said we just stood there. Waiting.

Chapter 26

~Hannah’s PoV~
“Sydney please wait.” I chased Sydney outside.
“What do you want!?” She yelled at me. I stopped. Thoughts running through my mind, trying to decide what to say. it felt as if time was standing still. Nothing was said we just stood there. Waiting. Waiting for me to say something.
“I just want you to talk to me, please.” I beg.
“We have nothing to talk about.” Sydney says coldly.
“Yes we do Syd!” I screamed.
“Don't you call me Syd, you will call me Sydney i am no longer the other half of Hanney, go find yourself a new friend who isn't so ‘careless’.” She screamed back.
“Sydney! don't say that you're my best friend! and you're my cousin! I love you, please i'm sorry, i'm sorry for everything i said!” I yelled.
“You're just saying that Hannah!” She yelled back.
“Sydney, please just please listen to me. Please.” I beg, feeling myself tear up.
“Why? Why should i you wouldnt listen to me when i asked you to. Why should i treat you any differently!?” She shouted.
“I'M SORRY SYDNEY PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I DIDNT MEAN TO CALL YOU ALL THOSE THINGS!” I shouted back, no longer controlling my tears. “I'm sorry, i truly am sorry, Sydney please i'm begging you, forgive me please, i'm not mad about the picture frame anymore. Please i want my best friend back, i want my twin from another mother back. I want the other half of Hanney back. Please Sydney, please.” I cried out. I stood there waiting for her response, just stood there in complete silence.
~Sydney’s PoV~
“Please Sydney, please” She whispered.
I stood there staring at the broken girl standing in front of me. My best friend, my twin from another, the first half of Hanney, the girl who i grew up with all my life, was standing there crying her heart out.
“H-Hannah, I-I…” I stuttered out.
“Sydney please.” She whispered once more. I look away from her, whipping stray tears from my face before turning back towards her. I take a couple step closer to her, only to stop when i was in arm length distance. Slowly i brought my hands towards her. I set them on her shoulders and… hesitantly bring her into a hug.
“I-Its ok Hannah. I-I forgive you.” I whisper in her ear. She sobbed into my shirt hugging me back. She repetitively whispered ‘I'm sorry’ into my shirt. There we stood holding eachother crying, unaware of our surroundings.

*one day after the fight*
~Jessie’s PoV~
“How could we all forget our chargers?” I laughed as i dropped my duffel bag on the ground.
“I have no idea, we were all just in a rush for this well needed vacation.” Ariel laughed along.
“Plus i think its a good thing that we don't have any electronics with us.” Miranda said.
“Why is that?” Sydney asked.
“Now we can have a true relaxing Vacation.” Christy answered.
“No electronics mean no work, just us 6 cousins relaxing in this cabin.” Hannah sighed sitting down on the couch.
“Ya lets go.” Sydney said pulling Hannah and Miranda out. I grab Ariel and Christy out.
“Wait! We need to change.” Miranda yelled. I look at Sydney with a mischievous grin, she nods understanding what i want to do. Without a second thought both Sydney and I push the girls into the water,
“OMG! We are so going to kill you.” Ariel yells. I shrug my shoulders grabbing Sydneys hand we jump in after them.
“Get them!” Hannah laughs. A full on splash war was unleashed. We swam around goofing off in the pool for a couple hours, when we got out we all laughed. We changed out of our drenched clothes and changed into footie pajamas. We stayed up all night watching movies and eating a lot of snacks and candy. This is a well needed vacation, something we've needed for this past month.

~3rd Person~
What the girls didn't know was there was paparazzi camped out in the front yard that day of the fight, who happened to be record such fight. They rushed out of there before catching the last part of the argument. Sending the video to news companies and magazine companies. Headlines like ‘Is this it for Cimorelli 2.0?’; ‘Cimorelli 2.0 feud?’; ‘Cimorelli 2.0 not so much like their mothers?’; ‘Could this possibly be the end of Cimorelli 2.0?’ were already starting to rotate as soon as the first article was posted up on the internet. Rumors running around, spreading everywhere. The video of the girls screaming at each other was being shared to everyone on almost every social media website. This was one of the biggest news to explode so fast in a long time. All of this spread in the 3 days the girls were gone. As if they were dropped off the face of the earth people took this as a sign. Maybe this was the end of Cimorelli 2.0 people thought.

~Miranda’s PoV~
“Home finally!” I smiled laying down on my couch.
“Miranda! Is that you?” My mom yelled.
“Ya the girls and just got back.” I yelled back.
“Honey! Why havent you answered any of our calls or texts?” She scolded.
“I'm sorry we left our chargers here.” I explained.
“Go look at the social media sites! Now!” She ordered me.
“Ok?” I responded looking at her weird. I walk upstairs to my room, opening my laptop i log onto to twitter. After reading tweets, and DMs i couldn't believe what i was spreading around.
‘@PandaReali Are you guys really breaking up!?’
‘@PandaReali @ChrissyHW @AriMcA @JessHayes @HanAustin @SydHow Where are you girls?!’
‘What going on with @Cimorelli2Gen ?! Where are they?’
‘Is @Cimorelli2Gen really over?!’
“What!?” I yelled out. Rushing i grabbed my moms car keys and went to go pick up the other girls. They of course looked at me like i was crazy, not bothering to tell them what was going on. I pulled up to my house dragging them inside with me. They are going to flip out when i tell them this.

~Christy’s PoV~
“Wait… What!?” I yelled out.
“Exactly, i don't know how they found out but they did.” Miranda responded.
“I think i know…” Hannah hesitated. She didn't like to think much of what happened earlier this week.
“Me too, Hannah and i were um arguing outside after you guys left us…” Sydney said looking down.
“There must have been people there recording them.” Ariel said.
“What are we going to do?” Jessie asked.
“I have an idea.” I stated.
“What is it?” Miranda asked. I had everyone gather around the table and i told them my plan. Sydney ran upstairs to Miranda’s room grabbing everything we would need. I drove Hannah to grab some more things we would nee. Ariel arranged things around, while Miranda and Jessie set everything up in her basement. It was no or never.

~Ariel’s PoV~
“Hey I'm Miranda”
“I'm Christy”
“I'm Ariel”
“I'm Jessie”
“I'm Hannah”
“I'm Sydney”
“And were Cimorelli 2.0”
“Now we know there have been rumors floating around that the band was breaking up.” Miranda announced.
“And we are here to tell you that those rumors are WRONG!” Christy said.
“Hanney may have had a fight but they're all good again.” I smiled, Hannah and Sydney gave each other hugs to prove a point.
“We are not, i repeat, we are NOT breaking up.” Jessie exclaimed.
“ya, Sydney and I are perfect now, its as if nothing happened.” Hannah said.
“To prove we are going to sing a new cover.” Sydney explained.
“The song is ‘Always Be Together’ By Little Mix.” I smiled.

We are friends for life
Hold that deep inside
Let this be your drive
To survive

And just stand high and tall
Make sure you give your all
And if you ever fall
Know that I'm right here

We'll always be together
Don't you worry, oh
I'll always be by your side
Don't you worry
Don't worry, no no no
The circle will never end
Just know that we'll meet again
And we'll always be together
Forever always, oh
I am here

Find me in the sky
Dancing with the moon and night
Your heartbeat is disguised as my

Be happy and know that I'm
Watching you travel far and wide
Waiting for us to meet again

We'll always be together
Don't you worry
Don't you worry
I'll always be by your side
Don't you worry
Don't you worry
The circle will never end
It'll never ends
Just know that we'll meet again
We'll meet again
And we'll always be together
Forever always
I am here

If you need me, yeah
I'm in the wind
Look for me friend
I'm in the stars

When you need me
The heavens will send
A message within
Straight to your heart


We'll always be together
Don't you worry
Don't you worry, no.
I'll always be by your side
Don't you worry
Never worry about a thing, no no no no no no no
The circle will never end
It'll never end
Just know that we'll meet again
We'll meet again
And we'll always be together
Forever always
Don't you worry
I am here
I am here
I am here
I am here

Chapter 27

*One Year Later*
~3rd Person~
“Heyo!” The 6 cousins yelled into the webcam.
“As you guys know our album comes out tomorrow!” Ariel squealed.
“haha, i know we are crazy excited too!” Jessie laughed after reading a couple of the comments.
“Tomorrow we will be at Kline Music’s buying our personal album!” Hannah chimed in.
“but thats not all we are doing!” Christy hummed.
“WE are doing a signing! So come by and see us!” Miranda smiled.
“We will also be doing a live webchat at the time!” Sydney yelled.
“We hope to see you there!” The 6 cousins yelled before Aurora turned the camera off.
“TOMORROWS THE ALBUM!!” Hanney screamed at the same time, causing all the girls to laugh.
That night the girls stayed up and blasted music having the time of their lives.
*Time Skip*
“Well hello there how may i help you?” The desk clerk asked as the disguised cousins walked in to the store.
“Hi, we would like to buy the new Cimorelli 2.0 album.” Miranda smiled.
“Of course, come this way” He ushered them back to the front where somehow they missed was a huge rack filled with thier album.
“Wow!” Sydney said in awe.
“We heard they were going to be here doing a signing so we went all out.” The desk clerk explained.
“Do you know when their coming?” Jessie asked trying to hold in her laughter.
“Nope, they didn't say in their video.” The desk clerked sighed.
“Have you bought the album yet?” Ariel asked.
“Oh ya, i bought it as soon as i walked in this morning.” She smiled.
“Would you like us to sign it?” Christy said with a tiny smile.
“Why would… wait…” The desk clerk said, finally realizing who they were.
“So i'm going to take that as a yes?” Sydney laughed. The girls took off their disguises causing the desk clerk to squeal.
“Of course!!” She smiled.
*Time Skip*
The girls have been live chatting and signing for 5 hours, but sadly it was time for them to leave. Waving good bye to their fans they pack up and head to their car. Driving away they blast their Album on the stereo. None of them could believe they were making it big, it came to them as a surprise. They are actually doing it. They have succeeded.

Chapter 28

~3rd Person~
“Well! You all know what time it is!” Miranda yelled into the microphone, causing the audience to boo.
“I know right! It sucks!” Christy laughed.
“Its been a great experience to be here on this world tour!” Ariel boosted.
“For our last song we wanted to do something special!” Jessie exclaimed.
“Let me introduce you to our mothers!” Hannah smiled.
“They will be singing their song ‘Wings’ With us! everyone CIMORELLI!” Sydney yelled.

“Hey I’m Christina.”
“I'm Katherine”
“I’m Lisa”
“I’m Amy”
“I’m Lauren”
“I’m Dani”
“And were Cimorelli!” The six sister introduced themselves as the ran on stage.

[Jessie and Amy:]
I can be so negative, sometimes
My own worst enemy, sometimes
Even at my lowest low,
You still had hope

[Ariel and Lisa:]
When I wanna quit,
You won't let me.
When I'm falling down,
You gon' catch me.
You pick me up
Yeah, you fix me up
Now I'm on my way,
And I'm strong enough to say

You gave me wings and taught me to fly
When I was out there on my own
You gave me wings and brought me to life
And now I need to know
If you wanna fly cause I wanna fly, Yeah
Tell me you're down for touching the sky, Yeah
You and Me, Me and You
The higher, the better
When we fly, we fly together, together, together, together, together
When we fly we fly together...

[Miranda and Christina:]
I felt like a prisoner, locked up
The only key to set me free was your love
You went and took a chance on me,
Without a reason to believe

[Hannah and Lauren:]
When I wanna quit,
You won't let me.
When I'm falling down,
You gon' catch me.
You pick me up
Yeah, you fix me up
Now I'm on my way,
And I'm strong enough to say

You gave me wings and taught me to fly
When I was out there on my own
You gave me wings and brought me to life
And now I need to know
If you wanna fly cause I wanna fly, Yeah
Tell me you're down for touching the sky, Yeah
You and Me, Me and You
The higher, the better
When we fly, we fly together, together, together, together, together
When we fly we fly together...

[Christy and Katherine:]
I can be so negative, sometimes
My own worst enemy, sometimes
Even at my lowest low,
You still had hope

[Sydney and Dani:]
When I wanna quit,
You won't let me.
When I'm falling down,
You gon' catch me.
You pick me up
Yeah, you fix me up
Now I'm on my way,
And I'm strong enough to say

You gave me wings and taught me to fly
When I was out there on my own
You gave me wings and brought me to life
And now I need to know
If you wanna fly cause I wanna fly, Yeah
Tell me you're down for touching the sky, Yeah
You and Me, Me and You
The higher, the better
When we fly, we fly together, together, together, together, together

When we fly we fly together, together, together, together, forever
When We fly we fly together!

“Thank you for joining us tonight! We love you!” Miranda yelled into the microphone while the girls waved and blew kisses. Soon they were all backstage hugging. That was the last concert of their FIRST world tour.


~3rd Person~
It was Monday night which meant Family Dinner, and by Family Dinner it meant Miranda’s, Christy’s, Ariel’s, Jessie’s, Hannah’s and Sydney’s familys all under one roof for one dinner, every week. Yes even after all these years the 6 cousins stayed tight, they all even lived in the same town they grew up in together. They lived next door to eachother, they originally didnt plan it out that way, it just sort of happened. It was a spontanious desicion when the six cousins were sharing stories to thier kids about how thier grew up, and thier band, even thier mothers band. Thier daughters were so interested in the stories, even if they’ve heard them thousands of times, asked thier mothers if they could visit thier grandmothers. The cousins of course agree all of them getting ready to go to thier mothers graves.
They all walked hand in hand with thier daughters towards the gravestones that where all set next to eachother. At thier mothers request they asked to be buried next to eachother. The cousins all smiling down at thier mothers graves memories of them growing up flooding each of thier minds. The daughters spoke up. “What was the last song you guys sung with them?” Miranda’s daughter asked.
“It was thier song called Wings” Miranda smiled.
“W-Where they any good?” Christy’s daughter also asked.
“Yeah they were.” Christy laughed.
“Why did they stop?” Ariel’s daughter asked.
“They were all getting busier and busier and decided to retire.” Ariel explained.
“Why did you guys stop?” Jessie’s daughter asked.
“Same reasons, we all wanted to have a family and setle down.” Jessie smiled.
“Would you guys ever sing again?” Hannah’s daughter asked.
“Of course, just not for a career for fun” Hannah answered.
“Would you sing with us?” Sydney’s daughter asked.
“Right now?” Sydney responded. The daughters nodded thier heads in responce. The cousins looked at eachother shrugging their shoulders as if saying ‘Why not?’ and turned to thier daughters asking them to come closer.
“Do you know the lyrics to Wings?” Miranda asked thier daughters.
“We sure do mommy!” Miranda’s daughter answered.
“Ok when follow along, when you're mom starts to sing, sing along with them ok?” Christy explained.
“Ok!” The daughters responded.

I can be so negative, sometimes
My own worst enemy, sometimes
Even at my lowest low,
You still had hope

When I wanna quit,
You won't let me.
When I'm falling down,
You gon' catch me.
You pick me up
Yeah, you fix me up
Now I'm on my way,
And I'm strong enough to say

You gave me wings and taught me to fly
When I was out there on my own
You gave me wings and brought me to life
And now I need to know
If you wanna fly cause I wanna fly, Yeah
Tell me you're down for touching the sky, Yeah
You and Me, Me and You
The higher, the better
When we fly, we fly together, together, together, together, together
When we fly we fly together...

I felt like a prisoner, locked up
The only key to set me free was your love
You went and took a chance on me,
Without a reason to believe

When I wanna quit,
You won't let me.
When I'm falling down,
You gon' catch me.
You pick me up
Yeah, you fix me up
Now I'm on my way,
And I'm strong enough to say

You gave me wings and taught me to fly
When I was out there on my own
You gave me wings and brought me to life
And now I need to know
If you wanna fly cause I wanna fly, Yeah
Tell me you're down for touching the sky, Yeah
You and Me, Me and You
The higher, the better
When we fly, we fly together, together, together, together, together
When we fly we fly together...

I can be so negative, sometimes
My own worst enemy, sometimes
Even at my lowest low,
You still had hope

When I wanna quit,
You won't let me.
When I'm falling down,
You gon' catch me.
You pick me up
Yeah, you fix me up
Now I'm on my way,
And I'm strong enough to say

You gave me wings and taught me to fly
When I was out there on my own
You gave me wings and brought me to life
And now I need to know
If you wanna fly cause I wanna fly, Yeah
Tell me you're down for touching the sky, Yeah
You and Me, Me and You
The higher, the better
When we fly, we fly together, together, together, together, together

When we fly we fly together, together, together, together, forever
When We fly we fly together!