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Heart to Heart

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Tap, tap, tap.

Snowflakes are still falling to the ground, creating white covers to the ground and what's above it. Small footsteps follows the trail of the blue-haired Dorothy West, who covered herself with suiting clothes coordination following the winter. She ran, albeit keeping a slow pace so she won't trip on the snow.

It was just outside Pripara, near the Prism Stone, in a winter of December. Dressing Pafe just finished their latest live show, and it was already evening so they proceeds to go home. Dorothy fastened her pace, just to give her twin Reona a pat on the shoulder.


As a reaction Reona just smiled, as gentle as ever. It gave a sense of ease to Dorothy's heart, however what Reona whispered next wasn't exactly what she'd felt comfortable by hearing.

"Dorothy, you were going to say it, weren't you?" Reona said. Dorothy gulped, and Shion who were still near just stared at them not knowing what to say. After all, she didn't know the existence of Dorothy's little secret, just yet.

"G--Geh! That's still undecided---" She moved her gaze to Shion, before noticing that Shion could hear them babbling. She irked, and jolted back by a few steps.

"What's undecided? The coord for next live? We were going to talk about it now, weren't we?"

"No--that's not it! It's just..." Dorothy bites her lips, trying to find some distraction. She were staring at Reona for a while, signaling help. However, Reona decided to make their own move as the tiny androgynous kid waltzed out of the three's tiny circle, waving to them as they said;

"Sorry, Dorothy, Shion! I need to help out on our restaurant. It's okay for you, Dorothy, have fun relaxing without me, okay?"

"W--Waiiiit, Reonaaa!"

"Dorothy, do your best!"

And so, Reona smiled gently as they slowly disappears from the scene. Dorothy panics, not sure what to say. Reona's really going through this, she wonders to herself. Reona was being supportive. But Dorothy herself weren't sure if it was what she could have needed.

"That's... quite unusual for Reona."
"Y--yeah, I know..."

"Shall we go eat something while discussing?"

"...W--well, yeah... Let's go around a little bit first!"

And so off they go. As it was snowing, people weren't going outside much. There's not much people in the illuminate of the winter.

Dorothy wasn't sure she and Reona could fool Shion with these kind of act. She is entirely sure Shion had read what would happen next,as usual and were laughing at her in her head. What she were going to do was unusual, weird, or whatever kind of things she could think in her head. Sure, Shion had been used with Reona crossdressing for that matter, but her feelings was something entirely different, she won't ever---

Ghaaa, why am I being negative like this! Come on, max your tension, Dorothy!

"Dorothy? Are you okay?"

"O--ooo---of course I'm max okay!"

"You just paused there, were you thinking of something?"

"H--Huh? I was just--"

This is it. This is a correct timing, wasn't it? If she could just casually said it, she could at least fool her off with 'It's a joke! Tension max~' if she got rejected. She'd end up feeling horrible about herself, but that'll be better than not being friends with her anymore.

"Aaah, this is annoying! I was just thinking about... what do you think of me--- and Reona, I mean! Us as a team!"

Could she really fool Shion? She could have been reading about it, doesn't she? Oh, why are she being negative again! Dorothy hated this.

"Well..." Shion paused, before she continued on. "At first I don't really know what could happen teaming with you guys, but... you guys are my best partners, or let's just say best friends, now."

At least Shion didn't notice her motive yet, but Dorothy started considering how stupid this is. She shouldn't tell Reona about that, she shouldn't let Reona help her on this, she shouldn't let Reona leave them alone--- but all she said was;

"Really?" in a very doubting tone.

"I thought we're over this? We're best friends, okay?"

They were in danger of breaking off a lot of times, but most of the time, Reona saved their unit. How will Dorothy actually cope with this one, alone, then?

"Hmm..." Dorothy paused.

"What, you were doubting me again?"

"T--that's not it!"

"Your tone of voice is so readable. Were you hiding something? Is that why Reona went home early?"

Dorothy sighed. She is guessable, even Dorothy herself could tell. She could say it, but she just can't. The thought of her own feelings made her sick on the stomach--- and that's when Reona's voice resounds in her head, a memory about the day before.

'I---I think that's not good if you kept on hiding this! I'm sure that Shion would still befriend you even if she rejects you---- so...'

"W--well, yeah, Shion, I---"

What does she likes about this crude girl, anyway? She's not fun at all. She's too serious, she's annoying, and she's getting in the way most of the time. If she dated her, Reona would be left out of them anyway and Dorothy doesn't want that. Dorothy started doubting her own feelings, she hated this feeling she could threw up, but....

"Are you really okay? You're as red as a crab. Did you get cold?"

Shion touched her forehead, and she noticed how couldn't bury that feeling that easily.. After all, Shion is cool, on the other hand. She's amazing, she's smart to the point of a genius, she cares about her, supports her, she were kind, she---

"I could threw up, actually." Dorothy doesn't even notice what she just say. Her head's a mess, full of contradiction, and probably her body actually got cold this time because it started to shake and Dorothy felt uncomfortable. She even thought the sound of the snows were laughing at her.

"Let's go to your home, then. I don't want you to get sick." Shion held her hand, her face were so serious and worried, this is bad, this is bad.....

"N--No! It's okay..."

"I'll carry you if needed. You were feeling sick, weren't you?"

"No! Don't! It would be embarrassing if Reona see if I were to confess my feelings but ends up being carried by the one I---"

Dorothy stopped. Shion did, too. They noticed the meaning of those words, and both turned red.

"So that was it."

"Aaaaah! Forget about it, forget about it!"

Dorothy waved her hands in panic, but Shion stopped her hands' movement. She stares. Dorothy panics even more, she gulped. But Shion just stared, until she did let go of her.

"I kind of guessed when you're acting weird, but I don't think that's true when it was just in my head. You hates my guts, but I never thought it'll turn this way---"

"....Uuugh... Just laugh if you want! Yeah, I like you! I like you so much I could threw up when I thought about it! It felt weird because I used to despise you, but---"

Something stopped her lips, this time. Dorothy noticed it wasn't Shion's lips either--- if it was, she'd be dead by embarrassment by now--- it was instead her pointing finger. Dorothy gulped.

"G--Geez, don't just raise your voice like that. I understood."

"W--what's with 'I understood!'! If you were to feel disgusted and reject me, just do it! Don't make it hard for me, my anger is at max---"

What came next surprised her instead.

"How could I reject you? I kinda like you too."


"Yeah, I do. How do I say this, uh..."

Shion was red too, now. But Dorothy was even redder, she even paused. She couldn't believe it, she must be dreaming----



She couldn't remember what happened next, she fainted from the cold she didn't knew she had.

All she knew was Reona said that Shion did princess carry her all the way home. Apparently Shion didn't say anything more about the incident--- no, her confession. She kind of blushed and acts weird, and Dorothy kind of guessed that she wanted a better confession, so she decided she must muster up her courage for one....