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Fallen Storm Riders

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It was already fall of 2012; the weather had become cold and windy, which was perfect for riders in the world, to be riding among the winds and nature itself. Outside Tokyo, at an old airport, where planes came to rust and history of the previous century would turn to dust, it was not empty. It was owned by a Small Music Company that used the Airport for their private jets and music video productions. The sun was beginning to set and as it did so, the lamps among the roads and strips began to light up automatically.

Lights began to illuminate more and more of the complex. Lights flickered on more brightly towards a large aeroplane hangar. The doors of the medium sized building slid open and from the hangar stepped out a silver haired young man. He was wearing a white vest with a sports brand logo on the front, and was wearing black trousers with black boots. He pushed his hand through his hair, rustling it and looking up at the sky. He then turned his head as two lights were heading towards him. It was a car, but no ordinary car; it was a blue 1972 Dodge Charger. He placed his hand to his chin and began to inspect as it drove past him and into the open hangar. As the noise of the engine stopped, from the car stepped out a black haired and strong armed fellow, he paced towards the other guy and they embraced each other in a brotherly hug.

"Hello Mayuri, nice to see you again" said the strong armed fellow. The silver haired man, Mayuri smiled at him. They shook hands and Mayuri walked towards the car inspecting it. He knelt down and looked into the rims seeing his reflection. Jerome walked to the back of the car and opened the boot. From the boot he reached out his backpack.

"She is a prize, where did you find her Jerome?" asked Mayuri. Jerome walked towards the working table and placed the bag upon the surface. He unzipped the bag and pulled out his laptop. He opened it and put it also on the table. The screen lit up and Jerome typed in his login details and the screen began showing a black window with green and blue numbers running up and down. Mayuri looked over Jerome's shoulder. Jerome stepped to the side and pointed the screen where a photographical image appeared of a tanned black haired beauty, in the window of a limousine. Mayuri looked and turned to Jerome.

"This was taken two days ago in Berlin. I have no idea what Nike or Sora is doing, but Mayuri, don't worry, we are all looking for her" he said. Mayuri 's expression changed to pure happiness and hugged Jerome. Jerome smiled and patted his friend.

"What is this, the Gay Car Lovers," a voice spoke out behind them. Jerome turned round and found standing in front of their car, four men. They were the usual punks that drove motorbikes everywhere causing mayhem and chaos. One of them walked to the car and placed his foot against the bonnet.

"What is this piece of shit, looks so old," he chattered. Mayuri stepped forward, but Jerome stopped him. He walked towards the four guys and motioned with his hand for them to go outside. They smiled and all four left outside the garage. Jerome followed, and Mayuri followed suit. As they exited the garage, the doors slid back to their default position and as Mayuri arrived to watch the fight, he saw the four men on the floor. Jerome was standing, seemingly having done nothing.

"Did you?" Mayuri asked. Jerome shook his head and pointed towards the darkness in front of them. Mayuri peered in and noticed, although it was night, the street lamps were still on so there was no need to be any shadows, yet there was a horde of shadowy shapes in front of them.

"Mayuri, close your ears for a second," Jerome told him. Mayuri did not need to be told twice. He crouched down and placed his hands over his ears. Although he turned his body to look at what Jerome was going to do. Jerome took out his phone and tapped something. All the streetlights began to shine brighter and the shadowy shapes began to grow more focus and as the shadows were gone, it revealed 100 soldiers, approximately. They were all powered up and looked like had gone through harsh and brutal training. One stepped forward and Mayuri could tell he was the leader as his uniform was a little different. He edged a bit back and opened his hands over his ears so he could hear.

"I am Serizawa Muki, Captain of First Regiment of the Ancients" he said. Mayuri did not know the regiment or division. Jerome looked at Muki and clapped his hands. He stepped forward.

"Mayuri keep your ears closed please" he said. Mayuri compiled. He closed his ears off. Jerome breathed in and stepped forward, each step he made seemed to shake the ground.

"The Ancients, where is the Executioner or Tengu?" he asked. The soldier moved and shouted something to his soldiers. The soldiers all walked forward. Jerome walked forward away from Mayuri so he stopped 20 meters in front of the rough soldiers. The soldiers stepped a tad back, but stepped forward in reaction. Their hearts were pumping blood throughout their body, their senses became heightened and their muscles strengthened. This was all due to the actions of Jerome. Within the Third Division, two men controlled the actions of the workings and men and numerous foot soldiers would follow their every whim. Only high rankers of the Organization and powerful riders would know the alias of their leaders. The 100 soldiers were excited for a battle. None of them were overconfident that they could individually take out their target. They knew their strength lay in numbers. But they were the First Regiment of the Third Division, they were chosen specifically by the leaders, they were the Hundred Men of the Ancients. The Captain steps forward and raises his hand.

"Stand to attention men. Surround this area so they do not escape" he ordered. The rest of the ninety soldiers began to circle around Jerome and Mayuri. As they did, it began to thin and then among the crowd, two people stood, different from the surrounding soldiers. Mayuri got up, not bothering to abide by Jerome's words.

"Jerome, I know those two," he said. Jerome looked towards the body builder soldier and punk clothed girl. He also knew who they were, his leader had told him about the possible outcomes of him being attacked by a member of the Dark Roads Division that specifically sent out one or two riders. Mayuri stepped forward, in front of Jerome and pointed towards the punk girl.

"That is Rocky Garasu, also known as Magenta. Her road if I remember correctly focuses on combining metal and wind," said Mayuri. Jerome took off his headphones and walked in front of Mayuri towards the two enemies.

"You are Rocky of the Tesla Road?" asked Jerome. Rocky was neither surprised nor shocked. Her road did not have a name, but only a few truly understood what her road was. One of them was her Leader, and the other, her idol and combat partner; Hammer. She did not question how Jerome knew, but understood that he was a rider to be wary off. He was one of the Fallen Angels, it needed two of the First Division to take on one rider. She nodded.

"I am yes, this is Hamm…" she began to say, before she felt a shadow cover her. Hammer had stepped forward and he placed his fist into his palm and bowed to Jerome.

"Hammer, why are you bowing to our opponent?" she asked, exclaiming and protesting. Hammer turned to her and the expression written on his face, was the first she had ever seen him wear. It was anger, but more disrespect. Rocky stepped back.

"I apologize for my partner, I am Hammer of the Quake Road, and it's an honour to meet the Original Sound King" he said and bowed once more. As he uttered the words, some of the soldiers of the Ancients began to talk amongst themselves.

"The Original Sound King. I thought there was only 8 Kings and Queens" said the vice -captain to the Captain. The captain knew it was true, but he knew otherwise. He touched his communication near his ear that all of his men would hear his words.

"There are 8 Kings and Queens; Sky, Gaia, Lather, Thorn, Pledge, Rising, Over and Flame. Which in basic terms means; Air and Wind, Earth, Water, Humanity, Sound, Lightning, Absorption and Fire. Meaning he is the first man to take the Crown from The Pledge Queen. He is technically the First King, but second generation of the position" he said. The captain was surprised the opponent was known for that rank. No Matter, Hammer is said to be stronger than the Original Gaia King.

"That is in the past. I am just known as Jerome, the Gao Rider" he said. He bowed also in response to Hammer. He turned round towards Mayuri.

"Close the door for the workshop and stay to the side" he asked. Mayuri complied and walked to the workshop. Jerome turned his head and felt something. He ducked down, barely missing a punch. Hammer stood about a metre from him. Hammer stepped back and swung another fist. Jerome stepped to the side, ducked down and slammed his open palm into Hammer's chest. Hammer reacted but his mind did not work out that a palm should do any damage to him. The force from the palm sent Hammer flying back. He changed his gravitation centre and landed onto his feet, sliding a few more meters. He rose up and touched his chest. He felt the skin and looked towards Jerome who was wiping away some blood from his mouth. Although they both had exchanged blows and both contacted, Hammer had been damaged more.

"Shall we try that one more time, but let me just put my headphones on," he said. He placed headphones that hug around his neck upon his ears. They were heavy duty and seemed to cancel out all sound. Hammer did not understand, but had been told by the leader, that the headphones was a handicap for the Sound King. Without them, he could not ride, with them he could ride and fight. That was all he was told. Hammer smiled and dashed forward. He stopped dead to the left of Jerome and swung his back leg round, aiming the heel towards the neck of his opponent.

Jerome raised his arm, blocking the leg and slammed his elbow into the knee. The force resonated throughout Hammer's leg. He twisted his body to avoid injury and while in the air, swung his right leg down, the heel intended to hit down upon the skull. Jerome raised both hands to block the kick. As the kick came down, Jerome felt the force and his knees buckled. He jumped forward and dived down, his hands hitting the ground and his wrists twisting his body, so his legs propelled towards the chest of Hammer. Hammer used his arms to stop the attack and propel his own body back. His body flew and as he landed, he arched his back. Jerome had gotten up and had slammed his own leg into the chest.

The soldiers, Mayuri and Rocky were amazed by the speed of the fighting and surprised it seemed equal. Hammer was a 7ft soldier, with bustling upper body strength and lower body muscles. Jerome on the other hand was only 6ft 2, but had a fair amount of muscles equally split around his body. There was no way around it, but Jerome was holding his own against Hammer.

Jerome suddenly noticed he was not able to retract his leg. He looked and saw that Hammer was holding onto it. Hammer twisted his hands and spun Jerome's leg with the intention of breaking his leg. Jerome hopped into the air with his last standing leg and moved his body with the momentum of Hammer's quick turn. Jerome's body spun and when he had hopped up, he had angled himself to drill into Hammer, causing his opponent to let go of the leg and Jerome used this to propel back.

As Jerome lands, he figures he only has moments to take a breather and his hunch is correct as Hammer appears just before him. Hammer crunches down and thrusts an open palm into the chest of Jerome. Jerome feels the force and then the abrupt pressure rippling through his skin and bones. His view of Hammer increases as he is flung back towards the metal fence. The force of the palm strike causes the fence to retract from his impact and curl around him.

Hammer pushes from the ground and bursts towards where he sent Jerome. Jerome opened his eyes and watched the boulder flying towards him. He pushed himself from the metallic cage and dived to the side and Hammer shot past. Jerome swung round and changed his footwork and began bouncing side to side.

"You are indeed a tough opponent, I now understand why you are called Hammer," said Jerome.

Hammer stepped out of the destroyed fence crater and looked where Jerome stood. But he then felt a flurry of hits against his limbs and body. He felt a pulverizing attack against his chin that caused him to stagger backwards. He leaned forward and looked around. Jerome was gone. He turned towards the airfield and saw Jerome standing waving towards him.

Hammer walks towards the airfield rather than running. As he steps onto the airfield he takes off his jacket and crackles his knuckles and bows to Jerome.

"That was an interesting warm up. I thank you Sound King, It has been a long since someone has fared against me in hand to hand combat. But now it is time for you to be buried under the sins you have committed" Hammer spoke. Hammer slammed his fists together and began chanting.

"I give thanks to the Earth and Sky. I pray that you honour and assist me to slay and exorcise the sinful demons upon this land," he said. His ATs began to come out. His lower legs were clamped with a block of black metal. His shoes, his Air Trecks actually began to transform into something heavy duty.

"Joro Guo activate" he shouted. The ground shuddered suddenly. The ground rippled and moved, causing the airplane garages to shake and the lamps to blow out. Jerome was impressed and fearful at the same time. The level of power and technology made him amazed how far the Dark Roads Division had gone, but fearful how far their genetic technology had gone also. He knew Hammer wanted him to activate his AT.

"Your air treck is impressive and the name of your regalia, does it not mean Earth God in Icelandic?" he asked Hammer. Hammer was in a different light, his entire body was pumping and ready for a fight.

"Release your Fury" he said.

Hammer began before Jerome answered. Outwards from Hammer, cracks spread out and from the cracks, the ground formed spikes that rushed towards Jerome. Jerome was amazed that AT technology had gone far enough to create an earthquake manipulator and in a condensed form. He slammed his own air trecks down into the ground and some invisible wall caused the spikes to shatter and Jerome jumped forward and slammed his ATs into the ground, mirroring the attack, identical.

Hammer stepped back and decreased his standing downwards. He was surprised that Jerome could repel, even more mirror the attack. As the spikes come closer, he swings his leg up and then retracts it. The spikes that were coming towards him, liquefied, and he throws another barrage of spikes once again, Jerome mirrors. Jerome takes the liquefied spikes and hardens them to become a cement like structure.

He then slams both feet into the ground and punches the air. The shuddering force of his ATs tremoring the ground, with the condensed form of air redirecting the seismic power towards Hammer. Hammer lifted his arm and stopped the projectile cement block. He sliced through the attack block and as his AT touched the ground, the surrounding earth erupted outwards. But all the debris flew towards Jerome. Jerome was not expecting and did not have time to react. He was devastated by debris. He was flung back into the metallic garage, hitting the wall and denting it. He fell to the ground and coughed up blood.

"How do you like my Black Earth, now you will be buried" Hammer said as he began walking towards Jerome. His ATs seemingly spinning round and the ground shaking every time he stepped.

Mayuri sensed something and turned round. He crouched down as a metallic scythe sliced where he used to be. Mayuri stood up and looked towards the owner of the weapons. Rocky was standing with her two scythes that were formed from her ATs.

"Don't look away, Star King. Come on and fight me!" she shouted. She burst forward and twisted her body, her scythes connecting in her spin, creating a bladed hurricane. Mayuri jumps to the side and picked up a pipe. He threw the pipe and as the pipe travelled through the hurricane, it was pieces on the other side. He stood tall and slowly his ATs came to life.

"Mayuri. Stop, take care of the soldiers" Jerome's voice rang out. It echoed throughout the entire airfield.

"Miss Rocky of the Metallic Road. Help your comrade" he shouted. Rocky stopped spinning and landed. She turned towards Hammer and her eyes widened. She ran towards him. Hammer was on the floor, bleeding from the arm and holding his jaw as it had been dislocated.

"Now two versus one. That will seem fair, Shall we go for another round?" Jerome asked.