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"Are You A Homo?"

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“So Senpa-“

“Ah, ah, ah.”

The technician grumbled. “Yashio-senpai. Why exactly did you call for me?” They sat in Kaito’s office, with the aforementioned lounging in his cushy seat while the other stiffly sat across from him, a big wooden table in between the two.

“Well Hidaka-kun, I was taking to Aki about the incident with the malfunctioning robot the other day-“ Subaru winced, preparing for the imminent scolding. “-and she realized something. If you hadn’t built in that back-up lockdown, we could’ve had some injured workers on our hands. And for that, I thank you,” Kaito finished and watched Subaru expectantly.

“Th-thank me?” There’s really no need, if it wasn’t for the faulty wiring on my part-“

“Yes, yes, I know. Don’t blame yourself. You’re only human, right? Anyways that got me thinking. I haven’t thanked you properly. For all the things you’ve done. Ah, ah, let me finish. Both you and Kona-chan have helped us out tremendously. Seriously, if it wasn’t for you guys, we wouldn’t even be here right now.”

“I mean, it wathn’t really anything… we would’ffe helped out anywaysss…” Subaru fumbled and fidgeted in his seat.

Kaito fought down a grin. “So I called you here because I wanted to thank you personally and sincerely. I’m guessing you saw Kona-chan on the way over here?” A nod. “Yeah I just finished talking with her about this. As a co-worker, but more importantly as a friend, I thank you. You do amazing things for us everyday and I don’t appreciate it enough. You’re really amazing.”

By now Subaru was fiddling with his glasses as he stared down into his lap. He wanted to protest, to say what he did was just mundane everyday-work. However, he just wanted to get out of there ASAP. Accepting the praise would be faster. “Th-thank you, Yashio-thenpai! I will defwinitely work harder!”

Kaito lost it. He doubled over onto his desk and shook with laughter.

Subaru went from confused to scared to angry in seconds. “Wh-what?!” He demanded.

By now Kaito was crying, still shaking with laughter. He lifted his head up to wipe at the tears and grinned madly at the other. “Your-“ gasp “-lisp is so cute!” He leaned back into his chair and laughed up towards the roof.

The bespectacled man had enough. He rose quickly from his seat, ready to storm out, but a hand clasped his wrist, effectively stopping him. Subaru looked over to see Kaito practically sprawled over his desk in an attempt to stop him. “Let me go,” he spit out.

“Wait no, look I didn’t mean it like that-“

“Then how did you mean it?! Was this all you wanted to do? Call me out me out on some pretense of showing gratitude to make fun of me?!” Subaru pulled away from Kaito’s grasp, only to make it two steps towards the door before being hugged from behind. Warmth suddenly soaked through his cold exterior.

“I’m sorry, Hidaka-kun. I really did just want to thank you, although I thought it would be nice to hear your lisp. You only get like that when people compliment you or you have to compliment others. It’s a rare occasion so I figured I’d make the most of it.” The red-head spoke around his shoulder, a bit muffled but still understandable. Subaru grunted in response, arms crossing defensively across his chest. He figured Kaito would let him go by now, but he kept hanging on. Subaru was getting worried.

“… Yeah well you didn’t have to laugh so much,” he replied grumpily. “And it isn’t cute!”

“It’s adorable.”

“It’s embarrassing! Imagine me trying to do something serious and that happens! Can you think of another person’s feelings for once?!” The technician snapped.

That’s when Kaito turned him around, searching to make eye contact but Subaru stubbornly looked to the side. “I didn’t know it would make you this mad. I’m really sorry. I should stop being so selfish and start thinking about what you think. Forgive me.”

Caramel eyes met cedar eyes for the first time, and Subaru realized Kaito was still holding onto his arms and invading his personal space way too easily. He started to say it was okay, but Subaru beat him to the punch.

“It’s still really adorable, seriously, you should hear yourself-“

Subaru kicked his shin and angrily walked out, slamming the door on his leave.

Kaito stayed back, laughter beginning to subside. “Damn… didn’t get a chance to ask him…”