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"Are You A Homo?"

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With wavy hair pulled messily into a ponytail and bangs brushing against furrowed brows, Subaru worked on repairing a control for a hobby robot. He sat at the wooden bench with legs crossed, soft light from a nearby lamp illuminating his features. Subaru looked to be completely focused on the remote control, cat ears twitching and fluffy tail swishing behind him.

Oh, and he was also wearing your typical cat maid outfit.

Kaito was no longer impressed with the technology this app boasted about, but as he held up his PokeCom, he had to admit he was endlessly amused. Man, it’s been a while since I broke this out, huh, he smirked.

“Senpai, what are you doing?”

Oh. It seems like Subaru finally noticed. His glasses glinted in the dark, calm and serene face contrasting the cute ears pointed up in interest atop his head.

Kaito almost laughed. He repressed it, however, and took a picture before Subaru could figure out what was going on. Then, he stood from his chair and walked over to sit beside the nerd. Wearing his poker face, Kaito slid the PokeCom over and watched Subaru’s face transform from confused to embarrassed to angry in seconds.

“Why do you even still have this?! Delete it right now!” He demanded, then in Subaru-like fashion, seemed to realize his outburst and grumpily looked away to the side, glaring at nothing in particular.

“Well, I was bored, and being back at the hangar made me nostalgic. Look, you’re even working on a hobby bot. Don’t you have bigger projects to be working on, big shot?”

“Spare me.”

“Yknow I never thought I’d say this but this actually looks kinda cute. You should definitely consider wearing frilly dresses, Subaru-chan,” The red-head propped his cheek upon his hand, smirking up at the flustered technician.

Subaru choked and coughed, cheeks rivaling the red of a tomato. He pushed his glasses up and hurried to continue his work. “Frau would have a field day. I’d very much rather not.”

“So what? You’re not gonna force me to delete this?”

“Do with it what you will. I don’t care,” At that, Subaru dropped the screwdriver. Kaito managed to catch it and casually played with it on the table.

“Sooooo… if I were to post this on say… Twibo, you wouldn’t mind, right?”

The other lunged to take back the screwdriver, hesitating when his hand brushed against Kaito’s. Kaito let the prized tool go, and Subaru cleared his throat. “You better not-“

“Yknow, I asked you once when we were in high school but you never answered me,” He leaned in closer, face uncharacteristically serious. “We’ve known each other for a while now. If you really do prefer dick then that's ok with-”

“UGH” Subaru shoved his face away, cheeks now flaming.

And yet another uncharacteristically thing happened. Kaito laughed.

In all the years of working with him, Subaru had yet to see Kaito show much expression. Which was fine, Subaru wasn’t the type to bare his heart on his sleeve either. So this, this felt like something… special.

And if it came with the cost of embarrassing Subaru to death, well, at least he’d die a happy death.