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She's a masterpiece

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After Chloe left the room, Beca turned to look at her journal on the table. She slowly took the item in her hands and smelled the perfume Chloe wore, on the paper. She looked at the number the redhead had left, and she couldn't decide when she should call or text her. Barney Stinson says three days but Beca Mitchell mutters fuck it to herself and started typing out the number into her phone and called the redhead. Who knows, it might be a fake number after all.

"Hello?" said the soft and gentle voice on the other line.

It dawned on Beca that she had absolutely no fucking idea what to say. She just called to see if it was really her number and not because she already missed the redhead… right?

"Chloe?" asked Beca.

"Yes, yeah it's me."

"Cool. I just wanted to check if you really did give me your number and not some police line or something."

Chloe let out a chuckle and Beca just knows that she is smiling at the other end.

"You know I'm still in the building."

"Right… Right..."

"Chloe!" a small voice in the background called the redhead "Took you long enough."

"Sorry Aubrey. I just met this really cool person." Chloe said, meaning to make the brunette hear her words. All Beca could do is chuckle and blush on the other line.

"Gotta go Beca. Byee"

"Alright, bye Chloe."

The call ends and Beca puts her phone back in her pocket. She starts heading out holding her journal and drink with a grin on her face.

Chloe walks over to Aubrey and Stacie, who were patiently waiting at the parking lot. Aubrey was waiting in the driver's seat while Stacie sat on the hood of the red sports car. The redhead opens the car door letting Stacie in before she settles on her seat. And as Chloe hands out their drinks, Aubrey and Stacie can't help but notice the big grin on her face.

Stacie, being the confident woman that she is, had to ask first "So who's this really cool person, Chloe? Is he cute?"

"Actually, it's—"

"Chloe, don't tell me you fucked him while we were out here waiting for you."

"No Aubrey it's not like tha-"

"Aubrey, there's nothing wrong having a quickie with a stranger. Don't slut shame."

"I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm saying that she shouldn't have given in to temptation knowing that we were out here waiting for her."

"Aubrey! Stacie! You got this all wrong. The person that I met today is a she." The redhead raised her voice, making her two friends silent and their mouths agape.

"Wow, Chloe." Stacie looked at the redhead surprisingly "You fucked a girl? I didn't know you were into women."

"What?! Chloe you fucked a girl?" At this point, Chloe face palms her blushing face. Why God? Why? The redhead thinks to herself. "Why haven't you told me about this Chloe? I'm your bestfriend!"

Chloe glares at both of her friends and says "Guys, I didn't fuck anybody today. I just became friends with this really cool girl." And before her friends could say anything, Chloe raised her voice "CHILL GUYS, CHILL."

Chloe slumped against her seat and let out a sigh "I'm so not gonna get you guys coffee next time."

The other two remained silent during the whole ride to Aubrey's. Maybe it's because they had nothing else to say or because Chloe raised her voice earlier, which she apologized for. But this didn't bother Chloe. Because all Chloe could think of is Beca and how odd and cute it was that she called while she was still in the building. Before Beca called, Chloe was anxious when and, at the same time, if the brunette would ever really call.


Back in Beca's dorm, the smol brunette has been laying down on her bed, thinking about what medium she's going to use for her art piece, what her art piece's going to be about, the deadline for it, and obviously, Chloe. All of a sudden, her phone rang. Beca gets up slowly with a whine. She stares at her phone and blinking her eyes, before she reaches to answer it.

"Hey Becaw!" said the voice on the other line.

"Hey Jesse…" replied Beca

"I went to your place earlier. You weren't there"

"Yeah… About that. I was at the museum today. I needed ideas…"

"Sounds to me, it's not ideas that you need."

"Then what do I need Mr. Popcorn Breath?"

"Hey my breath does not smell- that's not the point- The point is…you need a muse"

"A muse?" Beca asks sarcastically

"Yeah, a source of inspiration"

Beca looks over to her table where her journal is wide open, showing the drawing of Chloe. The brunette bites her tongue and thinks for a moment.

"Jesse, I'm going…Is that all?"

"Oh wait! We're going to a party over at Fat Amy's." Jesse exclaims "Remember her?"

"Yeah, the blonde Aussie who's going out with Bumper…Right?"

"Yep." Jesse says making a pop sound at the P. "You want to go with me?"

"Jesse, I'm not going to be your wingman."

"C'mon Beca! We could be each other's wingman!"

"Dude I'm not interested."

"Oh pleasssee. You're the best one there is. I just met a really nice blonde girl the other day, she's friends with Amy. She might be going. C'mon please?"

"Ugh, fine…" Beca says in defeat.


"But you owe me."

"Yeah yeah yeah. The party is this thursday by the way. See you then!"

"Yeah, okay. Bye Jesse" Beca says before ending the conversation with Jesse.

The brunette puts down her phone on her desk and picks up the journal once again. She flops on top of her bed, head's still filled with thoughts about the redhead she met earlier. The brunette smells the perfume of Chloe on the page and stares at her ceiling. Lost in thought again.