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did you break but never mend?

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Laurel felt sick. Sara was alive, she had never died. Oliver had lied to her again, about her sister - again. Neither of her parents understood why she was so angry and she just…she just wanted to scream! She was so done with being perfect ‘Laurel Lance’, who no one ever actually thought was perfect. She was the eternal goody two-shoes, the second thought.

And here she was, at Walmart at two in the morning to buy another bottle of wine, after having demolished the previous two, when she heard, “Di?”

Laurel spun around and her eyes widened as she caught sight of Kara Danvers standing in front of her, looking gorgeous as ever, She was grinning as took in the sight of Laurel.

“Oh, Di, it’s been so long!” Kara exclaimed. “I missed you so much.”

I love you, Laurel almost blurted before biting her lower lip. There was a reason she hadn't told Kara about her feelings all those years ago and it was a damn good one.

1) No crushing on straight girls.

It had been her only rule about relationships in college. After Oliver had died, she had added another:

2) No dating douchebags.

But with Kara standing in front of her with a bright smile, it was easy to forget why that was rule number one.