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Sizzling Love for the Lonely Hearts

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Summer was finally here. Ah summer.

Gil was walking to his regular summer job, because he's a student and honestly how does anyone expect him to afford a car, especially when he has his heart set on a whole plane (ticket) instead? Yeah so anyway he entered the Golden Arches because that's literally what Namco City's McDonalds looks like and went in to meet his boss, the blue car from Rally X.

"Beep," it said.

"I'm very sorry about your wife Blue but honestly do you really think I give a fuck I stopped caring years ago just shut the fuck up," Gil replied.


"Will do, sir!" Gil said as he grabbed the broom so he could complete his assigned task of sweeping hte porch like in that one anime promo for McDonalds.

He pushed open the exit door and stepped outside into the dazzling sunshine because it's summer yaknow. Then, he gracefully started to sweep, avoiding the people who ate outside. He swept for like four hours when he heard a voice that grabbed his attention.

"Hey motherfucker," it began, "I'm looking for a job and I was wondering if there was an opening here?"

Gil looked up and immediately had heart palpitations.

Standing in front of him was his partner in crime, his tango partner, the bowl to his rice, his friend, Mappy.

"Holy shit!!!!!!" they excalimed at the same time because they're in sync like that.

Gil abandoned his broom to cover the distance between him and his friend, and swept Mappy off his feet into a heartfelt embrace.

"What are you doing here?!" Gil exclaimed, "How did you even get here actually?"

Mappy did his signature anime laugh and answered, "I was saving up to see you, why are you surprised? Besides, in an empty back of cashews, you gotta add your own nut." Gil softly laughed.

"Okaaay... why are you looking for a job, then?" he asked.

"Here's the deal," Mappy began, "I didn't exactly think this whole 'visiting you' thing through so...I kinda have nowhere to stay, so I'm trying to earn enough money to check into a motel, since I blew it all on the plane ticket and necessities like that..."

Gil nodded sagely, pondering on his friend's situation. Then, he had what he thought was a brilliant idea.

"Well, I'm sure there's a spot open for you here! Namco City's McDonalds isn't exactly a Summer Job Hotspot...and if you're looking fur a place to stay...there's always my house," he offered.

"Nice thanks," Mappy replied in a way that Gil thought was a little too much enthusiasm for the situation, "I owe you big time!"

"Right this way then," Gil said as he lead his friend to the Golden Arches, and together, they walked into heaven i mean McDonalds.