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Sizzling Love for the Lonely Hearts

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By day, Gilgamesh Luvsonedirection Thaddeus Namco Davis is Namco High's star history student, having went through a significant amount of history himself. Also by day (but in the summer), he was just another ordinary McDonalds employee tryna make a change :/. And also, maybe nab a couple of bucks so he could fly up to Vermont to see the source of his heart's desire and friend, Mappy.

It was the eagerly awaited final day of school, and Gil was preparing his burning soul for another summer working at McDonalds. Ki stood waiting next to him as he slamdunked book after book into his surprisingly sturdy backpack.

"Gil," she began, "How far are you exactly in buying a plane ticket? You've been working at that burger place since we were freshman, and now we're seniors! Well, were, anyway."

Gil thought for a moment as he continued digging through his locker.

"Don't worry about it Ki," he assured her, "This summer should do it. Oh, here's your circlet, by the way."

Gil tossed the circlet over to Ki, who caught it with practiced agility.

"You ass! I've been looking for this the whole school year!" she playfully scolded her friend, meanwhile delicately placing the circlet on her head.

The soon-to-be McDonalds employee chuckled, and looked into his locker again. He ultimately decided to stick his arm in and shoved all the contents of the locker onto the floor. He stared at it for a while before looking up at the bewildered Ki, and flashed her a not so guilty smile.

"Want to see if I took any more of your priceless possessions?"

Ki rolled her eyes, still smirking, and got down on her knees next to the pile of Gil's Dirty Secrets.

"See if I don't take any of yours."