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Where I Belong

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Harry is confused. One minute he’s feeling happy and the next one everything is crashing down.

He’s crying, remembering what happened just two hours before. He knows it was his fault; he knows he shouldn't have told him those words. He ruined the most important thing he had in his entire life.

He’s lost in his thoughts. He’s thinking about the person he could be with and what they could be doing.

Kissing, cuddling, smiling at eachother...

And now he has nothing left, asking himself if he took a part of his heart with him because he feels like he's going to die, like there isn't any purpose of living anymore.

He's looking around, trying to remember every single detail of this room.

So many beautiful moments happened here, a lot of tears were shed, emotions were felt but through all of this, they were together. They were one.

He's thinking where he could be right now... He's probably making fun of Harry, telling his "amazing" friends how stupid Harry was for thinking they could have been something, that they were more than friends.


If Harry gave someone his definition of friendship, they would make fun of him for watching too many romantic films and that life doesn’t work like that. But is it his fault? For not knowing what actually is a real friendship? When his so called "best friend" was basically his boyfriend?

He was so fascinated by him that he started thinking what they have- had, the "friendship" they had, was a normal thing. How stupid of him.

He needs to make a decision: he could stay here and try to be the stronger person and face him or he could be a coward and leave this hell of a town that reminds him of every single moments he had with the person who hurt him.

Louis Tomlinson.

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Harry was only sixteen years old when he had his X Factor audition. He was stressing out. In less than two hours, he had to perform. All he could think about was: will I go through? Will Simon Cowell like me? 

And he was so into his thoughts that he didn't even hear his mum, Anne, talking.

"Harry, are you even listening to what I'm saying?"

"Sorry mum, but I'm so nervous! My mind is playing tricks with me and negativity is taking over me."

"You don't have to worry about anything Harry... Everything is going to be just fine. I'm sure of it!"

The only thing Harry was sure about was that his mother was a liar, but a good one. At least, her intentions were positive and she was trying to be optimistic.

Harry has noticed all the people that were around him: some of them were crying in their family's arms, others were happy and the rest had troubled faces, just like Harry at the moment.

Harry didn't know how to control his emotions. In fact, his stomach wasn't cooparating and Harry was feeling everything he ate coming up again. He excused himself and ran to the toilets.

After throwing up for a couple of minutes, he went to wash his hands when, suddenly, he bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going!" the person said.

"Watch where you are g-" Harry couldn't finish the sentence because, as soon as he saw the person who was standing in front of him, he got mesmerised.

Blue eyes.

He had a fringe and brown hair, and they were so soft and clean. Harry wanted to touch them.

And, his lips... Harry felt like he was dreaming.

Ok, the guy was staring at him.

Good Harry, fucking good!

"Uh... I'm really sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. I thought I was alone. Sorry again." Harry said nervously.

"How could you think you were alone in a toilet of a public place where there are more that 5000 people?" the boy laughed. He was laughing. "Don't worry, that could happen to anyone. And I can see that you aren't feeling really good since you were throwing up."

No? Really?

"No need to throw sass at me, Curly." the boy smirked.

"What? But I didn't say anything!"

"You were probably thinking out loud" the boy laughed. Again. "However, my name is Louis. And you, Curly?"

"Harry. Harry Styles"

"Cute name for a cute boy like you. But I prefer calling you Curly. It suits you more, right? I really like them" Louis added.

"Um... Thank you, Louis"

"Did you perform already?"

"Uh, not yet. I thought it was clear by the fact that I’ve just thrown up." Harry smiled uneasily.

"Excuse me mister Einstein. You never know... Maybe you've caught some flu because your dog licked your mouth."

Harry put a hand on his mouth, after he cackled. He was always embarassed when he laughed out loud.

Louis smiled.

"Well, I already have passed and I got two yeses, but I don't think I will pass past the bootcamp." Louis sighed.

"Don't say that... I'm sure you will go through!" Harry said, trying to secure him, just like his mother did before. Which, he made him remember to go back to his mother, since he's been here for too long and his mother was probably starting to worry.

"Nah, I know I'm not going to. And even if it really turned out like that, it won’t be a problem for me. I came here for fun."

Harry nodded because he didn't know what else to say.

"I really have to go now. My mum is probably thinking I've been kidnapped or something." Harry laughed.

Louis was looking at him like he wanted to say something. Harry was about to tell him that he was going out when Louis started talking.

"Could I have your phone number? So, even if I won't go through, we can still remain in contact. Obviously, only if you want to."

"Uh... of course." Harry answered.

They exchanged their phones, and when Louis got his phone back, Harry saw he was being saved as Curly:) .

Harry had a small smile on his face .

Louis was getting out of the toilets when, all of sudden, he turned around. Harry looked at him and winked.

"Good luck, Curly!"

And then he left, leaving a blushed Harry behind.




Harry went back to his mother, who was kind of worried.

"Harry, where were you? I thought something bad happened to you!"

"Sorry mum. But I wasn't feeling really well, actually. Seeing all these people crying made me panic. So I went to the toilets and threw up."

"What? You threw up for 30 minutes?" his mother asked.

"I was there for half an hour?" Harry was shocked. He spoke with Louis that much? Wow.

"Why would I be so worried, then? C'mon, start warming up, they're going to call you in less than ten minutes."

Ten minutes? But he wasn't ready! Harry felt the vomit coming back. "Mum, don't I have an hour before I have to perform?" Harry was going crazy.

"No, because, apparently, a few people didn't show up. So, get ready and kill it, Hazza!"

"Mum, please... Not here."

"Ok I'll stop but you need to focus on your performance. You can do it!" Anne said.

"Thanks mum, I love you!" Harry said while hugging his mother and giving her a kiss.

"Good luck, love."




Harry sang "Isn't She Lovely". It's a song that meant a lot to him. Everytime he sang it, he tried to put all the emotions he felt.

After singing, everyone got up and started clapping. Harry was tearing up and he couldn't keep his tears from falling.

The most expected moment was finally here.

He got three yeses.




Harry went out from the stage, running towards his mum, fully crying.

"I knew you could have do it. I'm so proud of you, Harry!" Anne whispered.

While Harry was hugging his friends that wanted to come along, he saw Louis. A smile appaired on Harry's face.

He ran toward Louis and hugged him. Louis was shocked. He didn’t expect that at all.

"I went through! I got three yeses. I'm so happy Louis, I can't believe this has actually happened. Oh my god! This is the best day of my life. Did I already tell you that I can't believe this is happening? I feel like I'm drea-"

"Harry! Breath before you faint on me, please." Louis laughed. "But now, at least I found out that you speak really fast, which is a normal speed for us humans, when you're excited!"

"Eh...ha, yes! It's a really bad habit of mine. It's just. I'm so excited. I didn't think I could have done it and now look where I am!"

"Wow, Curly! Come back on the Earth. We still have to go through bootcamp. We still need to know if we'll go to any judges' houses." Louis explained.

"I know, Louis. Jeez, thanks for sharing your  happiness with me." Harry said sarcastically.

"Sorry love, but I'm more realistic than optimistic. And, I'm sure you will pass through the judge's house. With the voice you have, the finals are yours."

"Thank you, Louis." Harry blushed. "I'd like to say the same about you but I didn't see your performance, but you did really good without any doubts and you will go through, too" Harry added.

"Let's hope so." Harry nodded. "Actually, you know what?"


"You will give me an autograph. So, when you're going to be famous one day, I can brag to my friends that I had your first autograph and that I'm your first fan." Louis suggested.

"Are you kidding me?" Harry exclaimed.

"I'm offended by the fact that you think I'm not being serious." Louis said mockingly.

"Ok, good. If you insist." Harry sighed. "Do you have a piec-"

Harry saw Louis pulling out a pice of paper, a pen and his phone.

"Why did you take your phone? What do you have to do with it?" Harry questioned him.

"You ask too many questions, Curly." Louis said instead. "I would like to take a picture with you, if it was possible. Like, you know, as a memory..." Louis continued.

"If you really want to, then let's do it."

Harry got himself next to Louis, when suddenly a woman stood in front of them and told them to smile.

Harry guessed the woman was Louis' mother, because they looked so much alike. Same eyes' colour, same smile.

Wow, what did run in Louis' family's genes? Fucking Zeus's tears?

After taking the picture, Louis had to go away  but they would have seen eachother the week later.

Harry was looking foward to it.




During that week, Harry didn't do anything other than stressing over everything. At school, he was always distracted. He was thinking about one thing: the judge's house. And, maybe, a tiny little bit about the boy with the blue eyes.

Harry wanted to text him because he wanted to be his friend, but he was to scared he would say something stupid and make a fool out of himself. So, he decided to wait till the day they would have to meet at X Factor.




When he entired the building, he was searching for Louis. And he didn't even know why. The strangest thing is that he didn't think this was strange at all.

When Harry found Louis, he ran towards him, leaving his mum behind.

"Hey Louis!" Harry greeted him.

"Hey Curly! How are you today? You don't have to vomit, right? If you must... please, not on my favourite pairs of TOMs." Louis laughed.

"Ha ha ha you're so funny." Harry said sarcastically. "However, I have to find you a nickname because you always call me Curly."

"Well, I have one and only my family and my dearest friends know it, so I will never tell you." Louis smirked.

"You're crazy." Harry laughed. "But don't worry, I will find out very soon."

In the exact moment when Harry wanted to run and ask Louis' mother (he has learnt her name was Johannah, but she told him to call her Jay), someone called them to go on stage.

Harry and Louis headed to the stage where they noticed a line of 50 boys.

Simon Cowell started talking.

"Good afternoon boys, today we're going to pick only ten boys that are going to the judges' houses. Are you ready?"

Next to Simon, there was Nicole Scherzinger who was calling the boys’ names.

As the eighth name was called, Harry felt a tear in his left eye, but there was still a bit of hope left in his body. He had to make it.

When Simon said the last two names, Harry's world shattered in million pieces and he started crying.

That wasn't how it was supposed to go. He was supposed be jumping like the others boys.

When Nicole told them that she was sorry for them and could try next year, Harry didn’t feel good. He couldn't breath.

Harry ran toward him mum, in tears. Anne hugged him, whispering comforting words.

Harry kept crying till someone put their hand in his shoulder.

He turned around and saw Louis, tears filling his eyes. Harry cried harder at the sight and immediately hugged the boy.

"Harry, everything is ok. You can try next year. C'mon, don't cry" Louis told him.

Harry was nodding. He couldn't believe it. He put all his energy into this competition. He felt lost. Exams were starting in less than a month and Harry didn't even started studying yet.

While Harry was still crying in Louis' arms, he didn't notice his name was being called by someone.

"Harry, they're calling our names. C'mon, maybe there's still hope for us." Louis told him softly.

"No. They only want to film us and ridicule us in front of the whole UK."

They moved back to the stage and Harry saw three boy and four girls. Nicole started talking.

"So guys, I can imagine from your faces that this isn't easy for you. Your auditions were too good for us to let you go."

Harry was confused. What was happening?

"So we decided to put you together and form two separated groups." Simon said.

"You'll go through as groups now!" Nicole concluded.

Harry couldn't believe. Was it all a dream? He went through!

He turned around, made eye contant with Louis and in a matter of a second, Harry found himself spinning aroung while hugging Louis. He went through bootcamp and he had the opportunity of experiencing it with Louis.

It was the best day of his life. 




Harry found himself in a room with Louis and his other band mates.

"My name's Liam Payne and this is the second time I’ve auditioned for X Factor." said the boy that looked like Justin Bieber.

"Hi Liam. I'm Louis Tomlinson and this is my best friend Harry Styles."

What? Best friend? Since when? Jesus.

"My name is Niall Horan and I’m Irish." Niall said with a bright smile.

"How cool! And what's your name?" Louis said.

The dark haired boy raised his head to look at Louis, shocked that someone was speaking with him.

"I-I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik" he answered timidly.

"Ok. Now that we’ve all introduced ourselves, what are we going to do?" Niall asked.

Good question. What are they going to do?

Harry was going to answer Niall's question when Liam went first.

"I think we should wait for the judges to come and for one of them to tell us where we will be going tomorrow."

The second Liam finished speaking, Simon entired in the room.

"Well guys. As you can see, I'll be you mentor. I just wanted to remind you that just because you're a group now, doesn't mean there's less work to do. You have to find the pwrfect harmony to make the band work. "

They all nodded.

"Now, do you want to know where you are going tomorrow afternoon?" Simon said.

"Yes, please!" Niall said excitely.

"You're going to Sydney!"

Oh my god.

Harry never left England before. This is a dream coming true.

They celebrated the fact that they were going to Australia! In less than 24 hours.

They exited the room and went in the hall and saw the others. They gave each other a super big hug.

Harry saw Aiden approaching him and he smiled.

"Hey Harry!" Aiden said.

"Hi! I'm so happy you've got selected. You really deserve it."

"Thank you so much Harry. I'm glad you passed, too. This is going to be one of the best experiences of our entire life" he said while hugging Harry.

As soon as they detached themselves, Louis came behind Aiden.

"Hey Aiden. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing good, thanks. And I've heard that you're apparently in a band with a certain curly haired lad." Aiden said amused.

"Oh really, who's this guy? I didn't even see him and we're in the same band? That's such a sad thing..." Louis responded jokingly.

"Hey..." Harry said with a pout.

"Oh!" Louis exclamed "Who are you, mate? I've never seen you here before. What's your name?" he laughed

"I'm never speaking to you ever again!" Harry said, still pouting.

"Now I remember! You're the boy who was throwing up. Are you doing better now? What was your name again? Hercules... wait no. Was it Harvey? Wait, now I know... You're Henry, right?"

"You know, I really hate you." Harry told him frowning.

"You love me, Curly." Louis smiled.

"Well guys. I really have to go now. Where are you going though?" Aiden asked.

"We're going to Sydney, can you believe it? I'm still shocked." Harry said.

"Wow... Australia. I've always dreamed to go there. Harry, take some pictures and then send them to me, please?"

"Wait, since when do you have Harry's phone number? Harry, are you cheating on me?" Louis scowled.

What was he even talking about? Did he know that Harry liked h- wait what?

"Uh... Louis, what are you talking about? Are you ok?"

"Of course, I'm not ok! You're cheating with me with Aiden. Were you ever going to tell me if I didn't find out?" He yelled.

"Louis, I think you nee-" Harry was cut by Louis.

"Was I good?" He said smiling.


"What are you talking about, Louis?" Harry said exasperated. He looked at Aiden, who was seriously crying from laughter. Why was he laughing?

"I was just acting. You know, since I study drama. I just wanted to see if I was credible enough" he smirked.

Aiden was just laughing.

"You know what? I'm going over there, to Niall... Because, at least, he isn't crazy like you." Harry affirmed.

"As I said earlier, you love me too much, Curly!" Louis said laughing with Aiden.

What did he get himself into?



The same day, Harry started packing his clothes and everthing he needed for the week.

He called his friends and told them not to worry for his absence, because he was going to Australia, which was pretty much of a big deal.

After he packed, he went downstair and saw his sister. He started smirking.

"I'm going to Sydney! I'm going to Sydney!" He said in a singing way.

Gemma looked at him annoyingly.

"Mum, tell Harry to stop bother me. He's being a little shit just because he's going to Australia." Gemma said.

"Gemma, language. And, Harry, I'm really happy for you but stop saying the same thing over and over again, please."

Gemma sticked her tongue out and, of course, Harry did the same.He was going to miss her.

He went to sleep, thinking about how the day started, how it went and how it finished. He thought about his new mates. He was going to have so much fun with them.

But, most importantly, he thought about Louis.

He felt like their friendship was going to be a special one. He was sure of it.



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Day 1

Harry woke up that morning, feeling too excited, but could you blame him? He was finally going to travel for the first time. With his new band mates. He knew that most of the time, spent there, was for practicing, but he still wanted to visit this foreign city and take so many pictures (he promised them to Aiden).

He went downstair to have breakfast. He was making his tea when his mum came in the kitchen.

"You're already up, Harry?"

"Yeah. I'm just so thrilled and I couldn't stay in bed so I decided to have breakfast."

"Could you make a cuppa for me too, please?" his mum asked.

"Of course, mum"

He started making breakfast for his mother while humming the tune that has been in his head since the night before. He couldn't quite tell why, since it wasn't a song he heard on the radio. It could be a useful tune for the future.

"Hey Gemma. Do you want some breakfast?" he asked his sister while she was getting in the kitchen.

"Unlike you mister, some of us don’t have the sweet time to have breakfast because we don't travel all around the world." Gemma said with a mock smile.

She came towards Harry and gave him a tight hug.

"Just kidding, but seriously, I'm so happy for you and good luck, ok?"

"Thank you, Gemma! I love you and I'll miss you." Harry said.

"I actually won't because I can finally have the house for myself when mum is working. Thank God." She said jokingly.

"Wow, I feel the love sister..."

"Love you too!" she said after giving him a kiss on the cheek.

He finished having breakfast and went upstair to brush his teeth. He didn't know what to wear. Was he supposed to wear something quite formal or just go with the usual?

Eh... Everyday outfit was probably better.

So, he decided to wear a white t-shirt, jeans and his favourite Supras. He looked so good.

He was starting to sound like Louis.

He groaned. He couldn't stop thinking about him. Everything he did reminded him of Louis. He was going crazy. He just wanted to see him.

Harry was in deep shit.




When Harry and his mother arrived at the airport, he was looking for the others. He didn't want to be alone.

He kept searching when he finally saw Niall.

He ran towards him, leaving his mum behind. Again.

"Hey Niall!" Harry exclaimed.

"Harry!" Niall said. "Oh my god, can you believe we are actually going to Australia. Like, Australia! This is honestly insane. My family is so jealous of me, they literally told me that when we will be at the live shows, they aren't going to vote for us" Niall cackled.

Harry laughed.

"My sister is jealous, too. But I think it's more about the fact that I'm not going to school and she has to."

"Oh yeah. I totally forgot about school. My mates are really happy for me. It's not everyday a little lad from Ireland goes this far in one of the most important tv shows like X Factor, you know."

"I know what you mean. I just hope, Simon will take us."

"Me too. But for the moment, let's go find the other boys." Niall suggested.

"Let's go. But wait, I'd like to say goodbye to my mum before."

"Yeah, of course. Go ahead, I'll wait for you over there."

Harry turned around and hugged his mother.

"I will miss you, mum."

"Oh Harry, I'll miss you, too." she said tearing up. "You're going to sing really good and show them how talented you are, ok?"

"Yes mum. And, please don't cry or I'll start, too."

Anne smiled.

"Ok, ok. I'm going and good luck, love."

"Thank you!" Harry responded.

He went back to Niall and he saw that Liam arrived, too.

With Louis.

He looked soft in his blue jumper (which, on the other hand, it brought out his eyes' colour) and sweatpants and he was wearing his favourite TOMs. He was so pretty.

"Hey Curly! How are you?" he said while hugging Harry.

"Good. Are you excited?" Harry asked him grinning.

"Of course I am. What kind of question is that, Harold? However, I'm really disappointed that I didn't find any text on my phone this morning. I thought you loved me?" Louis said batting his eyelashes.

"You're ridicolous, Louis." Harry laughed.

"Boobear, come here. Let's say goodbye because I really need to go to work right now" Louis' mother said.

Louis turned his head and looked at Harry, Liam and Niall, who were quietly giggling.

"Mum... Did you really need to call me that in front of my friends?"

"Oh, shush you and come hug your mother." she said smirking.

What Harry didn't excpect was that she would wink at him... Harry loved this woman, already.

When Louis came back, he said threateningly.

"If you guys even dare to try and call me that, you will regret it really bad."

Harry and the rest of the boys cackled.

"Whatever you say, Boobear..." Harry said smirking.

"You're in so much trouble, Curly!" Louis told him.

Liam and Niall kept laughing, till Liam abruptly stopped.

"Wait, where is Zayn?"

"He'll come, Liam. Don't stress. I mean, he's not going to bail out now when he could have done it long time ago." Louis said.

"How can you tell me not to stress when there's 30 minutes left before we have to take the airplane?" Liam said nervously.

"Liam, calm down. You're starting to stress me out, too. And I actually want to remember this journey with joy, okay?" Niall told him.

"Sorry Niall, but this is the second time I'm trying X Factor and I really don't need someone who isn't taking this seriously to mess it up." Liam apologised.

"Liam, he will come... oh, would you look at that? He just arrived." Niall exclaimed.

"Hey guys. 'M sorry but my alarm didn't go off this morning." Zayn said quietly.

"Don't worry, we were just saying that you probably had an inconvenient, right Liam?" Louis glaring at him.

"Yeah... Right." Liam said uncertainty.

"Well, now that we're all here, let's go!" Harry said with enthusiasm.




Harry wanted to sit near the window so he could admire the view.

He sat there, peace growing upon him, where no one could bother him, when, of course, the person who was occupying his mind lately, came next to him.

"Hey Harry? Do you mind if I sit here?" Louis asked.

Of course he didn't.

"Of course, I do. I don't want to be bothered by a boy who complains about everything every 5 minutes." Harry said.

"Oi! Curly, do I need to remind you that I'm older than you?"

"You might be older, but I'm obviously taller than you!" Harry said.

"Bullshit! We're literally the same height. You know what, I'm not going to accept all of these insults thrown at me. I'm going to sit next to Zayn. Someone who actually likes me!"

Harry laughed.

"You're so overdramatic. Come sit down here and just shut up."

"What? Not only you insult me, but you're being rude?" Louis said with fake-shocked face.

"Just come here." Hary told him.

"Well Curly, no need to be needy. If you just asked, I would have stayed." Louis smirked.

"Did I ever tell you that I hate you?"

"Shush Harold, I'm tired. I can't sleep." Louis said.

"But we didn-"


And Harry grinned. He loved his new friends so much.




The flight was nearly 22 hours and the boys were really exausted. That was a long flight. It was already past midnight. Through the whole flight, Louis and Harry talked, laughed, watched a couple of films and they slept. He couldn't have asked for better company.

When they landed, Louis and Zayn were still sleeping, when suddenly Niall started yelling.

"Wake up, bitches! We're in fucking Australia! Woo!"

Louis nearly jumped out of his seat and fell on the floor.

"What the fuck Niall? What is wrong with you?"

"Louis. We're in Australia. Can you believe it? Like, why aren't you excited like me?"

"Because, maybe, I was sleeping!" Louis screamed.

"Boys, please calm down. We don't need to stress now. Niall, next time, don't start yelling when the ohers are sleeping." Liam interropted.

"Ok... Sorry Lou, I didn't mean to scream. It's just that I'm so thrilled. This is going to be the best experience of my entire life." Niall said.

"Don't worry, Nigel. It's okay." Louis smiled innocently, knowing very well that Niall didn't like that nickname at all.

"Stop calling me that! I'm not an old man who still lives with her mother and their 30 cats."

"What are you even talking about, Niall?" Louis asked him confused.

"I don't really know... I just wanted to say it since last time you called me that."

"You're a really weird kid, you know?" said the boy.

"Oh, look who's finally awake. The mysterious quite boy. You're quite weird too, mate." Niall told him.

"Hey... I agree that I'm quite mysterious, but it's just because I'm shy and I don't open up with people easily as you guys do." Zayn added.

"Aww! Poor Zayn is just shy... There's no need to be shy, mate. It's been just a day and I've already seen Harry's four nipples." Louis smirked.

"What? When did you see them?" Harry asked.

"Curly, you should know by now that I notice everything."

"I swear to God I'm leaving this band before we even go to the judge's house." Harry said playfully.

Louis fake gasped.

"No... Don't leave me Curly? How am I going to survive without you? What am I going to do with a boy who stresses even the judges out, another one who does nothing more than eating and farting." Niall was going to protest when Louis continued. "It's the truth Niall, accept it. Where was I? Oh yeah... and another who just cares about his hair?" Louis said in fake desperation.

"Might I tell you, my hair are fabulous" Zayn said.

"Yes, Zayn... Your hair are the eighth wonder of the world" Louis rolled his eyes.

"Guys, it's time to get out of the airplane." Liam announced.

"Yes, daddy!" the rest of the boys said.

"No please... Never say that again." Liam said.

They all laughed.




There was a minivan that was waiting for us.

The view was amazing and Harry thought that if one day he’ll become a famous singer (which he was, because they were going to win the XFactor, he was sure of it), he was going to live here, just because.

It was late and Niall was sleeping, already. That boy really did nothing other than sleep, eat and fart. But he was a lovely boy. How couldn't you love him? It was impossible.

When they arrived, Liam woke Niall up.

They went inside the hotel and when they got there, they were told that there were three rooms with a single bed each and a room with a double bed.

They decided that Zayn and Niall were going to take the single bed rooms because:

1) Zayn snored pretty loud

2) Niall farted.

So, there was only one bed left and, honestly, Harry didn't want to sleep with Liam because he would wake Harry up earlier than necessary.

Which left him to share the double bed room with Louis... How sad.

Note the sarcasm.

Before he could say anything, Louis was dragging him towards the big room.

"Liam, I'm so sorry but I'd rather sleep with Curly. Good night!" he exclamed. Harry thought he heard Liam saying that he hated them and just laughed.

"Louis, slow down please. I'm really tired, you know." Harry said.

"Shhh Cury. It's late. There are some people who are actually trying to sleep." Louis told him.

"But I did-"

"Shhhh!" Louis interropted him.

They arrived in front of the door and Louis unlocked it.

Harry was shocked. He seriously only saw those type of rooms in films. He never thought he was going to stay in one of them anytime soon.

"Wow." Louis said astonished.

"Yeah I know..." Harry added.

"Well Curly, let's get comfy and sleep because I'm very tired and I could sleep standing."


They put their pyjamas and noticed they had identical ones, but Harry's was green. Louis turned off the light and got himself in bed with Harry.

Harry wanted to ask him if they could cuddle but he didn't want things to get awkward between them.

As if Louis was reading his mind, he got near Harry and cuddled him, without any questions.

Harry snuggled up Louis' neck and sighed happily. He didn't know what was happening to him. Why did he always feel happy whenever he was with Louis? This was getting out of control. He never felt like this with any of his friends back home. Was he-

No, that wasn't possible. Him and Louis were only friends.

"Then why aren't you like this with the other boys?" his subconscious mind told him.

"Shut up!" he answered.

Great! He was arguing with himself.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Louis said.

"Well technically, it's dollar since we're in Australia."

Louis stared at him for a minute before he shook his head.

"Why am I your best friend again?" Louis asked.

"Beacuse you love me and my curls." Harry answered.

"That... isn’t a lie."

They stayed in silent for a while.


Louis didn't say anything and Harry assumed he was already sleeping.

"Yeah?" he said quietly.

He loved his soft voi- he really needed to stop.

"Do you think we'll make it?" Harry asked.

"Honestly, I don't know. But I'm sure we're going to work really hard for it."

Louis looked at him and saw that he still wasn't satisfied with his answer.

"What's wrong, Haz?"

"I just... I really need to win. I’ve auditioned mostly because I love singing, but also to show some people from school that I'm not some stupid little kid who's always alone during lunch time, who is the last being picked everytime we have PE, who's always made fun of... I'm tired of that life. Am I really that insignificant? Like, I know I'm a bit weird sometimes and I say the stupidest things but at the point where everyone makes fun of me?"

Harry was starting to tear up but he didn't want to cry in front of Louis. He didn't want him to think he was fragile.

"Haz, listen to me. We don't know each other since we were fetuses" Harry wetly laughed "but I know that you're a good lad and fuck those people who tell you otherwise. So, we are going to win and show them who's the real Harry Styles. Ok?"

"Ok. Thank you, Louis. I really needed that. Thank you."

"However, I have a question. You said that you always sit alone during lunch time, which is unacceptable, but I saw you last week with your friends."

"Those are my childhood friends. They all changed school, so now I'm all alone."

"Well not anymore, because now Boobear is here for you!" Louis said.

"Didn't you hate that nickname?" Harry smirked.

"I'm allowed to use it and since I'm your new bestest friend"

"Bestest is not a word, Louis."

"Harry, shut up. I'm making my important speech" Harry laughed "uh... oh yes, you can use it, too. But, only you."

"Louis, thank you for cheering me up."

"You're welcome, Curly. Now, let's go to sleep because tomorrow is going to be a really long day" Lous concluded.

They straightway fell asleep.





Day 2

They first woke up at 8am because Liam was knocking hard and loudly, telling them to get up. They told him to leave because they were tired. They woke up two hours later and did what they had to do.

They went downstair to have breakfast when they met Niall and Zayn. Typical.

"Didn't Liam come and woke you up, guys?" Louis asked.

"Yes, but I went back to sleep. I don't know what is wrong with that kid... Waking people up at 8am after a 22-hour-flight."

"Hey, let's not talk shit behind his back. I get that you're tired, but put yourself in Liam's shoes. This is the second time he auditioned and he wanted to go through as a solo singer but he's stuck with us. I think Liam is insecure and thinks we aren't taking this seriously. He just wants to win just like us. It's a little bit harder for him." Harry explained.

"Harry is right. We all wanted to be solo singers but then we got put in a band. So we should practice harder because we need to sound good enough for Simon." Zayn added.

"Ok. Sorry, I get cranky in the morning if I don't get enough sleep."

"It's ok, Niall. Just don't make these comments in front of him."

They all were going to get breakfast when Louis whispered to Harry.

"I knew that I chose the best best friend in the world" he smiled.

Harry smiled back.




As soon as they finished having breakfast, they saw Liam coming towards them.

"Oh, you guys woke up." Liam said uncertainty.

"Liam, we're very sorry for not waking up early this morning. We were just tired, but this won't happen again. We don't want you to think we aren't taking this seriously." Harry told him.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not Simon, so you can do whatever you want." he said with a small smile.

"No. We're in a band and we have to work together." Louis added.

"Thank you. It means a lot to me."

"We know. Anyway, where were you?" Niall asked.

"After I had breakfast, I went to have a walk. To clear up my mind."

"About what? If you don't want to answer, it's fine." Zayn said.

"No, nothing important. Just some thoughts I've been having for awhile."

"Tell us, please." Harry insisted.

"Sometimes, I think you guys don't like me because I'm too much." Liam voiced quietly.

"What? We don't hate you. We just think you should trust us more and believe us when we say that we're serious about this." Louis said.

"I know that, but I'm too insicure and afraid we're going to fail because of me." Liam said "The reason why I want to practice every single day is because of me. Look, this is the second time I've auditioned; this should mean something. I'm not good enough for this group, I need to do more or I'll make us lose."

"This is nonsense. They’ve chosen you to be part of this group for a reason, so don't feel like you're worse than anyone. Understood?" Zayn suddenly said, a bit louder.

We were all shocked. Did Zayn just talk? Without anyone asking him something?

"Wow Zayn... You're right!" Niall grinned.

Zayn stared at him.

Later, in the afternoon, a man approached them and told them a minivan was waiting to take them to Simon's house.




When they arrived, they were speechless. They never saw a house like that... and it was near the sea. It was honestly breathtaking.

There were other groups with them and the boys started making conversations with them.

Simon spoke.

"Good afternoon, guys. This is my house."

They all started clapping and shouting.

"Well, I would like to speak with each group individually so I can tell them the song you're going to sing and whatever advices you need." Simon said.

After the five group finished talking with Simon, it was their turn. He didn't know why he started to stress out. He just hoped it was an easy song.

Simon exactly told them.

"Hey guys. So I decided that you should sing Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. Now why did I choose this song? I think you guys have a great potential to sing it but with a little touch that will demonstrate that you're a group and you work hard."


Harry loved that song and it was in my playlist, so I didn't need to learn the lyrics. But at that time, he though can I sing it correctly with the other boys?




They decided to go to the beach and bond a little more.

"Guys, why don't we play Never have I ever? So we can have this little bond that we need." Niall suggested.

"What is Never have I ever?" Liam asked.

"Are you serious, Liam? You don't know what is it?" Louis asked in disbelief.

"Should I have?"

"Of course, you should... Honestly what did you do when you went to a party?" Niall asked.

"I... I never went to a party." he said quietly.

"What?!" Louis screamed. "How old are you?"

"Louis, give him a break. Liam, it's not a problem if you never went to one. It's okay." Harry said glaring at Louis.

"Thank Harry, but it's not like... It's not that I never wanted to go because I don't have friends or something, it's just... I was born with only one kidney and I have to be careful or I could die, so I'd rather stay at home healthy and alive instead of wasting my life away." Liam explained.

"Now are you happy, Louis?" Harry said.

"Chill out, Harry. I'm sorry Liam. I hope you're not mad at me."

"As I told Harry, it's okay"

"Okay, we better start before we all get emotional." Niall said.

They all laughed.

"Wait, Liam still doesn't know how to play." Niall added.

"Well, Liam. Basically, one of us is going to say something like 'Never have I ever peed in a pool' and if you had, you will have to drink. Well, in this case, we're going to drink only water. Got it?" Harry explained to him.

"Yeah, I think I got it."

"Okay, now I'm really going to start." Niall said "Never have I ever shaved my balls."

No one drank.

"Nigel, that was a weird one." Louis said. "Whatever, it's my turn now. Never have I ever peed in my pants in public."

Zayn drank. And they all started to laugh.

"What? I was eight and we went to Disneyland and I'm not really fond over rollercoasters but my sister forced me to go with her and I couldn't say no. So I went and... you can imagine the rest." he said sighing.

The boys kept laughing till Zayn talked again.

"Never have I ever" he yelled "kissed a boy"

They all looked at each other. No one talked or did anything.

Liam was going to speak, when all of sudden, Louis started drinking his drink.

They all gasped.

"My God, you guys are exaggerating. It was a little peck on the lips. I was curious and I knew this guy at a party, and asked him if I could kiss him and we did. Nothing big, honestly. To add, we were both drunk so whatever."

Harry couldn't stand the thought of Louis kissing someone... Imagine with a boy who wasn't him.

What the fuck? What was wrong with him?

"Are you like gay now or something?" Liam asked.

Louis stared at him for some seconds before he answered.

"No, I'm not. I'm 100% straight."

"Oh, okay. My turn. Uh... Never have I ever cussed?"

They all looked at him as if they were trying to find out if they heard correctly.

"Liam, again, are you serious?" Louis asked.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Liam asked worried.

"Oh my god... I'm done." Louis said.

Harry, Niall and Zayn laughed while drinking.

"Okay, it's my turn." Harry said while smiling.

Harry didn't know what to say. He feared that if he said something lame, Louis would have made fun of him, and he really didn't want that to happen.

So, he though about it for a minute and then said.

"Never have I ever wanted to kiss one of my close friends?"

He said it while looking at Louis. Then, shocked by it, he went and looked at the others' faces to see if they saw him.

He drank his drink not noticing that Louis did it, too.

"Curly? You've got this big secret and you never told me? I'm offended. But wait, who is this close friend if-"

"No one, you don't know them." Harry said in a hurry and then noticed what he said. Damn it.

"Them? Harry, who is 'them'? Are you trying to tell us something?"

Harry didn't know what to say. He was speechless. He started to freak out because how the fuck was he going to get himself out of it?

"I did like one of my best friends two years ago. It was a silly crush but I still did so." Zayn said, looking at Harry.

Harry was thanking Zayn and all the angels who just saved him.

"Uh... Guys, I'm a bit tired so I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow." Hary rushed and started running.

While he was leaving, he heard Niall asking the others what was wrong with him.

He honestly didn't know.




Day 3

Harry woke up, in the morning, with an arm around his waist. What?

He turned around, just to notice it was only Louis. Only.

What was happening to him? He didn't understand. Was this just because he never had a close best friend like Louis and his feelings are playing with his head?

Yeah, that was probably it. He couldn't like like Louis. That was impossible. Right?

He then remembered that it was the day they had to pratice for their song. So he got up and got prepared. He went downstair to have breakfast and saw that Zayn was there too.

"Good morning, Zayn. How are you this morning?"

"I'm good. Thanks, Harry."

Harry was going to get his food when Zayn started to follow him. "Um... Harry, wait. I wanted to ask you something."

"Ok, go on." Harry said worried.

He thought he already knew what was coming.

"So... Remember how yesterday we were playing and then you told Louis that he didn't know the close friend you wanted to kiss?" Harry nodded. "Uh... I don't want to sound creepy or crazy, but I think I know why you said them."

No, he couldn't possibly know. There wasn't even anything to know.

"The close friend you wanted or want to kiss is Louis, right?" Zayn supposed.

Harry went pale. But how...?

"What? A-are you crazy? First, I don't like boys because ew. And second, what makes you think I would like to kiss him?"

"Well Harry, I don't know about you but when the only thing a person does is looking at the other with such desire, I assume they're pretty much attracted to them."

"I think you are just a little bit sleepy, Zayn. You aren't thinking straight right now."

"Ok, I see you don't want to admit it. Just wanted to tell you that if you will ever need someone to talk with, I'll always be here."

"Thank you Zayn, but there is nothing to talk about." Harry said with confidence.

"Whatever you say, Harry." Zayn added laughing.




They all went to the room to practice the song. They didn't need to learn the lyrics because, apparently, it was a song they all liked. Harry thought that it would be easier to practice since they knew the words.

Ding ding ding, wrong thought.

It was 10 times more difficult because they first had to divide the song in parts to each member of the band.

They took 5 hours to get everything right. So, Liam was singing the chorus, even if they initially decided it was going to be Harry. It just that Harry didn't feel enough confident to do a big part of the song in front of Simon.

He needed to stop being insecure about his voice or otherwise how was he going to win this competition with the boys?

After singing for a little bit, Niall approached himself to Harry.

"Harry, I'm sorry if yesterday you felt uncomfortable and you had to leave. It wasn't our intention to do that, seriously."

"Niall, I know you guys didn't do it on purpose. It's okay, really."

"Well now that we got that resolved... When are you going to tell Louis you fancy him?"

Was it that obvious that everyone could see it? Did Louis know? Did he think about it too?

"Why does everyone think that I like Louis? Him and I are just friend. Did you and Zayn make a reunion in private and talked about this?" Harry asked.

"Hahaha! Silly Harry... So I'm not the only one who had seen it. Zayn did too. Harry, this isn't a coincidence. There’s something going on between you two and you’ll see it soon."

"I think you and Zayn need some help and rest because all this work is getting through your head."

"You're just in denial, but when the time will come, you'll thank us for predicting your future." Niall said grinning.

And just like that, he left.

He was in so much trouble.




That night, Harry and Louis were talking and having a laugh when Harry suddely remembered his conversations earlier with Zayn and Niall. He decided to tell Louis about it.

"Louis, wait. I've got something to tell you. You won't believe it but yeah, basically Zayn and Niall came to me today and asked me if I was okay after I went to sleep earlier yesterday and I told them I was indeed okay, you know"

Louis nodded and told him to go on.

"So then, something weird happened and Zayn thought that the close friend I wanted to kiss was you while Niall asked me when I was going to tell you that I liked you?!" Harry finished saying.

Louis looked at Harry for a few seconds and, then, they started laughing so hard they found it hard to breath.

Louis because he geniunely thought it was funny that his band mates thought his best friend liked him more than a best friend could do. Harry because... well Louis was laughing, how could he not?

"Harry, you know what? Let them think what they want. They're just jealous they don't have a friendship like ours." Louis said.

"The bestfriendship." Harry corrected him.

"The bestfriendship." Louis nodded.

They went silent for a moment and then Harry said.

"Louis? Please, promise me that no one, no girlfriends, no fame will get in between our friendship and you're always going to be my best friend."

Louis said while smiling "Curly, I don't think you’ve gotten the memo that the second you peed on me, you weren't getting rid of me any time soon."

Harry laughed and hugged him really tight.

"I promise, Harry. I promise." 





Day 4

That morning, they all got up and went straight to practise. They only had little of time, so they needed to get everything right for the performance. Harry was in a corner trying to get his part right and he saw that the orther were doing the same. At one point, the vocal teacher told them to gather around so he could see the progress.

Everything was working out fine and the teacher was quite impressed by how fast they got in sync.

Harry was so proud.




Day 5

Harry woke up that not feeling good. He wasn't sick and he didn't even feel like he was about to but he had a feeling something was going to happen.

Maybe it was only the stess over the performance.

But we all know things don't go as we say.




It all started with Zayn looking at him closely. He was following every move he was making. At first he thought he was taking a piss out of him, but it was starting to weird him out. So he decided to confront him.


"Yes, Harry?"

"Do you have something to tell me? Because you've been watching me since this morning and I don't understand why."

"Oh, did I? I haven't noticed, my bad. Sorry but I've got to get going. Bye Harry."

All of this was said while looking at him with a creepy smile.

Something was definitely happening and he had to find out.




Niall came to him, jumping around, an hour after he spoke to Zayn.

"Harry, Harry, Harry"

"What Niall?"

"Are you excited for tonight?" he was still jumping.

"Tonight? What is happening tonight? Have I forgotten about a reunion with Simon?"

"No, it has nothing to do with him. It's abo-"

In that very moment, Liam came running.

"Niall, we need to go"

"But, Liam... I need to tell Harry about ton-"

"Hahaha Niall, you're so funny. Nothing is happening tonight. So Harry, don't worry about anything. We have to go bye."

Liam was literally out of breath. I was scared he'd faint.

But then, he knew that they were hiding something away from him. He was getting worried.

He needed to talk with Louis.




But, of course, the moment he had to see Louis, he was nowhere to be seen.

He's always in the way when you don't need him but when you seriously do, "404 error not found".

He was going to wait for him and try to talk with him as soon as possible.




He lost hope at 6pm. He was tired and he still couldn't find the blue-eyed boy.

He was in the bed when he heard some noises.

And, finally, it was Louis.

"Where have you been all day? I've been trying to find you but you've just disappeared." Harry yelled.

"Ok, first of all, you need to calm down. And secondly, go take a shower and put on some nice clothes. We're going out."

Ok, what was happening?

"Ok, what is happening?

"Harry, just go and get ready." and then added "Pretty please?" a few second later, with a pout.

How could have Harry resisted to that?

He got ready in less than 30 minutes and then started heading towards the door but Louis stopped him.

"Wait. You need to get blinfolded. And don't you dare to argue with me"

Harry sighed.

It was going to be a long night.




Throughout the car ride, Harry hadn't stopped asking questions. But, of course, Louis didn't give him any satisfaction.

When they finally arrived, Louis held his hand so he wouldn't fall.

Harry tried to understand where they were by the sounds surrounding them, but really? There were too many people talking out loud so it was a lost cause.

At some point, Louis stopped so Harry did the same.

"Are you ready?" Louis whispered.

Because of that, he got goosebumps all over him. That really couldn't really be happening at that moment.

He tried to calm down and all he could do was nodding.

When Louis took the headband off, what he saw wasn't what he expected.

All of his friends back home were there, especially Nathan.

He staightaway went and hugged him. Everyone else then joined them. He was the happiest boy alive.

"How did you get here? What is happening? Oh my God..."

"Well, you should ask that little lad over there." Nathan said.

"Hey... I'm not little!" Louis replied.

Harry walked over to him and asked him how it happened.

"Remember the talk we had a few days ago? Well, I asked Simon if we could invited some people over and he agreed. Then, I asked your mum to give me your friends' numbers, don't ask me how I contacted your mum, and got them all here!" Louis smiled.

"You're the best person ever. I love you so much. Thank you for everything."

And then he did something he wouldn't have done if he was in himself.

He pecked him on the lips. But didn't see Louis' reaction because he fastly went and partied with his friends. He was too happy to think about the consequences.

(But little did Harry know, Louis had stood still and kept looking at the curly-haired boy. He just decided to ignore what had happened and enjoy the rest of the night.)




Day 7

Nothing really happened the day before, other than rehearsal.

The moment they've been waiting for had arrived. They had to perform in front of Simon.

They were nervous, they were shaking. Harry was sweating, but fortunately Louis was there to calm them down.

He was so grateful for his presence.




Harry took a deep breath after they performed. Now they had to wait for Simon's decision.

But when he heard that the boys and him were going straight to the live shows, he just broke down into tears. He couldn't believe it. They did it. They really had done it.

He was over the moon... and what a better away to celebrate other than ending up in Louis' arms?